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BERRY             FALL 2002                                             VOL. 89, NO. 1


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                 BERRY  CHRONICLE
                            FALL   2002                                                                                                 VOLUME        89,   NUMBER        1

                            RECIPE FOR SUCCESS BLENDS NEW VISION
                            WITH REVAMPED HISTORIC STRUCTURE
                                                                                               Dr. Jacqueline McDowell,          best resources in the world of education,
                                                                                               dean of the Charter School.       Charter School graduates will leave Berry
                                                                                               “Also at that time, the           able to make positive changes in the
                                                                                               opportunity to think about        school systems where they teach, Dr.
                                                                                               what we would want in a           McDowell said. “We tell our students, ‘You
                                                                                               facility to match the             need to be a change agent. You will be
                                                                                               program came to the               equipped to work in this manner, and we
                                                                                               forefront. So, we were able       hope that you would be a leader in your
                                                                                               to take a program and             school no matter how small the steps are
                                                                                               design a building around it       that you have to take to make changes.’
                                                                                               so that it could mirror the       We encourage our students to say, ‘I know
                                                                                               new kinds of teaching and         that integrated instruction is possible
                                                                                               learning that we were             because I’ve been doing it at Berry. Let’s
                                                                                               going to do.”                     start small, but let’s give some of these
                                                                                                   The resulting plans, cou-     new teaching innovations a try.’”
                                                                                               pled with those generated            Already, the Charter School is seeing
                                                                                               for the psychology pro-           the benefits of its new curriculum. While
                                                                                               gram, immediately gained          schools of education across the nation are
                                                                                               support from a longtime           struggling with declining enrollments,
                                                                                               friend of Berry through a         Berry’s is blossoming. “We have 100
                                                                                               gift of $5 million. “Fortun-      percent placement of our graduates,” Dr.
                                                                                               ately, a friend came for-         McDowell said. “We had to cut off the
                                                                                               ward,” Dr. McDowell said.         number of school districts coming to our
                                                                                               “We were able to have             recruiting fair at 52 because we just didn’t
                                                                                               them visit the campus, talk       have room.”
                                                                                               about the vision for the             Dr. McDowell added that she expects
                                                                                               school, and very quickly,         the positive trend to continue as the
                                                                                               we had a check to pay for         Charter School offers its first full slate of
                                                                                               the entire renovation.”           classes in the Cook Building this fall.
                            The Cook renovation features the latest technology—thanks to a         The Charter School’s          “We’re very excited that we have this
                            $425,000 grant from The Goizueta Foundation.                       vision is to graduate 100         wonderful new facility that will enable us

                            “T      he Cook Building”
                                       Does the mere mention of those
                                    words send Periodic Table symbols
                                                                              of the best-prepared new teachers each
                                                                              year. “These will be teachers who are
                                                                              grounded in the liberal arts, equipped to
                                                                                                                                 to reach our current goals. But we can’t
                                                                                                                                 stop there. The students we’re preparing
                                                                                                                                 now could easily still be in classrooms in
                            swirling through your mind and make the           use the latest technology and trained to           2036. We have to keep asking ‘what’s
                            air seem suddenly twinged with the                work in culturally diverse classrooms,” Dr.        next?’ We have to keep growing. The
                            pungent aroma of chemistry experiments            McDowell said.                                     building is just the beginning.” ■
                            gone by?                                             Because of their experience with the                                         — DAWN TOLBERT
                                Well, you might be surprised to learn
                            that those words will mean something                 COOK BUILDING OFFERS LATEST INNOVATIONS
                            quite different to future Berry grads.
                                                                                     • STATE-OF-THE-ART TECHNOLOGY — A $425,000 grant from The Goizueta
                                The former science and agriculture
                                                                                 Foundation equipped the renovated facility with the latest technology, including
                            building now houses the Charter School of
                                                                                 multimedia classrooms with projectors and screens integrated with in-the-room
                            Education and Human Sciences’ programs
                                                                                 computers, DVDs, VCRs, document cameras and total audio and video capabilities. A
                            in teacher education and psychology.
                                                                                 media production center gives students tools to meet performance-based assessment
                                But don’t think of the students huddled
                                                                                 requirements and to leave Berry with CDs demonstrating their professional skills.
                            around large lab tables. The building has
                                                                                     • TEXTBOOK REPOSITORY — Textbook publishers will send the latest textbooks for
                            undergone a complete transformation.
                                                                                 all grade levels to the Charter School, where they’ll be available in a library for review
                            Elegant curves — mirroring the exterior
                                                                                 by students and faculty.
                            serpentine wall — now define hallways
                                                                                     • DEMONSTRATION CLASSROOMS FOR BERRY COLLEGE MIDDLE SCHOOL — 6th, 7th
                            leading to some of the best-equipped
                                                                                 and 8th graders from Berry’s middle school will attend classes on the first floor of
                            education and psychology classrooms
                                                                                 Cook, allowing interaction between these adolescents and the college’s education and
                            anywhere. Laboratories have been
                                                                                 psychology students.
                            replaced with large classrooms that enable

                                                                                     • LEWIS AND RUBY HOPKINS SCHOLARSHIP GALLERY — Displayed will be photos of
                            team teaching and/or observation, small
                                                                                 current students who are receiving the more than 30 scholarships for education and
                            seminar rooms for break-out sessions and
                                                                                 psychology majors. The gallery, funded by a gift from the Hopkins, who are both
                            even two classrooms designed for use by
                                                                                 Berry alumni, recognizes and encourages student accomplishment.
                            6th, 7th and 8th graders at Berry College
                                                                                     • BRICK ARCHWAY AND STUDENT LOUNGE — Located just inside the new entrance
                            Middle School.
                                                                                 on the north side of the building is a brick archway that was part of the original
                                       “With the award of a substantial
                                                                                 facade, a constant reminder of the building’s history. The archway leads to the
                                    grant from the BellSouth
                                                                                 student lounge, designed to be the centerpiece of the building to remind all who enter
                                    Foundation, we recreated the
                                                                                 that students are the central purpose of the facility.
                            teacher education program,” said


                                                                                                                                                 ALAN STOREY
              AND IN OUR FUTURE

                     griculture has been a part of Berry   animal science. Therefore we reduced the      classroom education and frequent
                       since our earliest days. From the   dairy herd to 20 cows and used the            experience with animals. Students at
                         start, pragmatism and the         proceeds of the sale of stock to equip a      Berry spend more time with animals than
              educational needs of our students have       contemporary teaching and research            do many students in graduate animal
              determined its role. Agriculture was so      dairy at the Rollins Ruminant Research        science programs. About half of our
              significant at Berry in our early years      Center. [Read more about the new dairy        animal science graduates eventually end
              that Martha Berry will soon be inducted      and the Normandy restoration on pages         up in graduate or professional study. For
              in the Georgia Agricultural Hall of Fame.    4 and 5.]                                     many years, animal science has been
              Nearly 50 years after Berry students last       Berry has just appointed a specialist in   one of the most popular majors at Berry.
              ate what was grown on college farms,         plant science to our faculty who has held     We are confident that the new major that
              one could wonder if agriculture will         appointments in a school of agriculture       combines animal and plant science will
              thrive at Berry in the 21st century.         and an agricultural extension service.        be an even more popular choice for our
                 The history of agricultural studies at    Her arrival represents a shift from a         students.
              Berry has been a history of continuing       concentration upon horticulture toward a          The Berry agriculture faculty is made
              change. Berry’s fifth president, Dr. John    focus upon plant science as well as           up of five professors, three of whom
              Bertand, a former agriculture school         teaching and research in agriculture.         have won campus awards for excellent
              dean, was committed to a strong,             Berry students who wish to develop            teaching. The professors are assisted by
              balanced undergraduate college program.      expertise in horticulture can gain            seven staff members who manage dairy
              He transformed Berry into an accredited      valuable work experience on the college       and beef operations, the equestrian
              liberal arts college with professional                                                     center and horticultural greenhouses.
              programs in business and teacher                                                           These staff members serve as mentors

              preparation, one in which the agricultural                                                 and laboratory instructors to Berry
              sciences would eventually become a part                    As long as the                  students who learn from first-hand
              of the natural science curriculum. Under          environment matters                      experience in our various agricultural
              Dr. Bertrand’s leadership, the college                                                     operations. We anticipate making
              moved from farming and production to
                                                                   to us — that is,                      another agriculture faculty appointment
              classroom and laboratory studies in              air quality, wise uses of                 in the future to strengthen an already
              agriculture.                                    water and land resources,                  fine academic program.
                 As early as 1915, Berry had a model                                                         Berry is unusual in possessing a
              farm program in which exemplary
                                                               waste management, as                      28,000-acre environmental sciences
              farming practices were carried out. A           well as food production —                  laboratory. We have a fine new science
              major in agriculture dates to 1930 and           then scientific study of                  building and a strong natural science
              was offered until 1968. College catalogs                                                   program that is complemented by our
              from the early 1950s refer to a 50-acre
                                                                  agriculture will be                    strong program in agriculture. As long as
              vegetable garden and a 35-acre orchard,
              as well as beef, dairy, hog and poultry
              operations. The garden, orchard, hog and
                                                               important at Berry.
                                                                      — DR. SCOTT COLLEY ”               the environment matters to us — that is,
                                                                                                         air quality, wise uses of water and land
                                                                                                         resources, waste management, as well as
              poultry operations ceased after Dr.                                                        food production — then scientific study
              Bertrand became president.                                                                 of agriculture will be important at Berry.
                 Berry introduced two-year certificate     campus, at Oak Hill and in our                Indeed, agricultural studies at Berry have
              programs in animal, horticultural and        horticultural greenhouses, as do about        never been stronger, and prospects for
              dairy technology in the 1960s,               80 students annually. The campus, Oak         our second century look bright. ■
              converting them a decade later to two-       Hill and the college greenhouses                                      — DR. SCOTT COLLEY
              year associate of science degree             represent wonderful learning
              programs. The associate of science           laboratories.
              degrees were dropped in 1989. The               The college still maintains a large
              bachelor of science degree with a major      Angus herd that produces about 120              CHRONICLE

              in animal science was begun in 1975,         calves annually. The cows exist for the
                                                                                                                   FALL 2002 • VOL. 89, NO. 1
              and ornamental horticulture became a         academic program, and not vice versa.
              major in 1989. By 1993, that major had       Students learn genetics, anatomy and                    EDITOR
                                                                                                                   Dawn Tolbert
              been changed simply to “horticulture.”       physiology, and beef management from
              The study of agriculture at Berry has        academic study as well as first-hand
                                                                                                                   Karilon Rogers
              thus evolved as the educational needs of     experience working with the cattle. We                  Debbie Rasure
              our students — and the world in which        have a breeding program in our equine                   DESIGN & PRODUCTION
              our students live — have evolved.            program that offers Berry students                      Shannon Biggers (81C)
                 Among recent changes in our animal        further laboratory opportunities. We also               Stacy Cates
              science program was our decision in          maintain 24 ewes, as Department Chair                   PHOTOGRAPHY
              2001 to devote the dairy herd to             Allen Scott says, “To teach kids from                   Paul O’Mara
                                                                                                                   Alan Storey
              teaching and research rather than milk       inside the I-285 perimeter how to handle
              production. For a long period, the large,    animals.” Our students start small and                  The BERRY CHRONICLE is published
              nationally recognized Berry dairy herd       work up from there.                                     by the Berry College Office of
                                                                                                                   Public Relations, P.O. Box 490279,
              produced milk that was sold. In recent          Each year, four or five Berry students               Mount Berry, GA 30149-0279.
              years, our faculty could not support the     are accepted to veterinary medicine                     Please send address changes to
              educational value of producing milk          programs. They tend to rise to the top of               Alumni Office, P.O. Box 495018,
              beyond our students’ need to study           their classes because of their excellent                Mount Berry, GA 30149-5018.


                                               HOME                    SWEET HOME-TO-BE

       rivate bedrooms and bathrooms           kitchen, living room and dining room.            us the flexibility to repair other
       shared with only one roommate           Lounges and study areas will round out           facilities in the summers.”
       — not exactly what most college         each floor, providing gathering places               The residence hall will be situated
grads think of when they hear the words        and a sense of community, according to           at the southern border of the existing
“residence hall,” is it?                       Dr. Thomas W. Carver, vice president for         townhouse complex, Mr. Walton said.
    But that’s exactly the plan for a three-   student affairs and dean of students. “I         The project, which will cost an
story, 58,800-square-foot facility             believe this facility will be a model for        estimated $6.8 million, will be
planned for Berry students, according to       other colleges. We’ve really done things         financed with a tax-exempt bond
Joe Walton (62C, 76G), Berry’s vice            right.”                                          issue repaid over 20 years through
president for finance.                             Dr. Carver added that the facility will      residence hall fees paid by students
    The residence hall project, which is       relieve the overcrowded conditions in            living in the facility. The Atlanta-
expected to be completed in time for           other residence halls. “This new                 based architectural firm O’Neal is in
classes in the fall of 2003, will provide      residence hall will mean that we’ll not          charge of the design, with Winter
living space for 122 students.                 have to continue crowding in students            Construction Company serving as
    The layout features two-, three- and       as we’ve been forced to do in recent             contractor for the project. ■
four-bedroom suites, each with a shared        years,” Dr. Carver said. “It will also give                               — DAWN TOLBERT

 GIFT BOOSTS                                     SUMMER   RESEARCH PROGRAM ENDOWED
 BERRY ABROAD                                    FOR ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES

 T    hanks. Gracias. Danke. Grazie. Merci.
      All are appropriate words for Berry
 students and faculty members to use in
                                                 F   aculty and students studying the earth’s environment and human interactions
                                                     with it will have a wonderful new resource available to them next summer.
                                                    The Laura Maddox Smith Research Institute for the Environmental Sciences will
 thanking a friend of the college, who           provide funding for teams of Berry faculty and undergraduate students to conduct
 prefers not to be named, for a gift in          research in the environmental sciences, according to Dr. Bruce Conn, dean of the
 support of international learning valued at     School of Mathematical and Natural Sciences.
 $3.2 million.                                      “Research is a critical part of our curriculum,” Dr. Conn said. “Students can’t truly
     The gift of income-producing property       understand the scientific enterprise unless they are actively engaged in seeking new
 will generate an estimated $225,000 per         knowledge for humanity. This new institute gives faculty and students the
 year, and it is the donor’s wish that these     opportunity to do in-depth and concentrated study that far surpasses any they might
 funds be used to expand study-abroad            conduct during the academic year.”
 and cultural immersion experiences for             The institute was recently endowed by a very generous gift from Laura Maddox
 Berry students and international research       Smith, a longtime friend and supporter of the college who is interested in the
 and study opportunities for Berry faculty       health of the environment, especially that of Northwest Georgia.
 members.                                           The newly established institute will provide a stipend to each faculty team leader;
     “This very generous gift directly           funds for expendable materials, supplies and other expenses; and money allocated for
 supports one of the goals of our new            the faculty/student teams to travel to present their work at major conferences.
 strategic plan,” said Berry President Scott     Student researchers will received full-time summer pay through the Berry on-campus
 Colley. “That goal is to encourage faculty      work opportunity program. Dr. Conn said, “This program gives students the chance to
 and student participation in international      earn money over the summer, gain experience and continue working on their
 study, learning, work and service. In           intellectual growth.”
 today’s global economy, it is critical that        Each research team must be made up of at least one faculty member and two
 our students are exposed to the world           undergraduate students. Participating students will experience the entire scope of
 beyond Georgia and to cultures different        scientific research as first-hand participants, from the planning stages, through the
 from their own. It is also imperative that      execution of the laboratory and field research, to the presentation of the results at
 our faculty members have the oppor-             scientific conferences.
 tunity to share ideas and exchange views           Faculty will benefit from having support for their research endeavors and
 with their peers from around the world.         expanded interaction with their peers. With Berry’s exceptional physical and
 We are so very grateful to our longtime         intellectual resources, Dr. Conn and others envision Berry becoming the laboratory for
 friend, someone I respect greatly, for          many of the world’s important research projects in the environmental sciences.
 finding yet another — and very generous            “Part of our intention is to create a true 28,000-acre living laboratory on our
 — way to express his belief in Berry’s          campus,” Dr. Conn said. “No other college or university has this kind of natural
                                                                                                                                                   PAUL O’MARA

 enduring mission.” ■                            resource. This gift from Mrs. Smith has helped lay the groundwork for Berry to have
                        — KARILON L. ROGERS      a truly world-class environmental sciences program.” ■
                                                                                                                         — DEBBIE RASURE

