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									O n e U n i v e r s i t y, O n e N e t w o r k

    EU Alumni Business Network
       EU Alumni Business Network

                         EU Alumni Association since 1973
                         A life long Network

In copious numbers of communications from alumni, a huge amount of you
wished that you could be more involved in service to the school.

So… in response to those requests, we’re providing a list of suggestions
of how you can help us.

•   Introduce us to your employer’s Human Resources staff so we can tell
    them about learning alternatives
•   Help us identify exceptional faculty candidates
•   Serve as a guest lecturer for graduate class sessions
•   Identify potential students
•   Donate funds for special projects or scholarships
•   Participate in our international study tours
•   Initiate meetings with international contacts who we could visit during
    study tours
•   Inform your network of professional contacts about our innovative
    approach to graduate education
•   Participate in new student information seminars.

                   EU Alumni 1
                                                                                              Alumni setion

                             Jacob Tolstrup                                Investor Relations Manager
                             (MBA) EU Munich                               H. Lundbeck A/S
                                                                           Ottiliavej 9
                                                                           DK-2500 Valby
                                                                           Ph: +45 3630 1311
                                                                           Fax: +45 3643 8262

                             Nicola Berlinger
                             Graduated in 1997 in Munich (BBA)

                             Ina Meyer-Lindemann                           Allescherstr. 51
                             Graduated in 1994 in Lisbon (MBA)             81479 Munich
                             Currently she is working in the field of      e-mail:
                             research and translation (English, Spanish,
                             Portuguese, German).
                             She has also started lecturing at the
                             Munich Campus in Marketing

Adélia Monteiro                                         Helmut Greiner
EU Portugal                                             EU Munich
Procurement Agent
American Embassy
Av. das Forças Armadas
1600-081 Lisbon – Portugal
Cell: 351 91 760 02 30
Tel: 351 21 770 25 07
Fax: 351 21 726 87 47

                                                        Eileen Seibt
                                                        EU Munich

                                                 EU Alumni 2
                                                                   Alumni setion

Denis Berdoz
EU Switzerland, MBA Alumni 2001
1995 – Geneva International Airport
Member of Senior Management
Main responsibilities included planning,
construction and maintenance of airport
infrastructure, operating of diverse
installations and sale of services to third
1990 – 1995 The Swatch Group,
Development of Smart car (former Swatchmobile)
Head of Vehicle Department.
1986 – 1990 Peugeot S.A. Paris
Engine Department
Project Manager (2 engines in mass production)
2001 Master of Business Administration (MBA), European University (Geneva)
1999 Airport Senior Manager, ENAC (Toulouse)
1986 Mechanical Engineer EPFL, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (Lausanne)
1984 Quotation on the Dean’s List, Carnegie Mellon University (Pittsburgh)

                                                          Wolf Wagschal
                                                          MBA 2003, Basel Campus
                                                          Dear Dr. Craen
                                                          After starting my company
                                                          2 years ago-we have
                                                          accumulated 4 restaurants
                                                          and will take over 2 more
                                                          this year and 2 more are
                                                          being built and will open in
                                                          2007. We now have
                                                          approx. 170
                                                          employees and by years
                                                          end ca. 16 million in overall
                                                          sales. I am very proud of
                                                          our achievements until now.
                                                          Looking forward to see you
                                                          again and remain with kind
                                                          Wolf Wagschal

                                                          FIVE AG – We create
                                                          Lifetime Guests
                                                          WOLF WAGSCHAL
                                                          CEO & Managing Partner
                                                          Dufourstrasse 116
                                                          8008 Zürich | Switzerland
                                                          T: +41 0 44 254 24 84
                                                          F: +41 0 44 254 24 81
                                                          M: +41 0 79 403 21 62
                                                          I: www.fiveag.

