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Class Notes Fall 09 _08-34_

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					C   L   A   S   S

                    FA L L 2 0 0 9 E D I T I O N



                 A          S

                     REUNION YEAR!

                     G O L D E N S A XO N S
                                              She spent the last five years of her
                                              teaching career touring the country
                                              to present seminars on teaching
                                                                                              1943          AU    G O L D E N S A XO N S
                                                                                                                  REUNION YEAR!
Catherine Davis Simpson                                                                       Evelyn Stevens Gorman
                                              science to the disabled. She is
505 Bering Drive, Apt. 103                                                                    165 Verde Valley School Road 35
                                              survived by her daughters Karen
Houston, TX 77057-1461                                                                        Sedona, AZ 86351-9026
                                              Dean and Sandra Ehrman, sons-in-
                                                                                              Phone: 928.284.1139

1936 AU              G O L D E N S A XO N S
                     REUNION YEAR!
Mrs. Thelma Bates Ames
                                              law Robin Dean and Bill Ehrman,
                                              grandchildren Paula and Jonathan
                                              Dean and Jill and Sheryl Ehrman,

                                                                                              Class Correspondent Evelyn
3486 George St.                               and great granddaughter Camila
                                                                                              Gorman reports:
Parishville, NY 13672                         Sandoval.
                                                                                              “When Bob Starr and his son, Dan
                                                                                              Starr ’77, attended the 2009 reunion
1938 AU              G O L D E N S A XO N S
                     REUNION YEAR!
Dorothy Elve Tombaugh died July
                                              1940 AU
                                              Charlie Spiro
                                                                     G O L D E N S A XO N S
                                                                     REUNION YEAR!            in June, Bob experienced a never-to-
                                                                                              be-forgotten re-acquaintance at the
                                              5552 Ash Grove Circle                           Golden Saxons dinner. His ears
3, 2009. Dorothy received a doctor
                                              Montgomery, AL 36116                            perked up when he heard the name,
of humane letters degree from
                                              Phone: 334.271.7553                             Willie Gamble. Yes, Willie was there.
Sienna Heights College and a doctor
                                              E-Mail:                      The same Klan Alpine fraternity
of science degree from Alfred
                                                                                              brother Bob last saw in 1943 in Key
University. After graduating from
                                              George Colucci died April 27, 2009.             West, FL, where they were both
Alfred University, she moved to
                                              A former resident of Clemmons,                  assigned by the U.S. Navy! What a
Ganado, AZ in 1940 and met her
                                              NC, he is survived by his wife, three           warm, wonderful, and personally
husband while serving at the
                                              daughters, four grandchildren, and              rewarding way to see an old friend
Presbyterian Mission. Dorothy
                                              four great grandchildren. He was                again. Addendum: Willie graduated
worked as a medical laboratory
                                              93.                                             from AU in 1942 as Elton S.
technician, chemist, and high school
teacher of biology and chemistry.
                                              1942 AU               G O L D E N S A XO N S
                                                                    REUNION YEAR!
                                              Mrs. Elizabeth S. Thomas
                                                                                                “Margaret Ames Parker renewed
                                                                                              her interest in genealogy last year
                                                                                              and successfully traced the ancestors
                                              3240 Lake Pointe Blvd., Apt. 349                of her maternal grandparents back
                                              Sarasota, FL 34231-6961                         to 1636! Her commercially

    AU                    Editor’s Note

                      This year at Reunion, the Class of 1960
                                                                                              published book is a collection of
                                                                                              pictures and stories from the living
                                                                                              descendants. She heard from 68 and
                                                                                              said she was overwhelmed by the
                                                                                              enthusiastic response to her requests
                                                                                              for family information and photos.
                   celebrates its 50-year anniversary.
                                                                                              Marg’s son Phil called the book a
                                                                                              “living, breathing document,” and
      Members of each prior class are designated as “Golden                                   has committed himself to keeping it
      Saxons” and are invited as a special honored group                                      updated. Kudos to Marg for her
      that gathers for Reunion,                                                               diligence and savoir-faire.
                                                                                                “George Jones writes that he and
      June 11-13, 2010. See you then!
                                                                                              his wife Claire remain in good
                                                                                              health, ‘just a little more forgetful

