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 Glendale Community College                               TABLE OF CONTENTS
 is one of the 10 Maricopa
 Community Colleges.                                      Letter from the President . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3
                                                          Meeting Employers Neetds/Lifetime Earnings Chart . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5
     • Glendale Community College                         Planning Your Career . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6
     • Chandler-Gilbert Community College                                                       .
                                                          4 Steps To Your Career Future  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9
     • Estrella Mountain Community College                R.I.A.S.E.C. Career Quiz . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10
     • GateWay Community College                          Education Pays Chart . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11
     • Mesa Community College                                                       .
                                                          Programs at a Glance  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12
                                                          Community College: A Springboard . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13
     • Paradise Valley Community College
                                                          Transferring Credits . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14-17
     • Phoenix College
                                                          Worksheet . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 53
     • Rio Salado College
                                                          Student Services . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 54
     • Scottsdale Community College
                                                          Campus Map . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 55
     • South Mountain Community College

The Maricopa County Community College District            CAREER PROGRAMS
is one of the largest higher education systems 
                                                          Administration of Justice  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18
in the world and is the largest provider of health 
                                                          Administrative Office Coordinator  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19
care workers and job training in Arizona — a 
                                                          Audio Production Technology  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20
major resource for business and industry and for 
                                                          Automotive Technology . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21
individuals seeking education and job training.
                                                          Behavioral Health Sciences . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22
                                                          Biotechnology & Molecular Biociences  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23
Each of our colleges is individually accredited, yet      Computer Aided Drafting Technology . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24
part of a larger system — the Maricopa County             Developmental Disabilities Specialist . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25
Community College District (MCCCD). The Maricopa          Early Childhood Education  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26
Community Colleges offer you a wide range of              Early Childhood Administration & Management  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27
opportunities, whether you’re just out of high school,    Education  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28
beginning or re-entering college or seeking lifelong      Emergency Medical Technology  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29
education. At Glendale Community College, there are       Emergency Management . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30
more than 50 degrees and 60 certificate programs          Family Life Education . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31
you can enroll in. Throughout our system, there           Fire Science Technology . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32
are even more—approximately 750 degrees and                                                     .
                                                          Fitness, Nutrition & Wellness  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 33
certificate programs and 10,254 courses available         General Business . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34
for offering. So, for whatever career you’ve chosen,      Graphic Design  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 35
you’re likely to find the educational program that’s                                    .
                                                          Information Technology  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36
right for you, right here at MCCCD.                       Interior Design - Home Furnishing & Materials . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38
                                                          Law Enforcement . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 39
At GCC, flexible course delivery includes online,         Multimedia  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 40
traditional classroom, hybrid, accelerated, evening,      Music Business . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 41
weekend and open-entry/self-paced choices.                Nursing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 42
                                                          Nursing Assistant . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 43
 Transfer agreements with public and private colleges     Paraprofessional Accounting . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 44
 and universities enable seamless transitions to four-    Power Plant Technology . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 45
 year institutions.                                       Public Relations/Journalism . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 46
                                                          Real Estate  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 47
                                                          Retail Management  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 48
                                                          Tractor-Trailer Driving . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 49
                                                          Video Production Technology  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 50
                                                          Workplace Communications . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 51

                               Welcome to the first edition of our Glendale Community 
                               College Career Guide 2008/2009. As you look at this 
                               handbook, I’d like to invite you to explore the many 
                               occupational degree and certificate programs we offer at 
                               Glendale Community College.

                               One of the most important services community colleges 
                               provide is to assist students in choosing an appropriate career 
                               path. It’s not uncommon for first-year students to enroll in 
                               classes without any clear idea of why they are here, or what 
                               they should be studying. For some, they are the first in their 
                               family to attend college. Others are returning adults who have 
                               been away from education for a number of years….perhaps 
                               to raise a family, or for financial reasons. Finding a profession 
                               that meets their personal goals is essential.

                               This is part of our mission that we take quite seriously. As an 
                               institution of higher learning, we have a duty to help students 
                               learn about many things—most importantly, themselves. 
                               Finding a profession that “fits” is, more than anything, a 
                               matter of more fully understanding yourself. 

                               According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the average 
                               U.S. worker changes careers 3-5 times during his or her 
      Velvie C. Green, Ph.D.   lifetime. That is not jobs, but careers. So our challenge is 
                  President    to prepare you with a broad, flexible set of skills. It’s really 
Glendale Community College     about “learning how to learn.” For any career you choose, 
                               technology and new advances will continually influence the 
                               required skills for any student entering into a new career.

                               So, I want to invite you to use this publication as a starting 
                               point. Learn about the many degrees and certificates that we 
                               offer at GCC. You’ll want to do even more research on future 
                               careers in our professionally staffed Counseling and Career 
                               Services Departments at our main campus. They can direct 
                               you to the many resources on campus and online. Once you 
                               have identified a career path, GCC’s academic advisors will 
                               explain to you the sequence of classes that you need to take 
                               in order to earn your degree.

                               I wish you every success in this most exciting journey you are 
                               about to undertake.

                                                                                           TOP 20 RANkINGs
Meeting the needs                                                                          Communication Skills (4.6)
of eMployers                                                                               Strong Work Ethic (4.6)
TWENTY SkILLS TO FOCUS ON IN YOUR CAREER                                                   Teamwork Skills (4.5)
                                                                                           Initiative (4.4)

Education and training are key components of developing and enhancing                      Interpersonal Skills (4.4)
                                                                                           Problem-Solving Abilities (4.4)
career opportunities; however, they are not the only areas employers are 
                                                                                           Analytical Skills (4.3)
looking for in an ideal employee. In the Job Outlook 2008, the National As-
                                                                                           Flexibility/Adaptability (4.2)
sociation of Colleges and Employers (NACE), identified key skills that em-
                                                                                           Computer Skills (4.1)
ployers are looking for in job candidates. Communication skills and strong                 Technical Skills (4.1)
work ethic were the top two most important qualities rated by employers.                   Detail-oriented (4.0)
                                                                                           Organizational Skills (4.0)
Skills were rated on the following 5 point scale.                                          Leadership (3.9)
                                                                                           Self-confidence (3.9)
                                                                                           Friendly/Outgoing (3.8)
1=not important 2=not very important 3=somewhat important 4=very 
                                                                                           Tactfulness (3.8)
important 5=extremely important
                                                                                           Creativity (3.6)
                                                                                           Strategic Planning (3.3)
                                                                                           Entrepreneurial/Risk-Tasking (3.2)
                                                                                           Sense of humor (3.1)

             Career planning promotes Career satisfaction. Career satisfaction promotes life satisfaction.

             Expected Earnings over a 40-year Worklife,
              by Highest Level of Education Attainment
                            (in millions of 2005 dollars)

        Source: U.S Census Bureau, Current Population Survey, 2006 Annual
        Social and Economic Supplement, Table 9 median earnings data for
        year-round, full time workers, 18 years of age +

        *examples of common professional degrees
        include M.D., D.D.S., J.D., and D.V.M.






                                          some         high school     some college,   associate’s       bachelor’s         master’s   doctoral   professional
                                       high school,      graduate,       no degree       degree           degree            degree      degree      degree*
                                        no degree     including GED

 plAnning for yoUr CAreer
                         IDENTIFY                    EXPLORE                    DECIDE                   IMPLEMENT                  REVISIT

                                                     Possible Careers           Establish a series of    Your career decision       Modify your plan and pursue
                                                                                date-specific goals                                 new opportunities

                         SELF ASSESSMENT             EXAMINE CAREER             MAKE CAREER              LEARN TO MARKET            CONTINUOUSLY REVIEW
                                                     POSSIBILITES               DECISIONS & SET GOALS    YOURSELF                   YOUR PLAN AND
                                                                                                                                    CAREER GOALS
                                                                                                                                      Continuing education


                         COUNSELING AND              COUNSELING AND             COUNSELING, ADVISEMENT   CAREER SERVICES            COUNSELING AND

                         CAREER SERVICES             CAREER SERVICES            AND CAREER SERVICES                                 CAREER SERVICES

                          planning courses

                                                      planning courses                    web sites

                                                      web sites


                                             Career Planning promotes Career Satisfaction. Career Satisfaction promotes Life Satisfaction.


Your interests, strengths, skills, abilities, motivations, values and personality style are important considerations when choosing a career. If you are 
choosing a career for the first time or looking to change careers, take time to assess yourself related to the global world of work. You can explore your 
interests, values and skills on a variety of career exploration websites or meet with a career counselor to choose the right assessments for you. Counsel-
ing & Career Services has the following assessments available: 

strong Interest Inventory
Measures interests, not abilities, and will compare your likes and dislikes to people who are satisfied in specific careers. Provides insight about interests, 
career motivators, skills confidence, and personal style as well as provides career options.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
Helps to identify your personality type based on preferences within four categories. Results provide personal awareness and identify the careers that will 
serve as an outlet for your most natural self.

kuder (College and Career Planning system)
Helps to process a person’s interest, skills, and work values. The assessment results help individuals in building their career plan and exploring a variety 
of college and career options.

Assesses individual strengths, not weaknesses. In other words, it helps students learn what they do best, then build their lives on those talents. You can discover 
and develop your greatest talents, use strengths to improve grades and increase their learning and strategically determine a rewarding career path.

Career exploration is a process to help you gain a better understanding of who you are and how your interests, values and skills can be matched when 
choosing a career. Several great websites are available to assist you with your career research and planning. These sites can help you:

Explore Careers – Self assessments – get a better job – browse occupations and industries – watch occupational videos – learn employment trends
Develop Plan – Set goals – research options – set time-lines – track progress – reward successes – adapt to changes
Education & Training - Learn how to earn more – keep learning – find schools – pay for education & training
Job Search – Create resume and cover letter – develop job search plan – prepare for interviewing -discuss salary & benefits – find resources to help

Extensive career resources are available online to help you in your career planning:

Arizona Career Information system –
Username: glendalecc Password: 4azcis02

Career One stop –

Occupational Outlook Handbook – (

Career Voyages – (

Arizona Workforce Informer – (

Maricopa Career Network – After you complete your education, find a great local job with employers looking for your skills. Whether you’re a full or 
part-time student, graduating and ready to enter the workforce, or an alumnus looking for the career of your dreams, post your resume, search jobs and 
find your first...or your next career! ( 
 Whether you are preparing for your first career, considering your next career move or re-entering the job market, invest time getting to know your work-related likes 
 and dislikes. Those things help determine what you will be good at.
 For example, do you like working with a group of people or do you prefer to work alone? Are you a creative type? Analytical? Love working with your hands or 
 spending time outdoors? Remember, there are no right and wrong answers when thinking about your preferences. There are several great assessment tools that can 
 help you identify your interests. Take a few minutes to complete one of those assessment tools we’ve included below.

     “R” section                                             “A” section                                              “E” section
 ❏ Repair a car                                            ❏ Sing before the public                                  ❏ Sell Cars
 ❏ Do woodworking                                          ❏ Design clothing                                         ❏ Make a speech
 ❏ Refinish furniture                                      ❏ Decorate a home or office                               ❏ Be the boss of other workers
 ❏ Explore a forest                                        ❏ Direct a play                                           ❏ Start a club
 ❏ Arrest lawbreakers                                      ❏ Write a story or play                                   ❏ Save money
 ❏ Plant a garden                                          ❏ Design a poster                                         ❏ Sell things
 ❏ Build furniture                                         ❏ Create a sculpture                                      ❏ Lead a meeting
 ❏ Run a race                                              ❏ Arrange flowers                                         ❏ Take charge of a project
 ❏ Drive a truck                                           ❏ Make videos                                             ❏ Sell magazines door to door
                                                           ❏ Act in a performance
     “I” section                                                                                                      “C” section
                                                             “s” section
 ❏ Study causes of disease                                                                                           ❏ keep detailed records
 ❏ Do a science project                                    ❏ Teach children                                          ❏ Operate business machines
 ❏ Study human anatomy                                     ❏ Care for a sick person                                  ❏ Organize a work area
 ❏ Study insects                                           ❏ Teach a friend                                          ❏ Take telephone messages
 ❏ Research solutions to environmental problems            ❏ Interview clients                                       ❏ Attend to details
 ❏ Collect minerals and rocks                              ❏ Help a person overcome difficulties                     ❏ Balance a budget
 ❏ Study the solar system                                  ❏ Be a hospital volunteer                                 ❏ Use a word processor
 ❏ Do math problems                                        ❏ Help a charity                                          ❏ Proofread a document
 ❏ Talk to a scientist                                     ❏ Make people laugh                                       ❏ Create a filing system
 ❏ Study plants                                            ❏ Babysit
     Now go back to the sections, add up how many boxes you checked in each section and fill in the totals for each in the space provided below.

 UNdERSTANdING ThE LETTERS                                                 Totals: R_____ I_____ A_____ s_____ E_____ C_____
 Each of these letters represents an interest category. You will typically find that occupations that match your interests will be more satisfying and rewarding for you 
 than occupations that don’t meet your interests. The columns where you have the most check marks show where your interests are strongest. Listed below are 
 the descriptions of each interest type.
               People with “Realistic” interests enjoy work activities that include practical, hands-on problems and solutions. They like dealing with plants, animals, 
     R         and real-world materials, like wood, tools and machinery. They enjoy outdoor work. Typically, people with realistic interests do not like occupations that 
               mainly involve paperwork or working closely with others. Sample occupations include mechanic, chef, engineer and police officer.

               People with “Investigative” interests enjoy work activities that have to do with ideas and thinking more than with physical activity. They like to search 
       I       for facts and figure out problems mentally rather than persuade or lead people. Sample occupations include psychologist, pharmacist, computer
               programmer and doctor.

               People with “Artistic” interests enjoy work activities that deal with the artistic side of things, such as forms, designs and patterns. They like self-
     A         expression in their work. They prefer settings where work can be done without following a clear set of rules. Sample occupations include musician,
               art teacher, reporter, interior designer and lawyer.

               People with “social” interests enjoy work activities that assist others and promote learning and personal development. They prefer to communicate 
      s        more than to work with objects, machines or data. They like to teach, give advice, help or otherwise be of service to people. Sample occupations
               include social worker, counselor, occupational therapist and school administrator.

               People with “Enterprising” interests enjoy work activities that have to do with starting up and carrying out projects, especially business ventures. They 
      E        like persuading and leading people and making decisions. They like taking risks for profit. These people prefer action rather than thought. Sample
               occupations include sales person, public relations specialist, business owner and travel agent.

               People with “Conventional” interests enjoy work activities that follow set procedures and routines. They prefer working with data and detail more than 
      C        with ideas. They prefer work in which there are precise standards rather than work in which you have to judge things by yourself. These people like 
               working where the lines of authority are clear. Sample occupations include accountant, secretary, dental assistant and math teacher.
Interest assessments are not designed to tell you exactly what job is right 
for you. Rather, they are great for getting you to think about work interests. 
Take the time to look at two or three sections where you had high scores. 
Try combining results of other assessments with this one. There are many 
possibilities out there!

There are many career assessment tools and resources available through 
Glendale Community College’s Counseling and Career Services. To get a 
full understanding of strategies to plan the perfect career for you, please 
call 623.845.3283, visit, or stop by the campus!

Research shows that getting an education pays. Students who complete 
associate degrees and certificates are more likely to move into higher-
level management and professional positions with higher earnings. An 
investment of a few thousand dollars now will likely pay lifelong dividends, 
as students who earn associate degrees average lifetime earnings 
of $250,000 more than people without degrees! The 10 Maricopa 
Community Colleges can be your door to that kind of opportunity.

                                                                   Research shows that the more education that you obtain, the more money you will earn.
    EDUCATION PAYS                                                                Additionally, with more education you are less likely to be unemployed.

