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									       February 8, 2006

                                               Alpha-Nu Alumni
 Greetings from Sigma Pi’s Finest                                                                                          Mark Your
Chapter Director Charles ‘Fred’ Bauer
                                                                                       Gary Bunting Tash
                                                                                                                           We are eager to wel-
      Hello and Happy New                  Grand Sage’s Award this                         Greetings Alpha-Nu’s!           come Alumni for any
Year! I hope that this newslet-            summer in New Orleans at                    Carol and I miss seeing you         occasion here at Alpha-
ter finds you all having en-               Convocation.                                and wish more of you would          Nu, but here are a few
joyed a wonderful holiday                                                              come back to Alpha-Nu for Fall      dates that promise to be
                                                My family is doing
season. We certainly enjoyed                                                           Homecoming and/or Spring            a good time this Spring:
                                           well. Robin received a pro-
it and all the kids complained                                                         Alumni Weekend!
that it went by too fast and that
                                           motion this past year and is
                                                                                            Fred Bauer is doing a su-
                                                                                                                           ⇒    February 19
                                           now a supervisor with the
they were not ready for school             Clerk’s Office and has really               perb job as Chapter Director,        Men’s Basketball v.
to start. I must admit, it was             taken to her new position. I                but I still manage to show up         North Carolina
enjoyable not having to rush in            am in my thirteenth year as                 for most Monday chapter meet-
the mornings.                              an Assistant District Attor-                ings (old habits are hard to        ⇒    February 24
     The undergraduates are                ney handling general felo-                  break). However, I do not miss            Viking Fest
truly excited about the spring             nies, with a case load rang-                having to attend disciplinary
semester, having weathered                 ing from breaking and enter-                hearings -- hmm!?! And of           ⇒    March 4
the fall semester under the                ing to capital murder. Un-                  course Carol and I still enjoy
cloud of “at risk” status as               fortunately, there is plenty                hosting the Senior Cookout at        Men’s Basketball v.
labeled by the administration.             of job security. The boys                   the end of each year.                   N.C. State
Rush is well organized and                 are growing up fast, and
ought to bring in a strong                 Matt is quite the Deacon
                                                                                            Carol and I left our old law   ⇒    March 17-18
                                                                                       firm on July 1, 2005 and
group of new brothers to carry             fan. Alex is in fifth grade                 formed a new law firm known         **Alumni Weekend
on what you have all worked                and Matt is in first. Ashley                as “Tash & Kurtz, PLLC.” All
so hard to create.                         will be sixteen this summer                 is going extremely well, and we     ⇒    March 24-25
     I am looking forward to               and cannot wait to drive                    are very pleased with our deci-         Nuclear Fallout
working with the new EC,                   alone (Robin and I can wait                 sion!
some of whom will be attend-               though).
                                                                                           Our daughter Ginny was
                                                                                                                           ⇒    May 15
ing the Mid-year Leadership                    I hope to see many of                   married in October 2004, and        Graduation Exercises
Conference in St. Louis this               you at this spring’s Alumni                 she and Brandon live in
February, as they position the             Weekend, until then go                      Greensboro, NC. Our son An-         ⇒    August 2
chapter to bring home another              Deacs!                                             drew works as a civilian       48th Convocation
                                                                                              employee of the U.S.         (New Orleans, LA @ the
                                                                                              Navy in computer engi-        Marriott, 555 Canal St.)
                                                                                              neering and lives in
                                                                                              Charleston, SC.
                                                                                              Alpha-Nu continues to        ** It is very important
                                                                                              do well, and I am pre-       to us that all alumni
                                                                                              dicting a fourth Grand       have as good a visit as
                                                                                              Sage Award at the 48th       possible when returning
                                                                                              Biennial Convocation at      to Wake. Please contact
                                                                                              the New Orleans Mar-         1st Counselor Charlie
                                                                                              riott at 555 Canal Street    Tennyson if you have
                                                                                              (only three blocks from      any questions, concerns
                                                                                              Bourbon Street) on Au-       or suggestions. You all
                                                                                              gust 2-6, 2006! I hope       better be back here for
                                                                                              to see many of you there     at least one event!
                                                                                              as possible, and Happy
Porchin’ it: Brothers, Alumni and past Grand Sage Gary Tash (left-center, blue                New Year!
shirt) gather for a picture as they wait for the Spring 2006 pledge class to arrive.
                                                                                                                           (919) 491-4931
                            Alpha-Nu Alumni Newsletter