C L A S S                      N o t e s
and a little less easily motivated.’ ”     “Glad to hear that Bob Sinclair is    away from the ‘madding crowd.’
They planned in late summer to go        keeping his health. Through him,        They would well mow us down, in
with their daughter to the Lake          we’ve learned of the passing of a       passing by! I think fondly of all of
Champlain area, which is noting the      noted ceramicist. He was Otto           you, so, as you can, please keep in
400th anniversary of Hendrik             Heino, of Ojai, CA, master potter       touch with your ‘what’s happening’
Hudson’s exploration of the river        and teacher, who died at 94 on July     and ‘remember whens.’ Many
that bears his name. George and          16, ’09. His name is probably           thanks.”
Claire may go this fall to Belgium,      familiar to many of the fine arts
where they have many relatives and
friends. George concludes that a gift
of a PC gave him an initial
                                         graduates of Alfred. Bob knew him
                                         personally, and said that Heino
                                         exhibited at Alfred (date unknown)
                                                                                 1946 AU
                                                                                 Wilma White Albert
                                                                                                      G O L D E N S A XO N S
                                                                                                      REUNION YEAR!

trepidation! Now, he adds, he’s          and gave generous gifts to the fine     Apt. 1211
acquainted with Microsoft Word           arts division. Heino was probably       12100 Chancellor’s Village Lane
and is writing his WWII experiences.     best known for his perfected butter-    Fredericksburg, VA 22407
Knowing his way with words, we’re        yellow glaze of ancient Chinese         E-mail:
sure he’ll be making a colorful and      origin. His late wife, Vivika Heino,
compelling, but factual, recount.        was a member of the AU class of         (Editor’s Note: The following report
   “In early June, Ellis S. ‘Chick’      1944.                                   was sent by Class Correspondent
Berger finished nine holes of golf         “We were personally saddened by       Wilma White Albert in March, but
quite satisfyingly. Then, he             the death of Helen Nelson Dygert on     was inadvertently left out of the
‘celebrated’ by falling on entering      June 3, ’09 in Vancouver, WA, where     spring Magazine. Apologies to all
the locker room. The accident            she had resided since 1955. Helen       involved.)
resulted in a broken shoulder and a      met her future husband Paul on the
hairline fracture of a hipbone. He       AU campus. Paul received his            Your Class Correspondent reports:
adds, reassuringly and positively as     medical degree from Syracuse            “Dorothy (Dottie) Jean Burdick
always, that the breaks are healing      University. Opportunities in            Goss married Kenneth Goss ’48 in
nicely and he expected to be back on     Vancouver beckoned them west.           September following our graduation.
the golf course again in August! He      When he entered private practice in     After receiving his medical degree
and his wife, Tudy, still go out for a   1960, Helen began her long career       from the University of Rochester,
dinner and a movie on Wednesdays.        in public service. She helped found     Ken practiced in the Northeast
Daughter Muff plays a lot of golf,       the Council for the Homeless and        before deciding to move to Little
time allowing. Chick says he hears       received many awards for her            Rock, AR, in 1977. Later he became
from Reg Miner, who’s doing well         achievements in health issues for the   professor of family practice at the
for being 90. He has good news also      underprivileged. Helen is survived by   University of Arkansas. Dottie was
from Tom Grove ’44 and Jack Wall         three sons and their families, and      busy as a homemaker with her own
’42.                                     three sisters. She was predeceased by   family practices but was able to
   “We talked with Col. Larry March      her husband, Paul, in January 1995,     accompany Ken when he taught for
’45 recently and were pleased to         and two sisters. Helen and I            one year at the medical college in
hear that both he and his wife Eddie     exchanged letters for a number of       Transkei, South Africa. Their four
are doing well. I mentioned Bob          years following Paul’s passing. She     sons and one daughter are now
Starr’s seeing Willie Gamble at the      was a sprightly communicator,           scattered, living in North Mexico,
’09 reunion. This evoked a laugh of      writing about her volunteer             Vermont, Massachusetts, Texas, and
recognition from Larry, as he            activities, and places where she and    North Carolina, but — though it
remembered Willie as a fellow            her sisters would meet every year to    sounds impossible — Little Rock is
contender in cross country during        catch up on family news. Helen is       their center. Oh yes! There are nine
their AU running days.                   another shining example of the          grandchildren.
   “Isabel Riggs Geibel continues to     achievements of one of our                 “Mae (Maisie) Barrus Rowland
improve from a medical problem but       classmates.”                            began her career in social work in
says she doesn’t drive the distances       “It’s becoming more and more          familiar eastern territory. Then
she used to. So, no more extended        difficult to find enough news of note   stirred by a spirit of adventure, she
solo trips!                              to comprise a column. Yes, most of      went west in 1957, earning a
                                         us have slowed down a bit, a tad        master’s degree at the University of
                                                                                 Colorado. The call of the mountains
                                                                                 and marriage have kept her there
C L A S S                           N o t e s
ever since. Officially retired, Maisie         Class Correspondent Don Polan           The Allegany County (NY) Retired
still works three days a week in her           writes: “This past July has been the    Teachers Association recently
son’s chiropractic office in Denver.           coldest in Western New York in the      honored Phyllis Rigby for her 35
Although her husband, Ed, passed               past 100 years. What a time to          years of service as a teacher at Scio,
away a few years ago, she maintains            spend at our abode near Loon Lake.      Whitesville schools and Alfred State
her home. Wilma White Albert                   Last July (2008) was the wettest in     College.
recalls, “At one time, Maisie, Dottie,         100 years—maybe we should stop
and I all lived at The Castle. Senior
year, Maisie was president of the
Student Senate and I, vice president.
                                               coming up here for the summer, we
                                               seem to bring bad weather.” Then,
                                               some sad news from Don on the
                                                                                       1949 AU
                                                                                       Ms. Willa Wright
                                                                                                             G O L D E N S A XO N S
                                                                                                             REUNION YEAR!

