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          5 Muslims Guilty In Sears Tower Plot
          Posted By Steve On May 12, 2009 @ 2:15 pm In Uncategorized | 6 Comments

            From a despondent Associated Press:

                      The original Liberty City Seven. Lemorin was acquitted in 2007 and Naudemar Herrerar was acquitted
                      today; the remaining five were all found guilty.

                      5 Miami men convicted of Sears Tower attack plot

                      By Curt Anderson, AP Legal Affairs Writer

                      MIAMI – A federal jury in Miami has convicted five men of plotting with al-Qaida to
                      topple Chicago’s Sears Tower and bomb FBI offices in hopes of igniting an anti-
                      government insurrection. A sixth man was acquitted.

                      Tuesday’s verdicts came after six days of deliberations in the third trial of the "Liberty
                      City Six." The first two trials ended in mistrials when jurors could not agree on the men’s
                      guilt or innocence. A seventh man was acquitted in the first trial.

                      The men were arrested in June 2006 on charges of plotting terrorism with an undercover
                      FBI informant they thought was from al-Qaida. Defense attorneys said terrorist talk
                      recorded on dozens of FBI tapes was not serious and the men wanted only money.

            Funny, these are the same youths who were portrayed by our watchdog media as ‘harmless kids.’

            And note that even now this article neglects to mention that these heroes had given their lives to
            Allah and want an Islamic regime for the US.

            Must not mention anything like that. People will get the wrong ideas.

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                      CAIR: Don't Call Miami Terrorists "Muslims"
                      Sears Tower Plotters 'Gave Lives To Allah'

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