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					                                        The Case Middle School
     Volume 6                                                                                                   May
      Issue 6                                                                                                   2010
   Produced by the Students of Punahou School, 1601 Punahou Street, Honolulu, Hawaii 96822

New Peers, Teachers,                                By Malia Brooks & Ellia Bower           escort the class of 2017 through
                                                                                            their middle school experience.
and Surroundings—                                    A   fter the summer break, Case
                                                         Middle School students will find
                                                                                               The current 8th grade advisor,
                                                                                            Mr. Tim Lucas (of the almost-high-
Oh, My!                                             themselves with new peers, teach-
                                                    ers, and surroundings—oh, my!
                                                                                            school class of 2014) will take on a
                                                                                            new role as Punahou School’s new
                                                       Don’t worry; one thing will stay     Academic Support Coordinator.
                                                    the same despite all this change.          The Courier interviewed Dr.
                                                    Can you guess what? That’s right,       Chow-Hoy for his thoughts on the
                                                    our supervisors.                        next year and a new experience.
                                                       Students aren’t the only ones           Q: What has made you con-
                                                    who make the transition from            sider a change of jobs?
                                                    grade to grade. The middle school          A: After 11 years of fun, never-
                                                    advisors also will have to pack their   a-dull-moment experiences in the
                                                    bags and settle into new offices.       classroom, I feel ready to broaden
                                                       Mr. Jon Koshiba will accompany       the scope of my work in the middle
                                                    the class of 2016 on their journey      school and look at the world of the
                                                    throughout middle school and will       students from a different point of
                                                    be moving to Kuaihelani filling the     view.
                                                    position of the 7th grade advisor.         Q: What appeals to you
                                                       Mrs. Jenni Tyau will follow the      about the role of a supervisor?
At left, Dr. Chow-Hoy; right, Mr.                   Class of 2015 into eighth grade            A: I have always been interest-
Lucas.                                              and new surroundings over at the        ed in finding ways to build on (and
        Photos courtesy of Sterling’s Photography
                                                    Gates CLC.                              improve) the experiences that our
                                                       But there are staffing changes       students have during their three
                                                    afoot: Dr. Todd Chow-Hoy, cur-          years in the middle school. In ad-
                                                    rently Team 8Y leader, 8th grade        dition, I enjoy working with my
                                                    math teacher, and math team/            faculty colleagues, learning about
                                                    math club advisor, will step up as      what they’re doing in their class-
                                                    the new sixth grade supervisor to                       …continued on page 4

Star Poets,                                         By Ale Hedlund                              Chaz Pangelina was the Hu-
                                                                                            manities winner for her piece,
Star Students                                        T    his year, students from all
                                                          over the Hawaiian Islands
                                                    competed in a poetry competition.
                                                                                                On Sunday, May 16, Natalie and
                                                                                            Chaz read their poems in a public
                                                        The Program was called Star         poetry reading in Palikū Theatre at
                                                    Poets.                                  Windward Community College. Sa-
                                                        It is a project of the Wind-        vannah was recognized by name,
                                                    ward Community College and the          and the three were awarded their
                                                    Hawai‘i Council for the Humanities,     prizes at the time.
                                                    sponsored by Starbucks.                     To write their poems, the stu-
                                                        Hawai‘i schools have been par-      dents first wrote a draft and turned
                                                    ticipating in it since 1999.            it into Mrs. Umeda to grade.
                                                        Students grades 3-12 entered            After this, Savannah explained
                                                    an original poem on any topic they      how then they’d “have to write
                                                    wanted.                                 more and more drafts until we had
                                                        The top five poets in each          about five drafts.”
                                                    grade were awarded a $50 prize              Upon learning that they had
                                                    for themselves and a $100 prize         been honored with awards, Natalie
                                                    for their school to enhance the         was really excited.
                                                    school’s literacy programs.                 Savannah said she was happy
                                                        This year, along with the top       and proud that “I had accom-
                                                    five poets obtaining a prize, a spe-    plished something and others ap-
                                                    cial prize was given to one or more     preciated my work.”
                                                    poems that explored, according to           Natalie wrote about experiences
                                                    the Star Poets press release, “local    she had with her family.
                                                    identity and memory or evoke a              Savannah wrote about perform-
                                                    vivid sense of place.”                  ing arts and what if feels like for
At top, Natalie; left, Chaz; right,                     That was the Humanities prize.      her to be on stage.
Savannah.                                               Mrs. Umeda’s sixth grade class          When asked if they had any
        Photos courtesy of Sterling’s Photography
                                                    participated in the program this        tips for others aspiring to write
                                                    year. Three of her students won         poetry, Savannah said, “Just write
                                                    prizes.                                 what you feel. Don’t write about
                                                        Natalie Tsukada wrote a poem        something you don’t actually care
                                                    entitled “Hooked” and was one of        about. —What’s in your heart.”
                                                    the top five winners in all the sixth       Natalie added that it was good
                                                    grade entries.                          to “write about good memories.”
                                                        Awarded an Honorable Mention            (Unfortunately, Chaz Pangelina
                                                    was Savannah Shumock for her            was not available to be interviewed
                                                    poem, “Home Away From Home”.            before the issue deadline.)
  May 2010            The CMS Courier                                                  Page 2

Yo! Yo! Listen up!     By Mia Masuda & Mackenzie Feldman       tional yo-yo competition.
                                                                  What would you say is the
Meet Punahou’s          I  magine walking down the halls,
                           and ahead you see a national
                                                               key for people in pursuing their
Wizard of the Yo-Yo    champion yo-yoer, who has ap-
                       peared on multiple talk shows.
                                                                  Sounds cliche, but if you never
                                                               give up, you never can fail.
                          Now, where could you find a             What do you like about yo-
                       place with a guy like this? Look        yo-ing?
                       no further than our own Punahou            Yo-yo-ing helps me with my
                                   School.                     hand-eye coordination and gives
                                      Many famous people       me something to do when I’m
                                   with different skills       bored. Also, it’s cool to have a tal-
                                   have graduated from         ent as unique as yo-yo-ing.
                                   Punahou School: Steve          Is your whole family in-
                                   Case, Michelle Wie,         volved in it?
                                   Barack Obama.                  Well, my dad sold yo-yo’s since
                                      Right now though,        the 80s and in 1999 he made over
                                   Case Middle School is       $10,000,000 in Japan selling yo-
                                   home to many talented       yo’s, so it seems that he has a big
                                   young people. The CMS       part in the yo-yo industry, though
                                   Courier sat down with       he doesn’t sell yo-yo’s anymore.
                                   gifted yo-yo wizard,        The rest of my family isn’t too
                                   Evan Nagao, an eighth       involved, but when I’m at competi-
                                   grader.                     tions, they cheer me on.
                                      How old were you            Evan, you were on Jay Leno;
                                   when you started yo-        tell us a little about that.
                                   yo-ing?                        The Tonight Show was the cool-
                                      I was just a one year    est show to be on! Everyone from
                                   old when I started.         the cast was extremely nice and I
                                      Who inspired you         got to ride in Jay Leno’s fire truck.
                                   to start and keep it           How many yo-yo’s do you
Evan Nagao                        up?                          have?
                          I actually taught myself how to         I have about 1,000 maybe? I
                       yo-yo, so in that, I guess I inspired   don’t really count.
                       myself.                                    What is your favorite yo-yo?
                          How often do you practice               My favorite yo-yo is one called
                       and what motivates you to do            The Mighty Flea. It is the size of a
                       it every day?                           quarter in circumference.
                          I practice about three hours
                       a day when I get bored or have             Evan may have a special tal-
                       some extra time.                        ent, but he worked hard to get to
                          Do you have any sponsors?            where he is today.
                          Yes, I am sponsored by a com-           He isn’t the only one with a
                       pany named Yo-Yo Factory.               talent, and he encourages you to
                          How often do you compete?            pursue your dreams too.
                          I don’t compete very often              Even if yo-yo-ing isn’t your tal-
                       anymore, but I plan to go to many       ent, you can follow the competi-
                       contests this year.                     tions of Evan, because when he
                          Proudest victories?                  become famous, you’ll want to say
                          When I was five, I won a na-         you knew him.

The Famous             By Brandon Yahiro & David Kobayashi     you think about the issue of child
Producer                M     any of us now know the
                              famous 7th grader Matthew
                       Shimura for the terrific and out-
                                                                  Matt started to make movies in
                                                               fourth grade.
                                                                  Matt has won many contests
                       standing videos and movies that         like the “Hawai‘i State Bar As-
                       he creates.                             sociation.” He has also won the
                          If you did not know, the news is     John Fox award just last year at
                       that he won an award for a contest      Punahou as a sixth grader.
                       about child obesity. He took first         Matt does not do all this by
                       place in this contest and went to       himself, though. He says that he
                       Washington, D.C. for his award.         gets help from his mom who drives
                          He was able to meet First            him around and helps him get the
                       Lady Michelle Obama. If you saw         photos or clips for his movie.
                       C-Span, it showed a video from             Matt says that he mostly enjoys
                       Washington D.C. on the awards for       making documentaries. For that
                       the contest.                            reason, his movies all have a cer-
                          Matthew had been working on          tain point to make about an issue
                       this issue before the contest was       he finds interesting.
                       announced. He has done many                Matt was also inspired to do
                       other videos that deal with the         enter this contest by Mrs. Cathy
                       world and issues that he thinks is      Kawano-Ching and since then,
                       important.                              he thought it would be fun so he
                          You can see Matt’s video on          decided to enter. Matt Shimura has
       Matt Shimura    C-Span. He talks about how kids         made a movie so amazing he has
                       do not get enough playing time          beaten thousands of other entries
                       outside and how we have become          and won first place.
                       a fast food nation.                        For Matt it was a great honor
                          The video shows diseases that        and a proud time for him to meet
                       come from fat foods. It makes           the First Lady.
  May 2010                          The CMS Courier                                                         Page 3

Space Camp                                 By Ale Hedlund                              Each team would get its turn to
                                                                                    simulate what it really was like in
for Spring Break                            W      hile most students at
                                                   Punahou were enjoying their
                                           spring break skiing, vacationing,
                                                                                    Mission Control, the ISS (Interna-
                                                                                    tional Space Station) and an Orbit-
                                                                                    ing Space Shuttle.
                                           or relaxing at home, eighteen 7th           Students were assigned a job
                                           and 8th grade students were in           in one of the three environments.
                                           Huntsville, Alabama ... learning         They could be the Flight Director,
                                             about space.                           who maintained the safety, team-
                                                    At 7:00 p.m. Mar. 19th          work and professionalism of the
                                                   (the last day of school          mission, or any of the other work-
                                                     before Spring Break), the      ers in Mission Control who moni-
                                                       eighteen assembled in        tored what was happening in the
                                                         front of Agricultural      Space Station and Orbiter.
                                                          Inspection at the Ho-        In the Orbiter, students could
                                                           nolulu International     be the Commander, Pilot, Payload
                                                           Airport. There were      Specialists or Mission Specialists.
                                                           four seventh graders     The Commander and Pilot con-
                                                           and fourteen eighth      trolled the Orbiter and got instruc-
                                                           graders. All were ex-    tions from Mission Control on what
                                                           cited about the flight   to do. Payload Specialists con-
                                                           ahead.                   ducted experiments in the Orbiter.
                                                             The students slept,    The Mission Specialists got to go
                                                        read, listened to mu-       outside into the simulated Space
                                                       sic, or stayed up talking    and perform an EVA or Extra Ve-
                                                     through an eight-hour          hicular Activity.
                                                  flight to Denver, Colorado.          For the Punahou and California
                                               They then took a shorter two         teams, that was putting together
                                           hour flight to Huntsville, Alabama.      a series of nodes and rods while
                                              A half-hour bus ride later, and       wearing a space suit (complete
                                           they had arrived at the U.S. Space       with helmet) and sitting in a chair-
                                           and Rocket Center. On arrival, the       like contraption that aloud them
                                           campers were acquainted with the         to float as if they were in zero
                                           team leader that would show them         gravity.
                                           around the center before the camp           There were three jobs in the
                                           officially began.                        space station: Station Commander,
                                              With her, they went to differ-        and the two Flight Engineers.
                                           ent museums the center had, saw          Station Commander was helped
                                           Rocket Park (a park with different       by one of the workers in Mission
                                           rockets displayed), and even got         Control, the Mission Scientist, to
                                           to go on rides. Space Shot was a         fix problems that happened on the
                                           towering ride that shot campers up       Space Station.
                                           quickly then brought them down              The Flight Engineers completed
                                           slowly, giving them the feeling of       the pattern of nodes and rods that
                                           weightlessness.                          the Mission Specialists had started
                                              G-Force was a ride shaped in          and conduct other experiments in
                                           almost the same shape as a flying        the Space Station.
                                           saucer. Students were strapped              So that everyone would get a
                                           to the inside walls of the simula-       chance to try something new, the
                                           tor as it spun around. In this ride,     campers had another mission on
                                           students felt the pressure of 3 G’s      the fourth and last full day of camp.
                                           and were even lifted off their feet         The students also participated
                                           when the speed was increased.            in activities like building their own
                                              Other fun activities they did on      space station and Space Bowl.
                                           the first day were the rock climb-          The three teams of mixed
                                           ing wall and the Mars Mission Sim-       Punahou and California students
                                           ulator. The Mars Mission simulator       competed against each other and
                                           featured alien roller coasters, Mars     teams from around the world to
                                           Burgers and country music.               build a space station on the moon
                                              The next day, camp officially         that could do whatever your team
                                           started and the Punahou students         wanted it to do.
                                           were split into three teams: Dei-           There were housing and medi-
                                           mos, Calypso, and Charon. Also           cal centers, but also a few spas,
                                           in their teams were students from        theme parks, and even an under-
                                           two California schools.                  ground water park. Unfortunately,
                                              After meeting their new team          none of the Punahou teams won.
                                           leaders and acquainting them-               Space Bowl was possibly the
                                           selves with their teammates, the         most prepared-for activity at
                                           Punahou and California students          Space Camp. From the day they
                                           started learning.                        had arrived, the students were
                                              Over the next five days, the          already learning all they needed to
                                           teams participated in different          know to win the competition.
                                           activities about space.                     Space Bowl was a Jeopardy-like
                                              They learned about early space        game with all the teams competing
                                           history, the Mercury, Gemini,            against each other for the most
                                           and Apollo missions, different           points. Unlike Jeopardy, how-
                                           space stations and all the differ-       ever, all of the questions revolved
                                           ent parts of a space shuttle. Even       around space and all that the
Space Camp is a blast!                     future plans and ideas about Mars        campers had learned throughout
                    Photos by A. Hedlund   and the Moon were introduced             their time at the camp.
                                           throughout the week.                        On the last day, Friday, the
                                              On the second day, the campers        campers and their teams were
                                           had what was described as one of         presented with the awards their
                                           the most fun activities there: The       teams had won throughout the
                                           Mission.                                                 …continued on page 4
  May 2010                           The CMS Courier                                                         Page 4

