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                              Newsletter for the UT College of Education, Health, and Human Sciences

  February 2004                                         E01-1716-002-04


   focus on faculty                                                                          Scholar, Zhanna
                                                                                             Visits College
                                                                                                   Dr. Zhanna Mukhamedyarova,
        Clara Lee Brown (THEORY               Research, on the topic of discourse            a Fulbright Scholar in the College
AND PRACTICE IN TEACHER EDUCATION)            analysis.                                      of Education, Health, and Human
presented a paper, “Utilizing the                   Dr. Paulus also presented a paper        Sciences, is Dean and Professor at
Focus Group as an Inquiry Model for           at the Conference for Interdisciplinary        the Kazakh-American University and
University Instructors” at the 2004           Qualitative Studies at the University          Professor at the Kazakhstan Institute
National Association for Bilingual            of Georgia in January. Her paper was           of Management, Economics, and Stra-
Education (NABE) Annual Conven-               entitled “Dialogue at a Distance:              tegic Planning in Almaty, Kazakhstan.
tion in Albuquerque, NM, February 5,          Constructing Knowledge through a               The Republic of Kazakhstan is situ-
2004.                                         Discourse of Connection.”                      ated in Central Asia and became an
      Bill Brozo and Chuck Hargis                   Kristin Rearden (THEORY AND              independent country in 1991.
( THEORY AND PRACTICE IN TEACHER              PRACTICE IN TEACHER EDUCATION), Otto                 A teacher and administrator, Dr.
EDUCATION) continued their consult-           Schwarz (Botany), and Stuart Elston            Mukhamedyarova is well known for
ing work for the National Wildlife            (Physics and Astronomy) participated           her excellence in teaching and man-
Federation, conducting an analysis of         in a panel presentation entitled “Sci-         agement. She studied at the Russian
and writing a report on the feasibility       entists and Science Teachers Making            Academy of Education in Moscow,
of using Ranger Rick magazine as a            WAVES: Working to Improve the                  where she completed a dissertation
literacy tool.                                Value of Education in Science” at the          on the creative understanding of
      Dr. Brozo was scheduled to              2004 Association for the Educators of          textbooks by students. Her main re-
travel to Macedonia on January 31 as          Teachers in Science (AETS) Interna-            search interest is in the integration of
an IRA-International Development              tional Conference in Nashville, Tenn.,         approaches to learning how to learn
Division Volunteer working under a            on January 8.                                  in civic, intercultural, and cognitive
USAID grant. He will be providing                   Dileep S. Sachan (NUTRITION)             education fields.
technical assistance to secondary             has been elected to the Board of                     The focus of Dr. Mukhame-
teachers in school-to-work programs           Directors of the American College              dyarova’s current work is explora-
throughout Macedonia.                         of Nutrition for a three-year term.            tion of the Cognitive Enrichment
      Trena M. Paulus (EDUCATIONAL            He is also a member of the Editorial           Advantage (CEA) by Dr. Katherine
PSYCHOLOGY AND COUNSELING) travelled          Board of the Journal of the American           Greenberg for possible use in devel-
to Australia in December to present a         College of Nutrition. For a number of          oping intercultural competence among
paper entitled “Knowledge Construc-           years, Dr. Sachan has and continues to         learners in school and work settings
tion through a Discourse of Connec-           serve on the Board of Directors of the         in Kazakhstan. More specifically,
tion” at the 11th Annual International        International College of Nutrition.            she is elaborating the structure of the
Conference on Post-compulsory Edu-                  Lisa Scherff ( THEORY AND                learning process for development of
cation and Training. While in Australia       PRACTICE IN TEACHER EDUCATION) has             intercultural competence because
she also gave the opening address at          accepted an appointment for a three-           traditional educational approaches
Royal Melbourne Institute of Technol-         year term on the Standing Committee            cannot help intercultural learners
ogy’s Seasonal Seminar Celebrating                           CONTINUED ON PAGE 2
                                                                                                            CONTINUED ON PAGE 3
FOCUS ON FACULTY                           Graduate Students                         Gerontology
on Teacher Preparation and Certifica-      to Attend Graduate                        Symposium Set
tion, the National Council of Teachers
of English.
