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Qigong is a kind of breathing adjustment, the adjustment of physical activity and awareness of the adjustment (regulation of breath, tone shape, aligning) as a means to physical fitness, disease prevention, fitness sickness, for the purpose of developing a potential kinds of physical and mental training methods. Qigong wide range of work can be divided into dynamic and static power. Dynamic exercise is dominated by the activities of the body qigong, such as the main guide to send to dynamic exercise is characterized by a combination of emotional stresses and physical operations. The static power is the body does not move, rely on awareness, breathing qigong for self-control. Qigong is mostly white movement. Religion, the Taoist priests often practice guidance, elixir qigong, Buddhism, meditation, Qigong meditation is also included. Qigong often practice together with the martial arts or meditation. The Chinese practice of acupuncture qigong often to improve through practice effect.

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                TAI CHI EASY/QI GONG

        Tai Chi Easy/Qi Gong is an excellent way to manage stress
            and get some exercise. It is gentle and easy to do!

                            Andrea De Zubiria
                            Certified Community Leader
                      Integral Institute of Qi Gong and Tai Chi

                        September 17 – December 10
                     (No class held on November 5 & 26)

                                12:05 - 12:45
                     University Amphitheater Stage Area
                          (North of the Music Building)

    Based on ancient Chinese body/mind practices, this class is appropriate for
               most physical fitness levels. Wear loose clothing.

        To register go to MyFresnoState - click on Employee Self Service
       and Learning & Development. Call 278-4357 if you need assistance.

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