                      EU Alumni 4
                                                          Alumni setion

Luis Reis                          MoniquUmesh Nair
EU Portugal                        Graduated in 1997 in
                                   Geneva (MBA)
                                   Dr. Craen , I would be
                                   interested to cooperate
                                   with European University
                                   Alumni colleagues on the
                                   following areas.
                                   I am a regular reader of
                                   the Alumni newsletter.
                                   Ex student of European university,
                                   Antwerp Branch/Belgium, 1995-1997,
                                   MBA in International Management after
                                   passing from EU Antwerp, I did internship
Francisco Pires                    at WTO/ITC in Geneva.
EU Portugal                        From 1998 onwards I worked with
                                   German Global MNC companies like
                                   Schott Glas/Bertelsmann/Nortel Dasa in
                                   setting up their international expansion
                                   plans for Asia/Europe.
                                   Currently in India Heading Business
                                   Development for IT /BPO/Call center-
                                   Services                company         in
                                   Airline/Aviation/Tourism /Hotel land Travel
                                   i n d u s t r y. I a m o p e n t o a n y
                                   business/cooperation ideas. With warm
Paulo O. Monteiro                  Umesh Nair
EU Portugal                        Head Business Development
                                   The Bird Group
                                   D-4/4, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi-110057,

Adriano Guedes                     Sebastien Martinez
EU Portugal                        Graduated in Montreux
                                   Je travaille pour Intrax Cultural Exchange
                                   depuis trois ans et ce boulot me plait
                                   beaucoup. Grâce à European University,
                                   j’ai pu commencer ma vie professionnelle
                                   de bon pieds aux Etats-Unis. Je
                                   m’occupe principalement de la vente et
                                   relation avec nos partenaires
                                   /représentants en Amérique Latine et
                                   Espagne. Je suis à Mexico, et je continue
                                   mon voyage d’affaires au Brésil et
                                   Equateur. J’espère que tout se passe
                                   bien par Montreux.
Catherine Molemans                 Sebastien
EU Montreux
                                   Intrax Cultural Exchange
                                   Assistant Marketing Manager
                                   600 California St., San Francisco, CA
                                   Phone: 415.434.5542
                                   Fax: 415.434.5490
                                   Intrax | AuPairCare | AYUSA

                     EU Alumni 5
                                                                                                            Alumni setion

                          Sasha Savic
                          Graduated in 1997 in Barcelona
                          As one of Europe’s leading dedicated business
                          schools European University provides world-class
                          education for tomorrow’s leaders. The three-year
                          BBA course strikes the right balance between
                          theory and practice and is instrumental in
                          equipping future managers with the skills and
                          training demanded by today’s multinational
                          corporations. Further advantage is the ability to
                          benefit from the cross-cultural experience by
                          undertaking studies in more than one country.
                          After graduating from European University in 1997 I gained employment in KPMG as an international
                          tax consultant. My career now spans over eight years having also worked in companies such as
                          Ernst & Young and BP, where I currently hold the post of Indirect Tax Manager in Melbourne, Australia.
                          Sasha Savic
                          Indirect Tax Manger, BP Australia Pty Ltd

Julian Kramer                                                                        Sonia Tcherassi
Graduated in 2004 in Montreux (BBA)                                                  from Barranquilla (Colombia)
My name is Julian Kramer and I was a student                                         Graduated in 2005 in Barcelona (MBA)
of European University in Montreux. I think                                          Coming from a business background, I
you should remember me as I just graduated                                           wanted a program strong in Public
at the end of the Summer 2004.                                                       Relations and Communications and that’s
graduation I returned to Latvia and started working for the biggest spirits          why I chose EU. Moreover, I liked Barcelona
distribution company as a brand manager. Today I manage Jagermeister,                and I was excited about coming to live
Absente 55, Whyte&Mackay whiskies and Cooley distillery whiskies.                    here. I think, of the whole experience, I
We are planning to establish our own company which will do merchandising             loved the most going to school with people
and promotional activities for the spirits we distribute. The main reason for this   from all over the world.
decision of establishing our own agency is to improve the excellence of              It created a truly global
promotion activities, merchandising and to decrease the expenses.                    environment for learning.
Best Regards, Sincerely,
Julian Kramer
“An Educational Program by Demstar Education”
On 14 & 15 November 2005 Demstar Education organized for the 1st time in
Cyprus an educational program entitled “Managing Communications Mix: An
Integrated Strategy”.
The lecturer, Mr. Marcos Komodromos, a graduate of European University,
holds an MBA degree in Marketing & Communication Management.
The program took place in Nicosia at the Hilton Park Hotel.
“Marketing Week”, November 21 2005, p. 30

