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            N e w s f r o m H a r t f o r d S e m i n a r y • D e c e m b e r 2 0 0 7 • Vo l . X I X • N o . 3

                                          Dialogue in the
                                          Home and the
                                      “If it doesn’t happen in my house, how am I
                                      going to affect the rest of the world? If I don’t
                                      have peace in my house, where is it going to
                                      happen?,” says Ra’ufa Tuell, who came from
                                      the west coast to Hartford Seminary this fall
                                      to study in the Islamic Chaplaincy program.
                                      As Tuell adjusted to living on campus with
                                      four women from Syria, intercultural issues
                                      arose. How do Tuell, who has lived alone
                                      most of her life, and the Syrians, who have
                                      lived together since January, adjust to each
                                      other when they do not share a common
                                      “We are a dialogue of life,” Tuell says. “We’re
                                      not talking it, we’re living it, we’re bridging.”
                                      So the housemates learned to accommodate
                                      each other. “We bridged the gap,” Tuell says.
                                      Lily Kadoe, from Yangon, Myanmar, is a
                                      second new student at Hartford Seminary,
                                      studying Islam and Christian-Muslim Rela-
                                      tions. Kadoe is in the Congregational Rela-
 Ra’ufa Tuell                         tions Program.                                                             Lily Kadoe
                                      Continued on page 6

                         Seeking to Challenge
                         His Church
                         When Brian Bellamy, a first-
                         year Ph.D. student at Hartford
                         Seminary, arrived at the
                         Parliament of World Religions
                         in Barcelona, Spain, in 2004, he
                         looked around and discovered
                         that he stuck out.
                         “During that time of learning
                         and sharing, I discovered that I
                         was unique among the thousands
                         of delegates in that I was an
                         African-American who was from
                         a Protestant Christian church,”         Hartford Seminary has three students studying through the
                         he says. Continued on page 7            Congregational Relations Program this year. Left to right,
Brian Bellamy                                                    they are: The Rev. Jacky Manputty (Indonesia); Shara Jazzar
                                                                 (Lebanon); and Lily Kadoe (Myanmar). Program details, page 6.

                                          irt o d                 y y • Pr a i
                              C h r i sHt a a n f Dri v eSresmi t n a ir n C l a s s :x Psa g e 3
                                                                i                                                                1
                                                                               175th Anniversary • Oct. 18-26, 2008
                                                                               175th Anniversary • Oct. 18-26, 2008
                                                                               175th Anniversary • Oct. 18-26, 2008
                                                                               175th Anniversary • Oct. 18-26, 2008
                                                                               175th Anniversary • Oct. 18-26, 2008
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                                       a spirituality that
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    efforts, contact
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                                       reality that underlies
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    Cover photos of Ra’ufa Tuell and Lily Kadoe by Nevzet Celik

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2                                             Hartfor d               Semi n ary         •     Pr    a x is
Studying                     concepts. In the shared
                             experience of stretching
                                                          church and believe
                                                          that I have been called
                                                                                        opening up a new world
                                                                                        of understanding and
Greek,                       the mind, they support       into the ministry to          I find the class to be
Celebrating                  one another and learn        serve Christ’s Church         fun, challenging and
Christian                    from one another’s
                                                          as a pastor. It is a
                                                          requirement for all

Diversity                    And while all of them        ordained PCA pastors
                                                                                        In many course offerings
                                                                                        at Hartford Seminary,
By The Rev. Edward Duffy     are intentional and deep     to have training in           across the disciplines
                             in their commitment          Greek; therefore I chose      of art, theology,
Among Hartford                                            to begin my studies
                             to their respective                                        language and praxis, the
Seminary’s many assets,                                   with a New Testament
                             spiritual pathways,                                        interests of interfaith
surely its students,                                      Greek class. I chose to
                             somehow the centrality                                     understanding can
faculty, staff and alumni                                 take Greek first because
                             of Greek grammar and                                       take place even as
speak most often and                                      I believe that any class
                             its demands, the joy                                       the equally important
most especially about                                     that I take next would
                             of succeeding at the                                       dialogue among
its spiritual and cultural                                be enhanced with the
                             parsing of a sentence:                                     Christian traditions
diversity – its interfaith                                knowledge gained
                             it all pulls together                                      themselves also can
commitment to                                             from this class. To
                             in one bond of unity                                       happen, simultaneously.
dialogue and friendship.                                  understand the original
                             a Buddhist, a former                                       Says Father Greg
Less often celebrated                                     language will assist
                             Roman Catholic                                             Mullaney, a Roman
are the ways in which                                     me in understanding
                             who is becoming a                                          Catholic, about his
the Seminary continues                                    the Scriptures better,
                             Lutheran pastor, three                                     experience of taking
to foster and engage                                      therefore, becoming a
                             Presbyterians (from                                        New Testament Greek
Christian diversity.                                      more effective pastor.”
                             the conservative                                           last year: “The most
One example this             Presbyterian Church of       Others take the course        important thing for me
semester is the              America), and a United       simply for spiritual          was the experience of
Introduction to New          Church of Christ pastor.     enrichment. Diane             interacting with fellow
Testament Greek course                                    Beebe writes, “Why            believers from a host
                             There is interfaith
I am teaching. I am                                       would a Buddhist take         of different traditions
                             sharing and Christian
an ordained United                                        Introduction to New           - Presbyterian, Baptist,
                             diversity at the same
Church of Christ                                          Testament Greek? I            Congregational,
pastor who currently is                                   heard that Buddha             Episcopal - who brought
serving a Presbyterian       A thorough grounding         said, “Don’t listen to        distinct perspectives and
congregation under the       in both Hebrew               the words, listen to the      theologies to the table.
Formula of Agreement         and Greek is still           meaning.” Translations        Learning the language
(a specific protocol         a requirement for            at times can obscure          of Sacred Scripture in
mutually recognizing         ordination in many           what some consider            such an ecumenical
the ministries of the        denominations. With          to be the original            setting opened my eyes
UCC, the Presbyterian        its central location,        meaning. For me, the          in an experiential way
Church, the Reformed         Hartford Seminary            discussions concerning        to the diversity of the
Church and the               offers a convenient          translation and the           Christian Church. That
Evangelical Lutheran         venue for some M.Div.        potential meanings are        was both fascinating and
Church of America).          candidates who are           the most fascinating. It      enriching for me and I
                             working at their             was that interest and a       am profoundly grateful
Students in the seminar
                             degree and ordination        little exposure to Greek      for the opportunity
meet once a week for
                             requirements while           during the class “Survey      to have been able to
two and a half hours
                             holding down a full time     of the New Testament”         study Greek in a place
drilling and memorizing
                             job. Kris Popovitch          that prompted me to           where so many different
paradigms, vocabulary
                             comments, “I am a            take this course. It is       Christian traditions
and grammatical
                             member of a PCA                                            intersect.”

New Staff
                   Lorraine Browne of Bristol is the new executive assistant to the dean, working with Interim
                   Dean Efrain Agosto. Lorraine has a Bachelor of Arts degree from St. Joseph College in
                   West Hartford and is an experienced executive assistant with the American Academy of
                   Psychoanalysis and Dynamic Psychiatry, which includes editorial work for the journal of
                   that organization. She has a paralegal certificate from St. Joseph College and also has been
                   an administrative assistant for the American Association for Emergency Psychiatry. In her
                   free time, Lorraine enjoys spending time with family and friends as well as traveling, writing
                   poetry, and watching movies. She has a twin sister Laurie.

                   Jennifer Musto of Bolton is the new website production manager at Hartford Seminary,
                   working with Scott Thumma, who directs the Seminary’s websites. Jennifer owns her own
                   website design and graphics consulting business, Gray Wolf Design in Bolton, CT. Gray
                   Wolf Design works with small companies helping to establish their brand through print and
                   web medias. Jennifer attended Springfield Technical Community College and Central
                   Connecticut State University. She enjoys hiking, reading, camping and her animals,
                   Madison (boxer), Makayla (golden retriever), Montana (golden retriever puppy), Maverick
                   (kitty) and Dakota (miniature horse).

