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Cleaning Your Wood Burning Stoves by matthewross


The wood stove may not be used as much as before, but it still is quite a good way to heat things up. As people are starting to regain the desire for wood burning stoves during the brutal cold, then it is high time that people learn more about what they should be looking for.

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									                    Cleaning Your Wood Burning Stoves

Written By: Matthew Ross -

The wood stove has always had a negative reputation regarding its function and
effect on the environment. However, it is only due to people's misunderstanding
about the fine art of burning things. This also holds true with the wood burning
stoves and any other implement that uses wood as a fuel. Even with more modern
fuels, wood has always been the most basic, so we should know more than enough
on how to make the most of it.

                                    All that soot and smoke from a wood stove
                                    are mostly due to incomplete combustion,
                                    which we know now from chemistry class.
                                    Back then; this is merely a fact of life that has
                                    us putting our faces under the chimney of the
                                    wood burning stoves haphazardly. Nowadays,
                                    the Environmental Protection Agency makes
                                    sure that the wood stove follows certain
                                    requirements to make sure that they are safe
                                    and environmentally-friendly. Less soot in
                                    wood burning stoves is always better in this

Complete combustion in wood burning stoves is
achieved by producing no smoke. That black
smoke is carbon monoxide, which is quite toxic
and can be hazardous to your health. Therefore,
you must always use split firewood that has been
aged and dried sufficiently for six months. The
best for a wood stove would be hardwoods that
have been prepared this way. Treated wood will
always have chemical additives that will not be
friendly to your lungs once it comes in direct
contact with fire. Also, it is best to use old
newspaper to start the fire.

Cleaning Your Wood Burning Stoves                                             ©2010
                                         Smoldering fires in wood burning stoves
                                         are not a good idea as it is a sign of
                                         incomplete combustion. Aside from
                                         keeping a close eye on the fire, cleaning
                                         the wood stove after use is also very
                                         important. The ashes do not help with
                                         keeping the fire burning, so clean it out
                                         every chance you get. Having wood
                                         burning stoves inspected by a professional
                                         annually can also reduce the chance of
                                         catastrophic failures in safety, which is the
                                         worst case scenario when your wood stove
                                         does not burn fuel right.

Be smart when it comes to picking out your wood stove for your home. Wood
burning stoves has to be just the right size and never too big or small since the size
of the implement is directly proportionate to the amount of fuel needed and the
heat output. Always remember that if it is too large, it will smolder.

Another thing to look out for in a wood stove is a catalytic combustor, which is
quite nifty if you do not know too much about burning stuff. It basically makes the
combustion in wood burning stoves even more complete by encouraging more
oxygen to the flames, leading to more heat and less need for fiddling and cleaning
the vents or chimney.

Without knowing what to do, you may have been one of more and more people
that do not exactly know the true unadulterated meaning of two sticks being rubbed
together desperately. The necessity of fire only makes us fonder of our own similar
appliances, but perhaps we can extend it with the past flavor of good firewood.

Cleaning Your Wood Burning Stoves                                              ©2010

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