Mrs. Ditzel on                              By Kaitlyn Yonamine                          “When I was teaching, there
                                                                                      was a strong need of books on the
Great Beginnings
                                             K    indergarten was a great time
                                                  for all of us. A time that really
                                            helped us all to grow and inspired
                                                                                      education of young children at the
                                                                                      time,” Mrs. Ditzel said.
                                                                                         And that is what inspired her to
                                            us to try harder.                         write her book.
                                               Inspiration drives people to ac-          Is this your first published
                                            complish amazing things.                  book?
                                               And that is exactly what hap-             Mrs. Ditzel says that this was
                                            pened with Kindergarten
                                            teacher, Mrs. Resi Ditzel.
                                               About ten years ago,
                                            Mrs. Ditzel wrote a book
                                            called Great Beginnings.
                                               To get more information
                                            about this, The Courier
                                            had an interview with her
                                            to talk about her book.
                                               What is your book,
                                            Great Beginnings, all
                                               “It basically is about
                                            teaching younger, Kinder-
                                            garten-aged children,” Mrs.
                                            Ditzel said.                              not her first published book. She
                                               As an experienced Kindergarten         has had many more published.
                                            teacher, this was a great book idea       There are two sets, with eight
                                            for her to write. It includes her         books in each, meaning she has 16
                                            teaching methods and gives advice         published books total.
                                            for other Kindergarten teachers. It          She published those around 15
                                            talks about using parental involve-       to 20 years ago.
Above, Mrs. Ditzel’s book. At right,        ment, and has an improved cur-               Are you planning to write
Mrs. Ditzel in her classroom.               riculum.                                  another book?
                     Photo by K. Yonamine
                                               And where did you get your                “Yes, I have more ideas lined
                                            inspiration for this book? Was            up, however there are issues with
                                            it your Kindergarten class that           the companies and actually getting
                                            led you to write this book?               them published, so I’m waiting.”
                                               “Yes, it was definitely the chil-         Mrs. Ditzel doesn’t talk about
                                            dren in my class who inspired me,”        her books much, but she enjoys
                                            she said.                                 her work and inspires us all.

                                            week and certificates that showed            “If we could have done some-
                                            that they had completed Space             thing differently, I think we
  4 SPACE CAMP                              Camp. The Punahou teams won               should’ve launched our rockets,
     …continued from page 3                 many awards, including an award           instead of just taking them home,”
                                            for best mission.                         she said.
                                               Emma Dold ’14 said, “I went               Alex Ashimine ’15 said that, “I
                                            to space camp to have fun. I also         think the best parts were learning
                                            went to learn about space. Even           about the things that happened
                                            though we learned a lot, we also          in space and also, I liked how you
                                            made a ton of friends, both from          practically lived with everyone.”
                                            Punahou and California.”                     When asked if they would go
                                               “I loved the simulators, and the       again, all students interviewed
                                            rides,” said Carly Auyong ’14. “The       replied with comments like “Of
                                            missions were also pretty cool, but       course!” “Most definitely,” and
                                            they were so stressful.”                  “Yes!”

                                            rooms and being an advocate for           once you change positions?
                                            them. I am also passionate about             A: I will miss teaching 8th grad-
  4 NEW SUPERVISOR                          curriculum design and implemen-           ers and helping them develop their
     …continued from page 1                 tation, and the role research plays       mathematical abilities and talents.
                                            in what we do in our classrooms.          In addition, I will miss being part
                                            As a teacher, it’s difficult to find      of a team that works collabora-
                                            the time needed to do any one of          tively to nurture adolescents and
                                            these well. As a Supervisor, I hope       guide them in their journey to
                                            to be able to do all three!               becoming young men and women.
                                               Q: Who will be running the                Q: What is your greatest fear
                                            math team and math club? This             about the new job?
                                            past year Mrs. Leslie Hosoda and I           A: As is the case whenever you
                                            ran the math club and co-coached          try something new, there is always
                                            the math team. Next year, she will        a fear of the unknown, of failure,
                                            be doing both jobs on her own.            and of not being able to live up to
                                               Q: How long have you been              expectations. I am deeply grateful
                                            at Punahou?                               for the support that I have re-
                                               A: I have been a teacher at            ceived from students, parents, and
                                            Punahou for 11 years.                     colleagues, and will do my best to
                                               Q: What will you miss most             not let them down!
 May 2010                                The CMS Courier                                                          Page 5

He Mele No...                                   By Julia Barruga                          retired in 1996, I took over ithe
                                                                                          directorship. Simply put, I follow in

                                                 M    ay Day is an important
                                                      holiday celebrated all over
                                                the world. May Day falls on the first
                                                                                          the footsteps of my family.”
                                                                                               Who usually puts things to-
                                                                                          gether? (The dances, speakers,
                                                day of May. Hawai’i has celebrated        costumes, etc.)
                                                May Day, also                                                       Hattie Phil-
                                                called Lei Day,                                                  lips: “For the
                                                ever since                                                       CMS program,
                                                1928. The                                                        the senior
                                                Punahou School                                                   student direc-
                                                7th and 8th                                                      tors select the
                                                graders have                                                     theme which
                                                celebrated May                                                   is the same
                                                Day ever since                                                   for the Holoku
                                                1966.                                                            Pageant and
                                                   May Day                                                       the student
                                                was started by                                                   directors and
                                                Don Blanding,                                                    adult instruc-
                                                an American                                                     tors select the
                                                poet. His friend                                                dances accord-
                                                Grace Tower                                                     ing to theme.
                                                Warren began                                                    They teach the
                                                the phrase,                                                     dances and also
                                                “May Day is Lei                                                 select costumes
                                                Day in Hawai‘i.”                                                and accessories.
                                                Punahou School                                                  I do the narra-
                                                has the chance                                                  tion.”
                                                to celebrate this                                                   How did
                                                holiday with                                                    you prepare
                                                hula and song.                                                  the costumes?
                                                   On April 29, Case Middle School        Who made them? Were there
                                                celebrateed its May Day using the         any costs?
                                                theme, “He Mele No...” The pro-               Hattie Phillips: “Most costumes
                                                                     ductions were        are purchased from manufactur-
                                                                     dedicated to the     ers. The student directors and adult
                                                                     late Mr. Dave        instructors select the costumes
                                                                     Eldredge, who        and follow through with the mea-
                                                                     started the 7th      surements and fittings and order-
                                                                     and 8th grade        ing. We use manufacturers like
                                                                     May Day Pro-         Manuheali‘i, C C Fashions, Iolani
                                                                     grams as well        Sportwear, Jams World, and Hawai‘i
                                                                     as the Holoku        Mercantile. We also have individu-
                                                                     Pageant.             ally contracted seamstresses. Yes,
                                                                        This year’s       there are costs.”
                                                                     king and queen           Some students of the May Day
                                                                     were Davis Mi-       court also responded to questions.
                                                                     yashiro-Saipa’ia         These students have been prac-
                                                                     and Kim-Hee          ticing for many months to prepare
                                                                     Wong. The            for May Day. They usually practiced
                                                                     princesses were      during the week or weekends for
                                                                     Uluwehi Kang,        several hours.
                                                                     representing the         Here are a few questions that
                                                                     island of Hawai‘i,   they answered.
                                                                    Roxy Kiessling,           How did it feel like to be a
                                                representing the island of Maui,          part of May Day?
                                                Kalei Akau, representing the island           The queen, Kim-Hee Wong, said,
                                                of O‘ahu, Kaci Tavares, represent-        “It felt wonderful to be a part of
                                                ing the island of Kaua‘i, Lia Mausolf,    May Day.” She also said that she’s
                                                representing the island of Moloka‘i,      been dancing in May Day ever since
                                                Becky Yim, representing the island        Kindergarten, “so being queen
                                                of Lana’i, Mimi Yee, representing         this year was just the icing on the
                                                the island of Ni‘ihau, and Kealo-         cake.”
                                                hilani Myers-Rosa, representing the           The king, David Miyashiro-
                                                island of Kaho‘olawe.                     Saipa’ia, said, “It felt good to be
                                                   Here are some questions that           a part of something that has been
                                                Mrs. Hattie Phillips, director of the     a great tradition here at Punahou,
                                                program, answered.                        especially when we gave the tribute
                                                   How long have you been in-             to the late passing of Dave El-
                                                volved in May Day? Why do you             dredge.”
                                                choose to be involved in May                  Noa Ah Nee, one of the kahili
                                                Day?                                      bearers, said that it was fun and
                                                   Hattie Phillips: “My mother knew       that he got closer with his friends.
                                                Don Blanding, who began May Day               What was your favorite part
                                                in 1928. She was just a recent            of May Day?
                                                graduate of Punahou at that time.             Mimi Yee, the princess of the
                                                Wherever my mother taught, she            island of Ni‘ihau, said that her
                                                started May Day at that school. So        favorite part was performing for her
                                                I’ve been involved with May Day           classmates and showing her love
                                                since childhood. My brother Da-           for hula, while Kaci Tavares, the
                                                vid started the middle school and         princess of the island of Kaua‘i, said
    Photos courtesy of Sterling’s Photography   Holoku Pageant when I was in high         that her favorite part was danc-
                                                school, so I’ve been involved with        ing to her song “Ka Makani Kaili
                                                May Day and Holoku at Punahou             Aloha.” She said, “I love to dance
                                                since then. When my brother                                …continued on page 6
  May 2010                           The CMS Courier                                                          Page 6

Ping-Pong: Sixth                            By Nate Lohr                               Plenty of people entered in the
                                                                                   December ping-pong tournament.
Grade Stars Shine                            W     hen you arrive at school and
                                                   go to your team space in the
                                            morning, you will probably hear
                                                                                       From beginner to advanced,
                                                                                   all of the participants had a great
                                            the noise of paddles hitting ping-         Since Punahou’s tennis program
                                            pong balls.                            is great, meaning that we also
                                               Ping-pong is a favorite past time   have a lot of good ping-pong play-
                                            of people ranging in ages.             ers as well.
                                               The game was invented in the            Something that some people
                                                     1800s in Britain. It was      don’t know is that our supervi-
                                                     called “whif whaf,” and       sor, Mr. Koshiba, also plays a little
                                                     was played on a table with    ping-pong himself.
                                                     books as the net, books           In 2008, Ma Lin won the table
                                                     as the paddles, and a golf    tennis gold medal, his first ever.
                                                     ball for the ball.                Unlike many people, Lin started
                                                        Now the game is much       at five years old, and was on the
                                                     more advanced, using          Chinese national team at the age
                                                     rubber paddles, lighter       of just 14.
                                                     ping-pong balls, and a            Lin is a perfect example that no
                                                     real net.                     matter how young or how old you
                                                        Every team space in        are, whether you are the best in
                                                     6th grade has a ping-pong     the world, or just starting, we can
                                                     table and many star play-     all have fun when we play ping-
                                                     ers.                          pong.