Samuel                                                               Frédéric
Läderach                                                             Picard

                                                          EU Alumni 6
                                                                                                       Alumni setion

                            Pascal Gondokusumo
                            from Indonesia
                            Graduated in Antwerp
                            Dear Dr. Craen,
                            Thank you for your email. I am already in Munich
                            at the moment so I won't make it for the seminar.
                            I am still doing some preliminary research on
                            PHD programs and plan to start within 1-3 years,
                            depending on my schedule.
                            I have looked at your website and I saw Ashwin
                            Mehra’s Business Card on your Alumni list and it was good to email him and get back in touch.
                            Please do also include my Business Card on the website. I attached my photo. We have some
                            alumni gatherings in Indonesia sometimes as well; my EU alumni friends are working at Pan
                            Pacific Hotel, World Bank and Makro.
                            In the meantime, I wish you all the best and much success.
                            Yours sincerely,
                            Pascal Gondokusumo

Marcos Komodromos
Bachelor of Arts in Communication & Public Relations – 2000
Master of Business Administration – 2001
Before I decided to which University I would apply for my Bachelor and Master
Degree, I did very good research, and decided to join European University in Athens
• It is the best place to be and the best University to join;
• The lecturers were more than happy to assist us with whatever we might need;
• The lecturers deliver high quality teaching in this competitive business environment;
• And above all European University is well recognised all over the world, giving
    us the opportunity to be hired by well established organizations!
I graduated in 2001 and achieved the ‘Master of Business Administration’. I can
say that I combined and enjoyed the “partying animal life” and the educational life
in Athens. During the 4 years that I was at European University Athens Campus, I
received guidance and help from both lecturers and management, and I would like to thank Mrs. Marianna Chrysopoulou,
the most who really helped me with a lot of things that I was concerned with at that time. She was always there for me and
I really appreciate that.
After I completed my MBA, I had a proposal from Masterfoods International where I worked as a Marketing Manager for 3
years, and I was responsible for the markets of Cyprus, Malta and Israel. Since August 2004, I have been working as a
Business Unit Manager at Demstar Education; responsible for organizing and training employees working in any kind of
organization. Since September 2001, I have also been working as a lecturer of PR, Marketing and Management in a private
University in Cyprus.
One of my hobbies is Radio & TV, and I am also a daily radio producer at Super FM radio in Cyprus. You can listen LIVE to
my radio programme every night 23.00 – 24.00 via Internet also . I also like to travel a lot and learn
new cultures.
European University is really a MUST for everyone that wants to have a qualitative career in the future.
European University thanks for all again!!!

                                      Alexander Van Beek

                                                      EU Alumni 7
                                                         Alumni setion

Stan Weytjens

                                 Edward de Burlet
                                 Edward de Burlet is a member
                                 of Banque Privée Edmond de
                                 Rothschild Europe’s OPC
                                 Management Committee. He
                                 also heads the Institutional
                                 Banking Business Promotion
Pascal Manmont

                                 Rani Mochdie-
                                 B.A. 1992-1994, European
                                 University, Fontanivent
                                 Rani writes:”I really want to get
                                 in touch with my friends!”
                                 Please contact EU if you would
Dirk Peeters                     like to reach Rani.

