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     Thirteen Boxes

                         Completed by:
                         Heather K. Lavender
                         Kate Benson
                         With the Archivist
                         Charlotte Hegyi
                                 Spring 2000

I.     Provenance

II.    Family Tree-Biographical Information
              A. Family Tree
              B. Little Family
              C. Rev. Benjamin Hale
              D. Mary Caroline Hale
              E. Sarah Hale Douglass

III.   Scope and Content

IV.    Series

V.     Series Description

VI.    Container List

With exception of twenty-five letters (cor n-1-25) and a set of letters in the A section of
the papers the provenance of these papers is unclear. The first set of letters were
presented to the Warren Hunting Smith Library Archives in October 1988 by Mr. Toby
Jackson, Professor of History, University of Victoria, Victoria, B.C., Canada. For more
information about Benjamin Hale see the card catalogue in the Archives and for David
Bated Douglass see the first part of this collection, located before the A section in new
cold storage.

The remainder of the Collection may have been part of President Hale’s papers given to
Demarest library in 1942. This is reported in the Hobart Herald, 9 April 1942 with no donor
mentioned. President Hale was the father-in-law of Malcolm Douglass, who was the son of
David Bates Douglass. A large collection of books was given to the library, date unknown,
by Miss Edith Douglass and Mrs. Mary Rackliff, granddaughters of David Bates Douglass;
the papers may have belonged to that gift. Also in the collection are the letters of the Little
Family, Malcolm and Sarah Hale Douglas, and their children. Perhaps in the future a date of
when these papers were given will become evident

Little Family Tree

Josiah Little 1st married Sarah (Bailey) Toppan (1748-1823)- Married on March 23, 1770

Michael Little (1771-1830)
Edward Little (1773-1849)
Alice Little (1775-1819) married Thomas Hale (1773-1836)
Mary Little (1786-1871) married Thomas Hale (1773-1836)
Sarah/Sally (1777-1777)
Sarah Little (1779-1868) married John Little
Moses Little (1781-1802)
Nancy/Anna Little (1783-1791)
Judith Toppan (1788-1791)
Josiah Little 2nd (1791-1860) married Sophronia Balch (1793-1872) married Jan 24, 1814

Alice Little married Thomas Hale

Benjamin Hale (1797-1863) married Mary Caroline King (1799-1867)
Moses Little Hale (1799-1874) married Mary Lane Miltmore
Thomas Hale Jr. (1800-1854) married Caroline Charlotte Jordon
Sally Hale (1802-1834)
Josiah Little Hale (1803-1875)
Edward Hale (1805-?) married Elizabeth Little Brown
Mary Hale (1807-1859)
Ebenezer Hale Jr. (1809-1847) married Sarah White Banister
Alice Little Hale (1811-?) married John Charles March (d. 1846)
Joshua Hale (1812-?) married Sophia Cutler Tenney
James White Hale (1827-1832)

Hale-Douglass Family Tree

1790-1849      David Bates Douglass married Ann Eliza
1825-1887             Malcolm Douglass
                      Emily Douglass married Sidney Wilbur
                      Ellen Douglass married William Janis/Javis (sp?)
                      Mary L. Douglass (?)
Children of Thomas Hale and Mary Little Hale

1797-1863    Benjamin Hale married Mary Caroline King
1799-1874    Moses Little Hale
1800-1854    Thomas Hale
1812         Joshua Hale married to Sophia
1805         Edward Hale
1809-1847    Ebenezer Hale
1803-1875    Josiah Little Hale

Children of Benjamin Hale and Mary Caroline King

1826-1837    Caroline Alice Hale
1827-        Benjamin Hale Jr. married Lucy Balch Hale
1830-1838    Mary King Hale
1834         Thomas Hale
1838         Cyrus King Hale
1841         Josiah Little Hale
1832-1913    Sarah Elizabeth Hale married Malcolm Douglass

Children of Sarah Elizabeth Hale and Malcolm Douglass

             Mary Caroline Douglass
             Benjamin Hale Douglass
             David Bates Douglass
             Malcolm Douglass Jr.
1867-        Andrew Ellicott Douglass
Little Family

George Little was the first English settler on Turkey Hill, in 1640. He died 1693-4 and the
farm was divided between his two sons Joseph and Moses (received the upper farm). Moses
passed the upper farm to his son Moses the 2nd. Moses Little 2nd left the farm to his son
Moses Little 3rd (May 8, 1724- May 27, 1798), who was an officer in the Revolutionary Army.
He commanded the Newbury regiment at the battle of Bunker Hill. When Colonel Moses
Little 3rd died his farm was given to his son Josiah Little born 1747. Most of his land in
Apthorp, N.H. and one-eighth of the Pejepscot patent. At his death in 1830 his son Josiah
Little 2nd received the farm. Josiah Little 2nd died in 1860 leaving a large estate to Christian
literacy and other benevolent uses and the farm to his nephew Josiah Little 3rd, who, dying
soon after, left the farm to his son Josiah Little 4th. Josiah Little 4th sold the farm in 1870 to
his cousin Josiah Little Hale a maternal grandchild of the first Josiah Little.

Josiah Little 1st (1747-1830) – Enlarged the original farm he inherited considerably. He was
an extensive landholder in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and Massachusetts. He was a
talented businessman. Married Sarah (Toppan) Little of Newbury on March 23, 1770.
Josiah Little was influential in the public affairs of Newbury. He was a representative to the
General Court for 25years.

Josiah Little 2nd (1791-1860) – Graduated from Bowdoin College in 1811. He married
Sophronia (Balch) Little of Newbury Jan 24, 1814. He was an extensive landowner. He was
also a shareholder in Lewiston Falls Manufacturing Co. He was also treasurer of the
Lewiston Water Power Co.

Josiah Little 3rd ( ~1860) – The son of one of Josiah Little 2nd siblings. Lived in Portland
much of the time.

Josiah Little 4th (        )–

Edward Little (1773-1849)- President and stockholder in Lewiston Water Power Co.

Thomas Hale (1773-1836)- Married to Alice Little until her death in 1819. When he married
her sister Mary Little in 1822. Alice and Mary were the daughters of Josiah Little 1st, and
sisters of Josiah Little 2nd.

Col. Ebenezer Hale (1774-?)- Brother of Thomas Hale.

Josiah Little Hale (1803-1875)- Son of Thomas Hale and the maternal grandchild of
Josiah Little 1st.

Edward Hale (1805-?)- From Newbury, Vt. Son of Thomas Hale. Business man.

The Rev. Benjamin Hale, (1797-1863)(BH) President of Hobart College from 1836-1858,
had a long and distinguished career not only as educator-churchman, but also as an architect
and author. His papers and correspondence reflect these aspects, but also present a picture
of a devoted family man. He always signed each letter as your affectionate father or husband,
son or friend and later grandpapa. His concern for the well being of his family turns up in
phrases, such as: telling how to cure a sore throat, sending an article of clothing, toys for his
grandchildren, fatherly advice, religious ideas, and household affairs to help his wife. The
letters contain detailed answers to those sent to him and further very little about his duties as
president, although a few instances of College affairs do occur, as the letter of 15 June 1858
with a reference to Abner Jackson, the next president. He seemed to have the ability not to
confuse his roles as administrator, friend, or family member. His correspondence related to
the business of the College is in the Archives card catalogue. As the credit of saving the
young College from financial ruin goes to him, keeping the problems from his
correspondence with his family seems all the more remarkable.

Two sets of his letters contain the accounts of his travels: to St. Croix in 1836 and to Europe
in 1854. Throughout the correspondence BH’s travels to Boston, New York, Windsor
(where his daughter Sarah lived) and other places give a picture of a well-traveled person.

Many of the letters have several writers but have Hale as the main correspondent.

Abbreviations: Benjamin Hale (BH), his wife Mary Caroline King Hale (MCKH)
               His daughter Sarah Elizabeth Hale (SEDDY nickname) whose
                abbreviation changes later to SED after she marries Malcolm
               Douglass (MD), Son Benjamin Hale, Jr. (BHjr), son Moses Hale (MH).

The journals provide information about BH’s life as president and as churchman.

         Mary Caroline Alsop King was born in Saco, ME January 27, 1799. She was the
daughter of the Honorable Cyrus King and Hannah (Storer) King. (Alsop must have been
another family name). Her correspondence indicates that she had three sisters, Elizabeth,
Ann and Hannah. The letters mentioned the marriage of two of her sisters, Ann and
Hannah. In 1846 Hannah married a Russell H. Heywood and was then referred to as
Hannah King Heywood. Ann may have been married in the 1830s and was married to a
Willy Bridge, and was then referred to as A.K. Bridge. There was no indication that
Elizabeth was married, so she continued to go by Elizabeth P. King or Eliza. Mary Caroline
entered to Douglass-Hale family in 1823, when she married Rev. Benjamin Hale April 9. At
this point she was referred to as Mary Caroline Hale or MCH. They first lived together in
Gardiner, Maine where they had their first child, Caroline Alice Hale, on August 16, 1826.
They then moved to Saco, Maine where they had their second child, Benjamin Hale Jr. who
was born on October 31, 1827. Proceeding the births of these two children they moved to
Hanover, New Hampshire, where they had three more children, Mary King Hale (April 3,
1830), Sarah Elizabeth Hale (July 3, 1832) and Thomas Hale (July 11, 1834). Before the birth
of their sixth child, one of their daughters, Caroline died sadly at age 9. A year later, the
Hales were blessed with another child, Cyrus King Hale (March 17, 1838). But soon after
his birth they suffered the loss of another beloved daughter, Mary, who died at age 8 in
1938. At this point the Hales had been living in Geneva, New York, since 1836, where
Benjamin Hale served as the president of Hobart College. Their seventh child, Josiah Little
Hale, was also born in Geneva April 1, 1841. After living in Geneva for nearly three
decades, BH became ill and he and MCH moved to Newburyport, Massachusetts between
June and August of 1859.

        In 1852 Mary C. Hale’s daughter Sarah Elizabeth Hale married Malcolm Douglass.
Rev. Malcolm Douglass was the son of David Bates Douglass. After her marriage she was
then referred to as Sarah Hale Douglass or Sarah Elizabeth Douglass.

         Most of Mary C. Hale’s correspondence was with her sisters, her children and her
husband Benjamin. Typical writings included those on her or other family members’ health,
visiting family members, weddings, and deaths. Most of the letters are written about typical
daily events or local happenings.

       Some letters of interest include:
              Sept 9, 1861 – mentions the Civil War and a family member who was
              July 1, 1853, July 27, 1861 and ND from Envelope 4 all indicate Hobart
              August 29, 1863 – mentions the death of Benjamin Hale
              Misc – receipts and pamphlets from Hobart events
Abbreviations of names:
      Mary Caroline Hale: MCH, MCKH, MCK, Caroline, Mary C. Hale
      Elizabeth P. King: Eliza, EPK
      Ann King Bridge: Ann, A.K. Bridge
      Ward (sister of MCH) – C.S. Ward or Olive Ward
      MCH’s mother: Grandmother King
      Sarah Elizabeth Hale Douglass: S.E.H., SED, SHD, Seddy, Sally
      Benjamin Hale: BH
Sarah Hale Douglass
        Sarah Elizabeth Hale was born in Hanover, New Hampshire on July 3, 1832, to
Benjamin Hale Sr. and Mary Caroline Hale. She lived in Hanover with her parents until
approximately 1836, when they moved to Geneva, New York. There her father, Benjamin
Hale, presided as president of Hobart College. While living in Geneva she met her future
husband, Malcolm Douglass, who was the son of David Bates Douglass. Sarah and Malcolm
eventually married in 1852, at which point Sarah was referred to as Sarah Hale Douglass.
Due to Malcolm’s profession as an Episcopalian Minister, he and Sarah were often traveling
at the beginning of their marriage. In 1859, Malcolm committed to St. Paul’s Church in
Windsor, Vermont, where he and Sarah then moved. Together, Sarah and Malcolm had five
children, Mary Caroline, Benjamin Hale, David Bates, Malcolm Jr., and Andrew Ellicott.
Sarah lived with her children and husband in Windsor, but her husband frequently traveled.
They lived in Windsor until the 1880s, at which point the children had moved out and Sarah
and Malcolm moved to Massachusetts. First moving to Plymouth and then East Wareham,
MA, Malcolm was ill and then died in 1887, in East Wareham. Sarah continued to live in
Massachusetts after Malcolm’s death, and may have lived with various family members until
her death in 1913. She lived to be 81 years old.

       Most of Sarah’s letters were from family members, ranging from various generations.
Her most frequent letters were from all of her aunts, her siblings and siblings-in-law, her
husband, and eventually her children. The content of the letters consisted of family
happenings and news, health, deaths and occasionally current events and information about
Hobart. Due to Malcolm’s frequent mobilization, Sarah received many letters from him
concerning his travels and work. She also received regular letters from her father, Benjamin

Letters of interest:
        Feb. 4, 1863 – soldiers mentioned – Civil War – Thomas is a soldier
        June 23, 1863 – mentions commencement and Benjamin Hale
        1863 – letters concerning Benjamin Hale’s death
        April 15, 1864 – from WW Mocolison – she may have been a former slave
        June 23, 1871- about Malcolm writing a family memoir, and much of his information
                came form letters of Benjamin Hale
        Envelope 23 – an article about a Hobart President, Rev. James Kent Stone D.D.

Abbreviations of names
      Sarah – SHD, SED, Seddy, Sally, “my dearest wife”
      Malcolm – MD, “my dear husband”
      Mary Caroline Douglass (Sarah’s daughter)- Carrie, Caroline
      Benjamin H. Douglass (SHD’s son) – Benny, Bennie
      Malcolm Jr. – Mac
      SHD’s aunt Lucy B. Hale – LBH

This collection includes the papers of David Bates Douglass, Malcolm Douglass, Sarah Hale
Douglass, Josiah Little family, Benjamin Hale and their children.

Correspondence comprises the major portion of the A collection. However, the journals,
scrapbooks, sketchbooks and one music book provide interesting insights into this more
than one hundred-year family history.

The earliest date – 1788 – is found in the Little Family portion of the collection while the
latest date – 19ll – occurs in the scrapbook in the last box and refers to Andrew Douglass,
Great-grandson of David Bates Douglass.

I.     Correspondence
       A. Family
       B. Friends
II.    Business, Property Documents
III.   Journals, diaries and addresses
IV.    Scrapbooks
V.     Ephemera
VI     Photographs

I.     Correspondence
              The major part of this collection consists of letters from family members
              and friends, very little directly relating to Hobart College.
II.    Business, Property Transactions
              While some family letters do exist in the Little papers, most of the Little
              Family items consist of property, business and money matters.

III.   Journals, Diaries Addresses
               Many family members kept diaries, however, those of Benjamin Hale
               have the most relevance to the history of Hobart College.

IV.    Scrapbooks.
              The interest of one of the scrapbooks lies in the fact that David Bates
              Douglass began it and several succeeding generations added to it. A few
              pages have relevance to Geneva and Hobart College. A number of the pages
              have sketches by various family members.

V.     Ephemera

VI.    Photographs
              Very few photographs exist in this collection; those that do have been left in
              the places in the collection where they were found.

Douglass-Hale Papers A


Envelope 1

-Two letters from the 6th of Dec. All related to Lewiston, ME water power.
-Stocks in LFM Co. (Lewiston Falls Manufacturing Company).
-Nov.28, 1848 Josiah Little to Edward Little
-Josiah Little in acct. with Edward Little June 3, 1847
-Josiah Little to Edward Little Feb. 12, 1848
-Edward Little Feb. 16, 1849
-Josiah Little to Edward Little April 4, 1845
-Something was sent from LFM Co. in a box July 1838
-Josiah Little to LFM Co. some items were charged to his account by his Agent.
-Account of goods billed to Josiah Little May 10th, 1838
-Edward Little letter to Josiah Little, March 15th, 1844
-Letter from Edward Little to Josiah Little Feb. 22, 1843
-Letter from Edward Little to Josiah Little June, 1843
-Receipt of Edward Little on account of Josiah Little, for $51.23. Jan 4, 1843
-Thomas B. Little wrote note saying he received $113 from Edward Little for
the account of Josiah Little of New bury. Nov.1842
-Thomas B. Little writing he received $79.50 on account of Josiah Little of Newbury
         Oct. 31, 1842
-Thomas B. Little writing he received $68.04 from Edward Little for Josiah Little
         Feb, 1843
-Thomas B. Little received of Edward Little $145 on account of Josiah Little
         Oct.29th, 184_?
-Oct. 23, 1842, Thomas B. Little received from Edward Little $85 for the account
         of Josiah Little.
-Sept. 26th, 1842 Thomas B. Little received $130 from Edward Little for Josiah
         Little of Newbury
-Note about $1500 and the LFM Co. Aug.3, 1837 Josiah Little of Newbury, and Edward
         Little, promise to pay for said Joseph Topp(?) or order $1500 a the dwelling of
         the said Josiah Little in 1yr etc…
-Josiah Little note about LFM Co.
-May 26th, 1842 signed by Edward Little, Mary Hale’s name mentioned along with $450.
-Note signed by Samuel Pickard(?)Treasurer of LFM Co., and Edward and Josiah Little
         promising to pay for and order something dated 1837.
-Letter written by Edward Little
-Same letter as the one signed by all three but Josiah Little’s signature is missing
-List of names and dollar amounts for each name. Other things listed along w/names
         and dates.
-List of names, dates and dollar amounts, statements, 1843
-Memo of the description of a deed. And description of area of land and dollar amount
-Memo of a part of a file of notes, contains dates, and dollar amounts
-Names, dates, and dollar amounts
-Division of notes between Josiah Little of Newbury, Edward Little, Thomas B. Little
          And Josiah Little of Minot, are the sole Property of Josiah Little of Newbury
          Dated June 15th, 1853
-Names and items followed by dollar amounts signed by Edward Little, agent
-This memo states that Josiah Little sold the north part of some land in Cambridge,
          N.H. dated March 28, 18_1
-Memo of agreement made the 19th of Dec. 1835 division of the land of the late Josiah
          Little of Newbury. Mentioned LFM.
-List dated ___3, 1846 of dollar amounts
- scrap piece of paper used for math problems
-Statement of notes in Edward Little’s hands, belonging to Josiah Little,
          ___7th, 1862
-Statement of accounts and notes of E. Little, 1842
-1842, joint accounts
-Copy of notes owned by Edward Little
-E. Little in account with Josiah and Edward Little.
-Memo of notes
-Notes to LFM from Josiah Little 1839, Nov. 11 and 27th and 1840 Nov 23rd.
-Division between stock holder in the Great Audios Logging Falls Mill, damn locks
          And Canal Company Real Estate and water Power.
-page of notes
-J. Little bank statement for Nov. 23, 1840.
-copy of notes from Edward Little
-Memo of notes and claims of the Great Audios(?) logging, Falls, locks and
          Canal Co.
-Accounts of E. Little with Josiah Little from June 1835 to Dec. 1836
-Jan 26th, 1844 receipt of Josiah Little.
-Edward Little in account with Josiah Little Jr.(?)in 1834
-Document of sale by Josiah Little of Newbury

Envelope 2

-Edward Little to Josiah Little 1844
-Account of E.S. ? March 20 to June 13 1834
-Edward Little to Josiah Little Sr(?) and      __?__1842
-Edward Little to Josiah Little statements March 20th, 1834
-To Josiah Little in account with __?__ paper of money statements
-Statement of land after it was sold. Gives amount of notes for land sold west and
       east of river.
-To Josiah Little to Edward Little 1835, notes.
-To Josiah Little in account with Edward Little 1835-36, statements
-Edward Little in account with Josiah Little Sr (?)Oct 12, 1836 to Feb 17, 1837
-To Josiah Little in account with Edward Little Jr(?) Nov. 24 1837
-Edward Little received $15 for Josiah Little of Newbury for support of members Dec.
         19, 1837 for the year Nov. 14, 1837
-To Josiah Little in account with Edward Little June 13th, 1838
-To Josiah Little Nov. 9th, 1838 from Edward Little
-Bill to Josiah Little Esq. 1837-38 from Little Mood Ulo(?).
-Edward Little in account w/Josiah Little May 10th, 1839
-To Josiah and Edward Little in acc. w/Edward Little jr.(?)—1839
-Feb. 3rd, 1816 Josiah Little Jr. promised to pay Edward Little an order of $40 signed
         by Josiah Little Jr.
-June 8th, 1840 Josiah Little of Newbury received from Edward Little Esq. $10.
         Signed by Sam Pickard
-List of notes and when due
-To Josiah Little in acc. w/Edward Little March 23rd, 1841
-To Josiah Little in acc. w/Edward Little March 23rd, 1841
-Dated Lewiston Dec.24th, 1841. Josiah Little of Newbury received $15 from
         Edward Little Esq, signed Sam Pickard.
-Josiah Little in acc. w/Edward Little June 11th,1842
-Lewiston March 22, 1841, Josiah Little received $15 for ? signed by Sam
         Pickard collector and Treasurer
-Proportions of Durkerre Farm
-To Josiah Little to Edward Little from Edward Little Dec.15th, 1845
-To Josiah Little in acc. w/Edward Little Jr?
-Josiah Little to Edward Little, money statements
         Note saying Received of Edward Little $903 by Josiah Little
         John Marstion note Feb 3, 1848 to March 24th, 1849

Envelope 3

-At a meeting of the partners of the firm?
-May 4th, 1835 deed of Josiah Little of land
         in Poland Danville Deuchan in the county
         of Cumberland. And in tops Libon and
         Lewiston Me, in county of Lincoth and in
         Green and Seedy in the county of
         Kennebee in Maine. Given to Edward
On the back- Description of land in a deed from Lenas Whitnn?
-Nov 23, 1853 Letter signed by Josiah Little
-Piece of scrap paper
-Feb, 1852 Letter to the Justices of the District court on the first Tues. of April.
-Letter headed Winthrop Oct.1, 1833. Written to Josiah Little esq. Enclosed with
         letter copy of the opinions of the judges in the case of the letter writer tutition.
-Letter, Portland Nov.10, 1833 written by Josiah Little jr., to his uncle about deeds.
-Letter headed, Winthrop Nov. 9,1833, to J. Little esq. Talks about past meetings
         And the next meeting
-Letter, Winthrop Oct.29, 1833 to J. Little esq asking when he would receive his
-Maine Insurance Company, insurance claim by Ephrain(?) Wood of Winthrop (Corp)
-Letter, Portland Oct 31, 1833 written by J. Little Jr. to his Uncle. About
         Business, Winthrop property, selling the mill and machinery to M. Brown
-Mortgage deed of Ephrain Wood of Winthrop to Josiah Little of Newbury.
-Letter August 26th, 1853
-Ephrain Wood and Leaward G. Lee both of Winthrop in county of Kenneberg stated
         That Josiah Little of Newbury in county of Essex and commonwealth of Mass. And
         Josiah Little Jr. of Portland in county of Cumberland owe them money.1853-54
-Letter to J. Little from Otis Brown.

