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  This is a select list of resources in the PVCC Library. New materials are added every semester;
                            seach the Online Catalog for the most current titles.

  Encyclopedias & Handbooks :: Biography :: Videos :: Databases :: Periodicals :: Websites

                                Encyclopedias and Handbooks

Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders: DSM-IV
REF RC 555.2 .C4 D54 1994

Dictionary of Behavioral Science
REF BF 31 .D48 1989

Dictionary of Developmental and Educational Psychology
REF BF 712.7 .D53

Dictionary of Personality and Social Psychology
REF BF 698 .D527

Directory of Unpublished Experimental Mental Measures
REF BF 431 .G625 v.1-7

DSM-IV Casebook
REF RC 455.2 .C4 D542 1994

Eating Disorders: A Reference Sourcebook
REF RC 552 .E18 E2815 1999

Encyclopedia of Learning and Memory
REF BF 318 .E53 1992

Encyclopedia of Psychology
REF BF 31 .E52 2000

The Encyclopedic Dictionary of Psychology
REF BF 31 .E555 1986

Evolving Perspectives on the History of Psychology
BF 105 .E87 2002

Forty Studies That Changed Psychology
BF 105 .H63 1995
Handbook of Perception and Human Performance
REF BF 311 .H3345 1986

A History of Psychology
BF 81 .B3 1996

Incorporating Spirituality in Counseling and Psychotherapy: Theory and Technique
BF 637.C6 M5245 2003

The International Dictionary of Psychology
REF BF 31 .S83 1989

International Encyclopedia of Psychiatry, Psychology, Psychoanalysis & Neurology
REF RC 334 .I57

Mastering APA style: Student's Workbook and Training Guide
RESERVE BF 76.8 .G452 2002

The Oxford Companion to the Mind
REF BF 31 .D94 1987

Primer of Drug Action
REF RM 315 .J75 1992

Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association
REF BF 76.7 .P83 2001

Research Guide for Psychology
REF BF 76.5 M35 1982

Research Methods in Psychology
BF 76.5 .S46 2003

Steven’s Handbook of Experimental Psychology
REF BF 181 .H336 1988

Study Guide and Laboratory Manual to Accompany Research in Psychology

A Guide to Psychologists and Their Concepts
REF BF 109 .A1 N67

Biographical Dictionary of Psychology
REF BF 109 .A1 Z85 1984

C.G. Jung: Collected Works
BF 23 .J763
Freud and Jung
BF 173 .F85 D6 1988

The Freudians
BF 173 .K83 1989

Great Psychologists and Their Times: Scientific Insights into Psychology's History
BF 109.A1 S56 2002

Jung: A Biography
BF 173 .J85 W44123 1987

Particulars of My Life (Skinner)
BF 109 .S55 A33 1984

Portraits of Pioneers in Psychology
REF BF 109 .A1 P67 1991

Untold Lives: The First Generation of American Women Psychologists
BF 109 .A1 S24 1987


Abnormal Behavior: Overview (includes booklet)
BF 173 .A26 1980

Approaches to Therapy
RC 480 .A67 1990

B.F. Skinner on Behaviorism
BF 199 .B14 1997

The Brain
QP 376 .B6952 1984

Discovering Psychology
BF 131 .D55 2001

Freud: The Hidden Nature of Man
BF 173 .F85 F685 1980

Freud Today
BF 173 .F85 F73 1981

Human Development
RESERVE RJ 61 .H862 1998
Images of Psychology
RESERVE BF 121 .I433 1994

Introductory Psychology
BF 121 .I5874 1997

Invitation to Social Psychology
HM 251 .I58 1975

Landmarks in Psychology
BF 121 .L25 1980

The Life of the Mind: An Introduction to Psychology
BF 121 .L44 1991

Matter of Heart (Jung)
BF 109 .J8 M38 1987

Methodology: The Psychologist and the Experiment
BF 181 .M4 1975

The Mind
QP 356 .M55 1988

Personality Disorders
RC 555 .P47 1980

Research Methods for the Social Sciences
H 61 .R474 1997

Using Samples
QA 276 .U856 1996

Woman and Man
BF 121 .H85 1986

World of Abnormal Psychology
RC 454.4 W67 1992


Proquest Psychology Journals
This database indexes and gives fulltext for 300 academic journals in psychology and related fields,
all in full text. Use it if you want more in-depth articles than those found in Psychology Today or
Contains more than 25,000 full-text articles from 42 journals published by American Psychological
Association and allied organizations. Coverage includes general psychology and specialized basic,
applied, clinical, and theoretical research in psychology.


American Psychologist
Journal of Cross Cultural Psychology
Experimental and Clinical Psychopharmacology
Journal of Personality & Social Psychology
Hispanic Journal of Behavioral Science
Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology
Journal of Abnormal Psychology
Psychological Bulletin
Journal of Applied Psychology
Psychological Reports
Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology
Psychological Review
Journal of Counseling and Development
Psychology Today
Journal of Counseling Psychology
Sport Psychologist

                                           WEB SITES

American Psychological Association

American Psychological Society

Behavior Online

E-Journals in Psychology

Electronic Journals and Periodicals in Psychology and Related Fields

Encyclopedia of Psychology
ERIC/AE Test Locator (Assessment-Evaluation)

Fenichel’s Current Topics in Psychology


Open Directory Project: Tests and Testing

Psych Humor


Psychology Virtual Library

Psychology with Style: A Hypertext Writing Guide


PsycSite: Science of Psychology Links to Information

Research Methods in Psychology Tutorials

SAMHSA’s National Mental Health Information Center

School Psychology Resources Online

Test Reviews Online (Mental Measurements Yearbook)

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