PS3 Lights Fix System Guide - Is It a Scam or is It the REAL Deal

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    PS3 Lights Fix System Guide - Is It A Scam Or Is It The REAL Deal?

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When I purchased the PS3 Lights Fix guide I wasn't sure if I was going to
receive the support I know I would need in case I ran into any problems trying to
fix my PS3.

Although I can't speak for everyone, I can speak for myself and the fact that
when I emailed customer service, I received a response almost as fast as I sent
my question. For the record, it was brought to my attention the question was
already addressed in one of the 5 professional videos -- but they gave me a
complete answer anyway.

"So far so good", I thought to myself. "I have everything I was promised before I
purchased. I have the videos, a detailed instructional digital book with pictures,
and a members only section".

I was practically LOOKING for a reason to call the guy who created PS3 Lights
Fix a scam, but I couldn't raise one legitimate concern without lying about.

In fact, as I dug a little deeper I found stories of people angry at Sony for being
forced to fork over more than $150 to fix their PS3 errors before they could get
back to playing their favorite games...

who were filled with joy after picking up this PS3 fixing guide.

It was almost as if their problems melted away, and they breathed a sigh of relief
when they realized how much money they saved from sending in their system to
do the same thing it took less than a few bucks to do on their own.

So is the PS3 Lights Fix System Guide a scam? From my own research and
thousands of proven testimonials, it's NOT.

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