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                   Volume XIV, Number 3                                           Centralia, Washington                                                              February 2008

                                                                                                                                                                Apply for
                                                                                                                                                                           by christina crea
                                                                                                                                                                    Last year $329,000 was awarded in
                                                                                                                                                                scholarships by the Centralia College
                                                                                                                                                                    And, 68 different scholarship oppor-
                                                                                                                                                                tunities are available this year to help
                                                                                                                                                                students pay for their college expenses.
                                                                                                                                                                    Students are eligible for a scholarship
                                                                                                                                                                if they have a minimum of a 3.0 grade
                                                                                                                                                                point average and plan to attend the col-
                                                                                                                                                                lege next year as a full-time student with
                                                                                                                                                                a minimum of 12 credits each quarter.
                                                                                                                                                                    	To	apply,	students	must	fill	out	an	appli-
                                                                                                                                                                cation form available on the college Web
                                                                                                                                                                site, a FAFSA form, write a 500-word per-
                                                                                                                                                                sonal	essay,	have	their	official	transcripts	
                                                                                                                                                                and two letters of recommendation.
                                                                                                                                                                    The scholarship is due by March 3
                                                                                                                                                                and students can turn it in at the Student
                                                                                                                                                                Service Center, mail it to the college or

                                                                                                                                                becki curfman
                                                                                                                                                                send it online.
                                                                                                                                                                    Scholarship recipients attend scholar-
                                                                                                                                                                ship night in September where they meet
                                                                                                                                                                the scholarship sponsors and hand them
A Worker BALANCeS on a two-story post atop the new sci-                   including chemistry, biology and geology. the concrete provides                       a thank you letter.
ence building. Workers poured the concrete for the third floor of         a more stable foundation for laboratory measurements that are                             Katie Lentz, 19, received the Baxter
the building last month and construction is progressing as sched-         easily affected by vibrations. the steel end of the building will hold
uled. the concrete end of the building will house lab classrooms,         lecture classrooms and faculty offices.
                                                                                                                                                                Killian Trust Scholarship this year for the
                                                                                                                                                                second consecutive time.
                                                                                                                                                                    “The scholarship really helped me a lot

 Another new building in the offing                                                                                                                             because I’m the oldest of four siblings,
                                                                                                                                                                so it’s kind of fend for yourself,” Lentz
                                                                                                                                                                said. “My parents try to help me out as
                                                                                                                                                                best as they can but the cost of college
                Campus commons would replace Kemp, Student Center                                                                                               is so high.”
             by geah betts                            The Legislature will decide how                come from a capital campaign led by the                        When students receive scholarships,
    The college is one step closer to having      much money to spend on construction                Centralia College Foundation and from lo-                  the money goes straight to their account
a new commons building on campus.                 for higher education and will supply               cal capital funds, according to the report.                in September. The funds may be used for
    A proposal for the new building was           money down the list until all of the fund-            The remaining finances would be                         books, tuition and fees at the college.
presented to a committee of the State             ing	is	used.		As	many	as	five	replacement	         covered by government funding.                                 Kellie Hedgers, 19, knows all about the
Board for Community and Technical                 projects could be funded.                             The proposed commons building cov-                      benefits	of	having	money	from	a	scholar-
Colleges in late December.                            With the addition of Washington Hall           ers 69,980 square feet, about the same                     ship in her student account.
   	Although	 it	 was	 only	 the	 first	 round	   in 2001 and the current construction of            size as the incoming science building and                      She received approximately $2,000,
of scoring for new capital projects in the        the new science center, the college is             will be three stories tall.                                which pays her tuition for the school year.
2009-2011 biennium, the Kemp Hall and             undergoing a major transformation.                    It will provide classroom space for                         Hedgers encourages students to apply.
Student Services (KSS) building replace-              “It’s in the interest of the community to      humanities, foreign languages, social sci-                     “Filling out (an application) isn’t go-
ment project ranked fourth in the replace-        have a vibrant and active college campus,”         ences, math, English, adult basic educa-                   ing to hurt, so you might as well try,”
ment category, wrote college president            said	Steve	Ward,	vice	president	for	finance	       tion and the robotics/electronics program.                 she said.
Jim Walton in an e-mail.                          and administration. “It’ll do a lot for the col-   All are currently taught in Kemp Hall.
    In total, there were 59 project proposals
submitted in four categories. Twenty-three
                                                  lege and it’ll do a lot for the community.”
                                                      The KSS project is estimated to cost
                                                                                                        Student Support Services will also be
                                                                                                     located	in	this	building,	including	finan-
                                                                                                                                                                Tuition waivers
projects	were	classified	as	replacements.
    The ranked lists for each category will
                                                  $41 million. Funding will come from a
                                                  variety of sources, according to the KSS
                                                                                                     cial aid, registration, admissions, student
                                                                                                     accounts, Educational Talent Search,                       available for
go to another SBCTC committee that will
take the top-ranked projects and arrange
                                                  project request report.
                                                      Three million dollars will come from
                                                                                                     student employment, counseling, advis-
                                                                                                     ing, special needs and the international                   flood victims
them in an overall list. This list will then be   a	 Certificate	 of	 Participation	 funded	 by	     students	office.	                                                     by becki curfman
presented to the Legislature for approval.        student fees and about $1 million each will                       =see building, page 20                         The State Board for Community and
                                                                                                                                                                Technical Colleges has provided funding
   Musical comedy featured in February                                                                                                                          for the students of several local colleges
                                                                                                                                                                to	provide	financial	aid	for	those	affected	
                                                                                                                                                                by	the	December	flood.
           by amanda boyce                           In “The Nunsense Vegas Revue,” the              and one-liners.                                               Tuition relief will be available for
   Centralia College’s winter musical             same	 five	 nuns	 of	 the	 Hoboken,	 N.	 J.,	         “This play is really different from other               students who suffered a loss in the form
is the Broadway play, “NUNSENSA-                  order embark on a new adventure that               musicals,” said Sarah Edwards who plays                    of property, housing, vehicles or employ-
TIONS! The Nunsense Vegas Revue” by               takes them to Sin City itself.                     Sister Robert Anne. “Each song has a                       ment because of the disaster.
Dan Goggins.                                         The sisters end up performing at the            theme, or a story within a story and not a                    “No one should abandon or put off
   This family-friendly show should have          Pump	 Room	 Lounge	 at	 the	 Mystique	             lot of musicals do that.”                                  starting a college education or job training
audiences laughing all the way through,           Motor Lodge in Las Vegas because a                    The songs range from love ballads to                    program because he or she cannot afford
said Brian Tyrrell, professor of drama and        Hoboken parishioner promises to donate             show tunes to 50s rock songs.                              to pay tuition during this time of crisis,”
director of the play.                             $10,000 to their school if they take their            The play’s diverse assortment of                        said college president Jim Walton. “We
   Performance	dates	are	Feb.	21-24	and	          “sister act” to Vegas.                             music is a handful for such a small cast,                  hope this tuition relief will allow indi-
Feb. 29-March 1.                                     Sister Mary Regina, the Mother Su-              but the women appear to be up to the                       viduals to continue their education while
   “The Nunsense Vegas Revue” is the              perior, doesn’t approve of the idea but            challenge.                                                 rebuilding their lives at home.”
seventh show in Dan Goggin’s “Nun-                agrees to the trip since “What happens                “We’ve tons of experience to work                          This funding will be available to stu-
sense” series.                                    in Vegas, stays in Vegas.”                         with, which is an advantage,” said Donna                   dents	at	Grays	Harbor	College,	South	Puget	
   The	first	“Nunsense”	Broadway	play	               What ensues is a performance unlike             Huffman, professor of music. “It’s nice to                 Sound Community College and Centralia
was	written	in	1985,	preceding	the	film	          any other, Tyrrell said.                           not have to teach them how to sing.”                       College for spring quarter tuition.
“Sister	Act”	 and	 began	 the	 tale	 of	 five	       The sisters’ show is full of catchy                “The Nunsense Vegas Revue” has a                           For more information contact the Fi-
nuns and their various endeavors.                 songs, chorus lines, sequins, feathers                            =see musical, page 20                       nancial	Aid	office	at	ext.	234.
Page Two                                                                           blue & gold                                                                                   February 2008

Running Start program puts financial
strain on state’s community colleges
           by becki curfman                     little more than $400.                          for their education, and Running Start stu-              “There are a number of different points
    Wouldn’t it be nice to have two years           	Unfortunately,	 vice	 president	 of	 fi-   dents only offer about $4,000, everyone’s            in the legislative process over the next 60
of	tuition	completely	paid	for	without	fill-    nance and administration Steve Ward             services are “diluted” to an average worth           days,” said Graham. “It’s premature to
ing out a single scholarship application?       said, that amount falls drastically short of    of about $5,500, Ward said.                          make prognostications about that.”
    About 10 percent of high school ju-         the actual cost to educate each Running            As Running Start grows in popularity,                 Though the board continues to press
niors and seniors in Washington state are       Start student.                                  the college must offer more courses and              that current state funding for Running
doing just that through a program called                                                        hire more professors, provide more park-             Start is exceedingly inadequate, state rep-
Running Start.                                                                                  ing and pay more for maintenance – all               resentative Gary Alexander (R-Olympia)
    Through this program, students take         “We believe the program has mer- with	insufficient	funding,	Ward	said.                               begs to differ.
college courses they can apply to their high    it, but we endure a loss,” – Steve                 “Now, do I want Running Start to go                   “I don’t agree,” wrote Alexander in an
school graduation requirements as well as       Ward, vice president of finance and             away?” asked Ward. “No, not at all. We               e-mail. “Both our high schools and our
earn college credit at 34 community and                                                         believe the program has merit, but we                community colleges/universities should
technical colleges and universities across      administration.                                 endure a loss.”                                      be encouraging students to participate in
the state – for only the cost of books.                                                            In the state’s 2008 supplemental oper-            Running Start.”
    It’s a great deal for the students and          For each traditional, non-Running           ating budget request, the State Board of                 The main goal of the state in sup-
their families, but if they aren’t paying for   Start student, the college receives about Community and Technical Colleges asked                     porting the Running Start program is
their postsecondary educations, who is?         $4,500 from the state and approximately for $7 million to help cover the growing                     to save students time and money while
    For each traditional student a high         $2,500 from the student in tuition.             gap between state funding and the cost to            achieving a degree, he wrote. Alexander
                                                                                                                                                     believes the program is doing its job and
school enrolls, the high school receives            So the college provides every available educate Running Start students.
approximately $4,000 of state funding for                                                          The funding was not included in Gov.              that educational institutions should set
                                                service, with the exception of athletics and Christine Gregoire’s budget proposal,                   aside monetary issues for the good of the
his or her education.
    However, for each Running Start stu-        financial	 aid,	 to	 Running	 Start	 students,	 released in late December.                           students involved.
dent, the state sends 93 percent of that        tuition-free, for about $3,000 less per            The budget is now under consideration                 “I am hoping our community colleges,
funding to the college, and the remaining       student than traditional college students. by	the	Legislature,	and	the	final	budget	                 including	 Centralia,	 will	 not	 fight	 this	
7 percent goes to the high school.                  As a result, both traditional and Running will be released in March.                             from	a	selfish	budget	perspective,	but	will	
    Translated into dollars, the college        Start students suffer a decrease in the qual-      	SBCTC	official	Denise	Graham	said	               promote the program to help reduce the
receives about $3,750 per Running Start         ity of their education, Ward said. Because it’s too early to say whether or not the                  rising cost of tuition to our students and
student, and the high schools receive a         traditional students bring in around $7,000 funding will be approved.                                their families,” wrote Alexander.

 Schools cautious about sending students to college
                            Not all Running Start students are ready for the responsibilities
           by becki curfman                     students assume they can handle Running         new high school class until January.                     Keahey said the biggest challenge of
   	The	financial	lure	of	Running	Start	has	    Start without considering the liberties            This is why W. F. West is cautious                Running Start for him is maintaining his
drawn high school students to colleges          college entails.                                about the students they allow into Run-              friendships at the high school.
and universities across the state.                  In high school, teachers remind stu-        ning Start, Goble said.                                  “Being a Running Start student, I
    From 1996 to 2006, Running Start            dents to complete their work and study, and        She encourages her students to take at            wanted to move up and take that respon-
enrollment jumped from approximately            students are penalized for missing class.       least one or two classes at the high school,         sibility and move on, but I wanted to stay
10,000 students to over 15,000.                     In college, students are expected to        especially	 during	 their	 first	 quarter	 of	       connected with my friends at the high
    Running Start students now make up          take responsibility for their own grades.       college in order to work their way more              school,” Keahey said. “When I want to
over 8 percent of the college population            If they need help in a class, they need     gradually into the college atmosphere.               talk about college stuff, they just want to
across the state.                               to	visit	the	professor	for	help.	Professors	       Another reason Goble likes to keep her            talk about high school.”
    As Running Start continues to grow,         do not always take roll in class, so the        students on campus is so they don’t miss                 Overall, the high school counselors be-
are local high schools having problems          students are responsible for coming to          the high school experience.                          lieve that, if taken seriously, Running Start
with losing more and more of their stu-         class on their own.                                “You only go through high school once             can	be	a	benefit	to	hard-working	students.
dents to the college?                               “It is a lot of responsibility,” said       in your entire life,” she said. “Last year               “I think our students are lucky to live
    “Oh, absolutely,” W. F.                     Centralia High School and Running Start         around graduation two or three of my full-           where we have a community college with
West High School coun-                                                                          time Running Start students really wished            so many options,” Everley said. “We are
                                                student Andrew Keahey. “If you’re not
selor Shawna Goble said.                                                                        they had taken at least one class here.”             very fortunate.”
                                                motivated, the class is not going to stop and
    Because of the inten-                       wait for you. The professors are willing to
sity of Running Start,                          help, but they’re not going to lead you by
students from W. F. West
cannot graduate with
honors if they take more           Goble
than one or two classes at the college.
    The increasing popularity of Running
                                                the hand like some high school teachers
                                                do. They push you to be independent.”
                                                    Many high school students are not
                                                motivated enough to keep up with the
                                                                                                                 blue & gold
                                                fast pace of college without being closely                                              Volume XIV, Issue 3
Start has decreased the number of stu-          monitored by their teachers.                                                          Friday, February 1, 2008
dents in the school’s honors program.               “For some, there is too much free-                 The blue&gold is the official publication of the Associated Students of Centralia College.
    “It’s a big dilemma for our students,”      dom,” Everley said. “Nobody takes roll             It is produced in conjunction with the college’s Journalism Department and is funded in
Goble said.                                     or reminds you when your assignments               part by student fees and in part by advertising revenue. It is published monthly, October-
    W. F. West senior Katelyn Wilber,           are due.”                                          June, and is distributed free of charge for the first copy with a 50-cent charge for each
who is also a Running Start student,                Running Start students are closely             additional copy.
faced	 a	 difficult	 choice	                    monitored by their college counselors to               The blue&gold serves as a forum for the college community. Opinions expressed in col-
her junior year.                                make sure they will be on track to gradu-          umns, letters to the editor or advertisements are not necessarily those of the students,
    “I wanted to graduate                       ate from high school.                              faculty, staff, administration or the blue&gold. Unsigned editorials and cartoons represent
with honors, but I also                             If students fall behind in their college       the opinions of a majority of the blue&gold editorial board.
wanted free college,” she                       classes, they will have an extra-large                 The blue&gold has adopted and adheres to the Society of Professional Journalists’ Code
said. “Free college was                         work load to make up.                              of Ethics and is a member of the Associated Collegiate Press.
worth it in the end.”                               College credits hold twice as much                 Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to submit items for publication. All submis-
    At Centralia High              Wilber       weight as high school credits, so a student        sions must be typed and double-spaced. Submissions are preferably received by e-mail
School, however, stu-                           who fails a Running Start class will have          in Microsoft Word. Unsolicited submissions must include the writer’s real name, address
dents can earn a high school diploma and        failed the equivalent of two high school           and valid phone number (for verification) and must not exceed 600 words. The blue&gold
an honor stole with an associate’s degree       classes.                                           reserves the right to edit for length, style, grammar, libel and matters of taste.
from the college.                                   That can put students significantly                Individuals interested in writing guest columns must contact the blue&gold to have
    “Whatever works for the students,”          behind	when	trying	to	fulfill	their	gradu-         subjects preapproved.
said Centralia High School counselor            ation requirements.
                                                                                                       The blue&gold will not print unsigned columns or letters to the editor.
Debbie Everley. “We tell them about all             Students may need to leave the col-
                                                                                                       For display advertising information contact the newspaper’s advertising staff at ext.
the options and advantages of Running           lege, come back to their high school cam-              The next scheduled edition of the newspaper is Friday, March 7, 2008.
Start and answer their questions.”              pus and take online courses or summer                  News and advertising deadlines are 10 a.m. ten days prior to the publication date.
    A question that students and parents        school to make up their requirements.                  Direct all correspondence to the blue&gold, Centralia College, 600 Centralia College
often have for counselors is whether                Removing students from Running                 Boulevard, Centralia, Washington 98531. Phone: (360) 736-9391 ext. 339/539. E-mail
or not these teenagers are ready for a          Start can be complicated because both              address: bluegold@centralia.edu.
college-caliber education.                      Centralia and W. F. West high schools use               Centralia College provides equal opportunity in education and does not discriminate on
    The freedom and fast-pace of the col-       semester schedules while the college uses          the basis of race, gender, color, religion, national origin, age, marital status, sexual orienta-
lege can be too much for some students,         quarters.                                          tion or disability.
counselors said, and Running Start is not           If, during fall quarter, college proves             blue&gold staff: Geah Betts, Amanda Boyce, Christina Crea, Becki Curfman, Charlie
for everybody.                                  too	difficult	and	a	student	drops	a	class,	        Parsons, Joseph Robinson. T.R. Gratz, adviser.
    Goble and Everley agree that many           he or she won’t be able to enroll into a
Page Three                                                                            blue & gold                                                                         February 2008

Faculty have mixed reaction to Running Start
           by becki curfman                      school life with their college life,” she said.       “I just think that Running Start brings        “For the most part, I would have to say
    The college faculty involved with            “Sometimes you have to decide if you’re a          a lot of really talented students to the      that they add a richness to the tapestry of
Running Start students say that the              high school student or a college student.”         campus,” VanTuyl said.                        the class,” Wood said. “I would say that
high schoolers come to the college with              Many members of the college faculty               Wood also believes that Running Start      95 percent of my experience with Run-
varying degrees of maturity and depend-          seem to agree that Running Start students can      students can add to the diversity of the      ning Start students has been pleasant, and
ability.                                         be sources of disruption in the classrooms.        classroom.                                    it’s wonderful to have them in class.”
    “We tend to get the                              “I’ll be candid,” said Steve Ward, vice
best and the brightest,”                         president	 of	 finance	 and	 administration.	
history professor Jody                           “If you’re in Running Start and you’re not
Peterson	 said.	 “As	 well	                      coming to class or you’re acting up in class,
as the good, the bad and                         I	don’t	want	you	here.	I	want	to	fill	your	seat	
the unprepared.”                                 with someone who wants to learn.”
   She believes that a                               English professor Randy Johnson is
downfall of Running              Peterson        also cautious of younger students.
Start is that students are self-selected for         “Some of them are responsible and
the program. Students who are not ready          some of them are immature,” he said.
to handle college will follow their friends      “Immaturity	is	definitely	a	problem	in	a	
who are ready and end up doing poorly,           college class.”
she said.                                            Faculty opinions of Running Start
   Speech professor Doris Wood sees is-          students are not all negative, however.
sues with Running Start students when they          College counselor Carmen VanTuyl
have	difficulty	sorting	their	priorities.        thinks that the Running Start students
   “The biggest disadvantage is when             who are responsible and prepared to work
they try to combine too much of their high       hard are an asset to the college.