                             Unemployment rate in 2007 based                                         Median weekly earnings in 2007 based
                             on educational attainment (Percent)                                     on educational attainment (Dollars)

                                                1.4%                     Doctoral Degree                                                               $1,497

                                                    1.3                Professional Degree                                                            1,427

                                                1.8                      Master’s Degree                                                      1,165

                                              2.2                       Bachelor’s Degree                                               987

                                        3.0                             Associate Degree                                         740

                                  3.8                              Some College, No Degree                                    683

                            4.4                                       High-school Graduate                                 604

         7.1                                                              Less than a                                428
                                                                      High-school Diploma

                                                                                                     Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, Current Population Survey
Data are 2007 annual averages for persons age 25 and over. Earnings are for full-time wage and salary workers.

 progrAMs At A glAnCe By depArtMent

 BIOLOGY (                                  NURSING (
     Biotechnology & Molecular Biosciences (AAS)                      Nursing (AAS) 
                                                                      Basic Nurse Assisting (CCL)
     Administrative Office Coordinator (AAS)                          Audio Production Technology (AAS & CCL)
     Computer & Network Technology (AAS)                              Music Business (AAS & CCL)
     Computer Information Systems (AAS) 
     General Office Secretary (CCL)                               PUBLIC SAFETY SCIENCES (
     General Business (AAS)                                           Administration of Justice (AAS)
     Information Security (AAS)                                       Advanced Law Enforcement Training Academy (CCL)
     Information Security Administration (CCL)                        Automotive Technology (AAS & CCL)
     Information Security Forensics (CCL)                             Emergency Management (AAS & CCL)
     Information Security Technology (CCL)                            Emergency Medical Technology & Paramedic (AAS & CCL)
     Information Security Wireless Networks (CCL)                     Fire Academy (CCL)
     Linux Networking Administration (AAS)                            Fire Science (CCL) 
     Linux Associate (CCL)                                            Firefighter Operations (CCL)
     Linux Networking Administration (CCL)                            Fire Science Technology (AAS)
     Linux Professional (CCL)                                         Law Enforcement Investigator (CCL) 
     Microcomputer Business Applications (AAS)                        Police Supervision (CCL)
     Microcomputer Applications (CCL)                                 Tractor Trailer Driving (CCL)
     Microsoft Networking Administration (AAS)
     Microsoft Desktop Support Technology (CCL)                   PSYChOLOGY (
     Microsoft Product Specialist (CCL)                               Developmental Disabilities Specialist (CCL)
     Microsoft Systems Administration (CCL)
     Microsoft Systems Engineer (CCL)                             SOCIAL SCIENCES (
     Middle Management (AAS)                                          Education (AA)
     Network Maintenance (CCL) 
     Office Coordinator (CCL)                                     TEChNOLOGY & CONSUMER SCIENCES (
     Paraprofessional Accounting (AAS)                                Adolescent Development (CCL)
     Programming & Systems Analysis (AAS & CCL)                       Adult Development & Aging (CCL)
     Small Business Entrepreneurship (CCL)                            Animation: Advanced Imaging & Animation (CCL)
     Supervision (CCL)                                                Animation: Drawing & Animation (CCL)
     Real Estate (AAS)                                                Animation: Imaging & Design Foundation (CCL)
     Retail Management (AAS & CCL)                                    Computer Aided Drafting Technology (AAS & CCL)
                                                                      Early Childhood Education (AAS & CCL)
 ENGLISh (                                      Early Childhood Administration & Management (AAS & CCL)
     Journalism (CCL)                                                 Family Life Education (AAS)
     Public Relations (AAS)                                           Graphic Design (AAS & CCL) 
                                                                      Interior Design - Home Furnishing & Materials (CCL) 
 COUNSELING (                                       Multimedia (AAS)
     Behavioral Health Sciences (AAS & CCL)                           Networking Technology: Cisco (AAS & CCL)
                                                                      Networking Administration: Cisco (CCL) 
 FOREIGN LANGUAGES                                                    Nutrition for Fitness & Wellness (CCL)
 & COMMUNICATION (                         Parent Education (CCL)
     Communication Competence in the Workplace (AC)                   Power Plant Technology (AAS) 
     Communication Skills for Non-Native English Speakers (AC)        Video Production Technology (AAS)
                                                                      Web Design (CCL)
 FITNESS & WELLNESS (                                Web Developer (CCL) 
     Group Fitness Instructor (CCL)                                   Web Publishing Design: Design & Authoring (CCL)
     Personal Trainer (CCL)                                           Web Publishing Design: Foundation (CCL)
     Strength & Conditioning Personal Trainer (CCL)
     Strength, Nutrition and Personal Training (AAS)

CoMMUnity College: A springBoArd to greAter things

Students choose community colleges for a variety of reasons:        AGEC Arizona General Education Curriculum Certificate-A,B,S
affordable tuition, convenient locations, scheduling flexibility,   ATP Associate in Transfer Partnership—ASU Polytechnic
and the hands-on learning opportunities offered by the                  Exercise and Wellness
knowledgeable professors and smaller class sizes.
                                                                    ATP Associate in Transfer Partnership—ASU Tempe campus
And whatever the reason for enrolling, many students view a             Computer Information Systems
community college like GCC as just the first step toward greater        Psychology (B.A., and B.S.)
achievements.                                                           Social Work

In fact, according to the American Association of Community         ATP Associate in Transfer Partnership—ASU West campus
Colleges, more than 5 million students enroll in two-year               Accountancy
colleges each year. Of those, an estimated 23-25% transfer to           Elementary Education
four-year schools.                                                      Psychology (B.A. and B.S.)
                                                                        Social Work
Further, 71% of beginning community college students
anticipate earning a bachelor’s or graduate degree.*                ATP Associate in Transfer Partnership—Northern Arizona
Community colleges count among their alumni leaders in every            University
field: doctors, lawyers, scientists, teachers, entertainers, and        Early Childhood Teacher Education
even a Supreme Court justice.
                                                                    GUARANTEED UNIVERsITY ADMIssION
*According to a 2001 report published by the National Center for    The Arizona General Education Curriculum (AGEC) is a 35-38-credit 
Education Statistics of the U.S. Department of Education            “block” that you can complete at GCC. It is a general education curriculum 
                                                                    that is transferable upon completion without loss of credit to Arizona public 
YOU HAVE THE CHOICE TO CONTINUE                                     universities. Because there are some differences in the mathematics and 
                                                                    science requirements for different degrees, there are three AGECs.
You CAN transfer your GCC coursework into the university
program of your choice.                                             * AGEC-A: This is part of the Associate of Arts degree.
                                                                    * AGEC-B: This is part of the Associate of Business degree.
On the following pages, we’ve condensed the degrees offered         * AGEC-S: This is part of the Associate of Science degree.
by the three state universities in Arizona along with an easy
reference to GCC’s associate’s degree program which transfers       Completion of the AGEC with a grade point average of 2.0
into each.                                                          on a 4.0 scale guarantees your admission to any of the Arizona state 
                                                                    universities if you are a resident student. Nonresidents must have a grade point 
Pathways for Transfer                                               average of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale. Completion of the AGEC also means that you 
                                                                    will have met the lower-division general studies requirements at any of the 
In the Arizona higher education system, there are many different    Arizona public universities for the majors that articulate with that AGEC. The 
pathways you may follow, depending upon the degree you              AGEC gives you, as a community college student, a clear and secure transfer 
choose to pursue. Here is a list of the GCC pathways:               pathway that will allow you to incorporate GCC credits or degrees efficiently 
                                                                    into university graduation requirements, and to complete your baccalaureate 
AA Associate in Arts                                                major in the minimum number of required credits.

AA-EE Associate in Arts in Elementary Education                     Check the charts on the following pages for a particular major, degree, 
                                                                    and/or institution to determine the particular requirements that will allow 
AA-FA Associate in Arts, Fine Arts -- Art                           you to transfer your community college coursework to the public university 
                                                                    program of your choice.
AA-FA Associate in Arts, Fine Arts -- Dance
                                                                    Through an agreement between the Maricopa Community Colleges and
AA-FA Associate in Arts, Fine Arts --Theatre                        Northern Arizona University, you can continue your education toward a
                                                                    bachelor’s degree after completing your associate’s degree—all while
ABus/GR Associate in Business / General Requirements                attending classes on the GCC campus.

ABus/SR Associate in Business / Special Requirements                • Administration of Justice B.I.S. (Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies)
AS Associate of Science                                             • Administration of Justice B.A.S. (Bachelor of Applied Science)
                                                                    • Elementary Education B.S. (Bachelor of Science)
AGS Associate in General Studies                                    • Speech Communication B.S. (Bachelor of Science)
 how to get froM here to there. . .

                                                                   Marketing                             ABus-GR
     NAU Degrees                       Transfer this from GCC      Mathematics                           AA
                                                                   Mechanical Engineering                Specialized coursework
     Accounting                        ABus-GR                     Merchandising                         AA
     Advertising                       AA                          Microbiology                          AS
     Anthropology                      AA                          Modern Languages                      AA
     Applied Indigenous Studies        Specialized coursework      Music                                 AA
     Applied Science                   Lower division coursework   Music Education                       AA
     Applied Sociology                 AA                          Native American Studies               Lower division coursework
     Art Education                     AA                          Nursing                               Specialized coursework
     Art History                       AA                          Painting                              AA
     Astronomy                         AS                          Parks and Recreation                  Lower division coursework
     Athletic Training                 Specialized coursework      Philosophy                            AA
     Biology                           AS                          Photography                           AA
     Business Economics                ABus-GR                     Physical Education/School Health      Lower division coursework
     Business                          ABus-GR                     Physical Science                      Specialized coursework
     Ceramics                          AA                          Physics                               AS
     Chemistry                         AS                          Political Science                     AA
     Civil Engineering                 Specialized coursework      Printmaking                           AA
     Computer Information Systems      ABus-SR                     Psychology                            AA
     Computer Science                  AS                          Public Planning                       AA
     Construction Management           Specialized coursework      Public Relations                      AA
     Criminal Justice                  AA                          Religious Studies                     AA
     Dental Hygiene                    Specialized coursework      Sculpture                             AA
     Early Childhood Education         Lower division coursework   Secondary Education                   Lower division coursework
     Economics                         AA                          Social Work                           AA
     Electrical Engineering            Specialized coursework      Sociology                             AA
     Electronic Media and Film         AA                          Spanish                               AA
     Elementary Education              AA or AA-EE                 Special and Elementary Education      AA or AA-EE
     Engineering Physics               Specialized coursework      Special and Secondary Education       Lower division coursework
     English                           AA                          Speech Communication                  AA
     Environmental Chemistry           AS                          Theatre                               AA
     Environmental Engineering         Specialized coursework      Visual Communication                  AA
     Environmental Sciences            Specialized coursework      Women’s Studies                       Lower division coursework
     Environmental Studies             Specialized coursework
     Exercise Science                  Specialized coursework
     Finance                           ABus-GR
     Forestry                          Specialized coursework
     French                            AA
     Geochemistry                      AS
     Geographic Information Science    AA
     Geography                         AA
     Geology                           Specialized coursework
     German                            AA
     Health Sciences                   AA
     History                           AA
     Hotel and Restaurant Mgt.         Specialized coursework
     Humanities                        AA
     Interior Design                   Specialized coursework      AsU Degrees                           Transfer this from GCC
     International Affairs             AA
     International Hospitality Mgt.    Specialized coursework      Accountancy                           ABus-GR
     Jewelry/Metalsmithing             AA                          Aeronautical Management 
     Journalism                        AA                          Technology                            Specialized coursework
     Liberal Studies                   Specialized coursework      Aerospace Engineering                 Specialized coursework
     Management                        ABus-GR                     African & African American Studies    Specialized coursework

Agribusiness                              Specialized coursework      Global Business                         ABus-GR
Air Traffic Management                    Lower division coursework   Global Health                           Lower division coursework
American Indian Studies                   Specialized coursework      Global Studies                          Lower division coursework
American Studies                          AA                          Graphic Design                          Specialized coursework
Anthropology                              AA                          Graphic Information Technology          Lower division coursework
Applied Biological Sciences               AS                          History                                 AA
Applied Computer Science                  AS                          History & Culture                       Lower division coursework
Applied Computing                         Specialized coursework      Honors College                          Lower division coursework
Applied Psychology                        Lower division coursework   Housing & Community Development         Lower division coursework
Applied Science                           Lower division coursework   Industrial Design                       Specialized coursework
Architectural Studies                     Specialized coursework      Industrial Engineering                  Specialized coursework
Art                                       AA                          Integrated Studies                      Lower division coursework
Asian Languages                           AA                          Integrative Studies                     Specialized coursework
Biochemistry                              AA                          Interdisciplinary Arts & Performance    Specialized coursework
Bioengineering                            Specialized coursework      Interdisciplinary Studies               Specialized coursework
Biological Sciences                       AS                          Interior Design                         Specialized coursework
Business                                  ABus-GR                     Italian                                 AA
Chemical Engineering                      Specialized coursework      Journalism & Mass Communication         AA
Chemistry                                 AS
Civil Engineering                         Specialized coursework
Clinical Laboratory Sciences              Specialized coursework
Communication                             AA-SR
Computational Mathematical Sciences       Specialized coursework
Computer Information Systems              ABus-SR
Computer Science                          AS
Computer Systems Engineering              Specialized coursework
Construction                              Specialized coursework
Criminal Justice & Criminology            AA
Dance                                     Specialized coursework
Design Studies                            Lower division coursework
Early Childhood Education                 Specialized coursework
Early Childhood Teaching & Leadership     AA or AA-EE
Earth & Space Exploration                 Specialized coursework
Economics                                 ABus-GR                     Justice Studies                         AA
Electrical Engineering                    Specialized coursework      kinesiology                             AA
Elementary Education                      AA or AA-EE                 Landscape Architecture                  Specialized coursework
Engineering                               Specialized coursework      Leadership in International Mgt.        ABus-GR
English                                   AA                          Liberal Studies                         Specialized coursework
Environmental Technology Mgt.             Lower division coursework   Life Sciences                           AS
Ethnicity, Race, First Nation Studies     Specialized coursework      Literature, Writing & Film              Lower division coursework
Exercise & Wellness                       AA                          Management                              ABus-GR
Exploratory Health & Life Sciences        Lower division coursework   Manufacturing Engineering Technology    ABus-GR
Exploratory Humanities,                                               Marketing                               ABus-GR
Fine Arts & Design                        Lower division coursework   Materials Science & Engineering         Specialized coursework
Exploratory Math, Physical Sciences,                                  Mathematics                             AA
Engineering & Technology                  Lower division coursework   Mechanical Engineering                  Specialized coursework
Exploratory Social &                                                  Mechanical Engineering Technology       Specialized coursework
Behavioral Sciences                       Lower division coursework   Microbiology                            AS
Family & Human Development                AA                          Molecular Biosciences/Biotechnology     Lower division coursework
Film                                      Specialized coursework      Multimedia Writing &
Finance                                   ABus-GR                     Technical Communication                 AA
French                                    AA                          Music                                   AA
Geography                                 AA                          Music Education                         AA
Geological Sciences                       Specialized coursework      Music Theory & Composition              AA
German                                    AA                          Music Therapy                           Specialized coursework

     Nonprofit Leadership & Mgt.          AA                          Architecture                        AA
     Nursing                              Specialized coursework      Art Education                       AA
     Operations Management Technology     Lower division coursework   Art History                         AA
     Parks & Recreation Management        Lower division coursework   Astronomy                           AS
     Performance (Musical Performance)    AA                          Biochemistry                        AS
     Philosophy                           AA                          Biosystems Engineering              Specialized coursework
     Physics                              AA                          Business Economics                  ABus-GR
     Political Science                    AA                          Business Management                 ABus-GR
     Pre-Law                              Lower division coursework   Chemical Engineering                AS
     Pre-Med/Health Professions           Lower division coursework   Chemistry                           AS
     Psychology                           AA                          Civil Engineering                   Specialized coursework
     Real Estate                          ABus-GR                     Classics                            AA
     Recreation & Tourism Management      AA                          Communication                       AA
     Religion & Applied Ethics Studies    Lower division coursework
     Religious Studies                    AA
     Russian                              AA
     Secondary Education                  AA
     Social & Behavioral Sciences         AA
     Social Work                          AA
     Sociology                            AA
     Spanish                              AA
     Special Education                    AA or AA-EE
     Speech & Hearing Science             Specialized coursework
     Supply Chain Management              ABus-GR
     Theatre                              AA
     Tourism Development & Mgt.           Lower division coursework
     Transborder Chicana/o & 
     Latina/o Studies                     Lower division coursework
     Urban & Metropolitan Studies         Lower division coursework   Computer Engineering                Specialized coursework
     Urban Planning                       Specialized coursework      Computer Science                    AS
     Women & Gender Studies               Specialized coursework      Creative Writing                    AA
     Women’s Studies                      AA                          Criminal Justice Administration     ABus-GR
                                                                      Crop Production                     Specialized coursework
                                                                      Dance                               Specialized coursework
                                                                      East Asian Studies                  AA
                                                                      Ecology and Evolutionary Biology    AS
                                                                      Economics                           AA
                                                                      Electrical Engineering              Specialized coursework
                                                                      Elementary Education                AA
                                                                      Engineering Management              Specialized coursework
                                                                      Engineering                         Specialized coursework
                                                                      Engineering Mathematics             Specialized coursework
                                                                      Engineering Physics                 Specialized coursework
                                                                      English                             AA
                                                                      Entrepreneurship                    ABus-GR
                                                                      Environmental Hydrology and 
     U of A Degrees                       Transfer this from GCC      Water Resources                     Lower division coursework
                                                                      Environmental Science               Specialized coursework
     Accounting                           ABus-GR                     Environmental and Water 
     Aerospace Engineering                Specialized coursework      Resource Economics                  Lower division coursework
     Agricultural Systems Management      Specialized coursework      Family and Consumer 
     Agricultural Technology                                          Sciences Education                  Lower division coursework
     Mgt. and Education                   Lower division coursework   Family Studies and
     Animal Sciences                      Specialized coursework      Human Development                   Lower division coursework
     Anthropology                         AA                          Finance                             ABus-GR