                                  Hartfor d       Semi n ary     •   Pr   a x is                                    3
                                Like any good parable,       together his friends         across race, gender,
     Reflection                 one could take these         and neighbors, saying        ethnicity, religion and
                                stories from various         to them, “Rejoice with       nationality, when things

                                angles, from the             me, for I have found my      are so much easier
                                perspective of the           sheep that was lost.”        with what we already
    Value                       various characters in
                                the story. The author of
                                                             Just so, I tell you, there
                                                             will be more joy in
                                                                                          have. I submit to you
                                                                                          this morning we do it,
    in Lost                     the gospel himself starts    heaven over one sinner       not so much for the so-

                                not with the shepherd,       who repents than over        called other, we do it
                                the woman or the lost        ninety-nine righteous        because of what it does
                                items, but rather with       people who need no           for us, because there
    by Efrain Agosto            religious leaders who        repentance.”                 is joy, excitement and
                                are wondering about                                       true learning when we
    Introduction                Jesus’ “table fellowship”    Notice how many              can go the extra mile,
    I believe in finding        – who ate with whom          times “joy” or “rejoice”     outside of our comfort
    value in lost causes. I     – because it determined      appears in this passage.     zone, and open up the
    was tempted to search       so much about fidelity       Sometimes the joy in         possibilities of who can
    far and wide for an         to the traditions            life comes in taking         sit at the table.
    appropriate text for this   (15:1-2). In one sense,      risks on behalf of those
    morning’s reflection, but   one could understand         whom nobody else             The Women
    time was at a premium.      their concerns. If           will pay attention to.       and the Coin
    I mean, wouldn’t you        someone doesn’t watch        Most of us can perhaps       Jesus adds a second
    want to make a good         for stringent discipline     identify ourselves           parable to make this
    impression in the first     around time-honored          well with those who          point - the woman
    chapel of the year,         traditions, by allowing      decide to stay home          who seeks out the lost
    when you have just          persons who don’t really     and not go looking for       coin. “Or what woman
    started a new role at the   understand them to           the lost sheep. I know       having ten silver coins,
    seminary? However, I        partake of them, those       I would. However,            if she loses one of them,
    have found it helpful       traditions held dearly       it is often when you         does not light a lamp,
    just to take a deep         might be endangered.         stick your neck on the       sweep the house, and
    breath and see what         Whether in this ancient      line, when you see in        search carefully until
    the lectionary reading      community or in              someone, a lost cause        she finds it? When she
    for worship in many         any other, ancient or        perhaps, the possibility     has found it, she calls
    Christian circles would     modern, we might hear        of transformation and        together her friends
    bring. In this case,        echoed the warning,          new beginnings, that         and neighbors, saying,
    it brought this text        “Somebody has to             oftentimes the joys and      “Rejoice with me, for
    from one of the more        keep an eye out for          excitement of life take      I have found the coin
    interesting chapters in     communal purity, or else     place. At the faculty        that I had lost.” Just so,
    all the New Testament,      the community itself         retreat, Ben Watts led       I tell you, there is joy
    the chapter in the          might disappear.” It         us in a reflection on        in the presence of the
    Gospel of Luke about        just makes good, logical     building and crossing        angels of God over one
    lost things, or “lost       sense.                       bridges, and the next        sinner who repents.”
    causes.” In Luke 15, we                                  day I took a walk across
                                The Challenge                a covered bridge near        There is a phrase
    found the well known                                                                  I learned from a
    parables about the lost     However, Jesus               the retreat center. I
                                challenges his observers     thought I had room for       foundation executive
    sheep, the lost coin,                                                                 many years ago when
    and the lost son, also      with another option          me and any cars that
                                for how to look at           came rambling by, but        we were applying for
    known as the prodigal,                                                                a grant. “What is
    or runaway, son. With       these traditions and         then a big truck wanted
                                his community’s              its own space and I had      the ‘value added’ to
    a son and a daughter                                                                  the community if we
    in college and lots of      engagement with              to climb up a wooden
                                them. Where is the           plank that ran along         fund that project,”
    money going that way,                                                                 he asked. I don’t
    although not a whole        cutting edge, where is       the sides of the bridge
                                the excitement, where        in order to let the truck    know what exactly he
    inheritance because                                                                   meant, but what is the
    there isn’t any, I think    is the possibility of        get by. In my own
                                transformation, both         morning reflection at        “value added”, I ask
    about the prodigal                                                                    myself, in this woman
    son text sometimes,         for those outside the        the retreat I shared that
                                tradition, and even          sometimes building and       expending all that time
    hoping my children                                                                    and energy to find one
    don’t squander their        for the insiders? Jesus      crossing bridges, going
                                asks, “Which one of          the extra mile, like we      coin when she has
    opportunities.                                                                        others, especially when
                                you, having a hundred        do here at Hartford
    However, the lost son       sheep and losing one         Seminary, across faiths,     she probably spent a
    is not the focus of this    of them, does not leave      traditions and oceans        coin, or at least the
    past Sunday’s lectionary    the ninety-nine in the       even, often entail risks,    equivalent of some
    readings. Rather, it is     wilderness and go after      in terms of time, energy     of it, when she called
    those first ten verses      the one that is lost until   and finances. Why go         together her friends
    of the chapter, with        he finds it? When he         for the missing sheep,       to celebrate her find?
    the parables of the lost    has found it, he lays it     when we can just stay        Well, she valued that
    sheep and the lost coin.    on his shoulders and         here comfortable with        specific coin. There was
                                rejoices. And when he        our own? Why expand          value added in the coin
    The Doubters                comes home, he calls                                      itself; it had its own
                                                             our table fellowship
                                                                                          Continued on next page

4                                    Hartfor d       Semi n ary    •   Pr   a x is
Continued from previous page
intrinsic value beyond         each and every one of       and some very sad
each of the other coins.       ours students is worth      people instead. Yet the
As Jesus says, making          our attention, whether      diamonds in the rough
the analogy, there is a        we are staff or faculty,    were allowed to flourish,
value in each and every        to ensure that their        with the help of those
                                                                                        Scripture Reading:
individual, a child of         needs as learners and       willing to take a risk
                                                                                        Luke 15:1-10
God, regardless of how         as religious leaders in     and put their necks on
many other children            the making, are being       the line. Today that         Now all the tax-
are in the fold. That          addressed. And I am         published author, and        collectors and sinners
one, like the little girl      also sure that each         the former soldier who       were coming near
saving the starfish from       of you, in whatever         protected her, are happy,    to listen to him.
suffocating on the beach       capacity you serve, is      joyful people indeed.        And the Pharisees
shore, is valuable in          a valuable cog in the                                    and the scribes were
and of itself. You know        human machinery that        Conclusion                   grumbling and saying,
that story, the little girl    is Hartford Seminary.       My dear friends, I
                                                                                        ‘This fellow welcomes
coming upon all the            So if one of us is          believe in finding value
                                                                                        sinners and eats with
starfish upon the beach        hurting, we reach out;      in lost causes, because
and beginning to throw         if just one of us needs a   those so-called lost
each one back, until           helping hand to get the     causes can add value to      So he told them this
man says, “There are too       job done, we reach out.     our lives. Look at all       parable: ‘Which one of
many; what difference                                      the joy and excitement       you, having a hundred
can you possibly make?”        The Little Rock Nine        that finding and making      sheep and losing one
The little girl thinks         I was fascinated by the     connections to the           of them, does not leave
about it, but continues,       Courant article this        lost sheep and the lost      the ninety-nine in the
and as she throws the          past Saturday about         coin brought to the          wilderness and go after
starfish back in the           the 50th anniversary        searchers. As the adage      the one that is lost
water, proclaims, “It          of the integration of       says, it is not always       until he finds it? When
makes a difference to          Central High School in      about the destination,       he has found it, he lays
that one!” Soon others,        Little Rock, Arkansas.      but about the journey.       it on his shoulders and
including the doubting         Here were nine young        The effort in reaching       rejoices. And when he
Thomas, join her and           people, all of whom         out to those in need,        comes home, he calls
the starfish are all safely    only wanted the best        those that appear to be      together his friends
back in the water. It          education possible for      lost causes, but really      and neighbors, saying
made a difference to           themselves. However,        are not, can be half         to them, “Rejoice with
that one. “There is            many in the school          the battle in bringing       me, for I have found
joy in the presence            and the community           joy and fulfillment to       my sheep that was
of the angels of God           just couldn’t fathom        our lives. My pastor,        lost.” Just so, I tell you,
over one sinner who            it, because of the color    the Rev. Edwin Ayala,        there will be more joy
repents.” Attention to         of their skin. That         pointed out in his           in heaven over one
even the smallest sheep        particular article          sermon yesterday about       sinner who repents
or the smallest coin,          featured one of the         philanthropy in this         than over ninety-nine
lost and quite possibly        Little Rock Nine,           country that it depends      righteous people who
forgotten by others,           as they came to be          so much on regular           need no repentance.
makes a difference to          known, who today is a       individuals, not just
                               successful author. What     rich corporations or         ‘Or what woman
that one, and that’s why                                                                having ten silver coins,
the shepherd and the           would have happened         foundations. Giving
                               if the majority rule        depends on the human         if she loses one of
woman go after them.                                                                    them, does not light a
                               had prevailed over the      desire, and indeed joy,
How About Us?                  hopes and dreams of         to respond to the needs      lamp, sweep the house,
Are there lost causes          this young woman, as        of people. I hope we         and search carefully
in our lives, our work,        well as the other eight     can join together this       until she finds it?
or our ministry that           individuals? What           year in committing           When she has found it,
need some attention,           would have happened if      ourselves at Hartford        she calls together her
given their overarching        the federal government,     Seminary to finding          friends and neighbors,
value, regardless of how       and the soldiers who        and advocating for           saying, “Rejoice with
they fall in the larger        were assigned to            the lost causes in our       me, for I have found
scheme of things? Isn’t        protect the nine young      community and our            the coin that I had
every single individual        people, like the one        world, to continue           lost.” Just so, I tell
valuable in the sight          also featured in the        to make our table            you, there is joy in the
of God, regardless of          article, would not have     fellowship large and         presence of the angels
where they fall in the         stuck their necks out       open. May God help to        of God over one sinner
lamentable hierarchies         and done their duty?        do so and to do it well.     who repents.’
of life? I think so.           There would have been       Amen.
I’m sure you do too.           no value added there,
I think every one of                                       Efrain Agosto offered this
us has a role to play                                      reflection during Chapel
                                                           at Hartford Seminary
in this great school,
                                                           on September 17.
for example, whether
                                                           Agosto is Interim Dean
we are administrators,                                     and Professor of New
faculty, staff or students.                                Testament at Hartford
I think most definitely                                    Seminary.