Dual enrollment helped Stemkoski
launch his education, career
           by becki curfman                          	“It	gave	me	a	huge	head	start	financial-
     Ryan Stemkoski is the Web site              ly,” Stemkoski said. “I probably wouldn’t
designer and co-owner of a successful            have been able to get my master’s if I
online advertising company.                      hadn’t done it (Running Start).”
    	He	has	a	bachelor’s	degree	in	finance	           Though he majored in business, Stem-
and economics and a master’s degree in           koski said he learned how to design Web
business from Eastern Washington Uni-            sites in college and “fell into” advertising
versity.                                         along the way.
     He will launch his second Web-based             	During	2005,	his	final	year	of	gradu-
company later this year.                         ate school, Stemkoski was offered the
     And he’s only 25 years old.                 opportunity to design the Web site for an
     Those who know Stemkoski well               online advertising project.
contribute his early success to his drive             The job launched him into business
and initiative.                                  ownership, heading up Zipline Interac-
     “He’s done pretty well for himself so       tive, a Spokane-based advertising com-
far,” his mother, Shelli Stemkoski said.         pany.
“He’s a pretty motivated guy.”                        His second online business venture,
     That motivation is what she says led        Voicetales, will allow customers to call
him to enroll in Running Start at the col-       and record their voice over the phone.
lege.                                                 The intention was that people can read
     “The Running Start was his choice. He       stories over the phone and record their
pursued it, and it was a good experience         voice to play it back for children later,
for him,” she said.                              but people may use it for other purposes
    	Though	he	didn’t	have	specific	plans	       as well, Stemkoski said.                           ruNNINg STArT STudeNTS andrew keahey, 17, centralia, and katelyn Wilber, 18,
                                                                                                    chehalis, walk the esplanade on their way to class. keahey will graduate from high school
for his life beyond high school, Stemko-              The company is set to launch in Au-           this year with his associate of arts degree. below, keahey meets with his counselor,
ski knew that dual-enrollment would be           gust.                                              peggy goldberg, to schedule his classes for spring quarter.
beneficial	for	him.                                  	His	mother	said	he	has	fulfilled	a	life-
     “When I started Running Start I just        long dream by owning a business.
knew that I wanted to get that head start, but        “He’s always wanted to work for him-
I didn’t know what I wanted to do,” he said.     self and be independent,” she said.
“I thought it would be a good time saver.”            Stemkoski has done just that.
     After two years of Running Start,                He enjoys his self-reliance in one of
Stemkoski graduated from W. F. West              his two eastern Washington homes, and
High School in 2001 with his Associate           shares his success with his two cats.
of Arts degree from Centralia College.                As far as his plans for the future go,
     Having two years of free college under      Stemkoski wants to wait and see where
his belt gave Stemkoski the opportunity to       life leads him.
earn both a bachelor’s and a master’s de-             “I’d like to stay with what I’m doing
gree within four years of his high school        now and take the adventures as they come
graduation.                                      along,” he said.
                                                                                                                                                                                             becki curfman

                                                                                                            Running Start enrollment steps
                                                                                                       g Complete the Centralia College application form, write “Running Start” on the
                                                                                                    top	and	submit	to	the	Admissions	and	Records	Office.
                                                                                                       g Have	 an	 official	 high	 school	 transcript	 sent	 to	 the	Admissions	 and	 Records	
                                                                                                       g Take the college placement test. To qualify for Running Start, a student must
                                                                                                    test at college level on the reading and either the writing or math sections.
                                                                                                       g Schedule an appointment with a Running Start advisor by calling the Counseling
                                                                                                    Center at ext. 265 or Centralia College East (in Morton) at 496-5022.
                                                                                                       g Attend a mandatory Running Start orientation meeting with a parent or guardian.
                                                                                                       g Register	at	the	Admissions	and	Records	Office	with	your	registration	form	and	
                                                                                                    the	completed	and	signed	Running	Start	verification	form.
                                                                                                       g For more information call ext. 265.
Page Four                                                                                 blue & gold                                                                        February 2008

Medford enjoys the challenge of comedic acting
            by amanda boyce                          er types of drama and looks up to actors           Dylan, trotted onstage like he had been     and know that you don’t have to deal with
     “Acting is living the emotional life of         like Charlie Chaplain, Buster Keaton,              acting his whole life, he was a natural.”   outside drama – no pun intended.”
the character truthfully under imaginary             Abbot and Costello, Harold Lloyd and                  Medford is currently in “NUNSEN-            Medford loves learning different
circumstances.”                                      the Three Stooges.                                 SATIONS! The Nunsense Vegas Revue”          things from the different cast members
     This quote from Christon Basham                     	“I	definitely	consider	myself	a	come-         which will be showing soon. She plays       she has had and looks forward to what
defines	 drama	 major	 Katie	 Medford’s	             dic	actor,”	she	said.	“I	like	how	difficult	       Sister Mary Hubert, Mistress of Novices.    the future has in store.
experience with acting.                              it is to keep track of getting the timing                                                          “Katie is going to go places with her
     Medford, 24, Tenino, believes the true          just right and staying a step ahead of the         “I feel like there is this fire in my soul. career,” said Sarah Edwards, music major
definition	of	drama	is	to	                           audience.”                                         There is no dousing of this flame!”         and fellow “Nunsense” member. “The
live in the shoes of one’s                                Medford believes acting always will                                                       stage is her playground.”
character.                                           be an important part of her life. “I can’t                                                        Edwards	first	met	Medford	in	2007	in	
     “I first heard Brian                            envision myself living without the the-                “Hubert is a very two-sided charac-     Donna Huffman’s choir class.
Tyrrell quote Basham in                              ater,” she said.                                   ter,” Medford said. “She is able to let        “We were both altos, so we got to know
my Drama 101 class and                                    Medford has performed in numerous             her hair down and clown around with each other a little,” Edwards said. “Now
it really made sense to                              plays both in the community and at the             the reverend mother, but once she’s in that we are in the same cast together I can
me,” Medford said.                                   college.                                           front of the other three nuns, she is the see her funny personality.”
     Medford has had an                                  	Her	first	experience	on	the	stage	was	        authoritative straight-man.”                   When Medford is not acting, she is
active imagination since she was a                   in	2003	at	the	Evergreen	Playhouse	where	             Sister Mary Hubert wants what is best working at Rochester High School as a
child.                                               she played Evey, a Cajun 12 year old with          for the novices, but remembers what it’s paraeducator, which is a fancy name for
     She was always interested in entertain-         an overly-active imagination in “The               like to have fun, Medford said.             a teacher’s assistant.
ing people and making them laugh.                    Great Big Doorstep.”                                  “What I love about the play is that         Acting, singing and dancing are Med-
     At age 3 she was at a family reunion                At The Tenino Young at Heart Theatre           as	a	five-woman	cast	we	are	constantly	 ford’s favorite things to do, but lately
and felt obligated to entertain everyone.            she performed in four plays including              onstage so we have the chance to show- she has decided to explore new ways to
She picked up a book and decided to tell             “The Wizard of Oz” in which she played             case ourselves as triple threat actors,” challenge her creativity.
a story.                                             Dorothy.                                           Medford said.                                  Currently she is helping choreograph
     “I think it was about a toad driving a              “It was fun to play a 12 year old as a            Medford has friends, family, teachers the musical, “Oklahoma” at Rochester
car,” Medford said. “I couldn’t read the             23 year old,” Medford said. “Some people           and cast members who have witnessed High School.
thing, so I just looked at the pictures and          really thought I was 12 or at least 14.”           her passion for art and are always there       “I’ve only ever dabbled in choreography,”
made something up.”                                      She has been involved in 11 plays at the       to back her up, she said.                   Medford said. “It should be interesting.”
     Since then her aunt has told her en-            college including the Shakespearean com-              “The whole cast are 100 percent sup-        Medford has been accepted to the Uni-
couragingly, “See you in the movies!”                edy, “Two Gentlemen of Verona” in which            portive of each other,” Medford said. versity of Idaho where she will pursue a
     Medford knew that acting was the                she	played	Lance,	her	first	male	role.             “When you are struggling with something Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.
career	 for	 her	 when	 she	 went	 to	 Pe	 Ell	          “It was a huge challenge being a man, but      you can go to them for help.”                  “After I get my BFA I plan to go
High School.                                         even more of one having a dog as my scene             Having people to really bond with completely in debt, and somehow go to
    In 2003 she began taking acting classes          partner for most of the show,” Medford said.       and trust has made all the difference to Dell’Arte.”
at the college and since then she can’t get          “When you’re working with animals, you             Medford and inspires her to excel.             Medford is anticipating her transfer to
enough of acting.                                    never know what they’re going to do.”                 “Knowing that everyone else on the the	Dell’Arte	School	of	Physical	Theatre	
    	“I	feel	like	there	is	this	fire	in	my	soul,”	       The	 first	 dog	 chosen	 for	 the	 part	 of	   cast has the same passion for what you in Blue Lake, Calif.
Medford said dramatically. “There is no              Crab	didn’t	fit	the	part.                          do really creates a theater community          “I will study hard for two years to get
dousing	of	this	flame!”                                  “He kept peeing everywhere,” Med-              family feel,” Medford said. “When you my master’s in theater,” Medford said.
     Medford loves comedy above all oth-             ford said. “Then our second choice,                have play practice, you can come here “Then from there…the world.”

Increase your vocabulary, fight world hunger
              by geah betts                          hopes to help people expand their knowl-           double the donation.                         almost 450,000 people for one day, said
    When Dale Morrison, 18, Chehalis,                edge in an enjoyable way.                             And the Web page is gaining popularity.   Mizgata.
catches a moment of free time, he gets                   In fact, it is one of the program’s two           “In December the site has regularly          Over 8 billion grains of rice have been
on his computer to play an online game at            goals - to provide English vocabulary to           been visited by 500,000 people a day,        donated to date – part of those from stu-
www.freerice.com. Sounds like the aver-              people around the world and to help end            and each one of these individuals is mak-    dents and teachers here at the college.
age teenager, right? This game, however,             world hunger by providing free rice to             ing a difference to combat hunger and           “I get on and play if I’ve got a few
is far from average.                                 hungry people.                                     poverty,” wrote Mizgata.                     minutes between things,” said Morrison.
    FreeRice.com is an online Web page                   The rice is paid for through advertis-            Since its Oct. 7 launch, the site has     “Knowing that I can make a difference,
designed not only to increase the knowl-             ing. While a person plays the vocabu-              generated enough tons of rice to feed        how could I not?”
edge of its visitors, but also to help solve         lary game, ads appear at the bottom of
world hunger.                                        the screen. Companies such as Google,
    When a person logs on to the Web                 1-800-PET	MEDS,	and	www.musicnotes.
page, a vocabulary word, along with                  com pay for their names and logos to be
four	 definitions,	appears	                          displayed.
on the screen. For every                                 FreeRice.com is a non-profit Web
question the visitor an-                             site so all of the money earned through
swers correctly, the site                            advertisement is donated directly to the
donates 20 grains of rice                            United	Nations	World	Food	Program	in	
to a starving country.                               the form of rice.
    As people continue to                                “In an era when food insecurity
play, the program adjusts                            continues to be a threat, in some places
to their personal vocabu-                            exacerbated by rising food prices and
lary level. After their level is determined,         changing weather patterns due to climate
they have to answer three correct answers            change, initiatives like FreeRice have
in a row to advance.                                 tremendous promise,” wrote Jennifer
    There are 50 levels total and the dif-           Mizgata,	a	spokeswoman	for	the	WFP	in	
ficulty	of	each	level	is	determined	by	the	          Washington, D.C., in an e-mail.
number of visitors that answer the ques-                	The	 WFP,	 the	 world’s	 largest	 food	
tion correctly.                                      aid agency, works with more than 1,000
    The more people that know the an-                other organizations and operates in over
swer, the lower the assigned level. And              75 countries.
the more people that play the game, the                  The program helps hungry people be-
more accurate the levels become.                     come	self-sufficient	so	that	they	can	beat	
    FreeRice.com has a database of more              starvation. According to their Web page,
than a thousand words and is continuing              www.wfp.org,	the	WFP	buys	food	from	
to expand.                                           local farmers, wherever possible, to help
    According to the Web page, “There are            support the local economy.
words appropriate for people just learning               Hunger affects over 820 million people
English and words that will challenge the            today in places like India, Africa, Asia and
most scholarly professors.”                          the	Pacific,	Latin	America	and	more.		
    Morrison agrees.                                    It kills more people than HIV/AIDS,
    “I think it’s an awesome thing that              malaria and TB combined.
they’re doing,” he said. “I’m not exactly                The program was launched in early
a vocabulary person, but if it’s for a cause         October. When FreeRice began, only 10
like this, I’m up for it.”                           grains could be donated for each correct
    By personalizing the game for every-             answer. By the end of November, it had
one who plays, the FreeRice program                  gained enough advertising support to
Page Five                                                                        blue & gold                                                                         February 2008

Center of Excellence receives governor’s award
            by geah betts                      participants.                                dollars in equipment.                        They range from the Center of Ex-
   The college’s Center of Excellence for          Centralia College was chosen as a            There are 12 Centers of Excellence in cellence	in	homeland	security	at	Pierce	
Energy Technology recently received a          location for the Center of Excellence for the state, all hosted by community and College to the agricultural Center of
2007	 Governor’s	Award	 for	 Best	 Prac-       Energy Technology in 2004.                   technical colleges.                       Excellence in Walla Walla.
tices in Workforce Development.                    It was a clear choice, said Hins-Turn-
   “It was both a thrill and an honor to       er.
receive the award which means that the             About 10 percent of the state’s electri-
Center of Excellence is recognized as
a	Best	Practices	partnership,”	said	Bar-
                                               cal power is generated in Lewis County
                                               through coal, gas and hydro projects.
                                                                                                Complete degree application for
bara Hins-Turner, the
executive director of the
                                                   The purpose of a Center of Excellence
                                               is to build a competitive workforce, said
                                                                                                 graduation ceremony June 13
center.                                        Hins-Turner.                                                                 by christina crea
   The state Workforce                             Each center is responsible for training
Training and Education                         students	in	its	designated	field.	The	col-        The college graduation ceremony is scheduled at 4 p.m. in front of the
Coordinating Board an-                         lege is currently using the Satsop Devel-      Kirk Library June 13.
nounced the winners in                         opment	Park	in	Elma	to	do	just	this.              Students who have applied for a degree will receive information by mail
November at a leadership                           The center is currently working in         about graduation day and ordering caps and gowns.
conference in Tacoma. Hins-Turner              partnership	 with	 the	 Pacific	 Mountain	        Those who have not applied for a degree still have time to do so in the
   The winners were selected for a vari-       Workforce Development Council to turn          Admissions	and	Records	Office.
ety of reasons.                                the plant at Satsop into a regional training      The graduation ceremony, which is not required for students, usually
   According to a release from the             center.                                        lasts about two hours.
WTECB, awards were given out for inno-             The never-fueled nuclear-power plant
                                               was abandoned in the 1980s, leaving be-
                                                                                                 For more information contact Chris Jones at ext. 684 or by e-mail at
vation in problem solving, collaboration
with other partners and for their results      hind a 40,000 square foot turnkey build-       cjones@centralia.edu.
in improving lives and businesses of           ing, 800 acres of property and millions of

Children address anxiety caused by flood
            by geah betts                      to separate rooms to discuss their experi-    Society, brought in a Welsh Corgi named           The SoundCareKids program works
   	P rovidence	 Hospice	 and	 Sound-          ences.                                        Ranger to comfort the kids.                   under	 the	 wing	 of	 Providence	Hospice.	
CareKids are reaching out to children and          The children’s group played “the              Brian Meyers, 24, Centralia, attended     It is made up of about 20 volunteers.
families that were affected emotionally by     M&M game” developed by Michelle               the group to give moral support to his            Nearly 500 children, mostly dealing
the	flood.                                     Normoyle and Deb Dodge, volunteers            younger brothers, Dustin, 8, and Joey, 10.    with the loss of a parent or sibling, have
    Although they do not traditionally give    for SoundCareKids.                                He was glad he came.                      gone through grief counseling.
counsel to children who have been harmed           It is designed to help kids open up and       “It was a relief to be able to express        Normoyle has been working with chil-
by a natural disaster, volunteers for Sound-   talk about what they’re feeling inside,       to someone who didn’t just ask, ‘Oh, that     dren’s grief groups for the past 16 years and
CareKids knew they were needed.                said Normoyle.                                happened to you?’” said Meyers.               Dodge has been involved for seven years.
    “We are uniquely capable of doing              Each child chose an M&M candy
this because of all the talent we have with    from a dish in the middle of the room and
SoundCareKids,” said Kathy Grimmet,            answered a question that corresponded to
SoundHomeCare referral coordinator and         the color of the candy.
Hospice educator. “It’s just a different           For example, yellow M&M’s are fun
kind of loss on a bigger scale.”               questions such as “Would you eat a live
    SoundCareKids organized a “Shar-           spider for $50?”
ing Our Stories” support group in the              There are also more serious categories
Centralia Middle School commons Jan.           that ask the children how long it will take
15 and 30.                                     before they feel normal again or how the
    The sessions were designed for chil-       flood	has	changed	their	family.
dren aged 5-19 and their parents.                  The children were also paid a surprise
   	Participants	 were	 divided	 into	 two	    visit during their session.
groups – parents and children, and sent            Tracy Hanna, a volunteer for the Delta

                                                                                                                                                                                       geah betts

                                                                                             Joey HuNT, 10, enjoys the company of ranger, a Welsh corgi, at a sharing our stories
                                                                                             support group. the dog was brought in to comfort children who suffered emotional grief from
                                                                                             the December flood.The children played games to help them feel at ease with their losses.
Page Six                                                                            blue & gold                                                                             February 2008

grAduATIoN CereMoNy: former college president hank kirk (bottom right) cel-                      lawi, africa. the graduates wore caps and gowns donated by former centralia college
ebrates with the first graduating class of the Livingstonia College of Education in Ma-          students at the september event.

