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									FASHION SENSE     Spring 2010 Fashion & Film Issue

                                     Tribute to
                                Old Hollywood
Rebels in Wonderland
Film Noir
Volume 1, No. 2
                                                             Table of Contents
                               LIM NEWS
                               4 Rebels in Wonderland
      EDITOR-IN-CHIEF          5 Interning at TSE &
        Jennifer Basch           Co-op Follow-Up
                               6 Professor Profile: Heidi Diamond
          EDITOR               7 Spotlight on Jessica Morgenstern
          Jena Glick           8 Hot Spots
                               9-11 Scouting Indie Wardrobe
     Nala Randrianarison
CONTRIBUTING WRITERS           12 Building A Character With Iconic
       Nadia Abedrabbo            Fashions
          Lilah Albaba         13 The Costume Designs of The Great
          Jessie Cohen            Gatsby & Marie Antoinette
        Dana DiStefano         14 Red Carpet vs. Runway & SATC
          Lola Mendez
                                  Product Placement
           Audrey Ong
                               15-17 Film Noir
         Erica Palumbo
       Jennifer Petrosini
       Christina Romano
            Lisa Sikic         CULTURE
         Amanda Toker          18 Reinvention of Film
  Dana Vladamir (LIM Alumna)   19 I Am Love & Confessions of a
     Jamie Lynn Wandzilak         Shopaholic
                               20 European Actresses vs.
         STYLISTS                 Hollywood
        Dennine Dyer
                               21 Tribute to Old Hollywood
       Nadia Abedrabbo
   PHOTOGRAPHERS               22 Book Review
         Phillip Small
                               23 Movie Reviews
      Jonathan Jacobs
       Michael Creagh
       Patrick Sanchez
          Jena Glick
     Nala Randrianarison

        Brooke Wright
         Kara Foster
          Alli Tritto

   FACULTY ADVISOR                                         From left to right:
        Dr. Robert Clark                                  Jena Glick - Editor
                                                Nala Randrianarison - Creative Director
                   Letter from the Editor
    his past fall, Fashion Sense made its debut. We reinvented ourselves as LIM College’s magazine.
  T Our new image received great reviews and we continue to get bigger and better. With our Spring
  issue, we are taking a walk down the red carpet to find inspiration in movies, fashion and the busi-
  ness side of both.
         We go to the movies for entertainment and sometimes for escape. Movies offer drama, ro-
  mance, humor and fantasy. But they also are a gateway to history, other cultures, and, like fashion,
  movies are exciting because they are created by collaborative teams of artists and business special-
         At LIM College, no discussion of fashion and film seems to be complete without mention of
  Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Other favorites are the black and white thrillers of the 40s and 50s called film
  noir, The Notebook, The Devil Wears Prada, Pretty Woman, Sex and the City, Marie Antoinette and
  Confessions of a Shopaholic. Just as movies can take their whole look from great fashion designers,
  sometimes designers create a runway show from the movies, as Michael Kors did with Alfred Hitch-
  cock’s The Birds. Designers will sometimes create costumes specifically for movies, as Yves Saint
  Laurent did for the original The Pink Panther.
         LIM College is preparing us for the business side of the fashion industry, and so our issue
  discusses the relationship between movie fashion and retail, red carpet and runway fashion, the
  crucial role of the costumer in film production and the marketing practice of product placement.
         I’d like to thank everyone who contributed to our Fashion in Film issue and am proud to pres-
  ent the hard work and dedication of the Fashion Sense team.

        And the winners were...
      Check the margins of these pages
       for LIM College students’ five star
                                              Jennifer Basch, Editor-in-Chief
      winners from a survey for our own
      “Academy Awards” for Best Soun-                                                    We hope you like this issue of
       drack, Romantic Comedy, Drama,
        Animated Film, Action, Director,
      Actor, Actress, and Favorite Classic.                                               FASHION SENSE
                                                                                 If you would like to be part of the Fashion Sense
Congratulations to our movie ticket winner:                                     team next semester, please contact Dr. Clark at
            Madison Manning                                                       
LIM News
    LIM College’s Fashion Show Production class showcased its semi-annual fashion show titled Rebels in
    Wonderland. The class rebeled against the obvious themes of Alice in Wonderland by incorporating
    edgy modern trends.
                                                                                             Photos: Jena Glick


4        Fashion Sense               Best Soundtrack: Across the Universe
FILM FACT: Meryl Streep was nominated 16 times for an acting Academy Award, more often than any other performer.
This includes 13 nominations for Best Actress (she is tied for most Best Actress nominations with Katharine Hepburn).     LIM NEWS
Fashion News
Audrey Ong
                                       Interning at TSE
                                ast November I was just starting out as a PR/Market-
                                ing Intern at TSE, dealing with the usual tasks such
                              as editorial credits, magazine pulls, and samples when
                              a major publicity effort was launched for Jason Wu’s
                              capsule collection for TSE.
                                       TSE is small enough that I was able to latch on
                              to this special project, as well as the work of various
                              departments within the company. It was definitely a
                              thrilling ride, particularly meeting Wu’s talented co-
                              designers for the special collection, Henry Zankov and
                              Arlene Zacarias.
                              I was able to observe the process from the sketches
                              to the runway. However, towards the end of that
                              period, I was more involved with public relations and marketing
                              and handling Fashion Week duties than with assisting with the collection. In the
            beginning, I helped Wu make a presentation for Vogue. Through that, I learned that he was deeply
inspired by Geoffrey Beane, especially his Grey Flannel perfume packaging, and also by the artwork of Robert
        Wu was able to produce two different collections for that single season, an unbelievable accomplish-
ment considering the stress and chaos designers have to master creating a single collection for a season. I was
inspired by Wu’s creativity and ability to manage an overwhelming workload.
Co-op Follow Up
Christina Romano                       GABRIELA PELLEGRINO
L ast semester, Gabriela Pellegrino
  talked to Fashion Sense about
her search for a Senior Co-op com-
                                            in on meetings with the buyers and
                                            the main seller, Erika Franks.
                                                    The internship is everything
                                                                                         chance to see how the business
                                                                                         side of a company like Michael Kors
                                                                                         really works. In the current reces-
pany and her three opportunities:           she had imagined, because her as-            sion, we all realize that not every
Chanel, David Yurman and Michael            piration is to be either a merchan-          student can look forward to gradu-
Kors. Whereas last semester we              diser or buyer. She has found that           ation with excitement as well as a
talked about the interview process          a rich corporate culture at Michael          potential job afterwards.
and awaiting replies, this time we          Kors makes it an excellent possibil-
were able to discuss her actual work        ity as a place to continue working
experiences. In November, Michael           after graduation. The company has
Kors hired her.                             hired a high percentage of their in-
         For her role as a sales intern     terns in the past, including the ma-
she arrives at 10:30am and reports          jority of her current coworkers.
to her superiors about her tasks for                Gabriela notes that Co-op
the day: those may include review-          Prep and Capstone were extremely
ing orders, assisting on fabric deci-       helpful in resume building and in-
sions and cutting styles, updating          terviewing skills, and the intern-
line lists and, most exciting, sitting      ship itself has given her an unusual                                        G. Pellegrino

