Homosexuals begin campaign of terror over Prop 8 loss

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					Homosexuals begin campaign of terror over Prop 8 loss                                                                 11/22/08 9:25 PM

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    Homosexuals begin campaign of terror and violence
    against churches in California and across US
    because of Prop 8 election loss.

    Mormons singled out for special wrath.
    Also see below: The real reason they're so enraged

    November 13, 2008

    It began with the threats. Almost immediately after Proposition 8 – the anti-
    gay “marriage” amendment – was overwhelmingly passed by California voters,
    homosexual activists began threatening to burn down churches and other violence:

             'Gay' threats target Christians over same-sex 'marriage' ban
             "Burn their f---ing churches, then tax charred timbers"

    We didn't realize how quickly it would happen. This is unprecedented.

    Over the last several days the homosexual movement in California has begun a
    vile campaign of terror and violence against churches and religious people. (And
    they're working to export their rage and violence across the country.)

                                                                               How would you
                                                                               like to be greeted
                                                                               by several hundred
                                                                               of these people
                                                                               when you showed
                                                                               up at church?

                                                                               (Photo: Orange
                                                                               County Register)

    Here are just a few of the incidents:

             More than 200 protesters screamed and chanted in front of the
             Catholic Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels in Los Angeles during
             Sunday services. Among other things, they waved large posters of Jesus with
             "No to Hate" at parishioners.
             Report in homosexual newspaper about incident.
http://www.MassResistance.org/docs/gen/08c/Prop8/church_attacks.html#enraged                                                Page 1 of 5
Homosexuals begin campaign of terror over Prop 8 loss                                           11/22/08 9:25 PM

             Report in homosexual newspaper about incident.

             In Palm Springs, an enraged crowd of homosexual activists
             attacked an elderly woman carrying a cross. They assaulted her,
             grabbed the cross, and stomped on it. The attack was filmed live by a local
             TV news crew.
             See the outrageous video here. (Notice the condescending comment at the end
             of the TV by the anchor that there's "a lot of hate by both sides." As far as we
             could see, the hate was from just one side.)
             Newspaper report

             Pastor Rick Warren's Saddleback Church was targeted by several
             hundred angry homosexual activists, with at least one prominent sign
             displaying a large swastika in order to terrorize parishioners.
             Newspaper report.

             Parishioners at a Catholic church in Riverside, CA, found Prop. 8-
             related signs arranged in a swastika on the church's front lawn.

             As far away as Lansing, Michigan, an Assembly of God church was
             invaded last Sunday during services by homosexual activists who
             proceeded to fling propaganda and condoms around the sanctuary, drape a
             profane banner from the balcony and have two lesbians kiss each other on
             the pulpit. They beat on buckets and used a megaphone to shout "Jesus is a
             homo." They also intentionally set off a fire alarm and carried picket signs
             and an upside-down pink cross outside. According to press reports, the
             police did not make any arrests and are "investigating" the incident.
             Video: TV video of the incident
             Article: Lesbians, condoms go wild in attack on Christian church
             Article: Gay rights protesters disrupt Sunday service
             Homosexual website bragging about incident

                                                         Two lesbians parked this
                                                         car next to a home of
                                                         parents and five children
                                                         that supported
                                                         Proposition 8.

    Mormon Church targeted for vile homosexual attacks

    Everyone in America needs to understand: This will happen to your church

    Mormon Churches in California and around the country have been
http://www.MassResistance.org/docs/gen/08c/Prop8/church_attacks.html#enraged                          Page 2 of 5
Homosexuals begin campaign of terror over Prop 8 loss                                            11/22/08 9:25 PM

    Mormon Churches in California and around the country have been
    targeted by the homosexual movement for particularly harsh treatment. This is
    because individual Mormons (not necessarily the Church itself) raised money to
    support Proposition 8 in California. News article: Mormons being singled out.

             This disgusting anti-Mormon TV ad was broadcast across
             California, portraying LDS missionaries invading a home of lesbians. This
             is pure religious hatred and has no place in America.
             Video of anti-Mormon TV ad.