  Sister school in Africa celebrates graduation
             by geah betts                            Thanks to donations from past students     ceremony as a guest of honor.                     work after they earned their degrees.
    The College of Education, one of              of our college, the graduates in Malawi            He awarded each graduate about $35               	With	 certification	 from	 the	 govern-
the	 five	 colleges	 under	 the	 wing	 of	 the	   had caps, gowns and tassels to match           and the top graduate $536. For a person           ment, the graduates can now teach in
University of Livingstonia, Centralia             those worn here in Centralia.                  living in a third world country, this is a        public schools as well. This means a
College’s sister school, recently held its            The items were welcomed not only           substantial amount, said Kirk.                    greater number of students will be able
first	graduation.                                 because of the generosity, but also for           	“His	 gifts	 represented	 his	 firm	 stamp	   to enter the work force, said Kirk.
    Thirty-five students were members             their striking color. At most African in-      of approval of the institution and of the             The College of Education is one of
of the graduating class, all of whom              stitutions the robes are black, and Kirk       education graduates had received, and his         five	 colleges	 under	 the	 umbrella	 of	 the	
received Bachelor of Education degrees,           wrote in an e-mail the bright blue robes       encouragement to all to seek success in their     University of Livingstonia.
said Hank Kirk, former Centralia College          were appreciated by the graduates.             endeavors,” Kirk wrote in an e-mail.                  It is located at Livingstonia along with
president and now vice chancellor of the              The regalia was not the only thing             The recent accreditation of the Uni-          Livingstonia Technical College and the
university.                                       that could catch an eye at the graduation.     versity of Livingstonia had an immense            university headquarters.
    The ceremony took place in Malawi,            The president of the republic of Malawi,       effect for the graduates, said Kirk.                 The other three colleges are located in
Africa, in September.                             Dr. Bingu wa Mutharika, attended the               Without accreditation, graduates were         Ekwendeni – the College of Commerce,
                                                                                                 only permitted to work in private schools.        Ekwendeni College of Nursing and the
                                                                                                 About	half	of	all	students	could	not	find	        Livingstonia Theological College.
      Advising day February 15                                                                       Malawi university accredited
           by christina crea                      visit the college Web site, (http://www.
   Classes will be cancelled Feb. 15 for          centralia.edu/), click on Student Web                       by geah betts                        At	last	they	identified	specific	areas	for	
spring quarter advising. Advising week            Services and then Web Registration Login         The University of Livingstonia,                 review similar to the ones used here in
will be from Feb. 19-22.                          and	use	their	quarterly	registration	PIN	    Centralia college’s sister school in Ma-            the United States.
    Students need to sign up on appointment       they received from their advisor.            lawi, Africa, has gained accreditation as                University personnel visited the Min-
sheets on their advisors’ doors in order to          	Priority	students	register	by	appoint-   an institution for higher education.                istry of Education several times to discuss
talk with them about selecting their classes.     ment Feb. 25-27 and open registration            Livingstonia has been waiting for               accreditation and a team from the ministry
Those sheets will be up by Feb. 4.                will be Feb. 29.                             accreditation from the Malawian govern-             was then sent to the campus, Kirk said.
    Before students meet with their ad-               Students can also register online at the ment since its creation in 2003.                         The university also had to produce
visors, they should pick up the spring            Centralia College Web site by clicking           In fact, it is an entirely new process          syllabi for each course and outline all edu-
quarter course selection guide and start          one of the many options under Student        to the country, said Hank Kirk, former              cational programs to submit for review.
                                                  Web Services.                                Centralia College president and current                 	“The	process	has	taken	five	years	and	
looking over classes they want to take.
                                                                                               vice chancellor of the university.                  has been a lot of work for the faculty and
    In order for students to see when their           For more information contact the            	Prior	to	the	creation	of	the	University	
registration appointment is, they need to         Counseling Center at ext. 265.                                                                   staff,” Kirk said. “Hopefully the process
                                                                                               of Livingstonia, there were only two
                                                                                                                                                   will be easier now for those other institu-
                                                                                               universities in Malawi.
  FAFSA workshops available                                                                        One, the University of Malawi, con-
                                                                                               sists	of	five	existing	colleges	that	pulled	
                                                                                                                                                   tions which will follow.”
                                                                                                                                                        Now that the university has been ac-
           by christina crea                      security number, bring their tax informa- together to form a university and were                 credited, both former and future students
   In	order	to	receive	financial	aid	for	the	     tion or paycheck stubs and have their granted a charter by the parliament.                       will	benefit,	Kirk	said.
2007-2008 school year, students must              driver’s license.                                The second school is Mzuzu Uni-                      Students who have earned degrees
complete a Free Application for Federal               The purpose for those workshops is to versity, an old teachers college that was              from	any	of	the	five	colleges	under	direc-
Student Aid form.                                 assist and help students understand how upgraded, chartered and accredited by the                tion of the University of Livingstonia will
   The	 financial	 aid	 staff	 will	 help	 stu-   to	fill	out	the	FAFSA	forms.                 parliament.                                         now	have	degrees	that	are	certified	by	the	
dents	 fill	 out	 their	 FAFSA	 applications	         Students who are dependants should           When the University of Livingstonia             government.
during workshops Feb. 9 from 9-12 p.m.            have at least one of their parents apply came along there were no guidelines or                       This means that instead of only be-
in WAH 209, Feb. 13 from 2-4 p.m. in              for	a	PIN	and	have	information	from	their	 process for accreditation, Kirk said.                 ing able to work for private institutions,
ECC at Morton and Feb. 20 from 5-7 p.m.           Federal Income Tax return. Students are           It took the government some time               graduates will now be able to hold gov-
in	the	Financial	Aid	Office.                      not dependents of their parents if they are to	agree	on	a	fixed	set	of	requirements.	            ernment jobs.
   Students must apply online at www.             married, have served in the military or are
fafsa.ed.gov or by mail to determine if           orphans.
they’re	eligible	for	financial	aid.                   Independent students need to have
   Financial aid is helpful for every             their 2007 Federal Income Tax Return
student because the cost of college is            information with them.
always high.                                          It takes about 40-45 minutes to com-
    “Students don’t think about how much          plete the form if students have all of their
money college is until they have to pay           material with them.
their tuition and books by themselves,”               Dahl points out that one of the nice
Tracy	Dahl,	director	of	financial	aid	and	        things	 about	 filling	 out	 FAFSA	 online	
student jobs, said.                               is that students can save where they are
    Dahl said many students who can af-           on the form and come back later if they
ford	college	often	don’t	fill	out	a	FAFSA	        forget certain paperwork.
form because they don’t think they’ll be              The earlier students apply for FAFSA,
qualified,	 but	 Dahl	 encourages	 all	 stu-      the more funding that will be available for
dents to apply just to see because most           them.
students are pleasantly surprised even if             Dahl said they will have worksheets
they only get $100.                               available	in	the	Financial	Aid	Office	with	
    “If you wonder if you qualify and/or if       all of the questions students will be asked
you	are	intimidated	about	filling	out	the	        on the real FAFSA application form.
form, then come to one of the workshop            Students	can	fill	that	form	out	at	home	so	
days	where	we’ll	help	you	fill	out	a	form	        they can come prepared with the answers
online	and	find	out,”	Dahl	said.                  already written out.
    Before going to the workshops, stu-               For more information contact Dahl in
dents	need	to	first	apply	for	their	FAFSA	        the	Financial	Aid	Office	at	ext.	313	or	by	
PIN	at	www.pin.ed.gov,	know	their	social	         e-mail at tdahl@centralia.edu.
Page Seven                                                                       blue & gold                                                                         February 2008

     Beyond Parallax submission approaches
                        Journal seeks creative literary, artistic expressions by February 14
           by amanda boyce                      Beyond	Parallax.	                                 If submitting a visual arts piece:        copies of previous editions of Beyond
    Beyond	Parallax,	the	college’s	literary	       When deciding which entries to select,         g All elements used to create the sub-    Parallax	are	available	there	as	well.
and visual arts journal, is accepting submis-   the committee looks for interesting con-      missions must be originally produced by          “We are still looking for more staff
sions until Feb. 14 for the 2008 edition.       tent, new approaches to expressing art and    the submitting artist.                        members,” said Austin. “Feel free to stop
    	The	 Beyond	 Parallax	 group	 is	 also	    a clear ability to use the English language       g Art submissions cannot contain          by the Writing Center every Friday at
looking forward to their upcoming silent        effectively, said Austin.                     endorsements (no slogans, logos or            noon for one of our meetings.”
auction, meant to raise money to publish           	To	submit	work	to	Beyond	Parallax,	       product names).                                  For more information visit the Beyond
their journal.                                  the following guidelines apply:                   g Art submissions must be digitalized     Parallax	page	on	the	college	Web	site	or	
                                                   g A cover letter must be included in       at a 1,500 pixel width and/or 2,250 pixel     contact	the	Writing	Center	in	KMP	105,	
    They will assemble gift baskets, each
with its own theme, and auction them in         a Microsoft Word document containing          height or greater with a minimum of 300       at ext. 564 or by e-mail at writingcenter@
the cafeteria from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m. on       the student’s name, phone number, e-mail      DPI.	They	must	be	saved	in	TIFF	or	JPEG	      centralia.edu.
Valentine’s Day.                                address, a brief biography and a list of      file	format.	                                     You	 may	 also	 contact	 Foss	 in	 KMP	
    Since	 officially	 becoming	 a	 club	 in	   submission titles.                                Submissions can be made in the Writ-      111, at ext. 479 or by e-mail at lfoss@
2002,	Beyond	Parallax	has	gained	a	great	          g All submissions and the cover letter
                                                                                              ing Center, located in Kemp 105. Sample       centralia.edu.
deal of student interest.                       must	be	saved	on	a	PC-formatted	zip	disk,	
                                                CD-Rom	or	3.5	inch	floppy	disk.
   “It has been growing steadily,” said
advisor Linda Foss. “We’ve always been             g Two printed hardcopies must be sub-        Writing Center holds workshops
pleased with the number of submissions.”        mitted. Submissions will not be returned.               by christina crea                   from 2-2:50 p.m., presented by English
   	Beyond	Parallax	has	continually	re-            g Do not include a name on any sub-
                                                                                                The Writing Center will offer a variety     professor Linda Foss.
ceived positive feedback from the student       mission since all work is judged anony-     of workshops for students during Febru-            Foss will provide research and writing
community and the Centralia community           mously to avoid bias.                       ary and March.                                  strategies.
at large, said Foss.                               If submitting a literary piece:             	The	workshops	will	be	held	in	KMP	             g Women in the Arts March 3 from
     “We try to get a variety of photo-            g A maximum of six items may be
                                                                                            105 and are as follows:                         1-1:50 p.m., presented by English profes-
graphs, artwork, poetry, prose and short        submitted per author.                          g African-American Read-In Feb. 4            sor Dawn Wortman.
stories,” said Alexis Austin, president of         g Each piece is limited to 1,500 words.
                                                                                            from 1-1:50 p.m., presented by English             This workshop celebrates Women’s
                                                                                            professor Dawn Wortman.                         History Month and students will discuss
 Trio Day honors participants                                                                  Because February is Black History
                                                                                            month, this workshop will allow students
                                                                                                                                            different female authors and painters who
                                                                                                                                            have specialized in the arts.
          by christina crea                     Thurston counties.                          to share excerpts from their favorite              g Scholarship Workshop March 4 from
    National Trio Day is a day to recog-           This	 program	 has	 already	 benefited	 African-American authors.                        1-2:30 p.m., presented by English profes-
nize the programs available from Trio           13,000 students.                               g 	 Using	 APA	 Style	 Feb.	 11	 from	       sor Don Foran.
to provide educational opportunities for           Of course when it comes to education, 10-10:50 p.m., presented by psychology                Students will have the opportunity to
all Americans regardless of race, ethnic        enrolling in college is one thing. Actually professor Sandra Neal.                          review	 useful	 information	 about	 filling	
background or economic circumstance.            attending and even transferring to another     Neal will discuss writing for the social     out scholarship applications.
    The college will be celebrating Trio Day    college can be stressful.                   sciences.                                          g Grammar Made Easy March 11 from
Feb. 20 from 5-6 p.m. in the cafeteria.            The Student Support Services program        g	Tips	for	Oral	Presentations	Feb.	21	       1-1:50 p.m., presented by English profes-
   The event will include dinner, entertain-    has helped more than 4,000 Centralia stu- from 1-1:50 p.m., presented by English            sor Don Foran.
ment, door prizes and awards.                   dents meet those kinds of challenges.       professor Doris Wood.                              Foran will help students with grammar
   Trio programs aim to help students              For students who need help either           Wood will give tips for students who         issues they are having.
who aspire to improve their lives.              financially	or	academically,	the	Upward	
                                                                                            want to be more prepared when giving               For more information contact Foss
   Talent Search, which has been around         Bound program is available.
                                                                                            oral presentations.                             in	KMP	105,	at	ext.	479	or	by	e-mail	at	
for more than 20 years, provides support           The Upward Bound program helps              g English 102 Troubleshooting Feb. 28        lfoss@centralia.edu.
services to encourage students to com-          low-income students that are currently
plete high school and enter college.            enrolled grades 9 or 10 in the Centralia,
   To get students to do that, Talent
Search has educational opportunities for
more than 650 grade 6-12 students from
                                                Rochester, Toledo or Chehalis areas.
                                                   For more information contact Lucretia
                                                Folks at ext. 360 or by e-mail at lfolks@
                                                                                                Scholarships available
13 school districts in Lewis and South          centralia.edu.                                          by christina crea                       The deadline is Feb. 29. Applica-
                                                                                                Scholarship opportunities are always        tions, which must be printed, have to be
                                                                                            available at Centralia College. The Mor-        received at the foundation by March 4.
                                                                                            ris K. Udall Scholarship and Take Aim           Take Aim Scholarship
                                                                                            Scholarship are two upcoming scholar-               Each year, two Centralia College stu-
                                                                                            ships students can apply for.                   dents receive a $500 incentive award and
                                                                                            Morris K. Udall Scholarship                     10 transfer students receive $2,000 from
                                                                                                Each year, the External Scholarship         the	Take	Aim	Scholarship	Program.
                                                                                            Committee nominates six sophomore or               	The	Take	Aim	 Scholarship	 Program,	
                                                                                            junior-level students attending two- or         sponsored by the Northwest Education
                                                                                            four-year institutions who are pursuing         Loan Association, focuses on students
                                                                                            an associate degree or a bachelor’s degree      enrolled in Oregon and Washington state
                                                                                            for the Morris K. Udall scholarship.            community and technical colleges.
                                                                                                Nationwide, 80 students receive an              They also support community college
                                                                                            award of up to $5,000 for tuition, room         graduates who will transfer to four-year
                                                                                            and board or any other educational ex-          colleges or universities.
                                                                                            penses. Fifty students receive honorable            To be eligible for this scholarship, stu-
                                                                                            mention awards.                                 dents must maintain satisfactory grades,
                                                                                                To be eligible, the student must show a     have	verifiable	financial	need	and	be	en-
                                                                                            commitment to a career related to the en-       rolled in an Oregon or Washington state
                                                                                            vironment. Native American and Alaska           community college.
                                                                                            Native students should demonstrate com-             Scholarship funds students receive
                                                                                            mitment to careers related to health care       may be used for tuition, books, supplies
                                                                                            or tribal public policy.                        or equipment at institutions of higher
                                                                                                Each nominee must also have a grade         education that meet the federal govern-
                                                                                            point average of at least a “B” or equiva-      ment’s eligibility standards.
                                                                                            lent, be pursuing full-time study during            The deadline for this scholarship is
                                                                                            the 2008-2009 academic year and be a            May 4, and award announcements are ex-
                                                                                            U.S. citizen, U.S. national or U.S. per-        pected to be made a month or so later.
                                                                                            manent resident.                                    For more information or to print the
                                                                                                This foundation looks for future lead-      application, visit the Take Aim Scholar-
                                                                                            ers in a wide variety of environmental          ship	Programs	sponsors	Web	site	at	www.
                                                                                            fields	 as	 well	 as	 engineering,	 science,	   nela.net.
                                                                                            education, urban planning and renewal,              If students have questions about schol-
                                                                                            business, health, justice and economics.        arships they should contact Don Foran in
                                                                                                Students can view a Morris K. Udall         his	office	in	WAH	111F,	at	ext.	276	or	by	
                                                                                            Scholarship	 video,	 filmed	 at	 the	 2005	     e-mail at dforan@centralia.edu.
                                                                                            Scholar Orientation by ’02 alumnus Dan              Students are also encouraged to join
                                                                                            Jones, on the Web site www.udall.gov.           Foran’s scholarship information mailing
                                                                                                Students who receive this scholarship       list, which allows students to receive
                                                                                            must agree to attend the four-day Udall         scholarship information and deadlines,
                                                                                            Scholars Orientation in Tucson, Ariz.,          by e-mailing him at dforan@centralia.
                                                                                            Aug. 2-6.                                       edu with their name and e-mail address.
Page eight                                                                    blue & gold                                                                            February 2008

       One of a kind Valentine’s Day stories
                 by christina crea                                                                                        Handmade Card
   I was reading the news online the other day when one                                                                      And sometimes the best Valentine’s Day gifts don’t
article caught my eye.                                                                                                    come from a love interest.
   It was about a man in Boston who used the Boston                                                                          The best valentine gift a woman in California, who
Globe Sunday Magazine’s crossword puzzle to propose                                                                       had a broken foot and was in a cast and on crutches,
to his girlfriend.                                                                                                        received was from her 8-year-old son Jimmy.
   He helped create a crossword puzzle with answers                                                                          He created a handmade valentine drawing of his big
only he and his girlfriend would know.                                                                                    brother Van, himself and his mother with a cast on her
   As they worked on the crossword together, they came                                                                    foot inside a big heart.
to the clue for number 111 across, which was “Generic                                                                        The caption on the picture said, “Happy Valentine’s
Proposal”	and	that	was	his	cue	to	say	the	answer	of	“Will	                                                                Day! You are speshall to Van and me! I love you and
you marry me?”                                                                                                            Van (sometimes).”
   His	girlfriend,	now	fiancé,	said	yes.                                                                                     His mother was touched.
   She’ll have that memory of her one-of-a-kind pro-                                                                         “Well, he was honest about loving his big brother!”
posal for a lifetime.                                                                                                     she said. “I look at it every day and smile.”
   That story made me think about Valentine’s Day, so I
decided to go online and look up some wacky Valentine’s Cupid’s plunger
Day stories from real people.                                 A New York man had always believed in inexpensive
   And here’s what I found.                                Valentine’s Day surprises.
                                                              Romance to him was a cheap 98-cent box of candy and
                                                           a	few	flowers	he	might	pluck	off	somebody’s	lawn.
                                                              But at age 39, he met someone that made him change
                                                           his attitude about what to do on Valentine’s Day.
                                                              One	year,	he	fixed	up	his	place	with	balloons	stuck	
                                                           to the ceiling that had “I love you” and “Be mine” writ-
                                                           ten on them.
                                                              He then fashioned a bow out of a small sapling and a
                                                           long work shoelace and an arrow out of a toilet plunger.
                                                              Gaichin, who is 6 feet 3 inches tall and weighs 250
                                                           pounds,	wore	a	big	fluffy	blonde	wig,	cardboard	wings	
                                                           and a tiny G-string.
                                                              I’m	sure	his	valentine	that	year	was	shocked	to	find	
                                                           him waiting dressed as cupid.
                                                              Gaichin then read a goofy poem he wrote for her, ending
                                                           with “be mine” as he shot her in the rear with the plunger.
                                                              She obviously liked his surprise, considering they are      Love letter
                                                           now married and have two children.                                 Sometimes having something unexpected is the best
Red balloons
   In Kentucky an emergency room nurse worked                                                                             thing that can happen.
12-hour shifts that seemed never ending.                                                                                     	One	woman’s	first	Valentine’s	Day	with	her	husband	
   Two days before Valentine’s Day, she came home                                                                         didn’t go as well as she hoped it would.
after the second of two busy shifts, kissed her husband                                                                       She said it was disastrous because her husband didn’t
who was up watching a movie, spent a few minutes                                                                          believe he needed an annual day seat aside to show how
with him and then walked upstairs to put her bag in                                                                       much he loved her.
their bedroom.                                                                                                                She felt as if what he said was an excuse not to do
   Little did she know after climbing the stairs that she                                                                 anything special.
would	find	an	early	Valentine’s	Day	surprise.                                                                                 What he did, instead, was write her a long letter about
   A bouquet of red roses was on the table in their hall-                                                                 his reasons for not celebrating Valentine’s Day.
way. Taped on the bedroom door was a card that said,                                                                          Obviously disappointed, she turned up her nose at it
“I love you more than I can show.” Attached to the card                                                                   and ripped it to shreds.
was a safety pin.                                                                                                             Yet her curiosity about the letter got the best of her,
   She was touched by these loving words but wondered                                                                     so	as	soon	as	she	could	she	fished	out	all	the	tiny	pieces	
what the safety pin was for.                                                                                              from the trash and put them back together.
   She found out as soon as she opened the bedroom door.                                                                      As she read the letter, she realized that it was a beautiful
   Her	bedroom	was	filled	with	500	red	balloons.	They	                                                                    love letter, and the only one since, she has ever received.
were everywhere and she screamed with laughter, then Personal billboard                                                      She realized her husband had a good point.
ran down and kissed her husband.                              Being goofy is nothing new for a couple from Wash-             As her husband wrote in the letter, “We don’t need
    “We had a blast playing in the balloons and then later ington state.                                                  a special day to prove the words ‘I love you’ to each
using the safety pin to pop all of them,” she said.           While hanging out one day, they decided to invent a         other. We prove it everyday in the things we do for
                                                           special word between them.                                     each other, celebrate it in our laughter and treasure it in
                                                              They wanted to say something more than “most”               moments that a Valentine’s Day card or gift can never
                                                           so they came up with the phrase “most-est” and would           fully represent.”
                                                           argue about whom loved who the “most-est.”
                                                              He was an Army captain who was stationed in Bagh-
                                                           dad on Valentine’s Day.
                                                              Yet he proved that if you love someone “the most-est”
                                                           then	you	will	still	find	a	unique	way	to	tell	her	even	if	
                                                           you cannot be there yourself.
                                                              So the day before Valentine’s Day on I-5 near Fife,
                                                           just a few miles north of the Ft. Lewis Army Base, he
                                                                                                                                                                                         illustrations by geah betts