Envelope 4

-Moses L. Atkinson of Lawrence in county of Essex and state of Mass. Sold some land
        To the Essex Company of which Josiah Little of Newbury belongs, 1851 and 1852
-Administrator’s deed, John Tenney (administrator) of Moses L. Atkinson to Josiah
         Little, 1852
-Legal document given to Moses L. Atkinson by Essex Co. stating yes he has sold the
-scrap piece of paper
-John Tenney writing to Josiah Little Oct. 28, 1852, about the estate of the late
        Dr. M. L. Atkinson
-Feb 13, 1860 mentions deeds and certificates
-May 3rd, 1852, Obligations of Josiah Little to John Tenney
-May 22, 1854 Letter to Roger Howard, from Josiah Little of Newbury, on the back
        Atkinson to Josiah Little and money notes
-Land deed purchased from Catherine Atkinson by Hannah B. Atkinson. July 30, 1853
-Note signed by Hannah B. Atkinson, promising to pay $800 to Catherine M. Atkinson
         for value received, July 28th,1853
-Note to J. Little from M. L. Atkinson Aug, 16, 183?
-Receipt for weighed hay, to Moses Atkinson Nov 5th, 1844
-Receipt for hay to Moses Atkinson Feb. 21, 1845
-Note signed by M. Atkinson, mentions a Joseph Atkinson and Josiah Little. Nov.14,
-Note to Josiah Little from M. L. Atkinson. Little is Atkinson’s uncle. Atkinson
        Mentions that __Hale gave him $50. Aug. 20, 1838
~On the back. J. L. Hale (Josiah Little Hale) writing to uncle Josiah
-Receipt signed by Josiah Little for $150 Nov.26, 1857
-Oct. 1, 1857 for value Josiah Little received he promised to pay.
-Letter signed by Josiah Little
-Letter to Josiah Little Nov.14, 1853 signed by B. Sargent mentioned payment of house
-Oct. 26th, 1853 note to Josiah Little from _Ursoline A. Morse here is Jonathan
         Morse semi-annual interest of the farm formerly known as the Bartlett farm
-Agreement made April 21, 1852 between Josiah Little and Jonathan Morse, for Little to
         Sell the Bartlett farm for 11,000.
-Josiah Little and G. M. Atkinson, with money notes also on paper in two rows.
-Josiah Little to G. M. Atkinson money notes.
-money notes between two men above.
-more money notes between Josiah Little and G. M. Atkinson
-widow of Moses L. Atkinson, Catherine M. B. Atkinson sold Bartlett farm to Jonathan
         Morse of San Francisco, Cali. May 1,1852
- promise to pay The Essex Co. notes signed by M. L. Atkinson for $375 June 14th, 1851
-Jan 21, 1858 record of M. L. Atkinson $10 for his initiation fee to the Lawernce
         Athenae signed ___Launders
-List of stuff not to auction April 21, 1852

Envelope 5

-Boston Aug 17, 1854.Letter to Josiah Little from T. S. Richardson by E. Atkinson.
          Regarding his balance of $98.50 is due, and that he also sent certificate no.175
          for 100 shares in the MFG company.
-Receipt for shares in the stock of Hill Manufacturing Co. belonging to Josiah
         Little Jr. amount of $1000 and $500 ranging from July 19, 1853-Aug 1, 1854
         Signed by E . Atkinson for T. S. Richardson
-Boston, Oct 11, 1852. To Josiah Little talking about when he next comes to
         Boston they will talk about his account from E. Bates by E. Atkinson
-scrap piece of paper with dates, and money.
-letter including a list of possible shareholders and their shares. Boston Jan 29, 1849, to
          Josiah Little.
-Dec. 9th, 1848. Note signed by T.C. Lane.
-Copy, Directors of the Lewiston Water Tower Co. with authority given to them by
          Stockholders to issue 5,000 shares of $100 each. List of stockholders
-Josiah Little in collaboration with B.E. Bates. Record of money
-Lewiston Water Power Co. certificate of 40 shares of Josiah Little of Newbury
         Jan 15, 1846. President Edward Little Treasurer Josiah Little Jr.
-Josiah Little in accordance w/ LFM Co. Money statements, Sept. 18, 1857
-paper with dollar amounts
-money statements of Josiah Little in accordance with Hill Manufacturing Co.
-Lewiston Water Power Co. certificate of 5 shares held by Josiah Little of Newbury
         Jan 15, 1846. Edward Little Pres. Josiah Little Jr. treasurer and clerk.
-Certificate of Josiah Little of Newbury’s10 shares in the LWP Co. Jan 15, 1846
-LWP Co. Certificate of 10 shares for Josiah Little of Newbury, Jan 15, 1846
-LWP Co. certificate of 10 shares belonging to Josiah Little of Newbury, Jan 15, 1846
-LWP CO. certificate of five shares April 1, 1846 belonging to Josiah Little of Newbury.
-April 1, 1846. LWP Co. certificate for 10 shares, belonging to J. Little of Newbury
-April 1, 1846 certificate of 1 share for the LWP co. Belonging to J. Little of Newbury
-April 1, 1846 certificate of 16 shares in the LWP co. Belonging to J. Little Newbury
-May 18, 1846 certificate of shares held by J. Little of Newbury, in the LWP co.
-June 15, 1846 certificate of 12 shares held by J. Little of Newbury, in the LWP co.
-May 17, 1853 certificate of 150 shares belonging to J. Little of Newbury, given
         by LWP co. Treasurer Benj. E. Bates.
-April 7, 1846 certificate of 7 shares held by J. Little Newbury, given by LWP Co.
-Jan 15, 1846 certificate of 5 shares held by J. Little Newbury, given by LWP Co.
-Jan 15, 1846 certificate of 5 shares held by J. Little Newbury, given by LWP Co.
-Jan 15, 1846 certificate of 5 shares held by J. Little Newbury, given by LWP Co.
-Boston Oct 1, 1852 a borrowed and received slip of paper with $2324.50, belonging to
          J. Little from LWP Co.
-Slip of paper with money amounts and dates
-slip of paper with money amounts

Envelope 6

-July 31, 1833 letter saying enclosed is the policy and notes for $7000. Enclosed is
         the mortgage, and ?. Forgot to get his wives signature on the deed signed S.W.
-Insurance Against Fire. Presented to Stephen M or W. Marston Esq. of Newbury. For
         A 3-story building, brick tavern house, frame building, frame dwelling house and
         Store frame stable and chaise and wood house. Jan 18, 1833
-Letter saying when S. W or M. Marston of Newbury in July 1833 gave a note of $7000
          to mortgage deed of some real estate. Mentions Exeter Bank and other dollar
         Amounts owed or paid. Signed Josiah Little
-2 letters, dated June 1, 1849. Mention deeds, notes, mortgages, Exeter Bank,
-Letter signed by Josiah Little written July 1833. He is talking about $7000 note
         given to him by S.M. of Newbury Port. And other notes owed to him.
-July 26, 1833. Signed by Stephen W. Marston Josiah Little, and another person. They
         Wrote the 2 mentioned above and Asa W. Evildes(?) jointly pay the President
         D.(?) Ho of the Exeter bank or order $6500 in sixty days.---On the back
         interest paid reminders and dates.
-Steph.W. Marston July 26, 1933 notes about money.
-June 1, 1840, Josiah Little and Steph. W. Marston, jointly swear to pay the Pres.
         D. Ho of the Exeter Bank $2500 in 3mnths
-July 26, 1833 Stephen W. Marston promises to pay value received($7000) by Josiah
         Little or order the value of $7000 in 90days
-Legal document signed July 26, 1833. States that Stephen W. Marston of Newbury Port
         was paid $7000 by Josiah Little, and will pay it back by 90 days.
---On the back--- Note signed by Joseph Jackson, John Cook, 1842
-July 7, 1838 S. W. Marston, and J. Little jointly promise to pay back or order
         $454.76, in four months
-March 15, 1843 note signed by Josiah Little promising to pay value received to Pres.
         Director Ho of the Exeter Bank
-S. W. Marston to Josiah Little, 1841. Something about Exeter Bank
-S. W. Marston to J. Little 1841, about money exchanges, and Exeter bank.
-Payment made by Josiah Little for, pork, applesauce, cheese etc..
-1832-1836 S. W. Marston to J. Little $ Notes.
-S. W. Marston to J. Little 1832, 1834 $ notes.
-June 1, 1840 received of S. W. Marston $492.31 on account of and applied toward
          payment of his notes to Exeter Bank on which I’m secured $692.31- signed
          Josiah Little.
-Dec. 31, 1838(Newbury), $1000 borrowed and received or John Merrill or Merritt by
         Josiah Little to be paid on his order Or demand. Signed Josiah Little.
-Newbury July 29, 1843 for value received by Philip Bagby Josiah Little promises to
         Pay or order $2000 on demand w/ interest
-April 1. 1840 S. W. Marston received $500 to give to Exeter Bank by Josiah Little.
-Granite Bank May 27, 1843 received of J. Little by Marston $200 signed by
         J. B(?)
-Note written by Josiah Little, he writes about S. W. Marston and his attorney,
         mentions mortgages unpaid by Marston, so
         Little’s attorney toke his possession and foreclosed something.
-Exeter Bank April 1, 1840 payment notification saying, J. Little received $500 towards
          the payment with interest of a note required by Stephan W. Marston and the
          fellow who signed the notification J. or T. Farran
-June 1, 1860 Received of Stephan W. Marston $692.31 which will go towards payment
          of a note he received from Exeter Bank.
-Exeter Bank May 22, 1840 Josiah Little given $500 towards principal and interest of
         note required by him and S. W. Marston

Envelope 7

-Letter written by Josiah Little of Newbury, 1841(Dec.) write, he has appointed Edmund
          Le Breten(?) as his attorney. Writes about the mortgage of S. W. Marston. Josiah
          wants to foreclose the farm. Signed by the Justice of the peace for the
         Commonwealth of Mass. Jarol(?) Atkinson
-July 6, 1841, business receipt Josiah Little to Benj. Osgood. Freight of cotton
-receipt July 1841, March and May. To B. Osgood.
--on the—back Little and Wood to Josiah Little jr(?). Receipt from 1840-1841
         About various business transactions.
-List of material owned, or needed
-Plans for what to have in a store, mentioned a grocery room. Samuel Pickard name
         on back.
-Josiah Little to Josiah Little of deed payments, cash for timber etc…, 1837-
-on piece of paper, the word market with money transactions listed.
-L. W. Harding and Little, Wood list of money and goods exchanged. April 1, 1842
-Little, Wood, Oct 1, 1842 notes and goods collected along with money amounts and
-Newbury Port Nov., 1870 Letter, Edward P. Burnham(?) sending 2 books, in which he
         Would like to receive interest on the fourth book.
-Josiah Little in account with Little, Wood H money and goods transactions 1841-1844.

Envelope 8

-Memorandum that Jeremiah Merril of Rumney in the state of New Hampshire is
         authorized to use the 50 acre lot of land that is property of Josiah Little.
         Signed Newbury Feb 24, 1844 by Ebenzer Hale (brother of Thomas Hale who is
          married to Mary Little Hale)_______ to Josiah Little
-Edward Little’s notes for $800, dated Feb. 28, 1833 payable in four years and
         interest. His notes dated May 25, 1836 for $12,000 and interest.
-Aprasial bill of stock sold to the tenant on Josiah Little’s farm Newbury Vt. Made by
         Ebenezer Hale. 1834
-Nathan Naskills(?) agreement he wrote, I the subscriber do agree to Eben. Hale the
         grandson of John Little to pay $240 a year, paying $60 once a month. It is for
         the house in which he lives and other buildings in Newbury Port. July 22, 1833
-List of notes which are payable annually. They should be sent to Edward Hale for
         Collection by Josiah Little. May 28 1845 first in the care of Mrs. Thomas
          Hale(Mary Little Hale) Who was first in company w/her brother
         Josiah Little.
-Deed from William and Anna Atkinson to Eben. Hale Newbury, April 29, 1845. Gives
         him the following parcels of land. The letter then goes on to describe the land sold.
-Letter to Col. Eben. Hale of Newbury. April 30, 1845. From his nephew Edward Hale.
         Sent his uncle a deed of land and notes that were given for the land. He also
         Mentioned Joseph settled with the lawyer
-Letter to Col. Eben Hale in Newbury, from nephew Edward Hale. March 31, 1845.
         Joseph Atkinson was Edward’s cousin. Letter talks about notes that needed to
         Be paid, or were being paid.
-Letter to Eben. Hale from Joseph Atkinson Newbury Dec. 10, 1844. Joseph talking
         About his father and being in business with Ebenezer Hale and his nephew Edward
-William Atkinson’s notes given to Eben Hale
-Letter from Eben. Hale Newbury Oct 27, 1837 mentions the names David Gilman and
        Will Eastman. Wrote about settling, deeds, and mortgages.
-Blank real estate document for the county of Essex.
-Newbury Oct. 27, 1837 memo, this day delivered to Edward Hale four notes
        against David Gilman dated Sept 24 1830 for 2½ tons of ___ w/interest. Which
        Edward Hale is to collect.
-Stephan Binnets(?) 2 notes for $50 and annual interest $78.85 each due March 15
-Court of Probate document. John Little (married to Sara Little) had been found
        incompetent to take care of his estate and himself, so everything would be handed
         over to Ebenezer Hale of Newbury port, March 29, 1831. Ebenezer became John
         Little’s guardian.
-Moses Little, Jacob Atkinson of Newbury and Samuel Pickard of Rowley all sworn to
        Appraise the estate of John Little, and deliver this information to his grandson
        March 29, 1831. Legal document
-State of New Hampshire, court of Probate and wills for county of Grafton. To Ebenezer
        Hale of Newbury, Mass. John Little of Compton is found non compos mentis.
        Feb. 21, 1832.
-Notice given that Eben. Hale has been duly appointed guardian of John Little of
        Newbury. All people with demand against John Little and indebted to him shall
        Make payments to Eben. Hale. All people are forbidden to make contracts with
        John Little. March 30, 1831 Newbury
-Note, guardian asks how Sarah Little wife of John Little can dispose of the property
        That came by his in his lifetime, and If she can make any disposition of it
        On any part of it by will.
-Copy of notes paid to Josiah Little signed by David Gilman, David Richardson, and
        Bennet. 1828-1830
--On Back—The notes of which are written and copied were sent to Newbury Vermont in
         a letter to Thomas Hale by Rev. John March July 13, 1835, signed Eben. Hale.
         Sent to Thomas Hale be collect, returned uncollected.—note of which is copied
        Was paid to Ebenezer Hale by William Atkinson. Paid it March 15, 1837. This
        Note was sent to Ebenezer Hale to collect it from William Atkinson.
-Newbury Nov.16, 1834 to Ebenezer Hale from J. Atkinson.
-Notes taken of William Atkinson and other papers.
-Aaron Mouse wrote for value I received I promise to pay Josiah Little or order 4 years
        from first day of January next $50 w/annual interest in merchantable grain
        at cash prices to be delivered at the Shining Hotel in Newbury. Copy of letter
        Sent to Newbury Vt. By Edward Hale Dec 17, 1834 to collect.
-Lewiston Falls Manufacturing Co. list of notes and interest for different stockholders.
-Memo of land sold to Nathan Chan, Henry Palmer, David Straten(?) and ?osea
        Strates(?) and bonds given for deeds when notes are paid Josiah then list what
        land each man received.
-Newbury port Jan 30, 1845. Letter to Joseph Atkinson in Newbury Vt. From Eben. Hale.
        He writes, I have delayed my answer to consult my friends. Atkinson’s fathers
        Liabilities $5450, his personal property note fell short $1000. Eben. Lowered it
        To $981 which will make sum 18% short of paying all his debts. Eben says to
        Joseph if you pay me $1574.16 in good notes secured by mortgage he will have
         Everything settled.
-Newbury April 8, 1845 letter to Edward Hale addressed Dear Nephew. Author believed
         to be Eben. Hale writes I am glad your cousin Joseph Atkinson accepted my
         proposition to pay the notes and hold against his father the reduction I
         offered. He wants it to be settled quickly and that lawyers should be employed so
          transfer of mortgages is done legally. Wants Edward to make sure the mortgage
         of the land is enough to pay the notes and interest due. Edward’s wife is ill
-John Little’s land in Portland
-Letter, I wrote Mr. Deering Oct. 4,1845 and requested him to collect the rent of the
         men who had enclosed a part of John Littles land at Portland. Edward Little
         Also wrote and requested him to pay at least half the amount he owes as
         Guardian of John Little. Signed Edward Hale. Oct 6, 1845 asked in letter and
         Give my opinion about the Atkinson transaction.
-Copy of letters to Wm & Joseph Atkinson and instructions to Edward Hale. From Eben.
         Hale, Newbury Mon. Oct 18, 1844.
-Memorandum of notes in the Ocean Bank belonging to the Estate of John Little.
-Lot No. 3 Sarah Little’s share of the division of notes of March 2, 1833.
-Sarah Littles papers, and notes.
-Sarah Little’s notes, complete with dates and names.
-Letter, Josiah Little of Newbury of Essex in Mass. Died without leaving a will.
         Left to his heirs personal estate and real estate. His Daughter Sarah had been
          married to John Little of Campton in New Hampshire for about 30 yrs. Said John
          Little had been deranged and taken care of by town of Campton for last 10-20 yrs
          until Josiah Littles death in Dec. 26, 1830. Since Death of Josiah Little a guardian
          had been appointed John Little to take care of his efforts and to divide the estate
          by signing deeds. Eben. Hale was the guardian assigned to John Little. John
          Little and wife Sarah have no living children.

Envelope 9

-Inventory of Sarah Little’s land in?
-Receipt of payment to Sarah Little, 1844 of taxes by Gideon Blake for $18.80
-Memo of taxes paid for Sarah Little by Horatio H. Hill. March 27, 1847
-Aug. 30, 1845. Note certifying the highway tap on Sarah Little’s in town of R? for
        1841 was $5.74, and whole account of taps for 1842 was $16.25.
-Received of Gideon Blake $10.73 for state and county taxes on the Sarah Little farm on
         the town of Rumney for 1842. Signed March 14, 1842. Thomas Paine collector.
-Receipt for received payment by Horatio H. Hill $11.86 in full for taxes for Sarah Little’s
         land for 1846
-Sept. 3, 1845. Record of payment to Gideon Blake.
-$17.98 received from Gideon Blake for nonresident taxes on Sarah Little’s land for year
         of 1843. Thomas Paine collector
-Sarah Little land Highway tax for 1847.
-Sarah Little land Highway tax for 1848.
-Sarah Little Highway tax 1846 and 1848 June 20, 1846
-Record of Horatio H. Hill $11.30 state and county taxes for 1845 on Sarah Little land
         also $1.37 schoolhouse tax. March 10, 1846
-To Josiah Little recorded March 30, 1796. List of names and dates.
-Received of Gideon Blake $18.66 for tax on Sarah Little land in Rumney for 1840 May
         14, 1841
-Received of Gideon Blake $11.72 in full for state, county, town, and school takes
        against Sarah Little collected for the year 1841. Rumney March 8, 1842
-Received of Hortio H. Hill $11.45 for taxes on Sarah Littles’ land for 1847.
-Received of Hortio H. Hill on Highway tax for Sarah Little land July 1850. Gideon Hill
        jr. Received of Hortio H. Hill on Sarah ‘s land June 1849. Gideon Hill jr.
-Received of Hortio H. Hill $13.27 for state, county, town and school tax on Sarah Little
         land in Rumney for 1849.March 9, 1850
-Rumney, March 26, 1855 Letter written by James Ramsey, wrote Dear Sir I send you
        $6 wishing you to endorse Jeremiah Merrill obligation to Sarah Little an send me
         a receipt for the same.
-Received of Sarah Little by decree of Josiah Little. J. Merrill of Rumney for $18.50
        With interest annually. Signed Newbury Port April 13, 1855 Joseph Atkinson
-Square grid w/numbers and towns Campton and Ellsworth

Envelope 10

-Dissertation on Newspapers May 14, 1811.
-Dissertation on Newspapers. Rough Draft?
-Dissertation on the Comparative Merits of Elizabeth _. Catharine 2nd. Written by J.
-A paper written in Latin. Title- Despraestantia comparativa Casaris Caloris
-A paper titled Forensic College paper of J. Little son of J. Little. A paper in Latin.

Envelope 11

-Envelope addressed to the Hon. Josiah Little of Newbury, Mass. From Col. James H.
          Johnson and Geo. M. Little.
-letter to cousin Josiah from Geo. Little in New Brunswick N.H. Geo. Little wants to buy
          land that Josiah Little has interest in through Adams Moore in Clinton County,
         Pa. If Geo. Cannot pay off the land he will redeed it to Josiah and pay him
         instead. Geo wants to put a Steam mill on the land for cutting the timber and
         making boards.
-Envelope addressed to Josiah Little, Newbury Mass. From Col. J.H. Johnson who is a
         Member of the House of Reps. Postmarked April 7, 1848 or 1858. Also a letter.
         Major Little is mentioned.
-Bath, Oct. 3, 1848. Letter to Josiah Little of Newbury Mass. From J. H. Johnson. The
          Letter said that J. Little’s prices were high, and that he hoped to talk w. him Later.
- letter to Josiah Little Newbury Port Mass. from J. H. Johnson of Bath, N.H . March 25,
          1845. Talking about the land in Pa and Geo. Little.