                                           Research Seminar                          for April 7, 2004
                                                 Chris Henderson and Alison                A Symposium on Ageism and
       P. Mark Taylor (THEORY AND          Buehler, students in the Department of    Gerontology is scheduled for April 7,
                                           Educational Administration and Policy     2004, in the Shiloh Room of the Uni-
sented “Learning from Each Other: A        Studies, have been selected to attend     versity Center. The symposium runs
Syllabus Exchange” on January 23,          the annual David L. Clark National        from 8:30 a.m. until 2:30 p.m. with a
2004, at the annual meeting of the         Graduate Student Research Seminar         break for lunch.
Association of Mathematics Teacher         in Educational Administration and               Keynote speaker for the sym-
Educators (AMTE) in San Diego,             Policy. The seminar is designed to        posium will be Dr. Erdman Palmore,
Calif., along with co-presenter Tad        bring emerging educational adminis-       professor emeritus of Duke Univer-
Watanabe of the Pennsylvania State         tration and policy scholars and noted     sity. Discussion sessions on “Aging
University. The session highlighted        researchers together for two days of      and Health” will be led by Dr. Sherry
some common features of mathemat-          dialog, mentorship, and professional      Cummings, Dr. Diane Klein, and Dr.
ics methods courses and opened a           growth. Chris and Alison were among       Sandra McGuire. An informal chat
discourse among the session partici-       only 40 doctoral students nationwide      with Dr. Palmore follows the lunch
pants. Dr. Taylor is a board member        selected to attend the conference.        break.
and newsletter editor of AMTE as           Many of the graduates of this semi-             Dr. Palmore received a B.A.
well.                                      nar are currently faculty members at      degree from Duke University, M.A.
       Dixie Thompson (HEALTH AND          major research institutions in the U.S.   from the University of Chicago, and
EXERCISE SCIENCE) attended the annual
                                           and Canada.                               Ph.D. from Columbia University,
meeting of the Southeast Chapter of the          This year the seminar will be       all in sociology. He taught at Yale
American College of Sports Medicine        held in San Diego, Calif., where Chris    University and did research for the
in Atlanta, Ga., January 29-31, 2004.      will present on correlations between      Social Security Administration prior
She presented research examining the       organizational health of elementary       to going to Duke University in 1967.
validity of various body composition       schools in a southern, metropolitan       At Duke, he was Coordinator for the
assessment techniques.                     school system. The study will inves-      Duke Longitudinal Studies and Prin-
       Songning Zhang (HEALTH AND          tigate possible relationships between     cipal Investigator of several research
EXERCISE SCIENCE), along with Wen-
                                           the factors of organizational health      projects. He is now Professor Emeritus
dell Liemohn (Health and Exercise          and student achievement gains as          of Medical Sociology and Editor of the
Science) and Kurt Clowers (Ph.D            measured by the Tennessee Value-          Aging Center newsletter.
student in biomechanics), presented a      Added Assessment System.                        Dr. Palmore has written or edited
tutorial entitled “Considerations in the         Alison will present on the educa-   15 books, including the Normal Aging
Biomechanical Evaluation of Spinal         tional reform efforts of small learning   series, International Handbook on the
Orthoses” at the Annual Meeting of         communities and their impact on re-       Aged, Handbook on the Aged in the
the Southeast Chapter of the American      siliency in young adults. She will col-   U.S., Facts on Aging Quiz, and Age-
College of Sports Medicine on Janu-        lect her data from some of the leading    ism. He has also written 20 chapters
ary 31 in Atlanta, Ga. Honey Coulter       “small schools” in Washington, D.C.,      in other books and over 70 articles in
(Ph.D. student in biomechanics) also       and Chicago, Ill.                         professional journals.
presented her research entitled “Effects                                                   There is no cost to attend the
of Custom-Molded Orthotics on Pain,                                                  sessions. The cost for the luncheon
Spatial, and Temporal Parameters of        of Basketball Players in a Competitive    is $5.00 for seniors and students and
Gait in Physically Active, Symptom-        Game Setting,” which will serve as a      $10.00 for all others. Registration
atic Patients” with M. Butcher-Mokha,      catalyst to a second research grant (in   and/or checks should be postmarked
K. M. Ludwig, C. R. Cramer (Barry          progress) on biomechanical charac-        by March 22, 2004, and sent to Karen
University, Fla.) as co-authors at the     teristics of selected basketball move-    Waller, Department of Health and
same conference.                           ments. The research will combine          Exercise Science, 1914 Andy Holt
       Songning Zhang also received a      computerized analyses from game           Avenue, Knoxville, TN 37996-2710.
research grant ($12,385) from Adidas       tapes with lab testing to determine             For further information,
International to conduct a research        time, intensity, frequency and other      contact Dr. Diane Klein (974-
project on basketball match analysis       motion-related variables of important     0294, or Dr.
entitled “Match and Motion Analyses        basketball movements.                     Sandra McGuire (974-7589,
develop the knowledge and strategies
they need to become citizens who are
both independent and interdependent,
effective and responsible.
