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									Qi Gong is an ancient Chinese healing art form of gentle movement,
deep breathing and both moving and non moving meditation. Qi is the life
force of nature that nourishes and energizes all living things. In QiGong
practice we learn to strengthen our Qi and move the energy through our
bodies for healing and strengthening, reducing stress, opening our hearts
and creating both physical and emotional well being.

Qigong can be done sitting or standing or lying down and these
introductory classes we are offering will provide the student with a feeling
of the power and joy of practicing qigong. The student will learn a sitting
meditation form of just three movements that will provide peace and well
being and a return to focus in everyday life. We will learn movements from
a number of standing forms that will be easy to remember and incorporate
into one’s daily life.

There is much Western documentation to support the Eastern
knowledge of the benefits of practicing QiGong, lowering blood
pressure, strengthening the body, clearing the mind, healing and wellness
for the body and spirit. Practicing Qigong is a gift you can give yourself,
moments that you dedicate to taking care of yourself. Most importantly,
QiGong is fun! No special equipment, no special place and joy of
practicing together is a powerful sharing of energy.

These introductory classes will be and hour and fifteen minutes. The
instructor has been a practitioner for over ten years and has studied with
Master Li Jun Fang, Fracessco Garipolli, Roger Janke, Kimberly
Rigsbee, Daisy Lee and has been authorized by Master Li Jun Fang to
teach to forms of Sheng Zhen.

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