Envelope 12

-All items #12 were in an envelope: Mrs. Lucy Hale. 319 High St. Newbury Port, Mass
-June 3, 1841 John Balch paid J. Little $252.52
-Newbury, Aug. 27, 1841. deed payment by William J. Knowles.
-August 1841 the committee Contractors for painting the meeting house in Newbury
         Belleville. Give J. Sawyer reed payment.
-June 14, 1841 John Eastmann(?) received payment.
-July and August 1841 Committee for repairing Belleville meeting house on Aug. 23,
         1841 paid M.A. Little for his work.
-Newbury Belleville June 19, 1841 paid Samuel J. Fox for supplies for the Meeting
-Newbury Port June 11, 1841. Received payment slip.
-Deed paid to J. and D. Silloway.
-Josiah Little to George P. Granger. Received payment for Geo. P. Granger June 11 1841
-J. Baellet, John Baleh and Josiah Little received payment from Daniel Dun(?) June 11,
-J. Bartlett’s bill. 1841
-Belleville Church. To Daniel Smith, he received pay by Walter Phillips. June 14-Aug 10
-Belleville Church Dan Smith received pay from W.H. Philips July 14, 1841.
-Newbury Aug. 14, 1841. D.L Watts received pay for working on Belleville Church.
-1st Religious Society in Belleville to Moses Sargent. Paid him for his work on new
         Meeting house.
-Boston June 19, 1841. Receipt from importers and dealers in drugs, medicines, paints,
         dye stuffs, oil, and window glass. Also have artists’ tools and French brushes.
         Belonged to Mr. Little.
-June 19-July 10, 1841. ____of New Meetinghouse on high street to Josiah Little.
-1841 2nd Religious Society in Newbury to Joshua Pilisbury for his work. Dec. 25
         Received payment.
-Dr. A.W. Wittimore gave listed material to the 2nd Religious Society in Newbury.
-Oct. 29, 1841 Belleville Society to L. Chamberlin, they received payment by J. Little
         and Lilas Chamberlin. For listed items.
-The proprietors of the Meeting house in the 2nd parish in Newbury to Josiah Little.
         List of names and dollar amounts.
-Tree concerns to Josiah Little.
-Memo of trees sold with names and amount paid.
-Aug. 2, 1841. Letter signed by the subscribers and owners of the Hale(?) pews in the
         Gallery of the meetinghouse in Belleville. Moses Little, Mary Hale, Eben. Hale,
         Sarah Little, Josiah Little, Anna Atkinson, Elisabeth Sargent(?), Moses Toppan,
         John (?).
-Newbury, April 13, 1841. Minutes from a meeting of the Proprietors. List names and
        amounts paid.
-How the bill for paint was divided among people for the new meetinghouse
-2nd Religious Society in Newbury to Josiah Little.
-1841, The proprietors of the meeting house in the 2nd parish of Newbury

Envelope 13

-Letter to Josiah Little Newbury Port, Mass Winthrop, Jan. 15, 1845. From Ephrain
         Wood. Sent Josiah amount of cotton purchased and paid for in 1844.
-Memorandum of agreement made June 7, 1842 between Josiah Little of Newbury, Mass
         and Josiah Little of Winthrop, Ma., and Ephrain Wood of Winthrop for 1yr.
         Beginning June 10, 1842 for the purpose of manufacturing, sheeting and
         Drilling for the said Co.
-List of types of manufacturing. Instructions for Josiah Little of Winthrop and
         Ephrain Wood about the Co.
-Memo of agreement between Josiah Little of Newbury, Josiah Little, Ephrain Wood of
         Winthrop and Joseph Harding of G (?) in the state of Maine. Talking about the
         Manufacturing of cotton. March 24, 1841(?)
-Titled State of Maine, to the sheriff of our county of Kennebuck(?) or either of his
         deputies. Dec. 28, 1841. Regarding Asa Begiloeu and his goods and estate
         and something valued at $2,000. Mentions the names of Josiah Little of
         Newbury, Josiah Little of Winthrop in the county of Kennebuck and Ephrain
         Woods of Winthrop.
-Memo of agreement made Dec. 10, 1841 between Josiah Little of Newbury (Mass.),
         Josiah Little of Winthrop, Joseph B. Harding of Lewiston (Maine) and Josiah
         Melcher jr. of Sandwich (Mass.). Regarding the manufacturing of cotton in
-Memo of agreement made May, 1835. Made between Josiah Little of Newbury, Josiah
         Little of Minot (?), Ephrain Wood of Gorham and John Briggs of Lewiston
          regarding the manufacturing of cotton. - Lewiston Feb. 17, 1837 they agreed to
          extend the lease one-year.
-Little, Woods to Josiah Little a record of money from 1840-1843.
-Josiah Little to Little and Woods record of money from 1841-1844.
-Little, Woods and Harding semi-annual report Oct. 1, 1841. Little and Woods Jan. 1,
         1842 record of money. Josiah Little with, Little and Woods. 1841 record of $.
-Memorandum of agreement between Josiah Little of Minot, Ephrain Wood of Gorham
         and John A. Briggs of Lewiston about the manufacturing of cotton in Lewiston.
         May 12, 1835. ---agreed to extend the lease one year in Feb. 17, 1837—Copy
-Memo of agreement between Josiah Little of Newbury, Josiah Little of Danville in the
         county of Cumberland (Maine) and Ephrain Woods of Lewiston county of
         Lincoln (Maine) have entered into partnership for the purpose of manufacturing
         cotton and other fabrics. May 12, (?) ---Sept. 6, 1837 the parties here to sell
         their land and seal. Signed by Josiah Little.
-Amount of debt(?) of Woods and Co. taken from books June 4, 1842
-paper showing one quarter of the first payment for something.
-Memo of agreement Feb. 15, 1841, between Asa Begiloeu of the city of New York,
        Josiah Little Minot (Maine)—Copy—amount of Begiloeu acct. 1841.

Envelope 14

-Letter headed Winthrop Nov. 7, 1833. Written to Josiah Little of Newbury from
        Ephrain Wood regarding business.
-Letter requesting the attendance of a Pastor at the church in Belleville on the first day of
        March and for dinner after the church service.
-Account book of Josiah Little in account with Edward Little. 1831-1833.
-Personal of estate of the deceased Josiah Little. Signed Ebenezer Hale grandson of
        John Little and Sarah Little in 1831.
-Record of different cost related to the meeting house. Two columns, the proprietors
of the Meeting house and to Josiah Little credit. Started Sept. 20, 1830.
-Legal document regarding a deed b/t John Davis and Moses L. Atkinson. Signed by
        John Tenney, the Justice of the Peace. Nov. 12, 1845.
-Piece of a letter with the year 1815 marked on it.
Next three items mentioned were in an envelope addressed to Rev. Evans Danvers, Mass
        For a Mrs. P.S. Ward.
-Vienna, Austria Dec. 13, 1869. Note to the cashier of the man Natl. Bank of Saco.
        Maine. The note asked the cashier to transfer the order of Benjamin Hale
        Standing in the name of the late Elizabeth Porter King and witness the signature
        Of Josiah L. Hale (one of the heirs). Signed Normand Smith. Vienna, Austria
        Dec. 13, 1869. To the cashier of the Birrford National Bank (Maine). Saying
        The same as above just for a different bank.
-The document of the transfer of stock from Elizabeth Porter King to Benjamin Hale.
-A rough draft(?) of the last will and testament of Josiah Little of Newbury.
-Account book with names and stocks.

Envelope 15

-Note Laurence April 29, 1851. Asking if Mr. Anger would please pass M. L. Atkinson
        of Laurence and Lady. Signed J. Newell.
-Note, Laurence Nov. 8, 1853. Addressed to Josiah Little from B.M. Clark (a lawyer?).
        Josiah Little had asked him to collect taxes on a house owed to him by a Mr.
        Sargent, who refused.
-Letter dated April 15, 1852. About morgates, debts and estates. Signed Charles Kimball
-Newbury Port, October 11, 1848. Memo that for the $2000 Moses L. Atkinson received
        from Josiah Little he will pay it back starting from this date in 3 months.
-Legal document of Treasurer and Collector. To Joseph Atkinson. Nov. 1, 1852.
-Newbury, April 7, 1845. $200 value received Moses L. Atkinson promises to pay back
        Josiah Little or order $200 with interest on demand.
- ½ of letter, headed Newbury Port, Feb 2, 1852. Started with, Dear Nephew.
- Newbury Feb. 10, 1845. For value of $100 received by M. L. Atkinson from Josiah
        Little he promises to pay it back or order $100 on demand with interest.
-Newbury, July 19, 1850(?). For value received M. L. Atkinson promises to pay back
        or order $500 on demand with interest.
-Newbury Port, July 10, 1848, a note stating for value received M. L. Atkinson promises
to pay back or order $2000 in ninety days to Josiah Little.
-Newbury, April 8, 1848, a note stating that for value received from Josiah Little, M. L.
        Atkinson promises to payback or order $100 on demand and with interest.
-Methuen, Sept 8, 1851, Note of taxes paid by Moses L. Atkinson from Treasurer and
-School book and stationary from Boston. With records of business dealings of an
        unknown author.
-Elementary Copy Book, with the record of the sale of the personal property at the
        Bartlett Farm, Wed. April 21, 1852. By order and direction of John Tenney
        Administrator of the estate of the late M. L. Atkinson.
-The “little red book” Feb. 18, 1852 the appraisal of the estate of the deceased Moses
        L. Atkinson.

Envelope 16

-Robert Armstrong, Consul of the U.S. of America for the port of Liverpool over saw the
        transaction of land from William Wheelwright and his wife Martha, who now
        live in Great Britain, to Moses L. Atkinson. Dec. 31, 1847.
-Last will and testament of Moses L. Atkinson. Made Dec. 7, 1851. In the will he left
        everything to his wife, nothing to his son or daughter Edumnd Bartlett Atkinson
        and Martha Wheelwright Atkinson. Witnessed by John Tenney, Joseph Atkinson
        and Judith L. Dickinson.
-Court of Probate documents about the last will and testament of Moses L. Atkinson.
        Feb. 2, 1852.
-In the “Little brown book” the estate of Moses L. Atkinson to Josiah Little 1853, 1854
        and 1855.
-in 1854 an unknown author went to Laurence to appraise the estate of Moses. L.
        Atkinson. And wrote down what he found.
-Account of administration of the estate of Moses L. Atkinson of Laurence given to the
        Probate Judge by John Tenney (administrator with the will annexed).
-memo of Dr. Moses L. Atkinson.
-Memo, Laurence, 1854. Josiah Little received $6.00 for appraising the estate of the late
        Moses L. Atkinson. Signed by Brackett Clark and two other men.
-the order of Probate Court of Moses L. Atkinson of Laurence was advertised in the
        Newburyport Herald. May 5. 1855
-Copy of Essex Registry Deed, of land bought from James M. Currier by Moses L.
-Document for the Court of Probate for the account of administration of the estate of the
        late Moses. L. Atkinson. Josiah Little was the administrator with the will
-Document of the Probate Court to Josiah Little administrator of the will annexed of the
       estate of the late Moses L. Atkinson, March 13, 1852. Telling whom his creditors
       were and how much was owed to them.
-Newbury port, Sept 24, 1855 Josiah Little received $23.10 in full for agreement of the
       Estate of Moses L. Atkinson, MD.
-Copy of the order of distribution by the Judge of Probate to the Creditors of the late
       M. L. Atkinson.
-May 26, 1855. Letter written by Charles Kimball, to Josiah Little of Newbury port.
       He enclosed an order of distributions with receipts for the creditors of Dr.
       Atkinson to sign and an account to be settled after paying them. Josiah Little
       Is left with $86.67 to pay for expenses in addition to $20 allowed already.

Envelope 17

-Josiah Little received $309 by Arrgrster S. Tenney. Methune, June 22, 1855.
-June 22, 1855 Josiah Little received $580.86 repaying the debt of the late Moses L.
        Atkinson. Signed by D. F. Haynes. Laurence, June 22, 1855 Josiah Little
        Received $150 on account of the late M. L. Atkinson. Signed Brian Williams
-May 15, 1855. The subscribers, creditors of the estate of the late Moses L. Atkinson
        acknowledge, that they have received of Josiah Little administrator of the estate
        the sums annexed to them by the judge of the probate in full.
-Piece of paper dated Newbury port May 30, 1855
-Letter to Mr. John Tenney. April 24, 1852 from Joseph Atkinson about further business
        that needed to be taken care of as the result of the death of M. L. Atkinson.
-Letter written in Liverpool Dec. 31, 1847 by William Wheelwright. In the letter he
        relinquishes all title or claim of any personal property in the estate or Farm call
        Bartlett Farm, in the town of Methuen, Mass. Sold it all to M. L. Atkinson
-Letter written Laurence, March 26, 1852 to John Tenney from Edmund Bartlett. It is
        about a perspective buyer of the Bartlett Farm who offered $11,000.
-Feb. 1852. Notice, from the Court of Probate, of the meeting to hear John Tenney’s
        petition to sell Dr. M. L. Atkinson’s real estate. M. L. Atkinson owed a lot in
-Feb. 17, 1852. The judge of Probate ordered John Tenney to sell all the personal estate
        of Dr. M. L. Atkinson except for what has been allowed to the widow at a public
-Oct. 13, 1852 the widow of M. L. Atkinson, Catherine M. B. Atkinson acknowledging
        that she has received $300 from personal estate of her deceased husband.
-Sept. 8, 1851. Receipt of taxes paid for Moses L. Atkinson.
-Haverhill Mutual Fire Insurance Company. April 20, 1852. Receipt for John Tenney
        for $9.
-Young and Mclare receipt from Dr. Atkinson, 1851.
-Feb 1, 1851 Receipt for $7 that Dr. Atkinson received from Martin Branum(?) for
        medical treatment.
-Newbury port, May 31, 1852. Geo. Greenleaf, bill of services paid from John Tenney.
-Plougman receipt of Dr. Moses L. Atkinson. Feb. 14, 1851.
-Letter to the justices of the Court of Common Pleas, March 1852. Order of Notice,
         Hezekiah Plummer of Lawrence County petition of the sale under mechanics
         Lieu of Dr. M. L. Atkinsons land.
-May 3, 1852, it is considered by the court that the lieu for the sum of $3,941.37 with
         interest from Feb 15, owed to Hezekiah Plummer and he must await the sale
         by notice of Lawrence Courier.
-Copy of the contract between Hezekiah Plummer and Dr. M. L. Atkinson. May 5, 1852
-Copy of Dr. M. L. Atkinson last will and testament to be given to all those interested.
         Feb, 1852.
-Dr. M. L. Atkinson received payment from M. Hastings Sept. 1837.
-Mr. Bartlett of Newbury port, received payment, April 30, 1849.
-Sept 16, 1851, bill paid by Dr. M. L. Atkinson.
-A payment to the Woodbridge, Moore & Co. for the Puritan Recorder by M. L. Atkinson
         May 1, 1852.
-May 7, 1852, bill of M. L. Atkinson
-Dec. 31, 1851, bill of M. L. Atkinson from H. Whitney.
-Money owed by Dr. M. L. Atkinson to Dr. Horatin Smith, June of 1850 to Jan.
-Receipt of money paid to John Tenney by M. L. Atkinson.
-Bill to the estate of M. L. Atkinson from J.F.C. Hayes a printing company.
-Copy of the bill owed to J.F.C. Hayes by the estate of M. L. Atkinson.
-Bill of M. L. Atkinson paid by John Tenney, 1852.
-Payment made by the M. L. Atkinson estate to J. W. Sargent
-Feb. 1852, Joseph Howe paid by the estate of M. L. Atkinson for his services.
-Nov. 28, 1852, John Tenney received $5 from Moses L. Atkinson for services.
-Feb. 17, 1850 Receipt of M. L. Atkinson
-March 30, 1852. Court of Probate document, to John Tenney that he is within 1 year
         to sell as much of the real estate of deceased to raise $15, 825.

Envelope 18

-Notice to Josiah Little from the committee of Trustees selected to revise the By-laws of
       the Institution for Savings. They sent him a copy of the By-Laws to be revised.
       Newburyport, Jan. 25, 1858

Envelope 19

-Mortgage deed, halfway filled out by Benjamin Hale of Newbury port, Mass and Richard
Doe of Newbury, Vermont. Doe was selling land to Hale.

Envelope 20

-August 23, 1856, Contract b/t William R. Page of Laurence, Mass and Oliver Hale of
       Newbury port, Mass.
-Letter to The Hon. Josiah Little from Benjamin Hale, Geneva College June 27, 1849.
         Letter was about the classes he was taking and how much he enjoyed school.
-Letter to Hon. Josiah Little, Newbury port, Mass. From Charles Morrow of Laurence,
         Mass June 16, 1852. Told Little he received the check for $493 and that he will
         Forward the arrangement of the mortgage after he goes to Boston to get seal of
          the Company.
-Letter to Col. Ebenezer Hale of Newbury port, Mass from Edward Hale of Newbury, Vt.
         His nephew, Nov 12, 1844. Talking about land and the heirs of the late Josiah Little
         of Newbury.
-Letter date July 26, 1846 to Col. Ebenezer Hale from Edward Little. List the cash sent to
         Col. E. Hale from June 1845-July 1846.
-Letter to Josiah Little of Newbury, Mass from (?). Wrote Sept 23, 18(?)7. Discussing
-Letter to Josiah Little, Newbury port, Mass from his nephew Josiah Little Jr. Portland,
         Nov. 3, 1833. J. Little jr. mentions Mr. Wood. Writes about business.
-Letter to Hon. Josiah Little Newbury port, Mass, from John Tenney May 1, 1852.
         Writes about a woman who is in trouble because her rights had not been
-Blank Invoice of Taxable Property and Polls.
-State of Maine, Cumberland. Court of Probate document addressed to Josiah Little of
         Newbury, Mass telling him he had bee appointed administrator of the estate of the
         Late Josiah Little of Newbury. Jan. 18, 1831.
-Court of Probate document Josiah Little was given guardianship of John H. Moody upon
         the death of his father Enoch Moody of Newbury. And given permission to sell a
         certain piece of land. Jan. 6, 1845
-Sept. 21, 1843. Josiah Little of Newbury, Mass, for a sum of $380 dollars sold a parcel
         of land to Alfred P. Gilbert and W. R. Fosters.
-State of Maine, the Hon. Barrett Potter(judge of the probate of wills etc…). To Josiah
Little of Newbury, Mass. Regarding the death of Josiah Little of Newbury whom had
         goods in etc.. in the County of Cumberland, Maine. Josiah Little of Newbury was
         appointed administrator of all of the late Josiah’s goods.
-Has the name D and C Gilbert and the years 1832, 1833 and 1834 with dollar amounts.
-Receipt dated Danville, Feb. 22, 1834 for $52.33 to be paid to Josiah Little made by D
         and C Gilbert. Nov, 16, 1841.
-Letter saying that Edward Little of Danville, county of Cumberland, Maine and Josiah
         Little, county of Essex, Mass. Want to collect $350 owed to the late Josiah Little by
         Dennis R. Gilbert and Caleb S. Gilbert of Greene, county Thennibeck and state of
         Maine. Upon payment they will be given deed for 50 acres. Feb. 22, 1834.
-July 13- Aug. 2, Josiah Little account record. Estate of Henry Toppan 1846.
-Account record of cash paid for my Father, school bell etc… of Josiah Little
-Account record July 16-July26 of Josiah Little
-Josiah Little account book 1839-1840. (blue/gray cover.)
-Sept. 27, 1843 for value received by Josiah Little, Alfred(?) P. Gilbert and Warren R. Foster
promise to payback $106 in three years and annual interest.—Nov.24, 1845
         received 2 years interest on this note and $6.76.
-Josiah Little of Newbury is owed $600 by Alfred P. Gilbert of Lowell and Warren R.
         Foster of Leeds, Maine. Contract made Sept. 21, 1843.----Condition of obligation
         That Josiah Little on the payment of $318 in 3 equal yearly payments with interest
         To be paid yearly Josiah Little will make good on a valid manantee deed of 50
         Acres. Signed by Josiah Little jr, for Josiah Little.---note to Gilbert and Foster to
         Destroy notes enclosed.
-Letter, to the Hon. Senator Hoyle of Representatives in General Court assembled at
         Boston, Feb. 27, 1788. The memorial of Christopher Sargeant and Josiah Little
         Agents for and in behalf of the said proprietors of Bakerstown. Little and
         Sargeant representing the people of Bakerstown and their petition. In the letter
         They give the history on how Bakerstown was founded, goes back to 1690.
-State of New Hampshire court of probate and wills document. John Kingsbury, John
         Osgood and George Little were appointed to a committee to make a inventory of
         The estate of the late Josiah Little of Newbury, Mass. Josiah Little named
         Administrator. Sept. 20, 1831.—Followed by a list of notes that described sums
         Owed to Josiah Little upon his death.
-Letter to the committee on the petition of Josiah Little. Jan. 1825. Petition is about
         property lines which date back to 1795.
-A blank list of the polls and of the estates real and personal of the proprietors and
         inhabitants of the town of Newbury. Feb. 23, 1792.

Envelope 21

-Letter from Joe Johnson of Bath, April 20, 182(?)7, to Josiah Little of Newbury, Mass.
        Regarding the sale and purchase of land.
-Letter to Hon. Josiah Little of Newbury Port, Mass. From J. H. Johnson, House of Reps,
        July 8, 1848.
-Letters to the Hon. Josiah Little of Newbury Port, Mass. From J. H. Johnson. Written
        from the House of Reps., Washington D.C. July 17, 1848. Regarding timber land.
-Letter to Josiah Little, from J. H. Johnson of Bath, Sept 23, 1848. Talking about a tract
        of land in Penn. Johnson doesn’t want to any more land, he has to much as it is.
        Johnson would like to dispose of his interest in the land.
-Letter to Josiah Little of Newbury, Mass from the Lock Haven Clenton County Pa.
        Feb 10, 1863. They wrote that they had received a deed or mortgage and a $1.
        For land they had no recent record of. The just asked him to send them more
        Money for processing fees.
-Form of an Assignment. An agreement between Josiah Little and James H. Johnson of
        Bath, New Hampshire accept the $1000 paid to him by Little for the mortgage
        And debt of the land. Signed March, 1851.
-Letter to Josiah Little, from J. Johnson of Bath, N. H. March 21, 1851. Johnson writes
        that he accepts Little’s offer for the 1,000 acres of land in Pa. Enclosed with the
        letter is a deed and mortgage. Start of price negotiations.
-Letter to Josiah Little of Newbury, Mass. From James Johnson House of Rep.,
        Washington, D.C. April 3. 1848. Discussing the land.
-Letter to Hon. Josiah Little of Newbury, Mass from J. H. Johnson, House of Reps.
        Washington, D.C. Jan 21, 1847
-Blank contract between Josiah Little and J. H. Johnson, for land in Pa. October, 1848.
Envelope 22

-Report of the Commissioners appointed to repair the town of Poland. Contains facts
       about the people and land. June 23, 1797.

