Credit Report Order Form For a tri merge soft by Diditfit


									                      Credit Report Order Form

For a tri-merge "soft inquiry" credit report:
This report includes FICO scores and reports from all three of the main
credit reporting companies (Equifax, Experian, and Transunion). It is called
a “soft inquiry” report because pulling it does not affect your scores.

$20 per individual ($40 per couple). Make check/money order payable to
“The Unity Council.”

Registration Form:
In addition to paying the fee, you must complete a “Registration Form” for
the Unity Council Homeownership Center to get your credit report.

Payment Info:

Card Type: Visa___ MC___ Exp. Date: ________

Credit Card Number:

Name of Cardholder:


City:                                        State ____ Zip Code:

Signature: ___________________________________________________

  Check/Money Order Attached (# ___________ )

                                  The Unity Council
                 3301 East 12thStreet, Suite 101 Oakland, CA 94601
                       TEL 510-535-6943 FAX 510-532-5983

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