Carolyn Torrey was secretary.                  death of his sister, Genevieve Polan    2313 County Highway 22
Maisie and I smiled especially at the          Scheffer: “Genevieve Polan Scheffer     Richfield Springs, NY 13439-2717
memory of Friday evening student               died Oct. 18, 2009 in Ocala, FL…
get-togethers in the home of
Professor and Mrs. Ellsworth
                                               She graduated from Alfred-Almond
                                               Central School… She married Karl
                                                                                       1950 AU               G O L D E N S A XO N S
                                                                                                             REUNION YEAR!
                                                                                       Dr. Herbert Leon MacDonell
Barnard. Dutchy’s reading of                   Scheffer ’49… Her last employment
                                                                                       PO Box 1111
Thurber had us rolling on the floor            was as a chemical analyst for
                                                                                       Corning, NY 14830
with laughter (we were sitting there           General Electric in Schenectady, NY,
anyway). We had serious                        and on retirement moved to Ocala,
discussions, too, as we stirred our            FL…She was predeceased by her
dishes of New York State maple                 parents and an older brother, Lester.
                                                                                       Herb McDonnell, your Class
syrup into maple sugar.                        She is survived by her husband,
                                                                                       Correspondent, was recently
   “It has belatedly occurred to me            Karl, children, Brent and wife of
                                                                                       inducted into the Steuben County
that at this stage in our lives, it            Pearland, TX, Mari Scheffer Zelaya
                                                                                       Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame also
might perhaps be easier for you                and husband of Caledonia, MI,
                                                                                       includes noteworthy historical
other classmates out there to                  Douglas of Swannee, GA, as well as
                                                                                       figures such as Baron von Steuben,
telephone me rather than write or e-           four grandchildren and a brother,
                                                                                       General Washington’s military aide
mail. This is especially true if you           Donald Polan and wife of DeLand,
                                                                                       (for whom Steuben County is
have a ‘call anywhere’ option with             FL.”
                                                                                       named), and Robert van
your phone company. You can reach                “Johnnie Seidlin is the only
                                                                                       Valkenburgh, who was appointed as
me at 540.548.1258. Try it!”                   classmate I have heard from in the
                                                                                       the first U.S. Ambassador to Japan
                                               past six months. Johnnie and I went