Envelope 23

-Book containing the estate of the late Josiah Little to Josiah Little administrator. List the
        amount of credit and debt to forward for the years 1831-1832
        -piece of paper folded inside the book, was a memorandum of the distribution of
        notes and equalization of shares-Feb 28, 1833.
-Book containing the schedule of notes in the hands of brother Edward, written by Josiah
        Little, October 1835.
-pieces of paper contained in the book:
1. 2 lists with names and dollar amounts. 1833-1836
2. Notes to Josiah Little administrator of the estate of Josiah Little. From Ebenezer Hale
        And Edward Hale(?).
-Book containing the amount of the purchase of Bunger lands, interest on certain notes,
        cash received by certain people.

Envelope 24

-Book belonging to Josiah Little of Newbury, starting April 20, 1831 ending 1840.
       -pieces of paper folded inside the book:
1. 1831 Joseph Morse bought 2 beef cattle from Josiah Little for $3.25 each.
2. Josiah Little to Josiah Little administrator, list of dates, goods and cash values,
       Taxes, mortgages and cash paid to Josiah Little.
3. Sarah Little to Josiah Little 1831-1833
4. Paper addressed to Josiah Little Newbury, Vermont. Around March 11, 1828

Envelope 25

-Book containing the cash and contra accounts from Jan 29, 1812 to June 5, 1812.
       Handwriting change Edward Little to Josiah Little administrator(April 19, 1831)
       1831, Josiah Little to Josiah Little adm. 1831 estimated notes. Mary and
       Thomas Hale to Josiah Little Adm. (1831). Account of the personal property of
       Josiah Little connected to his own use from the estate of the late Josiah Little.
Envelope 26

-Book belonging to Josiah Little, Account of Expenses in rebuilding stores, April 21,
        1812. Account of bills, Account of cost of building brick store, amount brought
        Over by other people.
-pieces of paper folded inside the book.
-Newbury port Dec. 11, 1813. Josiah Little lended the deed of a lot of land in Poland,
        84 acres of it at $11 per acre for payment for putting up the brick building in
        Market Square and for laying the brick.—Memo of 10 day of deed to Flagg.
-Deed document saying that Josiah Little of Newbury port, Mass in consideration of
        $5500 paid by Johnathan Norse of Methune, Mass. About half of 210 acres of
        land. Same land given to Moses L. Atkinson by William and Martha
        Wheelwright. Signed by Josiah Little and Sophronia Little. May 1, 1855.
-Letter from Josiah Little of Newbury port. Written May 23, 1856 to Stephan Goodrice.
-Deed document stating that Sarah Little of Newbury port, Mass in consideration of
        $600, paid by the wife of Andrew McDonald of Oxford, Maine. The land is
        located in the town of Oxford, given to her as heir of the late Josiah Little of
        Newbury, Mass

Envelope 27
-Ledger starting Feb 27, 1813, Josiah Little on account with Josiah Little Jr. Edward
         Little in account with Josiah Little. Barnard Brickett in account with Josiah
         Little Jr. Names a lot of other people whom Josiah Little and Josiah Little Jr.
         Were in account with.
-pieces of paper folded inside the ledger:
-List of transactions with Clark Ellet starting March 30, 1810.
-copy of a letter written to David Lewel from Lewiston April 13, 1797
-Property in the Peipscold lands, accompanied with a list of who owned it.

Envelope 28
-Book containing a memo of deeds signed with Edward Little, Thomas B. Little and
       Josiah Little of land in Maine. Memo of deeds sold by Josiah Little, Josiah Little’s
       father. 1832-1834.

Envelope 29

-Little red ledger belonging to Josiah Little Jr. Contains account records and records of

BOX 1a

Contains: Envelopes 1a, 14a, 20a, 21a, 22, & 30
Envelope 30

-Book containing the inventory of the estate of the late Josiah Little Esq of Newbury,
         appraised by the Honorable Judge of Probate of the County of Essex. Broken
         down into real estate in the different states, personal estate, and different types of
-Court of Probate document from the State of Maine, to 3 men appointing them to take
         inventory of all the real estate, goods and chattels, rights and credits of the late
         Josiah Little of Newbury, Mass. Feb 23, 1831, Minot, Maine.
-Attached to Court of Probate document is the Inventory of the Personal Estate of
         Josiah Little of Newbury, Mass. Appraised by appointed subscribers by the Judge
         Of Probate for the County of Cumberland, in the state of Maine.
-Book containing a journal of account records beginning Dec. 9, 1805. There are a lot
          of pages that have been removed.
-List of properties in the Peiepscold Lands
-Lewiston, April 13, 1797, Copy of a letter to David Lewell from Josiah Little. Copied
         by Nathaniel Dumer of Hallowell.


Mary Caroline Hale and Benjamin Hale Correspondence

Envelope 1: May 20, 1826 – October 15, 1839

        May 20, 1826 – from sister Eliza (Elizabeth) King to MCH in Gardiner
                Eliza introduces Willy Bridge to his sister Margaret whom she resembles
                        Greatly – Ann had just had Margaret
        March 31, 1827 – to Mary C. A. K Hale (Mary Caroline Alsop King Hale) from
                Sac? – mentions Ann
        Feb. 23, 1837 – from Mrs. Freeman to MCH
                Concerning and addressing the death of Mary’s daughter Alice
        Feb. 25, 1837 – from sister A.K. Bridge
                Also mentions the death of Mary’s daughter, (Caroline) Alice
        May 4, 1837 – from sister Hannah S. King (later to be Hannah Heywood)
                Mentions a cousin, Ann Bradbury
                Mr. Bridge is going to Geneva with Ann
                There are some indications of MCH’s familial relationships
        April 24, 1838 – from ?
                Mentions Cyrus’ birth
        Aug. 20, 1839 – from Hannah S. King
                Mentions the death of Joseph

Envelope 1a

        *All letters to Benjamin Hale from his wife Mary Caroline Hale
Envelope 2: January 27, 1840 – December 3, 1846

       Dec 4, 1844 – from (sister) Hannah King
               Writes about all the Hale children and Benjamin Hale Jr. is in college
       A lot of letters from sisters Hannah King Heywood and Ann K. Bridge
       June 10, 1846 – to Mrs. Russell H. Heywood (Hannah) in Buffalo from her
               Sister MCH and niece Sarah in Geneva
       Dec 3, 1846 – from Hannah King (Heywood)
               Hannah King got married – now is Hannah King Heywood

Envelope 3: January 8, 1847 – December 4, 1849

       April 9, 1847 – to Benjamin Hale Jr., Josiah and MCH and from Hannah K.
       A lot of letters from Hannah Heywood, sister Sophia Hale, Ann Bridge, and
               C.S. Ward
       Nov. 1, 1849 – to Sarah E. Hale (MCH’s daughter) from Cousin Tave (Octavia
               Sister Hannah and Tave are translating a German play Lechillis(?) – and
               Hope to be done by December
       More letters to MCH and Sarah E. Hale, one from MCH’s sister Elizabeth King
               And one from MCH”s mother, Hannah King

Envelope 4: January 1, 1850 – November 11, 1852

       A lot of letters from MCH’s sisters
       Feb 15, 1850 – letter to one of Mary’s sisters from Mary
                Talks about the engagement of Sarah E. Hale to Malcolm Douglass
       May 27, 1850 – from Sister Ann Bridge and niece Annie Bridge
                Their mother’s declining health is mentioned
       June 2, 1851 – from sister Hannah Heywood
                Writes of Mr. Heywood’s dysentary and Hannah seeing Mr. Douglass
       July 7, 1851 – to Sarah from her mother
                Writes about what has happened in Geneva, what she had been doing
                And what Sarah’s father (Benjamin Hale) has been doing
                One boy Willie Bradford was running along, and caught his leg between
                The two blades of the reaping machine – cut through the smaller bone,
                The larger bone, and the artery.
                Mary is lonely, the house in empty and she wants her children to bring
                Their friends with them when they return home
       June 8, 1852 – written to Sarah E. Hale from her mother
                Sarah’s aunts are Mary, Heywood, Ward
       Oct 1, 1852 – letter to MCH’s mother from MCH
                About Sarah’s wedding
       *Sometime before 1853 (because mother is till alive) – Letter to Mrs.
                Elizabeth P. King (whom they call Ann?) from MCH
                She writes of Mr. Hobart leaving due to the illness of his wife
                They have had a hard time keeping ministers for long periods of time
Envelope 5: January 1, 1853 – December 11, 1854

       Many letters written to Mary Caroline Hale from her sisters: Hannah, Elizabeth,
                Ann, and some written by Mary to her brother Cyrus
                * many times Mary Caroline Hale is called Caroline
       April 26, 1853 – letter to Benjamin Hale Jr. from his mother
                She told him of Cyrus and her trip to Albany and then to Boston and then
                         To Saco
                Aunt Elizabeth was sick with Scarlet fever and Aunt Heywood was
                         confined to her room with the flu
                She missed the funeral
       May 5, 1853 – to Benjamin Hale from his daughter Sally (Sarah) and son Josiah
                When Josiah and Sarah arrived in Geneva they were surprised to find
                         Their mother and brother Cyrus gone
                Mother (MCH) went eastward suddenly because of the death of
                         Grandmother King – she died April 20th
                Aunt Elizabeth was in Buffalo
                Mrs. Leland wrote to Aunt Heywood saying grandmother King was ill
                Josiah, Thomas, mother and Cyrus are in Maine
                Mother left Friday morning but wasn’t able to get to Saco until Monday,
                         All her sisters were there: Heywood and Elizabeth
                Thomas is in college
                Sarah wrote that Malcolm had bought her oil paints and that she road in
                         A cab with Josiah to Geneva
       May 6, 1853 – letter to Caroline (MCH) from sister (BH’s sister ?) Mary Hale,
       July 1, 1853 – written by MCH to one of her sisters (not Elizabeth)
                Talks of her husband’s return to the college and how the students (great
                         Crowd) had a band play music
                She also talks to her mother’s death
                Her husband, Benjamin, has an uncle Josiah
       Sept 17, 1853 – from daughter Sarah
                Letter is from Jersey City where Sarah is having a wonderful time with
                         Her aunt, Sarah only has a few shillings left and would like to
                         Know if father would send her a few dollars in the next letter
       Dec 11, 1854 – from MCH to her sister
                Only Cyrus and Josiah still live at home, Thomas works for an Insurance
                         Company in New York City, Sarah is married and has a baby

Envelope 6: February 12, 1855 – December 24, 1859

       In 1855 most letters are to MCH from her sisters: Hannah and Elizabeth
       Except May 6 – from MCH to Mrs. North
May 6, 1856 – to Mrs. North from MCH
               Writing about the death of her sister
       July 23, 1856 – letter to Benjamin Hale from his son Cyrus King Hale
               Mentions Aunt Mary, Sophia and Alice (Little)
       Dec 3, 1857 – to MCH from her son Thomas
               Written on the letter head for the Office of the Pacific Mutual Insurance
               Benjamin Hale had been very sick but is recovering
               Tells of him and his father’s Thanksgiving in Newbury and how all of
                       His father’s brothers were there for Thanksgiving dinner
       July 14, 1859 – from sister Hannah Heywood to MCH
               Mentions that MCH and BH are moving
       August 9, 1859 – an unfinished letter by MCH to unknown sister
               Mentions that she cannot believe she has left Geneva – she has moved
               To Newburyport, MA
       Dec 24, 1859 – to Olive Ward (sister) from MCH
               Mary is moving into a new house and fixing up the old house
               Benjamin’s health is better, but all the children are suffering from colds

Envelope 7: February 7, 1860 – January 26, 1866
           April 18, 1884 – January 26, 1882

       *In 1860 Benjamin Hale became very sick and was bedridden for a few
       May 11, 1860 – to MCH from sister Olive Ward
               Contains Olive P. Ward in account with heirs to the undivided property
                       Left by their mother
       Nov 5, 1860 – to MCH care of Rev. Ben Hale Newburyport, Mass, from sister
       May 30, 1861 – to MCH from Olive in Saco, Maine
       July 27, 1861 – to Elizabeth from ?
               Talks about the college being prosperous
       Jan 28, 1863 – to MCH from daughter Sarah Hale Douglass
               Good information on family genealogy
       Aug 29, 1863 – to MCH from C.A. Atkinson
               Letter condoling Mary on the death of her husband, Benjamin Hale
       Sept 9, 1861 – to one of Mary’s sisters and from MCH
               Mary and the family went to Vermont
               Mentions to “two armies” – the war – and their cousin Josiah Little who
                               Was wounded
       Dec 24, 1865 – to MCH from her son Josiah L. Hale in Boston, Mass
       Jan 26, 1866 – to MCH from her son Cyrus in Boston
       1866 – Benjamin Hale Jr. is studying medicine
Envelope 8: Articles and Newspaper clippings

       A newspaper article about the Little Farm in Essex County, Mass

       An article about Mr. Moses Hale’s retirement from office

      Newspaper clippings advertising Red Clover as the Cure for Cancer and other
              Blood Diseases
Envelope 9: No Dates

       Letter written by MCH to her sister – Oct 18
               She thinks it would be a great idea for her mother and Elizabeth to come
               Visit her. She would enjoy company because her husband (BH) and
               Boys are gone for most of the day
               Received paper from Jersey City containing the news of O’s death
               Sarah was feeble for some time after she left Albion, but now she is
               Much better and will be able to come to Geneva
               Mrs. Douglass is with her now
               Gives her sister an update on everyone…Mrs. Johnson, Mary Carey,
                       Mrs. Gillepie, etc
               In closing writes to give her love to Sarah and Mary

       Letter to Cyrus from MCH
               Cyrus is in Belleville
               Speaks of his brother Josiah and uncle Thomas

Envelope 10: Unknown

Envelope 11: Miscellaneous

       April 12, 1837 – perhaps homework questions
               Ex: What was the nature of the impossibility asserted by the apostles?

       March 1, 1846 – shopping receipt – Mrs. Dr. Hale to Mrs. Hasgin Dr.

       June 14, 1848 – something about the Buffalo Orphan Asylum

       August 11, 1848 – a program from Geneva College Junior Exhibition

       May 21, 1849 – an account of people who attended the Presidential election for
              The Buffalo Orphan Asylum

       June 11, 1850 – Document announcing the election of Russell H. Heywood as
              The President of Buffalo Orphan Asylum
              And signed by the secretary, Roswell L. Burrows

       June 8, 1853 – receipt from the Queen’s Hotel in George Square in Glasgow,
       1853 – President Benjamin Hale signed the Hobart Free Document which
              reported the standing of his son Cyrus King Hale as a Freshman

       March 31, 1857 – a program from Junior Exhibition Hobart College at Linden
              Hall – Cyrus King Hale gave the Latin Oration

       Feb 4, 1863 – a letter to ? from B. W. Woodward at the Office Fresh Beef
               Branch, Army of the Potomac, Aquia Creek, in Virginia

       Feb 21, 1863 – an invitation to Washington’s Birthday Celebration at Linden
              Hall – for the students of Hobart College

       No dates-

       Various accounts of money
       Watch paper taken out of a watch, from Miss S. Oliver
       A list of letters Mary C Hale wrote and received
       An essay written by Sarah E Hale (MCH’s daughter) on the “State of the West”
                It is written about the Evans family
       A note from Mrs. Fitch to MCH requesting Sarah’s seat in the sewing club(?)
       A heading from the Morse Line Telegraph company
       A sketch of a man

Letters written to or by Benjamin Hale

These letters, arranged chronologically, have very little to do with Hobart College, but
concern themselves with family matters. For those pertaining to the College see the card

Envelope 12

1810.10.31.   to BH from brother JLH
1810.11.12.   BH to MLH from Bowdoin College
1810.12.3     BH to MLH from Bowdoin College
1815.10.6     BH to MLH from Belleville about his passage home from Europe
1816.7.24     BH to MLH from Bowdoin mentions celebration of 4 July
1817.1.29     BH to MLH
1817.8.30     BH to MLH from Belleville
1817.11.18    BH to MLH from Bowdoin MLH going to India
1817.11.4     BH to MLH from Bowdoin MLH going on a trip where he will be staying
              in a cabin
1819.2.1      BH to MLH from Saco where BH was asked to lecture on Chemistry, at a
              considerably smaller school then Bowdoin. BH talks of going to Portland
              and seeing family.
1819.3.24     BH to MLH from Saco BH is sending his brother money. BH wants his
              Brother to write him about his experiences in India and how family is doing.
1819.4.7      BH to MLH from Saco BH writes about young ladies whom he has high
              Opinions of.
1819.7.1      BH to MLH from Saco talks about family and letter writing

Envelope 13

1820.6.15 – 1824.9.22

Envelope 14

1822.2.19      BH to MLH from Bowdoin BH been preaching in many different places.
               The medical school is increasing rapidly.
1822.3.11      BH to MLH from Bowdoin BH talks of the major fire that occurred at
1822.6.8       BH to MLH from Bowdoin rebuilding of the burnt building, preaching and
                       how much in debt he is to MLH.
1822.7.2       BH to MLH from Bowdoin BH wants to take position at Gardiner Lyceum
1822.9.12      BH to MLH from Newbury begin Gardiner, stay with Gardiner’s
1825.5.3.      BH to MLH cure for illness by blistering, humor about 6’s and 7’s
1822.11.28.    BH to TLH from Bowdoin on the way to Saco, recalls Thanksgivings
1825.3.24      BH to TH(grandfather) from Gardiner many family matters, schools and
                        his horse’s recovery from illness
1830.9.7.      BH to MLH from Geneva found road from Auburn to “this village”
                       better than expected and other news of the College, students
                       a very important letter.
1835. 1. 6.   BH to MCKH (wife) at sea on way to St. Croix
1835.2.25      BH to HK (Mother) in harbour family affairs
1835.8.35.    BH to MLH. in harbour re family
1835.9.26.     BH to MLH from St. Croix
1836.1 11.     BH to MCKH from West End St. Croix
1836.1.20      BH to MCKH from West End St. Croix
1836.2 4.      BH to CAH (daughter) from West end St. Croix interesting descriptions
1836 2.5.      BH to MCKH from West end St, Croix more descriptions
1836.2.12      BH to MCKH from Wet end St. Croix family concerns, and name of
                        packet boat that brings mail.
1836.2.26.     BH to MCKH from west end St. Croix with list of letters he wrote with
                        dates, mentions going home.
1836.2.29.     BH to MCKH West end St. Croix talks about communion and many
                       blind communicants, and will end oranges, coffee tree

1837.12.4.1   BH to MLH from Geneva college about travels, dining with Mr. Spencer

Envelope 15

1841.8.19.    BH to MCKH on scrap of paper mentions sermon going well
1841.10.15.   BH to SEH(daughter) from Geneva with fatherly advice and news
1841.11.17    BH to SEH from Geneva mentions younger brother and other
                     family matters, news from SEH’s friends in Geneva
1841.12.29.   BH to MLH(brother) from Geneva
1842.2.7.     BH to SEH sent her a gown long enough to wear next winter
                     if she doesn’t wear it out, mentions new piano where she
1842.2.7      BH toSEH from Geneva
1842.2.10     BH and toSEH from Geneva “improve the little time I have in writing
                     A few lines to you”. Christmas presents list,
1842.6.1.     BH toSEH from Geneva throughout these letters BH sends news of
                     his daughter’s friends.
1842.11.1.    BH toSEH from Geneva mentions going riding, and friends.
1842.12.21.   BH toSEH from Geneva College sent a book by Bishop DeLancey,
                     will run a fair next week by the ladies of the church
1843.3.15     BH toSEH from Geneva with a note from her brother Benjamin,
                     and her mother, news about the lake frozen for 3 or 4 weeks with
                     news of two students who drowned in Seneca Lake
1843.9.2      BH toSEH from Saco tells of travels to Boston, mentions what to do with
                     Too many tomatoes
1844.2.22.    BH to BH,jr from Geneva mentions lecture in chemistry by Dr. Hadley
                     To the Young Men’s Association, very crowded
1844.6.10.    BH to MCKH from New York with report of his “doings”.raising money
1848.5.1.     BH toSEH from Geneva gave some religious advice
1849.6.27     BH to Josiah Little(uncle) advice about agricultural schools

Envelope 16

1850.1.22     BH toSEH travel news, and “good people of Geneva have given Mrs.
                     Bisell(sic) another cow”
1850 1.26     BH toSEH from NY money matters from Trinity church
1850.1.27     BH toSEH from Geneva no professors as yet making hard work for
                     BH, hopes she can stay in Geneva next summer
1850.2.13     BH toSEH from Geneva mentions Easter-Lenten services, wishes
              She were with him to attend church
1850.2.23     BH toSEH from Geneva mentions someone’ criticism of her piano playing
 1850.3.9     BH toSEH from Geneva glad that she is getting along so well with
                     her music, German studies
1850.3.27     BH toSEH from Geneva
1850.4.9      BH toSEH from Geneva
1850.4.17     BH toSEH from Geneva Hungarians here this am…presentation to the
                     Medical college
1850.9.21     BH toSEH from Brooklyn about travels from Boston, shopping for tea
                     Post and spoons
1852.6.8      MLH toSEH from Geneva family news from several writers
1853.2.1      BH to Bishop(?) from Rome news about church people and
                      Genevans in Rome and Sicily, purpose of going to Rome
                     with other church matters related to conversions etc. Interesting
1853.1.28     BH to MLH (brother) from Rome
1853          BH letters from Europe all in one packet offer interesting insights
                     into travel and Europe of 1853
1853.7.12     BH to RHH(Russell H. Heywood) from Geneva family matters
1854.12.16    BH toSEH from Geneva about material, Rochester and family