Fine Arts Studies                   Lower division coursework   Secondary Education                     Lower division coursework
French                              AA                          Sociology                               AA
General Biology                     AS                          Soil and Water Science                  Lower division coursework
Geography                                                       Spanish                                 AA
General Business Administration     ABus-GR                     Special Education and Rehabilitation    AA
Geography                           AA                          Speech and 
Geological Engineering              Specialized coursework      Hearing Sciences                        Lower division coursework
Geosciences                         Specialized coursework      Studio Art                              AA
German Studies                      AA                          Theatre Arts                            AA
Health Education                    AS                          Theatre Arts Education                  AA
Health and Human Services Admin.    ABus-GR                     Theatre Production                      AA
History                             AA                          Veterinary Science                      Specialized coursework
Industrial Engineering              Specialized coursework      Wildlife Watershed and 
Interdisciplinary Studies           Specialized coursework      Rangeland Resources                     Lower division coursework
Italian                             AA                          Women’s Studies                         Specialized coursework
Journalism                          AA
Judaic Studies                      AA
Latin American Studies              Specialized coursework
Linguistics                         AA
Management Information Systems      ABus-GR
Marketing                           ABus-GR
Materials Science
and Engineering                     Lower division coursework
Mathematics                         AA
Mechanical Engineering              Specialized coursework
Media Arts                          AA
Mexican American Studies            Specialized coursework
Microbiology                        AS
Mining Engineering                  Specialized coursework
Molecular and Cellular Biology      AS
Music                               AA
Music Education                     AA
Music Performance                   AA
                                                                Labor market information on the following pages is provided by the 
Musical Theatre                     AA
Near Eastern Studies                Specialized coursework
                                                                State  of Arizona-Department  of  Commerce  and  the  United  States 
Nutritional Sciences                Specialized coursework
Nursing                             Specialized coursework      Department  of  Labor’s  Bureau  of  Labor  Statistics.  In  addition,  a 
Operations Management               ABus-GR
Optical Sciences                                                variety  of  industry-specific  resources  and  publications  were  also 
and Engineering                     Specialized coursework
Pharmacy                            Lower division coursework   utilized. Growth projections are based on the 2006-2016 timeframe 
Philosophy                          AA
Physics                             AS                          and  wage/salary  information  is  based  2007  data.  Wages  vary 
Physiology                          AS
                                                                depending  on  the  employer,  location,  hours  worked,  experience, 
Plant Sciences                      Specialized coursework
Political Science                   AA
                                                                technical skills, responsibility, certifications and many other factors. 
Pre-Nursing                         Lower division coursework
Pre-Pharmacy                        Specialized coursework      Growth  projections  can  be  impacted  by  economic  conditions.  It  is 
Psychology                          AA
Public Management and Policy        ABus-GR                     important not to solely base career decisions on wage/growth within 
Regional Development                AA
Religious Studies                   AA                          a profession, but in conjunction with other information you’ve learned 
Retailing and Consumer Science      AA
Russian                             AA                          about yourself and potential occupations.  
Science Education                   Lower division coursework

                                                                          associated with Administration of Justice are projected to grow
 AdMinistrAtion of JUstiCe                                                faster than average for all occupations, between 2006-2016,
                                                                          including a 20% growth in Arizona and 15% in the entire United
                                                                          States. An increased emphasis on Homeland Security, growth
 OCCUPATION OVERVIEW: Careers in Administration of Justice                in Phoenix-area population and retirements will make job
 are highly diverse, generally involving protecting the public and        prospects very strong in Arizona.
 helping individuals with criminal histories by rehabilitating and
 re-integrating them into the community.                                  Careers related to Administration of Justice are highly diverse.
                                                                          Some students pursue careers in law, as well as federal
 GENERAL PROGRAM DEsCRIPTION: The Administration of                       employment with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Police
 Justice program is designed to prepare students for careers in           officer is just one of many jobs associated with Administration
 law, law enforcement, corrections and related fields. Additionally,      of Justice.
 it prepares students to continue their education at four-year
 institutions, while also providing professional growth and               sTATE AND NATIONAL CERTIFICATION: Most Administration of
 development opportunities for those already in the career field.         Justice careers require either state or federal certifications. At
 The program is interdisciplinary in nature and provides the              a minimum, most careers require written and oral exams (most
 student with a broad-based knowledge of the criminal justice             states), good physical and emotional condition and a criminal
 field. It prepares students of excellent character and reputation        background check. Some careers may require much more
 for careers in Administration of Justice.                                intensive application processes, such as lie detector tests and
                                                                          extensive background checks.
 Administration of Justice – Associate in Applied Science
                                                                          PUBLIC sAFETY sCIENCEs DEPARTMENT
 sAMPLE JOB TITLEs: Police officer, FBI agent, DEA agent, ATF   
 agent, probation officer, corrections officer, victim advocate,          623.845.3161
 security guard, bailiff, sheriff officer, private security residential
 officer, private detective, investigator and U.S. Department of                                                   U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics - 2007
 Immigration border patrol agent.
                                                                           POLICE OFFICERs
 City, county, state and federal agencies
 Security companies                                                       LOCATION           PAY PERIOD    Entry Level     Median           Experienced

 Jails and prisons                                                                           Hourly        $20.29          $23.75           $27.48
 Community and social service agencies                                    Arizona            Yearly        $42,190         $49,390          $57,160
                                                                                             Hourly        $20.79          $23.97           $27.68
 JOB sATIsFACTION: Individuals in the Administration of Justice
 like helping people solve problems, and protecting the public.           Greater Phoenix Yearly           $43,250         $49,870          $57,580
 They enjoy the challenge and diversity of their work.                                    Hourly           $17.12          $22.82           $28.79
                                                                          United states      Yearly        $35,600         $47,460          $59,880
 PROJECTED JOB GROWTH: The number of jobs in the
 Administration of Justice career field will be plentiful. The jobs        For program details, visit
OCCUPATION OVERVIEW: Office professionals coordinate
office, clerical and administrative support staff. They assist                     AdMinistrAtiVe offiCe
managers and direct office activities in virtually every sector
of the economy. After allocating work assignments and issuing                              CoordinAtor
deadlines, office and administrative coordinators oversee the
work to ensure that it is on schedule and meets established
                                                                   and respect of their employer.
quality standards. In addition, they provide assistance to
management, facilitate meetings, coordinate the preparation
                                                                   PROJECTED JOB GROWTH: The number of jobs for office
of documentation, as well as represent the company in
                                                                   professionals is expected to grow about as fast as average for
many settings.
                                                                   all occupations, between 2006-2016, including a 25% growth in
                                                                   Arizona and 13% for the entire United States. Advancements in
                                                                   automation technology and improved economic conditions will
programs prepare students for employment in offices within
                                                                   also affect growth in this career field.
a variety of industries. Courses include computer application
skills; general office organizational skills; management skills;
                                                                   sTATE AND NATIONAL CERTIFICATION: Specific certifications
written, verbal, and nonverbal communication skills; public
                                                                   are not required for office professionals; however, many choose
and human relation skills and techniques for professional
                                                                   to obtain certifications in a variety of software and
success. In addition, the student will gain a background in
                                                                   industry-specific programs.
general education.
                                                                   BUsINEss & INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY DEPARTMENT
Administrative Office Coordinator – Associate in Applied Science
General Office Secretary – Certificate of Completion
Office Coordinator – Certificate of Completion
sAMPLE JOB TITLEs: Office coordinator, office manager,
administrative assistant, executive assistant, office secretary,
                                                                                                            U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics - 2007
executive secretary, secretary, office clerk and receptionist.
                                                                    ADMINIsTRATIVE AssIsTANTs
TYPEs OF EMPLOYERs: Office professionals work in almost
every industry. Major employers include:
                                                                   LOCATION          PAY PERIOD     Entry Level     Median           Experienced

Local, state and federal agencies                                                    Hourly         $13.42          $16.09          $19.75
Hospitals and doctors’ offices                                                       Yearly         $27,920         $33,458         $41,075
Schools and colleges
                                                                                     Hourly         $13.61          $16.46          $20.22
Temporary agencies
Business management companies                                      Greater Phoenix Yearly           $28,304         $34,236         $42,058
                                                                                   Hourly           $15.03          $18.58          $23.14
JOB sATIsFACTION: Office professionals like the variety of work    United states     Yearly         $31,250         $38,640         $48,140
tasks, working with others, being allowed to make their own
decisions, working in pleasant surroundings and the confidence      For program details, visit
                                                                     Performing arts companies
 AUdio prodUCtion                                                    Performance venues

 teChnology                                                          Self-employment endeavors

                                                                     JOB sATIsFACTION: Audio production technicians enjoy the
                                                                     ever-changing technologies associated with the field, the
 OCCUPATION OVERVIEW: Audio production technicians use
                                                                     opportunity to be creative and the feeling of accomplishment
 console boards to record, copy and edit music and voices. They
                                                                     after a successful project.
 set up, operate and maintain a wide variety of electrical and
 electronic equipment used in radio or television broadcasts,
                                                                     PROJECTED JOB GROWTH: The number of jobs for audio
 concerts, musical recordings, television shows, and movies.
                                                                     production technicians is expected to grow faster than the
 Audio production technicians use many types of recording
                                                                     average for all occupations between 2006-2016, including a
 equipment, although computers are now the primary tools.
                                                                     27% growth in Arizona and 17% in the entire United States.
                                                                     sTATE AND NATIONAL CERTIFICATION: Audio production
 Technology programs offer students an opportunity to receive
                                                                     technicians may receive advanced training and certifications in a
 training on industry-standard equipment by instructors with
                                                                     variety of technical areas.
 real-world experience and professional résumés. Students
 learn the concepts and theory associated with recording arts
                                                                     PERFORMING ARTs DEPARTMENT
 technologies while applying them in lab settings appropriate to
 their skill levels. Students completing the degree or certificate
                                                                     623. 845.3725
 in Audio Production Technologies will gain the knowledge base,
 competency, and confidence they need to enter the commercial
 music marketplace. Most importantly, students develop their
 artistry and focus their personal sonic art aesthetic to enable
 them to pursue individual and collaborative artistic endeavors.
                                                                                                             U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics - 2007
 Audio Production Technologies – Associate in Applied Science         AUDIO PRODUCTION
 Audio Production Technologies – Certificate of Completion

 sAMPLE JOB TITLEs: Audio production technician, broadcast           LOCATION          PAY PERIOD    Entry Level     Median           Experienced
 technician, sound engineering technician, music producer,
                                                                                       Hourly        $9.08           $10.76           $18.23
 production assistant, sound technician, performing artist and
 media artist.                                                       Arizona           Yearly        $18,880         $22,373          $37,919
                                                                                       Hourly        $8.91           $9.84            $16.27
 TYPEs OF EMPLOYERs:                                                 Greater Phoenix Yearly          $18,532         $20,474          $33,833
 Movie and video production companies
                                                                                     Hourly          $15.43          $22.38           $35.39
 Sound recording studios
 Radio and TV stations                                               United states     Yearly        $32,090         $46,550          $73,620
 Religious organizations
                                                                      For program details, visit
OCCUPATION OVERVIEW: Automotive technicians repair,
inspect, and maintain vehicles that run on gasoline, diesel fuel,
electricity or other alternative fuel combinations. Automotive
                                                                                   AUtoMotiVe teChnology
technicians must continually adapt to changing technology and
repair techniques as vehicle components and systems become              technicians is projected to grow faster than average for all
increasingly sophisticated. For this reason, technicians must           occupations between 2006-2016, including a 28% growth in
have knowledge and skill in a variety of different areas.               Arizona and 14% for the entire United States.

GENERAL PROGRAM DEsCRIPTION: Glendale Community                         * With advanced certifications and experience, such as
College offers three major manufacturer-sponsored degree                Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) designations and/or
programs, offered in cooperation with General Motors, Ford,             manufacturer’s advanced certifications, salaries can be greatly
and Chrysler. Also available are a General Automotive Program           increased. In fact, many master technicians can earn between
degree path, a Modular Accelerated Training (MAT) program, and          $70,000 and $100,000 a year with extensive experience
a wide variety of individual training classes. In addition, a variety   and certifications.
of specialized training programs are available.
                                                                        sTATE AND NATIONAL CERTIFICATION: Institute for Automotive
Automotive Technology – Associate in Applied Science                    Service Excellence
Automotive Chassis – Certificate of Completion
Automotive Engine Performance Diagnosis & Air Conditioning –            PUBLIC sAFETY sCIENCEs DEPARTMENT
Certificate of Completion                                     
Automotive Engines & Drive Trains – Certificate of Completion           623.845.3182
sAMPLE JOB TITLEs: Automotive Technicians may choose
to specialize in certain automotive skill areas including,
transmission, drivability, suspension, alignment, brake and
chassis, trim, electrical, electronics, and wiring, HVAC, and
                                                                                                                U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics - 2007
engine repair.
                                                                         AUTOMOTIVE TECHNOLOGY
Auto repair shops
Auto dealerships                                                        LOCATION          PAY PERIOD    Entry Level     Median           Experienced
Auto supply stores                                                                        Hourly        $12.74         $18.17           $29.34
Gas and service stations                                                                  Yearly
                                                                        Arizona                         $26,504        $37,792          $61,036
JOB sATIsFACTION: Technicians like the challenge of                                       Hourly        $12.42         $18.12           $29.97
diagnosing technical issues, problem solving, having steady             Greater Phoenix Yearly          $25,831        $37,696          $62,344
work, the opportunity to specialize in their area of interest, and                      Hourly          $12.14         $16.43           $21.92
ever-advancing technology.                                              United states     Yearly        $25,240        $34,170          $45,600

PROJECTED JOB GROWTH: The number of jobs for automobile                  For program details, visit
                                                                          meet and work with individuals with diverse backgrounds
 BehAViorAl heAlth                                                        and needs.

 sCienCes                                                                 PROJECTED JOB GROWTH: Projections for behavioral health
                                                                          technicians are based on the title social and human services
                                                                          assistants, due to the wide array of job titles available. This
     OCCUPATION OVERVIEW: Behavioral health technicians assist in
                                                                          field is projected to grow much faster than the average when
     the care and treatment of clients with mental or developmental
                                                                          compared to all occupations between 2006-2016, including a
     disabilities. They assess the needs of clients and provide
                                                                          41% growth in Arizona and 30% for the entire United States.
     assistance with obtaining community resources to meet their
     unique needs. A rapidly increasing senior population and
                                                                          sTATE AND NATIONAL CERTIFICATIONs: Certifications vary
     increase in individuals seeking mental health treatment should
                                                                          from state to state. The Arizona Board of Behavioral Health
     make job prospects plentiful, especially for applicants with
                                                                          Examiners ( oversees the licensing
     appropriate postsecondary education.
                                                                          of behavioral health providers.
     GENERAL PROGRAM DEsCRIPTION: The Behavioral Health
                                                                          COUNsELING DEPARTMENT
     Science programs are designed to provide students with the
     skills necessary to deliver basic, specialized, and comprehensive
     behavioral health services. The core focus of the program is
     practical training and service-learning experiences.

     Advanced Behavioral Health Sciences – Associate in Applied Science
     Basic Behavioral Health Sciences – Certificate of Completion
     Advanced Behavioral Health Sciences – Certificate of Completion

     sAMPLE JOB TITLEs: Behavioral health technicians may
     have a variety of job titles, including social & human service                                               U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics - 2007
     assistants, parent aides, human services workers, psychiatric         BEHAVIORAL HEALTH sCIENCEs
     aides/technicians, mental health technicians, counseling
     paraprofessionals, respite care workers and family advocates.
                                                                          LOCATION          PAY PERIOD    Entry Level     Median           Experienced
                                                                                            Hourly        $10.66          $13.89           $18.71
     Residential care facilities & mental health clinics
     Local, state and federal agencies                                    Arizona           Yearly        $22,165         $28,899          $38,920
     Hospitals, nursing homes and other personal care facilities                            Hourly        $10.90          $14.70           $20.06
     Home health care services
                                                                          Greater Phoenix Yearly          $22,674         $30,569          $41,733
     Public health agencies
                                                                                          Hourly          $10.24          $12.80           $16.25
     Regional behavioral health providers
                                                                          United states     Yearly        $21,300         $26,630          $33,800
     JOB sATIsFACTION: Behavioral health technicians like helping
     people and working as part of a team. In addition, they like to       For program details, visit
OCCUPATION OVERVIEW: The diversity of the biosciences field
provides a wealth of employment opportunities for highly-skilled
workers. Technicians have opportunities in the areas of research
                                                                                        BioteChnology &
and development, quality control and assurance, manufacturing,                     MoleCUlAr BiosCienCes
agriculture and many other areas. Opportunities will remain
strong, as a result of continued advancements in health care and
technology, an increase in development of biofuels, enhanced           work can make a difference in the lives of others, and working
agricultural research, and ongoing vaccine and threat detection        with others to achieve goals. They enjoy the constant need to
for homeland security.                                                 learn new things.