                                 Mark Dinges
                                 European University; Brussels,
                                 M.A. - Business
                                 Communications & Public
                                 Relations, June 1994.
Lech Maryniak                    Currently: Bosch Rexroth
                                 Corporation; Buchanan, MI
                                 Product Manager – Material &
                                 Information Flow Technology.

                                 Arkadiusz Taraszkiewicz
                                 Risk Underwriting Dept.
                                 Warsaw, Poland
Kamal Majid Kazi                 Tel.: +48 22 395 4330
                                 Fax.: +48 22 395 4393

                   EU Alumni 8
                                          Alumni setion

Ewa                     Siddarth Kumar
Jerzak                  My education in (sic) European
                        University has been a journey of
                        great memories. I did indeed attain
                        a great deal through the sources
                        you provided and I’m looking
                        forward to the next few steps in
                        life. Kindly keep me posted with
                        the future developments of the
                        Thanking the teaching faculty and
                        the administration for their good work.
Ashwin                  Siddarth Kumar, MBA 2004 (India).

Dirk de

                        Paul Vandenbroeck
                        EU Alumni Holland
                        Dear Dr. Craen,
                        I thank you again for the great
                        opportunity my son Joost had at
                        European University. Thanks to
Roxana                  excellent academic references by
Chang                   EU professors, Joost was admitted
                        to the University of Amsterdam in
                        September 2004 into “Master of
                        International Finance” and now he
                        has also been is accepted by the
                        Universtiy of Westminster School
                        of Law for September 2005.
                        Joost looks forward to visiting
                        Barcelona in October at the alumni
                        Yours sincerely,
R.K.                    Paul Vandenbroeck,
Rathi                   EU Alumni Holland

          EU Alumni 9
                                                                                      Alumni setion

                         Yasser Kutbi
                         Bachelor of Business
                         Administration (BBA)
                         European University, 1996,
                         Montreux, Switzerland.

                            Johnny Kim
                            Johnny Kim graduated with his MBA Summa Cum Laude from EU’s
                            Geneva/Versoix campus in June 2004 receiving the Award of Excellence for
                            the best MBA in Leisure and Tourism Capstone project.
                            Originally from South Korea, he has lived in Switzerland since 1988, running
                            his own company in the tourism market, acting as a business connection
                            between Europe and Korea which included producing a magazine and
                            facilitating exports between Switzerland and Korea, as well as Japan.
                            Immediately after graduating Johnny went to the U.S to participate in an
                            intensive advanced management course arranged between the National
                            University of Singapore and Stanford University, California. The month-long
                            course comprised 49 participants of both high standing within their respective
                            companies and/or studying at a high level of business education. Classes
                            took place between 8am to 6pm daily, and Johnny says while it was exhausting,
                            it was also extremely stimulating and inspirational.
                            Johnny is now considering doing a Doctorate in Business Management with
                            a concurrent degree in Management of Technology on weekends.
                            Johnny says that his most exciting moments are when the theory he learns
                            through his studies matches so closely and pragmatically to his real-life
                            business practices. The circle of study and practical application feeds his
                            enthusiasm to pursue both with a real passion.

Ali Ahmed
B.A. of Science in Hospitality Management &
International Tourism Honors Graduate, Magna Cum
Laude European University, Montreux, Switzerland,
Ali writes: ”I have left Dubai and am now living and
working in Vancouver, Canada. My contact details
are available from EU in case anyone would ever
like information on Vancouver or RSI”.

                                    EU Alumni 10
                                                                                                        Alumni setion

                           Katsura Suzuki                           Consulting
                           1994 – 1997: MBA graduated at            Japan Business and Human Services Representative
                           European University - Thesis:            of Ernst & Young
                           ‘Private Banking for Japanese            Balderngasse 9, 8039 Zurich
                           financial institutions in Switzerland’   Postal address: Etzelstrasse 44c,
                                                                    8820 Waedenswil/Zurich, Switzerland
                                                                    Tel: +41 1 680 3462 Fax: +41 1 680 3463

Dr. Dirk Craen,
I herewith attach my CV and introduction to my company.
Within my company there is a Human Resource service.
Alumni can go to the KSC site ( and register themselves on
the E-job market for free (for the people who want to find jobs in Japanese
companies in Europe and Japan, for the international companies to find personnel
to do with Japan business in Europe and Japan). Alumni can contact Ryo Pittier
who is the person in charge of KSC Human Resource services directly by email, at first. This could be useful help.
Katsura Suzuki.