Envelope 17

1855.1.31     BH toSEH from Geneva Malcolm mentioned, Kidder’s frequently
1855.4.5      BH to my dear little pet(Grandson) from Jersey City tells him not
                     to keep the letter all to himself
1855.4.11     BH to sister and others mentions R.R. travel
1855.6.11     BH to MD(Malcolm Douglass, son-in-law) travels to Cleveland, Buffalo
1855.9.3      BH to SHD the above Sarah daughter now married to MD
1855.9.15     BH to grandson
1855.12.27    BH to MD from Bellville to Waterloo, NY
1856.2.7      BH to SHD from Geneva kiss the dear babies for Grandpapa
1856.3.27     BH to SHD from Rochester travels to Batavia and Buffalo, dined
                     with Van Rensselaer (pres of HC 1871-1876)
1856.4.23.1   BH to SHD Aunt very ill
1856.4.23     BH to SHD from Geneva tells of Aunt’s death
1856.4.26     BH to SHD about funeral and how to get to Geneva from Waterloo
1856.7.3      BH to SHD remembering her birthday in 1832
1856.8.6      BH to SHD from Newburyport went to Saratoga, Boston
1856.9.3      BH to SHD from Geneva “hope they will soon be clear as flutes” referring
                      to some health concerns
1856.10.18    BH to grandson
1856.9.4      BH to SHD from Geneva quick hasty note
1857.1.14     BH to Bishop DeLancey interesting ink smudge in the date indicating
                     that BH forgot the year change, some religious notes on verso
1857.12 1     BH and others to Alice Little March
1857.12.12    BH to MCKH
1858.1.1      BH to children and grandchild from Bellville New Year’s greetings
1858.2.4      BH to SHD and Carrie( CD grand daughter) real interest in what the child
                      would like
1838.2.16     BH to CD with printing at the bottom to give baby a kiss for
1858.4.1      BH to SHD family concerns
1858 3 4      BH to SHD from Geneva mentions Professor Jackson who became
                     the next HC president
1858.3.18      BH to SHD from Geneva “yesterday I was flat as a flounder”, mentions
                       Van Rensselaer, also making haste slowly getting the house
                       in order (for the new president)
1858.4.7       BH to SHD from Lakeside, Bishop down with a “sharp” attack of gout
1858.6.15      BH to SHD from Geneva tell her babies they have a new cousin, Pres.
               Jackson started for Boston this am
1858.6.29      BH to SHD
1858.6.30      BH to SHD from Geneva mentions gown at the college to give to
                        Malcolm and hope it is not in very bad order.
1858.7.16      BH to SHD from Geneva mentions that Dr. Metcalf will go to Waterloo
                       to preach for you
1858.9.3       BH to MD from Geneva info about paper boxes for Sarah and drew a
               sketch; going to
                       Buffalo, Dr. Metcalf mentioned
1858.9.27      BH to SHD from Bellville travel to Boston, walks and rides enjoying fine
               weather, likes the quiet of his home
1858.10.14     BH to family from Newbury, VT , always remembers greetings to family
1858.9.28      BH to SHD from Boston , Uncle Josiah Little “poorly”
1859.3.3       BH to SHD from Bellville
1859.3.11      BH to SHD had been to Springfield took train to Newburyport, regards
                       “to little darlings”
1859.3.12      BH to MCKH from Newburyport illness of his sister Mary
1859.3.13      BH to SHD from Belleville Aunt Mary passed away
1859.3.17      BH to MCKH from Newburyport about funeral and when he’ll be home
1859.3.19      BH to SHD mentions her move to Windsor

Envelope 18

1859.6.16      BH to sister from Geneva about his designs for a church
1859.7.4       BH to MD about travel through Albany, went to commencement,
                      Sailboat race, rowboat race, wheelbarrow race, sack race,
                      writing this at a bookstore, and Malcolm’s trunk which
                      weighs more than Carrie(granddaughter)
1859.8.2       BH and others to MD
1859.9.8       BH to SHD little present with a drawer at each end which opens
                      With a spring
1859.9.9       BH to MD
1859.9.16      BH to MD and SHD from Newburyport Josiah went to Geneva
1859.10.24     BH to David(grandson) another in the long list of affectionate letters
                      to his grandchildren
1859.10.27.1   BH to MD from Newburyport about MD’s getting settled in Windsor, and
                      his own getting settled in Newburyport, mentions style
                      of house in Geneva, cautions about very cold weather and
                      what kind of coats to get
1859.11.7      BH to MD,SHD from Newburyport hopes all is in place
1859.11.10     BH to SHD glad all goes well
1859.11.11     BH to SHD, SHD has difficulty getting help
1859.11.18    MCLH to SHD asking forgiveness for his being so “cross”
1859.11.19    BH to granddaughter (one of the few letters which has spilled ink)
1859.11 15    BH to SHD
1859.11.28    BH to SHD news from Dr. Jackson, and Metcalf with good prospects
                      for the college
1859.12.8     BH to SHD hemlock plaster for sprained back
1859.12.8     BH to grandson Benjamin talks about hammering in his house and
                      Will give him some wood and a hammer when the child visits,
                      and asks about the ship on the letter and that they can see ships
                      from their windows
1859.12.15    BH to MD 3 gold dollars from aunt for the children
1859.12.20    BH to SHD
1859.12.23    BH to SHD advice about health of grandchildren, hearing from Geneva
1859.12.13    BH to SHD short note
1860.1.6      BH to children first complete address of Newburyport 26 Broadstreet
                      Hopes to finish his memoir of the Major, meaning David Bates
                      Douglass, very soon
1860.1.21     BH to SHD moved into new house
1860.1.21     BH to grandson Benjamin(BHD) wants to know where Santa Claus gets all
              his Gifts, snow in Windsor? Go outside to play in the snow
1860.1.22     BH to SHD
1860.5.21     BH to SHD (stationery has changed to drafting paper) and asks if she likes
                      It and then makes a square of writing
1860.5.24.1   BH to MD big letter form Dr. Metcalf 40 confirmed at Trinity 10
                      from the College, Jackson making good progress with endowment
1860.5.29.    BH to Carrie (CD) a small letter literally
1860.5.29     BH to SHD still loves his new paper as he can cut it up into any size
1860.6.19     BH to SHD about travels to Geneva, Watrerloo, Lyons, Batavia, Albion,
                      Buffalo, Niagara
1860.6.29     BH to SHD about Josiah and commencements in Geneva
1860.7.10     BH to SHD sorry about her troubles, gives advice about keeping
                      A cheerful countenance and all will come right, not to worry
1860.7.11     BH to SHD
1860.8.1      BH to SHD
1860.8.2      BH to SHD
1860.8.8      BH to SHD
1860.8.22     BH to SHD travel to Boston, Hampton Beach
1860.8.31     BH to SHD
1860.9.5      BH to SHD
1860.9.8      BH to SHD
1860.9.14     BH to SHD travel to Boston
1860.9.17     BH to SHD
1860.9.28     BH to SHD travel to New York, Josiah Little's estate
Undated       MCKH to SHD two short notes
1860.10.16    BH to SHD suffers from rheumatic and siatic pain
1860.11 2     BH to SHD short note
1860.11.12    BH to SHD feels better, not able to go to Windsor this fall
1860.11.15    BH to SHD house help quit
1860.11.28     BH to SHD sings blessings with you all (with not on or for)
1860.12.12     BH to SHD mentions “hr mother”, a rare reference to his wife
1860.12.20     BH to SHD
1860.12.31     BH to SHD Christmas news

Envelope 19

1861           33 letters all with similar family news as above, on 25 April Dr. Jackson
               visited , Dr. Metcalf on 19 July with plans to be at convocation at
               Syracuse; Oxbow post mark for 13, 17 and 27 August; sends advice
               For medical problems, sends clothes for the boys and asks for measurements
1862.5.15      BH to SHD
1862.10.26     BH to MCKH from Boston, bought a few little presents for the children
1862.10.27     BH to MCKH from Windsor with affectionate first paragraph
1862.11.1      BH to MCKH from Windsor
1863.4.9       BH to SHD
1863.4.21      BH to Brother (last letter from BH in the collection)

Envelope 20

Letters to Benjamin Hale
1825.5.8        to Moses L. Hale from his father Thomas Hale
1848.9.5        to BH from David Bates Douglass from Quebec apologizing
                        for not being able to come to Geneva sooner
1848.10.11      to BH from DBD from Quebec hoping to leave on May 15th
1849.1.4        to BH from BHjr in Geneva to NYC
1850.7.23       to BH from Cyrus K. in Saratoga glad to hear about graduating class
                        doing so well
1852.12.4       to BH from MCKH
1852.12.17      to BH about money matters for his journey
1852.12 24      to BH in Paris from BH,jr saw his father’s ship leaving harbor
1852.12.17      to BH from niece Hannah regarding family matters
1853.1.1        to BH in Rome from family members and Mr. Neely about changing
                        the name from Geneva to Hobart Free College and that
                        he returns in restored health, from MCKH news that Dr.
                        Metcalf has been away, that Thomas is reading Prescott’s
                        Conquest of Mexico in the evenings and all very much
                        Interested, also news of Bishop DeLancey and Prof. Towler
1853.1.      to BH in Rome from MCKH , JH, SHD and TH, Temperance House in
              Geneva burnt
1853.1.13       to BH in France from C.E.Douglass about visit in England
1853.2.28       to BH in London from brother
1853.2.11&14 to BH in Naples from family members
1853.2.2        to BH in Rome from family members and Mr. Bissell with news of the
                College and a certain Rev. Ives who converted to Catholicism,
                A letter from Dr. Metcalf with College news and town charming letter
1853.2          to BH in Europe from family
1853.2.18       to BH from C.E.Douglass in Rome
1853.2.8         to BH in Europe from brother, Mr. Moser, MCKH, JLH
1853.3.9         to BH in Europe from family members
1853.4.25        to BH from Bishop DeLancey
1853.4&6      to BH in Europe from MCKH., CKH and Mr. Burrall news of mother-in
                 -law’s death, all going well at the college
1853.4.2         to BH in Calais from MCKH and Mr. W.D.Wilson
1853.4.11        to BH in Europe from family
1853.5.5         to BH in London from brother and son
1853.5.19        to BH from MacGregor with South eastern Railways London Terminus with
                 arrangements for meeting
1853.5.20        to BH in London from ?
1854 & 1855
1855.4.30       to BH from BHjr
1855.5.9        to BH from Thomas Hale hopes to go to commencement in Geneva
1855.9.4        to BH from CKH
1856.4.27       to BH from BHjr
1856 & 1857
1858.2.4        to BH from MCKH news of Geneva, student snow ball fights
1859.2.23       to BH from MCKH in Geneva mentions students celebration of
                 Washington’s birthday
1859.9.22       to BH from SHD from Boston mentions a very smooth pen quaker pen
1860.3.28       to BH from JLH in Geneva
1861.11.8       to BH from TH from office of Pacific Mutual Insurance Co letterhead

Envelope 21

       1850 & 1851 - letters to BH from SHD & MD

Envelope 22

       1852 & 1853 - letters to Benjamin Hale from SHD, MD, MCH, and others

Envelope 23

       1854 & 1855 - letters to Benjamin Hale from SHD, MD, Rev. C.E. Douglass,
       Ellen Janis and others

Envelope 24

       1856 & 1857 - letters to Benjamin Hale from SHD and MD
Envelope 25

Misc. notes, envelopes and one letter dated 1853.5.14 from BHjr to his mother sending a
packet of letters to her from BH

Paper delivered at the organization of the Grafton county Lyceum in Haverhill, New
Hampshire, 1831.2.3

A chronological table sent by Azariah Smith, jr to BH copied from Lamack’s Genera of

ND A slip of paper informing BH that he was elected President of the Handel society

Benjamin Hale’s Journals, Diaries, Addresses and ephemera


        •   Journal in France, Italy and England and voyage home, 1852-1853.
        •   Journal from 1852 –contains academic calendar
        •   Journal from Oct. 1,1853-Dec.31, 1855
        •   Journal from 1856 with inscription Geneva Hall
        •   Journal of 1857
        •   Journal of 1858 with newspaper clippings reporting his resignation and a sketch
            of Hale(?) on the back inside cover


        •   Journal 1848. More in the nature of jottings
        •   Journal 1849. “
        •   Journal of 1859 still in Geneva
        •   Journal 1860 in Newbury Port
        •   Journal 1861 in Newbury Port
        •   Journal of 1862 in Newbury Port
        •   Journal of 1863 in Newbury Port


        •   1838 Baccalaureate address printed in Geneva, 2 copies, one of which was a
                 gift to Dr. DeLancey with the respects of the author.
        •   1842 Baccalaureate Address (printed in Geneva Stow, jr and Co.
        •   1839 Baccalaureate Address printed in Geneva by Stow and Frazee) three
        •   1841 Baccalaureate Address 1841
•   1847 Baccalaureate Address, two copies printed in Geneva by I. And S.H.
•   Hale’s scrapbook of commencement programs from 1822-1844, not all of which
    are Hobart.
•   Scriptural Illustrations of the daily Litany…by Hale, 1835, printed in Boston:
    Perkins, Marvin and Company
•   Scriptural Illustrations of the Daily Morning …by Hale.1856 printed in Buffalo:
    Russell H. Heywood
•   Dr. Hale’s Memoir of David Bates Douglass vital information concerning DBD’s
    career and life.

        •    Leather writing book with various notes and one photograph , possibly of Hale
             in later life.
        •    Leather pocket book containing list of books lent –1830-1846. Some of the
             lendees were faculty members, others students, and others
        •    Green leather pocket book with lists of expenses . 1844-46
        •    Long ledger of what appears to be an index to the Trustee minute (verify)
        •    Journal of stay in St. Croix –1836 with loose papers of notes of philosophical
             nature-might be notes for sermons.
        •    Two note books titled Domestic Chronology – 1831 and 1832-1845. Of interest
             to his Hobart years.
        •    Green note books contain notes made for David Bates Douglass’ life, also
             Includes various obituaries about rev, BH. With photocopy of obits.


        Items belonging to Benjamin Hale’s family

        •    Sketch book of Lucy Balch Hale, wife of Benjamin Hale’s oldest son, Benjamin,
             jr. and mother of James White Hale contains unbound items
             of poetry and sketches.
         *   Free Drawing, Dartmouth College of James White Hale, 1877-8.
        •    Mechanical Drawing Book, Dartmouth College of James White Hale. 1878-9
        •    Journal of Lucy Balch. Hale, 1864, sporadic entries
        •    Apparently minutes of a water company in Newbury, Vt. Participated in by Rev.
             Hale’s brother Edward, 1854
        •    Journal of Sarah Hale, wife of the Rev. Malcolm Douglass with two enclosures.
             The first passage: What we wish to remember we should attend to so as to
             understand it perfectly, fixing our attention on its most important and distinctive
             features. We should disengage our minds for the moment from other things,
             that we may attend effectually to that which is before us, gives a sense of her
             intellect. The volume is filled with such insights. 1855 (aks Kate)
        •    Journal of Sarah, wife of Rev. Malcolm Douglass 1853
        •    Journal of Sarah, wife of the Rev. Malcolm Douglass. 1854.
        •    Journal of Sarah E. Hale, wife of the Rev. Malcolm Douglass. Started when she
             was 16 years.
        •    Diary of Sarah E. Hale, daughter of Rev. M.D., 1852.
        •    Mental Photographs an Album for Confessions, 1875. A gift to a Mary Lane
             from D.B.D. (David Bates Douglass, jr?). Valuable , not only for its relation to
             the family, but also as an example of a type of mid-19th century record keeping-
             scrap book.
        •    Diary entries of relative of rev. B.H. 1854.
        •    Note Book of Mary C. Hale(wife of rev. B.H.) from Josiah L. Hale, Hobart
             College 18585?
        •   A music book owned by Miss Hale, daughter of Rev. B.H. Contains an index of
            the songs in her script. The songs display a wide range of taste in music. 150
            leaves. The songs appear to have been privately bound (by the Hales?)because of
            the index and the hand written page numbers.


Sarah Hale Douglass Correspondence

Envelope 1: 1840 – 1863

Envelope 2: 1843 & 1849

        1843: Cornelia Kidder; Mary (aunt); Alice L. March (aunt) And Josiah Hale
                 (uncle); Helen (friend)
        1845: DB Douglass
        1846: DB Douglass
        1849: Mary L. Hale (grandmother); Hannah; Sarah (2); DB Douglas; Hannah (
                 Aunt); [AD White, GB Dakin, J Seymour, and A Howell]
        July 21, 1849 – Aunt Hannah Heywood – mentions commencement and a
        A poem written to Sarah for her 15th birthday by her cousin Octavia

Envelope 3A: 1850-1852

Mary C. Hale (mother); Moses L. Hale (uncle); Alice L.
March (aunt); Hannah Heywood (aunt)
       1851: Sarah; Douglas
       Oct 9, 1852 – from her mother, Mary Caroline Hale – Benjamin Hale (her
               husband) is occupied with collegiate business all the time, new school
               year, more students, and sickness among new comers
               The bishop has not been around due to another bishop’s trial (?)
               Mrs. Delancey just returned from England
               Hard summer for Aunt Bridge…Uncle King died, (after his prolonged
                      mental decay), then Aunt’s sickness and then the sickness and loss
                      of Octavia

Envelope 3B: 1850-1852

Mary Hale (aunt); Mary L. Hale (aunt); Sophia (aunt); Josiah Hale (brother); Benjamin Hale
Jr. (brother); Emily Douglass(sister—later Wilbur); Ellen Douglass (sister—later Janis); Sarah
Heywood (cousin)
         Feb 10, 1851 – from Mary L Hale – brother has a disease – Varioloid (?), but it
                has been light
         Feb 14 – Sarah copied a poem for Malcolm’s Valentine
Envelope 3C: 1850 – 1852

Tavie/Octavia? (cousin); Anna E. Rouseau (cousin); Hannah Bridge (cousin); Annie Bridge
(cousin); Octavia (cousin); Cara Livermore (friend); Kate Oliver Coale (friend); Mary Kidder
(friend); 2 UNKNOWNS
        Feb 14, 1852 – from Malcolm, a Valentine
        A poem cut out of a newspaper – “To An Absent Wife” by George D. Prentice
        There is an essay called about the origin of Newspapers – it could be Sarah’s, but
                it may be signed – Violet

Envelope 4A: 1853-1858

Thomas Hale (grandfather); Mary L. Hale (grandmother); Mary C. Hale (mother); Anne E.
Douglass (in-law); Moses Little Hale (uncle); Joshua Hale (uncle); Josiah Hale (uncle);
Hannah Heywood (aunt); Alice L. March (aunt); Mary L. Hale (aunt); Mary Hale (aunt)
      1853: Sidney; Benjamin Hale (12); Mary Hale; Cousin Sarah; Sarah (4); Carrie;
               Malcolm Douglas
      Dec 28, 1854 – from Benjamin Hale – John Bourn is dead – he worked at the
      Oct 27, 1854 – from Benjamin Hale in Boston – asks Sarah if Mary (Sarah’s
               mother) wants any books in Italian

Envelope 4B: 1853 – 1858

Ellen (Ellie) Janis (sister); Mary L. Douglass (sister); Emily Wilbur (sister); Lucy B. Hale
(sister—Benjamin’s wife); Mollie? (sister)
        Dec 3, 1858 – sister Ellie – if the weather does not improve in Batavia they will
                 leave for Waterloo
        Dec 26, 1858 – sister Ellie – they mad it safely to Duanesburgh
        Jan 1855 – Frunkport (?) – Emily and Sidney Wilbur wrote a note to their mother
                 and sister – they are getting married

Envelope 4C: 1853-1858

Sidney Wilbur (brother—Emily’s husband); Thomas Hale (brother); Benjamin Hale Jr.
(brother); Cyrus King Hale (brother); Sarah Heywood (cousin); Anna/Annie Rouseau
(cousin); Claire (cousin)
        August 31, 1858 – from Sidney Wilbur – congratulated Malcolm on the birth of
            another son
        - they are to have confirmation next Monday
        Nov 29, 1856 - a poem from Thomas simply saying he’s in good health
                 Thomas starts all of his letters with “Your favor way duly received and
                 contents noted”
        March 11, 1858 – Thomas asks who was elected President [of the college]
                 yesterday? (it was Jackson)
        July 6, 1857 – cousin Anna Rouseau – there was a fireworks accident in Boston –
                 a motor burst killing five people and injuring a few
Envelope 4D: 1853-1858

Lizzie (cousin); Annie (cousin); Octavia (cousin); Mary Ridder (friend); Mary Allerman
(friend); Mrs. Clarke (friend); Louis Chamberrain (friend); Laura Swift (friend); Jane
Middletown (friend); Mrs. Edwards (friend); Mary E. Hawley (friend)
        Nov 3, 1858 – from Laura Bissell to David (Sarah’s son) – she made him a sack
                to wear – she is married to his godfather
        Jan 16, 1858 – a statement from the Pacific Mutual Insurance Company –
                dividend of 20% - President Alfred Edwards

Envelope 5

Malcolm Douglass (husband)
      He sent Sarah a newspaper article “The Event of the Fort at Erie 1824” that he
              had written in 1853 in the Buffalo Daily Courier
      From Albion – Sarah is going to visit him Dec 4, 1853
      Sep 17, 1854 – Lake Pleasant House, Hamilton Co. – he is on a wilderness
      Feb 8, 1857 – talks of a sick child at church in Albion
              A prayer from Aunt Sophia
              Received a bunch of letters which had been previously sent and then
                      forwarded to him in Albion
      Aug 23, 1857 – Seneca Falls – mentions a supply of Candidates for

Envelope 6A: 1859

Anne E. Douglass (mother-in-law); Alice March (aunt); Hannah King Heywood (aunt);
Josiah Hale (brother); Cyrus King Hale (brother); Thomas Hale (brother) 1859: Sarah; Dr.
Bissell; Mollie (?); Andrew; [Rev. Douglas and WLS Bissel (2)]
         April 23, 1859 – Aunt Alice March – is reminded of her wedding day and brother
                 that was groomsman, sister Mary – bridesmaid – they both are gone – and
                 father and brother’s, 2 another sister was present, and they too, are not, for
                 God has taken them
         June 14, 1859 – Aunt Alice March – Jacob Atkinson died at age 70 – Hannah
                 Gould died at age 20 and Mrs. Varnum died
         Dec 20, 1859 – from Cyrus King Hale – mentions Mary Heywood
Envelope 6B: 1859

Benjamin Hale Jr. (brother); Lucy B. Hale (sister); Ellen Douglass Wilbur (sister); Mary
(sister); Loattie??(sister); Anna E. Rouseau (cousin); Sarah Heywood (cousin); Annie
Bridge??(cousin); Clara (cousin)
          March 7, 1859 – Benjamin Hale jr. – Ellen is engaged
          July 12, 1859 – Ben Jr. – mention Nancy Messerve – 20 yr old girl possible
                  candidate to help Sarah around the house
          Feb 23, 1859 – Lucy B Hale –went coasting (ice skating)
          Aug 11, 1859 – Uncle Joshua and Aunt Sophia are married? – they want to see
                  Sarah and the children – Lucy is waiting for Sarah’s arrival – Cyrus and
                  Aunt Alice will be visiting Sarah soon
          Oct 7, 1859 – Lucy B. Hale – mentions Mrs. Davis – Uncle Edward told Lucy
                  that Mrs. Davis is going to stay with Mr. Baldwin until the spring “It
                  seems Uncle Little has had her in view: for a few days since, he wrote to
                  Joseph Atkinson, asking him to engage her, for that purpose and found she
                  was already engaged to Mr. Baldwin – her present employer.”