GENERAL PROGRAM DEsCRIPTION: The Biotechnology &                       PROJECTED JOB GROWTH: The number of jobs for laboratory
Molecular Biosciences program trains technicians to work in            technicians is projected to grow faster than the average for all
research and development, bio-manufacturing, and the drug-             occupations between 2006-2016, including a 38% growth in
discovery and testing areas of biotechnology. The exposure to          Arizona and 25% for the entire United States.
an academic environment that simulates the contemporary
biotechnological workplace, inclusive of analytical, critical          sTATE AND NATIONAL CERTIFICATION: Depending on the
thinking and problem-solving skills, will form a strong technical      industry, work requirements and area of the country, some
foundation sought by employers. The successful completion of           positions may require industry certifications.
the program will also provide the educational background for
those wishing to pursue a career in the pharmaceutical industry,       BIOLOGY DEPARTMENT
clinical laboratory medicine, forensics or environmental     
testing laboratories.                                                  623. 845.3845
Biotechnology & Molecular Biosciences – Associate in Applied Science

sAMPLE JOB TITLEs: Biotechnologist, laboratory assistant,
laboratory technician, research associate, research assistant,                                                 U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics - 2007
biological technicians, chemical technicians, medical & clinical        BIOTECHNOLOGY & MOLECULAR BIOsCIENCEs
laboratory technicians, environmental science technicians and
science technicians.
                                                                       LOCATION           PAY PERIOD   Entry Level     Median           Experienced
Health care organizations                                                                 Hourly       $14.36         $18.82           $23.63
Research facilities                                                    Arizona            Yearly       $29,876        $39,156          $49,151
Pharmaceutical companies                                                                  Hourly       $16.09         $18.69           $22.86
Manufacturing companies
                                                                       Greater Phoenix Yearly          $33,472        $38,879          $47,551
Federal, state and local governments
Agriculture companies                                                                  Hourly          $13.22         $16.48           $20.65
Biofuel companies                                                      United states      Yearly       $27,500        $34,270          $42,960

JOB sATIsFACTION: Bioscience workers like knowing their                 For program details, visit
                                                                           designers, scientists, and architects; usually working a 40-hour
                                                                           week; and the strong opportunities for promotion.

                                                                           PROJECTED JOB GROWTH: The number of jobs in the CAD
                                                                           Technology field is expected to grow as fast as average for all
                                                                           occupations between 2006-2016, including a 20% growth in
                                                                           Arizona and 4% for the entire United States.

                                                                           sTATE AND NATIONAL CERTIFICATION: Many CAD technicians
                                                                           obtain certifications in professional application software, such as
                                                                           AutoCAD and Microstation.

                                                                           TECHNOLOGY & CONsUMER sCIENCEs DEPARTMENT
                                                                                                                     U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics - 2007

                                                                            ARCHITECTURAL AND CIVIL
 CoMpUter Aided drAfting
 teChnology                                                                LOCATION           PAY PERIOD     Entry Level     Median           Experienced

                                                                                              Hourly         $15.85          $19.20           $25.40
 OCCUPATION OVERVIEW: CAD technicians (formerly known as                   Arizona            Yearly         $32,978         $39,937          $52,822
 drafters) design detailed drawings of almost anything that is
 manufactured or built. Many specialize in one area. Architectural                            Hourly         $15.67          $19.02           $25.23
 drafters draw houses, buildings, malls, amusement parks, and other        Greater Phoenix Yearly            $32,598         $39,522          $52,471
 structures. Aeronautical drafters prepare drawings of aircraft and
 missiles. Civil drafters prepare drawings and maps of highways,                           Hourly            $16.60          $20.82           $25.93
 pipelines, and water systems. Electrical drafters draw wiring and         United states      Yearly         $34,540         $43,310          $53,940
 layout diagrams used to install and repair electrical equipment
 and wiring in buildings. Electronic drafters draw wiring diagrams,                                                  U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics - 2007
 circuit board assembly diagrams, and layout drawings. Mechanical
 drafters make detailed drawings of machinery, medical equipment,
                                                                            ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICs
 cars, and even toys.

 GENERAL PROGRAM DEsCRIPTION: The Associate in Applied                     LOCATION           PAY PERIOD     Entry Level     Median           Experienced
 Science (AAS) degree in CAD Technology provides students with
                                                                                              Hourly         $20.20          $24.91           $33.61
 hands-on experience in two-dimensional and three-dimensional
 designs using industry-standard CAD software and includes training        Arizona            Yearly         $42,024         $51,815          $69,918
 in presentation and animation methods as well as in documentation                            Hourly         $20.17          $28.22           $35.71
 conventions. Elective options in architecture, manufacturing,
 and civil projects focus on application software specific to each         Greater Phoenix Yearly            $41,960         $58,689          $74,277
 specialization. Additionally, students take a departmental elective                       Hourly            $18.48          $23.68           $30.28
 from a second professional group, thus broadening their experience
 in the design sector and, thus, their career opportunities.               United states      Yearly         $38,430         $49,250          $62,980

 Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) Technology – Associate in Applied Science                                             U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics - 2007
 Basic CAD – Certificate of Completion                                      MECHANICAL
 CAD Application – Certificate of Completion

 sAMPLE JOB TITLEs: CAD designer, CAD technician, CAD operator,
 design drafter, CAD drafter and CAD specialist.                           LOCATION           PAY PERIOD     Entry Level     Median           Experienced

                                                                                              Hourly         $16.29          $19.60           $24.58
 Engineering and architectural firms                                       Arizona            Yearly         $33,883         $40,767          $51,136
 Manufacturers                                                                                Hourly         $16.19          $19.40           $24.33
 Architectural and structural metal manufacturers
 Construction companies                                                    Greater Phoenix Yearly            $33,674         $40,361          $50,608
 Government agencies                                                                       Hourly            $16.97          $21.51           $27.10
                                                                           United states      Yearly         $35,290         $44,740          $56,370
 JOB sATIsFACTION: CAD professionals indicate they enjoy
 using their artistic style to contribute to the success of a project;
 performing accurate, precise work; working with engineers,                 For program details, visit
OCCUPATION OVERVIEW: Developmental disabilities specialists
work in residential, employment and educational facilities with
persons with developmental disabilities. Specialists help clients
                                                                            deVelopMentAl disABilities
learn new skills and strategies for independent living. They may                           speCiAlist
teach life skills or skills related to work, including job-specific
skills, appropriate work behaviors and working with others.
Developmental disabilities specialists who work in group homes           PROJECTED JOB GROWTH: The number of positions for
care for clients’ emotional needs and physical needs. Therefore,         developmental disabilities specialists is projected to grow
they make sure clients take their medications or adhere to               faster than the average for all occupations between 2006-
diet plans. If they notice any problems, they set up medical             2016, including a 38% growth rate in Arizona and 29% for
appointments and escort clients to them. In addition, they keep          the entire United States. Several factors will contribute to the
daily records of their clients’ activities. Developmental disabilities   need for specialists. One, residential care agencies will face
specialists are often key members in client-focused teams,               increased pressure to respond to the needs of clients. Many
which often include the client, social workers, psychologists and        patients will be moved from large institutions to small group
state agency representatives.                                            homes. Additionally, as clients continue to seek occupational,
                                                                         educational and recreational activities, development disabilities
PROGRAM DEsCRIPTION: This program prepares students                      specialists will be needed.
for employment in a variety of settings serving clients with
developmental disabilities. The coursework combines theory and           sTATE & NATIONAL CERTIFICATIONs: Most employers of
application. Academic preparation focuses on the physical and            developmental disabilities specialists require them to receive
emotional elements of developmental disability. The students             CPR-first aid certifications.
also gain actual work experience in settings with persons with
developmental disability.                                                PsYCHOLOGY DEPARTMENT
Developmental Disabilities Specialist – Certificate of Completion        623.845.3945
sAMPLE JOB TITLEs: Group home worker, integration
                                                                                                                 U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics - 2007
specialist, recreation assistant, job coach, habilitation technician,
independent living specialist, direct-support provider, and caregiver.    DEVELOPMENTAL DIsABILITIEs sPECIALIsT

Residential care facilities                                              LOCATION          PAY PERIOD    Entry Level     Median           Experienced
Social services agencies                                                                   Hourly        $10.93          $13.24          $16.47
Local and state agencies
                                                                         Arizona           Yearly        $22,724         $27,534         $34,262
Supported employment settings
Vocational rehabilitation organizations                                                    Hourly        $11.76          $13.98          $17.38
                                                                         Greater Phoenix Yearly          $24,458         $29,080         $36,140
JOB sATIsFACTION: Developmental disabilities specialists enjoy                           Hourly          $8.90           $11.08          $14.32
the satisfaction derived from helping others achieve greater
independence. They like meeting many different people and the            United states     Yearly        $18,510         $23,050         $29,790
excellent employment opportunities in the profession.
                                                                          For program details, visit
                                                                       sTATE AND NATIONAL CERTIFICATION: Arizona Department of
 eArly Childhood                                                       Health Services

 edUCAtion                                                             TECHNOLOGY & CONsUMER sCIENCEs DEPARTMENT
 OCCUPATION OVERVIEW: Early childhood education is a large   
 field encompassing a variety of careers working with families
 and children from birth to eight years of age. Child care workers
 typically work in child care centers, as nannies, and as family
 child-care providers. Preschool teachers, early educators,
 and early childhood program administrators typically work in
 educational settings and Head Start programs, with the goal of
 providing quality early education to build a solid foundation for
 future success.

 GENERAL PROGRAM DEsCRIPTION: Early childhood education
 programs are suggested for those interested in studying
 and working with young children. Courses are scheduled to
 accommodate those who are already working in the field.

 Early Childhood Education – Associate in Applied Science
 Early Childhood Education – Certificate of Completion

 sAMPLE JOB TITLEs: Early childhood assistant, nanny,
 childcare worker, child care supervisor, teacher’s aide, caregiver,                                                          * These salaries are for child care workers. 
                                                                                 Those employed as preschool teachers or early educators have significantly higher wages. 
 childcare specialist and family support assistant.
                                                                                                                               U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics - 2007
 TYPEs OF EMPLOYERs:                                                    CHILDCARE WORkERs
 Day care centers (private, public, church-sponsored, and
 Families                                                              LOCATION                PAY PERIOD            Entry Level        Median             Experienced
 Nursery schools
                                                                                               Hourly                $7.31              $8.25              $9.71
 JOB sATIsFACTION: Early education professionals realize the           Arizona                 Yearly                $15,195            $17,169            $20,204
 positive influence and impact they have on children, family                                   Hourly                $7.26              $8.14              $9.66
 development, their growth and success.
                                                                       Greater Phoenix Yearly                        $15,103            $16,926            $20,085
 PROJECTED JOB GROWTH: The number of jobs for child care                               Hourly                        $7.48              $8.82              $10.97
 workers is expected to grow faster than the average for all           United states           Yearly                $15,560            $18,350            $22,810
 occupations between 2006-2016, including a 32% growth in
 Arizona and 14% for the entire United States.                          For program details, visit
OCCUPATION OVERVIEW: Managers in the early childhood
education field plan, direct, or coordinate the academic and
nonacademic activities of preschool and child care centers or
                                                                                                                eArly Childhood
programs. They review and interpret government codes, and                                AdMinistrAtion & MAnAgeMent
develop procedures to meet codes and to ensure facility safety,
security and maintenance.
                                                                                       TECHNOLOGY & CONsUMER sCIENCEs DEPARTMENT
GENERAL PROGRAM DEsCRIPTION: The Early Childhood                             
Administration and Management programs are integrated                                  623.845.3160
programs that provide an educational foundation in early                     
childhood education plus administrative and management
courses specifically related to the business needs and practices
of early childhood directors, owners and other management-
level staff.

Early Childhood Administration & Management – Associate in Applied Science
Child & Family Organizations Management & Administration – Certificate of Completion

sAMPLE JOB TITLEs: Director, administrator, preschool director,
site coordinator, childcare director, early Head Start Director,
education coordinator, education site manager and early
childhood services director.

Child care centers
Public social service programs
Private education companies
                                                                                                                            U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics - 2007
Public education institutions
Self-employment opportunities                                                          CHILDCARE DIRECTORs

JOB sATIsFACTION: Childcare administrators enjoy supervising
and encouraging staff, ensuring quality care for children and                          LOCATION        PAY PERIOD   Entry Level     Median           Experienced
collaborating with parents.                                                                            Hourly       $14.30          $17.30          $22.63
                                                                                       Arizona         Yearly       $29,749         $35,978         $47,068
PROJECTED JOB GROWTH: Childcare director positions are
projected to grow much faster than the average compared to                                             Hourly       $14.24          $16.65          $23.08
all occupations between 2006-2016, including a 37% growth in                           Greater Phoenix Yearly       $29,617         $34,627         $48,001
Arizona and 24% for the entire United States.                                                          Hourly       $14.69          $18.55          $24.93
sTATE AND NATIONAL CERTIFICATION: Childcare                                            United states   Yearly       $30,560         $38,580         $51,860
administrators and facilities are typically licensed by the Arizona
Department of Health Services. (                                         For program details, visit
                                                                         TYPEs OF EMPLOYERs:
 edUCAtion                                                               Public and private schools
                                                                         Child care centers

 OCCUPATION OVERVIEW: Many people enter the education                    JOB sATIsFACTION: Teacher assistants enjoy helping children
 field as teacher’s assistants, which require an associate degree.       and watching them learn and grow. In addition, most enjoy
 Teacher assistants provide teaching and clerical support for            working nine months out of the year.
 classroom teachers. In general, teacher assistants help children
 learn lesson material. Some assistants work with groups of              PROJECTED JOB GROWTH: Teacher assistant positions
 children, while others work with a single student, particularly         are expected to grow much faster than the average for all
 students with disabilities. They may supervise students who are         occupations, including a 42% growth in Arizona and 14% for the
 working on projects and may assist teachers with developing             entire United States. Contributing to this growth are increases in
 lesson plans. Many teachers’ assistants continue to pursue their        special education and English Language Learner (ELL) students,
 bachelor’s degree, due to the high demand for teachers. Areas           as well as the loss of current teacher assistants who move into
 of specialization in this field include: special education, career &    higher-level teaching positions.
 technical education, multicultural education, industrial education,
 physical education, elementary education, secondary education           sTATE AND NATIONAL CERTIFICATIONs: The federal No
 and preschool education. Arizona faces a severe teacher                 Child Left Behind Act mandates requirements for becoming a
 shortage in many areas of specialization, which will result in          teacher’s assistant. Additional information can be found through
 high demand in these areas:                                             the Arizona Department of Education (

 Special Education teachers - 55% growth rate                            sOCIAL sCIENCEs DEPARTMENT
 Elementary Education teachers - 46% growth rate               
 Secondary Education teachers- 43% growth rate                           623.845.3265
 Elementary Education is designed for the student who wants                                                      U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics - 2007
 to become a classroom instructional aide and/or transfer to an           TEACHER AssIsTANTs
 elementary education, early childhood, multicultural/multilingual
 or special education program at an Arizona public higher
 education institution. Additional degree options are available for      LOCATION           PAY PERIOD   Entry Level     Median           Experienced
 students with interest in pursuing secondary education or other
 areas within education.
                                                                         Arizona            Yearly       $16,845         $20,446          $23,934
 Associate of Arts - Elementary Education                                                   Hourly
 Associate of Arts - Other education majors pursuing four-year degrees   Greater Phoenix Yearly          $16,933         $20,555          $23,881
 sAMPLE JOB TITLEs: instructional assistant, education
 paraprofessional, teacher assistant and teacher aide                    United states      Yearly       $17,080         $21,580          $27,340

                                                                          For program details, visit
OCCUPATION OVERVIEW: People’s lives often depend on the
quick reaction and competent care of Emergency Medical
Technicians (EMTs) and paramedics, (technicians with additional
                                                                                         eMergenCy MediCAl
training who perform more difficult pre-hospital medical                                       teChnology
procedures.) Incidents as varied as automobile accidents,
heart attacks, near drownings, and gunshot wounds, as well as
women giving birth unexpectedly, all demand urgent medical           grows, there will be a need for more emergency services. Also,
attention. Emergency medical technicians give immediate care         the number of older adults is increasing. Older adults are the
and then transport the sick or injured to medical facilities.        greatest users of emergency services. Both of these factors will
                                                                     increase the need for EMTs.
PROGRAM DEsCRIPTION: The Emergency Medical Technology
program includes both basic and advanced techniques of               * Because of advanced training and responsibilities, paramedics
emergency care, stabilization, and immobilization of ill and         receive greater compensation.
injured patients. Recognition and documentation of signs and
symptoms of illness and injury, intervention, and evaluation         NATIONAL & sTATE CERTIFICATIONs: Bureau of Emergency
of the interventions are other areas of the program. Students        Medical Services
begin with the Basic Emergency Medical Technology program
and can continue on to the Advanced Emergency Medical                PUBLIC sAFETY sCIENCEs DEPARTMENT
Technology program.                                        
Advanced Emergency Medical Technology (Paramedic) – Associate in
Applied Science
Advanced Emergency Medical Technology (Paramedic) – Certificate of
Basic Emergency Medical Technology – Certificate of Completion

sAMPLE JOB TITLEs: Emergency Medical Technician (EMT),
                                                                                                             U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics - 2007
paramedic, and ambulance driver
                                                                      EMERGENCY MEDICAL TECHNICIANs AND PARAMEDICs
Private ambulance firms
Fire departments                                                     LOCATION          PAY PERIOD    Entry Level     Median           Experienced
Hospitals                                                                              Hourly        $10.41          $11.68          $14.89
                                                                     Arizona           Yearly        $21,631         $24,303         $30,971
JOB sATIsFACTION: EMTs and paramedics indicate that they like
helping others and saving lives, working in a responsible position                     Hourly        $10.39          $11.50          $14.36
and participating in work that is exciting and challenging.          Greater Phoenix Yearly          $21,602         $23,922         $29,872
                                                                                     Hourly          $10.75          $13.66          $17.76
PROJECTED JOB GROWTH: EMT and paramedic job
opportunities are expected to grow faster than the average for       United states     Yearly        $22,360         $28,400         $36,940
all occupations between 2006-2016, including 37% growth in
Arizona and 27% for the entire United States. As the population       For program details, visit
                                                                        collaboratively with a variety of agencies and general public, and
     eMergenCy MAnAgeMent                                               conducting planning to benefit the community.