25th August 2004
Beste Professor Craen,
You may remember that almost exactly 10 years ago I graduated from the BBA
programme here in Montreux. 10 years later I am here on an Emerging Leaders
programme of KPMG which intends to prepare me for partnership in this firm.
I wanted to share this moment with you as – of course – without European University
– I would not now be here.
Met vriendelijke groot,
Jan W. van Schaijik
Class of: Montreux (’99), Lisbon (’93), Athens (’92), Barcelona (’91).

Jan W. van

                                                           EU Alumni 11
                                                               Alumni setion

Tammy Thill                                        Andreas

              Donna Barron-Reuther
              I am a graduate of the first class of the
              European Business College, Munich, where I
              received my MBA in 1992. I can truly say that
              my degree from the European University has
              served me well and afforded me a both
              successful and fulfilling career.

              Andrzej Zajac
              EU Poland

                     Marcin Czarnecki
                     EU Poland
                     Commercial director in chargeof
                     operations (sales,
                     marketing, logistics,
                     financials) in Eastern Europe
                     (Poland, Russia, Slovakia,
                     Czech Republic, Slovenia,
                     Hungary, Croatia, Romania,
                     Bulgaria, Ukraine).

                                        EU Alumni 12
                                                                                 Alumni setion

               Peter Schmidt
               EU Munich 1993-1995
               Executive MBA
               (Summa cum laude) Currently professor
               of Business Finance I & II at EU Munich.

Driss Alaoui                                              Elizabeth Foley
                                                          Friendship ~ The most beautiful discovery
EU Portugal
                                                          true friends can make
                                                          is that they can grow separately without
                                                          growing apart.
                                                          Elizabeth Foley, writer

                                                          Nilgun Matras Altug
                                                          BBA 1991, Montreux Campus
                                                          Dear Dr.Craen,
                                                          After unforgettable European University
                                                          years (1987-1991),my career in my family
Dr. Miguel                                                business Matras has started from export
Rovisco de                                                department and after passing by all the
Andrade                                                   other departments of company, I am now
EU Portugal                                               the marketing manager of Matras. In the
                                                          meantime, I met my husband Hakan ,we
                                                          got married in 1994 and have 2 sons ages
                                                          7 and 10..(who knows I might be back to
                                                          European University within 7 to 8 years.
                                                          but as a parent this time!!.)
                                                          I did not loose contact with other Turkish
                                                          alumnis.I mostly see Koray and M.Caglar
                                                          which are both in textile business and still
                                                          both single.
                                                          M.Ozilhan is married and has 2 daughters,
Mohannad                                                  he is in plastic industry.
Armoush                                                   Very Best Regards
EU Montreux                                               Nilgun Matras Altug

                                      EU Alumni 13
                                                                                                                Alumni setion

Abu-Nijmeh                                                                                  Julian Kramer
EU Montreux                                                                                 BBA 2004, Montreux Campus
                                                                                            My name is Julian Kramer and I was a
                                                                                            student of European University Montreux.
                                                                                            I think you should remember me as I
                                                                                            just graduated at the end of the summer
                                                                                            After my graduation I returned to Latvia
                                                                                            and start working for a biggest spirits
                                                                                            distribution company as a brand
                                                                                            manager. For today I manage
                                                                                            Jagermeister, Absente 55,
                                                                                            Whyte&Mackay whiskies of establishing
                                                                                            an own agency are to improve the
                                                                                            excellence of promotion activities and
                                                                                            merchandising and to decrease the
                                                                                            Best regards,
EU Barcelona 2004
                                                                                            Julian Kramer