8th Grade Parents?                          By Flora Zhu & Kapri Lisehora          be doing.)
                                                                                        Students of Team 8Z were

                                             Y   ou’ve heard the controversy
                                                 over teen parents, but not too
                                            long ago, you
                                                                                   called up in social studies class and
                                                                                   randomly picked genders of their
                                                                                                           babies from a
                                            just saw our                                                   brown paper
                                            very own 8th                                                   bag.
                                            graders carrying                                                  Faces were
                                            their own five                                                 drawn on the
                                            pound babies!                                                  babies and
                                               Team 8Z,                                                    they were all
                                            8Y, and 8W                                                     very unique
                                            students were                                                  and interesting
                                            required to                                                    and some were
                                            buy their five                                                 dressed up quite
                                            pound rice bag                                                 nicely.
                                            and bring them to social studies            At the end of the assignment,
                                            wrapped in a paper bag and later       the rice bags were donated to the
                                            were gifted with a baby girl or boy    Hawai‘i Food Bank.
                                            to take care of.                            Students were also required to
                                               Team 8Z was required to take        fill out an evaluation form of their
                                            care of their babies for a whole       performance with the baby over the
                                            school week and Team 8W had to         course of the assignment.
                                            care of theirs for four days.               After the assignment was com-
                                               Team 8Y had to take care of their   pleted, teenagers realized the re-
                                            babies for three school days plus      sponsibility of a child was too much
They may only be rice, but they are         one weekend day. Students were         to handle during school.
surely nice: rice babies all dressed        partnered up to work together.              All in all, 8th graders realized that
up and two proud parents.                      (At press time, Team 8X had         it’s a tough job to be a parent at
                      Photos by CMS Staff   been unsure about what they would      such a young age.

                                            hula and it made it so much more       She said that being a princess was
                                            fun to dance with other people that    awesome.
  4 MAY DAY                                 shared the same passion as me.”           Why did you choose to audi-
     …continued from page 5                    Kedrick Leong and Kainoa Mc-        tion to be a princess?
                                            Cauley, kahili bearers, said that         Becky Yim, the princess of
                                            their favorite part of May Day was     the island of Lana‘i said that she
                                            having two days off.                   wanted a greater role than dancing
                                               Are there any disadvantages         two dances such as the kahiko or
                                            in being a princess?                   the ‘auana. She wanted to repre-
                                               Kalei Akau, the princess of the     sent an island.
                                            island of O‘ahu, said that the only       What are the purposes of the
                                            disadvantage was having to pay for     kahili bearer?
                                            the flowers and lei. She also said        Nathan Stoker, a kahili bearer,
                                            that having her parents involved       said that his purpose as a kahili
                                            and having them decorate the           bearer was to protect the princess
                                            gym and prepare the flowers was        and represent the island.
                                            a disadvantage. Kealohilani Myers-        Another kahili bearer, Noa Ah
                                            Rosa, the princess of the island of    Nee, said that as a kahili bearer he
                                            Kaho‘olawe, said that there were no    is a sign of royalty and is repre-
                                            disadvantages in being a princess.     senting the island.
  May 2010                              The CMS Courier                                                         Page 7

A Legacy for Hawai‘i?                          By Libby Hoffenberg                        The state of Hawai‘i is cam-
                                                                                       paigning to have the library here.

                                                A    ll over the country from New
                                                     York to Iowa to California,
                                               presidents have
                                                                                          Presidents usually establish their
                                                                                       legacy in either their birthplace or
                                                                                                            a place that has
                                               left their legacy                                            been important
                                               by establishing                                              to them politi-
                                               a presidential                                               cally.
                                               library in the                                                  It is assumed
                                               location of their                                            that Obama will
                                               choice.                                                      chose to put the
                                                  This tradition                                            library in Hawai‘i
                                               started with                                                 or in Illinois.
                                               Herbert Hoover,                                                 If the people
                                               who chose his                                                of Hawai‘i suc-
                                               home state of Iowa                                           ceed in getting
                                               for his library.                                         Obama to found the
                                                  Since Herbert                                         library in Hawai‘i,
                                               Hoover, all of the                                       there would be infi-
                                               presidents have                                          nite benefits to the
                                               continued the tradi-                                     state.
                                               tion, the last being                                        The library
                                               George W. Bush,                                          would not cost very
                                               who founded his                                          much, as most of
Center, above: Bill Clinton’s library          library in Texas.                                        the funding needed
in Little Rock, Arkansas; below,                  However, these                                        to establish and
John F. Kennedy’s library and mu-              libraries aren’t like                                    construct the library
seum in Boston, MA.                            the ones that have                                       would be supplied
                    Photos from the Internet   your favorite mys-                                       by the president’s
                                               teries or the newest CDs.                                private fund and the
                                                  These archives house all of the      federal government.
                                               important artifacts and documents          It would create new jobs and
                                               of one president.                       stimulate the local economy and
                                                  Some of these estates include        would boost tourism even more.
                                               museums and gift shops as well.            The archives would be an inspi-
                                                  These libraries are perfect for      ration to Hawai‘i’s students, who
                                               fun, educational visits or in-depth     see Barack Obama as a role model.
                                               research.                                  It would create opportunities for
                                                  So, where will President             Hawai‘i’s youth, from fascinating
                                               Obama’s library be located?             field trips to summer internships.

Hawai‘i’s Beaches                              By Kristen Takebayashi                  building of seawalls and jetties ironi-
                                                                                       cally also contribute to the loss.
Are Washing Away                                D    o you like going to the beach
                                                     during the summer? You might
                                               want to go to the pool instead be-
                                                                                          Hawai‘i’s beaches are also a
                                                                                       habitat to many plants and animals,
                                                                                       including some endangered animals
                                               cause the sand on Hawai‘i’s beaches     such as green sea turtles, which
                                               is washing away.                        lay their eggs on the beaches, and
                                                  Many tourists come to Hawai‘i        monk seals, which give birth to their
                                               for the nice weather and beaches.       pups there.
                                               Hawai‘i gets around 11.4 billion dol-      On Waikiki Beach, during high
                                               lars from tourists each year.           tide, water now runs into a hotel bar
                                                  Around 2% of our beaches are         by the beach.
                                               eroding. A quarter of O‘ahu’s shore-       Some officials want to pump in
                                               line, 25 percent, has washed away       sand from off-shore to an area be-
                                               and 70 percent of Kaua‘i’s sand has     tween The Royal Hawaiian Hotel and
                                               eroded away. About 20 percent of        the Duke Kahanamoku statue. The
                                               Maui’s sand is gone. Our coastal        project would cost around 2 million
                                               erosion rates range from 0.5 to 1 ft.   to 3 million dollars. The state hopes
                                               per year. Rising sea levels are not     some hotels and the tourism au-
                                               the only reason sand is eroding—the     thority will contribute to the project.

Hawaiian Airlines                              By Jared Kim & Hunter Lee               Airlines and myself?”
                                                                                          Hawaiian Airlines CEO Mark
Gets Its First Airbus                           H    awaiian Airlines received the
                                                     first Airbus model, also known
                                               as the A330-200, on Apr. 28.
                                                                                       Dunkerly stated in a recent news-
                                                                                       cast that, “The efficiency of these
                                                                                       Airbus aircrafts will improve our
                                                   A traditional Hawaiian celebra-     bottom line and please both our
                                               tion was planned and filmed, com-       passengers and crews with the
                                               plete with the sprinkling of Hawai-     improved performance and ameni-
                                               ian salt on the grounds of the plane    ties.”
                                               so that it will always have a safe         CIT Aerospace (Controlled Inter-
                                               flight and that it has lots of luck.    ceptor Trainer) is leasing the new
                                                   Hawaiian is scheduled to get ten    craft to Hawaiian.
                                               of these new airbuses.                     Hawaiian Airlines is scheduled to
                                                   Some people ask: “How would         get a delivery of the other leased
                                               having the Airbus benefit Hawaiian      Airbuses in May through November.
  May 2010                          The CMS Courier                                                            Page 8

Kōkua Hawai‘i                              By Mia Masuda                              Ziggy Marley, blues singer Taj Ma-
                                                                                      hal, Maui-born Anuhea, and Jack
Foundation’s Sixth                          I  t all started in 2003 when Jack
                                               and Kim Johnson founded the
                                                                                      Johnson himself.
                                                                                         Jack Johnson has been quoted
Annual Kōkua Festival                      Kōkua Hawai‘i Foundation, a non-
                                           profit organization in efforts to
                                           promote environmental awareness
                                           in schools.
                                              The foundation originally set up
                                                                 recycle pro-
                                                                 grams in a few
                                                                 schools, now
                                                                 55 schools are
                                                                 involved in this
                                                                 program. Their
                                                                 projects ex-
                                                                 panded to offer
                                                                 school lunch
                                                                 initiatives, envi-
                                                                 ronmental field
                                                                 trips, and eco-      as saying that he picks artists
                                                                 grant opportu-       he likes, rather than the ones he
                                                                 nities for public    thinks will sell tickets. Johnson is
                                                                                                           also adamant
                                                                                                           about finding
                                                                                                           more sustain-
                                                                                                           able ways to live
                                                                                                           by recording his
                                                                                                           entire new al-
                                                                                                           bum using solar
                                           school teachers.                                                energy, running
                                              But in 2004,                                                 all production
                                           they took it to a                                               vehicles on bio-
                                           whole new level                                                 diesel, and pro-
                                           by setting up an-                                               moting recycling
                                           nual fund-raising                                               in every venue
     “It’s definitely a                    concerts for the
                                           Foundation, with
                                                                                                           he performs at.
                                                                                                               Jack Johnson
                                           the goal to edu-                                                loves the en-
     Hawai‘i thing.                        cate about the                                                  vironment and
                                                                                                           isn’t just talking
                                           environment while
     The Festival is                       entertaining the
                                           audience with
                                                                                                           the talk.
                                                                                                               He matches
                                           music.                                                          his music with
     offering learning                        Ever since, the                                              his values.
                                           shows have been extremely popu-               Not only does the benefit focus
     opportunities to                      lar, with tickets selling out in just
                                           12 minutes in 2008.
                                                                                      on music, but on eco-businesses
                                                                                      and environmental non-profits.
     the entire state.”                       After a brief year’s hiatus, the
                                           popular Kōkua Festival hosted
                                                                                         “A main goal for us is to pro-
                                                                                      mote the local economy” says
                                           its sixth annual benefit concert           Natalie McKinney, Director of
          —Natalie McKinney                on April 23 and 24 at the Waikiki          Programs and Development for
                                           Shell. The lineup this year was            the Kōkua Hawai‘i Foundation.
                                           a strong group of environmen-              McKinney also said, “It’s definitely
                                           tally conscious musicians, all             a Hawai‘i thing, The Festival is of-
Clockwise, from top left: Jack             with Hawai‘i ties. Artists included        fering learning opportunities to the
Johnson in front of a big banner           ukulele prodigy Jake Shimabukuro,          entire state.”
at the Festival; the reporter and          multi-Grammy winning singer
her mom enjoying the music; Jack
with longer hair; the crowds at the
event were enormous.
                     Photos by M. Masuda
  May 2010                             The CMS Courier                                                        Page 9

An Unexpected                                 By Libby Hoffenberg                     housing, tanks, and tubing de-
                                                                                      signed to quickly seal the well,
                                               O     n April 20, the Deepwater
                                                     Horizon, a drilling rig near
                                              the Louisiana coast, caught fire,
                                                                                      which it didn’t.
                                                                                         When that didn’t work, the
                                                                                      Coast Guard tried a controlled
                                              sending enormous flames into the        burn of the slick on the surface,
                                              air.                                    but the weather stopped that plan.
                                                  Two days later, ironically on          On May 4, engineers were able
                                              Earth day, it sank, and crude oil       to cut off the flow from one of the
                                              started spewing out of a broken         three leaks by sending specially
                                              pipe.                                   designed submersible robots to
                                                  On April 28, government of-         place a valve over the end of a
                                              ficials said there                                           pipe. However,
                                              wasn’t just one                                              this did not de-
                                              leak, there were                                             crease the total
                                              three, and over                                              amount of oil
                                              5,000 barrels of                                             being spilled.
                                              oil were spilling                                               Then BP low-
                                              out of the well                                              ered a contain-
                                              each day, five                                               ment dome,
                                              times what was                                               a four-story
Above, the oil slick spreads; at              previously es-                                               structure weigh-
right, smaller boats try to put out           timated. That’s                                              ing 98 tons, to
the fire from the explosion.                  over 200,000                                                 the ocean floor.
                   Photos from the Internet
                                              gallons gushing                                                 They tried to
                                              out, almost a                                                place it over the
                                              mile below sea level.                   leak, but the dome’s opening was
                                                  The drilling rig was owned          clogging with gas hydrates, crystal
                                              by the oil company BP and was           structures that form when water
                                              previously called one of the most       and gas are mixed.
                                              advanced drilling platforms in the         They tried again with a smaller
                                              world.                                  dome, which avoid the gas hy-
                                                  It had drilled a well in the sea    drates problem, but it wouldn’t be
                                              floor, and the well was almost          able to contain as much of the oil.
                                              complete when it inexplicably              On April 30, the White House
                                              caught fire.                            announce that new offshore drill-
                                                  Attempts to stop the flow failed    ing would not be permitted until
                                              when a safety device called a           the cause for the oil spill was more
                                              “blowout preventer” couldn’t be         thoroughly investigated.
                                              activated. This is a stack of valves,                   …continued on page 11

