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Baxter Pharma_ Sebelius_ W.H.O._ Obama _ Conspire to Kill Millions. Criminal Insanity On The Loose by LegionZ411


									Baxter Pharma, Sebelius, W.H.O., Obama : Conspire to Kill Millions. Criminal Insanity On The Loose.                             2/23/10 4:43 PM

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                                  Baxter Pharma, Sebelius, W.H.O., Obama : Conspire to Kill
                                          Millions. Criminal Insanity On The Loose.
                                                           Posted By: Lion <Send E-Mail>
                                                          Date: Friday, 10-July-2009 23:23:57

                                                 July 10, 2009

                                                 (NaturalNews) The U.S. government is about to
                                                 unleash a sweeping new vaccination program that
                                                 claims to protect people from swine flu. The
                                                 vaccines, which are of course completely useless
                                                 against any mutated strain of the H1N1 influenza
                                                 virus, are nevertheless quite useful at suppressing
                                                 the immune function of those who receive them.
                                                 Well-designed medical studies conducted over the
                                                 years have consistently shown that the people
                                                 who catch the flu (influenza) with the greatest
                                                 frequency are precisely those who get the most flu

                                                 To those who know anything about the immune
                                                 system, vaccines and influenza, it may seem
                                                 shocking to learn that the U.S. influenza vaccine
                                                 program will first target those with the weakest
                                                 immune systems to begin with: Toddlers as young
                                                 as six months old, pregnant women and adults
                                                 with degenerative disease. This is precisely what
                                                 Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen
                                                 Sebelius announced today.

                                                 Why is the swine flu vaccine targeting those least
                                                 likely to need it?

                                                 It's all quite fascinating from a public health point of
                                                 view, of course, especially since the U.S.
                                                 government already announced the swine flu was
                                                 "mild" and that it only really attacked those with
   DIANA, QUEEN OF                               healthy immune systems, not weak immune
      HEAVEN:                                    systems. So why is the first wave of vaccines now
    The New World                                targeting the very children and adults who are
                                                 least likely to be impacted by swine flu infections in;read=16215                                                                   Page 1 of 6
Baxter Pharma, Sebelius, W.H.O., Obama : Conspire to Kill Millions. Criminal Insanity On The Loose.                2/23/10 4:43 PM

     The New World
                                                 least likely to be impacted by swine flu infections in
                                                 the first place?

                                                 The answer, of course, is that swine flu vaccines
                                                 have nothing to do with public health and
                                                 everything to do with generating billions of dollars
                                                 in profits for Big Pharma. For the drug companies
                                                 to rake in all this money manufacturing vaccines,
                                                 they obviously have to give the shots to somebody
                                                 -- just to create the illusion that something
                                                 productive might be going on in order to justify the
                                                 government expenditures. It's a lot like war
                                                 budgets: You gotta drop bombs on somebody in
                                                 order to justify making new ones.

                                                 So the vaccines are dropping little viral bombs on
                                                 precisely those citizens least able to fend for
                                                 themselves: Children, pregnant women, senile
                                                 seniors and adults suffering from chronic disease...
   Pharmaterials Ltd                             these are the new "targets" of the U.S.
                                                 government's mass vaccination program.
   batches Full product
   development services
                                                 Note that they have deliberately avoided targeting                       the people most capable of speaking out and
                                                 saying no to dangerous vaccines: Healthy young
   Secret War On The                             couples and middle-aged individuals who aren't
   Dollar                                        victims of modern medicine.
   Read the Shocking
   Bulletin That
                                                 Baxter inserts live flu viruses into vaccine materials
   Washington Does Not
   Want You To See                                                                                        TEMPLAR PROSPERITY                   Meanwhile, the pharmaceutical factories are                  MEDITATION
                                                 churning out huge doses of the swine flu vaccine:
   Pharmaceutical                                100 million doses will reportedly be available for
   licensing                                     injection into victims by mid-October.
   business development                          Curiously, one of the companies being contracted
   and licensing services
                                                 to manufacture this vaccine is Baxter International,
                                                 the very same company that was caught late last
   Pharmaceutical                                year inserting live influenza viruses into vaccine
   Research                                      materials distributed to 18 countries. Apparently,
   3 Biotech Companies                           this company has already perfected the techniques
   to Watch. Get The                             for infecting vaccines with live viruses, and now
   Motley Fool's Latest
                                                 the U.S. government has contracted with Baxter to
   Report                                  help manufacture hundreds of millions of doses of
                                                 swine flu vaccines to be injected into infants,
   TGaS Advisors                                 pregnant women and chronically diseased adults.
   A Pharmaceutical
   Operations                                    For the more conspiratorially-minded thinkers out
   Benchmarking &                                there, it's not difficult to put the pieces of this
   Advisory Firm
                                                 puzzle together: This fall's mass "vaccination"
                                                 program might actually be a mass inoculation
                                                 program designed to expose the population to a
                                                 new wave of live viruses, thereby furthering the
                                                 spread of swine flu in order to accomplish a
                                                 number of nefarious aims such as global
                                                 population reduction and a windfall of new profits
                                                 for Big Pharma.