                                    Hartfor d       Semi n ary    •   Pr   a x is                                     5
    Practicing Dialogue continued from page 1               During her grieving,         the bull’s-eye. Every
                                                            Tuell sought to discern      other school was on the
    Kadoe has had a              But, she says, the         what her next step           periphery. I gave up my
    different issue – learning   institute needs someone    would be. “I wasn’t          mountains,” she says.
    to voice her opinion.        who understands            going to make a move
                                                            until I had some             Now she is studying
    The professors in her        Islam so she agreed                                     Arabic and Islam, and
    classes have encouraged      to travel to Hartford,     clearing - to clean and
                                                            clear what was on my         learning as well from
    her to be more vocal.        Connecticut. She                                        students who are from
    “In our country,” she        intends to use her         plate, all the issues
                                                            surrounding the loss of      halfway around the
    says, “we cannot express     knowledge to dispel the                                 world.
    our opinions freely.         myths about Muslims in     these two men in my
    Here we have to express      Myanmar. Besides, “it is   life.”                       Being at Hartford
    them.”                       a very rare chance for a   “I had looked at             Seminary already is
                                 woman to study about       Hartford Seminary early      helping Tuell deepen
    These learning               Islam in Myanmar,” she                                  her faith.
    opportunities are part of                               on in this process and
                                 says.                      I made a decision then
    the culture of dialogue                                                              One specific example
    at Hartford Seminary.        Kadoe is on the            that it wasn’t time,”        is her consideration
    Tuell and Kadoe have         administrative             she says. “I prayed. I       whether to wear the
    come to the Seminary         committee of the Judson    tried very hard to find      hijab. This is a question
    not only to learn in         Research Center, which     another place to go to       she has yet to answer;
    the classroom but            is part of the Myanmar     school. I didn’t want to     she is waiting to see
    also to learn through        Institute of Theology.     leave my mountains.”         what her spirit tells her.
    daily interaction with       The center was created     Fond of hiking the
    students of other faiths     to study interfaith                                     Tuell expects to study
                                                            mountains of the west,       at the Seminary
    and other cultures.          relations and current      Tuell found it difficult
                                 issues in Myanmar.                                      for three years. Her
    In Yangon, Kadoe is a                                   to give them up. So she      intention is to become
    lecturer at the Myanmar      When she returns,          applied to a seminary        a Muslim chaplain,
    Institute of Theology,       Kadoe plans programs       in Portland, Oregon,         teach, and offer spiritual
    where she teaches            on interfaith dialogue,    but she decided she          counseling. “I am a
    history and theology of      especially Buddhist-       didn’t want to study         master Sufi teacher,
    religions. Buddhism is       Christian relations and    Christianity.                I have been called to
    the dominant religion        Islam. She sees her        Tuell, a convert to          teach; this is my calling.
    in Myanmar, while only       education at Hartford      Islam, studied for three     I want to help women,
    two to four percent          Seminary as good           years at the University      especially marginalized
    of the population is         preparation for her to     of Spiritual Healing         women,” she says.
    Muslim.                      offer these programs.      and Sufism, where she        “Ultimately,” Tuell
    When The Rev.                As one of three            earned a certificate in      says, “I hope to bring
    Peter Joseph of the          Congregational             spiritual healing and        this message of unity
    Association for              Relations Program          counseling. “I wanted        of peace, justice, love,
    Theological Education        students this year,        to go to a school that       mercy, and freedom to
    in Myanmar suggested         Kadoe is being hosted      would immerse me,            a world fractured by the
    that one of the              by Westminster             teach me about my            illusion of separation.”
    institute’s instructors      Presbyterian Church in     faith,” she says. She also
    study at Hartford            West Hartford.             wanted to answer the         As for her living
    Seminary, no one                                        call she had had at age      arrangements, Tuell
    volunteered. Kadoe           Tuell, a copy writer       14 to enter the ministry.    has decided to move
    says she did not want        and journalist, came to                                 off campus to allow her
                                 Hartford Seminary from     Hartford Seminary was        to focus on her studies
    to come to Hartford                                     the only school that
    Seminary because she         Washington state at a                                   better. Her housemates
                                 crossroads in her life.    answered both her            will remain her soul
    would have to leave her                                 objectives, through
    family, including her        Her father recently had                                 mates and her good
                                 died and she had gone      the Islamic chaplaincy       friends, she says.
    grandson.                                               program. “This was
                                 through a divorce.

               The Congregational Relations Program brings students from overseas settings
               where there is significant religious conflict to Hartford Seminary to study
               interfaith dialogue and Christian-Muslim relations. At the end of their studies
               at the Seminary, they return home to share the peace-making skills they
               have learned here. Each student receives a full scholarship covering tuition,
               room and board, books, transportation between their home country and the
               United States, and a monthly stipend. Major funding for this program comes
               from the David E. A. Carson and Sara F. Carson Fund and the E. Rhodes and
               Leona B. Carpenter Foundation, and from participating churches. Please
               contact Victoria Rogers at vrogers@hartsem.edu or (860) 509-9518 for more

6                                    Hartfor d      Semi n ary     •   Pr   a x is
Seeking to Challenge His Church continued from page 1
Bellamy began               a great place to do it      history of oppression       religion and theology.
to wonder if the            because the ethos at        in America has caused,      Islam is the fastest
major African-              Hartford Seminary           within the African          growing religion in
American Protestant         is pro interreligious       American Protestant         the African-American
denominations in            dialogue. Here, people      tradition, a reluctance     community, he says, “so
the United States are       from other religions are    to receive outside          it was important to me
reluctant to participate    training side by side,”     influence on religious      to get to know more
in interreligious           he says.                    matters.”                   about it.”
                            Hartford Seminary was       Bellamy sees the            Studying another faith
Now, three years later,     the main attraction         value in interreligious     tradition has helped
he is exploring the         for Bellamy when it         dialogue. He looks back     Bellamy “understand
question as a student in    came time to start his      at the 2004 Parliament      where I came from a bit
the international Ph.D.     doctoral work. The fact     and notes that it focused   more” and led him to
program offered by          that Exeter is a partner    on such issues as world     make some adaptations
Hartford Seminary and       in the program was an       hunger, the lack of clean   to what he grew up
the University of Exeter.   added benefit.              water, and the AIDS         believing.
                                                        pandemic. “Jesus calls
Bellamy, ordained in        “It will help me to have    us to show love to our      He adds, “To tell you
the Free Will Baptist       a global perspective and    neighbor everywhere,”       the truth, one thing
Church, is youth            I think that’s going to     Bellamy says, and “it       that I’ve learned that
minister at Christian       be helpful in studying      just seems to me that       has really impressed me
Tabernacle Baptist          the African American        African American            is that I never realized
Church in Hamden, CT,       churches. We’re in the      Christians would have       that Islam had such an
and faculty associate at    age of globalization        played a stronger part      extremely high culture
the University of New       so dialogue is global,”     [in the dialogue].”         of scholarship.”
Haven. He has Master        Bellamy says.
of Divinity and Master                                  He admires the work         When he was
of Sacred Theology          After completion            of the Parliament           interviewed for this
degrees from Yale           of his Ph.D. degree,        in setting an agenda        story, Bellamy had been
Divinity School.            Bellamy wants to teach,     for a global ethic to       in the Ph.D. program
                            write and do research.      help people who are         for only a short time. It
Bellamy sees Hartford       He adds, “I want to         struggling and oppressed    is hard work, holding
Seminary as the             have meetings with          and then addressing         down a full-time job,
perfect place for           denominational leaders      the agenda each time it     teaching and starting a
his doctoral work,          and encourage them to       meets.                      journey to a Ph.D. But
because it focuses on       open their perspective                                  Bellamy’s enthusiasm
interreligious dialogue     to things that are going    Bellamy sees dialogue       showed through, as
while also providing the    on in the world.”           as a vehicle to achieve     he discussed his desire
opportunity to study                                    change in the world.        to be a change agent,
theology.                   Bellamy has some            “Somewhere in               to “offer a means and
                            ideas about why the         that dialogue, if you       method through which
He first became             African-American            continue to talk,           the Black church
acquainted with the         church may be reluctant     and continue to be          would be encouraged
Seminary when he            to participate in           concerned, if you are       to participate in
was a student at Yale       interreligious dialogue.    sincere, perhaps some       interreligious dialogue.”
Divinity. While at Yale,                                solutions will come up.
“I took some electives      “There seems to                                         Hartford Seminary
                            be two different            And so talking about
[at Hartford Seminary].                                 problems is always          began the international
I really enjoyed the        modes of thought.                                       Ph.D. program with the
                            First is that African-      better than avoiding
atmosphere here; it was                                 them. And I think           University of Exeter in
smaller, more intimate      American Protestant                                     2004. It offers study in
                            denominations tend to       whenever you have
and I enjoyed working                                   someone who’s missing       Islam, Christian-Muslim
with second career          be conservative, leaning                                Relations, theology and
                            toward fundamentalism.      from a dialogue, you
professionals.”                                         may have a critical         ethics. The degree is
                            Whenever Christian                                      awarded by the University
Then he went to             churches are very           part of the solution
                                                        that’s missing which        of Exeter. Students
Barcelona, where he         conservative there is a                                 start with a transition
met more Hartford           reluctance to sit down      is why it’s important
                                                        to me for African           year to gain a deeper
Seminary students and       and talk with people                                    understanding of their
Seminary President          who do not know their       American Christians
                                                        to participate,” he         field of study. Program
Heidi Hadsell. When         Jesus,” Bellamy says.                                   requirements are tailor-
it came time to decide                                  explains.
                            “Also,” he says, “there                                 made for each student
where to study for a                                    In the fall semester,       through discussions
Ph.D. degree, Bellamy       is the idea that the
                            African-American            Bellamy is studying         between the adviser and
thought first of the                                    Islamic history and         the student. There are 13
Seminary.                   community itself is still
                            oppressed and you can       Islamic theology. He        students currently in the
“I knew Hartford            make arguments for          says that, until now, he    program.
Seminary would be           that. Black people’s        has not studied anything
                                                        other than Christian