Fo’ Rail                                      By Ellia Bower                          site, another benefit would be to
                                                                                      give a boost to the local economy.
                                                 The O‘ahu rail system is a              Construction of the rail line is
                                              20-mile rail line that will go from     expected to create 10,000 jobs
                                              west O‘ahu to downtown Honolulu         and increase revenues.
                                              and Ala Moana Center.                      Also according to the site,
                                                 The electric trains carry more       TheRail will further protect our
                                              than 300 passengers each and            environment. Rail transit can
                                              will be able to carry more than         be powered by electricity from
                                              6,000 passengers per hour.              renewable sources and should
                                                                                                decrease the number of
                                                                                                cars on the road.
                                                                                                   The plan is to have rail
                                                                                                transit be affordable for
                                                                                                its users.
                                                                                                   Rides will cost the
                                                                                                same as on TheBus and
                                                                                                TheBoat, come with free
                                                                                                transfers and a monthly
                                                                                                   However, it won’t
                                                 New bus routes will provide                    come cheap.
                                              direct connections to the stations.        The cost of the planned 20-
                                                 The new rail system is de-           mile route through Salt Lake
                                              signed to provide improved mobil-       is estimated to be $5.4 billion,
                                              ity.                                    which is inflated from a 2006 esti-
                                                 The roads and freeways are           mate of $3.7 billion.
                                              usually crowded, limiting our              The growth in the cost over the
                                              ability to get from one side of the     years is causing concern among
                                              island to another.                      citizens worried about whether
                                                 If you need to be at school or       the state can afford such an
                                              work by 8 a.m., you’ll arrive at        extravagant project with its debt
                                              work by 8.                              currently so high.
                                                 Another benefit to the rail sys-        The 20-mile route from East
                                              tem is reliability.                     Kapolei to Ala Moana would open
                                                 There will be just three min-        in late 2018.
                                              utes between rail runs so you              City officials hope to receive
                                              won’t have to check the schedule        final approval of the environmen-
                                              to catch the next one.                  tal impact statement in the latter
                                                 According to the rail plan’s web     half of next year.
  May 2010                                The CMS Courier                                                      Page 10

Eyjafjallajökull                                 By Luke Withy-Berry                        This not only made the days
                                                                                         gloomy in Iceland, but also dis-

                                                  O     n about March 20, 2010,
                                                        the Icelandic volcano, Ey-
                                                 jafjallajokokull (AY-uh-fyat-luh-
                                                                                         rupted air travel in the area.
                                                                                            “It’s a vacation-ruining volcano,
                                                                                         that’s for sure. My dreams of danc-
                                                 YOE-kuutl-uh) began erupting            ing with rainbows and leprechauns
                                                 again. The eruption erupted from        in Ireland are over.” ~Jennifer
                                                 a fissure vent on a popular hik-        Hodges, on Huffington Post
                                                 ing trail, Fimmvörðuháls. This first       The problems in the sky left
                                                                 eruption was smaller    many travelers land stricken.
                                                                 than most geologists    The small particles left in the sky
                                                                 expected.               from the eruption, if caught in an
                                                                     However, after a    airplane engine, can destroy the
                                                                 pause from erupting,    engine, sending the plane to the
                                                                 it erupted on April     ground.
                                                                 14, 2010. Instead          Not only were dust particles
                                                                 of coming from the      a problem, but the eruption also
                                                                 fissure vent, it came   caused electric storms. The air
                                                                 from the center of      space was reopened on April 15,
                                                                 the glacier, causing    after being closed for 6 days.
                                                                 flooding in the area.      A much more active nearby vol-
                                                                     Over 800 civil-     cano, Katla, is surprising Icelandic
                                                                 ians had to evacu-      geologists. The volcano is doing
                                                                 ate the area due to     nothing... completely unlike what
                                                                 the flooding. The       they expected.
                                                                 second eruption was        “The time for Katla to erupt is
                                                                 larger than the first   coming close...we [Iceland] have
                                                                 by about twenty to is high time for Euro-
                                                                 thirty times.           pean governments and airline au-
                                                                     Although the        thorities all over the world to start
                                                                 eruption did not        planning for the eventual Katla
It’s no fun waiting around for vol-                              cause major damage      eruption” ~Ólafur Grímsson
canic ash to settle down—unless                  to the nearby area, it sent volca-         Although Katla has not erupted,
you stay busy building planes.                   nic ash several kilometers into the     and the skies have cleared in Ice-
             Photo courtesy of Huffington Post   sky.                                    land, it sure wasn’t fun.

Steps Towards a                                  By Connor Burch & Brian Jong            net CO2 footprint for all of aviation
                                                                                         to zero.”
Cleaner Airway                                    H     ave you ever seen a pond
                                                        with green algae scum on it?
                                                 Don’t you think that it’s disgust-
                                                                                            That would make the easyJet
                                                                                         Ecojet a budget friendly airplane
                                                                                         as well as an eco-friendly airplane
                                                 ing?                                    as its name might imply.
                                                     Well, Air New Zealand, in part-        The easyJet Ecojet is to be
                                                 nership with Boeing and Aquaflow        named the next generation of
                                                 Bionomic Corporation, is creating a     short-haul super-clean aircraft will
                                                 jet that can run on that scum. Sci-     need to be 25% quieter and would
                                                 ence fiction you say? It isn’t.         emit 50% less CO2 and 75% less
                                                     According to an article by Jorge    NOx (oxides of nitrogen, especially
                                                 Chapa at, “The            atmospheric pollutants) than to-
                                                 process created by Aquaflow, in-        day’s newest aircraft.
                                                 corporates the harvesting of algae         The industries leaders will base
                                                 directly from any nutrient prosper-     the aircraft’s CO2 emissions on the
                                                 ing settling ponds.”                    findings from the latest research.
                                                     This process is also usable in         The estimate is that 25% of the
                                                 many types of excess materials          emissions would come from the
                                                 created by the transport, dairy,        engines, 15% from the lightweight
                                                 meat and paper manufacturers.           airframe, and 10% from improve-
                                                     Chapa explains that this process    ments to air traffic control technol-
                                                 is made possible by “exploiting         ogy and design, totaling 50% less
                                                 the capacity of algae to suck up        emissions than the Boeing 737 and
                                                 the nutrients
                                                 available in the
                                                 settling ponds,
                                                 cleaning up the
                                                 water, which
                                                 can then be
                                                 used on other
                                                 ing the algae
                                                 is followed by
                                                 transforming it
                                                 so that it can
                                                 serve as a fuel
                                                 source.                                 the Airbus A320.
                                                     According to the web site me-          Steps toward a clean energy
                                       , “Boeing’s Dave         future are getting larger everyday.
                                                 Daggett was reported this year          You may hope to see the Air New
                                                 as saying algae ponds totalling         Zealand pond-scum jet and the
                                                 34,000 square kilometers could          easyJet Ecojet at airports in the
                                                 produce enough fuel to reduce the       near future.
 May 2010                   The CMS Courier                                                Page 11

The iLove & iHate            Review by Jae Won Choi
                              & Hoseung Lee
                                                                     browsing on the Internet while you
                                                                     are writing a report for your teach-
of the iPad                                                          er. You would have to go back and

                              W     atch out Nook and Kindle!
                                    Steve Jobs has done it
                             again. Another revolutionary prod-
                                                                     forth to get the information you
                                                                     need. You will have to look forward
                                                                     to this feature in iPhone OS 4.0,
                             uct, the iPad. There are already        which is going to be introduced in
                             thousands of apps made for the          June. There will also be an update
                             iPad. But did he also foresee these     for the iPad, but it won’t come out
                             new flaws that now face the iPad?       until fall. Two reconfigured apps,
                                Yes, believe it or not, The iPad     Pages and Keynote, were a disap-
                              does have some problems. iPad          pointment. These two apps are not
                               owners sent millions of com-          really considered professional.
                                plaints to Apple, from horrible         Cost. The cheapest iPad doesn’t
                                 Wi-Fi to headaches. My partner      come with 3G coverage. If you
                                 and I didn’t really didn’t know     want that, add another $129. Want
                                  what to make for our title.        more bad news? That $129 doesn’t
                                   Well now, we know…                cover the $30/month fee you’ll be
                                  The iPad: The Goods, The           paying.
                                  Bads, and The Ugly                    Battery. The battery is built in.
                                      Well iPads do receive good     To break that down for you, you
                             marks, too. After all, it is a supe-    are in trouble if it conks out. This
                             rior piece of touch screen technol-     is why many people hate MacBook
                             ogy. Lets go over the goods first.      Air. So you have to be extra careful.
                               The Goods…                               Built ins. This will take you by
                                 Third Party Support. The iPad       surprise all you Facebook users:
                             will be able to run third-party apps    no camera. No Skype either. No
                             without any adjustments, similar        photos on the go. Seriously, you’d
                             to the iPhone. It also has an iBook     rather have an accelerometer than
                             e-reader app.                           that? Seriously, the iPad is basi-
                                 Good for the consumers. Very        cally just a big iTouch.
                             bad news for Nook and Kindle              And The Ugly…
   We are not saying             Cost. The cheapest iPad has
                             a minimum of 16 GB of storage,
                                                                        What can be done to fix the
                                                                     iPad’s problems?
                             and costs $500. It is ½ of what            1. Put a camera and a real
   that Apple is bad.        other companies predicted. Jobs         phone on the thing. That will be
                             was planning to sell it at a $1000      great…
   We love Apple.            dollars, but then he chose a more
                             affordable price.
                                                                        2. Make it so that it can multi-
                                                                     task. Why is this so hard?
   We just think that            Battery. Ten hours of battery
                             life while watching a video, up
                                                                        3. Add a stylus so people can
                                                                     draw and take notes on the iPad.
                             to a month in standby! Well, at            4. Make it cheaper.
   Apple should have         least that’s what Jobs says. It is         5. Give it a handle. Why not?
                             also 1.5 pounds, which is at least         6. Do something more special.
   been more creative..      three times less than your newly
                             born sibling’s weight. Though light
                                                                        The iPad is not really better
                                                                     than the MacBook or the iPod,
                             for its size, some consumers still      even though the goal was for the
         —The Reviewers      thought it was a little heavy.          iPad to be a whole new different
                                 Built ins. The iPad has a digital   category. We are not saying that
                             compass, a 3-GB assisted GPS,           Apple is bad. We love Apple. We
                             and accelerometer, a light sensor,      just think that Apple should have
                             Apple’s homemade 1 GHz A4 chip,         been more creative.
                             and is multitouch-compatible,              We think that it is the best sys-
                             so the iPad is supposed to run          tem in the all-round.
                             smooth.                                    But we think that Apple should
                               Now the Bads…                         really work harder on the iPad and
                                Third Party Support. The iPad        then focus on all the practical op-
                             is running on iPhone’s operating        erating systems like Snow Leopard
                             system. No OS X. This means no          which we know is still going to be
                             multitasking. Which means no            a big success for Apple.

                                On May 12, an investigation             One is the smaller version of the
                             showed that a safety mechanism          dome they used before, sort of like
 4 OIL SPILL                 was supposed to seal the under-         a big funnel that would channel
   …continued from page 9    sea well, but it could have failed      the oil to the surface.
                             because of a hydraulic leak.               Another plan is to drill another
                                The people at BP aren’t the only     well into the failed well.
                             ones suffering.                            This would lower the pressure
                                Fishermen who relied on clean        on the first well, allowing a con-
                             water were not allowed to fish and      crete plug to be placed into it to
                             had to keep their boats anchored,       shut it down. This well could pos-
                             posing a serious threat to their        sibly be used for oil in the future.
                             livelihood.                                Perhaps the most obscure plan,
                                Some others are doing what           ground-up rubber and plastic
                             they can to help clean up some of       would be injected down a three
                             the oil, using garbage bags and         inch hose into the surface of the
                             whatever they can find to collect       blowout preventer.
                             the oil.                                   The rubber and plastic would
                                So, what next?                       then be caught between the par-
                                BP has a few plans in mind for       tially opened teeth of the blowout
                             how to stop the disaster.               preventer.
   May 2010               The CMS Courier                                                 Page 12

Just in Case:              By Zack Dang & Connor Lee                    Emma Whitely ’15: “A few
                                                                    years ago I went swimming at a
Craziest Summers            S   ome people want to relax and
                                enjoy their summer vacation
                           but others like to be more on the
                                                                    hotel at one in the morning even
                                                                    though it was closed.”
                                                                        Makana Valdez ’14: “One
                           wild side.                               summer I was at a hotel and they
                              We asked a bunch of people for        had a really big slide leading into
                           this edition of Just In Case: What       the pool, but instead of going feet
                           was the craziest thing that you’ve       first I went on my stomach and it

Mr. Agena,                                   done during            really hurt when I hit the water.”
Robbie, Emma,                                summer vaca-              Weston Kogachi ’15: “During
Makana,                                      tion?                  the summer I fell off a small roller
Weston, Joe,                                    Mr. Agena,          coaster because I was playing
Emily & Bren.                                Summer School          around. The strap broke on the
 Photos by CMS Staff &                       Director: “Once        way down a slope and I fell out.”
 Sterling’s Photography                      I worked for              Joe Saula ’15: “I was riding my
                                             my dad’s pest          scooter last summer and I got hit
                                             control business       by a car. My back was really sore
                                             and I killed rats      but I didn’t go to the hospital so I
                           at Makai Market. It’s built over a       could still play sports. I broke his
                           sewer line and at night there are        side mirror.”
                           thousands of rats everywhere. My            Emily Hirao ’14: “Once I was
                           advice: NEVER EAT THERE.”                in Japan and I was on a bus when
                              Robbie Kaya ’14: “Once I              a deaf man was trying to com-
                           was on the Big Island. Me and            municate with me through sign
                           my friend were playing with laser        language.”
                           pointers and we pointed it at a             Bren Sugimoto ’16: “Once I
                           woman. Someone else thought it           slid down a 7.5 feet high bowl with
                           was a bug and slapped her.”              my skateboard.”