                                                                                                                   Spring 2010          5
Professor Profile
Jena Glick                                  HEIDI DIAMOND

                             t is safe to   Erols, Blockbuster, and Walt Dis-               Now, at LIM College, Pro-
                             say that       ney. Her roles required interna-        fessor Diamond teaches Fashion
                             Professor      tional travel and she held positions    Communications in Advertising
                           Heidi Dia-       based in Chicago and Santa Monica,      and Public Relations. In Fall 2010,
                           mond has         California. But Diamond says that       she will also teach Media Commu-
                           led mar-         “at heart I am an East Coast girl.”     nications and Fashion Communica-
                           keting and          One of Diamond’s most notable        tions in the Digital Age. She always
                           branding         experiences was as President of the     draws on her own career in helping
                           efforts for a    television division of Martha Stew-     students learn the importance of
                           wide range       art Living Omnimedia. Professor         communicating brands. Diamond
                           of      excit-   Diamond says, “I had met Martha         says, “Consumers enter into ever-
H. Diamond                 ing media        Stewart while at the Food Network.      lasting relationships with brands.
                    companies. She          I led the charge during the difficult   Communications, in all forms, in all
has also been involved in every-            years of her personal problems, all     mediums, and in every touch point
thing from programming to pro-              throughout her incarceration, and       a consumer has with a brand is cen-
duction, marketing, promotions,             then as the architect of the brand’s    tral to forming and shaping those
ad sales, distribution and busi-            resurrection.” She launched efforts     everlasting relationships.”
ness development. Professor Dia-            in syndicated and cable television,
mond has helped businesses like             international programming distri-
Nickelodeoen, AMC, and WE with              bution and home video, which re-
launches, and also worked on re-            sulted in revenue
building companies such as Martha           of more than $50
Stewart Living Omnimedia. Her               million and three
varied career makes her a natural           Emmy Awards for
professor to profile for this issue         best daytime televi-
of Fashion Sense: she knows every           sion programming.
aspect of the media business.                   When she was
    Diamond jump-started her own            younger, Diamond
career by taking classes at the Uni-        dreamed of being
versity of Maryland while she was           the CEO of Chanel
still in high school. She also studied      or another multi-
at Boston University, then gradu-           national      fashion
ated early from the University of           brand. Her media
Maryland. Next, she attended the            work led her away
M.B.A. program at American Uni-             from fashion. But
versity in Washington D.C., spe-            Diamond says that
cializing in International Business.        in media compa-
However, with two semesters left            nies she “always
to complete her Masters degree,             used fashion as
Diamond moved to Manhattan.                 the reference point
          For a number of years Dia-        for creating brand
mond held high level positions at           identities for televi-
top-shelf companies, including              sion channels.”

6        Fashion Sense                      Best Romantic Comedy: Pretty Woman
                                                                                                                              LIM NEWS
Alumni Spotlight
Jennifer Basch
FS:   How did LIM College prepare you for the real world after graduation?

JM: LIM has been an amazing catalyst and gave me tools, knowledge, three years of dedicated profes-
sors and ample hands-on experience from which to learn and grow. It gave me a platform from which to
achieve any amount of success.

FS:   What was your dream job while you were still enrolled in LIM College?

JM: I initially dreamed of being a household name like Patricia Field (Sex and the City and Ugly
Betty) or Rachel Zoe. I craved prestige and regard for my craft, signature style, and success in a                                         a
cutthroat and fast-paced industry. Over the course of college, my dream changed from one thing to
another—all fashion related, but about different aspects of the industry. Today, I have no true dream
job. I have a dream to be successful, accomplished, and great at what I do, but for now, I leave it open-                 J. Morgenstern
ended. I have no boundaries limiting me from reaching that goal.

FS: Where did you complete your Senior Co-op and what was that experience like?
JM: My Senior Co-op was completed as a Costumes Department Intern at NBC Universal’s Saturday Night Live. I had the most
amazing experience under the direction of head costume designers Tom Broecker and Eric Justian. I gained a formidable working
knowledge of how the costume design world runs, and how to outfit an entire vast and varied live television show cast at a moment’s
notice. I learned resources, tricks of the trade, the lingo of the profession, and networked like crazy with other costume designers,
stylists, designers, retailers, and fashion professionals.

