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Make money using facebook by MuhamadSaidin


									          Make money using facebook

Finding money on the internet can be done
anywhere, through advertising, forums and media,
well now I will review to make money using
facebook media, must be friends already know
what it is facebook and certainly every person who
frequently use the Internet have an account on
facebook, other than for event introductions and
chat on facebook also we can find the money do
not believe it? I also recently started doing business
on facebook ya.

Want to know what applications can make money
on facebook. Here is an application that can be use
to make money friend yes 鈥  tung was counted
as pay for internet lah.

路 CafePress - with this application can sell any
friends on friend's profile

路 e3buy Auction - this application can work with
e3buy auction so friends can add auctions to a
friend's profile as an online store.

路 eBay - with this application can also sell any
friend to everyone on facebook.
路 FlameTunes - if a friend of a musician, this is
the right application for a friend. is now friends can
sell their own works of musical friends.

路 Garage Sale - this application is associated with, which allows friends to sell anything to
friends of friends.

路 Lemonade - works almost the same with its
main website, please select the
items that friends like it, add widgets to the profiles
of friends, and friends will receive a commission
from a successful friend of goods sold.

Music 路 Blaster - this application works with
BlastMyMusic. promoted through the profiles of
friends and friends will receive a commission of
5% of music sales.

路 My Merch Store - associated with the product
Zazzle, friends can sell their items on profile

路 Shopit - this application allows friends create
online shops and be prepared to sell items to
friends of friends.

So many try jugakan apliksinya is an application
only let friends get experience doing business on
the Internet. Ok got here first review may be useful
do not forget to leave a comment trail friends.

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