Summer Around              By Korilyn Okamoto
                            & Stephanie Iwasaki
                                                                    Zealand, but still want to enjoy the
                                                                    nice, cool air, there are other alter-
the World                                                           natives. Another place you could

                            D     o want to go on a summer
                                  vacation in the southern part
                           of the world? You might want to go
                                                                    travel to is Australia.
                                                                        June to August is also winter in
                                                                    Australia. The temperatures there
                           somewhere else unless you want           range from the high 40s to the low
                           to celebrate Christmas during the        60s F.
                           summer, and freeze in the cold.              Don’t worry, you won’t get
                                                    We all know     bored: there are a lot of fun activi-
                                                that when it is     ties you can enjoy while you are
                                                summer here,        in Australia. These are the best
                                                it is a different   months to go skiing and enjoy
                                                season some-        other fun snowy activities.
                                                where else. Here        The ski season starts on
                                                is your guide to    Queen Elizabeth II’s birthday holi-
                                                plan the right      day weekend in June, and ends on
                                                vacation with       the labor day weekend in October.
                                                your family or      You can ski in New South Wales,
                                                friends.            Victoria, or Tasmania.
                                                    If you want         Here is another place you could
                                                to go to New        go for a nice, cool summer. You
                                                Zealand in our      could go to Argentina. Winter in
                                                summer, you         Argentina is also June to August
                           should pack warm clothes because         and the temperatures range from
                           if you expect a warm-sunny vaca-         the 40s to the 50s F.
                           tion, you will freeze to death.              There is skiing, snowboarding,
                               Winter in New Zealand is from        and freeriding. Freeriding is a dis-
                           June to August, which is our sum-        cipline of snowboarding. You could
                           mer here. The average maximum            also go sightseeing. One of the
                           temperature in New Zealand’s             popular places to go sightseeing
                           winter is 50˚to 60˚F.                    would be Perito Moreno glacier. It’s
                               The New Zealand ski season is        a landscape of white and blue ice.
                           from June to August. There are               So if you plan on going on a
                           multiple celebrations and fun-filled     summer vacation in these places,
                           winter festivals. So, if you don’t       remember that it is not a hot sum-
                           like the hot summer here, you            mer there. If you like the cold then
                           should visit New Zealand to enjoy        you can plan the right vacation. So
                           a nice, cool vacation.                   if you forget, here is your guide to
                               If you don’t want to go to New       survive the summer’s winter.
 May 2010        The CMS Courier                                               Page 13

Summer Fun        By Kaitlyn Yonamine                    classes involving cooking, dance,
                                                         and robotics.

                   S   chool ends in less than a
                       week, on June 2nd—it’s com-
                  ing so fast!
                                                            However there are also educa-
                                                         tional classes, which are very good
                                                         to take, so you may brush up on
                     There’s a lot of talk about how     what you learned, as most kids
                  Summer 2010 is going to be great.      forget what they learned over the
                  There are many ways for you to         summer.
                  spend your summer.                                  Another alternative
                     For instance, there                           to vacations or summer
                  are trips or vacations.                          school, is just staying at
                     Whether you’re go-                            home. Staying at home
                  ing all the way to Hong                          may seem boring, how-
                  Kong, Tokyo, or Hol-                             ever there are things
                  lywood; or even just                             you can do. You can go
                  to one of the neighbor                           shopping. There are many
                  islands, going on a trip with your     great shopping centers, such as
                  friends or family is a great way to    Ala Moana, Kahala, or Pearlridge.
                  spend quality time with them.             There are also a lot of movies
                     Some people spend only a week       coming out over the summer, such
                  or two at their travel destination,    as The Karate Kid, Twilight Saga:
                  however some may spend a longer        Eclipse, and The Last Airbender.
                  time than that. Either way, trips         Something else you can do over
                  are great ways to spend the sum-       the summer is summer camp.
                  mer.                                      At summer camp you can go
                     Another thing to do over the        swimming, play sports, do art, and
                  summer, is summer school. Even         even make new friends.
                  though summer school doesn’t              There are many types of camps
                  really seem like the most exciting     here in Hawai‘i, such as surf
                  way to spend your summer, it can       camps, or volleyball camps. Some
                  also be really fun.                    of them are overnight, and some
                     For instance, Punahou Summer        are just for the day.
                  School offers many classes. There         No matter what way you spend
                  are classes for art, music, sports,    your summer—be safe, and have
                  and much more. There’s also            fun!

Boring Summers    By Tia Lovell & Madeline Boyle         ward, the vampire; and Jacob, the
Begone!            D    o you usually get really bored
                        during the summer? Then
                  this article is for you!
                                                            Another movie is Harry Pot-
                                                         ter and the Deathly Hallows: Part
                                                                     1.You may think, ”Hey,
                  Here are some books                                why does it say Part 1?”
                  and movies this sum-                               Well, this movie is being
                  mer to watch and read.                             split into two parts. The
                      One movie coming                               first part comes out on
                  out this summer is The                             November 16, and the
                  Sorcerer’s Apprentice.                             second will come out in
                  The movie comes out                                July 2011. This movie
                  on July 16. In this mov-                           is about Harry, Ron,
                  ie, a sorcerer named                               and Hermione as they
                  Balthazar Blake is living                          travel around England,
                  in New York City. When                             trying to find Volde-
                  a force of evil appears,                           mort’s weakest part: his
                  Balthazar is forced to                             Horcruxes. (A horcrux is
                  take a teen under his                              a little bit of a person’s
                  wing and train him to be                          soul put into an item.)
                  a sorcerer. Together, will they be     Along the way, they discover
                  able to save New York City?            more about themselves and use
                      Many people have probably al-      their wizarding powers to the full
                  ready seen the commercial for the      extent.
                  movie Despicable Me. It has small         But what would summer be
                  pill-shaped creatures that are sure    without some books to read? Here
                  to encourage a laugh. In the mov-      are a few:
                  ie, an evil guy named Gru lives in        Mockingjay:
                  a dark, scary house. He has built         In the previous books, Hunger
                  up a huge army of small creatures,     Games and Catching Fire, Katniss
                  and is planning to steal… the          Everdeen survived the Hunger
                  moon. But when orphaned girls          Games twice.
                  show up and start to call him Dad,        Now in Mockingjay, she is still
                  will Gru’s plan be abolished?          alive and the Capitol wants her
                      This summer, the third install-    arrested. Her family, friends and
                  ment of the twilight movies,           District 12 aren’t safe.
                  Eclipse, comes out! This teen sen-        Will Katniss find a safe place to
                  sation will probably attract lots of   live?
                  people, so be sure to get a ticket        In this great adventure, read
                  soon. It comes out on July 30. In      about Katniss and her family
                  the movie, Bella is back in Forks.     struggling to survive in the future
                  Lots of attacks are happening, and     North America.
                  the Cullen family suspects that           This book by Suzanne Collins is
                  vampires are involved. Meanwhile,      coming out on August 24, 2010.
                  Bella has to decide between Ed-                        …continued on page 14
 May 2010                    The CMS Courier                                               Page 14

Twittering: Now an            By Amanda Nakanishi & Yeseul Do            Apple just came out with the
                                                                      iPad, would this be something
Option for Schools             T   witter is a popular networking
                                   system created by Jack Dors-
                              ey. Each “tweet” has a maximum of
                                                                      schools might use also?
                                                                         A number of schools have pur-
                                                                      chased iPads and are already test-
                              140 characters per message. Some        ing them in their school environ-
                              schools have been using Twitter in      ments. I am very optimistic about
                              their classrooms.                       the role the iPad can play in an
                                 Mrs. Judy Beaver has an iPhone       educational setting.
                              and an iPad and is looking forward         What are your thoughts on
                              to using both in a school setting.      this new trend?
                              Mrs. Beaver has been teaching here         I love iPods and iPads—in fact—
                              at Punahou for 26 years and during      I just purchased an iPad! I
                              that time has had many jobs here.           believe that mobile technol-
                                 She’s been a teacher, a supervi-     ogy will continue to transform
                              sor, Director of Human Resources        the educational environment. The
                              and her current position is Director    iPad is an amazing tool in terms of
                              of Instructional Technology.            content delivery. We can download
                                 In other words, her job is to        etexts, music, games, apps, and
                              combine technology into the             easily surf the internet.
                              school’s curriculum.                       The applications that have been
                                 She says, “The part of my job        created for the iPod touch and
                              that I enjoy the most is research       iPad are truly astonishing and offer
                              and development. I enjoy learning       unique learning opportunities. I
                              about new emerging technologies         look forward to testing the iPad in
                              and thinking about how they might       a classroom setting.
                              be used to improve teaching and            What would happen if a
                              learning. It is very rewarding to       student did not have a phone,
                              work with teachers as they explore      laptop, or some other electron-
                              ways to improve the learning envi-      ic device?
                              ronment for our students.”                 I think that students who are
                                 We asked Mrs. Beaver about this      denied technology are at a disad-
                              subject.                                vantage.
                                 We heard about the twit-                Technology tools permit stu-
                              tering in class for discussions.        dents to connect with classrooms
                              Would this be something we              and students from around the
                              might do in the future?                 world. It allows us to explore
                                 Twitter is a social network that     original sources and to connect
                              allows members to send very short       with people with different per-
                              messages or “tweets” of no more         spectives.
                              than 140 characters. This form of          It is important that students
                              communication is sometimes called       know how to acquire information
                              microblogging. Some schools have        from the internet and are able to
                              experimented with using twitter in      analyze and think critically about
                              their classrooms, and I have seen       that information.
                              some very interesting uses of this         Technology is a terrific tool for
                              type of technology for teaching and     fostering creativity and innovation.
                              learning.                                  It encourages each and ev-
                                 Yes, I do think this is some-        ery one of us to be creators and
                              thing that students might do in         producers of original content, and
                              the future! We are very interested      that content can take many forms
                              in developing a school wide social      including podcasts, books, blogs,
                              network, but we want to make            music, videos, websites, games,
                              sure the environment is safe and        robots, and animations.
                              that students are taught to use            How is this better than our
                              technology tools such as microblog-     system now?
                              ging in a responsible manner. We           I think our students at Punahou
                              are always looking for technology       are very fortunate. We have many
                              solutions that will add value to the    technology resources available for
                              learning experience.                    both teachers and students.

                                 Storm Warning:                       ents and Sam has to fight with his
                                 In the series, Amy and Dan have      werewolf past.
 4 SUMMER READING             to find treasures.                         A new wolf named Cole and a
   …continued from page 13       Now, Amy and Dan have to go          human Isabelle join the crew. This
                              to the seas as they follow a trial of   book is a love story that gives both
                              ancestors to track down a long lost     sides of love, bad and good.
                              treasure.                                  Will Sam and Grace be able to
                                 The discovery is of the Madrigals’   be together? Read this book by
                              most hazardous secret and the cor-      Maggie Stiefvater that is coming
                              rect identity of the man in black.      out on July 20, 2010 to find out.
                                 How will they find the treasure?        Only the Good Spy Young:
                              Read this book by Linda Sue Park           In the other books of the series,
                              when it comes out on May 25, 2010       Cammie has had challenges being a
                              to find out.                            spy. Now, in this book, Cammie and
                                 Linger:                              her friends are looking for answers.
                                 In the first book, Shiver, you          If you haven’t read the other
                              meet Grace and Sam.                     three books, you should, because
                                 Now is Linger, Grace and Sam         many teen girls love this series.
                              have to fight to be together.              This book comes out on June 29,
                                 Grace has to disobey her par-        2010.
 May 2010           The CMS Courier                                                 Page 15