                                                                        PROJECTED JOB GROWTH: Emergency management specialist
 OCCUPATION OVERVIEW: Emergency management specialists                  positions are projected to grow as fast as average for all
 plan and coordinate plans to respond to natural, wartime, and          occupations between 2006-2016, including a 27% growth
 technological disasters. Emergency management specialists              in Arizona and 23% for the entire United States. The events
 often run tests or “simulated emergencies” to make sure that           of September 11, 2001 have caused many communities to
 participants knows their roles and that proper action is taken.        evaluate their emergency management plans. As a result, there
 They also inspect facilities to make sure they are maintaining         is a nationwide demand for emergency management specialists.
 important equipment. Once the plan in finalized, specialists           The greatest demand is currently being created by local
 make sure that the plans are distributed, maintained, and              government agencies.
 updated. They also update plans when any new knowledge is
 gained or a related law is changed.                                    NATIONAL & sTATE CERTIFICATIONs: Many emergency
                                                                        management specialists may obtain state and federal
 PROGRAM DEsCRIPTION: The Associate in Applied Science                  specialized certifications.
 (AAS) in Emergency Management provides the student with
 knowledge and skills required to conduct a comprehensive               PUBLIC sAFETY sCIENCEs DEPARTMENT
 emergency management program. The program prepares           
 students to manage fire department operations, hazardous               623.845.3172
 materials incidents, tactics, strategy, and safety of firefighting
 activities, and customer service in the public sector.

 Emergency Management – Associate in Applied Science
 Emergency Response & Operations – Certificate of Completion
 Emergency Management – Certificate of Completion
                                                                                                                U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics - 2007
 sAMPLE JOB TITLEs: Emergency manager, emergency                         EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT
 management planner, emergency operations coordinator,
 environmental compliance planner, and emergency
 management specialist.                                                 LOCATION          PAY PERIOD    Entry Level     Median           Experienced

                                                                                          Hourly        $21.61          $26.23           $36.40
 State, local, federal, and international governments                   Arizona           Yearly        $44,939         $54,556          $75,722
 Business & industry                                                                      Hourly        $22.44          $29.19           $39.35
 Military installations                                                 Greater Phoenix Yearly          $46,673         $60,707          $81,846
 Health care facilities
                                                                                        Hourly          $17.21          $23.26           $31.11
 Utility companies
                                                                        United states     Yearly        $35,790         $48,380          $64,710
 JOB sATIsFACTION: Emergency management specialists
 indicate they enjoy the challenge of their jobs, the ability to work    For program details, visit
OCCUPATION OVERVIEW: Family life education encompasses
many types in social services and education. Typically, the job
title of human service assistant is used in this field. Human
                                                                                   fAMily life edUCAtion
service assistants provide customers with support and
assistance in obtaining social services to meet their unique       including a 41% growth in Arizona and 30% for the entire United
needs. They work closely with teachers, court liaisons, social     States. With the aging population and increased emphasis on
workers, psychologists, and providers of medical care to provide   independent living, opportunities working with the elderly will
quality service to customers. They maintain accurate records       remain strong. In addition, with a great focus on workforce
and consult with supervisors when problems come up.                initiatives rather than welfare programs, there will be more
                                                                   demand for people to teach job skills to the people who are new
PROGRAM DEsCRIPTION: Family Life Education programs will           to, or returning to, the workforce.
prepare individuals to enter the family life education, human
development, or child and family organizations field at the        sTATE & NATIONAL CERTIFICATIONs: Individuals in this field
paraprofessional level.                                            may choose to obtain certifications in job-specific areas.

Family Life Education – Associate in Applied Science               TECHNOLOGY & CONsUMER sCIENCEs DEPARTMENT
Parent Education – Certificate of Completion             
Adolescent Development – Certificate of Completion                 623.845.3160
Adult Development & Aging – Certificate of Completion    

sAMPLE JOB TITLEs: Social & human service assistant,
social work assistant, program aide, adult day program aide,
developmental assistant, recreation assistant, family support
specialist, habilitation technician and direct support provider.

Adoption and foster care facilities                                                                       U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics - 2007
Adult day care centers and senior centers,                          FAMILY LIFE EDUCATION
Crisis intervention agencies and community mental health clinics
Group and halfway houses
Hospice care
                                                                   LOCATION          PAY PERIOD   Entry Level     Median           Experienced
Social service agencies
Child and family community-based organizations                                       Hourly       $10.66         $13.89           $18.71
                                                                   Arizona           Yearly       $22,165        $28,899          $38,920
JOB sATIsFACTION: Social and human service assistants                                Hourly       $10.90         $14.70           $20.06
indicate they enjoy helping people achieve goals, the challenge
                                                                   Greater Phoenix Yearly         $22,674        $30,569          $41,733
of learning new resources and the satisfaction that their work
helps change people’s lives.                                                       Hourly         $10.24         $12.80           $16.25
                                                                   United states     Yearly       $21,300        $26,630          $33,800
PROJECTED JOB GROWTH: Jobs in this field are projected
to grow much faster than the average between 2006-2016,             For program details, visit
                                                                      others, and the profession’s strong advancement opportunities
 fire sCienCe teChnology                                              and good benefits.

                                                                      PROJECTED JOB GROWTH: Firefighter job opportunities are
 OCCUPATION OVERVIEW: You might be surprised to learn that            anticipated to grow as fast as average for all occupations
 according to government statistics, fire fighting is NOT one         between 2006-2016, including a 31% growth in Arizona and
 of the top ten most dangerous jobs. Obviously, it has risks.         25% for the entire United States. Although employment is
 But others, including loggers, police officers, and even pizza       expected to grow at a fast pace, competition for these positions
 delivery drivers have far more dangerous jobs! Firefighters          will be strong as many candidates find this a highly attractive
 respond to fire alarms and other emergency calls. They put out       occupation.
 fires and rescue people who are in danger. They are usually the
 first emergency personnel at the scene of a traffic accident or      sTATE AND NATIONAL CERTIFICATION: Firefighters are trained
 medical emergency.                                                   emergency medical technicians or paramedics, which require
                                                                      state certification through the Bureau of Emergency Medical
 GENERAL PROGRAM DEsCRIPTION: The Fire Science                        Services.
 Technology program is designed for students who desire
 advanced training as professional firefighters, basic preparation    PUBLIC sAFETY sCIENCEs DEPARTMENT
 courses for a career in fire science, or a better understanding of
 fire hazards and problems in the field. Formal application and       623.845.3172
 admission is required to several of these programs.        

 Fire Science Technology – Associate in Applied Science
 Fire Academy – Certificate of Completion
 Fire Science – Certificate of Completion
 Firefighter Operations – Certificate of Completion

 AREAs OF sPECIALIzATION: Firefighters work in many settings,                                                 U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics - 2007
 including urban and suburban areas, airports, and chemical            FIRE FIGHTERs
 plants or other industrial sites. They also work in rural areas,
 where they protect grasslands, desert areas and forests.
 Firefighters assist in the recovery from natural disasters such as   LOCATION          PAY PERIOD    Entry Level     Median           Experienced
 earthquakes, tornados, and hurricanes. Some may even work in                           Hourly        $13.68          $17.83           $23.53
 hazardous-material units.
                                                                      Arizona           Yearly        $28,457         $37,091          $48,937
 TYPEs OF EMPLOYERs:                                                                    Hourly        $17.31          $22.19           $28.25
 Local, state, and federal government fire departments                Greater Phoenix Yearly          $35,995         $46,161          $58,753
 Emergency services companies
                                                                                      Hourly          $14.74          $20.75           $27.16
 Large industrial facilities
                                                                      United states     Yearly        $30,650         $43,170          $56,500
 JOB sATIsFACTION: Firefighters say they like knowing their
 work saves lives and property. They enjoy working closely with        For program details, visit
OCCUPATION OVERVIEW: Fitness and wellness professionals
help people get and stay in shape. They may teach fitness
classes and set up individual training programs. Fitness
                                                                                             fitness, nUtrition &
professionals may also lead, instruct and motivate groups in                                           wellness
exercise activities including cardiovascular exercise, strength
training and stretching.
                                                                         sTATE AND NATIONAL CERTIFICATION: Certifications can
GENERAL PROGRAM DEsCRIPTION: A variety of Fitness,                       be very helpful for fitness professionals and can significantly
Nutrition and Wellness programs are available and prepare                increase earning potential. American College of Sports Medicine
students with the knowledge and experience required to be                (ASCM), American Council on Exercise (ACE), and National
eligible for industry certifications. The programs will provide          Strength & Conditioning Association (NSCA) all offer specialized
students with a stronger educational background, making them             certifications.
more marketable in the field of fitness and nutrition. This degree
will also meet the needs of individuals with existing degrees in         FITNEss & WELLNEss DEPARTMENT
such fields as exercise physiology, nutrition, athletic training and
other health-related disciplines.                                        623.845.3182
Strength, Nutrition & Personal Training – Associate in Applied Science
Group Fitness Instructor – Certificate of Completion
Personal Trainer – Certificate of Completion
Nutrition for Fitness & Wellness – Certificate of Completion
Strength & Conditioning Personal Trainer – Certificate of Completion

sAMPLE JOB TITLEs: Personal trainer, fitness instructor,
aerobics instructor, fitness trainer, wellness consultant.

TYPEs OF EMPLOYERs:                                                                                              U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics - 2007
Gyms and fitness centers                                                  FITNEss TRAINERs AND AEROBICs INsTRUCTORs
City-sponsored recreation facilities
Sports clubs
                                                                         LOCATION          PAY PERIOD    Entry Level     Median           Experienced
Sports teams
                                                                                           Hourly       $8.28           $11.07           $17.91
JOB sATIsFACTION: In the area of job satisfaction, fitness               Arizona           Yearly       $17,214         $23,017          $37,246
professionals say they like working with the public, handling and                          Hourly       $8.75           $12.82           $19.71
using gym equipment, and teaching others.
                                                                         Greater Phoenix Yearly         $18,194         $26,669          $41,000
PROJECTED JOB GROWTH: The number of jobs for fitness                                     Hourly         $9.06           $13.31           $20.49
professionals is projected to increase much faster than the              United states     Yearly       $18,850         $27,680          $42,610
average for all occupations between 2006-2016, including a
growth of 34% in Arizona and 27% for the entire United States.            For program details, visit
                                                                       industry in which they are employed. Overall, employment of
 generAl BUsiness                                                      managers/supervisors is expected to grow as fast as average
                                                                       between 2006-2016, including a 20% growth in Arizona and 8%
                                                                       in the entire United States.
 OCCUPATION OVERVIEW: Virtually all businesses/organizations,
 large or small, employ managers and supervisors to oversee            sTATE AND NATIONAL CERTIFICATION: Managers/supervisors
 operations. Planning work and supervising staff are key               may obtain industry-specific certifications.
 functions of this job. To do these effectively, the supervisor must
 know the strengths and weaknesses of each member of the               BUsINEss AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY DEPARTMENT
 staff, as well as the results required and time allotted to each
 job. They must be very knowledgeable regarding the business,          623.845.3225
 products and customers to ensure organizational success.    
 Supervisors and managers conduct strategic planning to
 anticipate future trends in the economy.

 students to gain skills in business management, marketing,
 accounting, human resources and supervision to effectively
 lead organizations. In addition, students can learn how to start
 up and manage their own company with the Small Business
 Entrepreneurship certificate.

 General Business – Associate in Applied Science
 Middle Management – Associate in Applied Science
 Supervision-Certificate of Completion
 Small Business Entrepreneurship – Certificate of Completion
                                                                                                            U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics - 2007
                                                                        MANAGERs OF OFFICE AND
 sAMPLE JOB TITLEs: Supervisor, assistant manager, manager,             ADMINIsTRATIVE sUPPORT WORkERs
 general manager and small business owner.

 TYPEs OF EMPLOYERs:                                                   LOCATION        PAY PERIOD   Entry Level     Median           Experienced
 Federal, state, and local government agencies                                         Hourly       $16.39          $20.60           $26.29
 Business management companies
 Colleges, universities, and schools                                   Arizona         Yearly       34,096          $42,857          $54,692
 Hospitals and health care organizations                                               Hourly       $16.88          $21.40           $27.38
 Retail and distribution companies                                     Greater Phoenix Yearly       $35,108         $44,508          $56,956
 Financial services companies
                                                                                       Hourly       $16.61          $21.47           $27.74
 Nonprofit organizations
                                                                       United states   Yearly       $34,540         $44,650          $57,700
 PROJECTED JOB GROWTH: Employment of managers/
 supervisors will vary depending on economic conditions and the         For program details, visit
OCCUPATION OVERVIEW: Graphic designers find the most
effective way to promote products or services. They create logos
for products or businesses and may also create designs for
                                                                                                     grAphiC design
company documents or other print materials. Graphic designers
do almost all of their work on computers. To complete a project       PROJECTED JOB GROWTH: The number of jobs for graphic
they sketch, create visual designs, and prepare a proposed            designers is projected to grow about as fast as average for all
layout for the client. Together with the client and/or an art         occupations between 2006-2016, including a 22% growth in
director they then make improvements or changes.                      Arizona and 15% growth in the entire United States.

GENERAL PROGRAM DEsCRIPTION: Programs offer the                       sTATE AND NATIONAL CERTIFICATION: Since certifications
foundation study in design, color, typography, electronic color,      are not required for graphic designers, it is imperative
technology, and software applications. Students enhance               that they continue to take courses to remain current in
traditional methods and visual problem solving with digital           new computer technology. Many graphic designers obtain
imaging, 3D computer modeling, animation, web art and                 software-specific certifications.
electronic media production. Restricted electives expand student
abilities in drawing, life drawing, photography, multimedia and       TECHNOLOGY & CONsUMER sCIENCEs DEPARTMENT
art history. Students develop self-promotion skills and prepare a
portfolio for entry-level employment and/or for transfer to a four-   623.845.3756
year college or university.                                 