                                 Hartfor d       Semi n ary   •   Pr   a x is                                   7
    Two New                                                 focus on the dynamics
                                                            of participation beyond
                                                                                             involved in recruiting
                                                                                             new members
    Publications on                                         worship.                       • Having a
    Congregational                                          “Insights into                   website is strongly

    Conflict and Growth                                     Congregational
                                                            Conflict” presents an
                                                                                             related to growth
                                                                                           • Uninspiring worship
                                                            analysis of the survey           is a major barrier to
    “Though often               into Financial Giving,      data to show that                growth
    spoken of in whispers,      the original issue in the   conflict is widespread         • Openness to change is
    conflict is a common        series.                     and that it can have             significant for growth
    characteristic of                                       negative consequences,
    congregations in            David A. Roozen,            particularly decline in        The publication suggests
    every denomination          Director of the             attendance, damaged            that congregations, in
    throughout the United       Cooperative                 relationships and loss of      planning growth, learn
    States. Rather than         Congregational              communication. It offers       to ask hard questions,
    being hidden in             Studies Partnership         advice on using conflict       be purposeful, start
    the hushed tones of         and Professor of            constructively and tips        new groups that meet
    parking lot planning        Religion and Society        on how to manage               people’s needs, take a
    and telephone               at Hartford Seminary,       conflict.                      hard look at weekend
    gossip, if conflict is      says that the series                                       worship and have
    recognized as inevitable    “will provide a quick,      A sample “fair fighting”       participants invite
    – and potentially even      engaging, encouraging       contract is offered that       guests and bring them.
    healthy – it can become     introduction to the how     suggests:
    an opportunity for          and why of addressing       • Maintain an attitude         Also included are next
    focus, affirmation, and     a particular area of          of mutual respect            steps for congregations,
    renewal.”                   congregational life. The    • Maintain a                   including the
    -- Insights into            new publications will         commitment to active         appointment of a
       Congregational           be written especially for     listening to others          task force to examine
       Conflict                 clergy and lay leaders      • Main a clear focus           the future of the
                                who suddenly find             on the participants’         congregation.
    “What do joyful             themselves challenged         nterdependence and
    worship, clear purpose,     to think about ways to        mutual interests.            “Insights into
    multiple weekend            help their congregation     • No blaming,                  Congregational
    services, and plans         infuse that area with         interrupting, labeling,      Conflict” was written by
    for growth have in          new energy and                personalizing of issues      Carl Dudley, Professor
    common? . . . Here’s        purposefulness.”              or speaking for others       Emeritus, Church
    a hint – they are                                                                      and Community, at
    among those aspects         The publications are        Key questions are asked        Hartford Seminary;
    of congregational life      based on data from the      if a congregation is           Theresa Zingery,
    that deserve careful        Faith Communities           already in conflict and        manager of the Office
    attention when              Today 2005                  some useful hints are          of Congregational
    thinking about the          (FACT2005) survey.          offered on learning            Leadership
    challenges of numerical     The survey updates          from conflict. The             Development at the
    growth.”                    results from a survey       publication lays out           Bahá’i National Center;
    -- Insights into            taken in 2000.              steps to manage conflict,      and David Breeden, a
       Congregational                                       from investigation to          freelance writer and
       Growth                   FACT2000 and                resolution. It has a list of   Master of Divinity
                                FACT2005 are the            additional print and web       student at Meadville
    These two new               first two of an ongoing     resources.                     Lombard Theological
    “Insights” were             series of national                                         School.
    produced by Faith           surveys designed to         “Insights into
    Communities Today, a        track changes in U.S.       Congregational Growth”         “Insights into
    coalition of American       congregations and           presents information           Congregational Growth
    faith communities           plumb the dynamics of       from the FACT2005              was written by Dirk J.
    working together            selected congregational     survey, and shows that:        Hart, a retired pastor
    as the Cooperative          practices and               • The more weekend             and denominational
    Congregational Studies      challenges. Researchers,      services a congregation      executive in church
    Partnership (CCSP).         consultants and               has, the more likely         development.
                                program staff from a          it is to be a growing
    CCSP offers “Insights”      broadly ecumenical and        congregation                 Faith Communities
    as a periodic series,       interfaith association      • The more members are         Today and the
    connecting the research     of thirty-three religious     involved in recruiting       Cooperative
    it conducts with            groups and organizations      members, the more            Congregational Studies
    strategies for dealing      are involved in CCSP,         likely the congregation      Partnership are not-
    with important issues       which is managing             will grow                    for-profit entities of
    facing congregations        the surveys. Fact2008       • The more a                   Hartford Seminary and
    in the United States        will go into the field in     congregation has a           the Hartford Institute
    today. They join Insights   January with a special        plan for growth, the
                                                              more participants are        Continued on next page

8                                    Hartfor d       Semi n ary    •   Pr   a x is
Annual                       Last year we received
                             gifts to the Annual
                                                       Hartford Seminary
                                                       and we are growing
                                                                                      do hope that you
                                                                                      will give prayerful
Fund                         Fund ranging from         in many ways. And              consideration to the
2008…                        $2 to $53,000.
                             Our donors give as
                                                       with growth comes
                                                       financial need. We
                                                                                      amount you give.
                                                                                      We thank you in
Securing                     generously as they        thank those of you             advance for your

the                          are able, which is
                             what we ask. For
                                                       who already have
                                                       helped to set the
                                                                                      financial support
                                                                                      and for all the ways
Future                       some, a $2 gift is as
                             large a commitment
                                                       pace.                          that you support the
                                                                                      important work of
Included in this             as the gift from our      Our next appeals               Hartford Seminary…
issue of Praxis is the       $53,000 donor.            will go to Alumni/ae,          where we are
Annual Report for            We appreciate the         Friends, and Faith             exploring differences
the fiscal year ending       support we receive at     Communities and                and deepening faith.
June 30, 2007. The           every level.              others will follow. If
opening piece talks                                    you have contributed           Plans are underway
about securing the           This year, kicking        before, we hope                for a 2008
future of Hartford           off the 2007-2008         that you will renew            Appreciation Event
Seminary, and it             Annual Fund, letters      your support and               for all $500+ donors
gives thanks and             were mailed first to      even consider an               to the 2006-2007
recognition to those         members of our three      increase. We hope              and/or 2007-2008
who supported us             leadership groups         that you will give             Annual Funds. It
this past fiscal year.       -- our Corporators,       as generously as you           will be during the
                             Trustees, and             are able. And if you           week of October 18-
The Annual Fund is           President’s Council       have not contributed           26, 2008.
one way to support           members. We asked         to the Annual Fund
the Seminary. These          these leaders, as well    before, we do hope             If you have any
gifts are critical           as members of our         you will consider              questions about
because they are             faculty and staff, to     a first time gift. If          Hartford Seminary’s
unrestricted gifts           help set the pace         you are not able to            Annual Fund,
that supplement our          this year. We are on      give at this time,             please contact
normal operating             our way to meeting        please remember                Mary Kalencik,
expenses. This type          our goals, and many       that pledges to the            Associate Director
of support undergirds        are increasing their      Annual Fund can                of Institutional
the important work           support. Why?             be paid any time               Advancement, at
we do together as            Because they know         between now and                giving@hartsem.edu or
Hartford Seminary.           that exciting things      the close of the fiscal        at (860) 509-9520.
                             are happening at          year, June 30. We

                                                                 Speaking to Congregations
                                                                 Mustafa Khattab was a Fulbright Visiting Scholar at
                                                                 Hartford Seminary in the fall. Khattab is affiliated
                                                                 with the faculty of languages and translation at
                                                                 Al Azhar University in Cairo, Egypt. He has
                                                                 experience in Islamic translation and media
                                                                 production and is an imam of a mosque in Cairo.
                                                                 In this photo, he is speaking to members of First
                                                                 Church of Christ, Congregational, in Redding, CT.
                                                                 Hartford Seminary was one of two seminaries to be
                                                                 chosen by the Council for International Exchange
                                                                 of Scholars and the U.S. State Department to
                                                                 host a Fulbright Visiting Scholar. Overall, it was
                                                                 one of just 10 educational institutions chosen
                                                                 to participate in the new Fulbright Interfaith
                                                                 Community Action Program. (Photo by Greg
                                                                 Griffin, Greg Griffin Photography)

Publications Continued from previous page
for Religion Research.       encounter common          about the changes              The Insights series may be
FACT/CCSP offers             issues and can benefit    affecting and emanating        purchased online at fact.
research based resources     from one another’s        from one of America’s          hartsem.edu/products/
for congregational           experiences. It also      major sources of               index.html. Or you may
development that             informs the public        voluntary association          order either by contacting
are useful across faith      about the contributions   – local congregations.         Mary Jane Ross at
traditions, believing that   of congregations to                                      (860) 509-9543 or
communities of faith         American society and                                     mross@hartsem.edu.