                    Phillip Eissing from Düsseldorf
                    Graduated in 2005 in Munich
                    Dear Dr. Craen,
                    I am writing you, to thank you first of all for the great time at the
                    European University and for the excellent benefits that I derived
                    from the program. I am proud to announce that the company I
                    established in 2004 has developed quite successfully, so
                    successfully that it is now a full-time-job, from which I can live.
                    Throughout the last six months, I have established three joint
                    ventures with my company, which keep me extremely busy at
                    the moment.
                    Yours Sincerely,
                    Phillip Eissing
                    Executive Management
                    ESV Media GmbH
                    Meerbuscher Str. 64-78 | 40670 Meerbusch
                    Tel. +49 (0)2159 / 9297-930 | Fax. +49 (0)2159 / 9297-931
                    Mobil. +49 (0)178 / 20 90 555

                                                         EU Alumni 14
                                                                                                            Alumni setion

                                                                 Saumik Gandhi
                                                                 MBA 1991, Montreux Campus
                                                                 Dear Dr. Dirk Craen
                                                                 First of all i would like to sincerely thank you for sending me
                                                                 the EU Newsletter on a regular basis.
                                                                 It is unbelievable but true that I graduated & obtained my MBA
                                                                 in Feb 1991 from the Montreux campus and have not kept
                                                                 in touch with you since then.
                                                                 I got involved in my family business of Textile Machinery
                                                                 manufacturing in India ever since my graduation and
                                                                 subsequently have worked there until Sept of 2003.
                                                                 I have shifted to Bangkok since that time, and now I head the
                                                                 manufacturing operations of an International Jewelry company
                                                                 [head quartered in Germany].
                                                                 My decision to shift from the family business to a new field
                                                                 was in a way prompted by the sound foundation provided by
                                                                 my MBA education at EU and the entrepreneurial skills learnt
                                                                 in my family business.
                                                                 I request you to add my contact details in the Alumni List of
                                                                 EU and also request you to send me the contact details of all
                                                                 alumni who graduated in Feb 1991 from the same batch as
Mohammad Hammoud                                                 I did. This will help me in renewing my contacts and keep in
BBA 1994                                                         touch with them.
Dear Mr. Craen,                                                  My Contact Details are :
You cannot imagine how much I was happy to see                   SAUMIK GANDHI - Deputy Managing Director
the website of the European University.                          MKS JEWELRY INTERNATIONAL CO. LTD.
I’m an Ex European University student and graduated              Gemopolis Industrial Estate
in 1994 and I would be very happy to receive the up-             47/1 Moo 4, Kwang Dokmai,
to-date news. I’m living and working in Austria and              Khet Pravet, Bangkok 10250, Thailand
I’m planning to come to Montreux this summer and                 Tel # +66 - 2 - 727 0150 Cell # + 66 - 1 - 826 1085
I will definitely pass by..                                      Fax # +66 - 2 - 727 0160 / 1
Wish you all the best and more success.. With best               e-mail -
Mohammad Hammoud

Erik Trast
MBA 1992, Munich Campus
Dear Dr. Craen,                                             Germania Windpark GmbH & Co. KG
You probably don’t remember me but I was one of             Poststrasse 19-21, 48431 Rheine,
the graduates from the first EU Munich MBA class            Germany
(1992). I also did one semester (fall 1991) in Montreux     Tel.: +49 5971 860 865
campus.                                                     Fax: +49 5971 860 860
I was surfing on the internet and “half accidentally”       Mobil: +49 172 167 5681
found the EU web site. I find your web site very            Email:
informative and interesting. I am also quite impressed      Web:
how you have been able build up the university and
its reputation over the past 13 years.
Since my graduation in 1992 I have had a quite long
career in the wind energy industry, first working for
one of the world’s largest turbine manufacturers (Tacke,
today GE Wind) and later as a General Manager for
Germania Windpark GmbH & Co. KG, one of Europe’s
oldest and most successful wind farm developers.
We are currently developing wind farms in nine European
countries with total capacity of some 1600 MW.
With best wishes, Erik Trast