Graphic Design – Associate in Applied Science
Graphic Design – Certificate of Completion

sAMPLE JOB TITLEs: There are a number of different areas
graphic designers can work in. They include: television, movies,
creation of storyboards for film production or Web site design.
They may become chief designers; art or creative directors,                                                   U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics - 2007
teachers or they may specialize in one area of graphic design.         GRAPHIC DEsIGN
25% of graphic designers are self-employed
                                                                      LOCATION          PAY PERIOD    Entry Level     Median           Experienced
Graphic design companies
Advertising agencies                                                                    Hourly        $15.13          $18.77          $24.29
Newspaper, magazine, and book publishers                              Arizona           Yearly        $31,479         $39,036         $50,513
Printing and business form companies                                                    Hourly        $15.39          $19.12          $24.76
Self employment
                                                                      Greater Phoenix Yearly          $32,012         $39,774         $51,508
JOB sATIsFACTION: In the area of job satisfaction, graphic                            Hourly          $15.20          $19.85          $26.45
designers like the pleasant working conditions, the chance to         United states     Yearly        $31,620         $41,280         $55,030
work independently, and the ability to create a design using their
own artistic and creative abilities.                                   For program details, visit
                                                                    Microcomputer Business Applications – Associate in Applied Science
 inforMAtion teChnology                                             Microcomputer Applications – Certificate of Completion
                                                                    Network Maintenance – Certificate of Completion

 INDUsTRY OVERVIEW: A career in Information Technology              JOB sATIsFACTION: Information technology professionals
 (IT) offers diverse occupations in virtually all industries. For   indicate they enjoy troubleshooting problems and determining
 example, 92% of all IT workers are in non-IT companies, 80% of     solutions. In addition, they enjoy the diversity of opportunities in
 which are in small companies (source: Information Technology       the ever-changing technology field.
 Association of America). Technology skills and computer
 proficiency are essential assets for workers in all industries.    PROJECTED GROWTH: Information technology careers are
 Even if the career you choose does not focus solely on IT, the     anticipated to grow much faster than the average for all
 job will most likely require the use of computers and technology   occupations between 2006-2016. For example, a 43% growth
 to accomplish tasks and process information. For all IT-related    in Arizona and 38% in the entire United States for computer
 occupations, technical and professional certifications are         systems administrators. In addition, computer support specialists
 growing more popular and increasingly important. IT workers        will experience a 30% growth in Arizona and 23% in the United
 must continually update and acquire new skills to remain           States; database administrators, a 44% growth in Arizona and
 qualified in this dynamic field. There are three major career      38% in the United States; and data communication analysts, a
 pathways in information technology:                                54% growth in Arizona and 55% in the United States.

 NETWORk sYsTEMs - Designing, installing and maintaining            INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY – INDUsTRY PROGRAMs
 network systems that allow workers to share information.
                                                                    Cisco Networking Professionals
 INFORMATION sUPPORT AND sERVICEs - Setting up                      GCC’s Cisco Networking Academy, prepares students to test
 computers, installing software, ensuring everything is             for the CCNA and CCNP industry-recognized certification. The
 working properly, developing databases and/or monitoring           curriculum is taught by Cisco Certified Academy instructors.
 technology security.                                               The Computer & Network Technology AAS degree and the
                                                                    Networking Technology: Cisco Associate in Applied Science AAS
 PROGRAMMING AND sOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT - Designing                   degree provide training for a position working in a networking
 and testing new software programs to develop tomorrow’s new        and Internet-working environment. Knowledge and skills are
 products. To work in this area, you have to know about operating   developed via hands-on training to install, configure, maintain,
 systems and programming languages.                                 and troubleshoot Cisco routers, switches, advanced routing
                                                                    protocols, Local Area Networks (LANs), and Wide Area Networks
 PROGRAM DEsCRIPTIONs: Students looking to enter the field          (WANs). Courses in the program prepare students for the Cisco
 of information technology and current IT professionals will find   Certified Networking Associate examination.
 many certificates and degree program options available at GCC.
 Non-industry specific programs include:                            Networking Technology: Cisco – Associate in Applied Science
                                                                    Networking Administration: Cisco – Certificate of Completion
 Programming & Systems Analysis – Associate in Applied Science &    Networking Technology: Cisco – Certificate of Completion
 Certificate of Completion
 Computer & Network Technology – Associate in Applied Science       National salary ranges for CCNA - $50,061 - $90,113
 Computer Information Systems – Associate in Applied Science        National salary ranges for CCNP - $55,976 - $96,553

Linux Professionals                                                  Product Specialist (MCP), Microsoft Certified Systems
The program will help to prepare students for a variety of           Administrator (MCSA), and Microsoft Certified Systems
industry-recognized Linux certification exams as well as provide     Engineer (MCSE) examinations. The curriculum is taught
practical hands-on skills for the work place. The program            by Microsoft Certified Professionals.
includes a core of Linux classes including Linux Operating
System Basics, System Administration, Network Administration         Microsoft Networking Technology – Associate in Applied Science
and Network Security. These classes will ensure a student’s          Microsoft Desktop Support Technology – Certificate of Completion
knowledge and skill level in preparation for employment or for       Microsoft Product Specialist – Certificate of Completion
improving current professional skills. Objectives for a variety      Microsoft Systems Administration – Certificate of Completion
of industry certifications are encompassed within course and         Microsoft Systems Engineer – Certificate of Completion
program objectives.
                                                                     National salary range for MCSE is $51,204 - $88,296
Linux Networking Administration – Associate in Applied Science       National salary range for MCSA is $46,724 - $73,920
Linux Associate – Certificate of Completion                          National salary range for MCP is $44,833 - $81,914
Linux Networking Administration – Certificate of Completion
                                                                                                               U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics - 2007
Linux Professional – Certificate of Completion
                                                                      NETWORk AND COMPUTER sYsTEMs ADMINIsTRATORs
National salary range for IT professionals with Linux expertise
is $58,828 - $99,861, depending on years of experience,
certifications and other factors.                                    LOCATION           PAY PERIOD     Entry Level     Median           Experienced

                                                                                        Hourly         $22.11          $28.30           $36.47
Information Security Professionals
                                                                     Arizona            Yearly         $45,989         $58,854          $75,863
The widespread use of the Internet and intranets also has
resulted in an increased focus on security. Security threats                            Hourly         $23.05          $29.04           $37.74
range from damaging computer viruses to online credit card           Greater Phoenix Yearly            $47,937         $60,393          $78,503
fraud and identity theft. Most organizations are now employing                       Hourly            $24.24          $31.10           $39.51
the services of security consulting firms, which specialize in
all aspects of information technology (IT) security. These firms     United states      Yearly         $50,420         $64,690          $82,180
assess computer systems for areas of vulnerability, manage
                                                                                                               U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics - 2007
firewalls, and provide protection against intrusion and software
“viruses.” They also play a vital role in homeland security by        COMPUTER sUPPORT sPECIALIsTs
keeping track of people and information. Programs are designed
to provide students with the knowledge and tools to understand
how networks, operating systems and programs function. The           LOCATION           PAY PERIOD     Entry Level     Median           Experienced
program is designed to meet the training needs of government                            Hourly         $16.70          $21.68           $27.83
and industry employees. The program covers a variety of
                                                                     Arizona            Yearly         $34,726         $45,086          $57,889
information security disciplines which include both vendor-
neutral and vendor-specific information technology (IT) security                        Hourly         $17.16          $22.28           $28.27
training. The Information Security program prepares students         Greater Phoenix Yearly            $35,700         $46,338          $58,811
for internationally recognized IT certifications and the complex                     Hourly            $15.80          $20.39           $26.30
demands of business, industry and government.
                                                                     United states      Yearly         $32,870         $42,400          $54,700
Information Security – Associate in Applied Science
                                                                                                               U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics - 2007
Information Security Administration – Certificate of Completion       NETWORk sYsTEMs AND
Information Security Forensics – Certificate of Completion            DATA COMMUNICATIONs ANALYsTs
Information Security Technology – Certificate of Completion
Information Security Wireless Networks – Certificate of Completion
                                                                     LOCATION           PAY PERIOD     Entry Level     Median           Experienced
Salary range for Information Security professionals is                                  Hourly         $21.62          $28.52           $37.28
$62,068 - $96,239
                                                                     Arizona            Yearly         $44,977         $59,321          $77,543
MICROsOFT NETWORkING TECHNOLOGY PROFEssIONALs                                           Hourly         $21.33          $28.34           $37.75
The Associate in Applied Science in Microsoft Networking             Greater Phoenix Yearly            $44,372         $58,944          $78,516
Technology develops skills to implement a network infrastructure                     Hourly            $25.06          $32.80           $41.74
and install, configure, monitor, optimize, and troubleshoot
Windows server and Windows client workstations. Courses              United states      Yearly         $52,120         $68,220          $86,820
in the program also help to prepare for Microsoft Certified
                                                                      For program details, visit
                                                                                  JOB sATIsFACTION: Designers like the flexibility of their work, the
 interior design - hoMe                                                           ability to be creative and the satisfaction of helping clients.

 fUrnishing & MAteriAls                                                           PROJECTED GROWTH: Jobs in interior design are projected to
                                                                                  grow faster than the average for all occupations between 2006-
                                                                                  2016, including a 24% growth in Arizona and 15% for the entire
 OCCUPATION OVERVIEW. Interior designers, decorators, and visual                  United States. Career opportunities are growing due to increasing
 merchandisers plan the interior spaces of almost every type of                   homeowner wealth and increasing consumer knowledge of and
 building, including hotels, offices, shopping malls, restaurants,                interest in interior design. Also, the popularity of home improvement
 schools, hospitals, private homes. Good design can boost office                  television programs has amplified demand. Demand from
 productivity, increase sales, or increase a home’s comfort and/                  businesses, especially in the hospitality industry - hotels, resorts,
 or market value. Designers and decorators meet with clients,                     state-of-the-art conference facilities, and restaurants—is expected
 prepare designs and supporting plans by hand or with the use of                  to be high because of an expected increase in tourism. Demand for
 computer-aided design (CAD) technology, and make presentations                   design services from the health care industry is also expected to be
 to the client. The designer specifies the materials, finishes, and               high because of an anticipated increase in demand for facilities that
 furnishings required, such as furniture, lighting, flooring, wall                will accommodate the aging population.
 covering, and artwork.
                                                                                  sTATE AND NATIONAL CERTIFICATIONs: 23 states require interior
 PROGRAM DEsCRIPTION: The Home Furnishings and Materials                          designers to be licensed. In addition, many interior designers
 Certificate of Completion (CCL) is designed to provide the student               become members of professional organizations.
 with the technical and creative skills demanded in the home
 furnishings, decorating and design, visual merchandising, and                    TECHNOLOGY & CONsUMER sCIENCEs DEPARTMENT
 home-staging industries. Students will study design principles and     
 elements, color theory, space planning, historical and contemporary              623.845.3164
 architecture and furniture, fabrics, and other factors utilized in     
 design and merchandising. Elective coursework allows students to
 take specific courses that will help them prepare for the particular
 segment of the industry they are most interested in pursuing.
 This program is also the core of the Associate of Applied Sciences                                                         U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics - 2007
 degree available at other Maricopa Community Colleges.                            INTERIOR DEsIGNERs
 Home Furnishing & Materials – Certificate of Completion
                                                                                  LOCATION           PAY PERIOD     Entry Level     Median           Experienced
 sAMPLE JOB TITLEs: Home furnishing sales person, interior
 designer and interior design assistant                                                              Hourly         $14.94          $19.61          $23.61
                                                                                  Arizona            Yearly         $31,068         $40,782         $49,103
 TYPEs OF EMPLOYERs:                                                                                 Hourly         $15.20          $19.79          $24.31
 About 25 percent of interior designers are self-employed.
 Interior design firms                                                            Greater Phoenix Yearly            $31,606         $41,170         $50,568
 Architecture firms                                                                               Hourly            $16.10          $21.14          $28.94
 Furniture stores                                                                 United states      Yearly         $33,480         $43,970         $60,200
 Home furnishings stores
 * Some designers work part time and have a salaried job in another occupation.
                                                                                   For program details, visit
OCCUPATION OVERVIEW: : Law enforcement officers protect and
serve the life and property of people. They maintain regular patrols
and respond to calls for assistance. They may direct traffic, investigate
                                                                                                          lAw enforCeMent
a burglary, or give first aid to an accident victim. Some urban police
agencies are becoming more often involved in community policing in
                                                                            PROJECTED JOB GROWTH: Due to the growth of the Phoenix
which the officer builds relationships with the citizens of neighborhoods
                                                                            metropolitan area, cities in the area report significant needs for police
and organizes the public to help fight crime.
                                                                            officers. In addition to growth, additional factors will contribute to
                                                                            the need for police patrol officers. First, people are more security-
                                                                            conscious than in the past. Second, people are more concerned about
Training Academy - The program is designed for students wishing to
                                                                            drug-related crimes. Thus, people are more willing to pay for a larger
pursue a career as a law enforcement officer. The student will develop
                                                                            police force. At the state and local levels, growth is likely to continue
skills in eight functional areas: Introduction to Law Enforcement, Law
                                                                            even though budgets may be small. Therefore, law enforcement
and Legal Matters, Patrol Procedures, Traffic Control, Crime Scene
                                                                            officer positions are expected to grow faster than the average for all
Management, Community and Police Relations, Report Writing, and
                                                                            occupations between 2006-2016, including a 23% growth in Arizona
Police Proficiency Skills. At the conclusion of this program the student
                                                                            and 16% in the entire United States.
will have completed all requirements of the Arizona Peace Officer
Standards and Training (AzPOST) Board standards established to certify
                                                                            sTATE AND NATIONAL CERTIFICATIONs: Arizona Peace Officer
police officers in the State of Arizona.
                                                                            Standards and Training Board (
Advanced Officer Training – Police Supervision (Certificate of
                                                                            PUBLIC sAFETY sCIENCEs DEPARTMENT
Completion) is designed to prepare law enforcement officers for
career advancement to first-line supervisor or mid-management
level. Law Enforcement Investigator (Certificate of Completion) is
designed to prepare the law enforcement officer to become a specialist
in the investigation of criminal activity and to successfully assist
in prosecution. Courses address case management, legal aspects
of interviewing, search and seizure, and courtroom presentations.
Students will demonstrate skills related to these areas in a crime
scene scenario.                                                                                                          U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics - 2007

                                                                             POLICE AND sHERIFF’s PATROL OFFICERs
AREAs OF sPECIALIzATION: Law enforcement officers may specialize
in numerous areas, including drug and alcohol enforcement, gang
prevention, training and firearms instruction, canine corps, special        LOCATION             PAY PERIOD      Entry Level     Median           Experienced
weapons and tactics (SWAT), or emergency response teams.
                                                                                                 Hourly         $21.01          $24.34           $28.32
TYPEs OF EMPLOYERs:                                                         Arizona              Yearly         $43,692         $50,624          $58,899
Local, county, state and federal police departments                                              Hourly         $21.76          $24.84           $28.80
Colleges and universities
Homeland security agencies                                                  Greater Phoenix Yearly              $45,266         $51,671          $59,897
                                                                                            Hourly              $17.96          $23.86           $30.11
JOB sATIsFACTION: Law enforcement officers indicate they like               United states        Yearly         $37,370         $49,630          $62,630
helping others, preventing crime, responding to emergencies and the
variety of duties on the job.                                                For program details, visit
                                                                         JOB sATIsFACTION: Multimedia artists and animators indicate
 MUltiMediA                                                              they enjoy being creative, working collaboratively with others and
                                                                         using cutting-edge technology to produce a finished product.

 OCCUPATION OVERVIEW: Animators and multimedia artists                   PROJECTED GROWTH: Multimedia artists and animators
 create graphics and animation using hand drawings and                   positions are projected to grow as fast as average for all
 computer software and equipment. In general, animators and              occupations between 2006-2016, including a 3% growth in
 multimedia artists work for advertising companies, the movie            Arizona and 14% in the entire United States. Most of the growth
 and video industry, and for computer-design firms. They create          in this occupation will occur in the movie and video industries.
 the animated effects you see in films, TV shows, video games,           Animators and artists are needed to work on video games, movie
 and commercials. They may also develop images and designs               and television special effects, and 3D animated movies.
 for product labels, brochures, and presentations. They also help
 design websites.                                                        sTATE & NATIONAL CERTIFICATIONs: Multimedia artists and
                                                                         animators may obtain certifications in certain software
 PROGRAM DEsCRIPTION: The Multimedia Associate in Applied                or technologies.
 Science (AAS) degree offers four multimedia tracks: Design
 and Interactive Imaging, Digital Animation, Web Publishing              TECHNOLOGY & CONsUMER sCIENCEs DEPARTMENT
 Design, and Media Imaging. Students learn digital and traditional
 methods of design, concept development and production to                623.845.3756
 prepare for careers in animation, digital imaging, games, web 
 design, advertising and video technology, TV and film.