             Several thousand homosexual activists rioted at a Mormon temple
             in the Los Angeles of Westwood in a terrorizing protest, screaming, waving
             signs, and threatening to break through the gates and storm the building.
             (The police estimated the crowd to be 1000, but the LA times published an
             estimate of 5000.)
             Los Angeles Times article

             In Ventura, CA, 50 homosexual activists marched with "Hate" signs to the
             local Mormon church.
             Newspaper article - NOTE that the article is written from the protesters point of

             Lesbians parked a van with a big sign "Bigots" in front of a Mormon family's
             house (parents and five kids) near San Francisco, with an arrow pointing to
             the house.

             A Mormon church near Sacramento was spray-painted with "No on 8"
             messages over the weekend.

             In Salt Lake City, a crowd of about 3,000 angry activists marched
             outside the headquarters of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
             Many were waving rainbow flags, holding signs, and shouting "Separate
             church and state," "I didn't vote on your marriage," and other insults.
             Newspaper article

             Homosexual activist groups are starting a mass movement to get the
             Mormon Church's tax-exempt status revoked.
             Homosexual blog describing effort

             Last Sunday the Boston Globe reported that homosexual activists are
             organizing a national boycott of the state of Utah, to punish the
             predominant Mormon population there.
             Boston Globe article

    Individuals targeted

    This list could go on and on. Here are just a few. We certainly know the
    homosexual lobby's concept of individual freedom of speech!

http://www.MassResistance.org/docs/gen/08c/Prop8/church_attacks.html#enraged                           Page 3 of 5
Homosexuals begin campaign of terror over Prop 8 loss                                       11/22/08 9:25 PM

             A Sacramento theater director was forced to resign from his job
             after it was revealed that he had given a $1000 donation to the Yes on Prop
             8 committee.
             Los Angeles Times article

             Writer Linda Harvey (www.MissionAmerica.com) who has written
             quite a bit about the recent Prop 8 events and other homosexual
             issues in California, received an email threat from a Houston lawyer
             who brazenly identified himself. He told her: "You are very much being
             watched! All you jeebus-lovin-christers rights will slowly be taken away one
             by one the more you try to press your beliefs down our throats." The
             authorities are looking into it.

    Is this just the beginning?

    We all know very well that if the homosexual movement doesn’t get its way, it will
    resort to anything they, including violence. They know no boundaries. What you've
    read above is only a sample of what is happening right now.

    And as we've seen, the police are reluctant to take action and the media ranges
    between indifference and blatant sympathy and support for the criminal acts.

    Commentary: The real reason they're so enraged.

    On the surface, it would seem strange that the homosexual movement is so
    enraged at the passing of Proposition 8. California already had a domestic
    partnership statute that gave same-sex couples all of the significant rights and
    obligations traditionally associated with the institution of marriage. Proposition 8
    doesn't change that. Prop 8 only deals with the word "marriage". It simply says,
    "Only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in

    Like the recent weak Massachusetts marriage amendment, it allows any kind of
    exact copy of marriage. So they already have everything they want.

    But they don't really have what they want. They're not that interested in technical
    rights. They want acceptance. They want acceptance of homosexuality to
    be forced on a society that would never accept it without coercion.
    That's why the word "marriage" is much more important to them than the rights
    and obligations of marriage.

    At a very visceral, emotional level they want all of society's institutions -- the
    schools, government, business, media, etc. -- to recognize homosexual behavior as
    a natural equivalent to heterosexuality. That's why the word "equal" is a part of so
    many of their activities and organizations.

http://www.MassResistance.org/docs/gen/08c/Prop8/church_attacks.html#enraged                      Page 4 of 5
Homosexuals begin campaign of terror over Prop 8 loss                                     11/22/08 9:25 PM

    But humanity being what it is, over all these thousands of years, the radicals know
    that what they want won't ever happen on its own. Ultimately, a human court or
    legislature can't repeal the laws of nature. That's a big problem for them.


http://www.MassResistance.org/docs/gen/08c/Prop8/church_attacks.html#enraged                    Page 5 of 5

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