The Cure For Cold Sores by elle009


									the cure for cold sores I wanted to talk to you about the cure for cold sores and what you can do to fix this particular problem. A lot of people assume that this problem is created by some sort of your taste and perfection of the lip area, but it really is caused by a virus that lives in your body. This particular virus does not have a cure because it hides in the nerve cells of your body. This means that the virus will live dormant in your body until it has been triggered for its favorable conditions to spread. There are specific things you can do to fix an actual outbreak. This is by going to talk to about the cure for cold sores. The main reason you end up getting a cold sore help break is due to the fact that your immune system has been weakened. There are number of reasons why this could happen, but there are a few specific reasons that most people experience it. If you've recently got over a cold or going to have them weak immune system. If you’re stressed over more then you're going to have a weak immune system. This is why it is very important to keep yourself healthy so your immune system is strong and you can prevent outbreaks. The cure for cold sores is very simple, you need to drink tea. Tea contains antiviral chemicals in it that prevent the spread of a virus. The main problem with cold sore outbreaks is that they spread a next potential rate. By preventing the spread you can contain it and fight it off. Click Here to Cure Cold Sores

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