                                 Hartfor d      Semi n ary   •   Pr   a x is                                            9
                                                                           International Students at
                                                                           Hartford Seminary and the
                                                                           University of Connecticut
                                                                           Law School met over lunch
                                                                           in October. Even though the
                                                                           two schools are across the
                                                                           street from each other, their
                                                                           students rarely interact. This
                                                                           was a chance for international
                                                                           students at both schools to
                                                                           meet and start friendships.
                                                                           Shown in the top photo are
                                                                           Yao Liu of UCONN and
                                                                           Mustafa Boz of the Seminary.
                                                                           In the lower photo are Lina
                                                                           Stas of the Seminary and
                                                                           Saskia Pawlow of UCONN.

                               System for 20 years.       the university in 1952,    lectured widely on
                               After her retirement       teaching until 1976.       his experiences there.
                               she researched             In 1965, he also was       Lehman served on an
                               and established an         named to the Eastern       editorial committee in
                               “Adopt-a-school”           Mennonte Seminary          the preparation of the
      In Memoriam              program between the        faculty and taught         “New International
                               businesses and school      there full time until      Bible,” a modern
                               communities. Ehinger       retirement. A native       English translation
                               married William            of Lancaster, PA,          sponsored by the New
     The Hartford Seminary
                               Ehinger, a Southern        Lehman was a 1935          York International
     community has lost
                               California native, in      graduate of Eastern        Bible Society. He
     the following beloved
                               1988 and they moved to     Mennonite School.          was a member of
     members. Our thoughts
                               Green Valley, Arizona.     He completed his           many national and
     and prayers go out
                               She traveled extensively   undergraduate studies      international learned
     to their friends and
                               in North America           at Elizabethtown (PA)      societies and served
                               and Europe. She was        College and earned a       as president of the
                               active in Delta Kappa      B.D. degree at Eastern     National Association
     Jean Ehinger (B.R.E.,
                               Lambda, AAUW, PEO          Baptist Seminary, an       of Professors of Hebrew.
     ‘44), a resident of
                               and the Green Valley       S.T.M. from Hartford       He served many
     Green Valley, AZ, and
                               Community Church,          Theological Foundation     years as chairman or
     formerly of Whittier,
                               and was presented with     and M.A. and Ph.D.         board member of the
     CA, died of lung
                               a lifetime membership      degrees from New           Harrisonburg Salvation
     cancer in July 2006 in
                               in the Girl Scouts of      York University.           Army. He was a member
     Green Valley. Ehinger
                               America. Ehinger was       Lehman began his           of Park View Mennonite
     was born in 1922 in
                               preceded in death by       educational career as      Church.
     Hartford, CT, and she
                               her first husband James    a teacher in the PA
     spent her childhood
                               Fry.                       public school system       We recently learned
     in Bloomfield and
                                                          in 1935. His extensive     that D. Beryl Phillips
     Hartford. She married
                               Dr. G. Irvin (“G.I.”)      service overseas           (M.A., ’52) passed away
     James Fry in 1946 in
                               Lehman (S.T.M., ‘42)       included directing a       in May 2006. Phillips
     East Orange, NJ. They
                               died in August at Oak      medical relief unit in     had visited Hartford
     lived in Winfield, KS,
                               Lea Nursing Home           Nazareth, Ethiopia,        Seminary in 2002 for
     Tokyo, Japan and San
                               in Harrisonburg, Va.       and teaching English at    the Alumni/ae Reunion,
     Diego, among other
                               He was 92. Lehman,         American University,       during which she was
     places, before settling
                               a professor emeritus       Beirut, Lebanon and        able to visit with many
     in Whittier in 1955,
                               of Old Testament at        at Anatolia College,       good friends from her
     where she was an
                               Eastern Menonite           Salonika, Greece. He       days at the Seminary.
     active member of the
                               University, taught at      led numerous study         She was the recipient of
     community. Ehinger
                               the former Eastern         tours and seminars         a Significant Ministries
     taught English in
                               Mennonite School,          in the Middle East         award.
     the Whittier School
                               1940-41, and rejoined      over the years and

10                                 Hartfor d      Semi n ary    •   Pr   a x is
 A l u m n i /a e
 Notes                       stay there a year or two     J. Nelson, ‘72,             to school for a Masters
                             as he is having a great      Assistant Professor of      in Clinical Psycholgy
The Rev. Dr. Lillian         time and he noted that       Educational Leadership      and spent several years
Daniel, ‘04, has been        Arizona is a big change      at Bridgewater State        working in community
named the new co-host        after thirty years in        College and Senior          agencies for hours toward
of “30 Good Minutes,”        Michigan.                    Scholar, Leadership         the Marriage Family
the leading television                                    Alliance, at Brown          Therapist License.
program broadcast on         The Rev. Dr. Timothy         University, released        She graduated from
WTTW/Ch. 11 in               L. Johnson, ‘91, recently    his book, “Leaders in       JFK University with
Chicago that features the    wrote to inform us that      the Labyrinth: College      an M.A. in 1990 and
leading voices in religion   he is now the Director       Presidents and the          was granted the MFT
today. Daniel will rotate    of Field Education and       Battleground of Creeds      License in 1994. Shortly
duty with two co-hosts.      Associate Professor of       and Convictions.” The       thereafter, she contracted
Daniel is Senior Minister    Ministry at North Park       book can be found at        with the Walnut
of First Congregational      Theological Seminary         www.praeger.com/catalog/    Creek School District
Church, UCC, of Glen         in Chicago, IL. He           C9792.aspx.                 and began providing
Ellyn, IL, where she has     has been there since                                     counseling in several
served since 2004. She       October, 2005.               Joan A. Shea, ‘68,          elementary schools and
has taught preaching at                                   recently reconnected        she continues to do
Yale Divinity School and     Bonnie T. Laforme,           with us through the         that work today. Shea
Chicago Theological          ‘59, with thanks to          Lost Alumni/ae page on      also has a business as
Seminary, and is a           her husband, Bob,            the Seminary’s website.     Precious the Clown
writer for the “Biblical     has reconnected with         Following her graduation    providing entertainment
Preaching Journal” and       us through the Lost          from the Seminary,          at children’s birthday
the “Christian Century       Alumni/ae section of         Shea and her husband        parties. In 1996,
Magazine.” She is also       the Seminary’s website.      at the time, Daniel J.      she began adapting
the author of “Tell It       Laforme writes, “My          Shea, ‘68, moved to         the public courses of
Like It Is: Reclaiming the   education has stood me       Philadelphia where she      Peace Theological
Practice of Testimony.”      in good stead through        served as a Minister of     Seminary and College of
“My ministry has always      the years as a volunteer     Education at Chestnut       Philosophy to an online
had a wide focus,”           in the church--teaching      Hill Presbyterian           format and she recruited
explains Daniel. “I am       children and adults,         Church and then the         and trained facilitators.
fortunate to serve a         active in the church         United Methodist            For the past 11 years,
congregation whose           service, and the life of     Church of Germantown.       she has held the focus
ministry extends past the    the church (committees,      Shea worked in the          for the distance learning
church walls to reaching     programs, missions,          administration of several   program consisting
those outside. But this      handbell director,           non-profit agencies         of free email classes
opportunity at 30GM          representative), etc; in     serving teenagers in        serving a worldwide
is like nothing I have       Girl Scouting--heavily       Philadelphia. In 1978       population. She also
done before. I will be       involved leading girls       she was ordained in         developed a Worldwide
thoroughly challenged        and training and leading     a small non-sectarian       Peace Email Class
to live up to the history    women, camping,              ecumenical church           through the Institute for
of the program, and I am     representing on local and    called MSIA (Movement       Individual and World
honored to be a part of      National levels, Council     for Inner Spiritual         Peace, for which she
its future.”                 committees, etc.”            Awareness), a church        received an award in
                             She is now enjoying          that ordains ministers      2002. Several years
Earlier this year, former    retirement life, including   for volunteer service       later, Shea developed the
Seminary President           involvement in the work      throughout the world.       Worldwide Peace Prayer,
Barbara Brown Zikmund        of the Woman’s Club of       Throughout the years,       which is offered through
met The Rev. Dr. David       Tarpon Springs GFWC          Shea made a number          the internet in rounds of
Graham, ’67, while           (General Federation of       of moves and career         4 to 6 weeks. Currently,
vacationing in Sedona,       Women’s Clubs), with         changes, and obtained       they have close to 1,500
AZ. Graham retired in        its emphasis on service      other degrees. In 1981,     people participating in
2005 after thirty years      to the wider community.      she moved to Santa          English and Spanish.
as an Associate Minister     She and her husband          Fe, NM, where she           Shea recently turned 65,
at First Congregational      moved to that area about     worked as Director of       but retirement is not a
Church in Battle Creek,      nine years ago when          the Religious Education     word in her vocabulary.
MI. He was ordained in       their second grandson        Program for the             She tells us “There is
1967 and went to Battle      was born. Laforme notes      Unitarian Church of         definitely more that the
Creek in 1974, retiring      that Congregational          Santa Fe and developed a    Lord has for me to do.”
in 2005. Shortly after       churches are few and         peace education program     She currently lives in
he retired, an old friend    far between and tend         for children. She also      Oakland, CA, and has
asked him to come out        to cater to the retirees     worked for an agency        recently begun a doctoral
to Arizona as an Interim     who have made Florida        that placed volunteers in   program in Spiritual
Associate Pastor of          home. “We are finally at     community agencies. In      Science.
the well known UCC           home in Crystal Beach        1985, she returned to her
“Church of the Red           Community Church.”           home state of California
Rocks.” Graham plans to      This year Stephen            where she went back