BERRY                      BERRY’S  NEW DAIRY
                           YIELDS SCIENTIFIC DATA
                           AND MILK, TOO

                                    id you put cream in your coffee      flows through a pipeline

                                                                                                                                                                                PAUL O’MAR
                                    this morning? Spread butter on       system into a                  Adam Orr (0
                                    your toast? Pour milk over your      1,500-gallon milk tank                    2C) gained
                                                                                                                              valuable ex
                                                                                                                                         perience at
                           cereal? If you did, then one day soon         refrigeration unit to be collected for                                      the dairy.
                           the results of research conducted at          pasteurization and homogenization in
                           Berry College’s Rollins Ruminant              Atlanta. From there it goes on to               use modern technology to make
                           Research Center may find its way to           consumers in Florida, Alabama and               important decisions regarding the herd.
                           your breakfast table.                         Tennessee.                                         “This new facility is helping us to
                              Berry’s new facility, one of the most         According to Dr. Goldberg, Berry’s           redirect and improve our academic
                           sophisticated dairies in the world today,     animal science program is unique                program,” said Dr. Goldberg. “It’s
                           serves as a living laboratory for not         because it offers a level of hands-on           incredibly exciting because there’s so
                           only those animal science students            experience that is uncommon in other            much potential for our research to have
                           preparing to enter the dairy industry,        animal science programs.                        a real impact on students’ careers, the
                           but also those hoping to work in the             Berry students learn in the classroom        dairy industry and ultimately on the
                           pharmaceutical or feed industries, with       and then apply what they’ve learned in          consumer.” ■
                           county extension services or in               the field. The new dairy makes it                                         — DEBBIE RASURE
                           veterinary medicine, according to Dr.         possible for students to learn how to
                           Martin Goldberg, senior lecturer and
                           college veterinarian.
                              “The new dairy is a wonderful               ALUMS           BUILD HIGH-TECH DAIRY
                           teaching and research tool,” Dr.
                           Goldberg said. “For example, we now
                           have equipment that enables us to
                           study how a cow’s diet affects milk
                           quality and production. We’ll be able to
                           look at the effectiveness of vaccines and
                           how antibodies are transferred from
                           mother cow to calf to build the calf’s
                           immune system. We’ll be better able to
                           measure the difference between muscles
                           and fat to see how that affects taste.”
                              What’s so different about this dairy?
                           Quite simply — everything.
                              Gone are the days when a student
                           worker crouched on bended knee in a
                           dank, dark barn to milk a cow by hand.

                                                                                                                                                                  PAUL O’MARA
                           Now at milking time, student workers
M       artha Berry will
        be honored for
her many outstanding
                           herd Berry’s cows into a pristine, climate-
                           controlled milking parlor. As each cow
                                                                           After many early mornings milking cows at the Normandy complex, building Berry’s new
contributions to Georgia   approaches her own stainless-steel
                                                                           high-tech dairy was an especially meaningful experience for alumni Marshall Bryan
agriculture on Sept. 27    milking stall, a transponder attached to        (89C), left; Matt Walton (95C), center; and Jeff Green (87C).
when she is inducted       her ankle sends her identification number

into the Georgia                                                                eturning to campus always stirs old memories for alums, but when Lextron
Agriculture Hall of Fame   to the dairy’s computer system via an
                           electric eye mounted in the stall. Students           Inc. employees Jeff Green (87C) and Matt Walton (95C) recently came back,
at the University of
Georgia. The Berry         wash and sanitize her udders then attach        they just couldn’t shake their sense of déjà vu.
Agriculture Alumni         a milking unit that looks something like a         Working with Marshall Bryan, dairy manager, and Dr. Martin Goldberg, senior
Association, under the     four-armed, stainless-steel octopus.            lecturer and college veterinarian, the two were charged with designing and building
leadership of Ray                                                          Berry’s ultra-modern dairy. To them, it seemed just a few years ago that they were
Smitherman (95C),             As milking begins, computerized
                                                                           working in the dairy under Mr. Bryan’s supervision and learning all they could about
president, spearheaded     instruments measure milk flow and the
                                                                           animal science in Dr. Goldberg’s classroom.
Miss Berry’s nomination.   amount of milk produced. They also
Wayne Shackelford                                                             It was a little like being in a time warp for all involved.
                           measure the conductivity of the milk —
(55C), senior vice                                                            “It’s really strange to come back as a professional and realize that you might
                           an indicator of disease. Even the cow’s
president with Gresham,                                                    actually know more about something than they do,” Mr. Green said with a nervous
Smith and Partners and     activity in the stall is assessed to
                                                                           glance at Mr. Bryan and Dr. Goldberg.
a member of Berry’s        determine whether she is ready to be
                                                                              “When he came to Berry, he’d never milked a cow before,” said Mr. Bryan, a
Board of Visitors, will    bred. When the milk flow slows, the
                                                                           1989 graduate who first came to Berry as a dairy employee. “Now he knows more
present the honor.         milking machine automatically releases,
Martha Berry Walstad,                                                      about the milking industry than I ever will; it’s kind of weird.”
                           and the milking unit flushes the system            Dr. Goldberg agreed and added, “It is very rewarding to have them back and
Miss Berry’s great-niece
and a member of the        and sanitizes it. The whole procedure           using their education and experience in a way that contributes to Berry. They’ve
Berry Board of Trustees,   typically takes from three to eight             done an excellent job. I’m very proud of them.”
will join Mr. Smitherman   minutes. Four cows can be milked at a              Both Mr. Green and Mr. Walton said they had a real sense of excitement and
in accepting the award.    time; 20 are in the milking herd.               pride in being able to bring Berry’s dairy operation into the 21st century. ■
                              Once the milk leaves the cow, it                                                                                   — DEBBIE RASURE


                                                                                                         “Much time and effort are being
                                                                                                     made to convert the historic Normandy
                                                                                                     Complex into a top-quality retreat
                                                                                                     facility without compromising or
                                                                                                     disturbing the beauty and architectural
                                                                                                     features of the original Normandy
                                                                                                     setting,” said Mr. Cathy, who is
                                                                                                     spearheading the WinShape Retreat
                                                                                                     Center project. “We couldn’t ask for a
                                                                                                     better site for the retreat center. The
                                                                                                     Normandy grounds provide a natural,
                                                                                                     scenic setting for a truly unique retreat
                                                                                                     for a variety of family and business-
                                                                                                     related functions.”
                                                                                                         Berry President Scott Colley described
                                                                                                     the retreat center project as a positive
                                                                                                     development for both WinShape and
                                                                                                     the college. “Berry and Chick-fil-A have
                                                                                                     enjoyed a good relationship for nearly
                                                                                                     two decades. Both organizations
                                                                                                     strongly believe in building programs to
                                                                                                     develop young people. The WinShape
                                                                                                     Retreat Center will
                                                                                                     complement the other
                                                                                                     initiatives that we have in
Shown above is the architect’s rendering of the interior of the former calf barn. To view a master
                                                                                                     place that promote a
plan drawing of the retreat center, go to              positive influence on both
                                                                                                     young people and adults.”

         ew construction at Berry’s                phase of construction for the WinShape                Dr. Colley added that
         Normandy Complex is bringing              Retreat Center.                                   the WinShape Retreat
         to life a dream that has gone                In addition to the new structures,             Center also will have a
unfulfilled for more than 70 years.                this section of the center will comprise          positive impact on the
   In May, representatives from the                a 78,000-square-foot campus that will             local community, as it
college and the Chick-fil-A-sponsored              feature a quadrangle of seven                     will serve as a much-
WinShape Foundation broke ground on                buildings, including a dining hall,               needed meeting and
two new buildings, which will provide              reception area and dormitories that also          retreat facility for         Berry Presi
                                                                                                                                             dent Scott Co
                                                                                                                                  founder Tru             lley, left, an
additional lodging facilities for the              can be converted into bed-and-                    businesses and                           ett Cathy.                d Chick-fil-
WinShape Retreat Center. The adaptive              breakfast-style bedrooms.                         organizations in the
reuse project, funded by a major gift                 The first stage of construction is             Atlanta-Birmingham-Chattanooga
from the foundation, will transform the            expected to be completed in the spring            triangle. “Floyd County currently has
college’s former dairy into a 300-person           of 2003, according to Chick-fil-A                 only one facility that is able to provide
retreat facility, which will host church,          officials. For construction updates visit         meeting and guest accommodations for
corporate and marriage-enrichment                                         large groups, and the WinShape Retreat
retreats throughout Berry’s academic                  Plans for the retreat facility were            Center will be the perfect addition to our
year and the WinShape summer camp                  announced in April 2001, after the                community.”
for girls when school is not in session.           college decided to convert the Berry                  Work on the adaptation of the
                                                                                                                                                                                        PHOTOS BY PAUL O’MARA

   But, as Chick-fil-A Senior Vice                 Dairy into a more streamlined operation           Normandy buildings began in October
President Don “Bubba” Cathy told the               and combine it with the beef and sheep            2001, with Atlanta-based Gay
crowd during the groundbreaking                    operations in the Rollins Ruminant                Construction Company serving as the
ceremony, the additional buildings                 Research Center.                                  general contractor and Surber,
aren’t a new idea. They were, in fact,                The second development phase will              Barber, Choate and Hertline
included in the complex’s original plans           focus on improvements to the retreat              Architects Inc. in charge of the
but were never built.                              center grounds and recreational areas.            architectural design. Workers are
   “We realized that the existing                  This phase will include the construction          taking care not to damage the
facilities just weren’t going to provide           of a new auditorium and the extension             original materials that were used
enough dormitory space for our girls               of the pond and hillside that lie                 in the dairy’s construction,
camp, and we had figured out that we’d             adjacent to the retreat center.                   according to Joe Walton (62C,
actually need two additional buildings.               Already completed are a covered                76G), Berry’s vice president for
You can imagine our surprise when we               equestrian arena at Berry’s Gunby                 finance. While most of the
found the original plans and saw that              Equine Center and a recreational                  buildings are in stable condition,
those needed buildings were part of                walking/bike path linking the main and            workers are cleaning the original
Martha Berry’s original plan,” he said.            mountain campuses.                                materials and bracing the
   The buildings, which will provide an               The WinShape Retreat Center will               structures for many more years
additional 15,000-square-feet of                   retain the architectural style of the             of use. ■
housing space, are part of the initial             original Normandy facility.                                           — DAWN TOLBERT

                                                                                                           salute has ever meant more to me.”
                                                                                                               After completing Officer Candidate
                                                                                                           School, Cmdr. Whitaker was
                                                                                                           commissioned a special duty intelligence
                                                                                                           officer and served three years aboard the
                                                                                                           USS America, completing two full
                                                                                                           deployments to the Mediterranean Sea
                                                                                                           and Indian Ocean. In 1985, his career
                                                                                                           moved in an even more exciting
                                                                                                           direction. Cmdr. Whitaker was one of five
                                                                                                           officers selected for the Navy’s fully-
                                                                                                           funded law education program.
                                                                                                               “I entered the Navy as an intelligence
                                                                                                           officer and when I switched over to law
                                                                                                           my dad wryly observed that I had moved
                                                                                                           from one career of deception to another,”
                                                                                                           Cmdr. Whitaker said with a laugh. His
                                                                                                           father, Dr. Alex Whitaker III, was an
                                                                                                           associate professor of English at Berry
                                                                                                           from 1966 to 1982.
                                                                                                               After graduating from the University of
         Cmdr. Alexander W. Whitaker IV in the courtroom.
                                                                                                           Virginia School of Law, Cmdr. Whitaker

                   e didn’t fly a Tomcat or carry a 9       problem that had existed for over 15           was admitted to the Virginia Bar in 1988.
                   mm automatic, but in 2001, with          years Commander Whitaker solved in less        He then completed Naval Justice School
                   ingenuity and persistence, Cmdr.         than three. And thousands of people,           with honors and was commissioned in
         Alexander W. Whitaker IV (81C), at the             including American sailors, their families     the JAG Corps. Sharing in this adventure
         time a staff judge advocate in the U.S.            and our Japanese neighbors, enjoy a            with him are his wife, Maria Crego
         Navy’s Judge Advocate General (JAG)                better, safer life because of what he did.”    Whitaker (85c), and their three children,
         Corps, fought and won a battle that                   The late Dr. John Bertrand, former          Andrew, 14; Emily, 12; and Michael, 9.
         others had given up for lost.                      Berry College president, played a                  During his career, Cmdr. Whitaker has
            For more than 15 years, a sprawling                                                            served as the Navy’s legal counsel for
         industrial waste disposal facility located                                                        Law of the Sea and national security

                                                              “      I’ve read about Berry’s
         just 250 yards away from the U.S.                                                                 matters, as well as legal counsel for high-
         Navy’s Atsugi base and a densely                                                                  level military officers around the globe.
         populated Japanese neighborhood belched                 education of the ‘head,                   Now he is the executive officer, second-
         cancer-causing dioxin-laden smoke that                  heart and hands,’ and                     in-command of Trial Service Office East in
         lay like a stinking, dirty-gray blanket                 I think it’s no accident                  Norfolk, Va., the Navy’s largest and
         across the landscape. Air quality was so                                                          busiest court-martial prosecution
         horrid that people had to seal their                    that the qualities that                   command. He and his 74-member team,
         windows and on windy days were                          have made Alex such a                     which includes 31 attorneys, are
         warned not to go outside.                                 success are the very                    responsible for prosecutions in a 24-state
            The Japanese mafia-owned business,                  qualities his alma mater                   area that generates one-third of the
         permitted to burn 30 tons of medical                                                              Navy’s cases worldwide.
         and industrial waste a day, routinely                 is dedicated to developing                      “We don’t put officers in charge of so
         burned more than 200 tons a day while
         the Japanese government turned a blind
         eye. The 8,000 service men and women
                                                                      in its students.

