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					AdSense Optimization Tips

Google AdSense scheme has been around for years now. And over time
hundreds of thousands of Webmasters have experimented with various
aspects of AdSense in order to maximise Click-Through-Rate's (CTR¡¯s).

Optimization has subsequently become an art form
But even though there are no hard and fast rules relating to how best to
place, size and present your ads there are some general design tips that
every Webmaster should be aware of before placing AdSense ads.

The best design schemes are often finely balanced between familiarity and
originality. Original, clever designs can work but it is a risk. It may
be too clever and loose a large section of the traffic that visits the
site or it may inadvertently break Google¡¯s strict AdSense rules. On the
other hand, it might just work.
What a Webmasters decides is their choice but more often than not
simplicity and familiarity works. People come on to the net to obtain
quick, relevant results. They don¡¯t want to have to work around a
dazzling, intricate navigation system or wait too long for video or music
web elements to download.

Reasons for poor AdSense resultsThe reasons why people get poor AdSense
results could be simple. It is possible that their AdSense ads are not
visible enough. This could be due to number of reasons:

?Poor presentation of ads (bad color choice, wrong fonts etc...)
?Poor positioning of ads
?Too much clutter on your websites pages (poor page layout)
?Too many ads
?Not enough ads
Proper optimization of AdSense websites for maximum CTR is sometimes
overlooked by Webmasters. The fact is that there are lot of elements that
can be tweaked on a webpage to maximise CTR without breaking any Google
AdSense rules.

Optimum color choice for Google AdSense Ads
Without doubt the optimum color for the text in AdSense ads is blue. All
over the Web there are numerous articles that have discussed the benefits
of using blue to display AdSense ads.
The reasons for this universal agreement is mainly historical. Links on
websites have traditionally always been blue, so visitors always expect
them to be that color no matter where they see them. Familiarity always
trumps originality on the Web, so if possible keep your AdSense text
Optimizing AdSense Ads for visibility
Ideal optimization for AdSense ads is about attaining balance. You don¡¯t
want your ads to be too visible because they¡¯ll be seen as blatant
advertising, which often just gets ignored. But you don¡¯t want your ads
to be too invisible either because they won¡¯t be seen.

Good placement of AdSense ads is crucial
So location is important in attaining high CTR¡¯s. Ads has to be placed
in areas where the content is most engaging, areas of the web page that
visitors are most likely to view and areas they are likely to interact
These areas can be emphasized through the clever use if graphics,
multimedia elements and layout techniques.
Google released a heat map showing the most clicked areas of an average
site. As you can see from the, certain areas are more effective than
others where it comes to displaying ads.

The heat map gives us general idea of the highest performing areas of a
typical web page.

The strongest performance regions (deep orange) are the locations around
the navigation bar and content area.

The heat map tell us that users are primarily focused on the content
material of the site. Therefore good content is necessary to draw a users
attention to your carefully placed AdSense ads.

So considertaion of user behaviour is important when deciding how best to
optimize your AdSense ads.

Make sure you give your users the option of AdSense ads after they have
read your satisfying content material by placing them where they're most
likely to look.
Users focus around the region that contains the content
Just above or either side of the primary content areas are usually good
spots to experiment with AdSense ad positioning. Also regions around the
navigational elements of a page are good spots to place ads.
But remember when placing ads, no site is average. You have to play
around with ad positioning to see which locations work best for you.
Don¡¯t put borders around AdSense ads. Borderless ads are regarded with
the same kind of attention as the content. If the content material is
informative and relevant there is every likelihood that your ads will be
seen in the same light.

Don¡¯t over-use AdSense ads
Too many links on a page is very unattractive any distract the user from
the quality of your content. Google¡¯s rules limits the amount of Ads you
can place on any one page anyway but using a combination of different ad
types and poor ad placement there¡¯s still a lot of room to clutter an
average web page. In addition, if you include all the natural links of
your own the potential exists to create a site with nothing but pages
filled with links.
Remember less can be more. Optimization is about balancing the looks and
feel of a site with its maximum earning configuration. Only through
experimentation can the right balance be struck.

Other general AdSense tips
?The best color schemes for AdSense websites are those that use blue
color links, white backgrounds and black text for their design.
?Place your ads above the fold (the part of the page that first appears
when it downloads). Relevant content material can be placed below the
fold because a user will always scroll down to view content whereas they
are unlikely to scroll down to specifically view AdSense ads.
?Leaderboards work extremely well near the top of web pages.
?Borderless skyscraper columns perform well if arranged around the
content areas of web pages.
?Rectangle ad units perform very well within the content areas of web
pages. They are known to be the best performing types of ads when used

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Description: Google AdSense scheme has been around for years now. And over time hundreds of thousands of Webmasters have experimented with various aspects of AdSense in order to maximise Click-Through-Rate's (CTR’s).