                                                           arranged to have a billboard display a smiling photo
                                                           of him along with a message that read, “I love you the
                                                           most-est. From your Valentine in Iraq XXXOOO.”
                                                              “It’s amazing that even though he’s in a dangerous
                                                           place, he still takes the time to think of me,” she said.
                                                            Melting snow
                                                               No one ever said showing your wife you love her has
                                                            to cost a lot of money.                                       Lottery ticket
Chocolate road                                                 One man in Nebraska knows that all too well.                   A Connecticut man and his wife found out on Val-
   Men aren’t the only ones coming up with unique              “We live where snow and ice is common during the           entine’s	Day	that	the	mortgage	for	their	first	house	was	
Valentine’s Day surprises. One woman in Alabama also        winter, and since we both work, she has to drive in those     accepted and the closing day was set, so they didn’t have
put effort into creating a unique Valentine’s Day.          conditions,” he said.                                         a lot of spending money.
   She and her boyfriend had only been dating a brief          One night, before Valentine’s Day, there was a terrible        He still managed to buy his wife and 3-year-old
time when she realized she was short on cash near Val-      freezing rain followed by snow.                               daughter	some	flowers	and	chocolate.
entine’s Day.                                                  His wife was working, so he decided to go to her place        	His	wife	surprised	him	by	filling	up	the	gas	tank	in	their	
   So she improvised a creative and inexpensive Valen-      of business, warm up her car and clean the windshields        minivan, which is something he says she never does. She
tine’s Day surprise.                                        before	she	had	finished	her	shift.                            also	bought	him	five	lottery	scratch	tickets.
   She snuck into her boyfriend’s house and lined little       He also followed her home to make sure she returned            One of those tickets turned out to be a $20,000 winner.
Hershey chocolate kisses from the front door to his         safely.                                                          He	 was	 definitely	 blessed	 that	 day	 with	 a	 winning	
bathtub,	which	she	filled	with	flowers.	                       “She had such a smile on her face when she came            lottery	ticket,	their	first	house	and	a	wife	and	daughter	
   Just above the shower handle she placed a note that      out I couldn’t help but decide I would continue to do         who were there to enjoy it all with him.
said, “Now that I have kissed the ground you walk on and    this on these occasions,” he said. “So for 15 years this is       So this Valentine’s Day, try creating an unexpected
showered	you	with	flowers,	will	you	be	my	Valentine?”       what I do to make her happy. When it snows or there’s         surprise for your valentine no matter how weird, funny
   Her Valentine’s Day surprise didn’t cost much, but it    freezing rain, I get to show the lady I love how much I       or romantic it may be because some of the best things
did make her use her imagination.                           really love her.”                                             in life are the things that come from the heart.
Page Nine                                                                                blue & gold                                                                              February 2008

   Criminal justice develops online program
              by geah betts                         justice.This program is designed to               online course should expect to commit             an introductory video to the college, the
    A new online criminal justice program           quickly	 educate	 students	 in	 the	 field	 of	   5-10 hours per week for each class.               courses and the faculty.
was launched this quarter at the college.           criminal justice and send them into the              The faculty members employed for the              	Prospective	students	may	also	take	a	
    Tadd Belden, an assistant professor             workforce.                                        online program are all working profession-        quiz that asks questions about their fa-
and curriculum designer for the program,               It prepares students for careers in law        als. They range from police lieutenants           miliarity with technology, their ability to
has high expectations.                              enforcement, corrections or the social            to forensic investigators to corrections          meet deadlines and their aptitude to learn
    “We hope to establish a quality and             services in 15-18 months.                         officers	–	all	highly	qualified	instructors.      without face-to-face instruction, among
successful program and to broaden the                   An ATA in criminal justice is com-               Members of the faculty have years of           other things.
geographical reach of our college by                posed of 70 criminal justice credits and          experience	in	their	respective	fields	and	            When the quiz is complete, students
having online courses,”                             20 credits of general education.                  many have had the opportunity to work             receive a score and a suggestion of
Belden said.                                            Although some of the classes may              in multiple criminal justice careers.             whether or not to pursue online courses.
    The new online pro-                             transfer to other institutions, this program         Belden has worked in law enforcement               If students are still unsure, they may also
gram will offer two op-                             is not designed for students pursuing a           for many years. He has both a bachelor’s          take a tour of a simulated online course.
tions for students pursu-                           bachelor’s degree.                                degree in criminal justice and a master’s             The class is called Week Zero-Learn-
ing a degree in criminal                                The completed program does, however,          degree in police administration.                  ing and can be accessed through the
justice.                                            transfer to The Evergreen State College.             His involvement also reaches beyond            criminal justice Web page.
    One route is an Asso-                               Most of the courses include guided            the United States. Belden spent a year in             The simulation guides a person through
ciate of Arts degree with                           reading	assignments,	Power	Point	presen-          Iraq, assisting in developing a bachelor’s        the set up of any average online course,
an emphasis in criminal justice.                    tations, online discussion groups, e-mail         degree program for an Iraqi police pro-           giving the undecided student a better look
    This program is designed for students           contact with an instructor, term papers           gram. He trained Kurdish police in basic          at what a course would be like.
who plan to continue their educations at            and online exams.                                 and advanced law enforcement services.                The Web page even offers an example
four-year colleges or universities.                     Students complete classes in forensic            Now he’s teaching four online classes and      schedule to help aid students in planning
    At most institutions, including the             investigation, constitutional law, ethics in      one face-to-face class here at the college.       their	courses	efficiently.
college’s academic partner, St. Martin’s            criminal justice and more.                           “It was an exciting opportunity for me             The college offers the online degree
University in Lacey, students will be                   Online courses teach the same lessons a       to be involved with the creation of this          for less than $100 per quarter credit for
able to transfer into another school at the         student would face in a classroom setting,        program,” Belden said.                            Washington residents and less than $115
junior level.                                       but with the convenience of completing               For students who are still unsure if           for out-of-state students, costing substan-
    In order to earn this degree, students          coursework without a structured time.             they will succeed taking online courses,          tially less than many other institutions.
must complete 30 criminal justice cred-                 But just like any traditional class, in-      the criminal justice Web page at www.                 Financial aid and scholarships are also
its and 60 credits of general education             structors have a syllabus with due dates          criminaljustice.centralia.edu offers some         available for those who qualify.
coursework.                                         for assignments and tests.                        insight.                                              For more information contact Gilbert-
    The other option is earning an Associ-              According to the criminal justice on-            Associate professor Greg Gilbertson            son in TEC 154, at ext. 663 or by e-mail
ate of Technical Arts degree in criminal            line Web page, someone enrolled in an             welcomes visitors to the Web page in              at ggilbertson@centralia.edu.

          Fall quarter honor students named
     the following full-time students earned a 4.0 grade point       drew keahey, shannon kirk, noah kline, tim kolberg, david          son, James matson, steven trent, Janina Wheeler.
average during fall quarter 2007. the students listed completed      lamb, kellie lund, ashton mckenzie, daniel mcmahon, tiffany           oakville: shannon christensen, Jesse gleason, sasha
a minimum of 12 college credits.                                     morrissey, de rosas ortiz, alicia parnel, Jeremy phillipi, mary    penn-roco.
     Centralia: andrea arteaga, Janet butterworth, sherri caton,     schlarbaum, Justin sexsmith, andrew Wallace, Jace Water-              olympia: sarah block, bailey hall, brandon hicks, kelsey
shannon good, marie Jenkins, cathleen mcnally, nicholas              man, James Wilson, elizabeth Witt, kelly Worthey.                  movius, rebekah richardson, ryan Watts, leon Wint, brian
melhart, kimberly milton, frederic noreau, Janice sathre, and            Chehalis: colton charlton, kari ciolli, becky cordrey-short,   Wolph, robin Wulff.
christopher stone.                                                   shelan davis, ricky ford, erin galarza, lexi anna garrity, chel-      onalaska: Chelsey Buffington, Ashley Dougherty, Teri
     Chehalis: geah betts, dale bozarth, michael Justice, rae-       sie Griffith, Lara Holt, Sheena Hunziker, Golnaz Koloushani,       germann, mirna giron-roque, chris lloyd, paul luster, evan
ann lobaugh, charles parsons.                                        katherine lee, Jon lewis, thomas marcus, dale morrison, nina       marienthal, amy thayer, stephanie Wickert.
     Cinebar: erin snodgrass.                                        nishiyama, kirsti nixon, Jason olson, Janice roberts, chris-          Pe ell: Jacob baggenstos, paul macdonald, aaron phelps,
     Curtis: Jennifer peterson.                                      tine ross, Jessica sanchez, ryan sanchez, brett shepherd,          lacee tolliver, lindsey Vetter.
     glenoma: ashlie montgomery.                                     lucas strohbach, erika studeman, kimberly Witham, kellyn              rainier: michael goold, Jamie m sutton.
     onlaska: tonya brown, randall paquette, ryan succo.             Wohlwend, brittany Woods, Wyatt Zuber.                                rochester: Jacob ames, kate cushman, alicia foster,
     rochester: eric corrigan, michael lovejoy, adam peterson,           Cinebar: Jason bren, rebecca chapman, eric coyner.             stephanie foster, ayla lewis, lindsey miller, carrie pichler.
allicia peterson, nicholas Wyatt.                                        Curtis: sandy moon.                                               Shelton: tamara cowles, rodney tennison.
     Toledo: leanna elofson.                                             doty: Jody lusk.                                                  Silver Creek: Joanna Jones.
     Winlock: stanley dittrick, lindsey hoogkamer, Joyce mc-             elma: trevan boling, Jack e cissner.                              South Bend: lacy kooiman.
coy, bryan strozyk.                                                      ethel: Josh stephens.                                             Tenino: megan batten, laurie batten, teresa butler, levi
     the following students earned at least a 3.74 gpa during            glenoma: Jennifer montoure.                                    danzer, candice madore, cameron meinberg, christina san-
fall quarter and completed a minimum of 12 credits.                      Hoquiam: karisa mccoy.                                         chez, molly yoder.
     Aberdeen: chris burns.                                              Lacey: kendal clement., bridget Whaley.                           Toledo: kellie hedgers, bethany holmes, sara opsitnick.
     Adna: shereen bennight, brian ford, devon kuhlmann,                 McCleary: travis self.                                            Tumwater: michael ince, micah pong, rachel raatz.
christine anderson.                                                      Montesano: brian tole.                                            Vancouver: Jeff hayden.
     Centralia: heather burns, sailas chimukho, Jeneane, click,          Morton: Jeremy lenz, lynda nanney.                                Winlock: stefani coleman, robin eichhorst, nathan heish-
Jill fuller, melissa garrison, Joel goff, stephanie heck, Wilfredo       Mossyrock: mark hopkins, Qingyu ming.                          man, polly mackenzie, sarah marsyla, Victor ramirez.
henriquez, ashley hodge, cecelie Jones, claudia Juarez, an-              Napavine: dora hodgson, austin Jenson, christiane John-           yelm: kelley chaney.
Page Ten                                                                blue & gold                                                     February 2008

            blue & gold                                                                 What do you
                         editorial board                                               think about the

                       Amanda Boyce, associate editor
                       Christina Crea, associate editor
                                                                                        Running Start

                       Becki Curfman, associate editor
                       Charlie Parsons, sports editor
State should contribute more                                                                        “I wish I would have had the same op-
                                                                                                 portunity when I was in school 30 years
to fund Running Start program                                                                    ago!” – Judith Cissner

    Sitting in on any Centralia College class will promptly reveal that a
variety of personalities and viewpoints are represented here.
    Looking around the room, you might see Vietnam veterans, young
mothers, former TransAlta workers – and high school students.
    Some of these teenagers are earning both college and high school credit                         “It is a very cool program, but if they
tuition-free through a state program called Running Start.                                       take it lightly they can cause a lot of issues
    As long as they attend class and maintain acceptable grades, high school                     because of immaturity.” – Tyler Crocker
juniors and seniors can come to the college and take as many classes as
they want to buy books for.
   	At	first	glance	it’s	a	brilliant	idea,	but	underlying	issues	have	been	cause	
for complaint by the colleges offering the program.
    Current state funding for Running Start covers only 60 percent of the
cost to educate each student. The rest of the money comes from state fund-                         “It is a very good program, not that I have
                                                                                                 done it myself. I thought of doing it when I
ing and tuition paid by traditional, non-Running Start students.                                 was in high school.” – John Faas
    Full-time traditional students pay about $2,500 per year in tuition. In
addition, the state gives the college about $4,500 for each full-time stu-
    For each Running Start student attending the college, the college receives
about $3,750 from the state but receives no tuition from the student.                               “I have a very high opinion of Run-
    This is a $3,250 disparity between the revenue a traditional student                         ning Start students. They are dedicated to
generates and the revenue a Running Start student generates, and the col-                        achieving their goals and are very capable
lege must absorb that difference.                                                                and willing to complete educational goals
    This situation is unfair to all of the students involved, as well as the col-                above the normal 16- to 18-year-old-high
                                                                                                 school student.” – Michelle Frederick
    We believe Running Start is an important aspect of the college, and
bringing high school students into our classes adds to the dynamic and
diversity of the college population.                                                                	“I	think	it’s	fine	unless	they	fill	classes	
    Running Start also provides a once-in-a-lifetime academic opportunity                        that actual college students want. I also think
for high school students who may not have otherwise gone to college                              that if college boys accidentally hit on un-
because	of	financial	reasons.                                                                    derage Running Start kids they shouldn’t be
   	Running	Start	is	a	beneficial	and	worthwhile	program.                                        punished or thought of as creepy or weird.”
    However, colleges should not have to rely on traditional students’ tuition                   – Matthew Mehi
to help pay for these high schoolers.
    The State Board of Community and Technical Colleges has asked the
state for $7 million in funding for Running Start this year. The money
was not in Gov. Christine Gregoire’s budget proposal in December, but                               “I feel that Running Start students bring
the board has hope that the Legislature will approve the funding when its                        a lot to college. Many are high achieving in-
budget is released in March.                                                                     dividuals who take on a challenge and set a
    If the state is going to pay for high school students to go to college, it                   great	example	for	others.”	–	Zachary	Pilz
needs to pay in full.
    No institution should be punished for providing a service such as Run-
ning Start to its students.
                                                                                                              oTHer VIeWS
                                                                                                  Policing the Internet
                                                                                                    Forty-nine state attorneys general and MySpace last
                                                                                                month agreed on a set of protocols that would ostensibly
                                                                                                make the online community a safer place.
                                                                                                    Under the pact, MySpace will implement several
                                                                                                measures	that	will	make	it	somewhat	more	difficult	for	
                                                                                                strangers to reach children using the online community.
                                                                                                    When it comes to protecting children online, these
                                                                                                steps will likely have the practical impact equivalent to
                                                                                                taking your shoes off as you pass through airport secu-
                                                                                                rity. Nettlesome and attention-grabbing, but probably
                                                                                                ineffective at restraining the targeted population.
                                                                                                    Adolescents already use e-mail addresses that their
                                                                                                parents don’t know about. They already misrepresent
  LETTER WRITERS:                                                                               their ages online, because they know that minors are
                                                                                                barred from certain types of content.
  All letters must be submitted by 10 a.m. ten days prior to the publication date. Let-             Combining the fear of strangers abducting children
  ters must be typewritten (double-spaced) and are preferably received by e-mail. E-mail        with the mysterious world of the Internet makes for a
                                                                                                great headline. The fact is, however, when it comes to
  letters to bluegold@centralia.edu. Post letters to the blue&gold, Centralia College, 600
                                                                                                sexual assaults on children, 93 percent of the offenders
  Centralia College Boulevard, Centralia, Washington 98531. Letters should be less than         are either family members or acquaintances of the vic-
  300 words and must include the writer’s real name, address and valid phone number (for        tim, according to data from the Department of Justice.
  verification). Please write to the reader rather than to a specific person. The blue&gold         Going after the bogeyman of online sexual predators
                                                                                                of children may make us feel good, but it does little
  reserves the right to edit for length, style, grammar, libel and matters of taste. The next   to address the larger and more relevant issues around
  scheduled edition of the newspaper is Friday, March 7, 2008.                                  families and child safety.
                                                                                                                   – From the Minneapolis Star Tribune
Page eleven                                                                        blue & gold                                                                          February 2008

                                           FIRST PERSON
                  Go ahead: Make my Valentine’s Day
   Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, ladies, and       Valentine’s Day. She wanted dinner; I wanted to eat and        be disappointed on a Valentine date with me. Otherwise,
I know you’ve all got the image of the perfect day in           get it over with. Well, she got what she wanted, and the       you’ll	have	to	outline	something	specific.
mind.                                                           bed all to herself that night. I got to play video games           That whole thing about doing a job yourself if you want
    A light breeze sends the cool February air nipping at       without having to worry about her asking whether or            it done right? It applies to Valentine’s Day, too. If you give
the end of your nose, but you and your man are close,           not I was coming to bed. Win-win, right?                       us a list, there’s a lower probability for failure to deliver
hands held snuggly together as you walk through a park             Wrong.                                                      on our end. And anything we might manage to add on our
with the dwindling sunlight sparkling on the horizon.              Not that I think appealing to anyone about it will do       own accord can only enhance the experience.
    Just as the sun sets, you stop beneath an early blos-       any good, but I call for abolition of the tyranny that is           It also eliminates the problem of having to guess or
soming apple tree and move closer still                         Valentine’s	Day.	It’s	like	the	official	strong-arm-a-man	      think too hard. I may not be that old guy from e-Har-
to one another. As he leans toward you                          day. It’s a day with a built-in ultimatum: Be this or be-      mony, but I know that if you have to think too much or
and touches your cheek, you shiver more                         gone. It isn’t fair. Sniff, sniff.                             stress about giving a gift or being romantic by appoint-
at the sudden warmth rushing through                               What’s the point of it anyway? Do you think you need        ment, then maybe things aren’t as hunky-dory as you’d
your body than you ever did for the icy                         to mark a day for romance because you’re afraid you’ll         like them to be.
winter weather.                                                 get none otherwise?                                                	So	do	us	a	favor.	Put	those	copies	of	“The	Notebook”	
    Ah, how sweet.                                                 My own trouble is that sometimes I just don’t know          and	“The	Lake	House”	away	for	a	while.	Pop	in	some-
    But that probably isn’t what he’s Charlie Parsons           what to get or where to go for Valentine’s Day. Sure, I        thing like “Army of Darkness” or “Dirty Harry” a week
thinking.                                                       might know what she likes, but that doesn’t mean I know        in advance. Take notes if necessary.
   	I	mean,	maybe	that	stuff	works	out	pretty	well	the	first	   what she wants.                                                     Don’t get me wrong. Men are obsessed with women.
Valentine’s Day in a relationship, but it doesn’t last.            So, ladies, give us a few pointers. Make some sugges-       But we’d rather be heroes or renegade cops than strategiz-
    And that is where things go wrong for guys on “im-          tions or something. Like what you want to eat. Where           ing our next surprise candle-lit dinner or waiting in line at
portant” days like Valentine’s Day. We’re thinking more         to pick you up. What to bring. How to dress.                   the	flower	shop	for	a	dozen	chemically	engineered	roses.
about scoring than actually wooing a woman. And once               You know, everything.                                            So please, give us a break on Valentine’s Day. Be-
we’ve got you pinned down, romance isn’t always on                 I can’t speak for everyone, but in my own case, if          sides, you still have your birthday. And the anniversary.
our minds.                                                      you	want	to	sit	close	in	front	of	the	fireplace	and	play	      And Christmas.
    Like the time I took my girl to the truck stop for          some Gears of War or watch Hot Fuzz, then you won’t                 We’re sure to get one of them right.