                                                 But wait, the skeptics ask: Modern medicine would
                                                 never intentionally harm people for profit, would

                                                 Harming people for profit;read=16215                                                      Page 2 of 6
Baxter Pharma, Sebelius, W.H.O., Obama : Conspire to Kill Millions. Criminal Insanity On The Loose.                 2/23/10 4:43 PM

                                                 Think again: Harming people for profit is, in fact,
                                                 the foundation of modern medicine's business
                                                 model. How else do you explain drug companies
                                                 buying off generic drug manufacturers in order to
                                                 prevent lower-priced drugs from entering the
                                                 market and destroying their monopoly profits? How
                                                 do you explain all the false positives from "free"
                                                 cancer screening programs that are really only
                                                 designed to recruit patients into unnecessary
                                                 medical procedures? How do you explain
                                                 sweeping Medicare and Medicaid fraud
                                                 perpetrated by clinics and doctors, the price fixing
                                                 by drug companies who defraud states out of
                                                 billions of dollars each year, the adulterated
                                                 clinical trials that are distorted to produce false
                                                 results, the use of third-world children as human
                                                 guinea pigs for drug trials, the dumping of
                                                 antibiotics into rivers by pharmaceutical factories...
                                                 need I go on?
                                                 Big Pharma is an industry steeped in corruption,            WEBPAGES
           Ads by Google                         fraud and criminal behavior. Injecting a hundred
                                                 million people with a live influenza virus is no big
                                                                                                          Provided free to RMN
                                                 deal to these people, as long as it earns them a
   Secret War On The
                                                 profit. In the pharmaceutical industry, ethics never
   Dollar                                        get in the way of making another few billion
   Read the Shocking                             dollars.
   Bulletin That
   Washington Does Not                           Natural remedies for swine flu
   Want You To See                   It's already obvious to regular NaturalNews
   Pharmaceutical                                readers that receiving a swine flu vaccine injection
   Research                                      is perhaps the single dumbest medical act in which
   3 Biotech Companies                           any person could engage. I wish I could bring you
   to Watch. Get The                             interviews from those doctors and nurses in
   Motley Fool's Latest
                                                 Mexico City who received various vaccine
   Report                                  injections during the early days of the swine flu
                                                 outbreak, but they're already dead, having expired
   TGaS Advisors                                 within days of receiving the shots.
   A Pharmaceutical
   Operations                                    The real solution for beating swine flu, of course, is
   Benchmarking &                                to strengthen your defenses with Mother Nature's
   Advisory Firm
                                                 medicine. I've published a free online report
                                                 revealing the five most powerful anti-viral remedies
   Pharmaceutical                                and nutritional supplements available today. It's a
   Classes                                       really solid report, and we've received an
   Take Pharmaceutical                           enormous amount of positive feedback on it. Read
   Classes Online!                               the full report at no charge right here:
   Request Free
   Information Today.
                                                 Many contagious disease experts are predicting
   Obama's Mortgage
                                                 that swine flu could reignite this fall, sweeping
   APR as low as
                                                 through the world's population and killing millions.
   3.616% See Rates-                             They may be right: The fall and winter months are
   Take Advantage                                precisely those months in which most first-world
   Today!                                        populations are chronically deficient in vitamin D            due to lack of sunlight exposure. This is why
                                                 influenza historically strikes in the winter --
                                                 because that's when people have no vitamin D and
                                                 are immunologically vulnerable.

                                                 Even then, it seems that the natural spread of
                                                 H1N1 isn't enough -- the U.S. government appears
                                                 determined to accelerate the spread by injecting;read=16215                                                       Page 3 of 6
Baxter Pharma, Sebelius, W.H.O., Obama : Conspire to Kill Millions. Criminal Insanity On The Loose.      2/23/10 4:43 PM

                                                 determined to accelerate the spread by injecting
                                                 influenza viral fragments (and perhaps even live
                                                 viruses) into one-third or even one-half of the U.S.

                                                 I can tell you this with great confidence: If a new
                                                 wave of swine flu begins killing people, those who
                                                 die first will almost certainly be those who received
                                                 the Swine Flu vaccinations. A few months later, it
                                                 will likely be announced that Baxter (or some other
                                                 company) "accidentally" inserted live viruses into
                                                 the vaccines, and fifty million people (or more)
                                                 were "accidentally" exposed to live H1N1.


                                                 Just another Big Government / Big Pharma snafu.

                                                 Blanket immunity for drug companies and their
                                                 deadly vaccines

                                                 Note, carefully, that federal law already grants
                                                 drug companies complete immunity from any
                                                 liability for the damage caused by their vaccines.
                                                 This blanket immunity is already in place, and it
                                                 means that drug companies could literally inject
                                                 people with almost any chemical or virus and then
                                                 disclaim any responsibility from the inevitable
                                                 resulting deaths.