FS: Where are you currently working? How many interviews did you go on before landing your current posi-

JM: Right out of school, I was hired from my internship at SNL to become a Costumes Department Production Assistant at Late Night
with Jimmy Fallon, another successful NBC Universal show. My previous boss, Eric Justian, was also head of that costume depart-
ment. Since I had proven myself to the company, I was hired just days after graduating for the two-day-a-week position.
          Just one month into the job, I was offered an additional position as the Assistant Stylist to Kathie Lee Gifford on the Today
Show, sourcing and shopping outfits for her from Manhattan’s retail and showroom markets, and adorning her with innovative, eye-
catching and edgy accessories.
          In addition to these two positions, I was Head Personal Shopper and Stylist at Anthropologies’ flagship location in Rockefeller
Plaza. I began working for the company while a senior in High School in 2005, and parlayed a part-time seasonal Sales Associate role
into a key position for the store and company. That position was my full-time job, along with the two NBC jobs part-time, while I was
beginning my own personal shopping and styling freelance business on the side – a 7-day-a-week total commitment.
          Recently, I decided to move on from NBC and Anthropologie, and took some time to interview and explore. Only two weeks
later I secured a position as a Fashion Sales Assistant for the Executive Director of International Fashion at Teen Vogue.

FS: For the Fashion Sense “fashion in film issue,” what are your thoughts on costume design for characters in
film as that relates to styling jobs you’ve had?

JM: Creativity is the most important quality. As artists and shapers in the industry, stylists have to “re-invent the shoe,” and reach
new levels in style, juxtaposition, innovation, novelty and the next. We need to continue finding original ways to attract an audience,
captivate onlookers, and tell a story or portray character completely through dress and apparel. We must continue to search for new
and exciting methods to keep the profession on the spearhead of the fashion hunt.

                                                     Best Drama: Forrest Gump                                           Spring 2010            7
                             FILM FACT: In the film Serendipity, the drink Sara and Jonathan drink at Serendipity 3 is its famous Frozen Hot
LIM NEWS                  Chocolate. Also, since the movie opened, the table where they sit has been called the Star Table at the restaurant.

                                   LIM’s HOT SPOTS
MACCHIATO ESPRESSO BAR                              - Lisa Sikic                 LULU’S           - Audrey Ong
141 East 44th Street                                                   
Midtown East
Macchiato Espresso Bar combines the chic style of European ca-                   This online boutique, offers beautiful
fes with the fast service New Yorkers expect. With its minimal-                  and chic dresses, tops, bottoms, ac-
ist sophisticated decor, Macchiato is the perfect place to enjoy a               cessories, jewelry, and shoes. They
cappuccino and croissant for breakfast or a sandwich or salad for                even offer vintage! You can browse
lunch. Its location makes it very con-                                           the site by category or by brand –
venient to get a quick treat between                                                                                           
                                                                                 they carry various brands such as
Grand Central and LIM’s Maxwell Hall.                                            Cheap Monday, Alternative Apparel, Jeffrey Campbell, Hurley,
Don’t be surprised to hear coffee-goers                                          Chinese Laundry, Billabong, BB Dakota, Aryn K, and many more.
and employees speaking Italian. Even                                             Furthermore, they also have a fashion blog (http://www.lulus.
the Vespas out front for deliveries play                                         com/blog/) where you can check out different trends, video clips,
into the European ambience.                                                      songs, contests, and behind-the-scenes at different events.
Shopping * Dining * Nightlife * Shopping * Dining * Nightlife * Shopping * Dining * Nightlife * Shopping * Dining *Night
SERENDIPITY 3                   -Erica Palumbo                                    SHOE WOO                  - Jennifer Petrosini
225 East 60th Street                                                              59th Street and Lexington Avenue
Upper East Side                                                                   Midtown East
                                Luscious. Enchanting. Savory. These              A Parisian ambience with mirrored vanities and plush seats gives
                                are three things that come to mind               shoppers an enjoyable experience at Shoe Woo. The store car-
                                when thinking of the famous restau-              ries well-known labels such as Nine West, Enzo Angiolini, Anne
                                rant, Serendipity 3. They’re known               Klein, Rachel by Rachel Roy, and Bandolino. Large cursive script
                                for their “frozen hot” chocolate                 painted on the walls reads, “These boots are made to Woo”
                                ($8.95), and Golden Opulence Sun-                                                  and “It’s my party and I’ll Woo
                                dae, ($1,000) and, yes it’s made with                                              if I want to.” It is a feminine
                               real gold! The atmosphere is impres-                                                escape for any girl wishing to
sive. Dining is by reservation only, and you are not allowed to order                                              find a pair of on-trend shoes.
just dessert. The menu includes hamburgers, seafood, and sand-                                                     Shoe Woo has been featured
wiches. Serendipity is defined as: “the art of making happy discov-                                                in all of the top fashion maga-
eries, or finding the unexpectedly pleasant by chance or sagacity.”                                                zines and offers a “Shoe Clos-
The movie of the same name starring Kate Beckinsale and John                                                       et Makeover Sweepstakes”
Cusack has a plot based around that and the restaurant offers the                                                  on their website.
same spirit.
Shopping * Dining * Nightlife * Shopping * Dining * Nightlife * Shopping * Dining * Nightlife * Shopping * Dining *Night
TERMINAL 5                 - Jena Glick                                              INDEPENDENT THEATRES                          - Fashion Sense Editors
610 West 56th Street                                                                 Along Houston Street
Midtown East                                                                         South Manhattan
Terminal 5 is hidden on the East Side across                                        Film Forum on the West side of Houston Street (celebrating
the street from the Hudson River. It doesn’t                                        its 40th anniversary) shows classic U.S., edgy international,
have disco balls galore or tons of posters                                          and indie films in its three theatres, often with directors, stars
plastered to the wall for visual appeal, but it                                     and producers on hand to introduce them. The Sunshine
does have an ambience of fun and excitement.                                        Theatre, also on Houston but on the Lower East Side, is
Many performers have played at Terminal                                             a bit more mainstream in films
5, including dj sets from Justice, head-                                            shown, and has large screens
banging Alice In Chains, and dancing feel                                           and café amenities. For dates,
good performances by Passion Pit. The array                                         the old-school Paris Theatre near
                                                              Photographed by
of performances is what makes this place so                    Patrick Sanchez
                                                                                    The Trump Plaza or The Zeigfield
interesting. It’s a secret venue on the outskirts                                   in Midtown are the places to go.
of Manhattan, where you can go to dance all night.
                                                                                                                                    Courtesy of