December’s flood helps put life in perspective
    My life is busy.                                            like to have a younger sister around the house.                   	This	tear-filled	statement	made	my	heart	ache:	“Every	
    Besides my classes, I juggle my work on the newspa-             I will be honest – I initially perceived her as an in-     time I think about it, I get this feeling in the pit of my
per,	an	internship	at	the	coroner’s	office,	rehearsals	for	a	   convenience.                                                   stomach that he chose beer over his own daughter.”
play, church responsibilities and a job – not to mention            I could not do whatever I wanted because she fol-              All I could do was hug her.
spending time with family and friends.                          lowed me everywhere I went and wanted to do every-                 The next day when her mother came to pick her
    It’s easy for me to think that nobody realizes how          thing I did.                                                   up, her mother told her they had lost everything in the
hard I work.                                                        Soon, however, I began to be impressed by her ma-          flood.	
    So, when things go wrong I feel a need to make sure         turity.                                                            I saw the same brown eyes well up with the same sad
everyone	understands	how	difficult	it	is	                           Yes, she did little girl things. She would run and slide   tears as the night before.
to be me.                                                       in	her	socks	on	the	wood	floor	in	the	dining	room,	and	            It was in that moment that I began to think: How dare
    However, my views changed when                              she would play “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” over and         I whine about my comfortable life when there are 9 year
Lewis	County	flooded.                                           over on her violin, but she had a mindset far beyond that      olds who must overcome such devastating adversity?
   	During	the	flood,	my	father	worked	at	                      of most 9 year olds.                                               This child sat in front of me, asking her mom how
the sheriff’s emergency control center.                             In conversation, she showed knowledge and wis-             they were going to afford to eat because she knew they
    There he met a woman whose grand-                           dom.                                                           didn’t have enough money.
daughter was stranded alone in a house Becki Curfman                During her third night at my house, she began to tell          How could I possibly think I have a right to complain
just down the road from ours. The girl’s                        me about her life, beginning with a story about one of her     about the pressures of my life?
mother was working in town and could not drive home             favorite stuffed animals – a brown bunny named Bunny               My views about people have changed since those few
through the water.                                              Fufu that her father gave her when she was a baby.             days with my new friend.
    My dad asked my mom and me to pick the girl up.                 She told me that after her parents divorce, her father’s       I constantly remind myself that I do not know what
    We grabbed our jackets and, after a quick assessment        girlfriend stole the bunny. She sat on my bed and began to     other people deal with every day.
of the rising water, decided to take my dad’s truck.            cry. I was shocked – I hadn’t expected to be a counselor.          I can’t count how many times I’ve caught myself with
    We forded the river that was forming over our road              For nearly two hours she talked about her parents’         a grievance on my tongue that I have forced myself to
and rescued her. On the drive home, I realized that she         divorce and her father’s alcoholism. She said her mother       swallow.
might be staying with us for a few days. I am the young-        had told him not to drink while she was over, but he did           Yes, my life is busy, but thanks to that strong little
est child in my family, and I wondered what it might be         anyway. Now she can no longer visit him.                       girl, I’m no longer complaining.

               Friends, neighbors assist flood victims
    A blanket of snow covered Lewis County on Christ-                It was simply devastating for the economy and, most       all day dedicating their time to help others.
mas day.                                                        of all, the people.                                                 One day at the center there was a room of black bags
   Having a white Christmas for once was a fantastic                 Imagine having all of your belongings, maybe even         filled	with	donated	clothes,	house	supplies	and	canned	
surprise and I had fun enjoying it.                             your presents and Christmas tree, ruined by unexpected         food.
    After all, having snow on Christmas day around here         water coming into your house.                                       The next day, the room was nearly empty with only
doesn’t happen very often.                                          	There	was	no	real	warning	that	it	was	going	to	flood	     a few bags left.
    Yet I felt it had an even bigger meaning.                   because it all happened so fast.                                   	People	 worked	 all	 day	 folding	 and	 sorting	 clothes	
   	There	were	so	many	victims	of	the	flood	this	year	               One minute I was driving to the college in the pouring    and loading up trucks with supplies.
in Lewis County, and many of those af-                          rain,	and	the	next	I	was	finding	out	college	was	closed.	          Some families would come into the center from time
fected did not have the Christmas they                          I even had to take a back road to return to my house.          to time to get supplies they desperately needed, such as
were accustomed to.                                                  In a matter of 30 minutes one of the roads that goes      food and clothing.
    Some did not even have their own                            to	my	house	was	closed,	so	the	flood	this	year	definitely	          While folding some clothes, I noticed a young woman
home to celebrate Christmas in.                                 didn’t take long to happen.                                    looking for maternity clothes.
    In that case, I’m glad this year nature                         	Imagine	 not	 having	 flood	 insurance	 because	 you	          It was heartbreaking to see her having to go through
decided to give us an abundance of snow                         would’ve	 never	 dreamed	 that	 it	 would	 flood	 in	 your	    the	flooding	of	her	home	and	a	pregnancy	at	the	same	
on Christmas day.                           Christina Crea
                                                                house.                                                         time.
   	Thinking	about	the	snow	and	flood	                               Or even losing your whole farm and the animals in              But the center, which was stocked with clothes for
victims also made me think of how lucky I am that I             it in which you dedicated your life to.                        everyone, did have a maternity box with the clothes she
wasn’t	affected	by	the	disastrous	flood.                             Those are just two of the many sad scenarios that         needed.
    There’s no such thing as it could never happen to me        happened	with	the	flood.                                           	If	the	flood	did	not	affect	you,	then	try	to	help	out	by	
these days because the unexpected really does happen                	So	be	thankful	if	your	house	didn’t	get	flooded,	and	     donating some money or even just volunteering for an
every day.                                                      if	your	house	did	get	flooded,	there	is	hope	for	a	new	        hour at one of the many volunteer shelters.
   	Places	that	have	never	been	expected	to	flood	did	this	     beginning – starting this new year.                                 It really does make a difference.
year.                                                                For everyone that has been affected, there are many            With this new year, a new bright beginning can start
   Wal-mart, Home Depot, Quizno’s, Yard Birds and               generous people who care and want to help.                     for those who have lost much in their lives and those
so many other big and small businesses were affected                 I visited the United Way Volunteer Center in Chehalis     that didn’t lose anything can be thankful for the things
as well.                                                        a few times and I saw people who were there literally          they still have.
Page Twelve                                                                     blue & gold                                                                        February 2008


            Music propels Kale Lotton’s life
                  by amanda boyce                                Besides the sax, Lotton also plays piano, both electric     “I’ve never really tried singing before, but I felt it
    With a bounce in his step, a saxophone in his hand        and acoustic guitar, bass guitar and has recently been      was time I learned how,” he said. “It will help with
and melodies on the mind, Kale Lotton lives a jazz-           taking vocal lessons.                                       my composing.”
centered life.                                                   He learned how to play the keyboard when he was a           Lotton has played in numerous groups with all sorts
    Lotton, 20, Centralia, has made music his obsession       junior at Centralia High School where he formed a band      of people, never knowing what gig he will play next.
and is constantly thinking about composing and playing        with his friends.                                              “I	just	float	around	from	group	to	group,”	he	said.	“I	
songs.                                                                                                                    prefer it that way.”
    “Sometimes it feels like I have a disorder that hasn’t                                                                   Currently	he	is	 part	 of	a	group	 called	Margo’s	 Pet	
been discovered yet,” Lotton said. “Wherever I go, I          “Wherever I go, I can’t help but walk Peeves.	Members	include	Jace	Waterman,	Milo	Mullins,	
can’t help but walk in time to the rhythm of a favorite       in time to the rhythm of a favorite tune Jesse Horwath and Luke Dietz.
tune or some developing song in my head.”                                                                                    They have
                                                              or some developing song in my head.” a wedding andperformed at the at a restaurant opening
                                                                                                                                            will be playing
                                                                                                                                                                Matrix, Chehalis Fest,
   Lotton	first	knew	he	wanted	to	become	a	musician	
his senior year of high school.                                                                                           in Oregon.
   “Something inside of me just clicked,” Lotton said.                                                                       Lotton has used his talents to get involved with not
                                                                  “We weren’t very good, but it was fun,” Lotton
“I realized that there is nothing I’d like to do more than                                                                only the music scene, but also the community.
make music.”                                                                                                                 He is one of the assistant managers at KB Toys and
                                                                   His music training began in high school with band
   For fun, other than practicing, he will sit down and                                                                   every year during the winter months, they raise money
                                                              instructors Calkins, Don Jacobson and Louie Blaser.
“write blind” as he calls it.                                                                                             for the Toys for Tots organization.
                                                                  He received saxophone lessons from Jacobson for
   “Writing blind means I will write a piece without refer-                                                                  “Last year a co-worker and I began playing at some
                                                              a brief time his sophomore year. Jacobson helped him
ence to a piano or any other instrument,” Lotton said.                                                                    of the toy drive events outside of our store to attract
                                                              learn more about scale structure and how scales correlate
   Once he gets a page or two complete, he will go home                                                                   attention,” Lotton said. “We also increased donation
                                                              with songs, said Lotton.
and play what he has written.                                                                                             money by throwing a case out. It’s always fun to play
                                                                  His senior year, Blaser took over the teaching position
   “Sometimes the outcome can be really bad, though                                                                       some Christmas carols for a good cause.”
                                                              and pushed Lotton to get out of his shell and try a solo.
a lot of times it helps produce ideas I never would have                                                                     Some musicians Lotton looks up to are Johnny Cash,
                                                                  He had always wanted to solo, but never had the guts,
imagined,” Lotton said.                                                                                                   Prince	and	Billy	Joel.	
                                                              Lotton said.
   Composing has turned into an obsession for Lotton                                                                         “It’s a strange list, but I like their individual sounds,”
                                                                  “I wouldn’t say I was forced to do it, but Mr. Blaser
since he came to the college. Taking music theory in                                                                      he said.
                                                              insisted and I’m really glad he did,” Lotton said. “He said
fall 2006 with Dr. Donna Huffman, professor of music,                                                                        Lotton also admires the work of singer and pianist
                                                              if I wanted to be able to say I was a jazz musician, I’d
helped him expand his knowledge of music structure                                                                        Ben Folds.
                                                              better learn to solo, and since then I’ve made tremendous
and composing techniques.                                                                                                    “Besides	enjoying	his	music,	I	tend	to	find	certain	
                                                              improvement in my playing abilities.”
   Huffman took note of Lotton’s love for compos-                                                                         aspects of his life similar to mine, giving me the thought
                                                                  After graduating, Lotton took both graduation that I could some day possibly ‘make it’ in the competi-
ing, improvisation and his dedication to improve his          money and funds saved from work to buy his own tive music world,” he said.
techniques.                                                   saxophone.
   “Kale is good at improvisation because deep down he                                                                       Lotton describes his personal music style as jazzy,
                                                                  “That summer I took a few lessons from Louie, which but he also appreciates classical rock.
is a composer,” Huffman said. “Every great jazz musi-         helped me with improvisation,” said Lotton.
cian must love the creative process.”                                                                                        “I’d	like	to	think	I’m	pretty	fly	for	a	white	guy,”	Lot-
                                                                  He also has taken jazz band with Huffman, which he ton said with a smile.
   Huffman found him to be an enjoyable student to            found incredibly challenging and enjoyable.
teach.                                                                                                                       Lotton advises beginning musicians to have fun and
                                                                  “She’s really encouraging and always apt to give just keep playing. “Take every opportunity you can to
   “I	think	Kale	is	one	of	the	most	considerate,	unselfish	   positive reinforcement,” he said. “I believe I could gain experience,” he said. “Take lessons, join a band,
musicians that I have had the opportunity to instruct,”       speak for everyone from jazz band when I say we’d be or simply jam to your favorite songs.”
said Huffman. “He could be considered shy, but I believe      lost without her.”
that ‘reserved’ would be a more accurate description,”                                                                       Lotton has recently undergone a challenge that po-
                                                                  Huffman enjoyed having Lotton in her class as well tentially threatened his music career. Last February he
Huffman said.                                                 and was pleased with his willingness to learn and have had	a	Spontaneous	Pneumothorax,	or	in	simpler	words,	
   The	first	instrument	Lotton	learned	to	play	was	alto	      a good time.
saxophone	in	the	fifth	grade.	                                                                                            a collapsed lung.
                                                                  “Kale has a very courteous, respectful attitude toward      “Since then I occasionally have chest pain from time
   “I had an old horn that barely held together,” Lotton      others	which	reflects	in	his	playing,”	Huffman	said.	“He	 to time, which is called pleurisy,” Lotton said. “It’s a
said. “I played that through my sophomore year.”              also demonstrates a good sense of humor in his impro- bummer since I’m mainly a wind player, but I’m not
   His junior year, Gary Calkins, his band instructor,        vised solos. His ability to share his ideas lends itself to going to let something like that keep me down.”
gave him the opportunity to switch to tenor sax using         a very gracious, smooth style.”                                His family has been incredibly supportive of his
a school horn.                                                    He has recently decided to expand his repertoire of work.
   “Once I switched to the tenor my skill began to grow,”     instruments to include his voice.                              “My mom and dad have always believed in me,”
Lotton said.                                                      “This quarter I have begun taking vocal lessons from Lotton said. “So has my extended family.”
   The sax is Lotton’s favorite instrument and the one        Wayne	Bloomingdale	who	teaches	at	PLU,	where	I	plan	           Lotton is excited to move forward in his career as a
he has put the most work into.                                to transfer,” Lotton said. “Already my abilities have musician.
   “Kale loves to play his instrument,” Huffman said.         increased greatly, but I think anyone’s would because          At	 Pacific	 Luthern	 University	 he	 will	 study	 music	
“Some musicians practice out of need and diligence,           he’s such a talented man.”                                  composition	and	possibly	get	into	film	composition.
Kale practices because he simply enjoys that particular           Lotton took choir last year from Huffman which was         “I’m planning on getting my bachelor’s degree spe-
instrument.”                                                  his	first	time	being	a	part	of	any	vocal	ensemble.		        cializing in music composition, but I might possibly
                                                                                                                          continue afterwards for a higher degree,” Lotton said.
                                                                                                                             Lotton doesn’t want to play in only one place or with
                                                                                                                          one group.
                                                                                                                             “I’ve always liked the thought of being a drifter, trav-
                                                                                                                          eling and performing at any coffee shop or venue I come
                                                                                                                          across along the way,” Lotton said. “I also wouldn’t mind
                                                                                                                          taking over the bald guy’s band on Letterman’s show. I
                                                                                                                          find	him	kind	of	annoying.”
                                                                                                                             Wherever Lotton ends up, one thing is sure, he will
                                                                                                                          be making music.
                                                                                                                             “As long as I’m playing jazz and writing songs, I’ll
                                                                                                                          be happy,” he said.
                                                                                                                        amanda boyce

SAXoPHoNe PLAyer and composer, Kale Lotton, 20, finds music to be the most relaxing part of his life. Lotton has
dedicated himself to becoming the best musician he can be and sharing the joy of music with others.
Page Thirteen                                                                      blue & gold                                                                             February 2008


           Sia’s new album eccentric, diverse
           by amanda boyce                      Real	Problems”	should	only	help	further	        trying to get through to a man that she          add another page on/It appears to me
    Artists in the music world strive to        her career.                                     loves him. He can’t seem to understand           the graph has come and stolen all the
show their talent, creativity and individu-         “The Girl You Lost To Cocaine” has a        the simplicity of love and has to make           laughs/It appears to me the pen has over
ality and South Australian artist Sia has       catchy toe-tapping sound and showcases          things complex.                                  analyzed again,” illustrate her growing
succeeded on her colorful new album,            Sia’s jazz background. The song is about           Her	lyrics,	“You’re	a	difficult	equa-         frustration with his distraction from her
“Some	 People	 Have	 Real	 Problems,”	          a woman who feels she is babysitting her        tion with a knack for heart evasion/             romantic intentions.
which was released in the United States         man. He is clearly not willing to change        Will you listen to my proof or will you              “I Go To Sleep” is a lovely ballad that
Jan. 8.                                         or improve himself and the whole ordeal                                                          embodies the pain of love. It paints the
    The album is eccentric and diverse and      is too much for her. She decides to stop                                                         picture of someone going to bed at the
creates a tapestry of stories and sounds for    enabling him and leave.                                                                          end of the day feeling lonely, wishing that
the listener to enjoy.                              Sia sings, “So just cut me loose, learn                                                      someone special could hold her tight.
    A few powerful songs show Sia’s             to tie your shoes/There’s somebody here,                                                            The song is mystical enough to sound
ability to “belt it” and are quite effective.   I’d like to introduce/So look in the mirror,                                                     like nighttime and it has a nice waltz
The album also has some rather dull,            look for the glass/’Cause you’re not my                                                          beat to make it even more romantic. The
uninspired tunes that are disappointing         problem, you are my last.”                                                                       piano trickles like stardust, and violins
considering Sia’s potential to capture a            The song illustrates the mixed feelings                                                      help move the song forward and build to
unique sound.                                   of frustration and empowerment of break-                                                         the chorus where Sia proclaims, “I was
    Sia’s voice isn’t classically beautiful,    ing a relationship.
                                                                                                                                                 wrong, I will cry/I will love you till the
and she could certainly learn more about            “You Have Been Loved” is a power-
                                                                                                                                                 day I die/You were all, you alone and no
diction, but she knows what breath sup-         ful and heart-breaking song. The lyrics
                                                are tender and sad, reminiscent of a lost                                                        one else/You were meant for me.”
port means and her voice has a depth and
edge all its own.                               love. She wants the best for this person,                                                           	“Playground”	is	a	unique	piece	and	of-
    The transitions between rich, deep          though her hope has been shattered.                                                              fers a bizarre picture that Sia paints all too
soulful tones and softly mumbled lyrics             She sings, “The bitter-                                                                      well. The song is about wishing to stay a
make Sia a vocalist unafraid to let her         ness and anger left me long ago/                                                                 child forever, and unlike every other song
talent and style show.                          Only sadness remains/And it will pass.                                                           written about never wanting to grow up,
    Sia is best known for the song “Breathe     You will be loved by somebody good.”                                                             “Playground”	 is	 almost	 mechanical	 in	
Me” from 2004 album “Colour the Small               Sia slips into a 1920s torch-singer style                                                    tempo with lyrics that are whimsical and
One.” It was aired on “Six Feet Under”          that expresses her mournful resignation                                                          mischievous, suggesting a fun, atypical
in	the	2005	season	finale	and	helped	res-       that works brilliantly for the mood of                                                           childhood.
cue her career and gave her the publicity       the song.                                                                                           	Overall	the	album	is	a	difficult	one	to	
needed to gain popularity in America.               “Academia” is probably the cleverest                                                         forget. It’s one of those “you love it or
                                                                                                SIA will perform at the Wonder ballroom
    “That song basically saved me from a        song on the album, lyrically if not other-                                                       you hate it kind of experiences.”
                                                                                                in portland at 8 p.m. feb. 19. tickets are
lifetime of dog-breeding in Australia,” Sia     wise. The melody reminds one of a tick-         $15. call 503-284-8686. she will perform             Sia is supported by Sam Dixon on
said in an interview with Nic Harcourt on       ing clock. The song’s theme focuses on          at the showbox in seattle at 8 p.m. feb.         the bass, Gus Seyffert on guitar, Brian
KCRW.                                           a parallel between mathematics and love.        21. advance tickets are $16 and $18 at the       Lebarton on keyboard, Oliver Krause on
    The	 songs	 on	 “Some	 People	 Have	        The lyrics express how she is going crazy       door. call 206-628-0301.                         cello and Felix Bloxsom on drums.

