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					      Mentall Heallth & Sociiall Care Current Awareness Bulllletiin
      Menta Hea th & Soc a Care Current Awareness Bu et n

                                              No 270
                                              No 270
                                       Octtober 4ttth 2010
                                       Oc ober 4 h 2010

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  News from all corners of
  the world

                        Department of Health

  Quality outcomes for people with dementia: Building on the work of the National
  Dementia Strategy
  Essence of Care 2010: Benchmarks for promoting health and well-being

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              Regional News

  Fears over future of Norfolk adoption services
  Norfolk's council run adoption service is among a raft of services for vulnerable children which
  could be privatised or passed out of public control as part of far reaching plans to slash funding
  by nearly 40pc

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                  National News

  Health And Social Care Workforce To Have Their Say On Autism Training
  As part of the adult autism strategy the National Autistic Society, funded by the Department of
  Health, is conducting research into the learning and development needs of the mainstream
  health and social care workforce

  Labour leader Ed Miliband backs national care service
  The Labour Party's new leader Ed Miliband backs the creation of a national care service to
  provide social care free at the point of need for older and disabled people

  Memorial for people with eating disorders in UK
  The first national Service of Dedication for lives lost to eating disorders has taken place in
  London's Southwark Cathedral

  CQC Lifts Condition On West London Mental Health NHS Trust
  The Care Quality Commission today lifted one of three conditions placed on West London
  Mental Health Trust after it showed it has systems to ensure patients' detention papers were
  properly renewed under the Mental Health Act

EoEHLG/MHCA/No.270/4.10.10/ephru                                                                       2
  South West organisations win £100k to develop dementia services
  A service in the South-west, for people with dementia, has won funding worth £100,000 over
  three years

  Care minister Burstow unveils plan to improve dementia care
  Dementia patients and their carers will be encouraged to hold councils and the NHS to account
  for their performance on dementia care as part of a shift away from top-down intervention

  Vulnerable elderly 'forced to pay for medical care'
  Vulnerable elderly people are being unfairly forced to pay for health care, the new chairman of
  the House of Commons health committee says

  Midlife crisis starts at 35, according to Relate
  The midlife crisis now starts at 35, according to a survey that found people in their thirties and
  forties are unhappier than any other age group.

  Scots anti-depressant use rising
  More people in Scotland are using anti-depressants, the latest figures have suggested

  Mental health budget cuts 'would be devastating'
  Cuts in the mental health budget in Northern Ireland would have devastating consequences, a
  counselling chief warned today

  Number of children in care rises by 6%
  The number of looked-after children in England has risen by 6% (64, 400) since last year, new
  statistics from the Department for Education show

  Spending review cuts impossible for councils to deliver
  Councils will find it impossible to deliver the cuts to adult social care expected in the coming
  spending review without a change in their statutory responsibilities, directors have warned

  Munro finds reforms have damaged frontline social work
  Previous reforms to the social care system have led to social workers spending less time with
  vulnerable children and families

  New treatment approved for major depressive disorder
  AstraZeneca has received UK approval for Seroquel XL (quetiapine prolonged release) as an
  add-on treatment for depressive episodes in patients with major depressive disorder who have
  had suboptimal response to antidepressant monotherapy

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             International News

  Leading Practitioners Recommend Global PTSD Treatment Guidelines
  In recent years, several guidelines in the treatment of posttraumatic stress disorder have been
  put into practice globally

  Helping Young Adults Self-Manage Mental Illness With E-SMART Technologies
  While many young adults will share the details of their daily lives with dozens - sometimes
  hundreds - of friends on Facebook, communicating with their health care providers about
EoEHLG/MHCA/No.270/4.10.10/ephru                                                                       3
  mental illness is another story

  New depression guidelines favor tailored treatment
  The guidelines, issued on Friday by the American Psychiatric Association, are the first update
  on depression treatment in more than a decade

                         World Mental Health Day
  10 October

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             Local Additions
             Items added by your local library

  Articles available from EPHRU Library:

    Psychosocial stress and abdominal pain in adolescents
    Shapiro MA
    Mental Health in Family Medicine. 2010; 7(2):65-7

  To order a copy of either article complete the journal article request form

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  Teens Disproportionately Affected by Mental Disorders
  The percentage of youth suffering from a mental disorder is even greater than the most frequent
  major physical conditions in adolescence, including diabetes or asthma

             Substance abuse, alcoholism,

  Frequent Family Dinners Linked To Lower Tobacco, Alcohol And Marijuana Use Among
  American teenagers who regularly have family dinners are much less likely to have used drugs,
  alcohol or marijuana compared to their peers who have family dinners infrequently

EoEHLG/MHCA/No.270/4.10.10/ephru                                                                   4
  Popularity Affects Drug And Alcohol Consumption
  The consumption of drugs and alcohol by teenagers is not just about rebellion or emotional

  New Method To Detect Cocaine Stored In Alcohol - From Outside The Bottle
  In two landmark studies UK and Swiss research teams reveal two techniques proven to identify
  dissolved cocaine in bottles of wine or rum