8         Fashion Sense
Photography Jonathan Jacobs
Styling Nadia Abedrabbo (LIM Student)

Hair & Make-Up Alli Tritto

Model Dana Neufeld

               SCOUTING INDIE

Clothes: Stylist & Model’s own
Fashion                  FILM FACT: Keira Knightley’s 1930s emerald green dress in the movie Atonement was designed by the film’s
                                       costumer, Jacqueline Durran. Emerald represents temptation--appropriate for her character .

       Building a Character with
            Iconic Fashions
Jennifer Basch

   ashion is so impor- Clothes are never a frivolity: they always with glamour, an edge,
   tant to a film that                                                                      or apparel that signals
   it is a saying in the                      mean something.                               the social rise or fall of
movie industry that                               - James Laver                             a character in a film.
clothes can make a                                                                                 One of the most
movie or a movie can                                                                        striking examples of
make the clothes. But most viewers do not                        a film shaping the whole conception of an era
realize how much work goes into the costume                      would be Michael Kaplan’s work on the movie
designer’s job. Costume designers can do as                      Flashdance (1983). Kaplan went to Juilliard and
much to create a character as other key play-                    other elite dance schools
ers such as directors, production designers,                     to sketch the girls’ ca-
and casting directors.                                           sual clothing and spotted
          Among the legends of costume design                    off-the-shoulder shirts,
are Edith Head, Vera West and Helen Rose,                        leggings, leg warmers,
leading figures in the Costume Designers                         and leotards. The look
Guild and the winners of its awards in cat-                      perfectly fit Jennifer
egories such as Excellence in Contemporary,                      Beals’ role as “Alex,” a
Period and Fantasy film. Edith Head, the tough and sexy wom-
most famous of them with the longest ca-                              an with great drive
reer, has, like her colleagues, shaped how films look     and little money. There were              
                             for decades and affected     many styles then for dancers,
                             the fashion world as well.   but Flashdance helped Beals’ look catch on with the
                             Costume design instantly     general public, and almost thirty years later the look
                             communicates an era, the     still inspires retro apparel.
                             genre and perhaps even                  Today we have the Sex and the City phenom-
                             the story line of a film.    enon, in which the marketing plan is the core of the
                                 Fashion and film seems   whole project. Patricia Field had to put together fash-
                             to always bring to mind      ion for Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda two
                             Breakfast at Tiffany’s , a   seasons in advance. In that case, the fashions weren’t
                             typical case where col-      so much character specific as eye candy for the fash-
                             laboration between bril-     ion consumer. Designer name-dropping and glamor-
                             liant fashion and costume    izing a whole life-style were the point of costume
                             designers created unfor-     design. Fans are impatiently awaiting the sequel.                gettable images. Edith                  Costume designers can convey parts of real-
head worked with Givenchy on dresses and outfits          ity, like how clothes may signal social class and status,
for Hepburn that gave us something extra to idolize       and they can also convey dreams, like those of Holly,
in Holly Golightly’s free spirit. In that same tradition, Alex, and Carrie. Costumes represent reality as well
the Giorgio Armani, Yves Saint Laurent and Ralph          as our imaginations.
Lauren companies have continued to provide films

12       Fashion Sense                       Best Animated Film: Finding Nemo
FILM FACT: In the movie Marie Antoinette, the red satin bejeweled gauntlets Kirsten Dunst wears
are the same ones Hilary Swank (Jeanne St. Remy de Valois) wears in The Affair of the Necklace.                                     Fashion
Lola Mendez      Theoni V. Aldridge and The Great Gatsby
                                                    D    esigning costumes for a film set in the 1920s is every costume designer’s dream
                                                         and nightmare. The beading! Silk! Feathers! Headpieces! Theoni V. Aldridge met
                                                     the challenge with numerous handmade costumes she created for the 1974 film ad-
                                                     aptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, winning the Best Costume Design
                                                     Oscar. Ralph Lauren also deserves credit for the attractive menswear in the film.
                                                         The Great Gatsby is a story of youth, love, and identity all given up for the sake of
                                                     glamour, thrills and greed funded by crime and inherited money. The setting is Long
                                                     Island’s East Egg and Manhattan, and the stars are Robert Redford (Gatsby) and Mia
                                                     Farrow (Daisy), a favorite actress of Aldridge.
                                                         The character Daisy is a ruthless millionaire who expects to be given whatever
                                                 she desires and indulged in her theatrical behavior. At a glance, Daisy’s costumes seem
exceedingly elegant: her dresses match the glamour of the flowing champagne she is continuously sipping. Yet Aldridge faced a di-
lemma while designing costumes for Daisy because Mia Farrow was pregnant during production. This posed a problem, since 1920s
styles featured dropped-waist dresses that were snug to a slim figure. In order to hide Farrow’s belly, Aldridge placed Daisy in gowns
made of an abundance of light, airy, flowing fabrics along with many layers of scarves and shrugs.
          Day or night, Daisy was always dressed to the nines in gowns, pearls and perfectly coifed
hair, typically topped by an embellished cap or a wide brimmed sunhat tied dramatically under the
          If Daisy’s day wear seems intricate, it is hard to find words to describe the masterpieces
Aldridge created for evening costumes. They ranged from sheer bell sleeves, to a dress with cut out
shoulders encircled in rosebuds, to embellished over-the-top sequined caps. Daisy’s costumes cre-
ated an aura of sophisticated and uninhibited romance.
        The Great Gatsby showcases some of Aldridge’s best work and she deserved the Oscar. The
dreamy and soft focus of the filming complemented the exquisitely detailed costumes Aldridge cre-
ated. The wardrobe in this film continues to inspire fashion stylists and wardrobe designers. In fact
the costumes made such a big impact in 1974 that the cover of the first issue of People magazine
featured Mia Farrow costumed as Daisy suggestively nibbling a strand of pearls.
          Theoni V. Aldridge is one of the most celebrated costume designers of her time. Besides
The Great Gatsby she also created costumes for dozens of ballets, movies and over 150 stage pro-
ductions over a forty year career, winning three Tony Awards and ten nominations for Tonys. Yet
movie-goers may remember The Great Gasby as one of the most inventive episodes of her career,
a classic example of how apparel can capture the decadence and fragile beauty of a whole era and