                                                 The U.S. government has, in this way, set the
                                                 stage for a massive medical catastrophe whereby
                                                 drug companies get paid billions of dollars to
                                                 manufacture vaccines that "accidentally" kill
                                                 people, and then they get away with the whole
                                                 thing through existing legal immunity laws.

                                                 And since there are no repercussions for harming
                                                 or killing patients, what's the incentive for drug
                                                 companies to exercise any quality control over the
                                                 manufacture of these vaccines in the first place?

                                                 There is no incentive. These vaccine
                                                 manufacturing drug companies get paid the same
                                                 amount of money whether patients live or die. As
                                                 long as people are being injected, Big Pharma is
                                                 making big bucks. If people happen to die in the
                                                 process, well, that's their own problem.

                                                 To conclude this article, let me republish a few
                                                 words from a March, 2009 article that documents
                                                 the Baxter snafu that resulted in the contamination
                                                 of vaccine materials with live avian flu viruses:


                                                 Deerfield, Illinois-based pharmaceutical company
                                                 Baxter International Inc. has just been caught
                                                 shipping live avian flu viruses mixed with vaccine
                                                 material to medical distributors in 18 countries.
                                                 The "mistake" (if you can call it that, see below...)
                                                 was discovered by the National Microbiology
                                                 Laboratory in Canada. The World Health
                                                 Organization was alerted and panic spread
                                                 throughout the vaccine community as health;read=16215                                            Page 4 of 6
Baxter Pharma, Sebelius, W.H.O., Obama : Conspire to Kill Millions. Criminal Insanity On The Loose.       2/23/10 4:43 PM

                                                 throughout the vaccine community as health
                                                 experts asked the obvious question: How could
                                                 this have happened?

                                                 The shocking answer is that this couldn't have
                                                 been an accident. Why? Because Baxter
                                                 International adheres to something called BSL3
                                                 (Biosafety Level 3) - a set of laboratory safety
                                                 protocols that prevent the cross-contamination of

                                                 As explained on Wikipedia

                                                 "Laboratory personnel have specific training in
                                                 handling pathogenic and potentially lethal agents,
                                                 and are supervised by competent scientists who
                                                 are experienced in working with these agents. This
                                                 is considered a neutral or warm zone. All
                                                 procedures involving the manipulation of infectious
                                                 materials are conducted within biological safety
                                                 cabinets or other physical containment devices, or
                                                 by personnel wearing appropriate personal
                                                 protective clothing and equipment. The laboratory
                                                 has special engineering and design features."

                                                 Under the BSL3 code of conduct, it is impossible
                                                 for live avian flu viruses to contaminate production
                                                 vaccine materials that are shipped out to vendors
                                                 around the world.

                                                 This leaves only two possibilities that explain these

                                                 Possibility #1: Baxter isn't following BSL3 safety
                                                 guidelines or is so sloppy in following them that it
                                                 can make monumental mistakes that threaten the
                                                 safety of the entire human race. And if that's the
                                                 case, then why are we injecting our children with
                                                 vaccines made from Baxter's materials?

                                                 Possibility #2: A rogue employee (or an evil plot
                                                 from the top management) is present at Baxter,
                                                 whereby live avian flu viruses were intentionally
                                                 placed into the vaccine materials in the hope that
                                                 such materials might be injected into humans and
                                                 set off a global bird flu pandemic.

                                                 U.S. government chooses Baxter to make more

                                                 Now, don't you find it more than a bit curious that
                                                 the U.S. government selected this particular
                                                 company to manufacture swine flu vaccines? Of all
                                                 the companies available to manufacture vaccines,
                                                 why would the U.S. government choose the one
                                                 company that accidentally inserted live avian flu
                                                 viruses into vaccine materials, in direct violation of
                                                 its own BSL3 safety guidelines?

                                                 The likely answer, of course, is because the U.S.
                                                 government wants this company to insert live
                                                 viruses into the vaccines. And now they've proven
                                                 they can do it.;read=16215                                             Page 5 of 6
Baxter Pharma, Sebelius, W.H.O., Obama : Conspire to Kill Millions. Criminal Insanity On The Loose.                       2/23/10 4:43 PM

                                                 That's the conspiracy theory of it, anyway.
                                                 Whether you believe it or not is up to you. But only
                                                 a sucker would agree to be jabbed in the arm with
                                                 a needle containing an immune-suppressing liquid
                                                 made by a company that has already been caught
                                                 inserting live avian flu viruses into its globally-
                                                 distributed vaccine materials. If the U.S.
                                                 government had any sense at all, it would exclude
                                                 Baxter from its list of possible vaccine
                                                 manufacturers due to the company's frightening
                                                 lack of quality control standards.

                                                 Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews

                                                                            Natural News

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