  Association Between Father's Incarceration And Elevated Risks Of Marijuana And Other
  Illegal Drug Use
  Researchers report evidence of an association between father's incarceration and substantially
  elevated risks for illegal drug use in adolescence and early adulthood

  DocGuide TopAbstracts in Addictions

  Study Links Some Cannabis Strains With Memory Impairment
  People who smoke potent strains of cannabis that are low in cannabidiol (such as skunk) are
  putting themselves at far greater risk of acute memory loss than people who smoke other types
  of the drug

             Anxiety Disorders

  DocGuide TopAbstracts in Anxiety

  Anxiety and outcome evaluation: The good, the bad and the ambiguous
  Previous research has indicated that anxious individuals are more prone to evaluate ambiguous
  information as negative compared to non-anxious individuals

  Temporal stability and coherence of anxiety, dyspnea, and physiological variables in
  panic disorder
  Twenty-five panic disorder patients, 19 social phobics, and 20 healthy controls sat quietly for
  15 min, rating their anxiety and dyspnea every 30 s while respiratory, cardiovascular, and
  electrodermal responses were recorded

  Does Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Youth Anxiety Outperform Usual Care in
  Community Clinics? An Initial Effectiveness Test
  Most tests of cognitive behavioral therapy for youth anxiety disorders have shown beneficial
  effects, but these have been efficacy trials with recruited youths treated by researcher-
  employed therapists


  Friends, Family Detect Early Alzheimer's Signs Better Than Traditional Tests
  Family members and close friends are more sensitive to early signs of Alzheimer's dementia
  than traditional screening tests

EoEHLG/MHCA/No.270/4.10.10/ephru                                                                    5
  DocGuide TopAbstracts in Alzheimer’s

  Evidence Supporting Technology-Based Interventions for People with Early-Stage
  Alzheimer's Disease
  Innovative uses of technology offer many exciting possibilities for better care and improved
  quality of life for people with Alzheimer's disease and their families

  The effect of memantine on sleep behaviour in dementia with Lewy bodies and
  Parkinson's disease dementia
  Two common and characteristic sleep disturbances have been described in dementia with Lewy
  bodies and Parkinson's disease dementia

             Bipolar disorders

  Abortion Does Not Cause Depression Or Low Self-Esteem In Adolescents, National
  Study Finds
  A new study has determined that teenagers who have abortions are no more likely to become
  depressed or have low self-esteem than their peers whose pregnancies do not end in abortion

  Partners of breast cancer patients 'may be at risk of mood disorders'
  Men whose partners have breast cancer often face an increased risk of mood disorders, a study
  has found

  Middle-aged suicides on rise in U.S., study finds
  Suicide rates for middle-aged people are edging up -- particularly for white men without college
  degrees -- and a combination of poor health and a poor economy may be driving it

  Family history of autoimmune diseases not linked to bipolar disorder
  Results from a US study show that a family history of autoimmune diseases is not associated
  with an increased risk for bipolar disorder

  Heightened suicide risk after weight-loss surgery
  Severely obese people who undergo weight-loss surgery may have a higher-than-average risk
  of suicide in the years following the procedure, a new study finds

  Family-focused treatment benefits caregivers of bipolar patients
  A family-focused intervention significantly reduces depression levels and health risk behaviors
  in caregivers of patients with bipolar disorder

  DocGuide TopAbstracts in Depression

  Link Between Certain Psychiatric Disorders And Risky Sexual Behavior In Teens
  According to researchers, teens who experience the manic phase of bipolar disorder are more
  sexually active, have more sexual partners and are more likely to have a sexually transmitted

  Public Awareness Campaign Lowers Male Suicides In German City
  A recent study revealed that men might connect strongly to publicity campaigns about
  depression and suicide, particularly when they have options for anonymous help

EoEHLG/MHCA/No.270/4.10.10/ephru                                                                     6
  Cuts in the mental health budget in Northern Ireland would have devastating
  consequences, a counselling chief warned today
  Many researchers have studied the relationship between the increase in sales of new
  antidepressants in recent decades and a simultaneous decline in the suicide rate

  Bipolar features linked to treatment resistance in unipolar depression
  Bipolarity features are significantly associated with treatment resistance in patients diagnosed
  with unipolar depression

  Siblings of bipolar patients show reduced executive function and memory
  The unaffected siblings of patients with bipolar disorder show deficits in executive functions and
  memory relative to mentally healthy individuals without a family history of the condition

             Dual Diagnosis

  Mindfulness-based treatments for co-occurring depression and substance use
  disorders: what can we learn from the brain?
  Both depression and substance use disorders represent major global public health concerns
  and are often co-occurring

  Influence of the serotonin transporter gene polymorphism, cannabis and childhood
  sexual abuse on phenotype of bipolar disorder: A preliminary study
  The short allele and cannabis abuse were significantly more frequent among patients with
  psychotic symptoms than in those without , while childhood sexual abuse was not

             Eating Disorders

  Better Screening Urged for Self-Injury in Teens
  Not all kids who intentionally cut or burn themselves meet 'classic profile,' expert says