Amanda Toker      Sophia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette
                        “All eyes will be on you,” said Maria The-      because the film deliberately put a modern twist on that era. But
                        resa to her daughter, Marie Antoinette, as      there was method to Canonero’s madness.
                        the mother prepared the princess to be-                   Her visual language is used as much to establish character
                        come a Queen and the wife of Louis XV. In-      as to re-create the time period. For instance, Marie Antoinette’s
                        deed, all eyes were on Kirsten Dunst, who       gowns are often pastel to stress her youthfulness. Her apparel
                        played Marie Antoinette in Sophia Coppo-        at other times suggests her entrapment:
                        la’s 2006 dramatic film, a teenage girl sud-    chains and necklaces tightly wrapped
                        denly elevated to a higher level of nobility.   around her neck and wrists symbolize her
                        For those of us interested in fashion, how-     prisoner-like status under the control of
                        ever, what was really scrutinized was what      Louis XV. In another scene, Marie Antoi-
                        Dunst was wearing.                              nette is dressed in a gown cut in half by a
                             The costume designer for the film,         bold, bright, red belt, a visual foretelling of
Milena Canonero, had a tough task to re-create the extravagant          the guillotine blade that would behead her
outfits of the eighteenth-century. Many critics panned the film         in the coming Reign of Terror.
for the historical inaccuracy of the plot and even the costumes,

                                                    Best Action Film: Transformers                                          Spring 2010     13
Jessie Cohen                       RUNWAY vs. RED CARPET
                             T he Academy Awards are the year’s biggest runway, and celebrity
                               apparel is usually mirrored in the hottest trends of the season. This
                             year though, the red carpet and runways displayed very different
                             fashions. Hollywood favored simple strapless gowns with a long train,
                             usually with ruffles and sparkle such as Zoe Saldana’s purple Givenchy
                             gown. In contrast, dresses in nude tones were also “in,” as shown by
                             Anna Kendrick in Elie Saab.
                                      These red carpet styles were more at odds than usual with
                             other commercial runways, which highlighted military, sporty chic,
                             and clean minimalism, none of which related to the Academy Awards.
                             “Balmainia” is still on the rise, and Christophe Decarnin satisfied it
                             with his collection of military-inspired ripped t-shirts, leather pants,
                             and chainmail dresses. Denim also made its comeback on Fashion
                             Week runways, a look LIM College students love. They mix denims
                             in different washes to keep the look classic and fresh, as seen on the
                             Chloe runway. If you would like this look to have something to do with
                             the style Hollywood red carpet actors achieve in casual wear, pair it
                             with skinny/boyfriend jeans and a tailored denim shirt tucked in. This
                             makes for a look perfect for work or school, and you can construct it
                             with purchases from Topshop and The Gap.
Images from


     roduct placement takes place in every medium, from the web to TV, and in recent
     years, even in novels. If done well, product placement can add realism, when the
     branded product seems to truly be the precise one that would be used by characters
of a certain class, region and habits in a certain setting. The product says something about
human beings.
          However, in some cases there is a deliberate and gratuitous placement of merchan-
dise that seems all about the money and not about story, emotion, or meaning.
          An excellent example of saturation product placement is the Sex and the City fran-
chise, which will be continued with a much-anticipated sequel that premiers on Memorial
Day weekend.
          I have nothing against product placement in Sex and the City. In fact, like many view-
ers, the focus on brands is one of the reasons I loved the TV show and the first movie. It is                             
exciting to see the fearless fashion that Carrie and the ladies are wearing, as well as which labels are their new favorites. Who can forget
the blue Manolo Blahnik’s or the Dior gladiator heels that Carrie wore in the first SATC movie?
          Product placement in the franchise typically enhances the reality of the world these characters live in. The labels that are
either shamelessly name-dropped, or that can be seen in the background appropriately, depict the lifestyle that the characters lead, or
perhaps it would be more accurate to say they suggest the life that many of us would like to lead.
          One of the most interesting brand placements in the first movie was the recreation of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. The plot
featured Mercedes-Benz providing an S-Class limousine for Mr. Big and a GLK luxury sport utility for Samantha. It will be interesting to
see what extravagant, yet story relevant, product placements the sequel brings to the scenes in Dubai.
          Product placement works best when branded products are visible within the context of a scene but are not the sole focus. It’s
a fine line that smart marketers try to avoid crossing, but sometimes viewers recognize when products take over the story.
          At root, the marketing strategy is to capitalize on imitation of “influentials,” so that even though the actors in the franchise are
not real people, viewers feel a sense of connection when characters they admire use products.
          Does that mean we’ll purchase a MacBook because Carrie has one? The marketers who placed the product hope so.