     College launches new recycling program
          by becki curfman                      campus, and it will be up to staff and          requirements made by the Department of           a loading dock had to be built behind the
    Sustainability, carbon output and re-       students to make the extra effort to put        Ecology	 and	 Environmental	 Protection	         Pro-Tech	building.	The	materials	needed	
cycling have been central topics around         their recyclables into the right container,     Agency.                                          to build the ramp could not be delivered
campus this year.                               said Bob Audet, director of custodial and           Organic waste is ground and tightly          until	after	the	floodwaters	had	subsided.
    Just as students are learning about         grounds.                                        enclosed in a large bin to prevent the              The program is expected to be running
what they can do to care for the environ-          LeMay will pick up the materials and         release of gases into the air. Computers         by Feb. 1 and, despite the complications,
ment, the college will begin to do its part     transport them to a sorting facility in         then monitor the amount of oxygen in the         Audet has high hopes for its success.
by launching a new two-part recycling           Tacoma to be recycled.                          bin	and	automatically	“feed”	a	specified	           “I’m excited about the prospect of the
program this month.                                The second part of the program will          amount of oxygen to the bacteria com-            whole recycling program,” said Audet. “I
    New technology and waste reduction          convert natural and biodegradable waste         posting the material.                            think	it	will	benefit	everyone	involved.”
centers have made the program possible          into compost at one of the most cutting-            Audet hopes to buy composted soil from
by providing outlets for more types of          edge organic processing facilities avail-       SSO for use on the campus grounds in order            Recycling facts
recyclable waste than before.                   able, said Audet.                               to “complete the recycling circle.”                 Washington state recycled a total of
   	The	first	phase	is	designed	to	process	        “This new facility is state-of-the-art,”         The cost to start and maintain the new       2,998,428 tons of materials in 2003. Al-
co-mingled trash.                               he said. “There’s nothing like it in the        program is slightly higher than that of the      most 31 percent of that total was paper.
    Co-mingled trash consists of plastic,       country.	Probably	in	the	world.”                college’s previous trash removal system,
                                                                                                but Audet believes taking care of the               Seventy-five percent of a tree har-
aluminum and paper products that are               The Silver Springs Organics facility in                                                       vested for paper does not wind up as
now being accepted by LeMay Inc.                Rainier features technology that has made       Earth will be worth it.
                                                                                                    “We’re doing it because it’s the right       paper product.
    Receptacles for these products have         the composting process more environ-
been placed near the trash cans on              mentally friendly in accordance with new        thing to do,” said Audet. “Not because it           One ton of paper requires the use of 98
                                                                                                costs less.”                                     tons of various resources.
                                                                                                    The program’s debut was scheduled               Paper	 made	 from	 recycled	 paper	 in-
                                                                                                for	Jan.	1,	but	the	recent	flooding	delayed	     stead	 of	 virgin	 fiber	 requires	 70%	 less	
                                                                                                organization and construction.                   energy. – Washington State Department
                                                                                                    In order to transport the waste materials,   of Ecology

                                                                                                SADV helps victims of domestic violence
                                                                                                           by amanda boyce                          Officers	of	SADV	are	Dora	Hodgson,	
                                                                                                   Domestic violence happens all the time        president;	Jennifer	Pesterfield,	vice	presi-
                                                                                                to men, women and children of all ages.          dent; and Susanne Weil, club advisor.
                                                                                                   There are plenty of organizations to             For more information on domestic
                                                                                                help individuals who have fallen victim          violence issues, advice on getting help, or
                                                                                                to this widespread crime.                        questions about SADV, contact Hodgson
                                                                                                   You just have to know where to look.          at	dmhodgson2006@yahoo.com	or	Pes-
                                                                                                   The Students Against Domestic Vio-            terfield	at	j_m_sarthou@yahoo.com.
                                                                                                lence Club is here to let the campus know           You can also visit the SADV Web site
                                                                                                who they are and that they are here to help,     for further information at www.freewebs.
                                                                                                said	Jen	Pesterfield,	club	vice	president.	      com/sadvccc/index.html or visit their
                                                                                                   “Awareness is our goal,” said Dora            Myspace page at www.myspace.com/
                                                                                                Hodgson, club president. “You’d be sur-          sadv_ccc.
                                                                                                prised at how many people keep quiet
                                                                                                about their abuse situations and it doesn’t        Domestic violence facts
                                                                                                have to be that way.”                               Women are most vulnerable to vio-
                                                                                                   SADV is prepared to help victims of           lence when separated from their intimate
                                                                                                domestic	violence	find	a	safe	way	out	of	        partner. The second most vulnerable
                                                                                                their situations.                                group are those who are divorced. This
                                                                                                   “Most people just need to be informed         can discourage women from leaving
                                                                                                about the options they have and the agen-        their abusive partner, out of fear that it
                                                                                                cies out there that can help them,” said         will increase their risk of victimization.
                                                                                                Hodgson.                                         – Feminist Majority Foundation
Page Fourteen                                                                     blue & gold                                                                                         February 2008


       Koloushani challenges stereotypes
              The story that brings her here is one of diplomatic disputes, dramatic political change
                         and the ability of citizens to bridge gaps created by governments.
                by Joseph robinson                                “I want to e-mail him now!” she said.                                     day visit the land in which he had grown up so Geist
    Golnaz Koloushani has received some strange ques-             Her father tried to calm her down with assurances that                    invited Koloushani to visit her in Chehalis.
tions about her homeland since she arrived in America          soon they would take the time to write her newfound                              While visiting, Koloushani told Geist of her lonely days
last year.                                                     brother a letter.                                                            in	London,	working	while	trying	to	find	time	to	study.
    “Do you walk around with guns? Do you get around              The idea of a brother she had never met who was                               Geist invited her to stay.
with camels?”                                                  living in America would allow the imaginative youth                              Koloushani had always thought of the United States
    Those are among the most laughable inquiries posed         no rest. That night Koloushani couldn’t sleep.                               as a great place with vast opportunities for people to earn
to this student from The Islamic Republic of Iran.                The two siblings, born in an ancient land but living                      their livelihoods or receive an education.
    Koloushani, 23, wishes Americans knew more about           in the age of information, were reunited virtually.                              So she accepted the offer and applied for another visa.
Iran, the Iranian people and U.S. policy toward her               Through e-mails Koloushani kept in touch with her                         This one would allow her to continue her education in
country.                                                       half brother in America. Farhad had made a career as                         accounting here.
    	Koloushani	does	not	fit	the	stereotype	of	people	from	    a diver in San Diego. They had never met, so Farhad                              She toured the country as she waited for a response.
the	Middle	East.	She	is	a	Persian	raised	in	the	posh	sub-      invited his little sister to visit.                                              This time, the visa application was accepted and in
urbs of Northern Tehran by a family that protected and            She applied for a visa, but was rejected.                                 the fall of 2007 she began her American education at
spoiled her, a family she describes as “westernized.”             One day, she became worried when Farhad’s name                            Centralia College.
    	Though	Koloushani	has	trouble	finding	time	to	pray	                                                                                        After being raised in Tehran and living in London,
five	times	a	day,	she	is	a	Muslim.                                                                                                          it has taken some time for Koloushani to adjust to life
     She is, in fact, a child of The Islamic Revolution.                                                                                    in Chehalis.
    The story that brings her here is one of diplomatic                                                                                         She describes the small town lifestyle as “relaxing.”
disputes, dramatic political change and the ability of                                                                                          On	the	weekends	she	visits	friends	in	Portland	and	
citizens to bridge gaps created by governments.                                                                                             Seattle.
    It started in the deserts of Eastern Idaho in the                                                                                           She keeps in contact with the Iranian-American Com-
1960s.                                                                                                                                      munity Alliance of Seattle, a group whose vision, accord-
    There	Morteza	Koloushani	met	his	first	wife	at	a	col-                                                                                   ing to their Web site is to foster “a vibrant, active and uni-
lege party while attending The University of Idaho.                                                                                         fied	Iranian-American	community	in	greater	Seattle.”
    Morteza and Marles Geist were enjoying a two-year                                                                                           Koloushani said that the other mission of the group is
relationship when he was summoned back to Iran. He                                                                                          to inform Americans about who Iranians really are. The
returned home immediately to resume his career in the                                                                                       deep cultural heritage of Iran that goes back thousands
Iranian navy.                                                                                                                               of	years	to	the	Persian	empire	is	a	culture	that	Americans	
    He and Geist kept in touch and eventually he invited                                                                                    know little about.
her to visit his homeland. The visit lasted longer than                                                                                         She has her work cut out for her.
expected.                                                                                                                                       Ignorance that breeds misconceptions, stereotypes
    As their love grew stronger, Geist began to develop a                                                                                   and even fear are alive and well in Lewis County.
new	love	for	the	ancient	Persian	culture	that	surrounded	                                                                                       Once, a bus driver asked the young woman with
her. She converted to Islam, and in 1970 they married.                                                                                      the caramel complexion if she was Mexican. After the
    Farhad Koloushani, Golnaz’s half brother, was born                                                                                      driver guessed several other Latin American countries,
seven years later. Two years after that, The Islamic                                                                                        she revealed to him her nation of origin. Then, a fellow
Revolution began.                                                                                                                           passenger came to her aid declaring that, yes, he had
     Though she was now a Muslim, Geist, like other                                                                                         heard of Iran, it was somewhere in Europe.
                                                                                                                          Joseph robinson

Westerners, no longer felt safe on the streets of Iran.                                                                                         In another incident while she was waiting for a bus,
She decided to go home and she took Farhad with her.                                                                                        she was confronted by a man who presumed to know
    Other Americans were not as lucky.                                                                                                      about her by judging her appearance. It was a cold day,
    As the world watched the hostage crisis unfold, few                                                                                     and Koloushani, who usually goes without a head scarf,
understood	the	causes	of	the	fierce	anti-Americanism.          goLNAz koLouSHANI works on assignment in Wash-                               had wrapped herself up to keep warm.
    Geist and Farhad returned to Washington state and          ington hall before class. koloushani has found it neces-                         “Do you know if there are any mosques around?” he
waited for the day the family could be reunited.               sary to dispel many myths about her iranian homeland.                        asked in a mocking tone.
    The day never came.                                                                                                                         Fortunately, most of her interactions have been
    Instead, Geist came to Lewis County to work at             had not appeared in her inbox for a few days.                                positive.
Providence	 Hospital	 and	 Farhad	 started	 grade	 school	        In an e-mail from his mother, she received the tragic                         As she attends classes and learns more about America,
in Chehalis.                                                   news. Thinking she had made an error in translation,                         her classmates learn as well. They learn that not all
    As	the	firm	hand	of	Islam	began	to	unify	Iran,	Morteza	    Koloushani consulted a dictionary. She hoped she had                         people from the Middle East are like the “bad guys”
and Geist decided to divorce, but they remained in con-        misunderstood the meaning of the English word “lost.”                        they see on TV.
tact for the sake of their son.                                Her brother, Farhad, was lost in a diving accident.                              “She’s not like what you hear on the news and what
    Morteza remarried and in 1984 his new wife gave               They would never meet in person.                                          people say,” said Frances Hodges, 18, a classmate of
birth to his second child, Farhad’s half sister, Golnaz           Later, when she turned 18, looking forward to the                         Koloushani. “She’s a person.”
Koloushani.                                                    challenge of independence, she moved to London to                                With each new friend there is an opportunity for the
    As it once was in this country, divorce is a touchy        study accounting at the Financial Training Company.                          outgoing and assertive Koloushani to dispel the myths
subject in Iran, so Morteza did not speak much of his          She lived on her own without her parents’ guidance and                       created to justify hawkish foreign policies.
first	 family.	 Koloushani	 remembers	 the	 day	 she	 first	   help for four years.                                                              “Iranians are nice, normal people and do not hate
learned she had a brother.                                        She was glad to be taking care of herself but some-                       Americans,” said Koloushani. “There is a minority of
    “The day I found out I was so excited,” she said.          times became lonely. Though her brother was gone,                            Iranians who hate the American government. But anyone
    She wanted to bridge the gap of time and distance          Koloushani kept in touch with his mother.                                    with a just a piece of a brain can understand the difference
that instant.                                                     It had been Farhad’s wish that his sister would one                       between hating a government and hating its people.”

Boeing engineer discusses robotics with club
                  by christina crea                                 He’s fascinated with how many things robotic sensors                        The global position system is part of a robotic sensor,
    It wasn’t a typical meeting for the Electronic Club        can do nowadays.                                                             even though it doesn’t look like a robot.
Jan. 17.                                                            Robotic sensors provide feedback for the machine so that                    Sensors a robot can have include visual, color, mag-
    That’s because Boeing Engineer Steven Kaehler              it is aware of what’s happening and to allow interaction.                    netic and orientation.
presented “robotic sensors” to the club and others at-              Kaehler describes how robots can do many tasks                              Kaehler is not only interested in studying robots, he
tending.                                                       such as security, surveillance and exploration of areas                      also enjoys teaching other people about things that may
    Kaehler has 23 years of experience in the Defense          that may be too dangerous for people.                                        seem complicated.
and Space Group as well as environmental, static fatigue            Their sensors even respond to sensory items such as                         He did lots of research on fuzzy logic, which is a
and fuel systems.                                              light, proximity and physical and environmental activity.                    problem-solving control system that approaches prob-
    Cal Taylor, the club’s advisor, said that he knows most         “Sensors make it so that the robot can respond to so                    lems and mimics how a person would make decisions,
students work long hours and have a lot of responsibility      many things,” Kaehler said.                                                  only much faster.
when it comes to work and school.                                   Kaehler also described how robots can even perform                          Kaehler said many people found it confusing, so he
   	That’s	why	instead	of	planning	a	field	trip	to	go	up	to	   activities that people do, such as play soccer.                              wrote a six-page article on fuzzy logic hoping to explain
Boeing, he decided to bring Boeing to the college in order          He described how people have put different colored                      it in simpler terms.
for more students to have the opportunity to attend.           posts	around	each	corner	of	the	soccer	field	and	let	the	                        “I have actually received many e-mails stating that
    Taylor wanted Kaehler in particular since he had           robot differentiate between the colors as to where the                       it was easier to understand, so I’m happy about that,”
experience and could inform students about the newest          goal is.                                                                     said Kaehler.
trends when it comes to the latest technologies in the              Yet robotic sensors don’t necessarily look like robots                      His article can be found at www.seattlerobotics.org
electronics	field.                                             people usually see on television.                                            under encoder, original encoder index page link, March
   Kaehler has been building robots since high school               For instance, global positioning systems seem to be                     1998 issue link and then under the Fuzzy Logic Tutorial-
and is a member of the Seattle Robotic Society.                used everywhere these days, especially in cars.                              An Introduction link.
     blue & gold
Page Fifteen

                         Charlie Parsons, sports editor      February 2008      SportS
Coach to break 200-win mark
   Lady Blazers head coach Gary Viggers
is on track to reach yet another milestone
by	becoming	the	first	Centralia	College	
coach to win 200 games in his career.
    Viggers, along with his assistant coach
Dave Brown, already has the most wins
in school history with 193 in addition to
his record four 20-win seasons. He has
guided the Blazers to eight consecutive
winning seasons while averaging 19.7
wins per year.
    Despite the marks, it is just another
day	at	the	office	for	Viggers.
    “It’s my first long stint as a head
coach,” Viggers said. “You see these guys
on TV who coach for big colleges reach-
ing these huge milestones and you think
‘that’s endurance, that’s stability,’ but it’s
not something you think about as a coach
until you get there.”
Hall of Fame luncheon
   The Athletic Department will hold its
annual Hall of Fame luncheon Feb. 23 at
2 p.m. in the school cafeteria.
    The luncheon will honor former
Centralia College athletes who have con-
tributed to their teams and communities.

                                                                                                                                                                                             charlie parsons
Honorees include Alan Allie, William A.
Luond, Sara R. Wilcox and Jerry Wood.
    Allie, who attended Centralia from
1961-62, was an all-state baseball player
for two years with the Blazers and went            MoST oF THe MeMBerS of the lady blazer basketball team have a history of competing against one another, now they work
on	 to	 teach	 for	 20	 years	 in	 the	 Pe	 Ell	   together to keep the team competitive in conference play. members of this year’s squad are (from left) teresa gaul, alysha kofstad,
                                                   Jill fuller, amanda atcheson, ali matisons, mandy mcfadden, frannie morrison, lacey mitchell, deanna riffe, brittany duerr, corina
School District.                                   allen and megan peabody.
    Luond attended Centralia from
1968-70. He played second and third base
for the Blazers and was the 1970 league
batting champion with a .389 average. He           Former high school competitors now
                                                   teammates on Lady Blazer squad
spent many years coaching both football
and baseball in Centralia.
   	Wilcox	was	an	NWAACC	first	team	
all-league basketball player and member                    by charlie parsons                  school, she was the one who always shot              That transition is still challenging for
of the Blazer golf team from 2000-02.            Frannie Morrison still laughs about           the 3-pointers and beat us.”                      even the most gifted players.
She was voted most inspirational player      the time she had to guard 5-foot-4 Corina            Fuller and Aberdeen’s Ali Matisons                “Your work ethic goes up,” Allen said.
for the Blazers and helped the golf team     Allen back in high school.                        also played against one another.                  “Playing	with	so	many	talented	players,	you	
win the league championship in 2002.             “It was supposed to be a mismatch, since         “We	 didn’t	 like	 each	 other	 at	 first,”	   have to work harder to get what you want.”
    Wood played basketball for the Blaz-     she couldn’t shoot over me,” the 6-foot-1         Matisons said. “We were kind of rivals               Morrison agrees.
ers while achieving his associate’s degree   Morrison said. “But when she would box            and we had some close games. But now                 “Everything is much more up-tempo,”
from 1962-65. He taught for 30 years and     me out, she was so low I’d be tripping over       I love her – she’s like one of my best            Morrison said. “You have to make some
coached	fifth-and-sixth-grade	basketball	    her, so it ended up in her favor.”                friends. She hustles, rebounds and does           changes in order to get there.”
at Glenoma Elementary.                           Nowadays, Morrison is more concerned          what needs to be done.”                              Even though the challenges have become
   	A	fifth	nominate,	Dan	Hahn,	attended	    about helping Allen than stopping her.                Laci Mitchell remembers Matisons              tougher, Allen said that she enjoys it.
from 1969-71 and was an all-star athlete         Of the 11 active players on the Lady          as well.                                             “There’s a lot less drama on the team
in both baseball and basketball. Hahn has    Blazers basketball team, 10 of them have              “I used to hate her shot when we              compared to high school,” Allen said.
yet to accept the award.                     interacted one way or another with each           played against her,” Mitchell said. “It           “Nobody is being mean to anyone for any
    The inductees will also be honored       other through high school basketball. In          would make our team upset. We’d be yell-          reason – it’s a better atmosphere.”
during halftime of the women’s home          fact, some of the players played regularly        ing, ‘someone guard her!’ But now we’re              In fact, many of the players feel this
game against Tacoma.                         with or against each other throughout             yelling, ‘someone open her up!’”                  year’s team gets along better than any
                                             their high school careers.                            While most of the players have squared        team they have played with before.
Blazer Bill kid’s night                          Deanna	Riffe’s	White	Pass	team	regularly	     off against one another at some point,               “The team gets along well,” Allen said.
   Blazer Bill’s kid’s night is an evening   contended for the state 2B championship           some have had the opportunity to play             “We’re a very close-knit team. We have
of fun, prizes and most importantly, against Allen’s Mossyrock squad. Both                     alongside each other prior to joining the         to be serious on the court, but we can’t
basketball.                                  women played against Morrison and the             Blazers.                                          be serious all the time.”
   Children are encouraged to attend and Morton Huskies on a regular basis, as well.               Alysha	Kofstad	and	Megan	Peabody	                Even the returning sophomores are
support the team. Children under 12 must         Morrison said that playing together for       both played at Woodland High School.              impressed.
be accompanied by an adult.                  the Blazers after having played against           For the two of them, who have known                  “It’s	definitely	better	this	year,”	Mandy	
   The Centralia Trailblazers will play each other for the past four years seems               each other since kindergarten, one of the         McFadden said. “There is no drama at all.
the Lower Columbia Red Devils.               a little strange sometimes.                       lures of playing for the Blazers was the          There were some split groups of friends
   The games are Feb. 13 from 6-10 p.m.,         “After having heard scouting reports          opportunity to continue playing together          last year, but now everyone on the team
the women’s game is at 6 p.m. and the and playing against Deanna for four                      after high school.                                hangs out together – it makes everything
men’s game is at 8 p.m.                      years, I’m still kind of getting past the             Kofstad said that playing against some        more enjoyable.”
   A	raffle	and	prizes	will	be	awarded	at	 weird feeling of playing with her,” Mor-            of her new teammates in the past has giv-            The players all agree that the team
halftime for each game. The prizes will be rison said.                                         en her a better understanding of how they         has a greater sense of camaraderie this
C.C. athletic bags, C.C. shirts, basketballs     Despite having been rivals in the post        play	now,	but	that	she	and	Peabody	have	          season.
signed by the Blazers and a shirt donated for so long, Riffe is glad to have Morrison          played together for so long that reactions           Head coach Gary Viggers said that the
from Willy’s Sport Shop. Children do not as a teammate.                                        on the court are almost instantaneous.            bond the teammates share is a testament
have	to	pay	for	the	raffle.                      “She’s tall, so it was always hard to             “It’s	 almost	 telepathic,”	 Peabody	         to their ability to work as a team and set
   Tickets for the games are $5 for adults, score against her – she’d swat you – and           said.                                             an example for their peers.
free for Centralia College students with she was always one of the best players on                 Playing	with	and	against	one	another	            “We had a recruit come in and watch a
I.D. and $2 for students with I.D. from the Morton squad,” Riffe said. “She was                for so long has bred a mutual respect             game the other day,” Viggers said. “She
other schools.                               the one we had to watch out for.”                 amongst the team that was not always              said things like ‘Wow, you pass the ball
   Blazer Bill’s kids night is hosted by         Sophomores Jill Fuller and Teresa             fully realized until the players were play-       well’ and ‘You’ve got great teamwork.’
SAAT.                                        Gaul have their own memories of playing           ing alongside one another. That respect           It goes to show that the team gets along
   For more information contact SAAT against one another in high school.                       has helped make the transition from high          so well and has such a strong sense of
at ext. 275 or by e-mail at activities@          “It was bizarre playing with Teresa at        school to college level basketball easier,        teamwork that they make others want to
centralia.edu.                               first,”	Fuller	laughed.	“I	remember	in	high	      if only slightly so.                              play here.”
                                                                                   blue & gold