Where Your Steak     By Shirley Lin, Michelle Nagata,
                      & Michele Miao
                                                                 Some things on that scor-
                                                              ing sheet include environmental
Really Comes From                                             enrichment for pigs, reducing dark
                                                              cutters and bruises, training proce-
                     Temple Grandin                           dures, and effective stunning meth-
                        If you had ever seen the chain-       ods for cattle and pigs. She created
                     mail about the cruel animal slaugh-      methods of stunning and slaughter
                     ter in China, you know how awful         that minimize pain and stress.
                     and inhumane it is. But how is              Temple Grandin is a strong ad-
                            the mistreatment of animals       vocate for the humane treatment
                            in slaughter houses being         of animals. Many famous celebri-
                            solved?                           ties you all know are advocates of
                               Dr. Temple Grandin is          humane treatment of animals too.
                            someone who spoke for the         Organizations like PETA and web-
                            animals—a woman who made          sites like are great eye-
                            the killing of animals for your   openers to where your steak really
                            meals slightly more humane.       comes from.
                               Temple Grandin was diag-
                            nosed as autistic at age two.
                            Her nanny would play games           Have you ever looked down at
                            that helped with memory and       your breakfast plate and wondered,
                            speech therapy.                   “Hey, where has this bacon come
                               Much later, Grandin earned     from? What about this omelette?”
                            a degree in physiology and           If you’ve visited, you
                            animal science. She at-           would be able to see the answers
                            tributes her success to the       to these questions right before your
                           fact that she knew how the         eyes.
                     livestock felt and thought. She             Bacon is usually made from the
                     knew how it felt to be threatened        stomach and thigh of a pig. Before
                     by everything in her surroundings,       being distributed in neat packages
                     and of being dismissed and fearful.      from the market, these once-living
                        Having an impeccable memory,          pigs suffered their lives in slaughter
                     she could notice minute details of       houses.
                     equipment or holding facilities that        Turkey bacon is a healthier alter-
                     would scare or frighten the animals.     native to regular bacon, but have
                        Temple Grandin created and            you ever considered the fact that
                     revised methods of transporting          turkeys are tortured as well? They
                     and killing animals. As the animals      live through the same conditions
                     are being transported towards            that chickens do.
                     the slaughter houses, they travel           Say there is chicken meat and
                     through curved chutes to reduce          sausage in that omelette. The egg
                     stress. She created a scoring sys-       had to be produced by a hen, too.
                     tem that large meat corporations         Chickens are literally thrown into
                     use to improve animal welfare and        stacked cages, which are later sent
                     treatment.                                              …continued on page 17

Meat the Meats       By Melissa Miura                         Salt, Bacon Ranch Dressing, Chick-
                                                              en soda, Bacon Water, Ox Tongue
of the Now            S    ome might say it’s amazing.
                           Others may say it’s disgusting.
                     Either way, no one can help the fact
                                                              Ice Cream, Turkey and Grilled Steak
                                                              Potato Chips, Choco Meat (chocolate
                                                              covered meats), Raw (a meat-fla-
                     that meat is taking over the food        vored energy drink), Sugar Maple-
                     industry completely.                     Bacon Ice Cream Floats, Bacon Pop
                        Okay, maybe not. But worldwide        (popcorn), and the Meat Donut (a
                     we do consume an average of about        deep fried donut filled with bacon,
                     250,000,000 tons of meat per year,       scrambled eggs, and cheese).
                     and each person on average eats 40          Hungry yet? Try this mouth-
                     kg. of meat annually (~90 lbs).          watering recipe for bacon chocolate
                        As if that weren’t enough, we         chip cookies.
                     Americans are one of the top meat           You will need: 2 ¼ cups flour,
                     consumers in the world and, com-         1 tsp baking soda, 1 tsp salt, 1 c.
                     bined with China and Brazil, con-        butter, softened, ¾ cup white sugar,
                     sume half of the world’s meat.           ¾ cup brown sugar, 1 tsp vanilla, 2
                        In fact, we’ve all become so          eggs, 12 oz toll house semi-sweet
                     meat-crazy we even make edible           chocolate morsels. Plus a pkg of ba-
                     items designed to taste like meat,       con, candied by baking it thoroughly
                     including crazy products like steak      with brown sugar over the strips.
                     water and bacon floss.                      Meanwhile, combine flour, baking
                        Today, we have a more vast se-        soda and salt in a small bowl. Beat
                     lection of meats, including meatball     the butter, both sugars and vanilla
                     bubble gum, chicken drumstick            in a large bowl. Add eggs, one at a
                     cupcakes, and horseflesh ice cream.      time, beating well. Gradually beat
                     Yum! With five times the fun of or-      in flour mixture, and stir in morsels
                     dinary meat products and less than       and the bacon, chopped into pieces.
                     95% of the protein, you can’t go         Spoon dough (about a Tbsp per
                     wrong with delicious products like       cookie) onto an ungreased baking
                     Lays steak chips and Baconnaise          sheet and bake at 375 F for 9-11
                     (that’s right, it’s bacon flavored       minutes.
                     mayonnaise)!                                Important: remove to cooling
                        More meat flavored products be-       racks or eat immediately with a tall
                     ing produced today include: Bacon        glass of cold milk, and enjoy!
 May 2010            The CMS Courier                                                     Page 16

Animal Cruelty:           Viewpoint by McKenna Noland                Imagine the heartbreaking
                                                                  scene; orangutans performing all
Stepping Up to             A    famous sport in America is
                                boxing. People dress up in
                                                                  of this just to entertain tourists.
                                                                     Some people may respond by
the Next Level            shorts, gloves, and mouth gear,
                          and punch the other person down.
                                                                  asking, “So what? The apes will
                                                                  have shelter, no predators, enough
                             Have you ever fantasized the         food and water, and sleep, at least
                          idea of creatures other than hu-        to live. The trainers wouldn’t want
                          mans kick boxing?                       their money-makers to die out of
                                  I know it would be pretty       the rink. It would be cool!”
                              dull looking at snails or some-        I suppose the orangutans might
                              thing, but I’m sure there are       live, but they could live much
                              other animals out there!            cheerfully if they could live in free-
                                  If you have thought about       dom in the wild.
                              this, you                                                 So what, they
                              aren’t the                                             have predators?
                              first.                                                 They know how
                                  There are                                          to escape and
                              people who                                             defend them-
                              smuggle                                                selves, they
                              Orangutans                                             aren’t human,
                              into Thai-                                             after all. The big-
                              land and                                               ger threats are
                              lock them in                                           the humans!
                                                                                        Also, they
                                                                                     could die in the
                                                                                     fighting rink,
                                                                                     even if they are
                                                                                     kept from doing
                                                                                     so outside it.
                                                                                     weigh up to 250
                                                                                     pounds, so can
                                                                                     easily harm or
                                                                                     even kill trainers
                                                                                     or other orang-
                                               cages.                                utans.
                                                  The apes           Orangutans are an endangered
                                               are then put in    species, and they are already
                                               shorts and box-    dying off because of our horrible
                                               ing gloves and     mistakes, but now there are those
                          others into bikinis to be the round     in Thailand that will kill them off
                          card girls and bell ringers, and the    much quicker if this keeps on go-
                          fight begins.                           ing.
                             There is no need for referees,          If they become extinct, then
                          since the apes wouldn’t respond to      the whole pyramid will get messed
                          whistles, anyway.                       up. There will be too much of the
                             This all takes place in Safari       orangutan’s food and too few of
                          World, even though in 2004, six         their predators such as the tigers
                          years ago, it had been banned.          and leopards.

Animal Abuse:             By David Kobayashi                        In total, 2009 had about 2019
A Large Problem for        A   s many of you may know ani-
                               mal abuse is a very big prob-
                                                                    One of the biggest examples
                                                                  you would find of animal abuse is
Creatures Great & Small   lem. Each year so many animals
                          both big and small all get abused
                          very severely. Animal abuse is
                          against the law and yet, some
                          people still do it regardless of what
                          the law says.
                             In America the animal that gets
                          abused most is the dog. In fact,
                          there are so many abuse of dogs
                          that there are two kinds of labels,     behind the scenes at a pet store.
                          Pit bulls and every other dog.             Some pet stores lack suste-
                             In 2009 there were 1,212 cases       nance for all their animals so in
                          of animal abuse and that is more        the end they just brutally kill them
                          than half that all the cases that       in some horrible way.
                          year. About 25% of that 1,212              There are many organizations
                          were pit bulls.                         such as PETA trying to stop these
                             Besides dogs, cats have the sec-     abuses and fighting hard for the
                          ond most cases. There was about         rights of animals.
                          337 cases. That is about one-fifth         Also when people can’t handle
                          of the cases.                           owning their own pet they are
                             The other amount of animals          supposed to give it to the Humane
                          abuses are with all other animals       Society.
                          such as farm animals, birds, ro-           The Humane Society attempts
                          dents, and reptiles. For that there     to find new owners; if they cannot,
                          were about 470 cases. That is one-      then the animals are destroyed,
                          fourth of the cases.                    but humanely.
 May 2010                    The CMS Courier                                                Page 17

                              to filthy places with unsanitary       through many ways, including
                              conditions through transportation.     public education, cruelty investi-
 4 STEAK OUT                  Parts of their body break in this      gations, research, animal rescue,
   …continued from page 15    process. Not only that, but chickens   legislation, special events, celebrity
                              are whipped for no reason.             involvement, and protest cam-
                                 A cow can weigh up to 3,000         paigns. Members and supporters
                              pounds. Imagine carrying this          can organize and/or take part in a
                              weight as you hang upside down on      special events, projects, or cam-
                              a rope from the ceiling. Their heads   paign going on in their community.
                              are slit open, row by row.                Many celebrities are involved in
                                 “If slaughterhouses had glass       PETA, like Paul McCartney, Simon
  “We can’t stop all          walls, everyone would be vegetar-
                              ian.” This is a quote from
                                                                     Cowell, Jessica Alba, P!nk, Oprah
                                                                     Winfrey, Arnold Schwarzenegger,
                              They support vegetarians in the        Natalie Portman, Jack Johnson, and
  suffering, but that         choices they make.
                                 It is cruel that animals are
                                                                     many more.
                                                                        Celebrities are often overheard
  doesn’t mean that we        treated this way every day. Animals
                              such as pigs, chickens, and cows
                                                                     talking about something they did
                                                                     to support animal rights and PETA,
                              endure this pain to give you meals.    like a special feature section on
  shouldn’t stop any.            There are alternatives to ac- shows.
                              quiring the nutrients that meats          One of the many organizations
  In today’s world of         provide. You can gain protein by
                              eating beans, tofu, seeds, grains,
                                                                     PETA works with is Animal Rights
                                                                     of Hawai‘i. In 2001, they wrote a
  virtually unlimited         and nuts, and by also taking pills.    letter to the mayor of Honolulu,
                                                                     and reprieved the killing of many
                              PETA                                   pigeons that may spread diseases
  choices, there are             There are many organizations
                              for animal rights, but the biggest
                                                                     and are living at public parks.
                                                                        The capturing and killing of the
  plenty of kind, gentle      is PETA, or People for the Ethical
                              Treatment of Animals. PETA is the
                                                                     pigeons would have cost $42,000,
                                                                     but in the end, the city council
                              largest with two million members       decided to look into this matter
  ways for us to feed,        and supporters.                        further before carrying it out.
                                 PETA focuses its attention on          PETA has helped save and im-
  clothe, entertain, and      factory farms, in laboratories, in
                              the clothing trade, and in the en-
                                                                     prove many animals’ lives, and it
                                                                     continues to do so after 30 years.
                              tertainment industry.
  educate ourselves              They go past animal welfare,
                                                                        This article ends with a PETA
                                                                     quote that should be taken into
                              which just states that animals can     consideration: “We can’t stop all
  that do not involve         be used for those purposes as long
                              as there’s a “humane” reason, and
                                                                     suffering, but that doesn’t mean
                                                                     that we shouldn’t stop any. In
  killing animals.”           into animal rights, or that “animals
                              are not ours to use for food, cloth-
                                                                     today’s world of virtually unlimited
                                                                     choices, there are plenty of kind,
                              ing, entertainment, experimenta-       gentle ways for us to feed, clothe,
            —PETA             tion, or any other purpose”.           entertain, and educate ourselves
                                 PETA spreads its information        that do not involve killing animals.”