Executive               New Sage Optimistic About 06’-07’
 Council                      The New Year has                                                 big shoes to fill in replacing our
                        brought new beginnings for                                             outgoing senior class. Our sen-
  2006                  Alpha-Nu. After weathering a
                        fall semester of suspension for
                                                                                               iors represent everything from
                                                                                               multiple honor societies to intra-
                        various social infractions, our                                        mural championships to leader-
    Second Counselor
       Steven Dee       chapter is back on track and                                           ship within and outside of our
                        more united than ever. The                                             chapter. The common theme
                        chapter’s response to these                                            among them is their commitment
        Durham,         university sanctions was a                                             to excellence that typifies what it
     New Hampshire      testament to the character and                                         means to be an Alpha-Nu. Ush-
         Major          resilience of our brotherhood.                                         ering in our new wave of leader-
         Finance        Redoubled efforts on the re-                                           ship is an Executive Council
                        cruitment trail and in other      Sage Nick Spuhler                    comprised of six juniors who
                        campus groups and leadership                                           work in tandem with Chapter
                        positions have led to a spring                                         Director Fred Bauer and Past
                        pledge class of 24, the largest   new philanthropic endeavors          Grand Sage Gary Tash to over-
                        and best at Wake. Rather than     like the campus-wide Wake n’         see the positive progression of
    Third Counselor     accept a diminished role on                                            Alpha-Nu.
     Michael Lucki                                        Shake for cancer research and
                        campus, the brothers of Al-       Alpha-Nu’s campus clean up
      Hometown                                                                                       Our brotherhood has
                        pha-Nu worked hard to return      ACE project. Such a full
     Port Jefferson,                                                                           planned a great Alumni Week-
                        our chapter to its familiar       schedule gives the brothers
       New York                                                                                end for March 17-19. Planned
                        position as a pillar of Wake      plenty to look forward to this
         Major                                                                                 events like Alumni Club and a
                        Forest’s Greek community.         spring and ensures that Alpha-
        Finance                                                                                lounge party will allow you to
                             Alpha-Nu is now prepar-      Nu will continue its legacy as       catch up with old friends and
                        ing for a jam-packed spring       a Grand Sage caliber chapter         meet the new generation of Al-
                        semester, full of social and      through constant involvement         pha-Nu brothers. We thank you
                        philanthropic events. Social      and activity.                        for your continued contact with
                        standbys such as Viking Fest,         Orchestrating the hectic         Sigma Pi, Alpha-Nu, and we
    Fourth Counselor    Orchid Ball, and Nuclear Fall-    operations of our chapter is a       invite you as our guests to share
      Adam Leigh        out are being coupled with                                             in our chapter’s bright horizon.
                                                          new core of leaders that have
      Eden Prairie,
       Minnesota        Budget Breakdown: Where The Money Goes
                        Social                                    23%
                        National Insurance                        18%          We Need Your Help!
                                                                                    The brothers at Alpha-Nu are always
                        Rush                                      13%         trying to improve things like the newsletter
                                                                              and alumni events. Any donations or sugges-
    First Counselor     Rent                                      10%         tions that you have would be greatly appreci-
    Charlie Tennyson                                                          ated and put to immediate use If you would
      Hometown          Philanthropy                              7%          like to receive your newsletter in color from
        Durham,                                                               now on, please send a $10 donation to:
                        Formals                                   6%
     North Carolina
         Major          Special Weekends (Alumni,                 4%                       Alpha-Nu Mailing Address
    Political Science                                                                            PO Box 7327
                                                                                           Winston Salem, NC 27109
                        IFC Dues                                  3%