                                  Hartfor d       Semi n ary    •   Pr   a x is                                    11
                                   to home, Blackburn is        academic dean and a         in American seminaries.
                                   teaching a new course this   professor of Islamic studiesAmong his activities in
                                   semester at the Seminary:    and Christian-Muslim        October were: teaching
     In October, Efrain            Modern Arabic Prose.         relations.                  two classes on Judaism
     Agosto and Professor                                                                   as guest lecturer in a
     Uriah Kim led a workshop      In August, Heidi Hadsell    Uriah Kim was the
                                                                                            World Religions course
     on Introduction to the        taught on the themes and    keynote speaker at the
                                                                                            at St. Joseph College in
     Bible for New Immigrant       techniques of interfaith    young adult conference of
                                                                                            West Hartford; offering
     Pastors of the Presbyterian   dialogue in Singapore.      the AADVENT project,
                                                                                            a Jewish perspective
     Church, held at Stony         Hadsell and Professor       McCormick Theological
                                                                                            on “Building Homes,
     Point Retreat Center          Ibrahim Abu-Rabi’ were      Seminary, in August and
                                                                                            Building Community,
     in New York State. In         part of an interfaith       assumed the editorship
                                                                                            Building Peace” at an
     November, Agosto              training program on         of Reviews in Religion
                                                                                            educational event at
     traveled to New Fairfield,    dialogue organized by       and Theology. At the
                                                                                            the Jewish Community
     CT, to confer the Doctor      the Islamic Religious       American Academy
                                                                                            Center in West Hartford
     of Ministry degree            Council of Singapore        of Religion/Society
                                                                                            in conjunction with the
     on Patricia Nicholas,         in cooperation with the     of Biblical Literature
                                                                                            “House of Abraham”
     pastor of the First           Seminary. That month she meetings in San Diego in
                                                                                            project of Habitat for
     Congregational Church         was one of the leaders of   November, Kim led the
                                                                                            Humanity; lecturing on
     there. Later in the month,    a week-long workshop in     academic editorial board
                                                                                            “The Meaning of the Land
     he attended the Annual        Indonesia, organized by the meeting of Reviews in
                                                                                            of Israel for Jews within
     Meetings of the American      Plowshares Institute and    Religion and Theology,
                                                                                            the Context of Jewish-
     Academy of Religion           the Ministry of Law and     delivered a response to
                                                                                            Christian Relations” at a
     and Society for Biblical      Human Rights, focusing      a book panel review of
                                                                                            conference at Iona College
     Literature, held in San       on interfaith issues.       his book Decolonizing
                                                                                            in New Rochelle, N.Y.;
     Diego, where he presented     In September, Hadsell       Josiah and presided over a
                                                                                            speaking on “Lessons from
     an update on research in      attended a meeting of       session. In public outreach,
                                                                                            the Building Abrahamic
     Latino hermeneutics for       the United Church of        Kim taught with Efrain
                                                                                            Partnerships Program at
     a session of the Scriptural   Christ’s Council for Higher Agosto in the Presbyterian
                                                                                            Hartford Seminary” at a
     Ethnologies Project of the    Education in Atlanta. The Church (USA) theological
                                                                                            conference in Cambridge,
     Institute for Signifying      meeting, for presidents and training for lay pastors
                                                                                            MA, on “Children of
     Scriptures.                   institutional heads, had    held in Stony Point, NY,
                                                                                            Abraham: A Trialogue
                                   the theme “Developing       October 11 to 13.
     Steven Blackburn has                                                                   of Civilizations,” co-
                                   Diverse Leaders.” Later
     resumed a speaking                                        In August, Yehezkel          sponsored by Harvard
                                   in September, Hadsell
     schedule in various                                       Landau led a half-day        University’s Weatherhead
                                   attended a conference
     libraries and schools                                     seminar on designing         Center for International
                                   and Board meeting for
     around Connecticut                                        interfaith curricula for     Affairs and Harvard
                                   Globethics.net in Geneva
     by leading an August                                      the administration and       Divinity School; sharing
                                   and participated in the
     30 book discussion on                                     faculty of the Unification   in the delivery of a
                                   third meeting of an
     Everyday Life in the                                      Theological Seminary         trialogue sermon on “The
                                   ongoing consultation, held
     Muslim Middle East at                                     in Barrytown, N.Y., and      Journey of Abraham”
                                   at the Seminary under a
     the Southington Public                                    conducted a training         at Rocky Hill (CT)
                                   Wabash grant, aimed at
     Library. On October 25 he                                 workshop at the University Congregational Church;
                                   producing a volume of
     was the guest of Professor                                of California at Santa       and speaking at a Jewish-
                                   case studies for teaching
     Michael Schub (formerly                                   Barbara for four Muslims,    Christian-Muslim
                                   interreligious dialogue in
     Adjunct Professor of                                      three Christians, and        conference on “The
                                   American seminaries. In
     Arabic at Hartford                                        one Baha’i, participants     Love of God” at Drew
                                   October, Hadsell chaired
     Seminary), lecturing on                                   from various countries       University in Madison,
                                   the annual meeting
     the topic of “Christianity                                in the first Fulbright       N.J.
                                   of Presbyterian social
     and Sex” for Schub’s                                      Interfaith Community
                                   ethicists in Richmond,                                   At the Association for
     course on Religion and                                    Action Program. The
                                   VA, and participated in                                  the Sociology of Religion
     Sex at Trinity College.                                   next month, Landau
                                   a colloquium, sponsored                                  national meeting held
     Blackburn also has been                                   gave a presentation
                                   by the Henry Luce                                        in August in New York
     contributing a series of                                  on “Repentance and
                                   Foundation, on multi-faith                               City, Adair Lummis
     short articles, published                                 Reconciliation among
                                   dimensions of theological                                was a panel member in
     on the web by K&K                                         Jews, Christians, and
                                   education. Hadsell was the                               a session discussing the
     Publishing of New York                                    Muslims” at Congregation
                                   first speaker in the New                                 book by Larry Hoffman,
     City, on Convergences                                     Beth Ahm in Windsor,
                                   Britain, CT, Schools’ adult                              Rethinking Synagogues.
     and Divergences among                                     CT, and participated in
                                   education lecture series.                                At this meeting she also
     the three Abrahamic                                       the third meeting of an
                                   She spoke on “Global                                     presented a paper by
     religions, thus far                                       ongoing consultation, held
                                   Ethics: Humanity in the                                  David Roozen and Adair
     providing reflections on                                  at the Seminary under a
                                   21 Century.” Hadsell
                                                                                            Lummis, “Congregational
     Creation, Angelology,                                     Wabash grant, aimed at
                                   is a member of the two                                   Splits and Denominational
     Prayer, Environmentalism,                                 producing a volume of
                                   search committees at                                     Apostasy.” In November,
     and Hospitality. Closer                                   case studies for teaching
                                   the Seminary for an                                      Lummis and Scott
                                                               interreligious dialogue
                                                                                            Thumma presented a
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12                                      Hartfor d      Semi n ary      •   Pr   a x is
Continued from previous page
paper entitled “Growing     at Georgetown about the       David Roozen started          Islam” at First Church
Up and Leaving Home:        role of education in West-    August, as he has the last    of Christ, Farmington,
Megachurches that           Islamic World dialogue;       several years, chairing       CT, in September. In
Depart Denominations,”      she also contributed to       the annual meeting            October, her speaking
at the Religious Research   drafting the annual report    of the Cooperative            engagements included
Association national        of the C-100 for the          Congregational Studies        talks on “Understanding
meeting in Tampa.           2008 World Economic           Partnership. The              Islam” at Asylum Hill
                            Forum. In late October,       Faith Communities             Congregational Church,
In early November,                                        Today (FACT) 2008             Hartford; “Islam in
                            Mattson participated
Blackwell Press released                                  questionnaire was unveiled    America” at First Church
                            in a conference on
Ingrid Mattson’s book,                                    and planning began for        of Christ, Farmington;
                            “The Daughters of
The Story of the Qur’an:                                  FACT2010. The end             “Women and Islam in
                            Hajar and Sarah” at
Its History and Place in                                  of September brought          the Post 9/11 World”
                            the Womenspirit forum
Muslim Life. The Islamic                                  President Heidi Hadsell       at Wellesley College,
                            in Minneapolis and
Chaplaincy Program                                        and Roozen’s working          Wellesley. MA; and
                            spoke about “Sunnis
welcomed many new                                         group for the study of        “Children in Islam” at the
                            and Shi’ites” at St.
students. In October,                                     pedagogies for interfaith     Wisdom House retreat
                            Bartholomew’s Church
the program held its first                                dialogue to Hartford. Two     center in Litchfield, CT.
                            in Manhattan. In
annual Islamic Chaplaincy                                 weeks later Roozen was        Smith participated on the
                            November, Mattson
Retreat at Wisdom House                                   off to Austin, TX, for        Harvard Divinity School
                            participated in an
in Litchfield, CT. Over                                   the first meeting of the      Visiting Committee
                            Interfaith Panel
the Labor Day weekend,                                    research advisory group       November 8 and 9. Also
                            sponsored by the Catholic
Mattson presided as                                       for the Sustaining Pastoral   in November, she spoke
                            Theological Union and
president over the 44th                                   Excellence Clergy Study.      on “Thinking Together
                            the Council of Islamic
annual convention of the                                  He spent Halloween            about Islam,” at Church
                            Organizations of Greater
Islamic Society of North                                  in Tampa. It was the          of St. Mary in Newington,
                            Chicago. She also spoke
America in Chicago. She                                   first day of the four-day     CT, and “Understanding
                            at Wesleyan University.
also participated in ISNA’s                               annual meeting of the         Islam” at East Hill Woods,
pre-convention Muslim       During August and             Society for the Scientific    in Southbury, CT.
Chaplains conference,       September, James              Study of Religion and
where Hartford Seminary Nieman submitted a                                              Miriam Therese Winter
                                                          the Religious Research
students were well-         grant proposal to the                                       led the Women’s
                                                          Association (RRA). He
represented. In September, Lilly Endowment, Inc.,                                       Leadership Institute into
                                                          delivered two academic
Mattson attended the        to extend and expand                                        its 12th season in
                                                          papers (“American
Carter Center’s annual      the “Engaged Scholars”                                      September with a large
                                                          Congregations 2005” and
Human Rights Defenders      mentoring program of                                        and very diverse class
                                                          “God is Still Speaking!
Forum where she spoke       the Congregational                                          of 37 women from New
                                                          But to Whom?”), as well
about the role of U.S.      Studies Project Team, of                                    England and beyond.
                                                          as his RRA Treasurer and
faith leaders in upholding which he is a member.                                        On all four Sundays in
                                                          Investment Committee
human rights. Later         During the last weekend                                     October, participants were
                                                          reports. The middle of
that month, Mattson         of September, Nieman                                        taken in smaller groups
                                                          November took him
participated in a panel on presented a paper                                            to interact with women
                                                          to San Diego for the
religion and democracy      entitled “Theology                                          at the state prison in
                                                          American Academy of
at the World Forum on       in congregations and                                        Niantic, where the Rev.
                                                          Religion meeting and
Democracy in Colonial       how they are studied”                                       Dr. Laurie Etter, senior
                                                          another meeting of
Williamsburg, part of       at a conference on                                          chaplain, WLI alumna,
                                                          the working group for
the 400 year anniversary    ecclesiology and                                            and recipient of the
                                                          pedagogies for interfaith
events of the founding      ethnography, sponsored by                                   seminary’s Doctor of
                                                          dialogue. Then to
of Jamestown. Ramadan,      the Center for Faith and                                    Ministry degree, has
                                                          conclude his seminary
beginning in mid-           Culture at Yale Divinity                                    initiated a pioneering
                                                          travel for the year, it was
September, brought in a     School. The conference                                      and very successful
                                                          off to Birmingham, AL, at
flurry of activity. Mattson brought together scholars                                   interfaith program for
                                                          the end of the November
spoke at iftar dinners at a from the United States                                      incarcerated women.
                                                          to consult on the final
number of Connecticut       and United Kingdom                                          Also in October, Winter
                                                          version of the national
Islamic Centers --          working in theology and                                     taught a mini-course in
                                                          survey questionnaire for
Berlin, Waterbury and       congregational studies.                                     Women’s Leadership
                                                          the Sustaining Pastoral
Danbury -- and traveled     More recently, Nieman                                       as Applied Spirituality
                                                          Excellence Clergy Study.
to Washington, D.C .,       welcomed the incoming                                       for the Capital Region
where she gave a talk at    Doctor of Ministry class to   The Seminary celebrated       Theological Center in
the USAID iftar, as well    the start of the program,     publication of Jane           Albany, New York.
as attending the U.S.       held another meeting          Smith’s most recent
State Department iftar,     of his “Discerning            book, Muslims, Christians
hosted by Secretary of      Theologies” research          and the Challenge of
State Condoleeza Rice. In group, and is finishing a       Interfaith Dialogue,
October, Mattson spoke at book on learning about          with a book signing on
the C-100 meeting of the contexts for preaching, to       October 29. Smith gave
World Economic Forum        be published by Fortress      “An Introduction to
                            Press in 2008.