                                                                  JUDGE ADVOCATE GENERAL,
                                                                — REAR ADM. DONALD J. GUTER
                                                                                                           many junior judge advocates unless we’re
                                                                                                           absolutely confident in their lawyering
                                                                                                           skills and leadership abilities,” Adm.
         and their families on the base located in                U.S. NAVY                                Guter said. “He’s incredibly bright and
         Yokosuka, Japan, as well as the                                                                   quick and is a superb writer and excellent
         Japanese residents living and working                                                             speaker. He’s tenacious and indefatigable,
         nearby, needed a hero — and when                   significant role in Cmdr. Whitaker’s career    with a work ethic second to none. And he
         Cmdr. Whitaker took up their cause,                choice. “If you knew Dr. Bertrand, you         is one of the most decent folks in our
         they got one.                                      knew how important the Navy had been           corps — a natural leader who’s always
            “His arguments won over senior                  to his life,” Cmdr. Whitaker said. “I very     thinking of others, treating them with
         leaders in the Defense, State and Justice          much admired him. And his attributes –         dignity, respect and understanding. I’ve
         departments. For the first time, the United        integrity, fair-mindedness, kindness,          read about Berry’s education of the ‘head,
         States sued a private entity overseas to           toughness, selflessness, dedication to         heart and hands,’ and I think it’s no
         protect its citizens from environmental            young people, love of country — all those      accident that the qualities that have made
         harm,” said Rear Adm. Donald J. Guter,             I inevitably associated with the Navy          Alex such a success are the very qualities
         judge advocate general in the U.S. Navy.           because it had been such part of his life.     his alma mater is dedicated to developing
            “Commander Whitaker managed the                 When I left Russell Field five days after      in its students. We’re privileged to have
         case, a massive undertaking, with more             graduation to fly to Newport, R.I., to go to   many dedicated young officers in the JAG
         evidence than had ever been offered in an          Officer Candidate School, he surprised me      Corps, but there’s no doubt about it: Alex
         environmental lawsuit in Japan. And it             by showing up. He put on an old salty          Whitaker’s one of the best.” ■
         was successful,” Adm. Guter said. “A               officer’s cap and gave me a salute. No                                    — DEBBIE RASURE

EXCELLENCE                                     ABOUNDS AT                              BERRY
                                                                                              from colleges and universities across the
                                                                                              nation selected as Project NExT (New
                                                                                              Experiences in Teaching) fellows.
                                                                                              Sponsored by the Mathematical
                                                                                              Association of America, Project NExT
                                                                                              helps new Ph.D.s in the mathematical
                                                                                              sciences improve the teaching and
                                                                                              learning of mathematics. Dr. Taylor’s
                                                                                              participation in the program is sponsored
                                                                                              in part by a grant from The ExxonMobil
                                                                                                 ■ Berry Board of Visitors member
                                                                                              Sunny K. Park of Atlanta received the
                                                                                              2002 Patriot Award from the United
                                                                                              Service Organizations (USO) Council of
                                                                                              Georgia. The award, which is the most
     B    erry physics professor Charles Lane is taking excellence to new heights
          — about 241 miles above the earth’s surface that is.
        Possibly as early as next year, Dr. Lane and co-investigators plan to use
                                                                                              prestigious honor granted by USO, was
                                                                                              presented at the Armed Forces Luncheon
     ultra-precise clocks on the International Space Station to test a fundamental            held in April.
     assumption of Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity. A paper by the                       Mr. Park, chief executive officer of
     researchers appears in the March 4 issue of the Physical Review Letters, and             General Building Maintenance Inc., has
     more information about their research is available online at                             been a USO volunteer for more than 10 releases/2002/release_2002_123.html.                                   years. His contributions include helping
        We’ll let you know when Dr. Lane’s research project takes flight, but in the          fund the Georgia Korean War Veterans
     meantime, read the following to learn about Berry standouts who are                      Memorial at the Georgia Capitol, which
     achieving stellar successes of their own.                                                honors the memory of the 740
                                                                                              Georgians killed in the Korean War. Mr.
                                                                                              Park immigrated to the United States in
                    ■The Uptown Flutes           ■ Based upon a survey of guidance            1974 from South Korea.
                   flute choir of              couselors, Berry has been included in
                                                                                                 ■ Berry’s Centennial calendar received
                   Madison, N.J.,              Kaplan Publishing’s 2002 Unofficial,
                                                                                              an Award of Excellence in the Printing
                   performed an                Unbiased Insider’s Guide to the 320                                                         BOOT UP,
                                                                                              Industry Association of Georgia’s 2002
                   arrangement of              Most Interesting Colleges.                                                                  LOG ON,
                                                                                              Print Excellence Awards.
                   “Brandenburg                                                                                                            SUPPORT
                                                  ■ Students in Dr. Ron Taylor’s classes
                   Concerto No. 3” by
                                               this fall will benefit from the math
                                                                                                ■ Berry’s chapter of Alpha Chi, the        BERRY
                   Berry music professor
                   John Davis during
their recent Carnegie Hall concert. The
                                               professor’s summer of hard work. Dr.
                                               Taylor is one of 60 faculty members
                                                                                              national college honor society, is one of
                                                                                              49 chapters honored as a Star Chapter.       G      iving to Berry
                                                                                                                                                  College is easier
                                                                                                                                           than ever because of a
                                                                                                                       — DAWN TOLBERT      new method that’s as
performance marks the Carnegie Hall
                                                                                                                                           close as your computer.
debut of Dr. Davis’ work. The song is                                                                                                      Secure, online giving is
featured on the Uptown Flutes’ recently            WHAT’S UP               WITH SUPPORT FOR                      BERRY?                    now available at
released compact disc, A Flute                     JUST ABOUT              EVERYTHING!                                           
Renaissance.                                                                                                                               advancement/

   ■ In national Model Arab League                 B    erry College is on the move, and support continues to expand for our
                                                        unique mission of educating our students’ heads, hearts and hands for
                                                   service to others.
                                                                                                                                           onlinegift.asp. You can
                                                                                                                                           target your gift to a
                                                                                                                                           particular fund or
competition, Berry students earned a
second-place team award and four                      Annual Fund participation and other generous gifts are funding important             support Berry’s
                                                   strategic objectives, including student scholarships, student work,                     important general
individual awards. Berry’s team                                                                                                            fund. You also can give
represented Libya in the program, which            international learning and diversity. Contributions also are supporting critical        a gift in honor or
gives students from more than 20                   physical improvements to the Berry campus, most notably our important need              memory of someone
colleges and universities the chance to            to retire the bond debt on the new math and science building.                           important in your life.
represent the Arab League’s members on                Dollar figures are up and, equally important, so is the number of                    You can even fulfill a
                                                   participants, particularly Berry alumni. This sends a very positive message to          previously made
a variety of committees. Participants                                                                                                      pledge. Online giving
learn diplomacy and team work, while               corporations and foundations considering support for Berry initiatives and              for Berry College! Give
gaining an upclose perspective on                  helps Berry rank high in a variety of listings, such as U.S. News & World               it a try!
Middle Eastern affairs.                            Report’s “America’s Best Colleges.”
   Berry’s first-place award winners                  Fund-raising highlights of the 2001-2002 academic year include:
were senior Christy Moore for her work                • Third straight record year in dollars raised at $15.2 million!
with the Council of Arab Interior                     • Increased percentage of college graduate participation to 29.9%!
Ministers; junior Terrell Clark, part of the          • An 11 percent increase in the overall number of donors!
Council of Arab Social Affairs Ministers;
and sophomore Jeff Shaw for his work
on the Joint Defense Council. Senior
Oskar Kaszubski earned second place in
the Palestinian Affairs Committee.

                                    MEETING                            NEEDS IS MUSIC TO HIS EARS

                                                  hen the citizens of Austin,         therapeutic case management
                                                 Texas, recently celebrated           and a network of mental health
                                                Peyton Wimmer Day, they               support services for musicians.
                                     applauded the selfless success of a man              Peyton described his early
                                     who saw a need and worked tirelessly to          efforts for the foundation as
                                     meet it. That success, according to the          “working on a shoestring but
                                     honoree, 1981 Berry College graduate             aspiring to someday have
                                     Peyton Wimmer, was grounded in the               shoes.” He said that he has
                                     lessons of Martha Berry and her schools.         been called the “King of
                                         Seven years ago, Peyton joined an            Leverage” in securing funding
                                     effort to turn the tragic death-by-suicide       for needed services and
                                     of a fellow musician into momentum to            insists he learned it all from
                                     provide accessible mental health services        Berry.
                                     to local musicians. In Austin, known as              “I have told the story of       Six-year-old M
                                     the Live Music Capital of the World,                                                 Peyton, second Wimmer, center, jams with
                                                                                      Martha Berry over and over                          from left, duri               his father,
                                                                                                                          celebration in                 ng the Peyton
                                     musicians represent a large, medically           again,” he said, “as I have                        Austin, Texas.                Wimmer Day
                                     underserved population. A trained                assured donors that we will get a
                                     therapist as well as a songwriter and                                                                Wimmer Day in Austin, which was
                                                                                      minimum of three to five dollars worth of
                                     musician, Peyton became director of the                                                              celebrated by the mayor and city council
                                                                                      benefit out of each dollar they give.”
                                     new Sims Foundation, an organization                                                                 as well as by several state
                                                                                          He added that the music community
                                     funded by grants and                                                                                 representatives and many members of
                                                                                      itself is the foundation’s greatest
                                     gifts that provides                                                                                  the music community. “Thank you
                                                                                      supporter, also a lesson he learned at
                                                                                                                                          Peyton,” read a newspaper
                                                                                      Berry, where “everyone was working in
                                                                                                                                          advertisement signed by many —
                                                                                      one way or another.”
                                                                                                                                          including Willie Nelson, “for saving lives,
                                                                                          Now that the Sims Foundation is well
                                                                                                                                          mending hearts and soothing souls for
                                                                                      established, Peyton has turned his efforts
                                                                                                                                          the community of Austin musicians and
                                                                                      to launching a new foundation aimed at
                                                                                                                                          their families.”
                                                                                      meeting the physical health care needs of
                                                                                                                                             “When I left Berry, I thought I would
                                                                                      musicians. Dr. Jack McConnell, the
                                                                                                                                          change the world through my song
                                                                                       inventor of Tylenol who established
                                                                                                                                          lyrics,” he stated. “I don’t perform much
                                                                                        Volunteers in Medicine — an
                                                                                                                                          now — usually only in fundraisers —
                                                                                        organization powered by retired health
                                                                                                                                          but the spirit of my lyrics comes through
                                                                                        professionals — and whose son Paige
                                                                                                                                          in my work.”
                                                                                         McConnell is keyboard player for the
                                                                                                                                             Peyton and his wife, Karen, have
                                                                                       popular band Phish, is his mentor in the
                                                                                                                                          three children: Milo, 6; Lucy, 4; and
                                                                                      project. Martha Berry remains his role
                                                                                                                                          Wendy, 2. In addition to his degree from
                                                                                                                                          Berry, he holds a master’s degree in
                                                                                          It was his departure from the Sims
                                                                                                                                          counseling from Southwest Texas
                                                                                      Foundation that triggered Peyton
                                                                                                                                          University. He invites his fellow alumni
                                                                                                                                          to follow the progress of his clinic at
                                                                                      City councilman Raul Alvarez, right,
                                                                                                                                 and to e-mail him at
                                                                                      presents Peyton Wimmer a proclamation
                                                                                      that names June 1, 2002, Peyton Wimmer     ■
                                                                                      Day in Austin, Texas.                                                      — KARILON L. ROGERS

                                    ALUMNI            CELEBRATE              BERRY’S CENTENNIAL                            IN STYLE

                                                                         M       ore than 500 guests dined and danced the night away at the Centennial Alumni Gala in
                                                                                 celebration of Berry’s 100th birthday. The evening culminated with the cutting of a large
                                                                          birthday cake, complete with confetti-firing cannons and dozens of balloons falling from the
                                                                          ceiling of the Forum in Rome.
                                                                               A total of 650 alumni and friends took
                                                                           part in Alumni Weekend, with highlights
                                                                           including 12 class reunions, two book
                                                                           signings and the installation and
                                                                            dedication of a new Georgia historical
                                                                            marker at the Old Mill.
                                                                                 Headlining the weekend was the
                                                                             production of Martha!, a multimedia
                                                                             musical about the life of Martha Berry.
                                                                             The musical, written by Jim Way (52C,
                                                                              FFS) and directed by Robert Adams

                                                                              (94C, FS), featured scores of talented

                                                                 ni Gala.     Berry alumni, faculty, staff, students
                                                                                                                                                                                        PAUL O’MARA

                                                   g for the Alum
                           ovided an elegant settin                            and friends.
               The Forum pr                                                        Photo highlights from the
                                                                               production can be seen at                  Young Martha Berry, portrayed by Elizabeth Schenck (02C),
                                                                                bids farewell to her beau, played by Albert Coley (03c).


A       TALE OF TWO:                                   AUBREY & JUDY SILVEY
                                                             And so their shared lives       building a substation in a soybean field
                                                             began. But it wasn’t easy       in South Carolina.
                                                             at first.                           The new company prospered — at
                                                                Aubrey decided to leave      first from their dining room table and
                                                             Berry after a year. He          then from an office behind their home —
                                                             worked in the machine           and took a significant risk in 1983 when
                                                             shop at Southwire in            it purchased a substation connector
                                                             Carrollton, Ga., a job that     supplier. Following his 1985 graduation
                                                             was dirty and hot. “I could     from a three-year Harvard Business
                                                             see an air-conditioned,         School Owner/President Management
                                                             glassed-in room where the       program, however, Aubrey began to
                                                             men wore ties, and I asked      expand the business in earnest, always
                                                             what jobs they had,” he         with Judy at his side.
                                                             said. “They were                    Today, Aubrey Silvey Enterprises Inc.
                                                             engineers, and I knew that      has five divisions, three subsidiaries,
                                                             was the kind of job I           250 employees and operations in both
                                                             wanted.”                        North and South America and is
                                                                Aubrey ended up at           considered one of the premier
                                                             what is now Southern            construction, manufacturing and
                                                             Polytechnic State               engineering companies serving the
                                                             University earning a            electric utility industry. And not only is it
                                                             degree in civil engineering,    a successful corporation, it is a company
                                                             while Judy studied home         built on a foundation of ethics, with
                                                             economics at Berry              extensive succession planning.
                                                             College. “I made tracks to          Ethics are important to both of the
Aubrey (60c) and Judy Silvey (61C)                           Berry every weekend,” he        Silveys and something they credit Berry
                                                             said.                           for helping to solidify in their lives.