1947            AU    G O L D E N S A XO N S
                      REUNION YEAR!
We were saddened to learn of the
                                               to school together at the old Alfred
                                               grammar and high school. We
                                               graduated together from Alfred-
                                                                                       by President Abraham Lincoln.
                                                                                          Herb also reports:
                                                                                          “Pat Kennedy Pertner enjoys a ’55
death of long-time Class                                                               and older’ community in the
                                               Almond Central School, Alfred
Correspondent Edith M. Roberts on                                                      beautiful Northwest. ‘It’s called
                                               University, and the University of
Aug. 18, 2009. Our condolences go                                                      “active” and it truly is, so we enjoy
                                               Rochester School of Medicine and
out to her husband, Mervin (Hat)                                                       golf, Bridge, and many social events.
                                               Dentistry where we were roommates
Roberts ’44, their four children, 16                                                   We left the Northwest this January
                                               for two and a half years. See why we
grandchildren, four great                                                              for a mini reunion with Bob
                                               are still in touch?
grandchildren, friends, and                                                            Kennedy and his wife enjoying a
                                                 “Let’s hear from other classmates
classmates.                                                                            cruise in the Caribbean. Dick
                                               now. What are you doing to keep
                                                                                       Kennedy was unable to join us. He’s
1948 AU
Dr. Donald B. Polan
                      G O L D E N S A XO N S
                      REUNION YEAR!              “P.S. Mimi Tooke Polan and I
                                               were the only Class of ’48 graduates
                                                                                       living in a retirement home in
                                                                                       Warminster, PA.’ ”
                                                                                          “Admiral J. Robert Lunney was
                                               at the Annual Reunion in June
110 Apremont Court                                                                     presented the Marconi Memorial
                                               2009. The Golden Oldies are a great
De Land, FL 32724                                                                      Historical Preservation Award
                                               group—come and join us.”
Phone: (386) 736-0982                                                                  Plaque by the Veterans Wireless
E-mail:                                                           Operators Association Awards in
                                                                                       June 2009.

C L A S S                           N o t e s
   “Don Ostrander has just                    Frank Bredell reports, “Ellison ‘Pat’     continues as a free-lance ceramic
completed his 15th year of service as         Patterson and wife, Jean, just            designer at Santanoni Glass and
a volunteer at History San Jose, a            celebrated their 50th wedding             Ceramics at Alfred.
local history museum and park in              anniversary with a trip to see family       “Emily Worth Robinson and her
San Jose, CA. He works in the Art             in Rochester, NY. It was the coolest      husband, Dick Robinson ’50,
& Photography Department where                July on record. Needless to say,          recently took a 13-day tour of
he catalogs and digitizes prints from         Ellison and Jean are glad to be back      France by bus and on a 46-
the collection and prepares original          in the Villages Florida. They             passenger riverboat. They saw the
documents for archival storage. He            completed their celebration with a        old cities of Arles, Lyon, and
invites AU graduates to visit                 Disney cruise in August 2009. Pat is      Avignon. The latter, of course, was and any in             still junior warden at St. George         once the home of the papacy in the
the San Jose area to drop in to               Episcopal Church in the Villages. A       14th century, when popes felt unsafe
History Park in Kelley Park and ride          fourth and final tour of service ends     in Rome. Dick and Emily had visited
one of the restored trolleys or take a        in January 2010.                          Paris five years earlier, but took in
docent-led tour of some of the 27                “Don Boulton says, ‘I attended         some of the usual tourist places
buildings and exhibits on site.               my last reunion weekend meeting as        anyway, including having dinner on
   “Dick Robinson and wife, Emily             a member of the Alumni Council.           the first level of the Eiffel Tower.
Worth ’52, went on a river cruise             The 10 years I have spent with that       Emily said the ‘food was
tour of southern France in August             group have been very satisfying. The      scrumptious and the crème brulee
2009. They visited Nice, Arles,               Council has made real strides in its      “to die for” as the sky darkened and
Avignon, Lyon, and Paris. Grand               efforts to assist the University in its   the tower lit up and sparkled on the
Circle calls it ‘Cruising Burgundy &          mission. The Council was very kind        hour. Ooh-la-la.’
Provence to the Cote d’Azur.’ The             to give me an award for faithful
boats were very plush and the meals           service. In September I will return to    The Exhibition “Masters of Mid-
were great (with free wine at                 St. Andrews University in Scotland        Century California Modernism:
dinner). This was the couple’s 12th           for my ninth year as a visiting           Evelyn and Jerome Ackerman”
trip with Grand Circle … In the               professor. I will be working with         continued its successful run at the
past, Dick and Emily have covered             their American doctoral students as       Mingei International Museum in San
northern France with them five years          they begin seeking a position in the      Diego, CA through Jan. 10, 2010.
ago, including Normandy.”                     university system in America. They        Jerry Ackerman and Evelyn
                                              have also asked for assistance in         Ackerman now have a Web site on