 Multimedia – Associate in Applied Science
 Animation: Advanced Imaging & Animation – Certificate of Completion
 Animation: Drawing for Animation – Certificate of Completion
 Animation: Imaging & Design Foundation – Certificate of Completion
 Web Publishing Design: Design & Authoring – Certificate of Completion                                             U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics - 2007
 Web Publishing Design: Foundation – Certificate of Completion            MULTIMEDIA ARTIsTs AND ANIMATORs
 Web Design – Certificate of Completion
 Web Developer – Certificate of Completion
                                                                         LOCATION           PAY PERIOD     Entry Level     Median           Experienced
 sAMPLE JOB TITLEs: Animation special effects artist, 3D                                    Hourly         $14.84         $20.03           $25.25
 animation artist, Web page and graphic designers, digital
 imaging artist, digital editing and sound specialist, digital video     Arizona            Yearly         $30,875        $41,670          $52,522
 and digital paint production artist, and media art specialists.                            Hourly         $16.24         $21.46           $26.68
                                                                         Greater Phoenix Yearly            $33,774        44,636           $55,497
                                                                                         Hourly            $19.55         $26.23           $35.87
 About 60% of animators and multi-media artists are self-employed.
 Movie and TV production companies                                       United states      Yearly         $40,670        $54,550          $74,600
 Advertising agencies
 Computer software companies                                              For program details, visit
OCCUPATION OVERVIEW: Careers in music business range from
performing, marketing, advertising, promoting and managing
projects/events related to the music industry. Additionally, many
                                                                                                   MUsiC BUsiness
musicians pursue education in music business to gain a better
understanding of the industry.                                      will be strong. Job opportunities are expected to grow as fast
                                                                    as average for all occupations between 2006-2016, including a
PROGRAM DEsCRIPTION: Music business programs are an                 26% growth in Arizona and 12% for the entire United States.
innovative curriculum designed to prepare students for today’s
music industry. The certificate and degree with a music business    sTATE & NATIONAL CERTIFICATIONs: No certifications/licenses
emphasis are designed for both the performing musician and          are required in this field.
the business student with limited performing experience. This
program combines a flexible curriculum with an emphasis in          PERFORMING ARTs DEPARTMENT
business and marketing, along with music industry-related 
courses and experiences.                                            623.845.3915
Music Business – Associate in Applied Science
Music Business – Certificate of Completion

sAMPLE JOB TITLEs: Performing artist, booking agent,
promoter, retail sales manager, music supervisor, music
business consultant, producer, business manager, artist manager
and agent.

39% of business managers/agents are self-employed
Artist and event management companies
Performing arts companies                                                                                  U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics - 2007
Entertainers                                                         BUsINEss MANAGERs OF ARTIsTs
Radio and music companies

JOB sATIsFACTION: Music business professionals typically have a
                                                                    LOCATION          PAY PERIOD   Entry Level     Median           Experienced
passion for music and enjoy working in a creative environment and
sharing new ideas to help artists be successful.                                      Hourly       $15.26         $18.06           $25.26
                                                                    Arizona           Yearly       $31,744        $37,570          $52,539
PROJECTED GROWTH: Agents and business managers of                                     Hourly       $16.16         $18.35           $26.65
musicians are examples of job frequently associated with
                                                                    Greater Phoenix Yearly         $33,614        $38,175          $55,432
music business. The demand for entertainers is expected to
increase over the next decade; therefore, a need will also arise                    Hourly         $19.15         $31.94           $49.73
for agents/business managers. However, this growth will not         United states     Yearly       $39,840        $66,440          $103,44
be in all states. California and New York are likely to add the
most new jobs for agents and managers. Competition for jobs          For program details, visit
                                                                     Nursing homes and other personal care facilities
 nUrsing                                                             Home health care services
                                                                     Public health agencies
 OCCUPATION OVERVIEW: Nurses provide holistic care for
 patients with acute and chronic conditions. They educate            JOB sATIsFACTION: In the area of job satisfaction, nurses like
 patients and the public about various medical conditions            helping others, being part of the health care field, having strong
 and provide advice and emotional support to patients’               employment opportunities, the challenge and variety of their
 family members. They record patients’ medical histories             work and the many areas of specialization available.
 and symptoms, help perform diagnostic tests and analyze
 results, operate medical equipment, administer treatment and        PROJECTED JOB GROWTH: The number of jobs for registered
 medications and help with patient follow up and rehabilitation.     nurses is projected to increase much faster than the average for
                                                                     all occupations between 2006-2016, including a 48% growth
 GENERAL PROGRAM DEsCRIPTION: The Maricopa Community                 in Arizona and 30% for the entire United States. An aging
 College District Nursing Program (MCCDNP) is offered at nine        population, improved health care practices and large number
 Maricopa Community Colleges. Glendale Community College             of retirement-eligible registered nurses will provide extensive
 offers the Associate in Applied Science-Nursing degree. A variety   opportunities for nursing graduates.
 of course schedules are offered at selected sites and include
 full time, accelerated, part-time, and on-line options. Clinical    sTATE AND NATIONAL CERTIFICATION: Registered Nurse –
 experiences are provided in a variety of inpatient and outpatient   Arizona Board of Nursing (
 settings. Students enrolled in the program rotate through health
 care facilities within a reasonable driving distance from the       NURsING DEPARTMENT
 colleges. Nursing students work directly with patients, nurses,
 physicians, and other health care professionals and receive         623.845.3200
 hands-on experience in all major specialty areas in community
 agencies, long-term care facilities, and hospitals.
                                                                                                              U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics - 2007
 Nursing – Associate in Applied Science
                                                                      REGIsTERED NURsEs
 sAMPLE JOB TITLEs There are a number of areas in which
 nurses can specialize: ambulatory-care nurses, critical-care
 nurses, emergency or trauma nurses, transport nurses, holistic      LOCATION           PAY PERIOD    Entry Level     Median           Experienced

 nurses, home-health care nurses, hospice and palliative care                           Hourly        $24.41         $29.17           $34.56
 nurses, surgical nurses, occupational-health nurses, anesthesia     Arizona            Yearly        $50,776        $60,672          $71,892
 nurses, preoperative nurses, and psychiatric-mental health
                                                                                        Hourly        $24.05         $29.18           $34.56
 nurses to name a few.
                                                                     Greater Phoenix Yearly           $50,018        $60,701          $71,893
 TYPEs OF EMPLOYERs:                                                                 Hourly           $23.95         $28.85           $35.18
 (Three out of every five nurses work in hospitals)                                     Yearly
                                                                     United states                    $49,810        $60,010          $73,170
 Doctors’ offices                                                     For program details, visit
OCCUPATION OVERVIEW: Nursing assistants give personal care
to patients in hospitals and nursing homes. They work under
the direction of nurses and doctors. For many patients, nursing
                                                                                                  nUrsing AssistAnt
assistants are the people they see most often on a daily basis.
By helping patients with activities of daily living, they help those   sTATE AND NATIONAL CERTIFICATION: Nursing assistants
in their care achieve a good quality of life. Nursing assistants       must be certified through the Arizona State Board of Nursing
also work collaboratively with nurses to provide frequent              (
updates of patient health.
                                                                       NURsING DEPARTMENT
GENERAL PROGRAM DEsCRIPTION: The Nursing Assistant           
program prepares students for entry-level employment in                623.845.3264
various health care settings as a nursing assistant. The program
combines classroom instruction with clinical laboratory, skilled-
care and acute-care experiences. Students who complete the
program are eligible to take a written and practical certification
examination and work as a Certified Nursing Assistant. Licensing
requirements are the exclusive responsibility of the Arizona State
Board of Nursing.

Nurse Assistant – Certificate of Completion

sAMPLE JOB TITLEs : Nursing assistant, nursing aide, home-
health aide and certified nursing assistant (once credentialed by
State of Arizona).

Nursing and personal care facilities
                                                                                                              U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics - 2007
Home-health companies                                                   NURsING AssIsTANTs
Residential care homes

JOB sATIsFACTION: Nursing assistants enjoy helping people,             LOCATION          PAY PERIOD   Entry Level     Median           Experienced
working with other health care professionals, learning new                               Hourly       $9.25          $10.59           $12.37
things and strong employment opportunities.
                                                                       Arizona           Yearly       $19,240        $22,020          $25,730
PROJECTED JOB GROWTH: Employment of nursing assistants                                   Hourly       $9.18          $10.70           $12.63
is expected to grow faster than the average for all occupations        Greater Phoenix Yearly         $19,100        $22,250          $26,280
between 2006-2016, including a 39% growth rate in Arizona and                          Hourly         $9.09          $10.67           $12.80
22% in the entire United States. Significant demand will result in
response to the long-term care needs of an increasing                  United states     Yearly       $18,900        $22,180          $26,630
elderly population.
                                                                        For program details, visit
                                                                       programs and technology, as well as extensive career
 pArAprofessionAl                                                      advancement opportunities.

 ACCoUnting                                                            PROJECTED JOB GROWTH: Job prospects for accounting
                                                                       clerks/bookkeepers are expected to grow about as fast as
                                                                       average for all occupations between 2006-2016, including an
 OCCUPATION OVERVIEW: Bookkeeping and accounting clerks                18% growth in Arizona and 6% for the entire United States. A
 manage the financial records of companies or clients. They            growing economy should result in more demand for accounting
 maintain and update accounting records, receipts, accounts            services. However, automation of office functions is expected
 payable and receivable, and profit and loss. They document and        to continue. Therefore, accounting clerks who have strong
 record financial data, and gather information used for reports,       computer skills will continue to have significant job prospects.
 research, financial statements and payroll use. Their record
 keeping serves the organization’s need to keep track of all           sTATE AND NATIONAL CERTIFICATIONs: Depending on the
 revenues and expenses.                                                position, industry-specific certifications may be required.
 Accounting program provides a sound background in accounting
 skills for students who choose to enter the workforce at the          623.845.3328
 end of two academic years of study. Goals of this program are
 to develop students’ abilities (1) to critically and constructively
 analyze the function of accounting systems in relation to the
 organization, its management, and its goals (2) to understand
 accounting management and, in particular, how these roles
 affect various profiles of the company.

 Paraprofessional Accounting – Associate in Applied Science
                                                                                                               U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics - 2007
 sAMPLE JOB TITLEs: Accounting clerk, accounting assistant,
 bookkeeper, accounts receivable clerk, accounts-payable clerk,         BOOkkEEPING, ACCOUNTING, AND AUDITING CLERks
 payroll specialist and billing specialist.

 TYPEs OF EMPLOYERs:                                                   LOCATION          PAY PERIOD    Entry Level     Median           Experienced

 Bookkeeping and accounting firms                                                        Hourly        $12.56         $15.07           $18.42
 Local, state, and federal government agencies                         Arizona           Yearly        $26,116        $31,348          $38,307
 Manufacturing companies
                                                                                         Hourly        $12.86         $15.46           $18.87
 Business and health services
 Banks and other financial institutions                                Greater Phoenix Yearly          $26,739        $32,156          $39,246
 Educational institutions and health care facilities                                   Hourly          $12.25         $15.17           $18.78
                                                                       United states     Yearly        $25,470        $31,560          $39,070
 JOB sATIsFACTION: Accounting clerks typically enjoy the
 opportunity to solve complex problems, utilize computer                For program details, visit
OCCUPATION OVERVIEW: Power plant technicians specialize
in mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, welding, or heating,
ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) to maintain power plants
                                                                                power plAnt teChnology
and utility delivery. Power plant technicians repair and maintain
the equipment and adhere to strict safety requirements.               for safety in power plants, technicians receive additional
                                                                      certifications in safety procedures.
PROGRAM DEsCRIPTION: The Power Plant Technology
Apprenticeship program is designed to provide power plant staff/      TECHNOLOGY & CONsUMER sCIENCEs DEPARTMENT
apprentices with trade-related classroom training as required
by the US Department of Labor, Bureau of Apprenticeship and           623.845.3178
Training, and the State of Arizona, Apprenticeship Division. This
program consists of a core curriculum that is common to all
power plant apprenticeships. The apprentice selects a track
of study - mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, heating
ventilation and air conditioning, welding or machining - to
complete specialized craft-related training. Special application to
the program is required.

Power Plant Technology – Associate in Applied Science –
Apprenticeship Program

sAMPLE JOB TITLEs: Power plant technician, power plant
technologist and power plant operator.

Utility companies
Local, state, and federal government-sponsored power plants
                                                                                                                 * Data not available for Maricopa County 
JOB sATIsFACTION: Power plant technicians indicate they enjoy
                                                                                                               U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics - 2007
the good pay and benefits, performing work that provides a
service to others and relatively good job security.                    POWER PLANT TECHNICIANs

PROJECTED GROWTH: Overall, growth is projected to be slower
than the average for all occupations between 2006-2016,               LOCATION           PAY PERIOD    Entry Level     Median             Experienced
including a 17% growth in Arizona and 1% in the entire United                            Hourly       $18.42           $21.53             $25.77
States. However, job prospects are expected to be good as many
                                                                      Arizona            Yearly       $38,308          $44,776            $53,591
workers retire and new plants are built.
                                                                                         Hourly       $22.32           $27.23             $32.03
sTATE AND NATIONAL CERTIFICATIONs: Nuclear power                      United states      Yearly       $46,420          $56,640            $66,620
reactor operators are licensed by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory
Commission. ( Due to the extreme importance               For program details, visit
                                                                            TYPEs OF EMPLOYERs:
 pUBliC relAtions/                                                          Public relations positions are found in small, medium and large
                                                                            companies within every industry.
 JoUrnAlisM                                                                 Advertising agencies
                                                                            Business and professional organizations
                                                                            State and local government agencies
 OCCUPATION OVERVIEW: Public relations specialists handle                   Religious organizations
 organizational functions such as media, community, consumer,               Colleges and universities
 industry, financial, and governmental relations. They are actively         Self-employment endeavors
 engaged in promoting or creating goodwill for individuals, groups, or
 organizations by writing or selecting favorable publicity material and     PROJECTED JOB GROWTH: Job opportunities in public relations are
 releasing it through various communications media. Responsibilities        expected to grow faster than the average for all occupations between
 may include preparing and arranging displays and making speeches.          2006-2016, including a 33% grow in Arizona and 23% for the entire
 Frequently, they prepare or edit organizational publications including     United States. Many companies are expected to hire public relations
 employee newsletters and stockholders’ reports for internal and            specialists to help them obtain and maintain a positive public image.
 external audiences,. Finally, public relations specialists respond to
 requests for information from the media and general public.                sTATE AND NATIONAL CERTIFICATIONs: Certifications/licenses
                                                                            are not required for positions in public relations, although certain
 GENERAL PROGRAM DEsCRIPTION: The Public Relations program is               certifications are available. However, the Public Relations Society of
 designed to provide students with journalism, photography, business,       America offers many resources for the practitioner.
 and communication skills that will prepare them for entry-level
 employment in press relations, community or consumer relations,            ENGLIsH DEPARTMENT
 market research, in-house publication departments, political               http://www.gccaz .edu/journalism/
 campaigns, fund raising and volunteer recruitment. Students will           623.845.3914
 compile a portfolio of their news and feature writing, photography,
 publications designs, plans for events and advertising designs. The
 portfolio will include both published and unpublished work.

 The journalism program prepares students to work in the publishing                                                    U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics - 2007
 industry whether they have a bachelor’s degree in another discipline        BOOkkEEPING, ACCOUNTING, AND AUDITING CLERks
 or are just beginning their career path in journalism. The certificate
 of completion includes journalism courses required by journalism
 schools throughout the state and country and requires an internship        LOCATION            PAY PERIOD     Entry Level     Median           Experienced
 in journalism and a juried portfolio of published articles to complete
 the certificate.                                                                               Hourly         $15.54         $20.34           $27.96
                                                                            Arizona             Yearly         $32,332        $42,314          $58,159
 Public Relations – Associate in Applied Science                                                Hourly         $15.29         $20.22           $28.13
 Journalism – Certificate of Completion
                                                                            Greater Phoenix Yearly             $31,803        $42,055          $58,506
 sAMPLE JOB TITLEs: Account assistant, research assistant, public                           Hourly             $17.99         $23.94           $33.37
 relations assistant, public relations specialist, media specialist,        United states       Yearly         $37,420        $49,800          $69,410
 freelancer, communications specialist, publicist, media outreach
 coordinator, public information officer and public relations specialist.    For program details, visit
OCCUPATION OVERVIEW: Real estate agents help clients
buy, sell, or lease land or property. Real estate agents sales
have a thorough knowledge of the real estate market in their
                                                                                                              reAl estAte
communities. They know which neighborhoods will best
fit clients’ needs and budgets. They are familiar with local        estate agents to be licensed. Requirements vary by state. In
zoning and tax laws and financing options. Agents also act as       Arizona, applicants must: be at least 18 years of age; complete
intermediaries in price negotiations between buyers and sellers.    90 hours of pre-licensing education; complete a six-hour
                                                                    continuing education course in Contract Law and Contract
DEsCRIPTION: The Real Estate program is designed for                Writing; and pass a state exam. The Arizona Department of Real
students who plan to enter the real estate profession. The          Estate oversees the licensing of real estate professionals. (http://
program includes in-depth exposure to (but not limited    
to) real estate principles, practices, appraisals, and sales.
Students planning to follow this curriculum should become           BUsINEss & INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY DEPARTMENT
familiar with the provisions of the real estate codes and with
the license(s) required.                                            623.845.3328
Real Estate – Associate in Applied Science

sAMPLE JOB TITLEs: Real estate agents, realtors, real estates
sales professional and real estate broker.

About 60% of real estate agents are self-employed
Real estate agencies
Real estate rental companies

JOB sATIsFACTION: Real estate agents like working with                                                       U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics - 2007
people, working out of their homes, determining their own            REAL EsTATE sALEs AGENTs
schedules and the chance of making a great deal of money.