Envelope 6C: 1859

Nancy Meserve (friend); Lizzie Hendricks (friend); Laura Swift (friend); Mary Allerman
(friend); Mary Ridder (friend); C.C. Ridfield (friend); 2 UNKNOWNS; W.H.A. Bissell
(friend); Augusta (friend); Malcolm Douglass (husband); 2 LETTERS TO SARAH’S
DAUGHTER CARRIE: Sarah Hale Douglass (mother); Charles Delansey Pattison;
        SERMON FOR: Mansfield Cooke Ashmore, 1858, he died at age 7
        From Nancy Meserve – she will be going to their home later than she thought
        From CC Redfield – writes about a dispute between she and Sarah over a pew in
                 church (which they used to rent)
                -in the second letter she offers to bring Sarah fresh milk every morning

Envelope 7: 1860-1861

LETTER TO MALCOLM DOUGLASS from Anne E. Douglass (mother);
TO SARAH: Alice March (aunt); Moses Hale (uncle); Josiah L. Hale (brother); Benjamin
Hale Jr. (brother); Cyrus King Hale (brother); Izzie (sister); Ellen??(sister); UNKNOWN;
Lucy (sister); Anna E. Rouseau (cousin); W.H.A. Bissell (cousin); EB??(cousin); Mary Kidder
(friend); Julie Bartlett (friend); Ann Mayo (friend); Lizzie Hadley (friend); Mrs. Clarke
(friend); Mary Carey (friend); D.W.C. Loop?? (friend); Carlton Chase (friend); Malcolm
Douglass (husband);
        *POEMS WRITTEN BY SARAH & MALCOLM FOR: Valentine’s Day,
                 Lullaby, and Christmas - 1860
        1861: Malcolm Douglas; WHS Bissell; Sarah; Edward Willis; Andrew C. (?,2)
        Feb 21, 1860 – from Lucy and Benjamin – newspaper article about Helen Lansing
                 age 7 and 6 months, William Alexander age 3 and 8 months, and Elizabeth
                 Van Inger age 1 year and 3 months all died, children of John and Nancy
Envelope 8A: 1862 (January-April)

Mary C. Hale (mother); Edward Hale (uncle); Hannah Heywood (aunt); Alice March (aunt);
Lucy B. Hale (sister); Emily Wilbur (sister); Ellen Janis (sister); UNKNOWN; Benjamin Hale
Jr. (brother); Cyrus King Hale (brother); Josiah Little Hale (brother); Thomas Hale (brother);
Anna E. Rouseau (cousin); W.H.A. Bissell (cousin); Edward Burrons??(cousin);
Annie??(cousin); Mary Kidder (friend); Laura Swift (friend); Lona Bartlett (friend);
         1862: Sarah; De Witt C. L. (?,2): Fl. (?); Yamusch Chase (?); Sauuly(?); JNM Slivaine
(?,2); Rev. N. Parke; Rev. M. Douglas (3); Sl. (?); JFR (?); [Roger L. Howard and Rev M.
Douglas]; [Josiah Smith and Rev. M Douglas]; JG Paurel (?); JNM (?); John J. (?); Andrew
Colby (?,2); BC Flute (?); De Witt C. Loof (?); Garrton Chase; J. Clarke

        Oct 6, 1862 – from St. Ann’s Rectory in Brooklyn – they would like Malcolm to
                give a sermon
        There are various other letters which invited him to preach

Envelope 8B: 1862 (May-August)

Hannah Heywood (aunt); Alice L. March (aunt); Lucy B. Hale (sister); Benjamin Hale Jr.
(brother); Thomas Hale (brother); Josiah Little Hale (brother); Annie Heywood (cousin);
Edward Burrons (cousin); Annie/Aimme Bridge??(cousin); Alice L. Hale (cousin/niece);
Laura Swift (friend); Anne Proctor (friend); Catherine Ridfield (friend); M.E. Bolles (friend);
M.E. Allen (friend)
       April 22, 1862 – Hannah Heywood – funny comment – she writes of her husband
                who is sick and she wants to get him out of “his chair where he has sat for
                two hours reading that rival of all wives the newspaper.”
                Talks about her great-great –Aunt who was in England during the plague –
                she survived

Envelope 8C: 1862 (September-December)

FILING ORDER BY RELATION TO SARAH: aunts, uncles, sisters, brothers, cousins,
        ND-Catherine Redfield – is going out to Lexington – wrote to Sarah and sent her
             something she wrote in memory of Mary Smith Redfield – who died in
             Montpelier on Sept. 2, 1862 and was buried at Windsor on Sept 4, 1862

Envelope 8D: 1862 (April 26 –May 18) and (September 17 – November 21)

From Malcolm Douglass (husband)
      April 28, 1862 – Malcolm (Windsor) – heard of the capture of New Orleans
      Sept 19, 1862 – Malcolm talks about his travels “I called Mr. Chapman last
              evening, the war news is this far most encouraging”

Envelope 9A: 1863 (January-April)

Moses Hale (uncle); Hannah Heywood (aunt); Alice L. March (aunt); Josiah L. Hale
(brother); Benjamin Hale Jr. (brother); Cyrus King Hale (brother); Lucy B. Hale (sister);
Ellen Douglass (Janis) (sister); Anna E. Rouseau (cousin); Edward Burrons (cousin); W.H.A.
Bissell (cousin); Alice L. Hale (cousin); Hannah?? (cousin); Lucy Putnam (friend); Mary E.
Leavy (friend); Malcolm Douglass (husband)
         1863: Charles Ruclir (?)
         Feb 4, 1863 – Anne E. Rouseau – Carrie broke her arm – Anne asks if she is
                 alright – and explains the Uncle Moses sympathizes because he broke his
                 arm when he was younger when he was thrown from a horse
            - she also talks about sending soldiers some type of assistance – mentions the
                 “poor soldiers” frequently
            - she is proud of Thomas being a soldier
            - she is glad Malcolm is visiting prisoners again
            - Sophia is sick
            - Sarah’s father “would make one of his flying visits “ to see them

Envelope 9B: 1863 (May-August)

Benjamin Douglass (son); Carrie Douglass (daughter); Josiah L. Hale (uncle); Moses L. Hale
(uncle); Hannah Heywood (aunt); Alice L. March (aunt); Benjamin Hale Jr. (brother); Josiah
L. Hale (brother); Cyrus K. Hale (brother); Lucy Hale (sister); Ellen Douglass (sister); Mary
L. Heywood (cousin); Anna E. Rouseau (cousin); Annie Bridge (cousin); Alice L. Hale
(cousin); H.N. Bridge (cousin); Edward Burrons (cousin); K. Metcalf (friend); C.P.R. Leavey
(friend); Charlotte (friend); Mary Leavey (friend); Mary Kidder (friend); Lona Bartlett
(friend); E.A. Renouf?? (friend); Malcolm Douglass (husband)
         June 23, 1863 – from Brother Josiah Little Hale – Tommy is expected back from
                War - Commencement is mentioned – July 16 is the date and Benjamin can
                stay until July 20
         May 9, 1863 – Hannah Heywood – writes of commencement and the new chapel

Envelope 9C: 1863 (Sept.-Dec)

Anne E. Douglass (mother-in-law); Carrie Douglass (daughter); Benjamin Douglass (son);
Moses Hale (uncle); Josiah L. Hale (brother); Thomas Hale (brother); Benjamin Hale Jr.
(brother); Cyrus King Hale (brother); Lucy B. Hale (sister); Ellen Douglass Janis (sister);
Mary L. Douglass (sister); Mollie (sister); Alice L. March (aunt); Hannah King Heywood
(aunt); W.H.A. Bissell (cousin); Alice L. Hale??(cousin); Anna E. Rouseau (cousin); Edward
Burrons (cousin); Hannah (cousin); Mary Heywood (cousin); Lucy Anne Putnam (friend);
Hattie (friend); L.S. Moulton?? (friend); Mary Allerman (friend); K. Metcalf (friend); Laura
Swift (friend); UNKNOWN; Malcolm Douglass (husband); Charlotte Douglass
        Sept 4, 1863 – Josiah L hale – went to Uncle Edward’s and asked about Judith
                 Marshall – Edward said he would inquire

Envelope 10A: 1864 (Jan-April)

Carrie Douglass (daughter); Alice L. March (aunt); Mary L. Hale (aunt); Moses Hale (uncle);
Lucy B. Hale (sister); Josiah Hale (brother); Cyrus King Hale (brother); Thomas Hale
(brother); Edward Burrons (cousin); Hannah Bridge (cousin); Alice L. Hale (cousin); Hattie
(cousin); Anna E. Rouseau (cousin); Thomas Hale (cousin); W.W. Mocolison (friend); Mary
Kidder (friend); M.E. Horton (friend); Mary E. Leavey (friend); UNKNOWN (friend); Laura
Swift (friend); Malcolm Douglass (husband)
        Jan 16, 1864 – Uncle Moses L Hale – gives Sarah money from the Life Office –
                he takes care of her finances
        April 15, 1864 – Mrs. W. W. Mocolison – she is writing to tell Sarah she got
                 home safely but she can’t find her children – 2 were given out and
                another has run off (John Henery) perhaps to the western part of Vermont
                – somewhere near her oldest boy / George William is in west Rutland with
                    a Mr. Johnson and Mr. Wing has got one of the girls – she [Mrs.
                    Mocolison] took the baby out of the town house and will go to Troy and
                    try to get work on Monday / her husband left her Jan 29 of the previous
                    year – and she has not heard from him since
                She went to see Rev Howard who lent her some money and gives his best
                         to the Douglas family
                She thanks and sends her love to the Douglas family and thanks Sarah for
                         being a good friend
                *note – content suggests that she could have been a former slave (?) – that
                         may be why her children have been sent away
        Jan 5, 1865 – from Laura Swift – writes of Benjamin Hale’s death
                Her mother’s birthday is on New Years day – she will be 69

Envelope 10B: 1864 (May-Aug)

Alice L. March (aunt); U.L.K. Ward (aunt); Hannah Heywood (aunt); Elizabeth P. King
(aunt); Edward Hale (uncle); Josiah L. Hale (brother); Benjamin Hale Jr. (brother); Lucy B.
Hale (sister); Anna E. Rouseau (cousin); Alice L. Hale (cousin); Hannah Bridge?? (cousin);
Annie Bridge??(cousin); Lizzie Hendricks (friend); Charlotte (friend); Laura Swift (friend);
Malcolm Douglass (husband)
        May 23, 1864 – Aunt Alice – they have a visitor from Geneva House cleaning
                who is cleaning their home, but has stayed too long
                She says that her father and aunt both seem to be in better health
                Aunt Atkinson and her daughter – Mrs. Dickinson came from Vermont
                        last week
                Josiah went to Boston this morning
                Tommy is better – he came to visit this afternoon for the first time

Envelope 10C: 1864 (Sept-Dec)

Anne E. Douglass (mother-in-law); Carrie Douglass (daughter); Alice L. March (aunt);
Hannah Heywood (aunt); Elizabeth P. King (aunt); Lucy B. Hale (sister); Josiah L. Hale
(brother); Thomas Hale (brother); Benjamin Hale Jr. (brother); Cyrus King Hale (brother);
Anna E. Rouseau (cousin); Hannah Bridge (cousin); Annie Bridge??(cousin); Hatti Chase
(friend); W.W. Madison (friend); Mary Kidder (friend); K. Metcalf (friend); UNKNOWN;
Anne Proctor (friend); Malcolm Douglass (husband)
1864: Malcolm (2); [Hannah Heywood and Elizabeth King]; Sarah E.D. (?,2); Sarah L.
Hale Jr.; Josiah Hale
        Nov 18, 1864 – from Carrie Douglass (Sarah’s daughter)- she is staying with her
              uncle Edward and doesn’t wan to stay there, she wants to return home
       Aug 19, 1864 – from Aunt Alice March- she said that in 50 years a physician
               from Newburyport has never seen so much illness in children – there have
              been many deaths also

Envelope 11A: 1865 (Jan-April)

Alice L. March (aunt); Hannah Heywood (aunt); Elizabeth P. King (aunt); Lucy B. Hale
(sister-in-law/Ben Jr.); Lucy F. Hale (sister-in-law/Thomas); Benjamin Hale Jr. (brother);
Josiah L. Hale (brother); Alice L. Hale (cousin); Sarah Folwell (cousin); Edward Burrons
(cousin); Anna E. Rouseau (cousin); Hannah Bridge?? (cousin); Mary Chase (cousin); Hatti
Chase (friend); Lizzie Hendricks (friend); Mary (friend)
From Aunt Alice B March
         January 9, 1865 – speaks of her illness and having to be away
                 from the baby
         Jan 26, 1865 – speaks of funeral for Captain Miltimore (?) he
                 died Jan 16 (Mon 7 am) and she also speaks of his illness
         Feb 23, 1865 – family is not doing well due to illness – diptheria is going around
                 Sarah’s area – Josiah is going to Boston
         March 17, 1865 – Sarah had the mumps, the baby is sick – Sophia was sick –
                 Capt. Miltimore’s wife is ailing
         *April 20, 1865 – Sarah’s mother is ill – baby is getting better – “A terrible
                 affliction has fallen on our nation!” – a reacting to Lincoln’s

Envelope 11B: 1865 (May-July)

Hannah Heywood (aunt); Alice L. March (aunt); Lucy B.
Hale (sister-in-law/Ben Jr.); Lucy F. Hale (sister-in-law/Thomas); UNKNOWN (sister);
Josiah L. Hale (brother); Benjamin Hale Jr. (brother); Anna E. Rouseau (cousin); Hannah
Bridge (cousin); L.M. Hughes (friend); Laura Swift (friend); A.E. Harrington (cousin); Mary
Hatch (cousin); Lona Bartlett (cousin); Malcolm Douglass (husband)
        1865: Alice L. March (Aunt); [Lucy F. Halle and Lucy B. Hale (sisters)]; Benjamin
Hale (Brother); Josiah Hale (brother); Alice L. Hale (Cousin); [Sarah Folwell, Edward
Burrons, Anna Rousseau, Hannah Bridge, and Mary Chase (Cousins)]; [Hattie C., Lizzie
Hendricks, and Mary]; Malcolm Douglas (3); Sarah E. Douglas; Edward Burrons
From Sister Lucy B Hale and brother Benjamin Hale Jr.
        May 10, 1865 – Newbury – Aunt Elizabeth was feeling ill, but was better in the
                 evening – she sent Potatoes on the freight train – something about a pig –
                 Uncle Edward came to visit – Ellen Sibley (Sidney?) is ill (written by Ben)
                 *Thomas (SHD’s son) sent Lucy a testament – “The rebels need
                 testaments badly enough, and when they are subdued and brought to terms, I
                 hope an effort will be made to Christianize them. They certainly need to
                 have the very first principles of the Bible explained to them, as much as the
                 pagans do.”
From unknown sister
      May 30, 1865 – Windsor - written on stationary with a scene printed on it – it is a
      picture on the parsonage – where SHD used to live – she speaks of church –
      congregation consisted of Mr. Wardner and Mr. David Chase and Mr. Brown
      read the service- Mr. Chase stood up and said “Hold on a minute while I drive
      some cows out of the yard”

Envelope 11C: 1865 (Aug-Sept)

Carrie Douglass (daughter); Benjamin Douglass (son); Hannah Heywood (aunt); Lucy B.
Hale (sister-in-law/Ben Jr.); Lucy F. Hale (sister-in-law/Thomas); Ellen Douglass Janis
(sister); Josiah L. Hale (brother); Thomas Hale (brother); Benjamin Hale Jr. (brother);
Hannah Bridge (cousin); Edward Burrons (cousin); H.E. Flagg??(friend); Malcolm Douglass
From Brother Josiah Hale
          Sept 2, 1865 – Newbury, VT – Sarah left something of importance at his house –
                  he said he enjoyed their trip through the mountains – he hopes everyone at
                  home is well – Uncle Edward got a letter from family in New Jersey but
                  no news – Lucy is ill – Uncle Atkinson is better
          Sept 6, 1865 – Newburyport – He has shown the epitaph to the family and it
                  pleased them all – he asks Sarah questions about the stone – how to
                  decorate it and cut it – he also enclosed a picture of the chapel – Thomas is
                  studying law in Boston – Mrs. Chase died – everyone is ill = grandmother,
                  Aunt Alice, Aunt Sophia, Aunt Little, Uncle Joshua, Uncle Josiah
          Sept 12, 1865 – Boston – he sent her a check for $50 to help support their mother
                  – he is again in Boston to study again at the Medical Session – he gives
                  – about the family – Aunt Mary Lane has not yet recovered from a fall she

Envelope 11D: 1865 (Oct-Dec)

Benjamin Douglass (son); David Douglass (son); Hannah Heywood (aunt); Alice L. March
(aunt); Lucy B. Hale (sister); Benjamin Hale Jr. (brother); Thomas Hale (brother); Josiah L.
Hale (brother); Edward Burrons (cousin); Alice L. Hale (cousin); Anna E. Rouseau (cousin);
Laura Swift (friend); K. Metcalf (friend); Mary Kidder (friend); L.E. Douglass (friend); C.
Chase??(friend); C.P.D.S.?? (friend); Malcolm Douglass (husband)
From Brother Benjamin Hale
        Nov 10, 1865 – Newbury – he was glad to hear that young Malcolm was better –
                he hopes to see Malcolm Sr. while he is traveling – Mrs. Aldridge had an
                attack of diptheria
        Dec 2, 1865 – Sarah is going to Belleville for thanksgiving and Benjamin may
                join her – Mr. and Mrs. Sibley are at Uncle Edward’s (the Sibley’s live in
                St. Louis) – Josiah Atkinson is going to California
        Dec 23, 1865 – he writes about Mrs. Buxton – she was a scotch girl educated near
                Washington – she made several applications to go to Africa as a
                missionary, but was rejected on a count of youth the first time and then
                she could not go because she was ill, she married captain Buxton – he
                volunteered in the navy until his health gave out – she played the piano
                well also and knew French – she would like to teach

Envelope 12: 1866 & 1867

1866: Alice Hale (cousin); Malcolm Douglass (husband); Sarah E. Douglas (5)
1867: Josiah L. Hale (brother)
From Cousin Alice L Hale
        April 30, 1866 – Newburyport – she and her mother have
                been making calls – 15 one day, 18 another, etc.
From Brother Josiah L Hale
        Feb 7, 1866 – Boston – he has enclosed money for Sarah and he says that after
                talking to their brothers – Thomas, Ben and Cyrus – they have decided to
                give Aunt’s Ward and Elizabeth their mother’s income from her1/5 of the
                 Saco house – Alice and the baby are doing well – Uncle Moses went into
                to town –Uncle Josiah is confined to the house – he also enclosed a $1000
                bond – he added a note to say he was happy she was able to arrange
                mother’s grave next to father’s
Sarah writes to Malcolm
        May 11, 1866 – Newburyport – mentions a wedding, at first it was rainy but
                luckily is topped – Carrie is at Aunt Lucy’s – Cyrus and Alice went to
                Boston then to Springfield, New York and Washington – her grandmother
                just hit her in the shoulder as to tell Malcolm that she said hello – she
                hopes Bennie and David are well

Envelope 13: 1868

Malcolm Douglass (husband); Thomas Hale (brother); Cyrus K. Hale (brother); Benjamin
Hale Jr. (brother); Josiah L. Hale (brother); Alice (sister-in-law/Cyrus); Lucy B. Hale (sister-
in-law/Ben Jr.); Lucy F. Hale (sister-in-law/Thomas); Ellen Douglass Janis (sister); Alice L.
March (aunt); Edward Hale (uncle); Josiah L. Hale (uncle); Carrie E. Ward (cousin); Anna E.
Rouseau (cousin); Jori A. Colby (cousin); Carrie Douglass (daughter); C.J. Clarke (friend?);
Mrs. Roberts (friend?); Hattie C.L. (friend?); Mary Kane (friend); TO MALCOLM
DOUGLASS: Carrie Douglass (daughter); Sarah C. Douglass (sister)1868: Sarah E. Douglas
From Malcolm Douglass
        January 10, 1868 – New York, 61 W and 38 St, Sarah is in Windsor, VT – He
                writes of and is deeply grieved about the death of Bishop Hopkins, who
                 died in Burlington – he hopes the funeral will be delayed so that he would
                be able to attend – he also asks Sarah if she will tell Mr. Brown to read a
                special tribute to Bishop Hopkins at the next service – he will not be
                returning home after the funeral he intends to see Brother Janis (Ellen
                Douglass’ husband (?) )
        April 23, 1868 – from Windsor, VT writes to Sarah who is in Boston – he writes
                about the children and how they are doing – David, Bennie, and the baby –
                he talks about the garden – and raising trout – Sarah is visiting Brother
                Cyrus who lives at either 123 or 128 Charles St. – Malcolm (Jr.) is with
      April 28, 1868 – from Windsor to Sarah in Boston – he talks about the boys –
               baby Andrew – something about the “universal chuck”
      July 3, 1868 – he writes from Stockport, NY - he saw Rev. Mr. Johnson of
               Hudson in Springfield, Brother Janis in Stockport, who took him “to the
               home where Mother Mary, Ellen and Carrie and the young people met me
               with a cheer” – very hot – all are well – he also saw Mr. And Mrs.
               Johnson, Mrs. Wheeler (formerly at the Bridges) and her aunt Miss
                Malcolm – now he is at the parsonage – he and Carrie are leaving on
               Friday and Sarah may meet them in Bellans Falls
      July 6, 1868 – he writes from Stockport, NY to Sarah in Windsor, VT – Carrie is
               going home to Windsor, she will first travel with Malcolm to Springfield,
               MA and then she will continue to Windsor without him – he is going to
               Hartford (?) – he preached 3 times that day: in the morning it was a
               communion sermon at the NEW Parish Church, the afternoon it was a
               sermon at the Chapel of Stollsville and in the evening it was a schoolhouse
               at Columbiaville – mentions Henry and Lorina – mentions their Fourth of
               July celebration
      Sept 14, 1868 – writing from G? to Sarah in Windsor, VT – he is with David they
               are bound for Hunters (?) – they are waiting to see if they will be able to
               get a boat – they went trout fishing – he did a servide at the schoolhouse,
               where certain residents were: Mr. James ?, Dr. Marine? Of Brooklyn (a
                dentist), Mr. Hall, Mr. Bayson, and two young men – he said he was
                “gratified to be able to contribute something towards the religious
               absence of the day in public worship”
From Daughter Carrie Douglass
      May 1868 – from Geneva – writes about going to the Walkins Glen and going on
               a boat – she mentions a party for the girls, but she doesn’t want to go – she
               will be heading home on Monday, June 9th – wants to meet her father
                Malcolm in Springfield – there is a new Episcopal School opening in Mrs.
                Bradford’s house in Geneva (*later the Delancy house)and Sarah would
               like to go there – she went to a concert put on by Aggie Fouler – she
               mentions the Leon Stone Company
From Sarah Hale Douglass to her daughter Carrie Douglass
      July 16, 1868 – from Newbury – she will be going home tomorrow – she received
               a letter from Rosa – she is glad to hear that her son Mac is well – Aunt
               Lucy wants Sarah to go to N.P. (Newburyport?) with her – she wishes she
               knew when her husband Malcolm was coming home – Carrie is with
               Rosa, Mac, Lizzie, the baby (Andrew?) and Maria, and Sarah has David
               with her
From Sarah Hale Douglass to her Aunt ?
      Dec 21, 1868 – writes from Windsor, VT – writes of the children: Mac, Andrew,
               Carrie, David and Benny – Mac has asthma – her husband Malcolm is
                home, but is not well, he has nervous dyspepsia – Carrie is helping her
               around the house and is trying to “get accustomed to the womanly duty of
               sewing – but the needle is not at present her favorite companion” – after
               Christmas she will resume some of her studies – Josiah is in Vienna
               attending medical lectures – Thomas expected this Aunt at the general
                convention, he just recently had a fire in his building, many were injured
               –   her brother Benjamin is in Newburyport and his wife (Lucy B. Hale) has
               –   not been well since her brother’s death – mentions that she went to
                   Newbury to see Uncle Edward and Aunt Elizabeth and she mentions
                   Aunt EPK (Elizabeth P King) – grandmother is in Newburyport – she
                   mentions a letter Benny got from Aunt Ward and asks if she knows when
                   Carrie W will be married, and asks how cousin Sarah and her 2 children
                   are, and asks about George Chase….she ends it by including “love to
                   Uncle H and Aunt E and yourself”