                                 Hartfor d       Semi n ary      •   Pr   a x is                                     13
      a n d Wi n t e r/
      Semester                                                 legislation (Interfaith Coalition for Equity and
                                                               Justice); web-based organizing to challenge policies
                                                               of torture, etc. (Reclaiming the Prophetic Voice);
                                                               cultural arts as a weapon for justice (Charter Oak
     Hartford Seminary’s January intersession will run         Cultural Center); re-tooling mainline churches
     from Sunday, January 13 through Sunday, January           for 21st century ministry (Hands On Hartford);
     20. The Winter/Spring 2008 Semester begins on             and family mentoring and investing in the Black
     Monday, January 28 and ends on Monday, May 5.             Community (Phillips Metropolitan CME Church).
     The Seminary’s courses are open to members of             Carl Dudley, Faculty Emeritus in Church and
     the public and carry three graduate level credits.        Community
     Individuals who do not wish to take courses for
     credit may apply to take courses as an auditor. Many      Pastoral Counseling and Congregational Leadership
     classes fill up quickly, so participants are urged to     Tuesdays, January 29, February 12, March 4, April 1
     register early to ensure a place in their courses of      and April 29 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
     choice. For those enrolled in a three-credit course,      This course is intended to articulate and develop
     the cost is $1,550. The non-credit audit fee is $575.     a pastoral counseling toolkit in order to meet the
     A special audit fee of $385 is available for those who    “real life” needs of professional religious leaders.
     are age 62 and older, graduates of Hartford Seminary      The course will cover topics that include: how
     degree programs or the Certificate of Professional        to assess mental health issues, when and how to
     Ministry (cooperative M.Div.), donors of $250 a year      refer; marriage enrichment and revitalization;
     or more, Hartford Seminary Adjunct Faculty; and up        professional boundaries in pastoral counseling; and
     to three specially designated members of churches         socioeconomic, cultural and ethnic diversity and its
     that participate in the Congregational Relations          impact on pastoral counseling in the congregation.
     Program of the Seminary.                                  We will explore how to make your pastoral presence
                                                               in the ministry setting responsive to today’s
     To register, please contact the Registrar’s Office at     challenges. Opportunities to present and work with
     (860) 509-9511 or registrar@hartsem.edu. To see           case material will be available. The Rev. Dr. Claire
     specific course syllabi prior to the semester or learn    W. Bamberg, Adjunct Professor of Arts of Ministry;
     more about Hartford Seminary and its faculty, visit       she is a licensed marriage and family therapist and was
     our website: www.hartsem.edu.                             executive director of the Pastoral Counseling Center of
                                                               West Hartford
     Building Abrahamic Partnerships                           ETHICS
     Sunday, January 13 – Sunday, January 20 (intensive        Theological Ethics and the Personal Life
     schedule, includes some evenings)                         Tuesdays from 4:30 to 6:50 p.m., beginning January 29
     This eight-day intensive training program offers a        This course will examine issues of personal morality
     practical foundation for mutual understanding and         and faith. The course begins with a brief introduction
     cooperation among Jews, Christians, and Muslims.          to theological ethics, and then moves to practical
     Yehezkel Landau, Faculty Associate in Interfaith          issues in personal morality, which will be discussed in
     Relations                                                 relation to family and society. Heidi Gehman, Adjunct
                                                               Professor of Theology and Ethics
     Ministry to the Incarcerated:
     Responding to the Challenge                               Introduction to Islamic Law
     Monday, January 14 through Friday, January 18 from 9      ONLINE, beginning the week of Monday, January 28
     a.m. to 4 p.m.                                            This course will provide a critical overview of the
     This course will examine the historical, theological      history and practice of Islamic law. Ingrid Mattson,
     and social implications of incarceration in America,      Professor of Islamic Studies and Christian-Muslim
     with a particular emphasis on ministry to women           Relations
     and men in these settings. The Rev. Dr. Laurie Etter,
     C.S.M., Adjunct Professor of Arts of Ministry and         HISToRY
     Chaplain, York Correctional Institute                     Islam in Iraq, Pakistan and India
                                                               Thursdays from 7 to 9:20 p.m., beginning January 31
     ARTS oF MINISTRY                                          This course explores the different forms of Islam
     Cutting-Edge Social Ministries: The Future of             in three very different parts of the world. In
     Community Witness                                         Pakistan, Muslims are overwhelmingly in the
     Wednesdays, from 9:15 a.m. to 12:15 p.m.,                 majority; in India, Muslims are a minority; and in
     beginning January 30                                      Iraq, Muslims are having to cope with war and the
     Churches, mosques and synagogues impact their             continuing presence of Allied troops. The colonial
     communities and build membership strength                 history and the emergence of these states will be
     through a wide variety of creative, contemporary          explored. Ibrahim Abu-Rabi, Professor of Islamic
     ministries of care, justice and transformation.           Studies and Christian-Muslim Relations
     Through readings, research, field trips and
     conversations with leaders we examine examples            Women in 19th and 20th Century America:
     of congregations and collaborations, including the        Religion and Reform
     shift in evangelical and mega-churches from               Wednesdays from 7 to 9:20 p.m., beginning January 30
     personal values to public issues; the range of creative   This course will provide students with an overview
     Catholic ministries that flourish “outside the box”       of 19th and 20th century American religious history
     (Catholic Worker and others); the impact of               with an emphasis on women’s roles in reform
     Islam in community ministries (Muslim Coalition           movements such as abolition, temperance, and
     of Connecticut); interfaith initiatives for social        suffrage. Mary Coleman, Adjunct Instructor of History
                                                                                                  Continued on next page