         heirs is a love story.                   “My mother told me time and again,             “The values that are the core of Berry
           It is a saga peppered with         ‘Don’t you keep that boy from getting          may not have seemed important to me
         success — they have children and     an education or you’ll regret it the rest of   when I was there, but they have stuck
grandchildren they adore and a thriving       your life,’” Judy stated.                      with me and have had a large impact
company that does $50 million in                  Judy and Aubrey were married the           and influence on my life,” Aubrey said,
business annually throughout the              day after his graduation — at Berry’s          listing them as honesty, integrity,
Western Hemisphere. But when it comes         Frost Chapel. But things still weren’t         truthfulness, friendship and faith. They
right down to it, theirs is a tale of two —   easy.                                          have fostered success: He has received
of true life partners who have taken the          Aubrey headed right to boot camp for       numerous honors applauding his style of
bad with the good, weathered the ups          the Marine Corps Reserve, while Judy           leadership.
and the downs, and enjoyed the ride as        still had a year to finish at Berry —              The Silveys now have handed the
much as the destination.                      where married students were not yet            company’s presidential reins to their
   And it all started at Berry …              permitted. Judy requested permission           planned successor and turned the
   Judy Muschamp (61C) was still in           from the college’s board to finish her         company over to its employees via an
high school when Berry College                education. “I was the first legal married      Employee Stock Ownership Plan.
freshman T. Aubrey Silvey (60c) spotted       student at Berry,” she chuckled.               Aubrey remains chairman of the board,
her while working on a student work               The couple eventually settled near         while Judy serves on the boards of the
program crew in 1956. The daughter of         Carrollton where she initially worked          parent corporation and its subsidiaries.
then Berry purchasing director Herbert        with the local extension service and he        Both are extremely active in civic and
Muschamp, Judy had grown up on                for Richards and Associates, the parent        church organizations. Aubrey also is
campus. Aubrey, although unsure of his        firm of Southwire. They reveled in the         vice chairman of the Berry College Board
future direction, came to Berry from          adoption of son, David, in 1966, and           of Visitors.
Breman, Ga., on the recommendation of         daughter, Julie, in 1968. Life was good,           While they have stepped back a bit
the Carroll County extension agent.           and by 1971, Aubrey had risen to               from the torrid pace of their early years,
   If it wasn’t love at first sight, it was   assistant vice president in charge of          the Silveys remain extremely active.
the next closest thing — at least for         substation construction. When his boss         “Our children told us they don’t ever
Aubrey. He discovered Judy’s identity         died unexpectedly, however, Aubrey             want to have to work as hard as we
and spent several months attempting to        chose to strike out on his own — or            did,” Judy said. “I told them not to feel
meet her, always fearing he would say         rather with Judy.                              sorry for us — we did what we wanted
the wrong thing and ruin his chances.             The couple took every cent of their life   to do.”
   When he finally made his move – a          savings, $24,000, to start a substation            And they still do. Today they travel
“blind” date arranged by his roommate,        construction company. He began to              extensively, improve their lovely 450-
things went well, but he nearly blew it.      travel extensively. With a baby in             acre estate and spend as much time as
“He didn’t call for two weeks after we        diapers and hands already full, Judy           possible with the new lights of their lives
went out,” Judy moaned. “I later learned      joined in, handling all the paperwork and      — their four grandchildren. And they are
he didn’t have any money to take me           other necessary details so her husband         always looking forward to the next of
anywhere and had to wait until he got         could be on the road. A full six months        life’s adventures — together. ■
his pay.”                                     later they landed their first job —                                  — KARILON L. ROGERS

                            THREE OUTSTANDING BERRY GRADS

                             DR. E. DWIGHT ADAMS (53C)                           FAYE JUNKINS GIBBONS (61C)                           NETTIE RUTH BROWN (52C)
                              Distinguished Achievement Award                   Distinguished Achievement Award                         Distinguished Service Award
                               • One of the world’s foremost                      • Nationally celebrated children’s                  • Longtime 4-H coordinator in St.
                            authorities on low-temperature physics.            book author. Her first novel, Some Glad             John’s County, Fla., who has dedicated
                            His micro-Kelvin laboratory at the                 Morning, was chosen by the Dixie                    her life to helping children and adults
                            University of Florida is one of the                Council of Authors and Journalists as               become outstanding citizens and caring
                            premier low-temperature centers in the             Georgia’s 1983 Book of the Year in                  community leaders. Under her
                            world and one of only two such facilities          Children’s Literature.                              leadership, the St. John’s County 4-H
                            in the United States.                                 • Critically acclaimed books include             youth program grew to 1,000 members
                               • Recipient of numerous awards,                 Night in the Barn, a Smithsonian                    annually, with a significant number
                            including the Jesse W. Beams Medal for             Magazine Notable Book and winner of                 receiving district, state and national
                            Distinguished Research and the                     the Alabama Library Award; King Shoes               awards.
                            Outstanding Florida Scientist Medal.               and Clown Pockets, chosen as one of                    • Honored by St. Augustine as
                               • Active in promoting recycling of              the best books for kids in 1989 by USA              someone who is always ready to be of
                            solid wastes. Served as chairman of the            Today; and Mighty Close to Heaven, a                service to others. Received distinguished
                            National Sierra Club Committee on Solid            “Best Book of 1985” according to the                service awards from both state and
                            Wastes.                                            American Library Association.                       national extension home economists

                                                      2003 ALUMNI AWARDS: CALL                                      FOR     NOMINATIONS
                                                    You may submit nominations for more than one award. Descriptions of each award are listed below.

                                 THE DISTINGUISHED                     THE DISTINGUISHED SERVICE            THE ENTREPRENEURIAL SPIRIT         THE OUTSTANDING YOUNG
                             ACHIEVEMENT AWARD is given for        AWARD honors selfless service to     AWARD recognizes and honors         ALUMNI AWARD recognizes and
                             outstanding leadership within a       humanity over and beyond             alumni who have demonstrated a      honors young alumni (graduated
                             local or a national organization or   one’s normal obligations. The        commitment to turn a dream into     within the past 20 years) who
                             for distinguished accomplish-         service must have been of            reality, the vision to create an    have distinguished themselves
                             ments within an occupational          significant value, although it       enterprise, the courage to assume   by unusual success and
                             field. The nominee must have          may have attracted little public     risks, and the ability to make      significant accomplishment.
                             achieved success far beyond what      attention or recognition.            changes and take advantage of
                             might be recognized as normal or                                           new opportunities.

S     hortly before
      going to press in
July, we learned of the                                                                NOMINATION FORM
death of Mrs. Corella                                                                   2003 ALUMNI AWARDS
Bonner, who                     Please Print
established the Bonner          NAME OF NOMINEE: ___________________________________________________________________________________________
Foundation with her
husband, the late               SUBMITTED BY: _______________________________________________________________________________________________
Bertram F. Bonner.
Through their                   PLEASE CHECK:       ❑ Distinguished Achievement Award                     ❑ Entrepreneurial Spirit Award
generosity, the Bonners
                                                    ❑ Distinguished Service Award                         ❑ Outstanding Young Alumni Award
have touched countless
lives, including those of       If possible, provide names and addresses of two additional references who may provide support for this nominee.
the Berry students who
have received Bonner            Reference Name: ___________________________________                   Reference Name: __________________________________________
scholarships during the
                                Address: __________________________________________                   Address: ________________________________________________
past decade. That
legacy will live on as           ________________________________________________                     _______________________________________________________
Bonner students
continue to contribute          Please attach a brief statement highlighting the reason(s) that this alumna/alumnus is deserving of an Alumni Association Award.
thousands of volunteer
hours in the local                                                                   Return by Nov. 30, 2002, to:
community each year.                                                           Berry Alumni Office • Attn: Jennifer Tucker
                                                                         P.O. Box 495018 • Mount Berry, Georgia 30149-5018

 Class years are followed by an uppercase or
 lowercase letter that indicates the following
 H        High School graduate
 A        Academy graduate
 C        College graduate
 G        Graduate student
 h        Last year of attendance at
          High School
 a        Last year of attendance at