                        Brother Activities                        3%
       Chris Hayes      Composite                                 3%
        Chester,        Fines                                     2%
       New Jersey
                        Intramurals                               1%
         Major                                                                                  Chapter Email:
       Economics        Other Expenses                            6%               
                                          Alpha-Nu Alumni Newsletter

   Alumni Weekend 2006 Set To
  Coincide With St. Patrick’s Day                                                                        Figuratively
      The Alumni Club officers
met in January to discuss plans
for the coming year. Our main
                                                                                                      The Alpha-Nu Chapter of Sigma Pi
priority is getting more alumni
to regularly attend Alumni                                                                            has not only earned the reputation
Weekend and Homecoming.                                                                               of being Wake’s largest fraternity
                                                                                                      (there are currently 64 members
     We are looking for repre-
                                                                                                      not including a pledge class of 25),
sentatives from each class to
assist in recruiting or coordinat-                                                                    but also its most diverse. Here are
ing activities. Any support we                                                                        a few numbers that shed a little
can get will be greatly appreci-                                                                      light on the brotherhood as of the
ated. If you are interested in                                                                        2006 Spring semester:
helping or if you have ideas to
                                     Things You Won’t Want to Miss:
make these weekends truly
memorable, please email me at        •   March 17th — Alumni and Brother dinner at Mi Pueblo
                                                                                                      11 Juniors out of 28 that spent We                                                                                the fall in another country. About
                                         at 6:00 p.m., followed by an open party with St. Patty’s
look forward to seeing all of                                                                         40% of Wake students typically
                                         Day theme at the Sigma Pi lounge in Taylor House.
you at Alumni Weekend. In the                                                                         study abroad for a semester.
meantime, encourage everyone         •
                                         March 18th — Alumni Club in the chapter room at 10
you keep in touch with to at-            a.m. to catch up on Alpha-Nu current events and alumni               Overall ranking of Sigma Pi’s
tend!                                    affairs. Meet up with friends for dinner, then head to an    2.986 GPA amongst the 13 fraterni-
          — Mike Barbato ‘05             off campus house at 7 p.m. (location to be specified at      ties at Wake Forest. The chapter
        Alumni Club President            Alumni Club) and out to bars. Rides will be provided.        expects that the fall semester will
                                                                                                      have moved the average even higher.

Philanthropy Efforts remain Strong                                                                    13         Number of brothers that
                                                                                                      have declared a major in Economics.
                                                                                                      The second most popular majors are
                                                                                                      Political Science and Finance, each
                                                                                                      with six declared in Alpha-Nu.

                                                                                                      21        Different states currently
                                                                                                      represented in Alpha-Nu. 10 active
                                                                                                      brothers claim NC as their home
                                                                                                      state while New Jersey is currently
                                                                                                      the second most represented state
                                                                                                      with six brothers.

                                                                                                      2      Straight championship game
                                                                                                      appearances made by the fraternity’s
                                                                                                      dodge-ball team, compiling an 18-3
                                                                                                      record in the sport’s two-year exis-
                                                                                                      tence at Wake Forest. The two title
                                                                                                      losses came at the hands of starting
                                                                                                      quarterback Ben Mauch’s team.

                                                                                                      3      New members that were initi-
                                                                                                      ated last fall: sophomores Brad
Giving Back: Alpha-Nu participated in a number of events to give back to the community dur-
ing the fall semester. The fraternity sponsored a cook-out (pictured above) to raise awareness        Hughes, Colin Andrade and Jared
about the dangers of alcohol in response to the death of a college student at a Sigma Pi chapter in   Beaver.
Colorado. Brothers also ran for “Hit the Bricks”, an annual charity event to raise money for the
Brian Piccolo Cancer fund at Wake and on Halloween the fraternity’s lounge was transformed
into a haunted house for local children in Winston-Salem, an event the brothers always enjoy.
                                                                             ΣΠ    ΑΝ