Minute to Win It              By Mari Miyabe & Casey Kawano             If you fail to complete a chal-
                                                                     lenge, you will lose a life and the

                               H    ave you ever thought of a
                                    game show which uses com-
                              mon household items?
                                                                     chance at a million dollars.
                                                                        There are ten levels each more
                                                                     difficult than the last level. Every
                                 Well Minute to Win It is a new      level the money increases in size,
                              game show which does just that.        starting at a thousand dollars.
                                 Minute To Win It is a new game         On the Minute To Win It web
                              show on NBC on Sunday nights           site, people are allowed to suggest
                              starting at 8:00 pm.                                ideas for future chal-
                              Minute To Win It is a                               lenges.
                              game show where you                                    They are also allowed
                              can play games to win                               to play the challenges
                              one million dollars. The                            that were on the show,
                              show is hosted by Guy                               on the web site, and
                              Fieri (Diners Drive-ins                             they can watch past
                              and Dives).                                         episodes.
                                 The challenges use                                  The games on the
                              common household                                    web site include a
                              items such as, marbles,                             puzzle, and two other
                              clothes hangers, eggs,                              games. Just like in the
                              playing cards, and                                  show, you only have
                              Oreo’s.                                             three lives to complete
                                 Some of the chal-                                the games.
                              lenges involve using                                   To be a contestant
                              one hand to pull tissues                           on the show, you need
                              out of a tissue box, stacking 36       to make a video of yourself show-
                              plastic cups and then unstacking       ing your game skills. If your video
                              them, keeping three balloons in        gets picked, you get to be on the
                              the air without letting them touch     show.
                              the ground, and moving three              Minute To Win It has announced
                              eggs along the floor only with a       that Kevin Jonas will be a con-
                              pizza box, all in only one minute.     testant on the show. He will be
                                 Also, players only have three       donating all the money he wins to
                              lives to complete the challenges.      a charity of his choice.
  May 2010                                  The CMS Courier                                                         Page 18

Birds of Prey:                                     By Hayley Morgan                              Incubation lasts for 38 days.
                                                                                              The hatchling fledges at between
Hawaiian Branch                                     Y    ou probably know what a bird
                                                         of prey is. It is a bird that eats
                                                   other animals. But what you may
                                                                                              seven and eight weeks.
                                                                                                 They have a diet of insects,
                                                                                              introduced mammals, and other
                                                   not know is that there are such            birds. Though they usually hunt
                                                   birds in Hawai‘i.                          from a perch, they can sometimes
                                                       One example of prey-seeking            be seen hunting from the air.
                                                   birds is the owl. There are two               The ‘Io have declined in numbers
                                                         types of owls in Hawai‘i, the        however due to the fact that most
                                                         Pueo and the                                       of the forests they
                                                         Barn Owl. The                                      used to nest in are
                                                         Barn Owl was                                       being degraded.
                                                         introduced in the                                     The ‘ōhi‘a trees
                                                         1950s but the                                      that used to grow at
                                                         Pueo has been                                      their elevations got
                                                         here even before                                   choked out by com-
                                                         Hawaiians.                                         petition from invasive
                                                            The Barn                                        species.
                                                         Owl can grow                                          This means that
                                                         up to 20 inches                                    the ‘ōhi‘a now can
                                                         in size with a                                     really only inhabit
                                                         three-and-a-half                                   higher elevations
                                                         foot wingspan.                                     than the hawk, thus
Above left: Pueo; above right: Barn                     The females lay                                     lowering the hawks’
Owl; right: ‘Io holding prey; below:               between four and                                         numbers.
male ‘Iwa in flight.                               seven eggs. The                                             The next and final
   Pics provided by:,   eggs incubate for                                        bird on the list is the
           ccao/newmelones/,,   29-34 days.                                             ‘Iwa. This majestic
                                                       The young owls fledge (grow            bird is known as the Great Frigate
                                                   wing feathers suitable of flight) at       Bird.
                                                   about seven to ten weeks of age.              In Hawaiian, however, ‘Iwa
                                                       They don’t leave the nest until        means thief. They are named as
                                                   three to five months of age how-           such because one of their methods
                                                       The Pueo is the Hawaiian
                                                   Owl. In Hawaiian culture,
                                                   they are considered sacred.
                                                   They can grow up to sev-
                                                   enteen inches. The females
                                                   are slightly bigger than the
                                                       They are also most
                                                   active during the day, a
                                                   strange feat among owls.
                                                       They can live at an
                                                   elevation from sea level to
                                                   six-thousand feet yet no-
                                                   body knows the exact extent                to obtain food is by stealing it from
                                                   of their population.                       other birds while they are flying.
                                                       They live on all islands, but are         This is mainly because ‘Iwa don’t
                                                   fewer on O‘ahu due to develop-             have waterproof wings and their
                                                   mental encroachment. Therefore,            seven-foot wingspan doesn’t allow
                                                   they are considered endangered             for easy takeoff from the water.
                                                   on O‘ahu.                                     Their coloration is mostly black
                                                       Their diet consists mainly of          in adults and they have a distinc-
                                                   rats, rodents and small mongoos-           tive forked tail. The female is
                                                   es, though it is thought that they         larger than the male and has a red
                                                   used to eat the Hawaiian rail, a           ring around her eye and has some
                                                   flightless bird now extinct.               white feathers.
                                                       They nest in grassy areas and             The male has a red pouch under
                                                   lay three to six eggs over a span          his beak that he can fill with air
                                                   of several months.                         when he is looking for a mate.
                                                       This means that the eggs don’t         They may also be up to 43 inches
                                                   hatch at the same time, so there           long.
                                                   are multiple ages in the nest at              The main portion of their food,
                                                   once. The owlets can fly at about          however, comes from when they
                                                   six weeks of age.                          swoop for the water, without get-
                                                       But these endemic birds’ main          ting wet, and stab their beak into
                                                   threats are hunters, feral cats and        the water, thus catching prey. They
                                                   mongooses.                                 then escape back up to the safety
                                                       The next bird of prey on our list      of the higher thermals.
                                                   is the ‘Io, or Hawaiian Hawk. The             They nest in remote areas or
                                                   ‘Io is considered a royal figure by        on islands with bushes or vegeta-
                                                   Hawaiian culture. They can grow            tion. Their nests are poorly made,
                                                   up to 18 inches. Their call is just        however, thus causing most of the
                                                   like their name, ‘Io.                      eggs to fail to hatch.
                                                       They are of the subspecies of             But because they are so large,
                                                   hawk called the Buteo Hawk. The            they don’t have many natural
                                                   female is bigger than the male.            predators.
                                                   The highest they’ve inhabited was             The hatchings, though, are prey
                                                   6,500 feet. Their favorite tree            for mongooses, rats and other
                                                   to nest in seems to be the ‘ōhi‘a          small creatures that might take
                                                   tree. The female only lays one egg         pleasure in eating a small chick
                                                   in the nest.                               left defenseless.
 May 2010            The CMS Courier                                                   Page 19

Chinese Calendar      By Karrie Honnaka                         Year of the Dragon:
                                                                 Dragons are popular individuals

                       T   he Chinese calendar names
                           each of the twelve years after
                      an animal. There are many leg-
                                                              that are always full of life and en-
                                                              thusiasm. They have a reputation
                                                              for being fun-loving.
                      ends about how it came to be.              Years of the Dragon: 1928,
                         One of them is that the Lord         1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988,
                      Buddha called all the animals to        2000.
                      come to him, before he would de-          Year of the Snake:
                      part from the earth.                       People born in the year of snake
                         Only twelve of them came to bid      are deep thinkers and are wise
                       him farewell. As a reward for each     people.
                         of them, he named a year after          Years of the Snake: 1929, 1941,
                          each one in the order that          1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001.
                            they had arrived.                   Year of the Horse:
                               Below is the Chinese Cal-        Horses are very hard working
                             endar.                           and very independent. Also you
                                Year of the Rat:              can be really friendly but at times
                                Rats are said to have a       you can be selfish.
                             personality of being imagi-        Years of the Horse: 1930, 1942,
                             native. They also have a         1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002.
                             tendency to be quick-tem-          Year of the Sheep:
                            pered and being to much of          Sheep are elegant and artistic.
                            a perfectionist.                  These people tend to be worriers
                              The years that are the          and complain about everything.
                         year of the rat are 1924, 1936,        Years of the Sheep: 1931, 1943,
                       1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996,          1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003.
                      2008.                                     Year of the Monkey:
                        Year of the Ox:                       Monkeys are very intelligent and
                         Oxen are born to be leaders.         are liked by everybody. They will
                      Their personality is that they are      have success in anything that they
                      inspirational and inspire confidence    do.
                      in everyone that they come into            Years of the Monkey: 1932,
                      contact with. On the other hand         1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992,
                      they can be a little too demanding.     2004.
                         Years of the Ox: 1925, 1937,           Year of the Rooster:
                      1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997,             Roosters are hard-working
                      2009.                                   and,are not afraid to speak up.
                        Year of the Tiger:                      Years of the Rooster: 1933,
                         Tigers are bold and adventur-        1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993,
                      ous. However, they are also to be       2005.
                      risk takers. Sometimes making             Year of the Dog:
                      them act before they think about           People that are the year of the
                      the consequences they will have in      dog are very honest people. Al-
                      the future.                             though they worry a little to much
                         Years of the Tiger: 1926, 1938,      at times.
                      1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998,              Years of the Dog: 1934, 1946,
                      2010.                                   1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006.
                        Year of the Rabbit:                     Year of the Boar:
                         Rabbits usually cooperate with         Boars are people that are broad
                      others well and are pleasant. But at    minded and are honest. But they
                      times they can be too sentimental.      expect other people to be the
                         Years of the Rabbit: 1927,           same.
                      1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987,             Years of the Boar: 1935, 1947,
                      1999.                                   1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007.

Word Mayhem?          By Kaitlyn Poentis & Brandee Markwith      Teachers agree that the game is
                                                              beneficial but they also feel that it
Is It Educational?     S   tudents love Word Mayhem.
                           It’s a fun way to learn new
                                                              has distracted kids, causing them
                                                              to take students’ computers away.
                         Word May-                                                 play the games
                      hem is a learn-                                              during class
                      ing game on                                                  while the
                      the Internet                                                 teacher is talk-
                      that challenges                                              ing, study hall,
                      your skill level                                             or even behind
                      of thinking. You                                             the teacher’s
                      go on the web-                                               back.
                      site and make a                                                Students give
                      code name and challenge tons of         excuses and say that it is for an
                      other kids who log in at the same       educational purpose so it’s fine to
                      time as you.                            play in the middle of class.
                         They give you a seven-letter            This website is completely safe
                      word and you have to try to             and there is no chat icon at all.
                      unscramble the letters and make         People just play games against
                      smaller words. For each word you        each other. They even have math
                      find, you get additional points.        games called Math Mayhem. The
                         After about one game, you’ll get     math games help with you with
                      addicted to the fun and want to         adding, subtraction, multiplication,
                      play more.                              and division skills.
 May 2010         The CMS Courier                                             Page 20

Castle View        By CMS Staff                          til necessary to head in any other
                                                         direction, plane-wise, but such is
Comic Club’s        F  or this final CMS Courier is-
                       sue, the Castle View Comic
                                                         the stuff of daydreams and comic
                                                         strip collaborators.
Plane Craziness    Club wants to remind us all that
                   part of summer vacation is about
                                                             This issue’s Castle view comes
                                                         from club founders Amber Chong
                   going places.                         (’17) and Ellia Bower (’16). They
                      The humor is a bit macabre this    have made use of the program
                   time, as most folks would prefer      Comic Life to provide the dialogue
                   going other places horizontally un-   boxes and frames for the artwork.
 May 2010             The CMS Courier                                                  Page 21

Marble Blast Ultra        Review by Victoria Lee                 moving object, making you die and
                                                                 start over.

                           M     arble Blast Ultra is the new
                                 game everybody was talking
                          about. It’s like the new version of
                                                                     There are some controls in this
                                                                 game—the marble’s spin control
                                                                 and the camera direction control,
                          Plants vs. Zombies.                    as well as the use of power-ups.
                              Marble Blast Ultra is a game           Why do people like it so much,
                          created by GarageGames. It is a        you may ask? It’s because it’s a
                          game rated for everyone.               simple yet challenging game for
                              This Marble Blast is brand new.    the players. There is the Begin-
                          It’s the sequel to Marble Blast        ner Level, the Intermediate Level,
                          Gold, with 60                                         and the Advanced
                          new levels, en-                                        Level with single and
                          hanced graph-                                          multi-player modes.
                          ics, two new                                               There are 60
                          power-ups, and                                         single player modes,
                          even a multi-                                          with 20 levels in
                          player mode!                                           each level of dif-
                              In this game,                                      ficulty.
                          the purpose                                                In the single
                          is to get all                                          mode, you just try
                          the gems in                                            to finish the level in
                          the level. But                                         the fastest time pos-
                          of course, it                                          sible, so your name
                          won’t be too                                           could be in the high
                          easy since there will be tons of       scores. In the multi-player mode,
                          obstacles. These obstacles include     there are ten levels and can sup-
                          tornadoes, tetris pieces, moving       port up to a total of eight simulta-
                          platforms and many others.             neous players! Instead of finishing
                              You can not only lose the game     it in the fastest time possible, you
                          by these obstacles, but there are      have to finish it before the time
                          other obstacles, too. There is the     runs out.
                          possibility that you could fall off        Marble Blast Ultra is a game
                          the course, making you restart the     that everyone will enjoy and is a
                          level. You could also get hit by a     great way to pass the time.

