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									Remove Collections From Your Credit Report
You must dispute a collection, to remove it from your credit report. This dispute needs to be filed with the credit bureaus.

A dispute letter must be sent to each bureau. In your letter you have to identify the mark you are disputing and why it is inaccurate and should be
erased from your report.

You will have to send a copy of this letter to each credit bureau. Upon receipt of your letter the bureaus will conduct an investigation into the dispute.

Often an instigation results in the removal of a bad credit item. This happens because many collection agencies and lenders will not spend the time or
money verifying a disputed debt.

If your dispute is verified then having a credit repair service can be very beneficial. They can use advanced dispute techniques to remove a bad credit
item. These techniques include; debt validation, escalated dispute information requests, and creditor direct intervention.

What is a collection?

A collection typically occurs after 6 months of delinquency. It is a last effort for lenders to collect payment for a debt.

It is common for lenders to have an in house collection agency. However many also outsource and/or sell the delinquent debt.

These agencies will purchase your debt for a fraction of the balance or they will work together with a lender. This means they will collect on behalf of
the lender and receive a percentage of all the money they collect.

An important tip to know is that if you get a collection on your credit report and just pay it, the negative mark will not be removed from your credit.
Instead it will just change the status of the collection. The mark will remain and it will still be seen as a negative mark by potential lenders.

In sum you can remove collections and bad credit marks on your credit report. You do not have to wait 7 years for the mark to expire.

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