14        Fashion Sense                             Best Director: Quentin Tarantino
             The iconic imagery
        of the Film Noir Era is at
        the core of this editorial.
        Replete with sleek hair,
        rouge lips and ominous
        smoke, this sumptuously
        dark aesthetic is recre-
        ated through the styling
        of Dennine Dyer and pho-
        tography of Phillip Small.
        The simple black and
        white palette serves as
        the perfect backdrop for
        this classic tale of mystery,
        deception, and longing.
            Dress vintage
           Shoes by Aldo
Glasses by Moda Eyewear
       Jewelry stylist own

         Clothes by H&M
                                 Photography Phillip Small

                     Styling Dennine Dyer (LIM Student)

                            Assistant Stylist Martin Maynard
                         Hair Brooke Wright (LIM Student)
                       Make-up Kara Foster (LIM Student)
Models Kathleen Higgins & Andrew Charette (LIM Students)
Jena Glick

                                                                   what they feel. Just as we cried
                                                        Last Fashion
                                                    Sense          when Simba’s father died in
                                                    the theme was  Lion King, we continue to feel
                                                    Reinvention.   emotions about the characters
                                                                   of newer animated films. As Alice
                                                    This time, it is
                                                    all about film,wanders through dangers and
                                                    a medium we    enchantments in Wonderland,
                                                    grew up with.  we wander with her. As Jake Sully
                                                              When experiences the avatar state of
                                                    you were a     being, we feel his freedom in a
                                                    kid, did you   “new body” and the luminous
                                                    like watching  spirits of his world.
                                             grown up movies               Movies and cinema have

W     hat do Avatar and Alice
      in Wonderland have
in common? Absolutely
                                             with human actors or  been reinventing themselves
                                                                               since their debut
                                As Alice wanders through dangers in the 1800s. I-Max
nothing except that they and enchantments in Wonderland, and 3-D pictures
were both in theatres in                                                       are just the latest
                                        we wander with her.                    beautiful medium to
         So, what is the big whoop were you completely bewildered recapture the emotional tug and
about this whole IMAX 3-D by the animation of children’s identification with characters.
experience? It is nothing new. movies? You know the kind - Lion So get your popcorn, grab your
IMAX theatres have existed since King, Little Mermaid, Toy Story. Milk Duds, and the next time you
the early 1970s, and 3-D motion When we were little, most of head out to the movie theatre,
pictures have been in existence us much preferred animation to try to see an IMAX 3-D film that
since the 1890s, but flopped human characters.
in the 1950s and only came                 But now we
into popularity in the 2000s. So can still appreciate
what makes this combination animation as adults,
so spectacular is well, the but with greater
experience. The crystal clear empathy,            and,
images, the “pop-out” characters because of IMAX
that emerge from the screen, 3-D, we can have
and those pretty awesome 3-D a sense of having
glasses to add that certain Elton the experience with                            

John meets Transformers look to the characters. The characters will leave you breathless and
anyone’s face – these all make and their worlds may now seem all the more animated about
the experience spectacular.        surreal, but we can almost feel animation.

18       Fashion Sense                   Best Actor: Johnny Depp
Dana Vladimir

                                               B   eautiful is the word that most appropriately sums up Italian Direc-
                                                   tor Luca Guadagnino’s new and impressive film I Am Love, a por-
                                               trait of beautiful people in beautiful surroundings, beautifully made.
                                               The plot is an old-fashioned romantic melodrama in which an older
                                               woman, played by the stunning Tilda Swinton, is shocked when she
                                               falls in love with her son’s friend and new business partner. She has
                                               married into a wealthy and powerful family that made its fortune in
                                               textiles, and speaks three languages in the course of the film. Beyond
                                               clothing, the film celebrates the lifestyle of the rich in Italy lingering
                                               on clothes, food, and set-
Costume designer Antonella Cannarozzi worked with Raf Simon of
Jil Sander and Silvia Venturini of Fendi to create costumes that con-
veyed the characters’ glossy and perfect surface as well as the sur-
prising shifts in their relationships. The movie was scored by John
Adams and its lovely cinematography is by Yorick Le Saux. The di-
rector, Luca Guadagnino, shares the writing credit, and his whole vi-
sion conveys a fascinating story of love and family drama that crosses
three cultures: Italian, Russian and British.
                                                                                                      Images from Magnolia Films
Nadia Abedrabbo

E  ver see something so amazing while
   window shopping that, even though
it’s way out of your budget, you
                                                                                    money, but saving money may not be
                                                                                    our forte. During the movie, Rebecca
                                                                                    struggles with debt collectors and
“need” to have it? Well, we all have                                                lies, but trying to deal with those side
a little bit of Rebecca Bloomwood, the                                              effects only stimulates her addiction.
main character of Confessions of a                                                          Through events that are less
Shopaholic, in us.                                                                  dramatic than a formal “intervention,”
          Rebecca is played by Isla Fisher,                                         Rebecca finally comes to terms with
who shows us exactly how hard it is to                                              her unfortunate habit. The film
be a girl roaming the streets of New                                                deserves “4 Stars” for the truth of
York City. It’s not the crazy people, or                                            its portrayal of a compulsion and
the associates handing out flyers, that                                             the consequences, which are made
force one to shop. The attraction can                                               comical and exaggerated for our
simply be a mannequin luring one                                                    amusement. Yet there are, in fact,
into a store that instills the desire to                 people as addicted to shopping as
go home and thaw the credit card kept in the                                      others are to gambling or substance
freezer for emergencies.                                       abuse. You might see a few walking right past you
          Confessions of a Shopaholic is a classic depiction   down Fifth Avenue. They look as if they might begin to
of girl versus Louis Vuitton handbag or Manolo Blahnik         drool as they look at the windows displays.
pumps. As fashion students, we know how to spend
                                                                                                            Spring 2010      19
                                                     FILM FACT: The dress Marion Cotillard wore to the Academy Awards (where she
Culture                                             won the Best Actress Oscar) was especially designed for her by Jean-Paul Gaultier.