Page Sixteen                                                       SPORTS                                                                                                 February 2008


          Collins work ethic sets him apart
         by charlie parsons                           “He always hustles,” Breeze said. “He     many options for entertainment during            fans were all the parents – there was even a
    When Jeremiah Collins moved to               helps lift the mood of the whole team.”        his downtime.                                    lot of heckling. It’s weird to have a bunch
Centralia from Wasilla, Alaska, this past            	While	he	finally	decided	on	Centralia,	       “During Christmas break, we went to          of 40-year-old moms heckling you.”
summer, there were a few things he had           Collins didn’t expect to get much playing      the Capitol Mall every day for like two              When it comes to the team, though,
to leave behind.                                 time due to his height, but Marvel said        weeks straight, just to get out of town,”        Collins	feels	the	players	are	finally	com-
   Family.                                       that height isn’t what the 5-foot-10 Col-      Collins said.                                    ing together and playing well.
   Friends.                                      lins brings to a team anyway.                      The crowds at the games here are also            “We’re all from diverse backgrounds
    Even his normal sleeping pattern.                	“He’d	(Jeremiah)	be	the	first	to	admit	   a little disappointing, he said, compared        and different areas, but we all get along
    But he didn’t leave behind his hustle.       that he doesn’t have the                       to the turnout he was used to at Wasilla.        pretty well,” he said. “It weighs down on
    “He’s the type of guy who would run          height or the athleticism                          “We had some big crowds in high              us some when we’re losing, but we’re
through a brick wall if you asked him to,”       of some of the other play-                     school,” Collins said. “You would think          putting it together. We just need to build
Wasilla High varsity coach Jason Marvel          ers, but he has such a                         they would be mostly students, but the best      more	confidence.”
said, mirroring the opinion of Blazer            strong work ethic – his
coach Dave Klovdahl.                             whole family is like that,”
    Collins’ work ethic is what sets him         Marvel said.
apart from the average player, Marvel                 That work ethic has
said.                                            shown itself in Collins’
    “In my 10 years of coaching experi-          performance with the Blazers. Despite
ence, he’s the hardest worker I’ve ever          only averaging 2.7 points per game, his
had,” Marvel said. “If you could put his         staunch defensive presence is integral to
heart into a big-time player, you’d have         the team.
the next Michael Jordan.”                             His aggressive play led Collins to set
    Collins said that a big reason he tries      a high school record for most fouls in a
so hard at what he does is his upbring-          day with 14. As a freshman at Wasilla,
ing.                                             he was a member of the C-team, JV, and
    “I was the youngest of four boys –           varsity squads – all in the same season.
nothing came easy,” Collins said.                Due to rules, though, a player could only
    Collins also draws motivation from           play six quarters per day.
some of the adversity he has experienced.             “I fouled out in the C-team game, then
His brother, former Wasilla assistant head       I fouled out in the JV game and I had four
coach Jake Collins, was seriously injured        fouls in the varsity game,” Collins said
in a hunting accident in August 2006.            laughing. “I doubt anyone will ever break
    The accident put Jake into a coma and        that record.”
when	he	finally	awoke,	he	had	to	relearn	             When it comes to Centralia and Wash-
how to walk and talk. While he has made          ington state in general, Collins feels a
a steady recovery since, Jeremiah hasn’t         little homesick.
forgotten how hard the experience has                 “I hate the rain,” he said. “It never
been for himself and his family.                 stops. And, I’m always tired. There isn’t
    In fact, Collins wears number 34 in          this much daylight this time of year in
honor of Jake’s high school number, and          Alaska, so I don’t sleep as much.”
the ordeal has had an impact not only                 Centralia and its lack of entertainment
on his work ethic, but also on his life in       or	sunshine	didn’t	score	a	very	good	first	
general.                                         impression with Collins or his room-
    “If Jake can go through something like       mate.
that, I’ll do a set of lines,” he said, refer-        “Me and Devin decided to check out

                                                                                                                                                                                             charlie parsons
ring to running sprints during practice.         town	when	we	first	moved	here,	just	to	
“It was tough, but it has really been a          kill time,” Collins joked. “Two minutes
character builder.”                              later we were back – at least we didn’t
    Roommate and teammate Devon                  spend much on gas.”
Breeze thinks that Collins is a solid ad-             Collins said that being so far from his   MArquIS MATHeWS drives around a south puget sound defender Jan. 9. the blaz-
dition to the team.                              friends and family has left him without        ers lost the game 93-87.

                                                                MeN’S BASkeTBALL
Nonleague schedule proves difficult for Blazers
         by charlie parsons                      hard out there,” Klovdahl said. “We’re         as many as 23 before pulling close for a         points on only 8-of-24 shooting but had
   	After	finishing	1-8	during	a	tough	non-      working it out.”                               91-80 loss.                                      four steals for the Blazers.
league preseason, the Blazers have a lot         SWOCC                                              	Matthews	 recorded	 his	 first	 double-         The Blazers were eliminated from
to prove in the NWAACC West.                         The Blazers kicked off the preseason at    double with 24 points, 10 rebounds and           the tournament Dec.15 by the Mt. Hood
    Coach Dave Klovdahl said that despite        home against Southwestern Oregon Nov.          four assists. Rogers and Graham scored           Saints 76-68. No statistics were available
playing	well,	the	team	has	to	finish	strong	     17. Despite leading 49-41 at halftime, the     18 and 16 respectively.                          for the game.
in order to win games.                           Blazers couldn’t maintain the lead in the      Shoreline                                        Whatcom
    “We’ve played some good halves, but          second half, trailing by as many as 13 en           With Centralia halfway underwater               A valiant effort by the Blazers wasn’t
we’re not playing hard the whole game,”          route to a 101-94 loss.                        due	 to	 flooding,	 the	 Dolphins	 put	 on	 a	   enough consolation to keep them warm
Klovdahl said. “We aren’t putting it to-             Riippi had 32 points and three steals      performance that would have made Flip-           on the ride home as they lost to the Orcas
gether in the second half and have been          and Robbie Graham had 19 points on             per proud as they drowned the Blazers            81-75 Dec. 19.
going on some bad stretches.”                    6-of-10	 shooting	 from	 the	 field	 while	    83-60 Dec. 6.                                        Despite outshooting Whatcom 64.1
    The team has also endured a number           going 7-of-7 from the free throw line.              Due to the weather crisis, the Blazers      percent to 56.8, on top of shooting 55.6
of losses to the roster due to injuries.         Reggie Rogers recorded a double-double         had only seven players on hand, forcing          percent from beyond the arc, the Blazers
    A.J. Autin had knee surgery prior to         with 18 points and 11 rebounds.                most of the starters to play nearly the          weren’t able to overcome the Orcas.
preseason play and will not return to            Olympic                                        entire game.                                         Graham put up 22 points and swiped
the team this season. Clay Hughes has                The Rangers overcame a 16-point                 Graham had 18 points and Rogers             four steals while Matthews added 13
been	battling	illness,	and	Aaron	Phillips	       Blazer lead to come within one-point at        added	17.	Phillips	contributed	13	points	        points. Rogers and Khandzhayan each
sustained a knee injury in a game against        halftime, but it wasn’t enough as Centralia,   and Matthews chipped in 10 points and            added 11 points for the Blazers, who
Highline.                                        which	had	four	players	in	double	figures,	     seven rebounds.                                  dropped	their	fifth	straight.
    “He’s going to play through it, but it       prevailed 84-82 Nov. 28.                       SPSCC Tournament                                 Scottsdale Tournament
doesn’t help,” Klovdahl said.                        Riippi led all scorers with 23 points           The Blazers dropped two games dur-              A trip to the desert left the Blazers
    Johnnie Stroud and Albert Khand-             and Graham added 20. Matthews con-             ing	 the	 South	 Puget	 Sound	 Crossover	        thirsting for victory this holiday season
zhayan have also been unable to play for         tributed 16 points and seven rebounds          tournament Dec. 14-15.                           as they were choked out in both of their
various personal reasons.                        for the Blazers.                                   	Playing	with	only	eight	players	in	their	   games in Scottsdale, Ariz. Dec. 27-28.
    While the team is still working on staying   Yakima                                         first	game,	the	Blazers	were	not	able	to	           	Centralia	 dropped	 the	 first	 game	 to	
cohesive, Klovdahl said many players have            A loss to the Yaks in Centralia Nov. 30    hold off Columbia Basin. The Hawks               Scottsdale Community College 82-63
put forth some solid individual efforts.         still isn’t as embarrassing as playing for     outshot the Blazers 46.8 to 34.8 percent         and the second to Chandler-Gilbert Com-
    “(Jordan) Riippi is shooting well, Mar-      a team called the Yaks.                        en route to a 77-65 victory.                     munity College 93-79.
quis (Matthews) is attacking and getting             The Blazers, who shot only 40.9 per-            Graham led all scorers with 26 points           Complete statistics for the tournament
assists, and Joe (Nelson) is battling pretty     cent	from	the	field,	never	led,	trailing	by	   and added six rebounds. Riippi scored 19         were not available.
                                                                                   blue & gold

Page Seventeen                                                    SPORTS                                                                                                  February 2008


               Riffe brings agressive style of play
         by charlie parsons                     would go to either Yakima or Centralia,”        time because of basketball,” Riffe said.           “All of us get along really well and
    Last fall, Coach Gary Viggers had a         Riffe	said.	“I	finally	decided	on	Centralia	    “I’d rather play anyway – I don’t want          Coach Viggers is a good coach,” she
dilemma.                                        because it’s closer to home.”                   to get hurt.”                                   said. “He always comes up with a story
    Despite having a solid group of retur-          But after a few weeks of school, Riffe         When it comes to the team in general,        or quote before practice to help us focus.
ning sophomores and a strong contingent         felt she was missing something.                 Riffe has a lot of respect for her teamma-      He	manages	to	find	stuff	we	are	doing	
of freshmen, the Blazers were in need of            “I got kind of bored after school           tes and coaches.                                wrong to keep us getting better.”
a player who could add depth and tough-         started, so I decided to try out for the
ness to the post and wing                       team,” she said.
positions.                                          Riffe said the transition from high
   Then, only a couple                          school basketball to the college level has
of	 days	 before	 the	 first	                   been	difficult	but	worth	it.
preseason game, Deanna                              “It’s hard to get a starting spot with so
Riffe appeared.                                 many good, established players on the
    As a post player for                        team,” Riffe said. “You have to work and
four	years	at	White	Pass	                       practice harder if you want to play. In high
High School, Riffe played              Riffe    school, there aren’t as many players with
an important role in that team’s march to       this potential, so you don’t have to try as
the state 2B championship tournament            hard to make it.”
three of her four years there.                      Viggers said that Riffe has risen to
    Viggers said that despite Riffe’s late      the challenge of proving herself a quality
start, she brings a toughness to the team       player.
that he feels they may lack.                        “She was behind on her conditioning,
    “Having a player like Deanna on the         and she had to learn the offense and our
team adds depth and intensity to the            team system,” Viggers said. “But she’s
team,” Viggers said. “She’s a very phy-         caught up well.”
sical player. Teams have to have a level            The competitiveness of college-level
of toughness – Deanna brings that.”             basketball is what makes the game fun
   	White	Pass	coach	Tom	Kelly	agrees.          for Riffe.
    Kelly said even though the 5-foot-11            “The refs let you get away with a lot
Riffe played mainly post in high school,        more,” Riffe said. “I get to bang around a
she has the talent to extend to the wing        little more and I like to get the other team
postion.                                        riled up.”
    “She’s very strong and she’s got great          Riffe said that practicing with other
footwork,” Kelly said. “And she’s tough         talented players has improved her own
to defend. During practices, nobody             skills.
wanted to have to guard her.”                       “Now that I’m playing wing and post,
    Riffe’s strength and power were instru-     I’m seeing the court more and improving
mental	to	the	White	Pass	offense.               my passing,” she said.
    “We had a running team, and Deanna              The work is paying off for Riffe, who is
was our secondary break player,” Kelly          averaging	7.3	points	and	five	rebounds	per	
said. “She was the one barreling down the       game since league play opened Jan. 3.
lane and was a big part of the outcome of           When she’s not drawing fouls or gi-

                                                                                                                                                                                              charlie parsons
some of those series.”                          ving	defenses	fits,	Riffe	keeps	busy	off	
   Despite averaging 15 points per game         the court. In addition to working on her
and helping to lead her team to a seventh-      prerequisites for the nursing program, she
place	 finish	 in	 the	 state	 championships	   works part-time in the college library.
last year, Riffe didn’t initially intend to         In fact, she stays so busy she doesn’t
play college basketball.                        have much time for anything else.               ALySHA koFSTAd surveys the court as two clipper defenders try to box her in during
    “I decided during my senior year that I         “I like to snowboard, but I don’t have      a Jan. 9 game. the blazers cruised to a 60-43 win.

                                                           WoMeN’S BASkeTBALL

          Lady Blazers jump out to a 9-4 start
         by charlie parsons                     continue	to	work	with	the	team	and	fill	a	      Community College 75-68.                        Edmonds Tritons 69-36.
    At the start of the preseason, the Blaz-    role as an assistant coach.                          Complete stats for the games were not          Atcheson led Centralia with 15 points
ers were ranked seventh overall amongst             Viggers said his only gripe concerning      available.                                      and Corina Allen added 10.
NWAACC teams and second in the West             the team is that the women are too even-        Everett Tournament                                 	In	the	final	game	of	the	tournament,	
Division.                                       tempered on the court.                               A three-game stretch in Everett turned     the Blazers continued their dominance
    After a West-leading 9-4 preseason,             “They could play more intensely, more       in the Blazers favor Nov. 30-Dec. 2 as          with a 71-51 victory over the Southwest-
the Blazers dropped a notch to eighth in        aggressively out there,” Viggers said.          they managed to pull out two victories.         ern Oregon Lakers.
the league, but coach Gary Viggers thinks       “They get sort of timid against some of             	After	losing	the	first	game	to	the	Lane	       Atcheson led the team yet again with
the team is coming together well.               the better teams. But I think we are show-      Titans 71-63, the Blazers rolled over the       26	 points	 and	 11	 rebounds	 for	 her	 first	
    “Overall, it (the preseason) was pretty     ing signs that we’re a good team.”              Edmonds Tritons 83-48 behind Frannie            double-double of the season and was se-
good,” Viggers said. “We had a tough            Everett                                         Morrison’s 17 points and Mandy McFad-           lected to the all-tournament team. McFad-
schedule, but we played well.”                      The Trojans weren’t able to muster          den’s nine rebounds.                            den and Matisons added 10 and 12 points
    That tough schedule included third-         much protection against the Blazer’s pen-            On day three, the Blazers continued to     respectively as the Blazers improved their
ranked	Yakima,	fifth-ranked	Lane	and	a	         etrating offense Nov. 17 as Centralia won       dominate their opponents, lowering the          record to 7-3.
trip to California against teams the Blaz-      the preseason opener at home 95-63.             boom on the Chemeketa Storm 80-46.              Edmonds Tournament
ers had no opportunity to prepare for.              The Blazers led 48-25 at halftime and       Centralia never trailed, leading by as              After two crushing losses to Centralia
Despite it all, Viggers was impressed by        never trailed again, extending their lead       many as 38 points. Four Blazers were            already in the preseason, the Tritons had
the team’s performance.                         to as many as 37 points and outshooting         in	 double-figures	 as	 they	 improved	 the	    to have been getting tired of seeing the
    “We played very well against the Cali-      the Trojans 55.7 to 29.2 percent from the       team’s preseason record to 4-2.                 Blazers	by	the	time	they	hosted	the	final	
fornia teams,” Viggers said. “We beat San       field.                                          North Seattle                                   preseason tournament Dec. 27-29.
Diego 88-44, and we had a good second               Amanda Atcheson led four Blazers in              The Blazers unleashed a little thunder         The Bellevue Bulldogs played a
half against Lane.”                             double	figures	with	22	points	and	three	        of their own against a tough Storm team         close first game with the Blazers but
   	While	the	Blazers	finish	the	preseason	     steals. Teresa Gaul had 14 points, Ali          to win 69-65 Dec. 8.                            couldn’t stop them as Centralia, fueled
on a high note, they will be without guard      Matisons had 13 and Deanna Riffe added               Complete stats for the game were not       by Atcheson’s 19 points and Gaul’s 14
Brittney Duerr. After academic problems         10 points and six rebounds.                     available.                                      points, hung on to win 67-61.
stemming from her transfer from North           San Diego City College                          Walla Walla Tournament                              The Blazers lost the second game of
Idaho College kept her from playing                 A trip to sunny San Diego proved to be           The Blazers walked away from yet an-       the series Dec. 28 to Big Bend 81-68.
during the preseason, Duerr decided to          a productive trip for the Blazers as they       other tournament with a winning record,             Bouncing back from the loss to the
redshirt for the season.                        split a pair of games Nov. 23-24.               winning two-of-three Dec. 14-16.                Vikes, the Blazers punished a short-
   	“I	figured	I’d	rather	play	a	full	season	       The Blazers blew out San Diego Com-             	After	an	overwhelming	loss	in	the	first	   handed Edmonds squad Dec. 29, 70-45,
than just half of one,” Duerr said.             munity	College	88-44	in	their	first	game,	      game to the Yakima Yaks 77-56, the Blaz-        finishing the preseason on top of the
    Despite being off the court, Duerr will     but dropped the second game to Ohlone           ers bounced back Dec. 15 to dominate the        NWAACC West with a 9-4 record.
                                                                              blue & gold

