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					   YouTube’s New Traffic Source
                “PROMOTED VIDEOS”

                              By: Howie Schwartz

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YouTube has a BRAND NEW way for you to generate traffic through
video marketing. Its called “Promoted Videos” – think Adwords for
YouTube videos  Before we get into the step by step guide for you
generating new traffic from Youtube - I wanted to share something
important and time sensitive with you . . .

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After you check out the above link, lets get into YouTube’s
“Promoted Videos” . . .

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YouTube Promoted Videos

That's what you get if you roll up Google AdWords, Google Search, and
YouTube together... and that's exactly what Google did in June 2009, to give
you YouTube Promoted Videos.

According to a May 20, 2009 entry post on the YouTube blog (http://youtube-, users upload a total of 20 hours of video to YouTube every
single minute. That translates to about 28,000 hours of videos uploaded to
YouTube everyday! Just imagine how easy it is for you and your video to
drown and go unnoticed in the unceasingly and rapidly rising sea of online
digital video.

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According to YouTube product manager Matthew Liu, this scenario is what
motivated them to come up with YouTube Promoted Videos, a tool/program
which allows anyone on YouTube to promote their videos, including you but,
with a fee of course.

The YouTube Promoted Videos program is built on the AdWords Auction
System. If you don't know what the AdWords Auction System is, in a nutshell,
it allows you to set the maximum price you are willing to pay for every click
your ad gets (otherwise known as your maximum cost-per-click). Along with
that, you also express through the system how much you are willing to spend
on ads per day (or your daily budget), preventing your advertising costs from
ballooning uncontrollably and do you more damage than good. This is exactly
how Google Ads work from an advertiser's standpoint.

And very much like AdWords, Promoted Videos can help content creators
market their content more effectively within an audience that is specifically
interested in their videos.

The only thing that differentiates Promoted Videos from AdWords is that the
Promoted Videos advertising model is designed to serve marketing and
promotional objectives targeted to YouTube.

By the way, do not confuse Promoted Videos with Featured Videos. Featured
Videos are selected algorithmically from YouTube's pool of most popular
videos and are featured (or highlighted) on YouTube's homepage without
cash exchanging hands. Yes, that's right, if your video is a viral one, capable of

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generating millions of views over a short span of time, you just may have a
shot at being featured on YouTube's homepage for free and get catapulted to
instant stardom.

Register for a Google Account

You'll need only three things to get started in using YouTube Promoted

First, you've got to have a YouTube or Google account. If you don't have any of
those, here's how to register for one.

Go to

Click on the Sign in link located on the top right corner of the page.

Click on the Create an account now link.

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Enter your current email address.

Enter your desired password for your Google Account.

Re-enter your password.

Choose your location.

Enter the characters shown for word verification.

Click on the button labeled I accept. Create my account.
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Check your email and click on the verification link.

Get yourself a YouTube Account

Go to

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Log in to YouTube using your Google account.

Click on the Make me a new account button.

Fill out the form and click on the I accept button when your done.

© 2009 , All rights reserved.               9
Under the Yes, add YouTube to my Google Account section, log in again
using your Google Account details.

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Register for a Promoted Videos Account

Next, you must register with YouTube as an advertiser. You'll need a credit
card for this one.

Go to

© 2009 , All rights reserved.                  11
Log in to your account.

Enter you credit card and billing details.

Set your desired daily budget.

© 2009 , All rights reserved.   12
Click Ok, I want to use this budget.

Creating Your Promotion

Go to

Log in to your account.

Click on the Create a New Promotion link.

© 2009 , All rights reserved.   13
Click on Go and upload a video now.

Click on the Upload Video button or choose your desired method for creating
your promotion.

© 2009 , All rights reserved.               14
Enter the details of your promotion such as its title, description, tags, and

© 2009 , All rights reserved.                     15
Make sure that the radio button labeled Share your video with the world is

Click on the Save Changes button when you're done.

Once your video has been successfully uploaded and saved, click on the Get
started now link under Promote your Videos with Promoted Videos.

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YouTube's Keyword Tool

Using the right keywords can contribute greatly to your content's popularity.
The YouTube Keyword Tool can help you decide on which keywords to use
with and on the videos you upload to YouTube. This takes away from you, for
the most part, the task of deciding on which keywords to use on your video
with hopes of attaining many views.

The tool is fairly simple to use...

Go to

With the Descriptive words or phrases option selected, enter your desired
keyword or phrase in the text box provided and click on the Get keyword
ideas button.

© 2009 , All rights reserved.                 17
After clicking on on the Get keyword ideas button, you will be presented
with a list of other keywords (supposed to be) related to the one you entered

© 2009 , All rights reserved.                 18
To “save” the keywords that you like, simply click on the Add link that
corresponds to that keyword.

You will see that, upon clicking on the Add link, your chosen keyword will
appear in the Selected Keywords box on the right side of the page,

© 2009 , All rights reserved.                    19
Aside from selecting keywords from the generated list, you may also add your
own keywords to your selected keywords list. To do this, click on the Add
your own keywords link, enter your own keywords in the text box provided,
and click on the Add to list button when you're done.

© 2009 , All rights reserved.                20
You can download your selected keywords in either plain text or csv format.
To do so, simply click on the text or csv links at the bottom of your selected
keywords list.

Finally, as indicated in the Selected Keywords box, you may advertise using
the keywords on Google. To do so, download the text or csv file of your
selected keywords list, sign in to your AdWords account, and paste the
keywords into a campaign.


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Then, we'll drill into the belly of the beast, and find the "money
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While we do this, we'll also let Google do the work and hand over the keys
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We'll be paying attention to current "conversations" in our markets to see
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© 2009 , All rights reserved.                        22
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    have all been teaching us over the past few weeks, I have managed to get my
    affiliate blog site well ranked in Google. The site is a woodworking project and
    basic home repair affiliate site. Each post is a different topic using different
    tools that are promoted by links to vendors. Thus, each post has it's own tags
    and keywords and very seldom are the keywords the same for any two posts.
    That being said, using the techniques from the apprentice program, I have
    gotten 147 pages indexed in Google. Of those pages I am on page one for 38 of
    those keywords and on page two for 47 more.

    Before I started this course and learned about pinging, directory submission,
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    That's it. Just wanted to say thanks to all of you for a great job.

    Jo Salow

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