Envelope 14A: 1869 (Jan – July)

Carrie Douglas (Daughter); Malcolm Douglas (Husband); Alice L. March (Aunt); Hannah
Heywood (Aunt); Josiah Hale (brother); Cyrus K. Hale (brother); Benjamin Hale (brothers);
Ellen Douglas Janis (sister); Lucy B. Hale (sister); Lucy F. Hale (sister); Carrie E. Ward
(cousin); Anna E. Rousseau (cousin); Rosa (friend); Catherine Kidfield (friend); Margaret
McKensia (friend); Mrs. Burgess; Robert Murray
1869: Josiah L. Hale Jr.
From Carrie Douglass
        June 16, 1869 – from Boston – she will see Aunt Heywood - *General Grant
                came to the city last night and Carrie plans to see him in a parade this day –
                Mr. Hatchwould not get a half ticket at Bellous Falls – she is going to the
                Peace Jubilee tonight
        July 14, 1869 – from Windsor – she tells her mother that everything is well at
                home and if she wants to stay away for another week she can – she will send
                her mother a letter from her father and she hopes Lucy will come home with
                Sarah – (Sarah must be visiting Lucy B. Hale and Ben Jr. or Thomas and
                Lucy F. Hale ?)
From Malcolm Douglass
        Apr 7, 1869 – from Boston – he is with Cousin Anne, Aunt Mary, Mrs. Rouseau,
                Mary and Uncle – talked with Mrs. Davis (Frank got on at Charlestown) –
                mentions Mr. and Mrs. Henry Stoughton….their son Charles was married
                today to a Miss Hooper – he has the flu – he needs her to send him some
                more powder that the doctor made for him – his relatives are taking care of
                him – he visits Cyrus’ office also – and Carrie’s Birthday is coming up
        May 14, 1869 – from Springfield to Sarah in Windsor, VT – speaks of
                Examinations and Mr. White – he says that Mr. White’s call is peculiar
                and he needs much guidance
        July 12, 1869 – from Stockport, NY to Sarah in Windsor, VT – everyone is there:
                Henery, Ellen, the boys and Annie – He and Henry were supposed to go to
                West Point and Batavia today but Mr. Latterop’s horses were balky so
                they were delayed and missed the train – so they will arrive in Batavia in
                the morning He has enjoyed his time with Henry, he is doing well – Benny
                is with him – going fishing on the Hudson River
        July 31, 1869 – from Windsor – “the great caravan is coming to visit this
                distinguished village”- all the kids are going – he had the Bible Class
                Lecture and Choir – mentions Mr. Folles, the Baptist minister – he read a
                newspaper article which announced the death of Mrs. Mercer – David is
              with Sarah – he thinks Sarah should visit with Dr. Chapman – Carrie is
              working on wax flowers
From brother Josiah Hale
      Jan 10, 1869 – from Vienna, Austria – writes about German Christmas
              customs…they put presents around the tree as opposed to putting them on
              the tree, and they decorate the tree with walnuts and candy figures and
              lights, etc – only the English Chapel is decorated for the holiday – he also
              attended a Mask Ball….an event where men dress in costume and don’t
              where masks, but the women where masks – there is also a “Fools feast”
               which is ball for all men that is put on by the Artist-Society….the man
              who mentioned it to him went as a ballet dancer to the last one and his
              partner was a “solid” man, a banker - Josiah also mentions that he will
              begin work at the hospital soon (he is studying medicine) – and he is
              disgusted by the German customs…such as the food…not enough
      March 21, 1869 – he writes from Rome, Italy – he ahs seen many paintings, but is
              disappointed in Raphael’s “Transfiguration” and he loved Domenichino’s
              “Communion of St. Jerome” – he writes on Palm Sunday on which he
              went to St. Peter’s and saw the Pope carried in on men’s shoulders and
              brought around the church – Sunday is the Great Festival
      May 15, 1869 – from Vienna, Austria – he came across a New York newspaper
               that mentioned that something had interrupted the Railroad
              communication between Newbury and Wells River and he hopes that there
              wasn’t much damage to the farm – the interest of the American
              community in Vienna is the adocent (?) of the New Minister and the
              departure of the old…..also the marriage of an American Lt. Gentworth, in
              the Austrian army to the Baronin Lederer – he will be going to
              Switzerland, Paris and Berlin
      May 17, 1869 – from Vienna, Austria to Windsor, Vermont – mentions a DR.
              Stimson – mentions that Sarah went on a ‘woods trip’ – he read the Boston
              Advisor and saw that there was a consecration of Bishop Huntington and
              there was a lot of W.N.Y. (Western New York ? ) Clergy present – he
              hopes that good will come from the partition of the diocese- March was a
              month of severe weather in Windsor – he talks about Church – he hopes
              Sarah’s health gets better – he will not be coming back to the States this
              summer – he will be going to Berlin
      July 25, 1869 – “Fair Bengin on the Rhine” – he met Mrs. Bradford in Dresdon –
              he did not read Andrew Douglass’ letter about a boarding place – he writes
              of his travels
      *there is a pamphlet, written by Mrs. Burgess (a family member), for a Bishop’s
Envelope 14B: 1869 (Aug – Dec)

Carrie Douglas (child); Benjamin Douglas (child); Malcolm Douglas (husband); Hannah
Heywood (Aunt); Alice L. March (Aunt); Edward Hale (Uncle); Lucy B. Hale (sister) + Lucy
F. Hale (sister,Thomas’ wife); Ellen Douglas Janis (sister); Alice Hale (sister, Cyrus’ wife);
Thomas Hale (brother); Benjamin Hale (brother); Josiah L. Hale (brother); Cyrus K. Hale
(brother); Annie Bridge (cousin); Hannah Bridge (cousin); Anna E. Rouseau (cousin); Carrie
Evans (cousin); WHA Bissell (cousin); Belle Harner (friend); K. Metcalf (friend); Hatti
(friend); Love Song (misc.); lock of DB Douglass’ hair (Sarah’s son, misc.)
From Sister Lucy B Hale
        October 26, 1869 – from Newburyport – she asks how the parsonage is –
        Benjamin Jr. is in Boston helping Uncle Moses’ family move to
        Newburyport…they will live in the Miltimore house – Little Joshua was baptised
        at the house – it was her cousin Mary Balch’s wedding…Oct 19 (same as Carrie’s
        birthday)…Aunt Alice, Cyrus, Alice and Uncle Josiah were there – her son’s
        name is Jamie
*There is a little card that says “ ‘Heavenly Father, for JESUS” sake, give me thy Holy
        Spirit.’ If you say this prayer from the heart every day you will receive the

Envelope 15: 1870

Malcolm Douglass (husband); Josiah Hale (brother); Benjamin Hale Jr. (brother); Anna E.
Rousseau (cousin); Carrie Crave (cousin); Sophia (aunt); S.C.H. (aunt); Lucy Anne Putnam
(friend); CB Hale.
From Brother Cyrus King Hale
        March 23, 1870 – writes from Massachusetts Hospital Life Insurance Company in
                Boston – he has sent Sarah a check of her dividend from her Portland Saco
                and Portland Railroad Stock
From Husband Malcolm Douglass
        Feb 15, 1870 – from Batavia – he is going to Stockport and then he will return to
                Windsor – Mary arrived there – he is preaching and he saw Uncle John –
                he writes of a Ball that 2500 people usually attend
        Oct 2, 1870 – from Huntersville, Adirondack Mt., Essex Co, New York – to Sarah
                in Windsor – he is with Mr. Hunt and Benny – they are going camping
Envelope 16: 1871

David B. Douglas (child); Carrie Douglass (child); Elizabeth Douglas (nieces); Malcolm
Douglas (husband); Alice L. March (aunt); Sophia (aunt); Hannah Heywood (aunt);
Benjamin Hale (brother); Cyrus K. Hale (brother); Josiah Hale (brother); Lucy B. Hale
(sister); Mary Kidder (friend); Laura Swift (friend); MC Chase (friend); Harry Douglas; Sarah
L. Hale; Thomas Hale.
From Josiah L Hale to Malcolm Douglass
          June 23, 1871 – from Boston – he has sent Malcolm information on genealogy –
                 he also mentions the death of Mrs. Janis – Sarah is in Newbury – Malcolm
                 is “progressing with the ‘literary labos’” he must be composing a
                 memoir…..the letter mentions that Josiah spoke with Cyrus, Benjamin Jr.
                 and Thomas about what to use and what to omit and they decided: “that it
                 would be much better to make as little as possible of the Dartmouth affair,
                 as being of no use to ventilate anything so thoroughly discussed at that
                 time and now as it were outlawed.” –
                 *** mention of Benjamin Hale ….he has sent Malcolm Letters (the book)
                 in which Ben Sr. refers to “the descent from the Hales of Kings’ Walden”
                 …Josiah mentions that on that point he and his brothers differ in
                 opinion…when he was in England he spoke with a Mr. Geo/Leo? L. Hale
                 and the present proprietor of the Estates and “both thought it was the same

Envelope 17:1872

David Bates Douglass (son); Alice L. March (aunt); Malcolm Douglass (husband); from
Sarah Douglass to an unknown Aunt; to unknown from sister Isadore (partial Letter)
From Son David Bates Douglass
       Nov 29, 1872 – from the Headquarters Norwich University, office of the
              President, in Northfield, VT – he just visited Newbury – Harry Thayer
              came home – he will be home in three weeks for vacation – he has to
              “blow tattoo” play the drum – his rheumatism is getting better

Envelope 18: 1874

Malcolm Douglas (husband); Mary L. Douglas (sister); Carrie (child); David (child); Malcolm
(child); Sophia C. Hale (aunt); Sarah Elizabeth Douglass (niece)
From Aunt Sophia C Hale
         Nov 1, 1875 – from Newburyport – she thanks Sarah for thinking of her and those
                she is with – Aunt Alice is much better
From Sarah to Aunt (?)
         March 10, 1872 – she mentions a funeral – Uncle Josiah’s – Aunt Alice is sick
                and weak after the shock of her brother’s death – she has an enlargement
                of the liver? – mentions Uncle Joshua and Aunt Sophia and other family
Envelope 19: 1875, 1876, 1877

Carrie Douglass (child); David B. Douglas (child); Bennie Douglass (child); Alice L. March
(aunt); Hannah Heywood (aunt); Sophia (aunt); Lucy B. Hale (sister); Alice L. Hale (sister);
Benjamin Hale (brother); Josiah Hale (brother); Hannah Bridge (cousin); Malcolm Douglass
(husband); Lucy Ann Putnam (unknown); M. PM (unknown); SC Hale (unknown); unknown
(unknown); Carrie Evans (unknown) 1875: Rev. Haddock; Thomas Clark.
From Brother Benjamin Jr
        Sept 20, 1876 – writes from Newburyport to Malcolm in Hanover? – his wife is
        Sept 10, 1876 – to Sarah – writes of Aunt Alice and Uncle Joshua
        Feb 5, 1877 – written on stationary with an emblem that reads: International
                Exhibition 1776 Memorial Hall 1876

BOX 8a

Envelope 20: 1879, 1880

Benjamin Hale Douglas (child); Andrew Ellicott Douglass (child); David Douglass (child);
Malcolm Douglass Jr. (child); Malcolm Douglass (husband); Alice L. March (aunt); Emily
Douglass Wilbur (sister); Lucy B. Hale (sister); Mary L. Douglass (sister); Mammie? (sister);
Annie P. Hale (unknown); Kate L. Tyler (friend); TCB Thayer (friend) Charlie W. Hayes
(friends); Rose Jayres (friend); A Bill? (unknown) 1878: JB Thayer.
From Mary E Hopkins
        Sept 8, 1880 – Wuchang – it is the 27th anniversary of Rosa’s birthday – she
                writes some very interesting stuff about her trip to China
From Sarah’s son Andrew Ellicott Douglass
        May 7, 1879 – Andover, MA- a paragraph about Napoleon, Russia and Valley
        Sept 7, 1879 – a little note written by Sarah about Mayor Douglass and his last
                visit to their home before he died
        August 6, 1879 – East Wareham – he is visiting Uncle John – writes of fishing –
                he also requests that someone bring his Bible to him next visit – he also
                writes backwards
        July 18, 1880 – he writes of Moses and Ben – he said they have no boiler to boil
                their clothes in – he also wrote something that Ben wished but then
                crossed it out and asked that Sarah (mother) tell no one – even their father
                – he also mentions the name Stella – he also wishes Sarah would come
Envelope 21: 1881

Benjamin Hale Douglass (Child); Malcolm Douglass Jr. (child); Malcolm Douglass
(husband); Alice Little March (aunt); Emily Douglass (sister); Alice ? (sister); Lucy F. Hale
(sister); Mary K. Stokes (friend); Unknown (cousin); Northfield Savings Bank-JCB Thayer
(other); To Malcolm: WHA Bissell; Benjamin Hale Douglass (son) 1881: Rev. M. Douglass
From son Benjamin Douglass
          August 26, 1881 – Ashville – his father sent him a Boston newspaper – “The
                  Transcript” – he liked the article about Mauna Loa – a Hawaiian Volcano
                  – he has to write to Mr. Hale, but he wonders if there is a D(?) already in
                  Elisabethtown – he asked Stella in a letter is she knew any prospects for a
                  Dentist in Elisabethtown – he writes of a deaf patient who has not paid his
                  bill – he also wants some of Mr. Waterbury’s chant books
          July 31, 1879 – Steeles’ Forks, Colorado – he is leaving the ranch – he may try to
                  go to Gunnison Valley with Long
          March 26, 1880 – from Baltimore, MD – he writes of his work – he may still be in
          dentistry school – he saw Mrs. Grant who informed him that Ellicott city
                  was settled by her ancestors – he also was happy to hear of the birth of
                  Uncle Josiah’s new baby boy

Envelope 22: 1882

Carrie Douglass (child); Malcolm Douglass Jr. (child; Benjamin Hale Douglass (child); Lucy
B. Hale (sister-in-law); Alice (sister-in-law?); Lucy F Hale (sister-in-law); Thomas Hale
(brother); Josiah L. Hale (brother); S.C. Hale (aunt); Alice Little (Hale) March (aunt);
Malcolm Douglass (husband); Nan Ellicott (cousin); Hannah N. Bridge (cousin); To
Malcolm: Benjamin H Douglass (son); John S. Beers; To Benjamin: Malcolm Douglass
From sister Lucy Hale
         Dec 30, 1882 – a postcard from Newburyport – she wishes them a Merry
                  Christmas and hopes that David regains his strength – she writes of a girl
                  that may help her around the house
From Carrie Douglass
         July 5, 1882 – East Wareham – David is there also – they want her to visit –
                  Malcolm (Sr.) is there also

Envelope 23: 1883 & 1884

Malcolm Douglass Jr. (children); Carrie Douglass (child); Benjamin Hale Douglass (child);
David Bates Douglass (child); Malcolm Douglass (husband); Alice L. March (aunt); Alice
(sister); HD (sister); Josiah L. Hale (brother); Grace H. Hailer (friend); Ellen S. Coard
(friend); Mary Kidder (friend); 1884: Sarah; Sarah E. Douglass (3); Sallie (2)
*A newspaper clipping ND – reads: “A conversion to Catholicism is announced by a
          Rochester paper. The Rev. James Kent Stone, D.D., late president of Hobart
          College (Episcopalian), at Geneva, N.Y., has unqualifiedly declared his
          renunciation of the tenets of the Protestant Episcopal Church and his conversion
          to Catholicism. Dr. Stone is a grandson of Chancellor Kent. He was formerly
          president of Kenyon College, in Ohio, and accepted the presidency of Hobart
       College a year ago.”

Envelope 24: 1885

Carrie Douglass (child); Malcolm Douglass (child); Benjamin Hale Douglass (child); David
Bates Douglass (child); Alice L. March (aunt); Sophia (aunt); Josiah L. Hale (brother); Mary
L. Douglass (sister); MW Lawson (friend); ? Hixon (friend); Rev. Smith (friend); Letter from
“The Churchman” publication (misc.); from wedding of Mrs. Chas. H. Atkinson (misc.);
Malcolm Douglass; 1885: Sarah (3); Malcolm Douglass (6); Mary Caroline Douglass (3)
From “The Churchman”
        April 29, 1895 – Newton Highlands, MA – Sarah received a letter from “The
                Churchman, the representative weekly of the Protestant Episcopal Church
                which responds to her letter which criticized the advertisement of the
                Ferris Hams in their “Easter number” – they explain that they just recently
                advised the advertisers that no scriptural allusions were permitted – they
                apologize for offending her
-Something from the wedding of Mrs. Chas. H. Atkinson
-Many postcards written backwards

Envelope 25: 1886

Carrie Douglass (child); Malcolm Douglass Jr. (child); David B. Douglass (child); Benjamin
H. Douglass (child); Andrew E. Douglass (child); Malcolm Douglass (husband); Sophia CH
(aunts); Alice L. March (aunt); Josiah L. Hale (brother); Benjamin Hale Jr. (brother);
Hannah? (cousin); Anna E. Rousseau (cousin); Kate Connors (friend); AM Hall (friend); HW
Weston (friend); unknown; 1886: Malcolm Douglass (2); Sarah (2)
From Andrew E Douglass
         Oct 13, 1886 – Hartford – written on a Letter Sheet Envelope – there are 103
                students at his college – wants to know where he should go for Christmas
From H.W. Weston
         May 14, 1886 – Plymouth, MA – to Malcolm - she is responding to his letter of
                resignation from the “Chargo of this Mission” – he is ill

Envelope 26:1887

Carrie Douglass (child); Benjamin Douglass(child); Malcolm Douglass Jr. (child); Alice L.
March (aunt); Sophia C Hale (aunt); Walter J. Douglass (nephew); Emily Douglass Wilbur
(sister); Mary L. Douglass (sister); unknown; Thomas Hale (brother); Josiah Hale (brother);
Evelyn Douglass (cousin); Mary L Adams (friend); Chas. Maris Adison (friend); Kate
Connors ( friend); Euphemia Ellis (friend); A. Hull (friend); DC Millet (friend); letter from
someone in French (misc.); newspaper article (misc.); 1887: Emrioto?; M. Douglass (2);
Sarah (2)
From Son Benjamin Douglass
        July 12, 1887 – Asheville, NC – speaks of meeting with one of the founders of
                 NC Dental Assn from which he was suspended
From Son Malcolm Douglass Jr
        July 6, 1887 – Malcolm writes from England
From Brother Thomas Hale
        Rev. M. Houghton and Hobart College mentioned
From friend A. Hull
        Oct 3, 1887 – Elmira, NY to Malcolm Jr. in East Wareham, MA– mentions the
                 death of Malcolm Sr. (Mal Jr’s father and Sarah’s husband)
From D.C. Millet
        Oct 3, 1887 – another letter which mentions the great loss – referring to Malcolm
                 Douglass’ death
Unknown – August 15 – written in French – author and receiver unknown
A pamphlet about American Exchange in Europe – chief offices are in London,
        Liverpool, Queenstown and Paris
An article titled “Ransomed By Christ” and the subtitle reads: “Rev. S. D. McConnell on
        the Encroachment of Symbols, Discussing the tendency of Liturgists to substitute
        them for the thing symbolized, illustrated by the idea of redemption by blood.”