PROJECTED JOB GROWTH: Although projections are not
                                                                    LOCATION           PAY PERIOD    Entry Level     Median           Experienced
available for the State of Arizona, nationally the number of job
opportunities for real estate agents is expected to grow about                         Hourly        $16.42         $21.90           $34.86
as fast as average for occupations (11%) between 2006-2016.         Arizona            Yearly        $34,143        $45,545          $72,515
Employment of real estate agents is sensitive to the state of the                      Hourly        $16.79         $21.98           $34.63
economy. During downturns, people are less likely to buy and
                                                                    Greater Phoenix Yearly           $34,916        $45,714          $72,023
sell houses. In these periods, the demand for agents declines
and some agents lose their jobs, work fewer hours, or have                          Hourly           $13.32         $19.52           $31.27
fewer transactions.                                                 United states      Yearly        $27,700        $40,600          $65,040

sTATE & NATIONAL CERTIFICATIONs: All states require real             For program details, visit
                                                                    PROJECTED GROWTH: Job opportunities in this field are
 retAil MAnAgeMent                                                  expected to grow more slowly than the average between
                                                                    2006-2016. However, opportunity in Arizona should continue to
                                                                    be strong, due to population and commercial growth. Certain
 OCCUPATION OVERVIEW: Retail managers are responsible for           industries will see faster than average growth, given the
 the day-to-day efficient, profitable operation, and success of     demands of the economy and customers. In Arizona, growth is
 their particular retail store. They usually manage stores that     projected to be 20%, compared to 3% nationwide.
 sell a specific line of merchandise such as clothes, furniture,
 groceries, auto parts, home improvement items, or sports           sTATE & NATIONAL CERTIFICATIONs: Retail managers
 items. They may oversee all salespeople in the store or just in    typically do not require certifications/licenses, unless
 their department. Supervisors hire and train salespeople. They     required by the industry.
 develop work schedules and assign workers to different duties.
                                                                    BUsINEss & INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY DEPARTMENT
 PROGRAM DEsCRIPTION: The Retail Management degree        
 is designed to prepare individuals working in the retail           623.845.3240
 management, food industry, and related fields, for the mid-level
 management position challenges of the future. The curriculum
 encompasses business essentials and also emphasizes the skill
 sets needed for effective management and communication in
 the work environment. Instruction will provide the background
 and knowledge necessary for students to develop the judgment
 skills they must exercise as business managers.

 Retail Management – Associate in Applied Science
 Retail Management – Certificate of Completion

 sAMPLE JOB TITLEs: Sales manager, store manager, sales                                                    U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics - 2007
 supervisor and assistant manager.
                                                                     RETAIL MANAGEMENT
 Grocery stores
 Clothing and accessories stores                                    LOCATION          PAY PERIOD   Entry Level     Median           Experienced

 Department stores                                                                    Hourly       $13.43         $17.06           $22.47
 Building materials and supplies stores                             Arizona           Yearly       $27,944        $35,490          $46,733
                                                                                      Hourly       $13.78         $17.57           $23.39
 Hotels and motels
                                                                    Greater Phoenix Yearly         $28,660        $36,555          $48,646
 JOB sATIsFACTION: Retail managers indicate they like the                           Hourly         $12.96         $16.57           $21.78
 opportunity to work with the public, lead employees and the                          Yearly       $26,950        $34,470          $45,300
                                                                    United states
 challenge of competition with other stores.
                                                                     For program details, visit
OCCUPATION OVERVIEW: Heavy-truck drivers drive large trucks
or tractor-trailers to transport goods. They deliver everything
from automobiles to canned food. Drivers keep a log of their
                                                                                 trACtor-trAiler driVing
activities as required by the U.S. Department of Transportation.
Tractor-trailer drivers must obtain a commercial driver’s license      occupations between 2006-2016, including a 25% growth in
(CDL) and often several types of endorsements.                         Arizona and 13% for the entire United States.
GENERAL PROGRAM DEsCRIPTION: The Tractor-Trailer Driving               sTATE AND NATIONAL CERTIFICATIONs: Commercial Driver’s
program provides new entrants into the trucking profession             License (CDL) – United States Department of Transportation
with the knowledge and skills necessary to operate today’s             ( Endorsements may also be
equipment safely and efficiently. Coursework includes basic            required.
operations; safe operating practices in normal, extreme, and
adverse driving conditions; basic vehicle maintenance; and non-        PUBLIC sAFETY sCIENCEs DEPARTMENT
vehicle activities including the application of federal and state
regulations pertaining to vehicle, cargo, speed, and hours of          623.845.3294
service. Instructions will consist of classroom lecture, lab, range,
and street driving. Applicants must complete a program-required
pre-screening to qualify.

Tractor-Trailer Driving – Certificate of Completion

sAMPLE JOB TITLEs: Most truck drivers find employment in
large metropolitan areas or along major interstate roadways
where trucking, retail, and wholesale companies tend to have
distribution outlets. Some drivers provide specialized services
such as delivering newspapers, construction and manufacturing.
                                                                                                             U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics - 2007
Local- and long-distance trucking companies                             TRACTOR-TRAILER DRIVERs
Cement and construction companies
Grocery stores
Utility companies                                                      LOCATION         PAY PERIOD   Entry Level     Median           Experienced

                                                                                        Hourly       $14.25         $17.40           $21.23
JOB sATIsFACTION: Truck drivers enjoy working without direct
                                                                       Arizona          Yearly       $29,630        $36,182          $44,154
supervision, their profession’s good salaries and benefits, the
chance to own their own rig, good employment opportunities,                             Hourly       $15.21         $17.94           $21.64
steady employment, and traveling to different states.                  Greater Phoenix Yearly        $31,637        $37,323          $45,019
                                                                                       Hourly        $13.79         $17.41           $21.81
PROJECTED JOB GROWTH: The growth of the economy and
the amount of freight that needs to be transported determine           United states    Yearly       $28,690        $36,220          $45,370
the demand for drivers. The tractor-trailer driving career field
is expected to grow much faster than the average for all                For program details, visit
                                                                      JOB sATIsFACTION: Video production technicians enjoy working
 Video prodUCtion                                                     as part of a team, using their creative abilities and learning new
                                                                      things constantly.
                                                                      PROJECTED JOB GROWTH: The video production technology
                                                                      field is expected to grow about as fast as average for all
 OCCUPATION OVERVIEW: Video production technicians use                occupations between 2006-2016, including a 31% growth in
 motion picture, TV, or video cameras to film a wide range of         Arizona and 14% for the entire United States. Individuals with
 subjects. Whatever the setting, camera operators begin by            the most experience and the most advanced computer skills will
 observing the set to determine the filming requirements. They        have the best job opportunities.
 also consult with the director or technicians about lighting needs
 and desired effects. Operators then select the proper film and       sTATE AND NATIONAL CERTIFICATION: Although not required,
 equipment. They set up the camera and accessories, such as           video production technicians often obtain certifications in
 special lenses. Video production technicians work as a team to       industry-recognized software programs.
 edit material to develop a finished product.
                                                                      TECHNOLOGY & CONsUMER sCIENCEs DEPARTMENT
 GENERAL PROGRAM DEsCRIPTION: The Video Production          
 Technology program is an academically based curriculum that          623.845.3221
 combines technical, artistic and historic elements of film and
 television production. Students in the program can examine
 all major production areas: script writing, photography, audio,
 lighting, directing and editing. Students discover a whole new
 world while earning an Associate of Applied Science degree.
 Class activity is supplemented with lectures by experts from the
 community, field trips to production studios and guest artists
 from around the country. The program offers small classes in a
 friendly atmosphere with easy access to faculty and staff. With
 our professional, faculty, equipment and software availability,                                              U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics - 2007
 and studio space, students develop new skills that can prepare        VIDEO PRODUCTION TECHNICIANs
 them for a career in this fun and exciting field.

 Video Production Technology – Associate in Applied Science           LOCATION          PAY PERIOD    Entry Level     Median           Experienced

                                                                                        Hourly        $17.76         $20.16           $29.50
 sAMPLE JOB TITLEs: Camera operator, production technician,
 video production technician, production assistant, scriptwriter      Arizona           Yearly        $36,930        $41,931          $61,353
 and editor.                                                                            Hourly        $17.95         $20.24           $30.18
                                                                      Greater Phoenix Yearly          $37,327        $42,109          $62,768
 Radio and TV broadcasting companies                                                  Hourly          $13.88         $20.12           $28.19
 Movie and TV production companies                                    United states     Yearly        $28,860        $41,850          $58,630
 Self employment/contract endeavors
                                                                       For program details, visit
The Academic Certificate (AC) in Communication Competence
in the Workplace is an interdisciplinary program of study that
provides intensive study of written and oral communication skills
in different contexts including interpersonal communication,
small group interaction, team building, problem solving,
public speaking and presentation skills, conflict resolution,
assertiveness, and leadership. Students develop skills to
enhance their professional, social, and personal interactions, and
become more competitive and effective in the workforce.

The Academic Certificate (AC) in Communication Skills for Non-
Native English Speakers is an interdisciplinary program of study
designed to extend traditional ESL coursework. It provides Non-
Native English Speakers with oral and written communication
skills including interpersonal communication, small group
interaction, team building, problem solving, public speaking
and presentation skills, conflict resolution, assertiveness, and
leadership. Students develop skills to enhance their professional,
social, and personal interactions, and become more competitive
and effective in the workforce.


worKsheet: MAp My fUtUre
Start by asking yourself a lot of questions:

1. What would I be good at? 
2. Why?
3. What skills do I have right now?
4. What specialized knowledge do I have right now that I can apply to a career?
5. What are my interests? What do I enjoy doing when I have free time? 
6. What’s my preferred work style? Do I like working in groups, on teams, or on my own? Do I like working 9-5 in an office, or would you I 
prefer to work outdoors?
7. Here’s a hard one…..what is my personality? (be honest, no one else is reading this but you). Am I shy, or outgoing? Detail-oriented, or 
freewheeling? Pushy or laid-back? Competitive? Positive? Concerned about others? Focused on achieving? 
8. What are my goals in life? To maximize my family income? To make a difference in society? To express myself? 
9. What jobs have I held before? What did I like about each one? And what did I dislike?
10. Occupational outlook. For the careers I’m thinking about, what will be the future demand for workers in that field?  How easy will it be 
to find a job in 5 years? 10 years?  What new skills will I need for that profession in 10 years? How will technology change the education I 
will need?
 Glendale Community College provides comprehensive services to help our students succeed. These pages will introduce you to a few of the valuable 
 services designed to enhance your experience at GCC and help you achieve your academic goals. Please visit or phone any of these departments for 
 more information or assistance. Information about college policies, programs, and courses is provided in the General Catalog and Student Handbook, and 
 Schedule of Classes, which are available at the Enrollment Center and on the web at For services at GCC North, call 

 Academic Advisement 623.845.4576                                                            Enrollment services 623.845.3333
     An academic advisor can help you develop an educational plan consistent                 Services include information and assistance with admission; residency; 
     with your academic and personal goals. We invite you to take advantage of the           registration; graduation; transcripts; refunds; enrollment verification; admission 
     advisement tools at to obtain information on course            of students under the age of 18; Nursing and Honors Program admissions; and 
     transferability and university check sheets. Academic advisors are available on a       athletic eligibility.
     walk-in basis in the Enrollment Center.
                                                                                             Financial Aid Office 623.845.3366
 Adult Re-Entry 623.845.3286                                                                 Students seeking financial assistance should file their FAFSA application a 
     Re-Entry Services provides resources and support for new and continuing adult           minimum of 10 weeks before classes begin. Information about filing deadlines, 
     students who have returned, or are planning to return to school. We can assist          processing time lines, grants, scholarships, employment or student loans is 
     you with general information about GCC departments and services; interest               available at or the financial aid office.
     assessments, occupational opportunities and labor market information; other 
     educational information; job search assistance, as well as internship opportunities;    New student Orientation 623.845.3333
     and referrals to community and on-campus resources.                                     All new students are expected to attend a New Student Orientation session before 
                                                                                             starting class. See the current Schedule of Classes for times and dates. Call 
 Career & Employment services 623.845.3283                                                   623.845.3333 to reserve a seat.
     Career & Employment Services provides extensive job- and career-related 
     information and resources to students, alumni and community members. Job                GED Tests 623.845.3134
     seekers can utilize the Maricopa Career Network (HYPERLINk “http://www.                 The General Educational Development (GED) test is given at GCC North, 5727” to find great local jobs.               W. Happy Valley Road. Call 623.845.4005 for testing times and cost. Free GED 
     Students can receive personalized assistance with obtaining internships,                classes are available at GCC through Rio Salado College. Call 480.377.4050 for 
     investigating employment trends (salary/growth) and job-search strategies               information about classes.
     (interviewing/resume writing/salary negotiations). Online career exploration 
     resources are available.                                           John F. Prince Library Media Center (LMC) 623.845.3112
                                                                                             The John F. Prince Library provides a number of services to meet the educational 
 Center for Learning 623.845.3812                                                            and leisure needs of the college community and the community at large. Library 
 The Center for Learning (CFL) provides students with free tutoring, software and            resources and services include: access to the library collection, periodicals and 
 media materials in English, reading, mathematics, study skills and make-up                  microfilm collection, group study rooms, reference and research assistance with 
 testing. The Center also provides adult community members flexible educational              an Online catalog and Internet access, and classroom bibliographic instruction. 
 services for a minimal fee. These services include assistance with mathematics,             Media resources and services include: video production and tapings, videotapes 
 English grammar, speaking, listening, writing, spelling, vocabulary and reading. Call       and recordings, photograph and slides, digital scanning, and equipment to support 
 and ask about noncredit English as a Second Language (ESL) classes.                         audiovisual needs with video-conferencing, satellite downlinks, and fax services.                                                                           The library and media staff is available to assist users.

 Children’s Center 623.845.3197                                                              Multicultural Affairs 623.845.3565
 The Children’s Center is an on-site, nationally-accredited, early childhood program         Multicultural Affairs promotes educational opportunities among the members of the 
 for registered student-parents with children ages 3 through 5 years. The Center             community. The staff assist students with developing an educational plan, enrolling 
 offers flexible scheduling, low cost, an experienced staff, and a rich learning             in courses and programs, completing financial aid forms, and accessing financial 
 environment. Call, visit the Center, or go online at for            resources.
 more information.
 Counseling services 623.845.3064                                                            Glendale Community College offers many tutoring services for students. Some 
 Counseling Services offers a variety of services to students who want assistance            tutoring schedules are set after the start of each new semester.
 defining career and educational goals or have personal or academic concerns.                Please check with the individual departments or visit their web sites for schedules.
 Students may schedule a free and confidential appointment with a counseling                 • Astronomy Assist
 faculty member. Several “Counseling Personal Development” courses are                       • C.H.E.M. Program (chemistry)
 offered on topics such as Career Exploration, Study Skills Development, Stress              • Communication 
 Management and many others (see CPD courses in the Schedule of Classes).                    • Geo Assist (geology)                                                                           • Math Solution
                                                                                             • Physics Assist
 Disability services and Resources (DsR) 623.845.3080                                        • Physical Science Assist
     TTY: 623.845.3086                                                                       • Writing Center
     Students with disabilities are encouraged to contact the DSR office early in the        • Center for Learning
     registration process. In addition to advisement and registration assistance, the 
     DSR office will coordinate requests for reasonable classroom accommodations.            Veteran services 623.845.3363
     Information may also be obtained online at                                              Students eligible for U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) educational benefits                            may file their claim for benefits with a GCC Veteran Services representative in the 
                                                                                             Enrollment Center. Information is also available at 

glendAle CoMMUnity College MAin CAMpUs

                                                             S5                                                                    S6

    Observatory (O)

                                                  S4                                                                                         S3
                                      SA                                                                                                                                      AJ
                                                                                                                                                                       ICB1         ICB2
                                                Children’s Center

                                                  GMTC                    NU                                                 HT2             O4
                                                    T3                    O7                                                                                            PAC
                                                                                         O6                                                             FA
                                                                    T1                                                                       HTA
                                                       T2                                                                                                                         ATM
                                  Racquetball                                      MA                                                                             MU1
                      Loop Road

                                                                                                                             LMC                  CL
                                       P                                           A                                                                                        MU2
                                       P                        G
                                                                                                                                                             Library Book Drop
                                                                         CS        CCS                                                                              Dial-A-Ride            Sunnyslope
                                                                                                                                   O1   O2         LA              HU
                                                                               SU                                        B
                                                      Pool                                     TDS
                                                                                                                 Bookstore         O5

                                                  M                            EC
                                                                                                        Dial-A-Ride                                M

                                                   S1                                                                                              S2
                                                                                          Glendale Community
                                                                                          College Drive

                           TAKE FOUR STEPS TOWARd YOUR FUTURE
                           1. Apply Online
                           2. Take your course placement test
                           3. Meet your academic advisor
                           4. Register and pay for classes
                                                                      For more information visit:

 GCC MAIN                                                THE GCC/NAU CONNECTION at the NAU North Valley Campus
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