          Academy                                She was flown with all the other state winners          ■ Leslie Lane Tuck (87C) and her
 c        Anticipated year of                    to Washington, D.C., for the week-long              husband, Steve, announce the birth of their
          graduation from Berry College          celebration. The award is co-sponsored by the       son, Steven Harrison, on April 14, 2002. He
 FFS      Former faculty and staff               National Science Foundation and the White           joins his big sister, Laney, 4. The family
 FS       Current faculty and staff              House. Debbie teaches at Lassiter High School       resides in Macon, Ga.
                                                 in Marietta, Ga., along with her husband,               ■ Sharon Beall Bouchard (88C) and her
 Send all class notes to: Alumni Office,         Donald R. Slater (77C).                             husband, Donnie, announce the birth of their
 P.O. Box 495018, Mount Berry, GA                    ■ Lisa Monroe Chadwick (79C) is the             daughter, Danielle Brynn, on March 5, 2002.
 30149-5018                                      manager of the inpatient oncology unit at a         She joins her two older brothers, John, 7, and
 All class notes and obituaries are sub-         Knoxville-area hospital where she has worked        Patrick, 3. Sharon is a stay-at-home mom and
 ject to editing due to space limitations.       for the past 11 years. She received her             resides in Great Mills, Md., with her family.
 Class notes in this issue include submissions   master’s degree in health services                      ■ Sergio Cabanas (88C) and his wife,
 through June 25, 2002.                          administration several years after becoming a       Stephanie T. Van Nest-Cabanas (88C)
                                                 registered nurse. Lisa resides in Knoxville,        announce the birth of their son, Sebastian
 Class notes were compiled by Justin Karch
                                                 Tenn., with her two sons.                           Sergio, on July 16, 2001. Sergio is a senior
 (01C, FS)
                                                     ■ Reed Morgan Jones (79C) has been              field claims consultant with UNUM-Provident
                                                 temporarily relocated to Paris, France, as the      Companies, and Stephanie is director of
                   1960s                         entertainment creative director for the             strategic initiatives for Cunard Line Limited.
   ■  Anita Withrow Tritton (60C) retired        Disneyland Paris Resort. He recently created            ■ Rani Partridge Woodrow (88C) and
from the trust department of Bank of America     “Mickey’s Jammin’ Jungle Parade” at Disney’s        her husband, Brian, announce the birth of a
after 37 years of service. She now enjoys a      Animal Kingdom in Orlando, Fla.                     daughter, Claire Nicole, on July 10, 2001.
new home with her husband, Norman, in                                                                Claire joins big sister, Katherine Grace, 3. The
                                                                   1980s                             family resides in Wake Forest, N.C.
Adairsville, Ga.                                    ■   Samuel D. Cash (80C) has received the
    ■ Ann Fite Whitaker (61C) has been                                                                   ■ Michael Robert Hendrick (89C) was
                                                 John Grenzebach Research Award for                  named The Washington Opera’s Martin and
elected a fellow of the American Institute of    outstanding writing about educational fund
Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA), the                                                             Bernice Feinstein Artist of the Year for 2001.
                                                 raising for his dissertation, “Private, Voluntary   Michael was honored for his portrayal of
nation’s largest society devoted to the          Support of Public Research Universities in the
advancement of aviation, space and defense.                                                          Lennie in Of Mice and Men last fall.
                                                 United States: 1785-1958.” The award is an              ■ Brian K. McNeal (89C) and his wife,
She was honored at the AIAA Global Air and       annual research award presented by the
Space ’02 International Business Forum and                                                           Mary Ellen Buswell McNeal (90C),
                                                 Council for Advancement and Support of              announce the birth of their son, Riley James,
Exhibition in Arlington, Va. To be               Education, the largest international
distinguished as a fellow, a candidate must                                                          on June 5, 2002. Riley is welcomed by his
                                                 association of educational institutions. Dr.        brother, Blake, and sister, Mallory. The family
have made valuable contributions to the arts,    Cash’s study ranges from the chartering of the
science and technology of his or her field.                                                          resides in Knoxville, Tenn.
                                                 first state university through the development          ■ Phillip Hayes Oliver Jr. (89C) and his
                   1970s                         of the concept of institutional advancement in      wife, Suzanne, announce the birth of their
   ■  Juanita Ensley Tipton (70C) was            1958. He is a certified public accountant and       son, Alexander Hayes, on Feb. 14, 2002. He
selected as STAR Teacher at Lumpkin County       serves as a trustee of Truett-McConnell College     joins his sister, Haley, 8. Phillip is the social
High School in Dahlonega, Ga., for the 2001-     and administrator for Prince Avenue Baptist         studies department head at Southeast Bulloch
02 school year.                                  Church in Athens, Ga., where he lives with          High School, a National School of Excellence
    ■ Wallace A. Farmer (71C) retired from       his wife, Lisa Reibel Cash (80C), and their         in Brooklet, Ga.
teaching after 31 years at Purks Middle          children.                                               ■ Keith J. Williams (89C) announces the
School in Cedartown, Ga.                             ■ James D. Randall (82C) is chairman of         formation of Keith J. Williams P.C. and the
    ■ Judy Porter Gibson (71C) and Nolan         the board of directors of the Phenix City           relocation of his law practice. He will continue
Shead were married July 16, 2001. Judy has       (Ala.)/Russell County Chamber of Commerce.          the practice of administrative, civil and
two daughters, Carrie Leigh Gibson Harris        He is president of Randall Tile Company Inc.        criminal law. The office is located in The
(02C) and Erin Fontaine Gibson (02C).            He and his wife, Debra, reside in Salem, Ala.       Crossings, 700 E. Second Ave., Suite C,
Judy and Nolan reside in Kennesaw, Ga.               ■ Patricia Atkinson Brown (83C)                 Rome, Ga. Keith earned his juris doctorate
    ■ Michael N. Sneed (72C) retired from        recently received national board teaching           from the University of Georgia’s law school in
the U.S. Bureau of Prisons, where he taught      certification from the National Board for           1992. He resides in Rome with his wife,
small engine mechanics. He previously taught     Professional Teaching Standards.                    Naomi Carver Williams (92C), and their
auto mechanics at Cedartown High School              ■ John L. Bussey III (83C) and his wife,        three year-old daughter, Abbey.
and Walton High School.                          Dianne Grigsby Bussey (86C), announce
    ■ Walter C. Mason Jr. (75C) has been         the birth of their daughter, Anna Faith, on                           1990s
elected chair of the Advisory Committee of       March 5, 2002.                                         ■  Robert Keith Buice (90C) and his wife,        ALL IN THE
Physical Education, Health Education and             ■ Roy Hamlin (84C) was recently                 Dee Dee, announce the birth of their son,           FAMILY
Recreation for the Board of Regents of the       appointed artistic associate at Theatre Under       Robert Cooper, on Feb. 22, 2002. The family
University System of Georgia for the 2002-03
                                                 the Stars in Houston, Texas. Previously, he
                                                 served as associate professor/chair of theatre
                                                                                                     resides in Indian Springs, Ohio.
                                                                                                         ■ Karla Burdette Johnson (90C) and her          D uring the gala that
                                                                                                                                                             culminated this
                                                                                                                                                         year’s Alumni Weekend
    ■ Janet Jones Smyth (76C) develops and       at Cornell College in Mt. Vernon, Iowa, and         husband, Jay, announce the birth of their son,
                                                 resident artistic director at the Baton Rouge       Liam “Riley” Hugh, on March 27, 2001.               celebration, Berry
documents high-tech systems for the Navy in
a research and development engineering           Little Theater in Louisiana. His upcoming           Riley was christened at Frost Chapel, where         Alumni Association
center. She is married to Frank E. Smyth         projects include the musical Some Like It Hot       Karla and Jay were married. Karla works for         President Tim Howard
(77C), who is about to retire from the U.S.      starring Tony Curtis and the world premiere of      an environmental laboratory as the deputy           surprised Dr. Christine
Navy in Panama City, Fla. They will be           Yellow to Lavender in New York City.                chemical hygiene officer. The family resides in     Colley (above) with the
celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary in        ■ Stephen G. St. Clair (84C) and his            Cumming, Ga.                                        announcement that
November.                                        wife, Sarah, announce the birth of their                ■ Susan Stanley McGlynn (90C) and               she’d been named an
    ■ Lynn Harrison Tessin (76C) has been        daughter, Shiloh Grace, on Feb. 6, 2002.            her husband, Stewart, announce the birth of         honorary Berry alumna.
selected as Teacher of the Year at Clyattville   Stephen is a teacher at Coosa Middle School         their second son, Brian Joseph, on March 6,         Dr. Colley’s husband,
Elementary School in Valdosta, Ga. Lynn is in    and a professional photographer. The family         2002. He joins his brother, James, 3.               otherwise known as
her fourth year teaching third grade after       lives in Armuchee, Ga.                                  ■ Shawn Christopher Pursley (90C) and
                                                                                                                                                         Berry President Scott
working with the University of Georgia               ■ Judith Hannah Skidmore (86C) and              Tamara Jackson were married April 20, 2002.         Colley, received the same
Extension Service for 15 years and teaching      her husband, Tom, announce their adoption of            ■ Linda Ruth Spence (90C) is the
                                                                                                                                                         honor during the 2002
high school family and consumer science for      a son, Samson Thomas. He was born on April          director of program development and
                                                                                                                                                         spring commencement
five years. Lynn and her husband, Howard,        14, 2002.                                           resources for the national office of the
                                                                                                     Arthritis Foundation in Atlanta. She currently      exercises.
have three children: Blanton, 18; Rebecca,           ■ Mary “Sandy” Parker Barrett (87C,
                                                                                                     resides in Alpharetta, Ga.                              The alumni
17; and Jonathan, 15. The family resides in      94G) and her husband, Jerald, announce the
                                                                                                         ■ Richard James Lunney (91C) has
                                                                                                                                                         association also awarded
Lake Park, Ga.                                   birth of their twin sons, William “Will” Jerald
                                                                                                     accepted a team leader position with Mercer         honorary alumni status
    ■ R. Booth McKeown (77C) graduated           and Robert “Tanner,” on April 24, 2002.
                                                                                                     Human Resource Consulting in Atlanta. He is         to William B. Johnson of
with a master of arts degree in teaching from        ■ Beth D. Leary (87C) has a master’s
                                                                                                     a pension actuary and consultant and will           Atlanta, who served as
LaGrange College on Dec. 5, 2001. He is          degree in social work and resides in New
                                                                                                     manage four actuarial students. He will also        chairman of the college’s
employed by Greyhills Academy as a               Mexico.
                                                                                                     manage the work projects for the office’s           board of trustees from
secondary English teacher. Greyhills is a            ■ Lisa Gay Southerland (87C) graduated
                                                                                                     second largest client, a global leader in the       2000 until May 2002.
charter school located on the Navajo Indian      with her juris doctorate from Loyola
                                                                                                     paper and pulp industry.                            Mr. Johnson, who
Reservation in Tuba City, Ariz.                  University Chicago Law School in May 2002.
                                                                                                         ■ Jay A. Maupin (91C) has accepted an
                                                                                                                                                         continues to serve as a
    ■ Debbie Poss (78C) was named the            She planned to sit for the Illinois Bar in July
                                                                                                     invitation to become an associate owner with        trustee of the college, was
2001 Presidential Awardee for Excellence in      and has accepted a position with the Legal
                                                                                                     EMC Engineering Services Inc. in Savannah,          elected to the board in
Mathematics Teaching for the state of Georgia.   Assistance Foundation of Metropolitan
                                                                                                     Ga. He joined the firm in 1998 after receiving      1985.
CLASS                        his professional engineering license in 1997.
                             Jay and his wife, Stephanie Lowery
                             Maupin (91C), reside on Wilmington Island
                                                                                     ■ Colleen Quinn Ellen (94C) and her
                                                                                 husband, Hal, announce the birth of their
                                                                                 second child, Blake Edward, on March 9,
                                                                                                                                        ■ Holly Kemp (97C) and Luther Clay
                                                                                                                                    Elrod IV were married April 6, 2002. The
                                                                                                                                    couple resides in Atlanta.
                             with their son, Jacob, 3.                           2002. He joins his big brother, Bryce, 2. The          ■ Robert Lee Nation (97C) received
                                 ■ Julie Youngs Wood (91C) received her          family resides in Franklin, Tenn.                  Georgia-Pacific’s 2001 Chairman’s Circle of
                             education specialist degree in early childhood          ■ Elisabeth Jackson Gaines (94C)               Excellence Award during a ceremony held at
                             education from the State University of West         recently accepted a position as a physician        the Ritz Carlton, downtown Atlanta, in March.
                             Georgia.                                            assistant with Children’s Healthcare of West       Lee has been employed with Georgia-Pacific
                                 ■ Randall Edward Alberts (92C) has              Georgia in Carrollton, Ga. She and her             for five years and is currently a senior benefit
                             published his first novel, Mikeael. The book is     husband, Kent, reside in Smyrna, Ga.               analyst.
                             available through Barnes and Noble                      ■ Kristen Daniel Simpson (94C) and her             ■ Lisa Anne Rennie (97C) is employed
                             ( This novel was written while          husband, Mark, announce the birth of their         as a graphic artist for the Real Estate Book in
                             attending Berry and has been published              daughter, Laura Renee, on Nov. 1, 2001.            Lawrenceville, Ga. She resides in Suwanee,
                             through iUniverse.                                      ■ Amy Sampson Brandon (95C) and her            Ga.
                                 ■ David Lawrence Brannon (92C) and              husband, Jeff, announce the birth of their son,        ■ David Edward Rouse (97C) and Amy
                             his wife, Tammy, announce the birth of their        Joshua Landiss, on March 28, 2002. He              Hudson (98C) were married May 4, 2002.
                             twin daughters, Mary Wynn and Sally                 weighed 7 pounds, 14 ounces and measured           The wedding party included: Lisa Ellen
                             Colleene, on Jan. 3, 2002. Mary weighed 5           20-1/2 inches. Joshua joins his sister,            Yaun (99C), maid of honor; Chase
                             pounds, 3 ounces, and Sally weighed 7               Bethany, who is 22 months old. Amy is a            Evangeline Connolly (99C); Matthew
                             pounds, 3 ounces. Dave is the owner of              stay-at-home mom.                                  Alan Keedy (98C), best man; John Henry
                             Brannon Pediatric Services Inc., a pediatric            ■ Jennifer Ann Clark (95C) and her             Richardson III (97C); and Ashley Young
                             therapy practice providing physical,                husband, Jay, announce the birth of their          (99C).
                             occupational and speech therapy. The family         daughter, Madeline Anne, on Dec. 20, 2001.             ■ Joy Banks Stone (97C) is the on-
                             resides in Gainesville, Ga.                         Jennifer is a stay-at-home mom, and the            premise manager for Spherion Corporation in
                                 ■ Michael David Crego (92C) and his             family resides in Marietta, Ga.                    Lawrenceville, Ga. Joy lives in Flowery
                             wife, Margaret, announce the birth of their             ■ William Douglas Hyche (95C) and his          Branch, Ga., with her husband, Chris, and
                             daughter, Meredith Lahey, on Jan. 11, 2002.         wife, Christine Sarrett Hyche (94C),               their son, Max, 2.
                             She joins brother, Mitch, 3. Mike is vice           announce the birth of their second son,                ■ Marti Coleman (98C) and Lee Smith
                             president of investments at A.G. Edwards &          Connor Sebastian, on March 19, 2002. The           were married May 4, 2002, at Burning Bush
                             Sons and recently celebrated his 10th               family resides in Grayson, Ga.                     Baptist Church in Ringgold, Ga.
                             anniversary with the firm. The family lives in          ■ Brian Thomas Kiser (95C) and his                 ■ Bradley E. Hayes (98G) is an assistant
                             Rome.                                               wife, Jennifer, announce the birth of their son,   principal at LaFayette High School in
                                 ■ Travis Yates (92C) has accepted a             Thomas Stewart, on April 18, 2002.                 LaFayette, Ga., where he is in charge of male
                             position with Phelps Veterinary Clinic. He and          ■ Ryan William Vest (95C) and his wife,        discipline, student services, school facilities
                             his wife, Janelle Dobbs Yates (93C), and            Heather Miller Vest (95C), announce the            and attendance. Brad lives in Trion, Ga., with
                             two children, Austin and Miranda, have              birth of their son, Andrew Charles, on Oct. 31,    his wife, Judy, and two sons, Luke, 5, and
                             moved to Canandaigua, N.Y. This summer,             2001. The family resides in Duluth, Ga.            Jake, 1.
                             Travis finished his time in the military, having        ■ John William Wages (95C) graduated               ■ Jeffrey Alan Hodges (98C) is a
                             spent the past four years serving in Texas,         from the Medical College of Georgia School of      commissioned officer in the U.S. Navy and is
                             Oklahoma, Panama, North Carolina and                Medicine in May. He will complete an internal      currently assigned to the flying squadron VQ-
                             Bosnia.                                             medicine internship at New Hanover Regional        3 out of Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma
                                 ■ Jason Phillip Bilotti (93C) and his           Medical Center in Wilmington, N.C., before         City, Okla. He received his Navy pilot “Wings
                             wife, Haley, announce the birth of their            beginning an anesthesiology residency at the       of Gold” in September 2001.
                             daughter, Paulina Amelia, on May 30, 2002.          University of Tennessee in Memphis.                    ■ Angela Marie Pessolano (98C) is an
                             She joins her brother, Hunter Cole, 2.                  ■ Rebecca Michelle May (96C)                   account director with the Sterling-Rice Group,
                                 ■ C. Shane Bussler (93C) received a             graduated from Kennesaw State University in        a Boulder, Colo.,-based brand development
                             medical degree from the Medical College of          May with a master of education degree in           and advertising firm. She currently resides in
                             Georgia. Shane lives in Charlotte, N.C., with       middle-grades education, concentrating in          Nederland, Colo.
                             his wife, Amy Barna Bussler (94C), and              science and math. She teaches seventh grade            ■ Jennifer Gatlin McAuley (98C) is
                             daughter, Anna. He is completing his                science in Cobb County.                            attending graduate school at the University of
A CENTENNIAL                 residency in internal medicine at Carolinas             ■ Kenna Grant (97C) and Eric Hart were         Georgia. She is studying science education
MOUNTAIN DAY                 Medical Center.                                     married March 30, 2002. The couple resides         with the goal of teaching seventh grade life
OCT. 5, 2002                     ■ Brandi Calhoun Diamond (93C) and              in Chicago, where Kenna is a teacher.              science.
                             her husband, John, announce the birth of
     part of the
B etraditional Centennial
with a special
                             their daughter, Bailey Danielle, on May 19,
                             2002. She joins her brother, Taylor. The               MEET           YOUR ALUMNI REPRESENTATIVES

                             family resides in Mableton, Ga.                             he Berry Alumni Association has a new chief — Ed England Jr. The 1957
flair. Parade and                ■ Geoffrey K. Fulton (93C) and his wife,
Mountain Day Olympics        Karin Jones Fulton (92C), announce the
                                                                                         Berry College grad is beginning his second stint as Alumni Council president, a
on Friday, Oct. 4;           birth of their son, Walter “Walt” David, on            post he held from 1990 to 1992.
Mountain Day Chapel,         July 19, 2001. Walt joins his big sister,                 Mr. England succeeds Tim Howard (82C), whose presidency included many
Grand March and Picnic       Emma. The family resides in Atlanta.                   milestones for the alumni association, including the definition of plans for an
on Saturday, Oct. 5.             ■ Christopher Robert Homer (93C) and
                             his wife, Bethany, announce the birth of their         Alumni Center, a dramatic increase in regional alumni chapter events (from 18 to
Classes having reunions
are 77A, 82A, 77C, 82C,      daughter, Courtney Lila, on May 2, 2002.               38 per year), the establishment of two new alumni chapters (Polk/Haralson, Ga.,
87C, 92C, 97C. Mark your     Chris is employed as a senior financial analyst        and Queen City, N.C.) and the reorganization of three chapters. Thanks to Tim and
calendar now, and watch      with Nortel Networks in Alpharetta, Ga. The            the other Alumni Council members for all of your hard work!
your mail for more           family resides in Buford, Ga.
                                 ■ Crystal Maynor (93C) and her
                                                                                       Mr. England’s term as president began during Alumni Weekend, when 13 new
information!                                                                        Alumni Council members were sworn in. “We’re excited about working with the
                             husband, John, announce the birth of their
                             daughter, Coppi Matilda, on Nov. 23, 2001.             new Alumni Council,” said Scott Breithaupt (91C, 96G). “The members include a
                                 ■ Sara Lynn Thurmond Parker (93C)
                                                                                    diverse cross section of Berry’s alumni population, which is important because this
                             and her husband, Scott, announce the birth of
                             their daughter, Natalie Jean, on April 23,             body is designed to be a voice for all Berry alums.”
                             2002. Natalie joins her sister, Julianne, 4. Sara         Other officers sworn in during the meeting were Frances Richey-Goldby (83A,
                             is a teacher in the Bartow County School               87C), who is serving as vice president of alumni events, and Kaye Godwin (91C),
                             System, and the family resides in Winder, Ga.
                                                                                    vice president of institutional relations.
                                 ■ Laurie Bice (94C) and Chris Osterman
                             were married April 20, 2002.                              New Alumni Council members are:
                                 ■ Leigha Young Burnham (94C)                          Brian Carmony (93C)                     Harold Jones (81C)
                             graduated from Jacksonville State University              Patrick Carter (91C)                    Russ Payne (49H, 53c)
                             in Alabama with a master of education degree
                             in library science in April 2002.
                                                                                       Tina Gossett (82A, 87C)                 Joy Nicholson (92C)
                                 ■ Chris D’Angelo (94C) and Melissa                    Jim Lewis Hamrick (59H, 63c)            Dorothy Sundy (59C)
                             Tobin were married May 20, 2002, in                       Jean Miller Hedden (52C)                Fran Thompson (99C)
                             Waimanalo Bay, Hawaii. Chris is employed at               Liz Hill (01C)                          Roger Tutterow (84C)
                             Mizuno USA as a citrix administrator. The
                             couple resides in Norcross, Ga.                           Bernice Holcomb (56H)

 President: Ed England, 57C
 Vice Presidents: Frances Richey-Goldby,
 83A,87C; Reginald Strickland, 51C; Larry
 Eidson, 57c; Kay Harris Godwin, 91C; Larry
 Sculley, 65C
 Parliamentarian: Bart Cox, 92C
 Historian: Ouida Word Dickey, 50C
 Secretary: Kathleen Sundy, 94C, 98G