Page eighteen                                                 SPORTS                                                                                                February 2008

                                                            MeN’S BASkeTBALL

       Team more cohesive after rocky start
         by charlie parsons                   mistakes.                                   NBA team that bears their namesake,              assists and burgled four steals.
    A rocky start to league play in the          “Our loss at LCC was disappointing,      staying just ahead of the Blazers en route       Lower Columbia
NWAACC West Division has not been             but we learned from it,” Klovdahl said.     to a 93-87 win Jan. 9.                               Riding high after their first league
enough to get the Blazers feeling down-       “We	hung	with	them	for	the	first	12	min-        Centralia never led despite having four      win of the season wasn’t enough Jan.
and-out.                                      utes, but we fell out of our rhythm.”       players	in	double-figures.	Rogers	led	the	       19 for the Blazers to overcome the West
    After an 0-3 stretch, the Blazers have       The team has also gotten a boost from    pack with 21 points and eight rebounds.          Division-leading Red Devils as they lost
battled back to win two of their last four    the return of Johnnie Stroud, who was       Riippi added 19 points and Graham and            77-46.
games to extend their league record to 2-5    unable to play due to academic reasons.     Matthews each contributed 16.                        Rogers led an offensively stymied
and keep themselves from being buried            For now, though, Klovdahl said the       Clark                                            Centralia team with 15 points on 7-of-18
at the bottom of the division.                Blazers will continue to work on mini-         	The	Penguins	froze	the	Blazers	in	their	     shooting. Riippi added 12 points as the
    Coach Dave Klovdahl believes that the     mizing turnovers and getting back on        tracks Jan. 12, dishing them a cold 81-73        Blazers fell to 1-4 in league play.
most important result of those wins has       defense, particularly on the outside.       loss at home.                                    Pierce
been the boost to morale for the team.           “We’ve been hurt by 3-point shoot-           Riippi had 22 points, Rogers added               Jordan Riippi and the Blazers shot a
    “We’re getting much better because of     ing,” Klovdahl said. “But we’re coming      17 and Matthews had 11 points and nine           smoking	 52	 percent	 from	 the	 field	 Jan.	
it,” Klovdahl said. “The team is playing      along. If we continue to play the way       rebounds as the Blazers lost their tenth         18, scorching the Raiders and cruising to
more cohesive.”                               we’ve been, we might be able to sneak       straight.                                        a 77-71 win at home.
    Klovdahl said that increased ball         up on some teams.”                          Green River                                          Riippi scored 30 points to lead all
movement has been the difference.             Highline                                        Centralia pulled out a stunning victory      scorers. Rogers added 21 points on 8-of-9
    “When we’re making that extra pass           The Thunderbirds spoiled Centralia’s     over the Gators Jan. 16, winning it in the       shooting and two blocked shots and Gra-
we tend to shoot the ball better,” Klovdahl   home opener Jan. 3 as they squashed the     last minutes 69-66.                              ham dished out eight assists to go with his
said. “We get the best possible shot down     Blazers 76-53.                                  The Blazers trailed the entire game,         10 points.
the court, and it has shown in our last few      Reggie Rogers and Jordan Riippi each     falling behind 13-0 to start the game.               The win lifted the Blazers out of last
wins.”                                        had 14 points for the Blazers. Robbie       After shooting only 34.4 percent from            place in the NWAACC West Division
    The team has worked on staying con-       Graham added 12 points and Marquis          the	field	and	trailing	by	eight	in	the	first	    with a 2-4 league record.
sistent, which Klovdahl said was one of       Matthews dished out eight assists as        half (32-24), the Blazers turned the tables
the main problems during the preseason.       Centralia dropped to 1-9 overall.           on Green River by shooting 68.2 percent
                                                                                                                                           Grays Harbor
The players are also gaining enough           South Puget Sound                           in	the	second	half	and	stifling	the	Gators	         	Four	Blazers	scoring	in	double	figures	
confidence to keep from dwelling on              The Clippers played nothing like the     defensively.                                     didn’t intimidate the Chokers much Jan.
                                                                                             	Riippi	led	four	Blazers	in	double	figures	   23 as they dominated Centralia 82-66.
                                                                                          with 17 points, Graham added 14 points               Rogers led the Blazers failing charge
                                                                                          and	Aaron	Phillips	contributed	12.	Rogers	       with 19 points and nine rebounds, Mat-
                                                                                          recorded a double-double with 16 points          thews added 16 and Graham had 15 for
                                                                                          and 10 rebounds and Matthews dished six          the Blazers.

                                                                                                                                                                                       photos by charlie parsons

BLAzer ACTIoN: starting above and moving clockwise, reggie rogers shoots over a defend-
er and robbie graham moves the ball down the court in a game against south puget sound
Jan. 9. in a contest with clark Jan. 12, Jeremiah collins looks to pass to a teammate.
                                                                                    blue & gold

Page Nineteen                                                     SPORTS                                                                                                   February 2008

                                                          WoMeN’S BASkeTBALL

         Blazers challenge for lead in division
         by charlie parsons                    win over West Division favorite High-             percent to only 19.2 percent. The Blaz-         (31-27), but were unable to take the lead,
    Off to a 6-1 start, Centralia is making    line.                                             ers increased their lead to 34-11 midway        suffering 25 turnovers and shooting only
plenty of headway into league play this             “We got a little greedy,” Viggers said.      through the second half before the Thun-        36.7	percent	from	the	field.
season.                                        “We’ve underestimated some teams that             derbirds pulled to within 17.                      	Atcheson	and	Peabody	each	added	15	
    The Blazers, who are ranked seventh        we shouldn’t have overlooked.”                    Clark                                           points as the Blazers fell to second place
overall in the NWAACC coaches’ poll,                With only one loss in league play so             Atcheson led three Blazers in double-       in the NWAACC West with a 4-1 record
sit in second place in the West Division.      far, though, Viggers is still pleased overall     figures	with	20	points	as	Centralia	clob-       in league play.
Despite the good start, coach Gary Vig-        with the team’s performance.                      bered	the	Penguins	69-51.                       Pierce
gers feels the team has a tough season              “Everyone is healthy, grades are                 Alysha Kofstad added 11 points, Jill            The shorthanded Raiders were no
ahead of them.                                 good,” Viggers said. “For now, everything         Fuller had 10 and McFadden grabbed              match for a Blazer team seeking redemp-
    “We’re still getting pushed around too     is good to go.”                                   seven steals as the Blazers improved to         tion	for	their	first	loss	Jan.	21	as	Centralia	
much,” Viggers said. “We need to be more       Highline                                          3-0 in league play.                             destroyed	Pierce	97-46.
physical, more aggressive.”                         The Blazers started league play in           Green River                                         The Blazers shot a blistering 59.2
    Viggers said that while the Blazers        good form Jan. 2 as they beat the top-               Centralia dished out a beating worthy        percent	from	the	floor	and	were	8-of-15	
have played well so far, that lack of inten-   ranked Thunderbirds 68-57.                        of Happy Gilmore Jan. 16, pounding the          from 3-point land while committing only
sity has hurt them against teams he feels           Centralia never trailed, leading 29-25       Gators 79-61.                                   15	turnovers	and	filching	22	steals.
they should otherwise have beaten. The         at the half and by as many as 14 points.             After leading by 10 points at the half,         	Atcheson	led	five	Blazers	in	double-
Jan. 19 game against Lower Columbia                 Amanda Atcheson led all scorers with         the Blazers surged on, leading by as            figures with 21 points and six steals,
was a perfect example of this.                 25 points and 12 rebounds and Mandy               many as 19 points before settling on 18         Peabody	added	16	points,	McFadden	had	
    “We got off to a bad start, but we also    McFadden added 10 points and eight                to win. Centralia forced Green River into       14, Matisons had 13 and Gaul added 11.
came out soft and timid where LCC was          rebounds as the Blazers improved to 1-0           37 turnovers and held them to only 43.3         Grays Harbor
aggressive,” Viggers said. “Once we            in league play and 10-4 overall.                  percent	shooting	from	the	field.                    Another game, another 50-point mar-
finally	 got	 going,	 we	 outplayed	 them,	    South Puget Sound                                    Atcheson	had	25	points	and	five	steals	      gin of victory.
but we already had too many missed op-             	Megan	 Peabody	 had	 10	 points	 and	        and Deanna Riffe added 12 points and                The Blazers won their second consecu-
portunities.”                                  six assists and Atcheson added 19 as the          seven rebounds for the Blazers.                 tive game by a margin of 50 or more Jan.
    Viggers said that the team has also        Blazers trounced the Clippers 60-43.              Lower Columbia                                  23, obliterating the Chokers 107-53.
let their guard down after having beaten            Centralia held the Clippers to 11 points        	Centralia	suffered	its	first	loss	of	the	       Matisons led the charge with 21 points
some tough teams, particularly after the       in	 the	 first	 half,	 outshooting	 them	 37.5	   season in league play Jan. 19, falling          on 8-of-9 shooting, going 3-for-3 from
                                                                                                 behind early to the Red Devils en route         beyond	the	arc.	Peabody	added	20	points,	
                                                                                                 to a 63-60 loss.                                Atcheson	had	16	points	and	five	assists,	
                                                                                                     The Blazers never led. After trailing       and McFadden and Riffe each pulled
                                                                                                 11-0 to start the game, they managed to         down 8 rebounds as the Blazers improved
                                                                                                 battle back to within four by halftime          to 6-1 in league play.

                                                                                                                                                                                               photos by charlie parsons

BLAzer ACTIoN: starting above and moving clockwise, in a Jan. 9 game against
south puget sound, deanna riffe takes it to the hoop between three clipper defend-
ers, Jill fuller clears some space for an open lane, and in a Jan. 12 game against clark
amanda atcheson prepares to pass the ball to a teammate.
Page Twenty                                                                            blue & gold                                                                            February 2008

       Musical comedy featured in February
continued from page 1                           “This is our Valentine’s present to Lewis college in the community.                   your face,” he said.
variety of dance numbers to offer includ- County.”                                             And the cast is looking forward to the    The cast of “The Nunsense Vegas Re-
ing jazz, ballet, tap, chorus lines and a hat      The second week of performances performances as well.                              vue” is Jana Tyrrell, Sister Mary Regina
and cane vaudeville act.                        will be held at the Lucky Eagle Casino         “There is a lot of energy onstage and (Mother Superior); Katie Medford, Sister
   “Each routine is different from the last,” in Rochester, which has never been done you never know what is going to happen Mary Hubert (Mistress of Novices); Sarah
Tyrrell	said.	“I	find	myself	saying	‘that’s	my	 before.                                     next,” said Katie Medford who plays Edwards, Sister Robert Anne (Streetwise
favorite one’ until I see the next one.”           “We rarely ever take a show on the road, Sister Mary Hubert. “The audience will nun from Brooklyn); Madison Bassett,
   Mark Huffman, professional choreog- but this play is perfect in a casino setting,” probably wonder, ‘What are they going Sister	 Mary	 Paul	 a.k.a.	 Sister	Amnesia	
rapher employed by Disney World, will Tyrrell said. “In turn, Lucky Eagle has to do next? Crazy nuns.’”                               (also the voice of puppet, Sister Mary An-
fly	 in	 from	 Florida	 Feb.	 2-5	 to	 choreo- never hosted a show that wasn’t their own       “The Nunsense Vegas Revue” is sure nette.); and, Megan Tyrrell, Sister Mary
graph the play.
                                                creation, so it’s exciting for both of us.” to entertain all who come, Tyrrell said.  Leo (nun who wants to be a dancer).
   “Mark always does a marvelous job,”
said Tyrrell. “He has a penchant for meld-         Tyrrell believes presenting the show at     “It should be really fun. You will go     Others who assist with the produc-
ing	dance	to	fit	a	specific	style	              the casino is a great way to represent the home whistling the tunes with a smile on tion are Chris Kenney, stage hand; Ryan
and	always	finds	a	way	to	get	                                                                                                                    Mortensen, MC; Jesse Glea-
                                                                                                                                                  son, stage manager; Sean
the maximum mileage out of
                                                                                                                                                  O’Neil, assistant stage man-
dancers who are a conduit to
                                                                                                                                                  ager; Ashlen Hodge, assis-
telling the story in a song.”                                                                                                                     tant stage manager/dresser/
   Dazzling song and dance                                                                                                                        understudy.
numbers are not the only way                                                                                                                          Opening night is Feb. 21
this musical connects with the                                                                                                                    at 7 p.m. in Corbet Theatre
audience, Tyrrell said.                                                                                                                           located in Washington Hall.
   The play has many ways                                                                                                                             The performance for Feb.
for the audience to partici-                                                                                                                      22 will be held at 8 p.m.
pate in the sisters’ adventure,                                                                                                                      Foundation Night is Feb.
including casino games such                                                                                                                       23 at 2 p.m. also in Corbet
as the “Holy Rollers Giant                                                                                                                        Theatre and tickets can only
Slot Machine” that Tyrrell                                                                                                                        be purchased by calling the
describes as a cross between                                                                                                                      Foundation at ext. 290.
a	slot	machine	and	“The	Price	                                                                                                                        A matinee will be present-
is Right.”                                                                                                                                        ed Feb. 24 at 2 p.m in Corbet
    “Our characters randomly                                                                                                                      Theatre.
start talking to the audience,”                                                                                                                       The second weekend of
Edwards said. “It’s really                                                                                                                        performances will be held at
fun.”                                                                                                                                             the Lucky Eagle Casino in
   The play is upbeat, the                                                                                                                        Rochester at 8 p.m. Feb. 29
songs are marvelous and the                                                                                                                       and 2 p.m. and 8 p.m. March 1.
nuns are endearing, Tyrrell                                                                                                                       Tickets can only be purchased
said.                                                                                                                                             through Ticketmaster.
   “Donna and I chose the                                                                                                                            Tickets are $10 for adults

                                                                                                                                                             christina crea
play because we wanted a                                                                                                                          and $8 for students and se-
musical comedy that would                                                                                                                         niors both at the Lucky Eagle
entertain the community,                                                                                                                          and at the college. The college
providing them a sense of joy                                                                                                                     box office opens for ticket
in what has otherwise been a FeATured IN “NuNSeNATIoNS! the nunsense Vegas review” are the sisters of the hoboken, n.J., order presales Feb. 4. Call the box
bleak couple of months for (back from left) Jana tyrrell and katie medford, (center) megan tyrrell, (front) sarah edwards and madison office to reserve tickets at
Lewis County,” Tyrrell said. bassett. the nuns will be performing their “sister act” feb. 21-feb. 24 and feb. 29-march 1.                         ext. 525.

         Winter quarter Lyceum lectures scheduled
           by becki curfman                         some of the history of environmental            way	 that	 dams	 have	 affected	 these	 fish	   of the wild.”
    Winter quarter brings a new round of            policy in the state of Washington from the      and what should to be done in order to              g March 5 – Biodiversity: Nature’s
guest speakers to the college’s Wednes-             late 1940s, as well as the issues that still    balance the need for nonpolluting renew-        treasure At risk. Science professor Lisa
day afternoon lyceum lecture series.                face our state today. He will use several       able power resources and protecting local       Carlson will address the issues that are
    The topic for this quarter is “Sus-             case studies from his personal experi-          ecosystems.                                     threatening a variety of living things in
tainability: The Shifting Dynamics of               ence to reinforce the way that ongoing             g Feb. 20 – Sustaining the Dream:            our state. She will address recent predic-
Power.”                                             political debates have hampered the care                                                        tions by prominent biologists and discuss
                                                                                                    Children and their World. To be an-
    Lecturers will be covering topics re-           of Washington’s natural resources. This                                                         preserving our natural heritage.
lated to those addressed at the Focus the           lecture will offer strategies to protect        nounced.                                            g March 12 – China: Slumbering
                                                                                                       g Feb. 27 – Wilderness in Nature:
Nation event Jan. 29-31.                            these resources more effectively.                                                               Giant.	History	professor	Jody	Peterson	
    Lyceum takes place in Corbet Theatre               g Feb. 13 – Salmon vs. Dams. College         reality and Metaphor. English profes-           will cover China’s role in global politics
Wednesdays from 1-1:50 p.m. and is open             president Jim Walton will talk about many       sor Don Foran will talk about poems and         in	 the	 21st	 century.	 Specific	 topics	 she	
to the public.                                      aspects of salmon and their importance          stories	that	discuss	nature.	He	will	specifi-   will discuss are the Chinese economy
   g Feb. 6 – Fish and Wildlife: policies           and	uniqueness	to	the	Pacific	Northwest.	       cally focus on those that touch on what         and	the	country’s	growing	influence	on	
and people. Greg Hueckle will discuss               He will draw particular attention to the        he believes to be “the values and virtues       world power.

      Another new building in the offing
continued from page 1                                   Not to say that the changes aren’t              The college hopes to have as many              Some of the new teaching techniques
    	The	Student	Programs	Office,	bookstore	        needed.                                         as 3,000 full-time students in 2013. Cur-       include holographic projections, col-
and food services would also be housed in               The college is the oldest continuously      rently there are about 2,500 full-time          laborative online research on Internet 2,
the new commons building but would not              operating community college in the state.       equivalent students.                            instant messaging and real time evalua-
be paid for by the same capital funding.            Kemp Hall was built in 1950 making it               The KSS project will not only increase      tion and assessment.
     One key feature of the commons build-          nearly 60 years old. The Student Services       the amount of room for new students, it            Students are looking forward to the
ing is a multipurpose room. The room                Building was built not long after in 1963.      also will change the way students learn.        new building.
would serve as a lunchroom in the daytime              	Both	received	severe	deficiency	scores	         Due to the rustic design of Kemp Hall,         “Right now it’s not much of a change
on weekdays and double as a banquet hall            based on the 2007 Facilities Condition Sur-     there are limitations to the amount of          from high school,” said Keshia Lucas,
nights and on weekends when the college             vey	performed	by	Pack	and	Associates.           technology that can be installed within         17, Chehalis. “The newer equipment
isn’t utilizing the space, said Ward.                   They recommend the buildings be             classrooms. The new building is designed        changes that. It makes the college more
     The 500-person multipurpose room               replaced, as renovation is not feasible.        with these changes in mind.
should be a welcome addition to the city.               The buildings are the last major struc-         “This building addresses initiatives to
     It would give the community some-              tures constructed by the college while it was   change the way we teach and learn. It will         If the KSS project is funded, the pre-
thing	 other	 than	 the	 Blue	 Pavilion	 at	 the	   part of the Centralia School District and       allow us to expand the use of technology        design	work	will	have	to	be	finished	by	
fairgrounds to host large banquets, Walton          were built to K-12 standards of the 1950s.      in the delivery of instruction, increase        the end of June. The actual design will
wrote.                                                  Those standards aren’t suitable for an      online courses and degree offerings,            be done in 2009 and construction would
     The new building will be located at the        expanding college community today, ac-          establish blended and hybrid offerings          begin in 2011.
southwest corner of the campus at the inter-        cording to the KSS project request report.      that include a combination of online and           “These are exciting and challenging
section of Walnut and Washington streets.               There has been a 22 percent increase in     traditional lecture modalities, and utilize     times for our students and us,” Walton
     This means the Health Science Annex            full-time students in the last 10 years and a   technology to enhance the learning styles       said. “It is encouraging that we will be
building must be torn down, along with Kemp         16 percent increase is projected during the     of all generations of students,” according      able to continue offering quality educa-
Hall and the Student Services building.             next 10 years, according to the report.         to the KSS project request report.              tion in equally quality facilities.”

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