                   EUROPEAN ACTRESSES vs.
Nala Randrianarison     HOLLYWOOD
                               ollywood is a city of stars and   beautiful curled hairstyle. For those qualities, many

                           H   cinematography, but it is also
                               a center for trends and fashion
                            lines to come. The media focuses
                                                                 think of her as the Italian Katharine Hepburn. Loren
                                                                 always brought a tocco italiano to Hollywood red
                                                                 carpet events.
                            on the red-carpet to spot what               French actress Marion Cotillard is one of few
                            celebrities are wearing, fashion     actresses to win a BAFTA, César, Golden Globe, and
                            faux pas, and which trends are       an Oscar at the same time thanks to her performance
                            seen repeatedly.          Many European actresses [...] in La Vie en Rose.
                            However, let’s look at                                                   She never misses
                            actresses who have had succeed in leaving a fashion an opportunity to
                            a major impact on the           legacy for the Industry.                 remind us that Paris
                            cinema industry as well                                                  is the world capital
                            as the fashion world.                of fashion, and her style never fails to impress. During
                                Iconic actress and fashonista    the Academy Awards ceremony of 2007, she wore
                            Audrey Hepburn is a model of         a breath-taking champagne mermaid fitted gown
                            grace. Perhaps the most beautiful    (designed specially for her by Jean-Paul Gaultier),
                            actress in the world, Belgian-born   which established her as a representative of France’s
                            Hepburn brought to the fashion       glamour and elegance.
                            industry a glamorous preppy look.            Another inspiration for designers who never
                            Her outstanding performance          disappoints us is the Spanish actress Penelope Cruz.
                            in Breakfast at Tiffany’s set a      As an Academy Award winner, she knows how to
                            standard of sophistication in the    bring sex-appeal and sophistication to any award
                            fashion world.                       event. From her flawless look in a beige chiffon
                                Possibly the most important      Versace gown at the 2009 Oscars, to her sensual black
                            actress turned fashion icon is       laced Giorgio Armani Privé gown at the 2010 Golden
                            Brigitte Bardot, known for long      Globes, she has shown versatility with a spicy touch to
                            blond hair, thick eyeliner makeup    her style.
                            and her bathing suits. During                Today, most American actresses make them-
                            her teenage years in the 1950s       selves fashionably famous for a few outfits worn during
                            she dominated magazine covers,       award ceremonies. However, such celebrities lack con-
                            becoming a fashion muse to many sistency and uniqueness in their style. Many European
                            designers and photographers.         actresses, in contrast, succeed in leaving a fashion lega-
                            Although Bardot is French, she       cy to the industry. Also, they achieve stardom thanks to
                            made the Southern California look their acting ability as well as their fashion style, a com-
                            famous during her glory years.       bination that not many American actresses possess.
                                Let’s not forget about Italian           To all fashonistas, and those with a serious case,      actress Sophia Loren who has won of cinephilia, this is a reminder that Europe is still home,,   more than 48 awards, including        to the most important capitals of long-lasting influence,       an Oscar. She is recognized as a      on art and fashion.
                           fashion icon for her signature cat’s-
                           eye makeup, glowing olive tan, and

20         Fashion Sense

Jamie Lynn Wandzilak

M  any think that Old Hollywood glamour is outdated and unsuited for our generation. But Old Hollywood
   can be defined and interpreted in many different ways. Glamour includes not just looks but how some-
one carries herself and handles situations. Style isn’t just what an actor wears, but her personality and
          Did Audrey Hepburn become famous because of her clothes
and acting? She became so recognized because of the way
she moved and her speech and graciousness. A teenage girl
dressed up as Hepburn for Halloween may have the little
black dress, pearls and oversized sunglasses, but that is only
Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany’s, not Hepburn.
                       Our choice of clothes reflects a genre,
                         but how we style our outfits with
                            accessories, hair, and to fit our
                              personality distinguishes us from
                               others. Although their style is de-
                                cades old, we all aspire to the class
                                 of Hepburn, the sexiness of Monroe and                  
                                  the sophistication of Sinatra.
                                       Many of us fell in love with powerful women of the 1920s to the 1950s,
                                  stars such as Bette Davis, Joan Crawford, Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, and
                                  Marilyn Monroe. Each created her own style, and today’s actors still turn to
                                  them for inspiration. Styling according to Old Hollywood glamour is not only
                                  a safe and smart choice, but it is also empowering to know that one is styling
                                  after some of the most beloved women in history.
                                       However, when today’s ce-
                                lebrities use the old icons, they
                               need to imitate more than the look.
                              Lindsay Lohan did a well-publicized
                            “Marilyn” shoot, as have many other
                          actors. But did it send Marilyn turning in
                       her grave? If one is going to be styled in an
                elegant gown from the past, or even a risqué pose,
one must act the part as well: be gracious, classy and refined.
          One celebrity who does this well on the red carpet is
Katherine Heigl. She has the personality and standard of deport-
ment that makes you reminisce fondly about the classic Holly-
wood fashions of the 1950s, and she won’t be the last actress to
inspire those memories.


                                            Best Actress: Meryl Streep                             Spring 2010     21
      The Last Song
Dana DiStefano                                                                            Nicholas Sparks
                                                                           Whenever Sparks’ books are adapted, a well-
                                                                 known performer such as Cyrus is cast with lesser-knowns
                                                                 and faded older stars. The audience for the book can be
                                                                 counted on to turn out for the movie. Young fans of a mid-
                                                                 list or up-and-coming actor will atttend. Older admirers of
                                                                 reliable but no longer big-money stars, (Gena Rowlands,
                                                                 James Garner, and Sam Shepard in The Notebook) are
                                                                 reassured by the presence of tested acting talent. The
                                                                 highest-earning actors are never leads.
                                                                           Sparks’ stories also require relatively little money for
                                                                 the production budget, since they are essentially possible,
                                                                 if unrealistic, family dramas set in one or two locations. All
                                                                 of the films, which are rated low by critics, have earned &
                                                                 good returns on their cost.