14                                      Hartfor d       Semi n ary   •   Pr   a x is
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RELIGIoN AND SoCIETY                                        Pastoral Reading of Paul’s Letters
Religion as a Social Phenomenon:                            Tuesdays from 7 to 9:20 p.m., beginning January 29
The Sociological Study of Religion                          Through critical readings of the Apostle Paul’s
Mondays from 7 to 9:20 p.m., beginning January 28           epistles, this course examines pastoral issues in Paul’s
This course explores the social contexts of religious       urban churches. Each of the letters will be read and
experience and religious organizations. It introduces       discussed with a view toward ascertaining Paul’s
classical theories of religion by Marx, Durkheim,           thought and action on such aspects of ministry as
and Weber and highlights current trends in the              the nature of the church, preaching, evangelism,
sociological study of religion. While the course            teaching, leadership, authority, conflict, pastoral
focuses attention on religion in the U.S., it will also     care, and social justice. Efrain Agosto, Professor of
explore global patterns in religious communities.           New Testament
Edward Waggoner, Adjunct Professor of Religion and
Society and Adjunct Professor in Religion at Sacred Heart   THEoLoGY
University, Fairfield, CT                                   Modern Theology
                                                            Thursdays from 7 to 9:20 p.m., beginning January 31
Women, Religion and the Future of USA Churches              This course examines the development of western
ONLINE beginning the week of Monday, January 28             Christian reflection from the late Renaissance
Setting the context for on-line discussion of               through the present. Kelton Cobb, Professor of
women in the future of USA congregations and                Theology and Ethics
denominations, the course will begin with a brief
overview of women in world religions. Attention will        Religion, Conflict and Peacemaking
be focused on the history of women’s participation          Wednesdays from 4:30 to 6:50 p.m., beginning Jan. 30
and leadership in American Christian churches               This course will explore the paradox of religion as a
over the last two centuries, to stimulate a discussion      source of division and conflict, on the one hand, and
of what themes and trends might be predicted for            of peaceful aspirations and compassionate, sacrificial
the 21st century. Adair Lummis, Faculty Associate in        service on the other. Theoretical approaches to this
Research                                                    paradox, drawn from the Jewish, Christian, and
                                                            Islamic traditions, will be supplemented by practical
SCRIPTURE                                                   case studies, with particular attention given to the
Hebrew Bible Survey II                                      Israeli-Palestinian-Arab dispute over the “Holy
Thursdays from 4:30 to 6:50 p.m., beginning Jan. 31         Land.” Yehezkel Landau, Faculty Associate in Interfaith
An introduction to the Hebrew Scriptures, this              Relations
course will apply historical-critical methods of study
to develop a framework for understanding the origins        WoRSHIP & SPIRITUALITY
of the texts and the relationship of the texts to one       The Essential Writings of Howard Thurman
another. Attention will be given to contemporary            Tuesdays from 7 to 9:20 p.m., beginning January 29
theories of biblical interpretation. Survey II will         This course is a study of the major writings of
examine the prophetic corpus, poetry wisdom and             Howard Thurman, the mystic, prophet, poet,
the rest of “the writings” in the Hebrew Bible. Uriah       philosopher and theologian, who promotes the
Kim, Professor of Hebrew Bible                              idea that out of religious faith emerges social
                                                            responsibility. Benjamin Watts, Faculty Associate in
Concepts of the Afterlife in the Qur’an and Hadith          Religion and Community Life and Senior Pastor, Shiloh
Thursdays from 4:30 to 6:50 p.m., beginning Jan. 31         Baptist Church, New London
A consideration of the Islamic eschatological
narrative as presented in the Qur’an, beginning             TRAVEL SEMINAR
with the death of the individual and ending with            Brazil: Reconciliation, Ecology and
habitation in the final abodes of the Garden or             the Quest for Sustainable Development
the Fire. We will look at how this narrative is             Tuesday, April 8 to Monday, April 28
supplemented by Islamic tradition, and how it               This travel seminar is in cooperation with the
compares in its general outline with the concepts           Plowshares Institute. Brazil is the largest and most
of life after death in the scriptures of other religious    populous country in South America and the fifth
traditions of the world. Jane I. Smith, Professor of        largest in the world. A nation with a long colonial
Islamic Studies and Christian-Muslim Relations              history under the Portuguese, Brazil has adopted
                                                            new models of development to reduce poverty
Contextual Interpretation of the Bible                      and environmental degradation. This seminar
Tuesdays, January 29, February 12, March 4,                 will examine issues of development, ecology, and
April 1 and April 29 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.                  reconciliation through meetings with political,
Contextual interpretation like other methods of             religious, and academic leaders and expose
biblical interpretation takes three factors into            participants to Brazil’s rich and diverse ecology and
account in the process of interpreting the Bible:           culture. For an application for the seminar please
the text, the world that created the text, and the          contact the Plowshares Institute at (860) 651-4304.
contemporary situation in which interpretation              For information about taking the seminar for credit,
takes place. However, unlike older, more traditional        please contact the Seminary Registrar at (860)
methods, it takes the context of the interpreter as         509-9511. Robert Evans, Adjunct Professor of Theology
the starting point in the hermeneutical process.            and Ethics and Executive Director, Plowshares Institute,
Students will examine their own lived contexts and          and Heidi Hadsell, Professor of Social Ethics and
use their analyses to engage with selected texts from       President, Hartford Seminary
the Deuteronomistic History (Joshua to Kings in the
Hebrew Bible). Uriah Kim, Professor of Hebrew Bible

                                    Hartfor d       Semi n ary    •   Pr   a x is                                      15
          Up                               Life.” Mattson will sign     An evening that is part      “Islamophobia: Making
                                           copies of her new book at    lecture, part discussion,    Muslims the Enemy”
                                           this event.                  part poetry with Kathleen    Wednesday, April 23, 7
        Hartford Seminary                  Monday, February 25,         L. Housley, poet and         p.m.
        will present lectures,             7 p.m.                       author
        seminars and special                                            Tuesday, March 25, 7         Corintios: ¿Modelo
        events for people of all           Abraham: The First           p.m.                         para iglesia y liderasgo
        faiths starting in January.        Jew. . . or Christian. . .                                hoy? [Corinthians:
        For more information or            or Muslim?                   Places of Promise:           Appropriate Model for
        to register for any of the         Judaism, Christianity        Finding Strength in          Church and Leadership
        programs listed below,             and Islam in Dialogue        Your Congregation’s          Today?]
        please call the Public             and Dissent                  Location                     With Efrain Agosto,
        and Institutional Affairs          with Reuven Firestone,       A workshop with Cynthia      Professor of New
        Office at 860-509-9555             Professor of Medieval        Woolever, consultant and     Testament at Hartford
        or send an email message           Judaism and Islam at         previously Professor of      Seminary
        to events@hartsem.edu.             Hebrew Union College,        the Sociology of Religious   Thursday, May 1, 7 p.m.
                                           Los Angeles, CA; Ingrid      Organizations at Hartford
        God’s Word in Greek:               Mattson, Professor of        Seminary                     A Rumi Night of
        Readings in the New                Islamic Studies and          Wednesday, April 16, 9       Poetry and Music
        Testament                          Christian-Muslim             a.m. to 12:30 p.m.           With Peter Rogen,
        With The Rev. Edward               Relations at Hartford                                     reading, Steve Gorn on
        F. Duffy, minister of the          Seminary; and Efrain         FACTs on                     flute and John de Kadt on
        First Presbyterian Church          Agosto, Professor of New     Congregational Life          percussion
        of Fairfield, CT, and              Testament at Hartford        With David Roozen,           Thursday, May 22, 6:30
        adjunct faculty at Hartford        Seminary                     director of the Hartford     p.m.
        Seminary                           Wednesday, March 5, 7        Institute for Religion
        Tuesdays, Jan. 8, Feb. 12,         p.m.                         Research and Professor       Church Challenges:
        March 11, April 8, May                                          of Religion and Society at   Ecclesiology and
        13, and June 10, 1 p.m.            A Drumming Circle            Hartford Seminary, and       Leadership Today
        to 3 p.m.                          With Jan Gregory,            guest lecturers              A two-day continuing
                                           owner of the Renaissance     Monday, April 21             education program led
        S pe c i a l l e c t u r e a n d   Center: Your Community       – Friday, May 2              by James Nieman,
        B ook S i g n i n g                Music School in              Online                       Professor of Practical
        The Story of the                   Southbury, and Director                                   Theology at Hartford
        Qur’an: Its History and            of Music Ministry,           Fear and Loathing:           Seminary. The program
        Place in Muslim Life               Congregational Church of     Extremism, the Norm,         will include presentations
        With Ingrid Mattson,               Easton, UCC                  and the Limits of            by denominational leaders
        Professor of Islamic               Mondays, March 10 and        Religious Tolerance          and experts in ecclesiology
        Studies and Christian-             24, April 14 and 28, and     With Peter Gottschalk,       Wednesday/Thursday,
        Muslim Relations at                May 12 and 19, 7 p.m.        Associate Professor of       June 11 and 12, 10 a.m.
        Hartford Seminary and                                           Religion at Wesleyan         to 3 p.m.
        author of “The Story of            Exploring the                University, Middletown,
        the Qur’an: Its History            Borderlands between          CT, and author of
        and Place in Muslim                Science and Religion

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