1951         AU     G O L D E N S A XO N S
                    REUNION YEAR!
George Crouchley, Jr.
                                              learning about the process of “friend
                                              raising and fund raising” to support
                                              the work of the University at St.
                                                                                        their art:
                                                                               To see
                                                                                        an article on them just ran in the
PO Box 113                                    Andrews. I am happy they want me          July American Craft magazine, you
Pasadena, MD 21123-0113                       back and I am taking my golf clubs.       can read it online at:                      If anyone from our class is interested
                                              in serving on the Alumni Council, I       php?id=7832.
The Allegany County (NY) Retired              would be happy to submit their
Teachers Association recently                 name(s) to the Council. My e-mail         Duane Matterson reports that he
honored Joan Palmer for her 35                address is                                taught grade school for 23 years and
years of teaching.                  ’                 that he had a wonderful graduate
                                                 “Wally Higgins and his wife,           school experience.
1952 AU
Frank Bredell
                     G O L D E N S A XO N S
                     REUNION YEAR!
                                              Norma, celebrated their 58th
                                              wedding anniversary on Aug. 18.
                                                                                        1953           AU    G O L D E N S A XO N S
                                                                                                             REUNION YEAR!
                                              Your Class Correspondent Frank
1617 Mayflower                                                                          Carol Dunham Sheets
                                              Bredell was best man at the wedding
Lincoln Park, MI 48146                                                                  4 Quail Roost Road
                                              (which was in the tiny little chapel
E-mail:                                                          Lake Placid, FL 33852-6731
                                              known as the Gothic on campus).
                                              They are the proud great                  E-mail: carold@htn.nett
                                              grandparents of two. Wally