                                                        ■ Mandy Elizabeth Peterson (OOC) has             ■ Barbara Abernathy Vickery (52C) of
 Chapter Presidents: Willisa Marsh, 00C, and        relocated to Rome and is serving as annual        Commerce, Ga., passed away April 5, 2002.
 Evelyn Hamilton, 69C, African American;
                                                    fund advancement officer for Berry College.       Survivors include her husband, Sam Vickery
 Ray R. Smitherman, 95C, Ag Alumni; Tracy
 Lewis, 88C, Cartersville, Ga.; Harlan
                                                    She is engaged to be married to Anders            (51C); a son, Ricky; two daughters, Gwen
 Chapman, 58C, and Doris Reynolds                   Ferrington in April 2003.                         Morgan and Melanie Stanley; a sister,
 Chapman, 57C, Carpet Capital (Dalton, Ga.);            ■ David Wilson Stancil (00C) and Mia          Dorothy Byers; two brothers, Bill Abernathy
 Sue Day, 48C, Columbia, S.C.;                      Lynn Sutton (01C) were married Nov. 17,           and R. Paul Abernathy (52C); 12
 Luci Hill Bell, 60C, East Tennessee (Knoxville);   2001, at Intown Community Church in               grandchildren; and two great-grandchildren.
 Earl DeVane, 45C, Macon, Ga.; Bill Roseen,         Atlanta. David is a language arts teacher at      Barbara was a member of the First United
 78C, Northeast Atlanta; W. Rufus Massey Jr.,       Central Gwinnett High School in                   Methodist Church of Commerce and was a
 75C, Northwest Atlanta; Don Stinson, 54C,          Lawrenceville, Ga., and Mia is a staff nurse at   teacher in the Commerce school system.
 and Grace Mitchell Stinson, 54C, Pensacola,        Emory University Hospital in Atlanta. They           ■ Roscoe Dolan Perritt (56C) of
 Fla.; Gus Stallings, 74C, Queen City               plan to relocate to St. Louis, Mo., where David   Waycross, Ga., passed away April 3, 2002.
 (Charlotte, N.C.); Joel A. Rackley, 58H, 62C,      will enter the master of divinity program at         ■ Ira E. Player (57C) of Ruffin, S.C.,
 Richmond, Va.; Genyth Travis, 96C, Rome,           Covenant Theological Seminary.                    passed away Nov. 27, 2001.
 Ga.; Mark Henderson, 00C, South Atlanta;               ■ John Terrance Woods IV (00C) is
 Greanel Spell Overstreet, 52H, Southeast           employed at Science Applications                                   1960s
 Georgia (Brunswick); Jeffrey Horn, 87C,            International in San Diego, Calif., in the           ■   William “Bill” D. Bunch (63H, 73C) of
 Washington, D.C. Area                              networking and communication configuration        Lakeland, Fla., passed away Feb. 15, 2002.
                                                    management department. The company is a           Bill taught industrial arts at East Rome Junior
 Director of Alumni and Constituent
 Relations:                                         contractor for the Navy Special Warfare           High School and later taught at Cedartown
 Scott Breithaupt, 91C, 96G                         Center.                                           Junior High School. He went on to become an
                                                        ■ Allison Elizabeth DeVan (01C) is            instructor in sheet metal at the Polk
                                                    pursuing a master’s degree in kinesiology at      Correctional Institute in Lakeland, Fla. He was
    ■ Jennifer Chesney Richardson (98C)             the University of Texas at Austin.                an Army veteran and a member of the First
and her husband, Bobby, announce the birth              ■ Matthew Nevin Dodd (01C) and Erin           United Methodist Church. He is survived by
of their son, Robert Griff, on Sept. 3, 2001.       McClain (00C) were married April 6, 2002.         his wife, Jenny; a daughter, Cazette King; a
The family resides in Springdale, Ark.              They reside in Rome, Ga.                          son, Joe; a stepdaughter, Allison Harper; and
    ■ Kevin D. Swafford (98C) and his wife,             ■ Andria Jones (01C) and Andrew               five grandchildren.
Deanna Cain Swafford (98C), announce the            Gregory “Greg” McCarty (01c) were                     ■ Alan A. Griffin (67C) of Floyd County,
birth of their first child, Hunter Dane, on Feb.    married May 11, 2002. The outdoor wedding         Ga., passed away Feb. 21, 2001.
22, 2002.                                           was held at a lake house on Lake Sinclair in          ■ Paul E. Robertson (67C) of Tunnell
    ■ Robert David Covington (99C) was              Eatonton, Ga. The couple enjoyed a                Hill, Ga., passed away Feb. 6, 2002.
promoted from infrastructure to ABAS at             honeymoon trip to Asheville, N.C., and now
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP. He also
                                                    resides in Woodstock, Ga.                            ■ Sarah H. Collier (74G) of Fort
volunteers at Zoo Atlanta.                              ■ Matthew Francis Seelig (01C) is the         Oglethorpe, Ga., passed away April 8, 2002.
    ■ Robert W. Crowe (99C) and Kathleen            legislative correspondent with the office of
A. Dillon (00C) were married Sept. 8, 2001.         Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-Mich.) in
The couple resides in Princeton, N.J.               Washington, D.C. He currently resides in
    ■ Jason Kyle Farmer (99C) received a
master’s degree in biology from Tennessee
                                                    Arlington, Va.                                      TRUSTEE              EMERITUS
Tech and has accepted a position as a fisheries
                                                                    Deaths                              DIES AT AGE                 93
biologist with the North Carolina Wildlife

Commission.                                             Berry College extends sincere condolences           rustee Emeritus Harold Clotfelter
    ■ Stacie Clark Petter (99C) graduated
                                                    to family and friends of the following alumni.
                                                    We regret space does not permit listing                 of Rome died Wednesday, June
from Georgia State University with a master
                                                    names of survivors who are not Berry alumni         12, 2002. He was 93.
of business administration degree with a
concentration in computer information               or immediate family members.                           A native of Georgia, Mr. Clotfelter
systems. She has been accepted into the                              1920s                              was a distinguished business leader.
doctoral program at Georgia State’s Robinson           ■  George W. Lundy (24H) of                      He was president of Hardy Realty
College of Business.                                Chattanooga, Tenn., passed away June 4,
    ■ Ann Purdy (99C) is moving to Prague,
                                                                                                        and Development Company in Rome
                                                    2002. He was active in business and civic
the Czech Republic, for a year to work as a         affairs in Chattanooga and was a member and
                                                                                                        and played a major role in shaping
missionary and teach English in the public          officer of the Kiwanis Club for more than 40        the development and growth of the
high school. She previously taught
elementary school in Cumming, Ga.
    ■ Rachel Scull (99C) and Troy Rowell
                                                    years. He was a founding member of the Boys
                                                    and Girls Club of Chattanooga, receiving the
                                                    Man & Boy Award in 1978.
                                                                                                        Rome and Floyd County area.
                                                                                                           Mr. Clotfelter served for 12 years            W        hat do you
                                                                                                                                                                remember most
                                                                                                                                                         about Berry? Let me
were married May 11, 2002. Rachel is                    ■ Kathleen Pirkle Dexter (26H) of
                                                                                                        as a member of the Berry College
                                                                                                                                                         guess — the people
working on a master of public administration        Atlanta, Ga., passed away in December 1999.         Board of Trustees. He was elected to             you knew here, right?
degree at Kennesaw State University.                    ■ Edith Parks Dover (27H) of Hixson,            the board in 1967 and went on to                 Well, Berry has
                  2000s                             Tenn., passed away Sept. 21, 1998.                  serve as chairman of the board’s                 launched a new online
   ■  Brian L. Aultman (00C) and Suzanne                ■ R. B. Long (27H) of Deland, Fla. passed                                                        Alumni Community to
                                                    away Oct. 6, 1999.                                  Development Committee and
Funk (02C) were married May 18, 2002, at                                                                                                                 help you reconnect
the Berry College Chapel. The couple resides                                                            Executive Committee.
                                                                     1930s                                                                               with old friends — or
in Augusta, Ga.                                        ■  William E. Biddle (31H) of Temple
                                                                                                           A graduate of Georgia Tech, Mr.               maybe even find some
    ■ Janine Patricia Douglass (00C) has            Terrace, Fla., passed away July 10, 2001.           Clotfelter served as director of the             new ones. Log on to
accepted a full-time position as a research            ■ Paul S. H. Terrell (37H, 50c) of Rome,         Georgia Tech National Alumni           
biologist at the Centers for Disease Control in     Ga., passed away May 27, 2002.                                                                       alumni and register
Atlanta. She is part of the research and                                                                Association. He also was a trustee of
                                                       ■ Buford Brown Sr. (37H) of                                                                       today. There you’ll find
development team in the National Center for         Fredericksburg, Va., passed away Aug. 17,           Darlington School, an active member
                                                                                                                                                         the latest alumni news
Infectious Diseases and is responsible for          2001.                                               of First Presbyterian Church in                  and information,
managing the lab and developing quantitative           ■ Howard L. Littlefield (38C) of Toccoa,         Rome, president of the Georgia                   online class notes,
tests for viral antigens and cytokines using a      Ga., passed away Feb. 19, 2002.
flow cytometry-based system.                                                                            Chamber of Commerce and president                discussion groups and
    ■ Margie Alice Harreld (00C) and Josh                            1940s                              of the Rome Rotary Club.                         a directory to help you
Clark were married May 11, 2002, at                    ■  Herman B. Prater (41C) of Salt Lake                                                            connect with your
                                                                                                           His wife, Sara, preceded him in
Peachtree Presbyterian Church. Alice is office      City, Utah, passed away Dec. 6, 2001.                                                                fellow grads. We’ll see
manager for Remax Around Atlanta.                       ■ William M. Todd (42H, 46C) of
                                                                                                        death. He is survived by three                   you online.
    ■ Aimee Swanson Larsen (00C) and her            Memphis, Tenn., passed away April 5, 2002.          children, four grandchildren and two
husband, James, announce the birth of their             ■ William R. Spruill (42H) of                   great-grandchildren.
son, Cooper Thomas, on May 7. Cooper                Gainesville, Ga., passed away Feb. 6, 2002.            Memorial gifts may be sent to the
weighed 6 pounds, 10 ounces and was 20
inches long.                                                         1950s                              Harold Clotfelter Scholarship, c/o
    ■ Brian Craig Nelson (00C) and Jessica             ■ Carl F. Durham (46H, 50C) of                   Berry College Advancement Office,
Sine (00C, 01G) were married March 23,              Gadsden, Ala., passed away April 30, 2002.          P.O. Box 490069, Mount Berry, Ga.
2002, in Barnwell Chapel.                              ■ W. Voight Starling Sr. (51h) of
                                                    Grayson, Ga., passed away March 24, 2002.           30149. ■

                  MEMORIAL              AND      HONOR GIFTS
     Berry College welcomes gifts in memory or honor of individuals. If you wish to
  make a memorial or honor gift to Berry, simply denote the person to be memorialized
  or honored on the check or in an accompanying letter. Berry expresses gratitude for
  the following gifts specifically designated as memorials and tributes. The persons
  honored are listed in capital letters; the donors in capital and lowercase.