      Dr. Mukhamedyarova actively
participates in scholarly conferences.    Bassett, D.R., Schneider, P.L., & Huntington, G.E. (2004). Physical activity in an
Last summer she presented her paper,            Old Order Amish Community. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise,
“Intercultural Competence Through               36, 79-85.
Cognitive Education,” at the UNESCO       Brown, C. L. (2004). Content based ESL curriculum and academic language
Conference on Teaching and Learning
                                                proficiency. The Internet TESL Journal, 10(2),
For Intercultural Understanding, Hu-
man Rights, and a Culture of Peace in
Jyvaskyla, Finland.                       Brozo, W.G. (2004). Gaining and keeping students’ attention. Thinking Classroom/
      Dr. Mukhamedyarova is cur-                Peremena, 4, 45-48.
rently teaching an Educational Psy-       Brozo, W.G. (in press). Bringing all students into the conversation. Thinking
chology class in which she imple-               Classroom/Peremena.
ments specialized learning strategies     Hinchman, K., Alvermann, D., Boyd, F., Brozo, W.G., & Vacca, R. (2003/2004).
for students to discover a new culture,         Supporting older students’ in- and out-of-school literacies. Journal of Ado-
especially Kazakh, by UT students.              lescent & Adult Literacy, 47, 304-311.
She has employed a questionnaire          Hipple, Ted. (2003, December 15). Review of audiobook Diary by Chuck Palahn-
exploring students’ learning needs in           iuk. Booklist, 100(8), 762.
order to help her recognize appropri-     Hipple, Ted. (2004, January 1 & 15). Review of audiobook The Last Nazi by
ate teaching methods. She has also              Stanley Pottinger. Booklist, 100(9), 890.
initiated, in collaboration with Dr.
                                          Hipple, Ted. (2004, February 1). Review of audiobook Summer Secrets by Barbara
Greenberg, an American and Kazakh
                                                Freethy. Booklist, 100(11), 989.
Cultural Competence Project between
UT and KAU & KIMEP. Educators             Kim, Y-K., Kim, E., & Kang, J. K. (2003). Teens’ mall shopping motivations:
in Kazakhstan will participate in an            Functions of loneliness and media usage. Family and Consumer Sciences
intensive workshop on how to teach              Research Journal, 32(2), 140-167.
cultural competence and principles        Kim, Y-K., Sullivan, P., Trotter, C., & Forney, J. (2003). Lifestyle shopping center:
of democracy through the use of the             A retail evolution of the 21st century. Journal of Shopping Center Research,
Cognitive Enrichment Advantage                  10(2), 61-94.
educational approach.                     Kinley, T., Josiam, B., & Kim, Y-K. (2003). Why and where tourists shop: Mo-
      Dr. Mukhamedyarova looks                  tivations of tourist-shoppers and their preferred shopping center attributes.
forward to more opportunities to                Journal of Shopping Center Research, 10(1), 7-28.
present her research project as well      McCallum, R. Steve, Sharp, Shannon, Bell, Sherry Mee, & George, Tom. (2004).
as Kazakh culture. She will be at UT            Silent versus oral reading comprehension and efficiency. Psychology in the
through summer semester. She can be
                                                Schools, 41(2), 241-246.
reached through her office ( 974-4253)
                                          Moore, M., & Fairhurst, A. (2003). Marketing capabilities and firm performance
or e-mail:
                                                in fashion retailing. Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management, 7(4),
 Love looks not with                      Petty, G. C., Brewer, E. W., & Brown, B. (in press). Job satisfaction among em-
the eyes, but with the                          ployees of a youth development organization. Journal of Child and Youth
                                                Care Forum.
        mind,                             Scherff, L. (2003). Advice from a former (burned out) English teacher. Florida
   And therefore is                             English Journal, 39(2), 38-39.
                                          Tudor-Locke, C., & Bassett, D.R. (2004). How many steps are enough? Pedom-
winged Cupid painted                            eter-determined physical activity indices. Sports Medicine, 34, 1-8.
        blind.                            Wright, H.K. (2003). Cultural studies as praxis: (Making) an autobiographical
                                                case. Cultural Studies, 17(6), 805-822.
       —William Shakespeare
  A Midsummer Night’s Dream
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