; what is flashcard-keyword explaination
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what is flashcard-keyword explaination


what is flashcard? flash card instroduction

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									                          What is flashcard?

Flashcard introduction

    Flashcard is a rewriten cassettle special designed for GBA or NDS pocket game hostmachine.
Players can save the games and mentioned informations to the memory core. While playing, the
memory in flashcard can be readed out to run. As the core of flashcard is used to deposit
game Rom and run game process, very high speed is needed for radiom saving. NOR style flash
is applied as memory core for almost all flashcard. For complicated manufacture craft, the
capacity of NOR core is limited and the price are much higher than NAND style core used in
U-Disk. This is the main reason why flashcard are more expensive than U -dsik with same memory
capacity. CMOS chip is the most important part in flashcard system. It is the controller of
gaming system, memory, and clock function. The CMOS chip combines all high technology in
flashcard. There are 2 kinds of CMOS chips in the market. One is written by CPLD with
own-developing code; the other is simple version ASIC chip which is sealed by black epoxy.

Flashcard CMOS chip

    ASIC CMOS chip is used in following flashcards: XG2TURBO, GBAMAGIC(same category as XG2T
series),shark, TT-Flash,brightness treasure, earlier GBALINK cassette, EZ-flash card EZ magic
card and other low cost brand flash cards.

Flash card Configuration and function
    As the simple logic of ASIC chip, flashcard which use ASIC is weak in function. They apply
32MB mechanism in single or dual card. Most of them can’t support clock, soft restoration
and king finger function. The power consumption is very few( on the same level of D card)
and the price are low.

    Memory chip of flashcard are composed by SRAM core and chargeing loop. Usually, if the
memory of cassette is small than 512MB, 2MB chip will be used, 512MB or above cassette will
adopt 4MB SRAM.(XG2T512 is abnormal,SRAM is needless as SMS is used for saving). A 3V button
battery is used to charge SRAM. Mostly, it is rechargeble. SRAM need a strong power charger
to avoid powerless and data lose.

   Some flashcard offers other special functions, such as clock circuit. These functions are
not essential, but designed by manufacturer to gain more sales.

   What is more, recently some flashcards offers backup section to players, it is also
dispensable. For example, EZ3 contains a 256MB flashcard and 128MB U-Disk. The 128MB memory
chip applys NAND flash to provide large capacity for game bakeup with low cost. Of course,
games saved in bakeup section can’t be played straightly. Users have to rezip it to SRAM
or NOR flash to run.

      Source from: http://www.yopool.com/categories/Nintendo-DS-DSi-Flash-Cards/

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