                                      Dr. Vassilis Dalakas            DR. AND MRS. G. LELAND              MR. PAUL S. H. TERRELL            DR. OUIDA WORD DICKEY
  Memorial gifts have been            Ms. Gretchen R. Faulkner          GREEN                               Mrs. Melanie Moore Green          Mr. Robert A. Baker
  designated to scholarship           Mr. John C. Parton                Dr. and Mrs. J. Thad Matheny        Mr. Timothy R. Howard             Ms. Angela Renee Dickey
  funds named for the                 Dr. Gary S. Robson              DR. LARRY GREEN                       Mrs. Mary Grace Meeks             Mr. Peter N. Henriksen
                                      Ms. Genyth L. Travis              Ms. Kelly Ann Cochran               Mrs. Evelyn Hoge Pendley          Mr. Edward Lamar Wade
  honoree unless otherwise
                                    MR. WILLIAM CORNELIUS               Mrs. Melanie Moore Green          MRS. ADELLE L. THOMPSON           MR. B. LEON ELDER
  specified by the donor.             BURKHALTER                        Mrs. Susan M. Hauser                Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Eugene      Mr. and Mrs. Clifford R. Terry
                                      Mr. Raymond D. Meadows            Mr. W. Carl “Smiley” Paul              Harper                       MR. AND MRS. J. MITCHELL
                                    MRS. SARAH LIPSCOMB                 Mr. Mark George Moraitakis        MRS. JOANN TIESLER                  ELROD
  MEMORY GIFTS                        CAGLE                             Mrs. Carolyn Tillman Steele         Mrs. Connie Deal                  Mr. W. Carl “Smiley” Paul
   (March 28 - June 25, 2002)         Mrs. Nan Lipscomb Nelms         DR. R. C. GRESHAM                   DR. WILLIAM M. TODD               MR. WARREN EUGENE ESTES
                                    MRS. ANNA W. CARR                   Mr. and Mrs. James F. Clark         Mr. and Mrs. Hector Alonso        Mr. W. Carl “Smiley” Paul
  Mrs. Evelyn Hoge Pendley            Ms. Angela Renee Dickey         MRS. LILLIAN JACKSON                MR. BILLY TUTTLE                  MRS. RALPH E. FARMER
                                    MR. GEORGE H. CLARK                 Mrs. Evelyn Hoge Pendley            Mrs. Greanel Spell Overstreet     Mrs. Charlotte Keckley Bitzer
  Mr. John Nathan Leatherwood         Mr. and Mrs. David E.           MRS. ELLEN JERVIS                   MR. JOHN C. WARR                  MRS. ROSA BENTLEY
                                          Slemons                       Mrs. Evelyn Hoge Pendley            Mrs. Grace Moore Johnson          FLETCHER
  Mrs. Melanie Moore Green          MR. M. C. CLARKSON                MR. LINTON JOHNSON                  MRS. LAURA WEBER                    Mrs. Melanie Moore Green
                                      Mr. and Mrs. Nils Cederlund       Mrs. Patricia Johnson Halsey        Mrs. Janice Sells Chadwell      MRS. FAYE H. FRON
MISS MARTHA BERRY                                                       Mrs. Grace Moore Johnson
  Mr. and Mrs. Rinehart Baron       DR. GEORGE CLARY JR.                                                    Mrs. Winifred Bryant Morrow       Mr. and Mrs. J. Mitchell Elrod Jr.
                                      Mrs. Sarah Miller Clary         MR. FRED H. LOVEDAY                   Ms. Teresa Rimkus               MR. AND MRS. GLYNN R.
DR. JOHN R. BERTRAND                                                    Mr. Peter N. Henriksen              Mrs. Randi M. Sonenshine
  Mrs. Ruth A. Ash                  MR. D. HAROLD CLOTFELTER                                                                                  GAULDING
                                      Ms. Sara Anne Stephens          MR. L. E. MCALLISTER                  Ms. Linda A. Tennant              Mr. W. Carl “Smiley” Paul
  Mrs. Mary Bachler
  Mr. and Mrs. Frank Barron           Ms. Alicia C. Wright              Mr. and Mrs. James F. Clark       MRS. LULU S. WESTCOTT             MRS. MELANIE MOORE GREEN
  Dr. Abraham B. Bergman              Greater Rome Board of             Mr. Peter N. Henriksen              Mr. Timothy R. Howard             Mr. R. Bryan Ellis
  Dr. Linton H. Bishop Jr.                Realtors                    MRS. BONNIE D. MCCORD               MR. RONALD E.                     DR. THOMAS C. HARRISON
  Mrs. Charline Hayes Brown         MR. MELVIN M. CONNER                Mrs. Glenda Glover Storey           WILLIAMSON                        Mrs. Carolyn Tillman Steele
  Dr. and Mrs. C. Frank Campbell      Mr. W. Carl “Smiley” Paul       MRS. HELEN PAUL                       Mrs. Laura Ann Asta
  Ms. Ruth K. Coleman                                                                                       Mrs. Carolyn Tillman Steele     MRS. BERNICE H. HENDERSON
                                    MRS. FLOSSIE CRATON                 MCDANIEL                                                              Mr. Bruce Gottshall
  Mr. Shirl E. Cook                   Mrs. Evelyn Hoge Pendley          Mr. W. Carl “Smiley” Paul         MR. CRAIG ALLYN WOFFORD
  Mr. Bart Arnold Cox                                                                                       Ms. Holly Patricia Dean         MR. QUINN HENRY
  Ms. Angela Renee Dickey           MR. HOWARD M. CRAWFORD            DR. MILTON S. MCDONALD                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Jones Jr.
                                      Mr. W. Carl “Smiley” Paul         Mr. and Mrs. Clifford S. Hewitt     Mrs. Elaine Sexton Foster
  Mrs. Irene Gay DuBose                                                                                                                     DR. JOHN C. HICKMAN
  Mr. Stephen C. Eubanks            MS. KIRSTEN DAVIS                   Mr. Charles M. Walker             MR. RICHARD WOOD
                                                                                                            Ms. Kelly Ann Cochran             Mr. Jonathan Theodore Trapp
  Mr. Charles R. Everett              Mr. Leslie Thomas Howard Jr.    MR. G. C. MILLER
  Mr. and Mrs. George G. Gargett                                        Mrs. Ruth Parker Miller             Mrs. Julie Walton McCormick     MRS. JUDY Y. HOPPER
                                    MS. MILDRED DAVIS                                                                                         Mr. Bruce Gottshall
  Dr. Randolph B. Green               Mrs. Nan Lipscomb Nelms         MRS. BESSIE C. MIXON                MEMBERS OF THE
  Mrs. Bettianne Ware Grover                                            Mrs. Burley Page                    CLASS OF 1942C                  MRS. BETTY SWEARINGEN
  Mr. Yale Gunn                     MR. EDWARD G. DICKEY                                                    Mr. Charles D. Stringer           HURDLE
  Dr. and Mrs. Robert L. Harbin       Ms. Angela Renee Dickey         MRS. MARTIN O’CONNOR                                                    Mr. W. Carl “Smiley” Paul
  Mr. and Mrs. Clifford S. Hewitt     Mr. Edward Lamar Wade             Mrs. Evelyn Wall Hillman
                                      Mr. Glenn C. Wallace                                                   HONOR GIFTS                    MR. AND MRS. H. ISHMAEL
  Mr. and Mrs. Gifford L. Hodges                                      MR. JAMES L. PAUL JR.                 (March 28 - June 25, 2002)        JONES
  Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Huff       MRS. FAYE LEWIS DICKEY              Dr. and Mrs. Horace D. Brown                                          Mrs. Joy Jones Neal
  Mrs. Edna Earl Jesse                Ms. Angela Renee Dickey         DR. ROSCOE DOLAN PERRITT            2002 ALUMNI WORK WEEK
  Mrs. Grace Moore Johnson            Mr. Edward Lamar Wade                                                                                 MR. JESSE R. JONES
                                                                        Mrs. Frances L. Barnett             WORKERS                           Mr. Timothy R. Howard
  Col. Walter A. Johnson Jr.          Mr. Glenn C. Wallace              Mrs. Jean Adcock Curran             Mrs. Marti Walstad
  Dr. and Mrs. Wilbur D. Keister    DR. GARLAND M. DICKEY               Mrs. Faye H. Fron                                                   MR. AND MRS. JOHN
                                                                                                          MS. SUSAN RHEA ASBURY               LIPSCOMB
  Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Key              Ms. Angela Renee Dickey           Southeast Georgia Alumni            Mr. Bruce Gottshall               Mrs. Faye H. Fron
  Mr. Robert E. Koch                  Dr. and Mrs. Norman                   Chapter
  Mr. and Mrs. Gordon A. Leiter                                                                           MR. AND MRS. ROBERT C.              Mrs. Melanie Moore Green
                                          Thompson Holloman           MR. E. W. PETERSON
  Mr. Jeffrey B. Llewellyn                                                                                  BAKER                             Mr. W. Carl “Smiley” Paul
                                      Miss Jill L. Joiner               Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Peterson
  Mrs. LaVonne G. Lundell                                                                                   Mr. Robert A. Baker               Mr. Earl W. Williams
                                      Mr. Edward Lamar Wade             Ms. Mandy E. Peterson
  Mrs. Jo H. Masters                  Mr. Glenn C. Wallace                                                MR. BRIAN JOE BELFLOWER           MRS. KATHRYN ELROD MASON
  Dr. and Mrs. J. Thad Matheny                                        MS. KATE PHILLIPS                     Dr. Carol O. Willis               Mr. W. Carl “Smiley” Paul
  Dr. John W. McDowell              MR. ROBERT DICKEY                   Mrs. Doris Cook Dickey
                                      Ms. Angela Renee Dickey                                             MR. M. SCOTT BREITHAUPT           DR. L. DOYLE MATHIS
  Mr. and Mrs. Constantin V.                                          MR. HARVEY ROBERTS                    Mr. W. Carl “Smiley” Paul
                                      Mr. Edward Lamar Wade                                                                                   Mr. Robert A. Baker
      Micuda                                                            Mr. and Mrs. William E.
  Mrs. Ruth Parker Miller             Mr. Glenn C. Wallace                                                MR. AND MRS. JOHN BROOKE          DR. DANIEL J. MCBRAYER
                                                                            Newsome                         Mr. and Mrs. Fred A. Morris
  Mrs. Virginia Coleburn Minter     MRS. LILLIE PATTON                                                                                        Mrs. Carolyn Tillman Steele
                                      DORTON                          MR. JOHN WILLIAM                    DR. DEAN CANTRELL
  Mrs. Luegina Carter Mounfield                                                                                                             DR. JACQUELINE MCDOWELL
                                      Mrs. Yvonne Linker Hall           RYMER SR.                           Mrs. Carolyn Tillman Steele
  Mrs. W. J. Neathery                                                                                                                         Mr. and Mrs. J. Mitchell Elrod Jr.
                                      Mrs. Penny Evans-Plants           Mr. W. Carl “Smiley” Paul
  Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Nesbitt                                                                         MR. AND MRS. A. MILTON
                                                                      MRS. LAURA SEXTON                                                     DR. KATHY MCKEE
  Mr. and Mrs. Alvin H. Novack      MRS. JESSIRUTH SMITH                                                    CHAMBERS
                                                                        Mrs. Elaine Sexton Foster                                             Mrs. Renee S. McMillan
  Mrs. Ann Nichols Pope               DOSS                                                                  Ms. Angela Renee Dickey
  Dean Mary Reynolds                  Mrs. Emily Doss Hutto           DR. GLORIA SHATTO                                                     MR. JOHN W. MIXON
                                                                                                          MR. MILTON CHAMBERS JR.             Mrs. Burley Page
  Mrs. Sharleen Formby Rhoads                                           Mr. Robert Shatto                   Mrs. Carolyn Tillman Steele
                                    MR. RALPH E. FARMER
  Ms. Angela M. Rivara                                                  Mrs. Carolyn Tillman Steele                                         MS. ELENA S. MOORE
                                      Mrs. Charlotte Keckley Bitzer                                       DR. SCOTT COLLEY
  Dr. and Mrs. Luther R. Rogers                                         Texas Instruments, Inc.                                               Mrs. Melanie Moore Green
                                      Dr. and Mrs. Norman                                                   Mr. Robert A. Baker
  Mrs. Jane Ward Smith                                                                                                                      MS. JOYCE S. MORRIS
                                          Thompson Holloman           MS. HAZEL SMITH
  Mr. Charles D. Stringer                                                                                 MR. AND MRS. JOSEPH                 Mr. W. Carl “Smiley” Paul
                                    MRS. LEARY BELL FINLEY              Mr. W. Carl “Smiley” Paul
  Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Sumner                                                                             RAMSEY COOK
  Mr. Randall Alan Tibbals            Mrs. Ann Finley Maxwell         MRS. MARGARET GLENN                   Mr. W. Carl “Smiley” Paul       DR. NICHOLAS NAIDENKO
  Mrs. Mildred Campbell Tietjen     MS. ESSIE PEARL GARNER              STINE                                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Clifton Dane
                                                                                                          MR. JOHN H. CUNNINGHAM
  Mr. Randolph J. Turner              Mr. Edward Lamar Wade             Mrs. Faye H. Fron                                                         Freeman
                                                                                                            Mr. W. Carl “Smiley” Paul
  Mr. Glenn C. Wallace                                                MR. TAYLOR STOWERS                                                    MRS. BETTYANN O’NEILL
                                    MRS. BENNIE L. GARRETT                                                MR. AND MRS. LAWRENCE
  Mrs. Helen Howell Warr                                                Mr. and Mrs. Edward J.                                                Mr. and Mrs. J. Mitchell Elrod Jr.
                                      Mrs. Sara Hall Payne                                                  DAWSON
  Mr. and Mrs. Charles K. Webb                                              Weaver III                                                      MR. SUNNY PARK
                                    MS. LILA GLADIN                                                         Mrs. Brenda Woods
  Mr. and Mrs. Troy M. Wyers Jr.                                      DR. ARTHUR STRICKLAND                                                   Dr. Gary A. Waters
  Ms. Phoebe M. Wyland                Mr. and Mrs. Carroll C.                                             DR. AUGUST DEBERDT
                                          Underwood                     Mrs. Carey Hill Strickland          Mr. and Mrs. Clifton Dane       MR. W. CARL “SMILEY” PAUL
  Mount Berry Church
                                    DR. JORGE GONZALEZ                MR. AND MRS. DAN                          Freeman                       Dr. and Mrs. Horace D. Brown
MR. WYATT BRADFORD                                                      SULLIVAN                                                              Mrs. Melanie Moore Green
  Mr. Tom D. Raulerson                The Rev. Jeanne Hoechst-                                            MRS. BARBARA
                                          Ronner                        Mrs. Melanie Moore Green          DESTEPHANO                          Ms. Carolyn Thompson Smith
MISS KATIE BROOKSHIRE                                                 MRS. KATHERINE C. TAYLOR                                              MR. AND MRS. RUSSELL C.
                                    MS. KATHLEEN D.                                                         Mrs. Carolyn Tillman Steele
  Mrs. Joan E. Blackwelder                                              Ms. Angela Renee Dickey                                               PAYNE
  Mr. John L. Brock                   GRANROSE                                                            MRS. DORIS COOK DICKEY
                                      Mrs. Bettyann M. O'Neill                                              Ms. Angela Renee Dickey           Mrs. Frances L. Barnett
  Ms. Beth Candler
                                                                                                            Mr. Edward Lamar Wade
MRS. EVELYN HOGE PENDLEY               CLASS OF 1947C                      HETTY MCEWEN COLEMAN                   Mrs. Shelia L. Davis           DR. JAMES R. SCOGGINS
  Mrs. Melanie Moore Green               SCHOLARSHIP                          SCHOLARSHIP                         Dr. Robert L. Frank               SCHOLARSHIP
  Mr. W. Carl “Smiley” Paul              Mrs. Molly Joiner Faile              Warren Coleman Fund                 Mrs. Gail Howard Gibson           Dr. James R. Scoggins
  Mr. Tom D. Raulerson                   Mrs. Myrtle Joiner Lawhon         KIRSTIN DAVIS MEMORIAL                 Mrs. Connie Garner Guthrie     MARY ALTA SPROULL
  Mrs. Carolyn Tillman Steele            Mr. and Mrs. Percy T.                SCHOLARSHIP                         Dr. and Mrs. Robert W.            ENDOWED MATHEMATICS
MS. DAPHNE PETERSON                          Marchman                         Mr. Mark George Moraitakis              Pearson                       SCHOLARSHIP
  Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Peterson          Mrs. Louise Whiteside McLure         Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Blake            Lt. Cmdr. Mark Dennis Tate        Drs. Kenneth and Betty Whitten
  Ms. Mandy E. Peterson                  Mr. and Mrs. Harry H. Murray             Standard                        Dr. and Mrs. Gary A. Waters
                                         Mrs. Deleen Buffington                                                   Mr. David Lee Weir             ROBERT EARL STAFFORD
MISS MELANIE D. PRATER                                                     WENDY HUEY DECK                                                          SCHOLARSHIP
                                             Stevens                                                              Mrs. Monica Dermo Wells
  Mr. W. Carl “Smiley” Paul                                                   MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP                                                  Myra Stafford Pryor Charitable
                                         Mrs. Janie Dove Thornton                                                 Dr. Carol O. Willis
MRS. ANGELA P. REYNOLDS                                                       Mrs. Donna Atkins                                                         Trust
                                         Mrs. Bettie Webb Todd                                                    Mr. Randall G. Woodhead
  Mr. W. Carl “Smiley” Paul            CLASS OF 1948C                                                          H. I. JONES AGRICULTURE           SARA E. STAFFORD
                                                                           ANGELA R. DICKEY AWARD                                                   SCHOLARSHIP
MR. AND MRS. WILLIAM                     ENDOWMENT                                                                SCHOLARSHIP
                                                                              Dr. Ouida W. Dickey                                                   Myra Stafford Pryor Charitable
  ROBISON                                SCHOLARSHIP                                                              Mr. H. Ishmael Jones
  Ms. Angela Renee Dickey                Ms. Sue Day                       JENNIFER W. DICKEY AWARD               Mrs. Gloria Ann Noles                 Trust
                                                                              Dr. Ouida W. Dickey                                                STEPHENS-RILEY
MS. CAROLYN THOMPSON                   CLASS OF 1949 HIGH SCHOOL                                               CLAY KENEMER MEMORIAL
  SMITH                                  SCHOLARSHIP                       DR. OUIDA W. DICKEY                    SCHOLARSHIP                       SCHOLARSHIP
  Mr. and Mrs. J. Mitchell Elrod Jr.     Mrs. Nena Wells Whitley              ENDOWED SCHOLARSHIP                 Mr. Charles F. Acree              Mr. and Mrs. Owen L. Riley Sr.
  Mrs. Faye H. Fron                                                           Mr. Trevor Ian Balmer               Ms. Alma Rachel Fossett        STUDENT SCHOLARSHIPS
                                       CLASS OF 1951C MEMORIAL                Mr. J. Walter Johnson
  Mr. W. Carl “Smiley” Paul              ENDOWED SCHOLARSHIP                                                      Mrs. Bernice Arnold Holcomb       Mr. Bradford Kelly Begin
                                                                              Dr. and Mrs. Robert W.              Mrs. Wyleene Odetta Howard        Mrs. Lena Moore Fleischhacker
MRS. AMY BROCK                           Mr. Thomas W. Adams                      Pearson
  SUMMERLIN                              Mr. Rhuel J. Baughtman                                                   Mr. Jesse R. Jones                Mr. Dennis C. Freeman
                                                                              Ms. E. Gloria Rumph                 Mrs. Mildred Parrish Kenemer      Miss Kimberly Michelle Mink
  Mr. Bruce Gottshall                    Mrs. Vivian Rountree Bevis
                                         Mr. Leon M. Bryan                 BARBARA J. DIXON MBA                   Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Nettles        Miss Laurie C. Steele
DR. GABE TALLENT                                                              ENDOWED SCHOLARSHIP                 Ms. Carolyn Thompson Smith        Dr. Martha L. Tapia
  Dr. Thomas W. Carver                   Mrs. Linnie Lane Gibson
                                         Mrs. Katherine Widner Harmon         Dr. Cherlyn S. Granrose             Mrs. Joy Bernice Ogle Whaley      Northwest Georgia Credit Union
MRS. CHARLOTTE TERRELL                   Mr. and Mrs. Ellis K. Hite        LILIAN DORTON ENDOWED               DR. L. DOYLE MATHIS               STUDY ABROAD AWARD
  Mrs. Mary Grace Meeks                  Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Huff          SCHOLARSHIP                         ENDOWED SCHOLARSHIP               Dr. Charlotte Anne Bond
MR. EARL TILLMAN                         Mr. and Mrs. Clifford G. Mizell      The Prudential Foundation           Mrs. Janice Riner Allagood        Mrs. Delana Rene Hickman
  Mr. and Mrs. Harry A.                  Mrs. Laurie Crawford Reeves       WM. WALTER DUNCAN                      The Rev. and Mrs. James N.        Dr. Marcie L. Hinton
      Musselwhite                        Mr. Charles T. Scarborough           SCHOLARSHIP                             Barnes                        Mrs. Rebecca N. Roberts
MRS. DAWN C. TOLBERT                     Lt. Col. William D. Segrest          Dr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Mew III      Dr. Rayford H. Boyett             Mrs. Margaret B. Suffill
  Mr. W. Carl “Smiley” Paul              Mrs. Elizabeth Williams Selman                                           Mrs. Retha Burch Cumbee           Dr. Virginia G. Troy
                                                                           KATHRYN AND JULIUS
                                         Mrs. Martha Anglin Smith                                                     Brown                         Katherine John Murphy
MRS. HELEN HOWELL WARR                                                        ELROD SCHOLARSHIP
                                         Mrs. Jim Ann Stewart                                                     Mrs. Shirley Randle Brown             Foundation
  Mrs. Grace Moore Johnson                                                    Miss E. Jean Freeman
                                         Lt. Col. and Mrs. Reginald E.                                            Mr. Joe S. Crain               REX THOMPSON / RUFUS
MRS. MAY BELLE WILDER                        Strickland                    JOHN R. AND MARGARET                   Mrs. Jane Underwood               BAIRD SCHOLARSHIP
  Mr. W. Carl “Smiley” Paul                                                   WEAVER FAISON                           Crawford
                                       CLASS OF 1952C                                                                                               Dr. Quincey L. Baird
MRS. JEAN WOOD                                                                SCHOLARSHIP                         Mr. Edward Ellington
                                         SCHOLARSHIP                          Mrs. Margaret Weaver Faison                                        JOHN C. WARR ENDOWED
  Mrs. Julie Walton McCormick            Mr. and Mrs. James R.                                                    Mrs. Archie Battles Lamb
                                                                              Mrs. Ora Mae Faison Vaughan         Mrs. Joyce Taylor Liggin          SCHOLARSHIP
                                             Anderson                                                                                               Mrs. Catherine Murphy Hardin
GIFTS TO NAMED                           Dr. Quincey L. Baird              RALPH E. FARMER                        Dr. and Mrs. L. Doyle Mathis
                                         Mr. Billy R. Blocker Sr.             ACCOUNTING                          Mrs. L. Starke Shaw May        LAURA WEBER SCHOLARSHIP
 SCHOLARSHIPS                                                                 SCHOLARSHIP                         Mr. Edward Parton                 Anverse
   (March 28 - June 25, 2002)            Miss Nettie Ruth Brown
                                         Mr. Charles L. Cooper                Georgia-Pacific Corporation         Mrs. Dorit Leonard Teeters     KAREN WHEELER
                                         Mr. Curtis L. Forester            FLOYD ALUMNI                           Miss Barbara J. Thomas            MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP
AGRICULTURE ALUMNI                                                                                                Mr. and Mrs. J. Lee Waller
   EARNED SCHOLARSHIP                    Mr. David E. Gordon                  SCHOLARSHIP                                                           Ford Motor Company Fund
                                         Mrs. LaJean Battles Griffin          Mr. Charles William Gee             Mr. Gene T. Warren
   Mr. G. Marshall Bryan                                                                                                                         RON WILLIAMSON
                                         Mr. and Mrs. Webster Garnett         Mrs. Bettie Hester McClain          Mr. and Mrs. Charlie J.
   Mr. and Mrs. James W. Little                                                                                                                     SCHOLARSHIP FUND
                                             Hartline                         Rome Chapter Berry Alumni               Weatherford
DR. LEO W. ANGLIN                                                                                                                                   Dr. Amber T. Prince
                                         Mrs. Jean Miller Hedden                  Association                  FRANK MILLER MEMORIAL
   MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP                                                       Saks Fifth Avenue                                                  JEFF WINGO MEMORIAL
                                         Mrs. Martha Durham Hoke                                                  SCHOLARSHIP
   Dr. Steven H. Bell                                                                                                                               SCHOLARSHIP
                                         Mrs. Lynette Peebles Matteson     ROBERT W. GARDNER                      Mr. and Mrs. William H.
   Dr. and Mrs. Wade A. Carpenter                                                                                                                   Ms. Lynette Tammy Crowley
                                         Mrs. Joan Stewart Moore              ENDOWED SCHOLARSHIP                     Banks
   Dr. Karen A. Kurz                                                                                                                                Dr. Janna S. Johnson
                                         Mrs. Anne Cook Neal                  Ms. Julie A. Bumpus              SARAH S. MOORE
PERRY ANTHONY MEMORIAL                                                                                                                              Mrs. Faithanne Coleman Ridley
                                         Mrs. Dean Hadden Renbarger           Dr. J. Kay Gardner                  SCHOLARSHIP
   SCHOLARSHIP                                                                                                                                      Miss Jennifer L. Tucker
                                         Mr. and Mrs. William J. Roberts   KITTYE LYNN GEORGE                     Ms. Sarah S. Moore
   Mrs. Emily Anthony Mullis                                                                                                                        BellSouth Corporation
                                         Mrs. Nell Dalton Roberts             ENDOWED MEMORIAL
                                         Dr. James R. Scoggins                                                 MARY AND AL NADASSY               CRAIG ALLEN WOFFORD
DR. JOHN R. BERTRAND                                                          SCHOLARSHIP                         ENGLISH SCHOLARSHIP
   SCHOLARSHIP                           Mr. Robert J. Slocumbe                                                                                     SCHOLARSHIP
                                                                              Mr. and Mrs. Ralph T. George        Dr. Christina G. Bucher           AT&T Foundation
   Mrs. Lucille Gilstrap West            Mrs. Alimae Petty Smith
                                         Mr. Paul H. Turner                DR. LARRY A. GREEN                     Dr. Michael E. Cooley
   Ashland Inc.                                                                                                                                  RICHARD WOOD
                                         Dr. Nell Purcell Veale               MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP                Dr. Sandra L. Meek
   Gretna Health Care Center                                                                                                                        SCHOLARSHIP
                                         The Schwab Fund for                  Mrs. Doris E. Broome                Ms. Laura E. Rutland
DAN BIGGERS SCHOLARSHIP                                                                                                                             Ms. Patricia G. Bennett
                                             Charitable Giving                Dr. Janna S. Johnson                Dr. Alvin H. F. Smith
   Mr. Douglas O. Baird                                                                                                                             Mr. Donald G. Collins
                                                                              Dr. and Mrs. Robert W.              Dr. Mark N. Taylor
                                       CLASS OF 1952H                                                                                               Mrs. Elizabeth M. Grigsby
JOSHUA BRADSHAW-                                                                  Pearson                         Dr. Zeynep Tenger
                                         SCHOLARSHIP                                                                                                Dr. Noaleen G. Ingalsbe
   WHITTEMORE MEMORIAL                                                        Dr. Carol O. Willis                 Dr. Paul E. Trolander
                                         Mrs. Johnnie Mae Smith Curry                                                                               Mrs. Louann Purdie
   ENDOWED SCHOLARSHIP                                                     LYN GRESHAM ENDOWED                    Dr. James H. Watkins
                                         Mr. Charles E. Hutsell                                                                                     Ms. Linda B. Walker
   Mr. and Mrs. Richard N. Bass                                               SCHOLARSHIP                         Dr. Lara B. Whelan
                                         Mrs. M. Virginia Greene Mosby                                                                              Magic Dragon Chimney Services
BROOKSHIRE LEADERSHIP                    Mrs. Jean Waddell Roberts            Mr. and Mrs. Edgar W. Fite       NSDAR SCHOLARSHIP
                                                                              Mrs. Roberta Thrasher                                              YOUNG FAMILY
   ENDOWED SCHOLARSHIP                   Mr. Lee Shackelford                                                      California State Society DAR
                                                                                  Gresham                                                           SCHOLARSHIP
   Mr. and Mrs. Tommy P.                 Mr. and Mrs. Earl D. Tillman                                             Daughters of the American
                                                                              Mrs. W. H. Sullivan                                                   Mr. T. R. Tucker
       Brookshire                        Ed Tillman Auto Sales, Inc.                                                  Revolution
                                                                              Peacock Auto Parts                                                    Dr. George G. Young
LOUISE PAUL BROWN WORK                   Dr. H. Oliver Welch                                                   ANN RUSSELL MEMORIAL
                                                                           BECKY MUSSER HOSEA                                                    A DAY FOR BERRY
   SCHOLARSHIP                           Class of 1952H                                                           SCHOLARSHIP
                                                                              SCHOLARSHIP                                                           AmSouth Bank of Georgia
   Merck Company Foundation              Welch Wealth Management                                                  Mrs. Kathleen R. Ray
                                             Corp.                            Mr. Bradley A. Barris
   AWARD                               CLASS OF 1957C
   Mr. Marcus E. Cantrell                SCHOLARSHIP
                                         Dr. E. Kay Davis Dunn
                                         Mr. and Mrs. James D. Gipson
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   ENDOWED SCHOLARSHIP                   Mrs. Helen Coffey Hegwood              to update your records in our office.
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   Wachovia Foundation                   Mrs. Sharlene Kinser Stephens                                 Please include the following in your news:
                                         Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Tate                      Name, address, phone number, e-mail address, and class year, and this form.
   SCHOLARSHIP                           Mr. and Mrs. Billy Ray
                                             Traynham                                            You can either mail your news to the Alumni Office or
   Mrs. Catherine M. McDonald
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   Miss Annie B. Wheelus                 Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Lee Winton              Berry College Alumni Office • P.O. Box 495018 • Mount Berry, GA 30149-5018
                                         Dr. Jerry W. Young
                                                                                                        1-800-782-0130 •