    is bestsellers make readers happy or angry and can bring               But for our generation, Sparks’ ability to capture
    them to laughter or tears. Nicholas Sparks’ romances         romance is probably his biggest draw. There will not be
    are always about true, deep, and star-crossed love, and      many dry eyes among viewers with a recent memory of
many of them were quickly adapted to film: The Notebook,         their first love.
Nights in Rodanthe, A Walk to Remember.                                    If you enjoy his novels as much or more than the
         His latest, this season’s The Last Song, follows        films, I also recommend Three Weeks With My Brother,
the ups and downs of a seventeen-year-old girl over an           The Choice, and At First Sight.
unforgettable and dislocating summer away from her home
in New York, with her father in Wrightsville Beach, North
         She finds first love with a boy named Will, complete
with that giddy feeling that someone finally truly knows                            The Adrian G.
her. The changes in her bitter and rebellious feelings about
                                                                                   Marcuse Library
her father—to whom she hasn’t spoken in three years—are
also part of her growing up.
         Sparks’ ability to stir emotion will make the book                                New and vintage movies,
hard to put down, and many young women will be able
to relate to every step in the tale, which goes beyond the
                                                                                           books and more—check
typical puppy-love story to a parent-and-child love story                                  them out for free, six
as well. Sparks’ books are always true to the formula of
exploring forgiveness and loss in a romance, which in his
                                                                                           days a week.
world leads to wisdom and often, if not always, a Hollywood
ending.                                                             Maxwell Hall, 45th      Mon.-Thurs.: 8am-9pm;
                                                                   Street between 2nd &
         The popular singer Miley Cyrus plays the female                    3rd             Fri: 8am-5:30pm;
lead in the film, and a good-looking male cast is filled out     Tel: 212-752-1530 x260     Sat.: 11pm-4pm
by Bobby Coleman and Liam Hemsworth.
         The business strategy for the films is always the
same, giving actors with fairly fresh faces starring roles, as
in the case of Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling in The

22       Fashion Sense                    Favorite Classic: Breakfast at Tiffany’s
FILM FACT: Since the early 1900s up until 2009, there have been at
least 1000 feature films made on location in New York City.                                                                  Culture
Nine vs. 8 & 1/2
Lilah Albaba

     idway through the performance of a go-go booted Kate Hudson, I realized that the audi-
     ence at a movie-theatre showing of Nine might be unaware of this movie’s origin.
     There are at least five levels: Rob Marshall’s Nine was adapted from Tommy Tune’s musi-
cal on Broadway of the same name. The musical, in turn, was inspired by the great director
Frederico Fellini’s 8 & 1/2, a film that he made, based in part on his own life, about a director
making a film about his own life.
        All of the versions feature a director trying to make a movie without a script while
swimming in a sea of former lovers and would-be stars, with a producer breathing down
his neck for the script he only pretends to possess. To escape from this predicament, the
                                director daydreams about his childhood, and there ultimately
                                he finds inspiration for the film about his own life.
                                             Fellini is usually ranked among the top twenty di-
                                rectors of world film history, so except for a work of genius, it is         Courtesy of
                                not surprising that reviews of Nine found it dreadful, an 8 1/2 For Dummies. It is also ironic
                                that a film about Italian film cinema has only one Italian actor, Sophia Loren. But if you forget
                                about the film’s illustrious history, a good time is possible watching the star-studded cast belt-
                                ing out catchy tunes to breathtaking views of Italy. Daniel Day Lewis is particularly amusing,
                                and it must be remembered that after he was already a movie star, he spent years in Venice
                                learning how to make…shoes.
                                             At minimum, Nine introduces Felinni’s work to a new generation (but rent La
                                Dolce Vida, La Strada, Nights of Cabiria, or Juliet of The Spirits). I would not give Nine a 10,
                                and certainly not an 8 & 1/2.
Courtesy of

Paris & New York, We Love You
Nala Randrianarison

   or those that have experienced love,                 The Paris depicted is one of       tion, in this case of eleven short films.
   and those yet to find it, these two        great beauty, and cocoons the viewer         In Manhattan, love is a daring break
   indie films find love, hope, and ro-       in a feeling of everlasting love. It is      from the routines of a city that is re-
mance in Manhattan, obviously the             mesmerizing because it brings an over-       ally about business, where people can
home of LIM College, and in Paris,            whelming sense of romance expressed          find an escape from their ordinary sit-
a capital of culture and fashion. The         through memories and metaphors. A            uations to a more hopeful existence.
films are the first two completed in a        happily divorced couple discusses their      The settings include all five Boroughs,
franchise project, “Cities of Love,” and      new separate lives with their much-          a kind of tour of the city that never
both Paris Je t’aime and New York , I         younger partners. In another film, a         sleeps. The Hollywood cast includes
Love You can be streamed or rented on         young man, played by Elijah Woods,           Shia LaBeouf, Andy Garcia, and Natalie
DVD.                                          falls for a dazzling vampire. One short      Portman. To my eye, the film lacks a
         Paris, the City of Lights, is por-   film features a college teacher fanati-      certain Je ne sais quoi that made the
trayed as the epitome of the cities of        sizing about one of his students. Paris      Paris film more successful.
Love, in the creatively Romanesque            Je t’aime might give anyone the desire                 But don’t be disappointed.
Paris Je t’aime. Twenty-two directors         to travel across the Atlantic to experi-     The “Cities of Love” series is scheduled
cast internationally renowned stars in        ence love in a variety of unorthodox         to set films in Shanghai, Rio de Janeiro,
the twenty short films that compose           ways.                                        and Jerusalem.
the movie.                                    New York, I Love You is also a compila-               &

                                                                                                                     Spring 2010     23
Photography Professor Michael Creagh
LIM College Styling Students Sabrina Diaz, Sarah Elis, Shannon Kerr & Lola Mendez
Makeup and Hair AJ Will
Model Catherine Gray, APM Models

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