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             Newsletter No 11 - Autumn 2010
       Warmest greetings to you all, and a special welcome to new readers from Nelson’s
Festival of Opportunities and Christchurch’s recent BodyMindSpirit Expo.

       This Autumn I have been mesmerized by the quality of the light – the rich, gold-
toned colourwash it pours over the world. All colour seems to glow in a special, warm
way under Autumnal skies. How can it be, I have wondered, that Autumn light is so
visibly different from Spring light…

       Yesterday I spent a glorious day under the broad skies of the Canterbury high-
country tussocklands. As I wandered in that light-suffused place it seemed to me that
Autumn light is an aged light, in the same way as fine wines or cheeses are aged… in the
same way as Menopausal and Crone women are aged! There’s a richness, a pungency, a
fullness of flavour that speaks of many things lived and embodied. While Spring’s light is
bright, clear, fresh, virginal, get-up-and-go light, Autumn’s is slow and mellow, spacious,
reflective, infinitely patient. There’s a knowingness, a benign fullness in the air… perhaps
a reassurance that all that we are is held in age itself as Change does its work.

        Menopausal women – this is your season! Look in the mirror of Autumn’s fulsome
light to see the qualities of your own beauty. Pre-Menstrual women can glimpse it too, as
you feel your cycle taking you into the immense beneficence of letting go, slowing down,
releasing… Autumn is a very special time to enjoy the relaxing sensation of breathing out.

         May the aged light of Autumn sing its contralto aria into your life, reassuring you
that nothing is ever lost in Change. We bring everything with us as we move in the cycles
of life.

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planet. If you do not wish to receive this newsletter in the future, do phone or email
me and I will take your name off the list. Or, if you know others who would like to
receive this news, they can be added.

      This Newsletter will catch you up on some changed plans and some new events
coming up this Autumn. Please feel free to spread the word about the events listed
below to women you know who may like to hear about them.

        For any of these events contact Luna House to enquire or register:
              Phone 332 5755          Email
NB: registrations for this event close on 19th April

                         Preparing Ourselves for
               A celebration of Fruitfulness
    Because of our cyclical nature, women have the potential to become adept in the
art of graceful transitions. As always, our resonance with the seasons has much to
teach us. Samhain (May 2) is a festival of Change, the doorway leading from the light
half of the year into the darkness. In Conscious Menstruality it corresponds in special
ways to our Pre-Menstrual and Menopause life-seasons. Come along and enjoy the
company and support of other women for this celebratory Autumn mini-workshop.

                                   ~ all women welcome ~
                    AT: Luna House, Cracroft ON: Friday 23rd April, 7pm
                                      COST: $20 (neg)
                           FOLLOWED BY: Supper and Socialising
                             REGISTER BY: Monday 19th April

Now offered in a different format for those not able to attend the usual 8-evening course

                 THE WHOLE OF THE MOON
            Restore lost knowledge about your feminine processes
              Celebrate your resonance with Nature and the Universe
              Understand your Menstrual Cycle in an intriguing new light
              Ease struggles and perplexities
              Enhance your daily life through learning the art of Conscious Menstruality
                        You will be amazed at what there is to know!

                            2 Saturdays, 8th and 22nd May, 9am – 5pm
                      At Luna House, 4 Hurunui Street, Cracroft
                            Cost: $175 for whole course (neg)
                                     Register by: 1st May
Calling all Crones! You are invited to sample an introductory version of the Conscious
Menstruality course for Post-Menopausal women. Come along, bring a friend, and relax into
the inspirational company of other women at the Crowning Stage of life.
      “In        the Fullness of Time”
                Living the Deep Feminine
                      in Mature Life
        This workshop will present an intriguing and original new model of the womanly
 lifestages in a context of purpose and sacredness not commonly available in our
 times. By understanding what we have brought with us from earlier lifestages we
 can more consciously open to our fullest personal and spiritual potential in our
 crowning years. Come to see yourself in a whole new light, and enjoy the wisdom,
 experience and insights of companions on the Mature lifepath.

             ~ suitable for Women of Post Menopausal Years ~

                  ON: Saturday 15th May, 9.30am – 4.30pm
                  AT: Luna House, 4 Hurunui Street, Cracroft
                  COST: $65 (neg)
                  WITH: Shared lunch – please bring some food
                              REGISTER BY: 8th May


                             To enquire or register
        see notices for local organizer details, or contact Luna House
    Please feel free to forward these notices to women you know around the country

Timaru Workshop: change of date
This is a Saturday workshop called Making New Sense of Menstrual Cycles and Menopause
which will now be offered on 17th April, 9.30 – 4.30. Women of all ages welcome. Kindly
provided by South Canterbury Women’s Wellness Centre. Phone (03) 688 9363, or email for further info or to register.