FALL CENTENNIAL CALENDAR Berry College                                                                              Berry Chronicle
                                                                                                                    P.O. Box 495018
                                                                                                                                                 NON-PROFIT ORG.
                                                                                                                                                 U.S. POSTAGE PAID
                                                                                                                                                  ROME, GA 30161
                            SEPTEMBER 2002 - JANUARY 2003
                                                                                                                    Mount Berry, GA 30149-5018     PERMIT NO. 2
                                        8 p.m., Berry College Chapel, Conson       Oct. 17 – Piano Recital,
                                        Wilson Lecture. His topic will be      featuring Roberto McCausland
                                        “Hope and Tolerance in the New         (81C), 8 p.m., Ford Auditorium.
                                                                                                                    Address Service Requested
                                        Millennium.”                               Oct. 19 – Outdoor Fall
                                                                               Festival features booths,
                                                                               entertainment, music and food,
                                            Oct. 1 – Jan. 31, 2003 – “The
                                                                               noon to 4 p.m.
                                        Weaving Room,” display of a
                                                                                   Oct. 21 – Instrumental
                                        century of weaving at Berry College,
                                                                               Recital, featuring Dr. Sam Cash
                                        The Martha Berry Museum.
          September                                                            (80C), saxophone; Dr. Glenn
                                            Oct. 3 – Vocal Recital, Robert
    Through Sept. 14 – “Simple                                                 Eernisse (79C), trombone; and Dr.
                                        Taylor (98C), bass-baritone, and
Colonial Furniture: The                                                        Emery Warnock (91C), trumpet, 8
                                        Carolyne Eberhardt (97C), soprano, 8
Craftsmanship of Franklin H.                                                   p.m., Ford Auditorium.
                                        p.m., Ford Auditorium.
Gottshall” Exhibit on display at
The Martha Berry Museum, 10 a.m.            Oct. 4 – 5 – MOUNTAIN DAY                   November
to 4 p.m., Monday through               WEEKEND Classes are suspended              Nov. 16 – Centennial Ball, for
Saturday.                               Oct. 4. A 10 a.m. student Centennial   students, alumni and the campus
    Sept. 12 – “Humanitarianism         celebration features Emmy Award        community, features swing and
in Context” Lecture Series begins       winner GregAlan Williams speaking      jazz music, 9:30 p.m. to 1 a.m.
with scholar, composer and singer       on diversity, motivation, personal     Location to be announced.
Bernice Johnson Reagon, 8 p.m.,         growth and excellence. Mountain Day
Berry College Chapel, Conson            Olympics will follow at 1:30 p.m.               December
Wilson Lecture. She will discuss her         Oct. 4 – Martha!                      Dec. 6 & 7 – Candles and
most recent publication, “If You             A multimedia musical about the    Carols of Christmases Past. Start
Don’t Go, Don’t Hinder Me”: The         life of Martha Berry, 8 p.m., Ford     the holiday season with a visit to
African-American Sacred Song            Auditorium.                            Oak Hill for a candlelight
Tradition.                                  Oct. 8 – “Humanitarianism in       celebration, 6-9 p.m.
    Sept. 15 – Possum Trot              Context” Lecture Series features           Dec. 8 – Berry Concert for
Homecoming includes a church            Diane McWhorter, the 2002 Pulitzer     the City of Rome, Rome City
service, reunion and dinner on the      Prize winner for general nonfiction    Auditorium, 3 p.m.
grounds, 11 a.m., Possum Trot           and author of Carry Me Home, 8 p.m.,       Dec. 14 – Fall Graduation
Church. If you plan to attend, please   Berry College Chapel.
bring a dish.                               Oct. 16 – 20 – Heritage                       January
    Sept. 17 – “Humanitarianism         Holidays 2001 Celebration, Rome.          Jan. 14, 2003 – 100 Hours of
in Context” Lecture Series              With the theme, “The Legacy of         Community Service Awards
features Morris Dees, founder of the    Martha Berry in Rome and Floyd         Ceremony. Time and venue to be
Southern Poverty Law Center,            County.”                               announced.

                  Additional events may be added. Check the Berry Centennial Web site,
                     , for updates.

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