             Learning Disabilities

  New study claims ADHD 'has a genetic link'
  The first direct evidence of a genetic link to attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder has been
  found, a study says

  ADHD genes only part of the story

  Error processing in high-functioning Autism Spectrum Disorders
  Studies report error-processing abnormalities in high-functioning individuals with Autism
  Spectrum Disorders that may be influenced by intelligence and autism severity

EoEHLG/MHCA/No.270/4.10.10/ephru                                                                     7
  Distinguishing features of autism in boys with fragile X syndrome
  Males with fragile X syndrome and autism represent a distinct subgroup of males with FXS at
  risk for markedly poorer outcomes. Early identification and intervention can improve outcomes
  for males with autism spectrum disorder

             Obsessive Compulsive

  Enlargement of Thalamic Nuclei in Tourette Syndrome
  Morphological abnormalities in the thalamus, together with the disturbances reported in the
  sensorimotor cortex, striatum, and globus pallidus, support the hypothesis of a circuitwide
  disorder within motor pathways

  Reduced Brain White Matter Integrity in Trichotillomania
  These data implicate disorganization of white matter tracts involved in motor habit generation
  and suppression, along with affective regulation, in the pathophysiology of trichotillomania

  Predictors and Moderators of Treatment Outcome in the Pediatric Obsessive Compulsive
  Treatment Study (POTS I)
  Greater attention is needed to build optimized intervention strategies for more complex youth
  with OCD

  The obsessive–compulsive spectrum in the perinatal period: a prospective pilot study
  This study aims to describe the phenomenology of obsessive–compulsive symptoms (OCS) and
  disorders (OCD) in perinatal women and to explore the relationship of OCS/OCD to postpartum

              Occupational Therapy

  The effects on cognitive functions of a movement-based intervention in patients with
  Alzheimer's type dementia: a pilot study
  The present study shows that a short course of non-aerobic movement based exercise is
  already effective at least in some aspects of cognitive functioning in patients with AD

             Post Traumatic
             Stress Disorder

  Early Intervention Drastically Reduces PTSD in Children
  When children witness or experience a potentially traumatic event, such as a car accident, a
  sports injury, a physical or sexual assault or violence, as many as 1 in 5 will develop Post-
  Traumatic Stress Disorder

  Prolonged Exposure Versus Dynamic Therapy for Adolescent PTSD: A Pilot Randomized
  Controlled Trial

EoEHLG/MHCA/No.270/4.10.10/ephru                                                                   8
  Brief individual therapy is effective in decreasing posttraumatic distress and behavioral trauma-
  focused components enhance efficacy


  How Reasonable It Is to Deceive Yourself?
  Anyone who simply denies the facts is most certainly behaving unreasonably -- aren't they?

  Racial Disparity In Psychological Elder Abuse
  In the first population-based survey to indicate a racial disparity in the psychological abuse of
  senior citizens, University of Pittsburgh researchers found that African American seniors could
  be twice as likely to be mistreated than elders of other races

  Stigma and Client Satisfaction in Mental Health Services
  Numerous studies have revealed that stigmatization of persons with mental health problems
  has a large array of negative consequences


  Traumatic brain injury linked to increased schizophrenia risk in Asians
  Asian individuals who have suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI) are at increased risk for
  developing schizophrenia

  Right amygdala hypertrophy linked to suicide attempts in schizophrenia patients
  Results from an Italian study suggest that right amygdala hypertrophy is associated with an
  increased risk for suicide attempts in patients with schizophrenia

  Antipsychotic switching prevalent in schizophrenia
  Antipsychotic switching is common in the treatment of patients with schizophrenia and can be
  predicted by a small number of variables

  DocGuide TopAbstracts in Schizophrenia

  Glutamate And Dopamine: Biological Predictors Of The Transition To Psychosis?
  There is growing evidence that two neurotransmitters - dopamine and glutamate - are abnormal
  in people with psychotic illness, including schizophrenia

  Neurocognitive deficits evident in adolescents with psychotic-like symptoms
  Adolescents with psychotic-like symptoms have impairments in receptive language, motor
  function, and executive function/speed of processing

EoEHLG/MHCA/No.270/4.10.10/ephru                                                                      9
             Social Work

  Spontaneous and Reflexive Cognitions Related to Spousal Abuse: The Role of
  Experiences of Violence
  The aim of this study was to investigate the recognition of violent behaviors, assessment of their
  severity, and reaction time in recognizing violent behaviors among individuals who have been
  exposed to spousal abuse, either as victim or aggressor, and those who have not reported such

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  Social Work and Social Welfare: An Introduction

  Psychology: From Inquiry to Understanding: International ed of 2nd revised ed

  Race and Ethnicity: Cultural Roles, Spiritual Practices and Social Challenges

  Making Cognitive-behavioral Therapy Work: Clinical Process for New Practitioners:
  2nd Revised edition

  The Effect of Childhood Emotional Maltreatment on Later Intimate Relationships

  Bipolar Disorder: Clinical and Neurobiological Foundations

  Cognitive Deficit in Mental and Neurological Disorders

  Defying Dementia: Understanding and Preventing Alzheimer's and Related Disorders

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