Envelope 27: 1888-1896

Malcolm H. Douglass (child); Carrie Douglass (child); Henry B. Douglass (nephew); William
Oscar Tarvis (nephew); Elizabeth Prescott Hale (niece); Benjamin Hale (brother); Hannah
Bridge (cousin); Annie Bridge (cousin); ?Evans (friend); Charles W. Hayed (friend); MH
Attwill (friend); Song (misc.)
From Son Malcolm H Douglass Jr.
         May 29, 1888 – De Veaux College, Suspension Bridge, NY – mentions a friend
                 who works in the Hobart library – scarlet fever epidemic
From daughter Carrie Douglass
         Feb 3, 1888 – Sycamore Lodge – speaks of Mrs. Page an architect and a builder
From Brother Ben Hale Jr.
         Feb 14, 1889 – Newburyport – refers to the will of Edward Hale (Uncle)
From (?) Evans
         June 18, 1890 – speaks of Sarah’s son’s appointment as a cadet at West Point
From Charles W. Hayed
         May 11, 1891 – The Rectory, Westfield, NY – speaks of England and Ben’s
From M.H. Atwill
         Feb 1, 1893 – Boston – mentions Mr. Bailey on his way to Peru – Prof Pickering
                 had persuaded Mr. Douglass from getting a PHD at Johns Hopkins and
                 instead get it at Harvard while working at the Observatory in Cambridge
* A little poem or lullaby
Envelope 28: 1900-1908

Benjamin Hale Douglass (child); Malcom Douglass Jr. (child); Carrie Douglass (child);
Ellicott Douglass (child); Sarah H Douglass (grandchild); Ellen (niece); Anna Ellicott
Douglass (niece); Anne E. Evans (niece); Betty Hale (niece); Mimmie Button (niece); ED
Wilbur (Emily’s son, nephew); D. Jarvis (Ellen’s son, nephew); Henry B. Douglass (nephew);
Sophia C Hale (aunt); Anne E. Jarvis (sister); Lucy B Hale (sister); Lucy F Hale (sister); SC
Douglass (sister); Alice (sister); Mannie B Douglass (sister); Andrew E Douglass (brother);
1900: CE Douglass; Malcolm
From son Malcolm Jr.
         Nov 8, 1900 – he sent Sarah photos
From Granddaughter Sarah H. Douglass
         Oct 20, 1900 – Delancey School, Geneva, NY – Sarah’s son Ben has died, he had
                 been ill
All nieces Ellen, Anna Ellicott Douglass, Anne E. Evans, and Betty Hale
         All wrote to give their condolences for her son’s death
From Brother Andrew Ellicott Douglass (Malcolm’s brother?)
         Also gives his condolences

Envelope 29:1900-1908

Hannah Bridge (cousin); Mary L Balles (cousin); Mary RD (cousin); Frank (cousin of Moses);
Josiah (cousin of Moses); VB Brooke (friend/ unknown relation); Mabelle FA Douglass
(friend/ unknown relation); AM Charny (friend/ unknown relation); Harry Handy (friend/
unknown relation); Virgilia A Lynch (friend/ unknown relation); Virgilia B. Brooke (friend/
unknown relation); Lydia AL Allen (friend/ un. Rel.); Clara Spear (friend/ un. rel.); Chas.
(friend/ un. rel.); Harriete Schuyler Ripley (friend/ un. rel.); John E Sanery (friend/ un. rel.);
beo..? (friend/ un. rel.); Edith Carr (friend/ un. rel.); Maria EM (friend/ un.rel.); Eva E Love
(friend/ un. rel.); Emma ER (friend/ un. rel.); Lorraria M Charuley (friend/ un. rel.); L.
Mullany (friend/ un. rel.); JR? (friend/ un. rel.); Edith Chase? (friend/un. rel.); Lucy A
Putnam (friend/ un. rel.); JH Buron (friend/ un. rel.); William Oscar Jarvis Jr. (friend/ un.
rel.); Sarah Carrie? (friend/ un. rel.); Lloyd W. Hixon (friend/ un. rel.); Malcolm FA
Douglass (friend/ un. rel.); Lucile Deaver (friend/ un. rel.); Mimmie Moore (friend/ un. rel.);
Mary Cameron (friend/ un. rel.); Carrie HS (friend/ un. rel.); Caroline PSW (friend/ un. rel.);
1908: Sherman Warts
 A few telegrams
From Sherman Warts
         Dec 10, 1908 – Runnemede, Windsor, Vermont – Sarah sent him two pictures of
                 Dr. Douglass – he was an old schoolmate of Benjamin Douglass’ – they
                 are going to hang an enlargement of one of the photos in the Vestry of the
More letters consoling her mourning of her son’s death
Envelopes 64 – 71 purchased June 1999 from Ronald N. Tagney Inventory

Envelope 30    1827-1832

Envelope 31    1832-1835

Envelope 32    1835-1849


Envelope 33    (Bridge) 1835-1849
                       (King) 1832-1842

Envelope 34    1846-1847


Envelope 35     1847-1849

Envelope 36     1849-1850

Envelope 37    1850 -1857

Envelope 38: Appendix 1- Letters Scrapbook –Inventory 10 envelopes

Envelope 39 - Letters Scrapbook
      -Carrie to Father (18)
      -“        to Mother (15)

Envelope 40 - Letters Scrapbook
      -Carrie’s Father to her (4)
      -“      Mother to her (3)
      -Carrie to her brother Ben (1)
      -“ to her grandfather Benj. Hale (1)
      -“ to her brother David (2)

Envelope 41 - Letters Scrapbook
-David to his Father (10)
       -“        to his mother (10)

Envelope 42 - Letters Scrapbook
      -David’s Father to him (3)
      -“         Mother to him (1)
      -“         godfather (Bishop Bissel) to him (1)
      -David to his sister Carrie (1)
       -“        to his brother Mac (1)
       -“        to his brother Moses (3)
       -“        to his uncle Josiah (SED bro) (1)

Envelope 43 - Letters Scrapbook
      -Mac to Father (7)
      -“      to Mother (12)

Envelope 44 - Letters Scrapbook
      -Mac from Father (1)
      -“      from Mother (2)
      -Mac to cousin Carrie Ward (1)
      -Mac from great-uncle Edward (Hale; SED uncle) (1)

Envelope 45 - Letters Scrapbook
      -Ellicott to brother Dave (1)

Envelope 46 - Letters Scrapbook
      -Moses to his Father
      -“       to his Mother

Envelope 47 - Letters Scrapbook
      -Moses from Father (1)
      -Moses to brother Ben (1)
      -Moses from Mother (1)

Envelope 48 - Letters Scrapbook
        -Memento: of David’s childhood (13 pieces);(David, son of SED and MD)
        -Memento’s of Mac (5)
        -“              of Ellicott (7)>-> incl. Letter written from Ellicott to Mac 1872-
actually written by Father.
        -“              of Moses (6)>-> incl. Letters about children
        -Memento’s of Carrie’s childhood (25)>-> incl. “supposed” letter from Carrie to
Grandma Douglass (1855)

Envelope 49 Appendix 2                 Miscellaneous

       Miscellaneous items removed from the SHD correspondence

       Leaf, feather, sticker, card (Complements of Harry

      Card with information of the death of 8 from
      Scarlet fever, children of Rev. Benjamin and Mary Hahn
 undated letters from various family members
empty envelopes
bill for labor on Douglass house
      inventory of household goods
3 photographs of Benjamin Hale, son of SHD

Envelope 50     Appendix 3            Notebooks and Journals

       2 note books with several letters and one with copper
     engraving plate, belonging to Malcolm Douglass, 1844

      Copied from Journal of Malcolm Douglass’ Voyage to
     England in 1887, Sarah accompanied him.
     Copied by S E D.


Malcolm Douglass Correspondence

Envelope 1
letters from several associates/friends of Malcolm Douglass and his family

Envelope 2
letters gives some indication about Malcolm Douglass role/view on War and Battles

Envelope 3
the subject of these letters from Charles W. Hayes is Rev. Dr. Hale. The letters are dated
after the death of Rev. Dr. Hale.

Envelope 4
Letter subjects deals with the Malcolm Douglass as a Rev.

Envelope 5
Copies of Circular of the Norwich University Scientific and Military School. Northfield, VT

Envelope 6
Correspondences from Andover, Mass.

Envelope 7
Correspondences to Malcolm Douglass from his family

Envelope 8
Correspondences concerning Hale and Hale's memoir

Envelope 9
Correspondences to Malcolm Douglass (Misc.)
Envelope 10
Correspondences to Malcolm Douglass (Misc.)

Envelope 11
Work done by General Alonzo Jackman. LLD. Norwich University

Envelope 12
Patriots newspaper. Behavior of Cadet at Norwich University

Envelope 13
Published material

Envelope 14
Published material

Envelope 15
New York City water reservoir papers 1830's

Envelope 16
New York City water reservoir papers 1830's (folder 2)

Envelope 17
Drawing materials of David Bates Douglass

Envelope 18
Correspondences related to preparation of genealogy

Envelope 19
Correspondences related to preparation of genealogy. Douglass family records

Envelope 20
Random notes

Envelope 21
Correspondences to Malcolm Douglass at Norwich University

Envelope 22
Correspondences from Malcolm Douglass at Norwich University

Envelope 23
Correspondences from Malcolm Douglass in chronological order

Envelope 24
Rules and Regulation of Norwich University

Envelope 25
Petitions to President of Norwich University
Envelope 26
Commencement at Geneva College

Envelope 27
Correspondences to Malcolm Douglass from his relatives

Envelope 28
Correspondences. Rev. Malcolm Douglass 1833-1885

Envelope 29
1848-1857 A   Sara Hale Douglass Index by MDR

Envelope 30
1848-1888 B   Sara Hale Douglass

Envelope 31
1848-1888 B2 Sara Hale Douglass

Envelope 32
1848-1885 C   Sara Hale Douglass

Envelope 33
1848-1850 D Sara Hale Douglass

Envelope 34
1848-1886 EF Sara Hale Douglass

Envelope 35
1850-1885 HIJ Sara Hale Douglass

Envelope 36
1867-1888 KL Sara Hale Douglass

Envelope 37
1849-1887 M Sara Hale Douglass

Envelope 38
1848-1867 NO Sara Hale Douglass

Envelope 39
1849-1886 PQ Sara Hale Douglass

Envelope 40
Re. Douglass' Journal, Chaplain Book and The Teacher's Model Pocket Register and Grade
   Map Box 1
BOX 10

Envelope 1
Letters taken form letter book. Battles of the United States, letters about Rev. Douglass

Envelope 2
Letters dating from 1851-1858 (random)

Envelope 3
Letters from or about Chapel Hill NC 4/1885 - 4/1887

Envelope 4
Letters to Cadet Lieutenant Moses H. Douglass 2/1887 - 6/1888 De Veaux College

Envelope 5
Letters to Rev. Wm. HA Bissell from Malcolm Douglass 9/1858 - 10/1889

Envelope 6
Letters to Malcolm Douglass 4/1871 - 12/1871

Envelope 7
Letters to Malcolm Douglass 1/1872 - 12/1872 *includes two letters from Hobart Colleges'
former Presidents. (M. Van Renselaer and A. Jackson)

Envelope 8
Letters to Malcolm Douglass 1/1873 - 10/1873

Envelope 9
Letters to Malcolm Douglass (mostly from Francis Chase) 3/1874 - 12/1874

Envelope 10
Letters to Malcolm Douglass 1/1875 - 11/1876

Envelope 11
Letters to Malcolm Douglass 1/1876 - 12/1876

Envelope 12
Letters to Malcolm Douglass 1/1877 - 12/1877

Envelope 13
Letters to Malcolm Douglass 1/1878 - 12/1878

Envelope 14
Letters to Malcolm Douglass 1/1879 - 12/1879
Envelope 15
Letters to Malcolm Douglass 1/1880 -12/1880

Envelope 16
Rev. Malcolm Douglass' Sermons Dec, 1851 - Jan, 1857

Envelope 17
Rev. Malcolm Douglass' Sermons Jan, 1857 - Nov, 1857

Envelope 18
Rev. Malcolm Douglass' Sermons Nov, 1857 - Oct, 1858

Envelope 19
Rev. Malcolm Douglass' Sermons Dec, 1858 - May, 1859

Envelope 20
Rev. Malcolm Douglass' Sermons Dec, 1859 - Dec, 1861

Envelope 21
Rev. Malcolm Douglass' Sermons Dec, 1861 - Jun, 1863

Envelope 22
Rev. Malcolm Douglass' Sermons Jan, 1865 - Nov, 1866

Envelope 23
Rev. Malcolm Douglass' Sermons Dec, 1866 - Dec, 1869

Envelope 24
Rev. Malcolm Douglass' Sermons Nov, 1870 - Jan, 1880

Envelope 25
Rev. Malcolm Douglass' Sermons Jan, 1880 - Jan, 1882

Envelope 26
Rev. Malcolm Douglass' Sermons Feb, 1882 - Jan, 1884

Envelope 27
Rev. Malcolm Douglass' Sermons No Date

Envelope 28
Issues of the Reveille Vol. XLI - No. 5 April 1875. The five stars of Koreish p1&2 Hale
BOX 11

Envelope 1
Friendly and General Correspondences. Malcolm Douglass 1837-1849

Envelope 2
Friendly and General Correspondences. 1850, 1852

Envelope 3
Friendly and General Correspondences. 1851

Envelope 4
Friendly and General Correspondences. 1852

Envelope 5
Friendly and General Correspondences. 1853 and 1854

Envelope 6
Friendly and General Correspondences. 1854 some letters are responses by Malcolm

Envelope 7
Friendly and General Correspondences. 1856 and 1857 (concern about school)

Envelope 8
Friendly and General Correspondences. 1858 Address from Waterloo, and Geneva.

Envelope 9
Friendly and General Correspondences. 1859

Envelope 10
Friendly and General Correspondences. 1860 (classified by Malcolm Douglass)

Envelope 11
Friendly and General Correspondences. 1861 (classified by Malcolm Douglass)

Envelope 12
Friendly and General Correspondences. 1862

Envelope 13
Friendly and General Correspondences. 1863 and 1864

Envelope 14
Friendly and General Correspondences. 1865, 1866, 1868

Envelope 15
Friendly and General Correspondences. 1866
Envelope 16
Friendly and General Correspondences. 1867

Envelope 17
Friendly and General Correspondences. 1868

Envelope 18
Friendly and General Correspondences. 1869

Envelope 19
Friendly and General Correspondences. 1870

Envelope 20
Friendly and General Correspondences. 1871

Envelope 21
Friendly and General Correspondences. 1871-1878

Envelope 22
Friendly and General Correspondences. 1872

Envelope 23
Friendly and General Correspondences. 1873

Envelope 24
Friendly and General Correspondences. 1877

Envelope 25
Friendly and General Correspondences. 1878-1883 1 (letter from Hale, Andover, Mass.)

Envelope 26
Friendly and General Correspondences. 1878-1883 2 (letters from Dr. Clarence F. Blake)

Envelope 27
Friendly and General Correspondences. 1879 (many personal letters from Adrian Scott to
Dr. Douglass.

Envelope 28
Friendly and General Correspondences. 1880 and 1881

Envelope 29
Friendly and General Correspondences. 1882

Envelope 30
Friendly and General Correspondences. 1885, 1886
Envelope 31
Friendly and General Correspondences. 1887

Envelope 32
Letters to Malcolm Douglass from friends and such others.

Envelope 33
Letters to Malcolm and Sarah Douglass. Majority of letters from brother Thomas Hale.
1906#1, 1906#2 (these letters seems to have asked for advice concerning her brother)

Envelope 34
Clerical Correspondences, 1850

Envelope 35
Clerical Correspondences, 1851

Envelope 36
Clerical Correspondences, 1852

Envelope 37
Clerical Correspondences, 1853

Envelope 38
Clerical Correspondences, 1854 #1

Envelope 39
Clerical Correspondences, 1854 #2

Envelope 40
Clerical Correspondences, 1855

Envelope 41
Clerical Correspondences, 1856

Envelope 42
Clerical Correspondences, 1857 most from the Rochester, Canandaigua, Geneva area

Envelope 43
Clerical Correspondences, 1858

Envelope 44
Clerical Correspondences, 1859

Envelope 45
Clerical Correspondences, 1863 letters mainly from Francis Chase. M McKlwaime

Envelope 46
Clerical Correspondences, 1864
Envelope 47
Clerical Correspondences, 1866 {Francis Chase} possibly a Rev. he asked for sermon.
*random letters, * letters from M McKlwaime *from his wife.

Envelope 48
Clerical Correspondences, 1868 and 1869. letters to Malcolm from his Rev. brothers and a
few to Sarah(his wife)

Envelope 49
Clerical Correspondences, 1870. including sermons for 16th Sunday after Trinity

Envelope 50
Clerical Correspondences, 1876

Envelope 51
Clerical Correspondences, 1880, 1881

Envelope 52
Clerical Correspondences, 1883

Envelope 53
Malcolm Douglass friendly and general (so labeled by him 1874-1877)

Envelope 54
Letters from other Reverends

Envelope 55
Letters to Malcolm Douglass from "home". Includes letters from children (grandchildren?)
Valentine's Day letters
BOX 11a

Envelope 1
Carbon Paper

Envelope 2
Malcolm Douglass Family Correspondences, 1840

Envelope 3
Malcolm Douglass Family Correspondences, 1841

Envelope 4
Malcolm Douglass Family Correspondences, 1842 and 1843

Envelope 5
Malcolm Douglass Family Correspondences, 1844

Envelope 6
Malcolm Douglass Family Correspondences, 1845

Envelope 7
Malcolm Douglass Family Correspondences, 1846

Envelope 8
Malcolm Douglass Family Correspondences, 1847

Envelope 9
Malcolm Douglass Family Correspondences, 1848

Envelope 10
Malcolm Douglass Family Correspondences, 1849

Envelope 11
Malcolm Douglass' Private Journal and Notes on Church Lectures.

BOX 12

Envelope 1
Isadore (Rev. M.D. brother Henry 1st wife), Sarah (Rev. M.D. brother Andrew wife), Sarah
(Cornell), SED's writings

Envelope 2
Andrew Douglass (Rev. M.D. brother)

Envelope 3
Aunt Bliss, Batavia
Envelope 4
Thomas Hale (bro) letters to various family, Thomas to father Rev. B. Hale, Mary C. Hale
2nd wife of Thomas Hale. Letters to Sarah E. Douglass (Hale) her daughter.

Envelope 5
Rev. Oscar Jarvis, Hannah Bridge, Samuel Cornell, Anne Rousseau, David Bates

Envelope 6
Charles Edward Douglass

Envelope 7
Norwich University, Class notes and grades, regulations

Envelope 8
Josiah Little (uncle of Rev. Benjamin Hale), Colonel Josiah Little.

Envelope 9
Letters from Henry Douglass to niece Carrie, Henry Douglass (son of DBD brother of MD)
letters from West Point and news clippings and possible cadet Military Academy conduct

Envelope 10
Emily (Rev, MD sister) Douglass, Sidney Wilbur (Rev. MD's sister Emily's husband), Ellen
(Rev. MD sister) Douglass.

Envelope 11
Josiah Hale (bro) letters, J. Hale to Lucy Hale letters, J. Hale to Rev. b. Hale letters.

Envelope 12
Anne Ellicott Douglass to Sarah E. Douglass and children, Edward Hale to niece and
nephew (in Quarto Box#4 - Washington National Monument Donation), Sophia (Rev. BH's
brother Joshua's wife)

Envelope 13
Mary CK Hale (Moses' wife) letters, Moses L. Hale letters, Life Insurance Proposals Mass

Envelope 14
Rev. B. Hale letters, Rev. B. Hale to Sarah E. Douglass and children

Envelope 15
Rev. B. Hale misc. About Rev. B. Hale's journals

Envelope 16
Benjamin Hale letters to Mrs. Malcolm Douglass (Daughter of) Feb 1860 - June 1863, Benji
Hale letters, Lecture delivered before the Temperance society of the NH Medical Institution
Nov. 14, 1833
Envelope 17
Lucy B. Hale (Mrs. Benji), Benjamin to Rev. B. Hale letters baby is Joshua's baby Alice.
Aunt Alice Atkinson, Cyrus Hale (bro) letters

Envelope 18
Alice L. Hale (Atkinson) letters, letters to Sarah E. Douglass from Aunt Alice

Envelope 19
Rev. Malcolm Douglass lecture notes and papers gen theol Sem 1848-1849

Envelope 20
Ellicott, Andrew, Old Niagara Falls Cards

Envelope 21
Windsor, Newbury Vermont, Vermont, Seneca Falls, Saco, Kenyon (two sketches), Albion,
New MD bills, Newbury port, Episcopal church

Envelope 22
Andover (historical society). Northfield

Envelope 23
Windsor. Alms - Collections and Donations

Envelope 24
Windsor - schools and prison

Envelope 25
Letters to Sarah Douglass from her sister. SED misc. (to SED)

Envelope 26
Sarah E, Douglass letters to and from, to rev. Hale, cousins, to brothers and sisters and MD
brothers and sisters, to aunt and uncle.

Envelope 27
Sarah E. Douglass, SED account of Rev. M. Douglass death, SED clergyman bourns? who
preceded Rev. MD at Northfield, letters to SED all dates.

Envelope 28
Sarah E. Douglass Misc. (to SED)

Envelope 29
The DeVeauxnian

Envelope 30
Benjamin Hale (son of Rev. B. Hale) letters to/from various family, sisters. Sarah Hale letter
Envelope 31
Rev. M. Douglass writings. Seneca Observer, Gospel Messenger, Vermont Journal,
Commemorative Sermon HS Putnam MD letter to paper, Croton Aqueduct

Envelope 32
Rev. M. Douglass to/from Co2. Rev. M. Douglass misc.

Envelope 33
D.B.Douglass lectures - scribner. Church Sermon News. Chapel Hill MD letters 1885.
Rev. MD to Rev. B. Hale 1852-63. Rev. MD to brothers and sisters 1867-68. D.B.
Douglass letters to Detroit 1821 mineral rites to NYC and other areas signed by Andrew E.
Douglass. Samuel H. Cox to D.B. Douglass.

Envelope 34
Original Manuscript of the Pedestrian Tour in Northern New York. Aug. Sept 1856 "walk in
the wilderness"

Envelope 35
ev. M. Douglass writings. Thomas Hale letters to Benji Hale. Washington National
Monument Contribution by Edward Hale.

BOX 13

Two large scrapbooks of the Hale-Douglass Family.

       •   Smaller of the two: Rev.Malcolm Douglass. Bills and receipts of the Rev.
            Malcolm Douglass for the years 1846-1868. Of interest to historians in the
            fields of religion and business. In good condition.

       •   Larger of the two: The scrap book of David Bates Douglass, contains valentines,
           notes, cards, sketches and many newspaper clippings, begun by D.B.D. but
           continued by various family members until Andrew Ellicott Douglass’ address to
           the University of Arizona’s class of 1911. Several pages have interest to Geneva,
           NY indicated by a marker. In poor condition and should be microfilmed.

       •   Document from BH to his brother, June 13,1859 regarding his religious
       •   Hand written resolution from Hobart College Board of Trustees
                On the death of Benjamin Hale
       •   Article from The Daily Herald of Newburyport, November 23, 1835 regarding
               Hale’s dismissal from Dartmouth College