Home Concoctions?         By Kaylee Wedderburn-Pugh              needed to repair, pack, or anchor
                                                                 something so that it stays. The
Or Crazy Conceptions?      B     eing in the year 2010, we can
                                 now look back in time and see
                          how far we have come in science
                                                                 duct tape wart removal cure is
                                                                 becoming well known and wide-
                                                                 spread—and that’s because it
                          and technology and finding cures       works. The procedure goes some-
                          for the diseases                                       thing like this: Cut
                          that plague the hu-                                    a piece of duct tape
                          man race. We have                                      just bigger than the
                          definitely come a                                      wart. Apply tape to
                          long way.                                              wart. Wait six days.
  One remedy instructed       In our history,
                          the human race has
                                                                                 Remove tape. Use
                                                                                 a pumice stone to
                          been trying to cure                                    gently rub down the
  bald men to use an      sickness and repair                                    spot. Repeat the
                          common ugliness                                        process. Often the
  onion and rub the       with remedies that
                          ranged from poop
                                                                                 next time the tape
                                                                                 is removed, the wart
  scalp with it morning   to honey.
                              Elderly men
                                                                                 will come off with it.
                                                                                 If not, repeat again.
                          worried about their                                       Inflamed throat?
  and evening until       receding hairlines                                     Have a dog? Prob-
                          even in ancient                                        lem solved!
  the scalp was red,      times (just like
                          now), and they have been pre-
                                                                                    In ancient times
                                                                 people with an inflamed throat
                          pared to try almost anything to        would find dog, hyena or coyote
  followed by a further   stop the loss. One remedy in-          poop that has gone white due to
                          structed bald men to use an onion      exposure air. It was formerly used
  rubbing of honey.       and rub the scalp with it morning
                          and evening until the scalp was
                                                                 as a medicinal drug, often mixed
                                                                 with honey, to clean thoroughly,
                          red, followed by a further rubbing     chiefly in inflammations of the
                          of honey. Worse still, in Northamp-    throat. Externally, it was used as a
                          tonshire folklore, another cure for    plaster, spread on skin to close and
                          baldness was to rub pigeon poop        heal wounds.
                          into the scalp!                            Every single day, everyday
                              Ever have one of those nasty       people are coming up with ways to
                          little warts pop up on your hand?      save money with home remedies
                          How about on the bottom of your        and concoctions to heal common
                          foot? But what is a person to do?      illnesses and unwanted appearanc-
                          Well, according to a not-so-ancient    es. But looking back at how far we
                          folk remedy, you likely have the       have come just goes to show that
                          solution in your kitchen or work-      we as a society have been evolving
                          shop already. It’s duct tape, that     since the very beginning.
                          gray roll of sticky stuff that is a        Apparently, there are many
                          staple for anyone who has ever         ways to cure a number of things.
 May 2010        The CMS Courier                                              Page 22

The Hawai‘i       Viewpoint by Marc Koga               have access to these local shows
                                                       because kids are the ones who
Underground        L   ocally, on O‘ahu there is a
                       steady flow for an under-
                                                       are most into the music.
                                                          Some small venues hold all
Music Scene       ground music scene.
                     Every weekend there are small
                                                       ages shows for kids in a drug-
                                                       free and alcohol-free environ-
                  shows through-                                    ment. This makes
                  out the island                                    for a good place for
                  where local                                       the youth to go, but
                  bands have a                                      unfortunately are
                  chance to play,                                   not marketed and
                  and people can                                    advertised enough
                  go to shows.                                      for people to find out
                     This is a good                                 about.
                  opportunity for                                      These shows are
                  small bands to                                    also usually very
                  get known and                                     crowded because
                  give out their                                    all the kids under
                  music. People                                     21 have nowhere
                  called promot-                                    else to go. Because
                  ers get bands                                     of this concentra-
                  into these shows                                  tion of under aged
                  and make sure                                     kids, people get into
                  people know                                       fights and drink and
                  about it.                                         smoke.
                     An event will                                     This problem
                  usually cost five                                 would most likely be
                  dollars to get                                    solved if these under
                  in. The money                                     aged kids were more
                  then goes to the                                  spread out and cer-
                  bands, promot-                                    tain groups sepa-
                  ers, and clubs.                                   rated. Kids should
                     The problem                                    have the same right
                  with these small                                  to be able to go to
                  shows is that                                     local music events as
                  they are run by                                   adults do.
                  clubs and are                                        This is why there
                  places where                                      needs to be more
                  kids can’t go.                                    all ages shows in
                     Kids need to                                   Hawai‘i.

Glee, Gleeks      By Jackie Emley                      through several relationships.
                                                          Complications ensue when Kurt
and Everything     W      e’ve all heard of Glee and
                          some of us are Gleeks, but
                                                       and Mercedes join the Cheerios
                                                       while still participating in the Glee
in Between.       where did it start, and where did
                  we see “Sue Sylvester” before?
                                                          Another character, Quinn,
                     Glee first aired on Sept. 9,      struggles from being the head
                  2009 and had a mid series break      cheerleader to being pregnant.
                  in December, and returned on            But you can’t forget that it’s
                  April 13th.                                             still a musical!
                     Glee starts                                              The whole
                  off like a nor-                                         story is on-going
                  mal high school                                         through dif-
                  drama but ends                                          ficulties in high
                  up being about                                          school.
                  resurrecting a                                              Although Glee
                  long-time school                                        has been con-
                  tradition.                                              sidered overly
                     The Span-                                            dramatic and
                  ish teacher at                                          unrealistic, it has
                  William McKin-                                          also won over
                  ley High School                                         countless critics.
                  in Lima, Ohio                                               Glee has won
                  (actor Matthew                                          Golden Globe
                  Morrison as                                             Award for Best
                  Will Schuester)                                         Television Se-
                  becomes the new director of the      ries—Musical or Comedy—and
                  Glee Club in hopes of restoring it   three other nominations for Best
                  to its former glory.                 Actress, Best Actor, and Best Sup-
                     But as the Glee Club starts       porting Actress.
                  up, Sue Sylvester, coach of the         Glee is also known for their
                  “Cheerios”—the competition           song “covers” showcased on
                  cheerleading squad—is deter-         iTunes, with “Take a Bow” (cov-
                  mined to put an end to it. The       ering Rihanna) and, one of our
                  character of Sue is played by Jane   favorites, their cover of Journey
                  Lynch who has been spotted in        with “Don’t Stop Believing.”
                  several smaller roles on Criminal       So keep watching, or start
                  Minds and My Name is Earl.           watching because Glee seems
                     As the series continues, one of   to be one of the more promising
                  the main characters, Rachel, goes    programs of 2010.
 May 2010                                The CMS Courier                                                    Page 23

Alice in Wonderland:                            By Nicole Harrison                        I asked her who her production
                                                                                       team was and she responded,
The Triennial Dance                              T   riennial is a huge dance pro-
                                                     duction that the dance school
                                                                                       “We had a wonderful production
                                                                                       team consisting of Punahou staff
Concert Amazes…                                 produces every three years.
                                                   I contacted Mrs. Charlys Ing,
                                                                                       and about 300 volunteers, mostly
                                                                                       parents. Vickie Van Wagner was
                                                the dance school director. She         our costumer, Paul Palmore of
                                                started as a part time ballet          the Theater Department sound
                                                teacher in 1977 until she became       engineer, Brian Gilhooly technical
                                                the Director in the fall of 1989.      director, Norma Morichika com-
                                                While she was teaching, she was        munications director, Carolyn
                                                a professional ballet dancer with      Quindica production coordinator,
                                                the Honolulu City Ballet and later     Linda Rucci graphic designer, and
                                                with her own company, Hawaii           many, many others in the school
                                                Ballet Theatre.                        administration—from facilities
                                                                                       management, to the cafeteria, to
                                                                                       custodial staff and ITV.”
                                                                                          According to Mrs. Ing, there
                                                                                       were also thirty parent chairs
                                                                                       overseeing everything from back-
                                                                                       stage supervisors, to ushers, to
                                                                                       security, to makeup and props.
                                                                                          Dance faculty members were
                                                                                       included, too. Eleven of them
                                                                                       were the choreographers for their
                                                                                       sections of the show.
                                                                                          Mrs. Ing said, “There were 420
                                                                                       students, 40 dances and more
                                                                                       than 650 costumes in this pro-
                                                                                       duction—an undertaking that is
                                                                                       impossible to execute without a
                                                                                       lot of support and assistance.”
                                                                        Mrs. Ing          “The Dance production was
                                                                     said, “Before     absolutely wonderful” said many
                                                                     I became a        of the parents and teachers that I
                                                                     dancer, I was     interviewed.
                                                                     an elemen-           Mr. Tam, a sixth grade teacher,
                                                                     tary school       said, “It was awesome, the danc-
                                                                     teacher, a        ers were enthusiastic and well or-
                                                                     math special-     ganized, the dance numbers were
                                                                     ist for grades    clever choreographed and the
                                                                     1 through 10.     costumes were colorful creative.”
                                                                     I have a B.A.        Mrs. Kano, also sixth grade,
                                                                     from Wellesley    said “I loved it. It showcased
                                                                     College and an    the extraordinary talent that we
                                                                     M.E.D. from       have here at Punahou School. It
                                                                     UH Manoa.”        was delightful and entertaining to
                                                                        Mrs. Ing has   watch. I especially enjoyed see-
                                                                     done seven tri-   ing my past and present students
                                                                     ennials includ-   performing.”
                                                                     ing Alice, The       I interviewed a few of my
                                                                     Little Mermaid,   classmates about the show.
                                                                     Scheherazade,        Mia Farinas said, “I really liked
                                                                     Aphrodite,        the costumes and props but I
                                                                     Momotaro, the     wish that it was more often then
                                                                     Peach Girl, and   three years, like maybe every
                                                                     The Ice King.     two years because it looks super
                                                                        She said       expensive!”
                                                                     that she             Haleigh Creedon said, “I didn’t
                                                                     doesn’t have      have the privilege of seeing the
                                                                     any favorite      show but I heard that it was
                                                                     part of the       really good and from what my
                                                                     production,       friend Mia said, I heard that the
                                                                     however.          costumes and sets were great.”

    Photos courtesy of Sterling’s Photography
 May 2010             The CMS Courier                                                 Page 24

Clash of the Titans    Review by Amanda Chau                    and drama because of all the
                                                                struggles Perseus and friends face.
Movie Review            O     n April 2, 2010, the movie
                              Clash of the Titans zoomed
                       into theatres. Clash
                                                                   Not only is it thrilling, but it
                                                                also teaches you and guides you

                       of the Titans is a
                       remake of the 1981
                       adventure film
                       about the myth of
                          This movie
                       takes place in the
                       Greek city of Ar-
                       gos, where war is
                       about to take place
                       between Gods and
                       man. Perseus (Sam
                       Worthington) finds
                       himself on a peril-
                       ous journey to stop
                       the madness after
                       Hades (Ralph Fiennes) has killed         through a lot of characters from
                       his family. What he did not know         Greek mythology.
                       was that Zeus (Liam Neeson) is his          I did not have a favorite part of
                       father.                                  the film since almost every scene
                          It is Perseus’ destiny to destroy     was full of action-packed breath-
                       Hades by killing his created mon-        taking stunts and journeys.
                       ster, the Kraken. With the help of          My least favorite part was the
                       Io (Gemma Arterton) his godmoth-         ending. The film wraps the movie
                       er, and a group of soldiers, Perseus     up without a fascinating ending. It
                       takes on the challenge and faces         could have been better.
                       many obstacles on this adventure.           I would recommend this movie
                          In doing this, Perseus will           to anyone who likes thrilling, ac-
                       prevent Hades from overthrow-            tion type movies.
                       ing Zeus and in turn destroying             I would not recommend this
                       mankind.                                 movie if you do not like violence,
                          This movie is sure to keep you        action, or frightening scenes.
                       sitting at the edge of your seat            Overall, this movie was one
                       and wondering what would happen          of the best I have seen so far. I
                       next. This film is full of suspense      highly recommend it.

Dragons:               Review by Kevin Hoo                          One day Hiccup decides to ven-
                                                                ture off into the forest and finds
Hard to Train?          O    n April 6, the movie How To
                             Train Your Dragon in 3D,
                       made $26 Million. The film’s voice
                                                                it. The dragon. He approached it
                                                                carefully and ripped off the net.
                                                                And then it suddenly flew off into a
                       actors were Jay Baruchel, Gerard         deep pit.
                       Butler, America Ferrera, and Craig           A few days later, he found it
                       Ferguson. The directors for this         again. It was trying to fly out of
                       movie were Dean Debois and Chris         the pit, but its tail was damaged.
                       Sanders.                                 Hiccup ended bonding with it and
                           So what is this movie about          named it Toothless.
                       anyway? Well, this movie is about            At dragon slayer training Hiccup
                       a boy named Hiccup who is son of         knew all the weak points of the
                       Stoick the Vast, the leader of their     dragon because he studied it with
                       village. You would think that their      Toothless. He was instantly a star
                       village would be full of average         in the village. He fixed Toothless’s
                       humans right?                            tail.
                           Well, their village is full of Vi-       They practiced flying and some-
                       kings. And the pests are dragons.        how flew into the dragon’s pit.
                           This movie starts off with Hic-      They find a humongous dragon.
                       cup’s village being attacked by          They fly back home as soon as
                       dragons. Hiccup, one of the weak-        possible.
                       est Vikings in the village, doesn’t          A few days later, Stoick comes
                       do battle—he repairs armor and           back with only a portion of his
                       weapons. But he has had it with          crew. He finds that his son is a
                       being weak and decides to take           celebrity. Stoick finds Hiccup’s
                       down the fastest dragon alive,           dragon, which is illegal, and uses it
                       Night Fury.                              to lead them to the dragons’ pit.
                           He takes a cannon and fires              Hiccup, a shame to the village,
                       a net blankly in the sky. It hits        goes to the pit to get Toothless
                       something.                               back. All the Vikings were shocked
                           He hears a dragon’s scream and       at the massive dragon that was
                       something crashes into the forest.       hidden in the cave. They were
                           The next day, his father Stoick      completely destroyed. But Hiccup
                       and a large group of Vikings decide      came and set free Toothless.
                       to go to “the mist” where all of the         Together they defeated the
                       dragons come out of. Meanwhile,          dragon. Stoick apologized to his
                       Hiccup was put into dragon slayer        son and the movie was over.
                       training. He shows himself the               Overall, I think this movie was
                       weakest and worst student there.         great and people deserve to see it.