Hokitika Alternative Therapy Weekend
Luna House will present a stall and mini-workshop at this Expo on Saturday 1st-Sunday 2nd
May, at Kokotahi Hall. Contact Julie at (03) 755 7582 or

 NZ Early Menopause Support Group Gathering, Rotorua, Queens
 Birthday Weekend, 5-7 June
The NZ Early Menopause Support Group provides information and support to women of all
ages who have experienced an early Menopause. Luna House will present an afternoon
workshop at their next annual gathering.

                   Going For Gold
      A Special Workshop for Women Experiencing Early Menopause
    Despite being a feature of every woman’s life, there is surprisingly little understanding
or support for Menopause in our culture. When it arrives before it is expected, there is even
less, and the journey can be one of shock, grief, distress and isolation.
    Menopause is an intense invitation into the maturation of our Feminine Nature. Usually
it comes when a woman is of an age to want and expect change (such as when children are
leaving home). For those who receive the call earlier in life, there are deeper mysteries to
open to…
         Why me?         Why now? What’s happening to me?
       What is being asked of me?    How can I make sense of it?
           What do I need to support me as I go through this?
          This workshop seeks to inform, support and inspire you with knowledge not
elsewhere available, by exploring:
  how our Menstrual Cycle years have prepared us for the deep trans-formation
   that comes with Menopause, and what we bring with us into that process…
 how to respond to the emotional impacts of early Menopause…
 how to open to the spiritual and developmental purposes of Menopause: what it
brings to us rather than what it takes away from us…
              ~   You will be amazed at the answers you discover                ~
                     For More Information:

                      MORE EVENTS BEING PLANNED

                                        IN NELSON
Weekend Workshop this Winter
How this weekend is structured will depend on the interest of participants. There is
considerable interest in a Menopause workshop, so that will definitely happen. If there are
also women wanting a Menstrual Cycles workshop we will run that as well. If you or women
you know would be keen to participate, do let me know. At this stage, contact Luna House for
further information. Date to be advised.

                                      IN AUCKLAND
Weekend Workshop on Menstrual Cycles
Still in the feasibility study stages, so do let me know if women you know would like to be
added to the list and kept informed as this one develops. Dates to be advised.
                                  IN CHRISTCHURCH
Men’s Workshop
    This workshop seeks to inform, support and inspire men. It will help you make sense of some
    of the more mysterious, difficult or baffling aspects of menstrual cycles and menopause. It will
    explore how you can best support yourself when they impact on your relationships with women.
    And it will invite you to get curious about the masculine journey through the lifestages, and
    how that works alongside the feminine one.
    It will be offered on a Saturday or Sunday in winter, at Luna House. Date to be advised.

         Light in the Labyrinth
                     A Workshop for Men Who Love Women
     Have you ever wondered about the changes women go through in their Menstrual Cycle or Menopause?
     Are you sometimes mystified by the peculiar, intense and disruptive nature of these things in their lives
      and yours?
     Would you like to know how best to support yourself and the woman you love at these times?
     Do you feel there must be more to it than we currently understand?

           Join with other men to unravel the Mysteries of Menstruality
                  in a day of Support, Revelation and Inspiration

This workshop opens new realms of knowledge that will radically deepen your understanding
  of The Feminine and your capacity to engage in full and sacred relationship with women.
      It will also awaken an awareness of the parallel masculine developmental journey.

                   ~ Suitable for men of all ages, in or out of relationships ~

                                        For More Information
               Phone (03) 332 5755               or     email

                                      FURTHER POSSIBILITIES
    There have also been expressions of interest in Luna House workshops being held in
    Wellington, Napier and Dunedin. I am keeping waiting lists of women in these centres, and
    events can run as soon as there is enough interest. There are also likely to be more Luna
    House events in Taranaki later in the year, and I very much look forward to working again with
    the inspired and inspiring Conscious Menstruality practitioners up there.

                                               AND FINALLY
    Chilean poet Pablo Neruda ended one of his poems with a glorious line, true for all women at
    every age…
                               “the moon lives in the lining of your skin”
    Can you feel it there?

    With love to you all
    Jane Catherine
    At Luna House