Eleven Alpha-Nu’s Spend Fall Abroad
Last semester, the Alpha-Nu chapter of Sigma Pi
was truly an international one. Junior David Rocco
spent his semester in Sydney Australia, and junior
Jason Koch studied in Salamanca, Spain. The two
sat down to answer a few questions about their ex-
periences and what they missed about Alpha-Nu.
What factors lead to your              that affect your experience?
choosing study abroad?                 J: I was abroad with [brother
Jason: To better understand the        Kevin Hembree]. He was in my
culture of Spanish speaking            program, and that was cool be-
people, and also since my ma-          cause he and I got close traveling
jor is Spanish to improve my           to other countries together and
Spanish. But also to learn             just experiencing the culture of
about the culture of Spain and         Spain. It was a once in a lifetime
the culture of Europe and to           experience and it was great to be
understand those cultures as           able to share that with a brother,
well.                                  especially in regards to discover-
                                       ing a new culture. With [alumnus
Rocco: My older sister went                                                   Junior David Rocco with two kangaroos in Queensland, Australia.
                                       Dan Rose] coming to visit . . .
abroad and she had a great
                                       with him that was a devotion
time, and I thought it would be                                               of the people there was just com-        seeing my pledge class. That was
                                       thing to Sigma Pi, he flew all the
an amazing time to be in a dif-                                               pletely different than we were           who I missed the most because
                                       way from London to come see
ferent culture for an extended                                                expecting. The friendliness of           it’s hard to keep tabs on people
                                       some of his brothers. It was great
period of time.                                                               that society towards [Americans]         [while abroad]. And you’re anx-
                                       example of the fraternity.                                                      ious to get back and to see how
How did you decide upon a                                                     was the most impressive thing.
                                       R: I went on Spring break with                                                  things have changed.
location?                                                                     And the pyramids . . . those were
                                       [brothers Charlie Tennyson and         the most impressive things I had         R: I missed all the people that I
R: I wanted to go to a place           Chris Hayes] and it made that          ever seen in my life. We went            got to know through pledging and
where there wasn't going to be         experience that much better to         downtown into Cairo and there            over the last year. It was nice to
any type of language barrier. I        have such close friends all the        were three and four lane roads           have a couple of them in Australia
was already planning on going          way on the other side of the world     each way and there were no lights        but it wasn’t as fun . . . Just things
to Europe after college so I           and to be able to party with them      at all in the entire city and you        like being the anchor on the A-
thought this was the best              over there.                            had to dart across the roads. You        league flag football team and
chance to get to see Australia,
                                       What was your favorite trip/           could always pay a police officer        hanging out at the lounge and
and I can’t deny that the
                                       experience of the semester?            though and he’d stop traffic for         different houses.
weather was a big factor too.                                                 you.
                                       J: Egypt in a heartbeat. It was                                                 What is the biggest change you
Did you get to see any other
                                       just incredible in that the culture    R: Snorkeling at the Great Barrier       feel like you made?
Sigma Pi’s abroad? How did                                                    Reef. We went out on a pretty big
                                                                              boat early in the morning and we         J: Obviously your view of the
                                                                              got to spend all day out on the          world and your view of societies,
                                                                              reef. The colors you see when            different societies and how they
                                                                              you’re out there with the coral and      interact with each other is com-
                                                                              all the fish are just amazing and it     pletely different. You just take
                                                                              is unlike anything you will ever         note on what things are done bet-
                                                                              see. You can get so close to the         ter or worse, and you have a
                                                                              fish you can practically touch           greater appreciation for the
                                                                              them, and the weather was unbe-          American way of life. Like re-
                                                                                                                       fills, there’s no refills in Spain if
                                                                                                                       you ever go.
                                                                              What did you miss most about
                                                                                                                       R: Well the biggest thing for me
                                                                              Wake Forest and Sigma Pi?
                                                                                                                       was I realized how much I liked
                                                                              J: I definitely missed playing ball      being in the U.S. When I first got
                                                                              with the fraternity guys . . . just      there I thought that I would want
                                                                              weekdays and going to play ball          to live there for longer but now I
                                                                              with them. Stuff like hangin’ on         know I would never want to live
                                                                              the halls, going to Benson and just      in another country.
Junior Jason Koch touring the pyramids in Egypt by camel.

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