                                                           EU Alumni 15
                                                                                                        Alumni setion

Reuben Rotermund                                Rui Pedro Brehm
BBA 2004, Montreux Campus                       MBA, Lisbon Campus
Dear Dr. Craen,                                 NEW ONES
How are you? I see you are still expanding      My name is Pedro Brehm and I am Country Manager of the multinational
across the Globe. Congratulations for you       Media Markt-Saturn in Portugal. Working for 16 years now in four different
achievement.                                    areas (Banking, Industry, Service and Retail) I finished high-school at the
I just wanted to let you know what I am         German School of Lisbon (Abitur), Bank-Management by Deutsche Bank
currently doing. I am working for a             in Germany (Banklehre), graduation in Management at Universidade
biochemical company which we set up             Autónoma de Lisboa and Master in Business Administration (MBA) at
last year.                                      European University Lisbon.
We bought a process of a Swiss inventor
who invented a process to break down            Rui Pedro Brehm
minerals and trace elements in a                Country Manager / Managing Director
biochemical way as well as to bind the          Media Saturn Holding Portugal
minerals in an organic binding process.         Rua Dr. Francisco Luis Gomes
This is revolutionary because until today,      Nº. 1 / 3º
minerals and trace elements are inorganic;      P-1801-802-Lisboa
our process makes the minerals and trace        Tel.: +351 21 0042 200
elements organic and so forth extremely         Fax: +351 21 0042 015
effective for the body.                         Mobil +351 96 273 8432
Because of heavy agriculture the grounds
are totally depleted and people need more
and more supplements, especially animals.
Due to that fact we will enter the market
for production animals at the beginning,
later pet food and finally humans.
Additionally we observed a heavy trend
towards healthiness of the food. Even
Nestle is extremely investing in “functional
We build up a pilot production close to
Bern to verify the industrial reproduction.
In April we are trying to launch the product
in the Swiss market. As soon as we have
verified the product, international licensing
to all major supplement producers is
However, the job has been very exciting,
because we are building up something
from scratch which incorporates all fields
of a BBA.
Everything I have learned in European
University has been very helpful for my         Bertha Ormeno
career.                                         MBA EU Geneva
Best Regards,                                   Really thank you and the University for the opportunity and vote of trust.
Reuben Rotermund                                It has been challenging and I would have liked to do better and most
                                                importantly: "on time" but it has just been (and still is)
                                                quite difficult with so many demands, responsibilities and obligations. I do
                                                however need to tell you that I would have not been able to manage my
                                                life - of which work is a big part of - as
                                                acceptably as I do now if it wasn't because of the values and knowledge
                                                I acquired through the European University.
                                                I look forward to seeing you in June and many thanks again,
                                                Bertha Ormeno

                                                    EU Alumni 16
                                                                         Alumni setion

Harald Wilmers
BBA 1987, Montreux Campus
I am working with Cognis, a specialties
chemicals company (former chemical
division of Henkel in Düsseldorf) with 3.3
billion EURO sales and almost 7.800
employees worldwide. I hold a
headquarters position as director of group
controlling & guidelines. I came over from
Henkel when Cognis was carved out. At
Henkel, I had senior managerial
responsibilities in the areas of group
reporting and controlling of group financial

                                                   Tammy Thill
                                                   Montreux Campus

Rama Suganthan
BBA-MBA 1996, Geneva Campus
Dear Mr. Craen
This is Suganthan Ramamurthy, I did my
BBA and MBA from EU Geneva, from
1993-1996. I am happy to see that                  Hector Daniel Pinto
European University has expanded across            Lisbon Campus
several campuses in many countries.
I am now managing a software company
specialising in E-Learning in India and also
I am involved in political activities. I am also
the National Secretary of Bharatiya Janatha
Party (Youth Wing), the main opposition
party in India.

Rama Suganthan
No.20,1st Avenue (old No.39)
Shastri Nagar. Adayar.
Chennai-600020. India.                             Benjamin
Tel: 914455381076 Fax: 914424469483                Elghanayan Garcia                                      Barcelona Campus
Mobile: 919840072003

                                                        EU Alumni 17
                                                            Alumni setion

Stefan Malfliet                      Izzet Habib
Montreux Campus                      BBA 2001, Montreux Campus
                                     Dear Dr. Craen ,
                                     It is so great to hear from you. Your name
                                     brought back many good memories from
                                     I'm living in Istanbul now, married for 5
                                     years and have a 3 year old son. I'm
                                     running a part of the family business which
                                     is a company called Urosan Mobilya
                                     producing office chairs and furniture ,
Daniel Trevisani                     Cinema and Conference chairs .
Munich Campus                        I tried to visit Montreux as often as I can
                                     since I come to Geneva and Zurich many
                                     times every year. But of course coming to
                                     the ball would be a different excitement.
                                     I would try to be in Montreux at that time
                                     but to be honest it is to early to make a
                                     I hope everything is fine with yourself as
                                     well. It was really great hearing from you.
                                     Hope to hear from you and see you again.
                                     Kind Regards ,
                                     Izzet Habib
Jianguo Xu
Munich Campus

                                     Alex Jagmetti
                                     BBA 1990, Geneva Campus
                                     Alex Jagmetti (38) is Managing Director at
                                     UBS AG and heads up the European
                                     Desks Overseas Asia Pacific located in
                                     Singapore and Hong Kong. These focus
                                     primarily on Wealth Management clients
Markus Strangmüller                  based in Europe, the Middle East and
Munich Campus                        Africa holding assets in Asia. Alex has been
                                     in the finance industry for over 15 years,
                                     the bulk of which was spent in Wealth
                                     Management. Prior to re-joining UBS last
                                     year, Alex held a variety of positions
                                     including Branch Manager of F. van
                                     Lanschot Bankiers (Suisse) SA in Geneva
                                     (which he established in 1996) and more
                                     recently, Managing Director at HSBC
                                     Private Bank in Singapore, heading the
                                     Europe, Middle East and Africa Desk. He
                                     holds a Bachelor of Business
Àlex Armengol                        Administration from European University
Barcelona Campus                     and is married with three children.

                      EU Alumni 18
Otto Hinteregger
Munich Campus
                          Fernando Juan Carande Ossorio
                          Badajoz 6 de Diciembre de 2006
                          Estimados amigos, me remito a vosotros
                          (mas vale tarde que nunca), en primer
                          lugar para felicitaros las fiestas navideñas
                          y en segundo para expresaros mi gratitud
                          ante la oportunidad que
                          vuestro centro me brindó para poder
                          finalizar mis estudios.
Nicolas D. Gutbrod        Por motivos personales no he podido
Munich Campus             ponerme en contacto con vosotros como
                          hubiera deseado y desde mi puesto de
                          trabajo, Golf Guadiana S. A., solo deciros,
                          que las puertas las tenéis abiertas para
                          cualquier cosa que deseéis.
                          Os remito también mi tarjeta personal
                          donde podréis localizarme a cualquier hora
                          del día, para culaquier cosa que necesiteis
                          o queráis organizar.
                          Esperando tener noticias vuestras en un
                          futuro no muy lejano, os deseo lo mejor
                          para el año que entra y animaros a que
Samuel Läderach
                          sigáis trabajando de la misma manera
Montreux Campus
                          porque lo hacéis fenomenal.
                          Un fuerte abrazo a todos, nos vemos
                          Fdo. Juan Carande Ossorio
                          Gol Course Assistant Manager

Michel Thibault
Montreux Campus

Hanspeter Weiler

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