C L A S S                          N o t e s
                                                is survived by Shirley, his wife of 49         the Castle on Reynolds Street, right
1954             AU
Dee Michaels Levine
                       G O L D E N S A XO N S
                       REUNION YEAR!            years, daughter Cheryl Thornton
                                                Frost, son-in-law Jon Frost,
                                                                                               next door to Mary Jane’s parents’
                                                                                               house. (I hope she didn’t make too
                                                grandchildren Ben and Jack                     much noise...) She is a member of
21 Hewitt Boulevard
                                                Thornton of Houston, TX, and                   Theta Theta Chi and had at one
Center Moriches, NY 11934
                                                father Hubert Thornton of Bryan,               time dated a member of Klan. When
                                                TX.                                            I asked her if she remembered the
                                                                                               bar in the basement of Klan, she
Hubert R. Thornton died May 9,
2009. Dick was a professor emeritus
of mechanical engineering at Texas
                                                1955            AU    G O L D E N S A XO N S
                                                                      REUNION YEAR!
                                                Richard “Dick” Phillips
                                                                                               said ‘Yes’ but provided little detail.
                                                                                               Wonder why? On a more serious
                                                                                               note, she recalled her good friend
A&M University and a former                     8 Ridge Lake Drive                             Tommy Thompson and the many
associate department head until his             Manning, SC 29102                              friends he had at AU.
retirement in 1997. Before coming               Phone: 803.478.7873                               “A little digging uncovered that
to A&M, he worked in the space                  E-mail:                 she was on the Cheerleading Squad
program at General Dynamics in
                                                                                               and my sources say one of the best.
Fort Worth, TX, and for the                     (Editor’s Note: An item appearing in           Shirley and Steve live an active life
National Bureau of Standards in                 the May 2009 Magazine listed                   using many of the opportunities
Washington, D.C. He was a member                Harris “Hank” Greenberg as class               available through Penn State. She
of the American Ceramic Society,                of 1953, when he is a member of the            passed on the message that she
American Society for Metals,                    class of 1955. We regret the error.)           would love to hear from classmates.
American Society of Mechanical
                                                                                               Here is her e-mail address
Engineers, SAMPE, American                      “While on vacation this spring in St.
Welding Society (Adams Memorial                 Maarten, at our timeshare, Belair                 “Our trip to the French side of the
Award), American Institute of                   Beach Hotel (Dutch side of the                 island for market day shopping
Chemists and New York Academy                   island) something interesting                  included having lunch at a nice
of Sciences. He is listed in “Who’s             happened. Your Class                           sidewalk cafe. While on the French
Who in Frontier Science and                     Correspondent had scheduled a                  side of the island, you have to visit
Technology.” He was also a member               snorkeling trip for Monday                     the famous Orient Beach (clothing
of Phi Kappa Phi, Tau Sigma, Sigma              morning, but Mary Jane chose to                optional... worth the airfare) so that
Xi, Blue Key, Keramos, and was                  stay at the resort for bingo. There            was included in our outing. We
certified as a professional engineer in         were rough waters that day, not her            finished our week with a
Texas. Dick received his bachelor of            cup of tea or idea of fun. The                 dinner/sunset cruise on a 50-foot
science degree in ceramic engineering           snorkeling trip was a bust (no fish            cat, the sea was calm, and the food
and master of science degree in glass           on the reefs we visited) and the sea           and rum punch plentiful. My
technology from Alfred University,              was rough. She made a wise                     luggage had even a better time on
where he is known as “Hubie” to                 decision. At bingo, ladies were                the island, it stayed an additional
his friends. As a member of Lambda              introducing themselves and saying              week. Tough life but someone has to
Chi Alpha fraternity, Dick enjoyed              where they were from. During this              do it. What a small world!”
his college years, which were filled            time, Mary Jane met Shirley (Gray)
with intramural sports, step singing,           Lupis from State College PA, but               Irene Haskins has a second home in
frat parties and the annual St. Pat’s           added later that she was originally            Charleston, SC and returned to
parade. He received his Ph.D. in                from Wellsville, NY. When Mary                 Rochester, NY for the summer.
ceramic engineering from the                    Jane said she was from Alfred, ‘No
University of Illinois. Dick was                way!’ was the response from Shirley,           Barbara Switzer was promoted to
involved in his local church as a               ‘I graduated from AU Class of ’64.’            senior manager of applications
Sunday School teacher, council                     “A good time was had with                   development at Global Crossing Ltd.
member, choir member, and                       Shirley and her husband Steve for
basketball team coach. When asked               the rest of the week. Drinks and
how he wanted to be remembered,                 dinners out allowed the sharing of
Dick said he wanted people to                   many stories about life on campus.
remember him as a good son,                     For a period at AU, Shirley lived at
husband, father, and grandfather. He

C L A S S                          N o t e s
                                               who are missing were remembered       Carol Miller Lasher, Sandra
1956            AU
Douglas E. Wilson
                      G O L D E N S A XO N S
                      REUNION YEAR!            many times and officially at our
                                               dinner with special words by Sandra
                                                                                     Ballman Lydahl, Ruth Purple Miller,
                                                                                     Sue Olsen Mittelstaedt, Lucyanne
                                               Lydahl. We sang many times            Ellsworth Nolan, Niki Matsui
671 Walnut Drive
                                               together as student nurses and        Takata, Grace Hotaling Talada,
Manheim, PA 17545-9398
                                               relived this custom by singing a      Claire Forbes Wilcox (Tinker), and
                                               special blessing led by Pastor Ted    Pat Kirk Wolverton.
                                               Gault (Carol’s husband) and had the    “Those remembered: Nancy
Robert Tompkins
               AU    G O L D E N S A XO N S
                     REUNION YEAR!             benediction by Bruce Boulton ’58.
                                                 “Those attending were: Lois Ann
                                                                                     Jackson Wade; Carla Whetmore
                                                                                     Miller, Elizabeth Brower Kish,
                                               Judson Beckwith, Ann Hopkins          Shirley Wilson Krinsky, Marilyn
3124 Parkside Lane
                                               Boulton, Carol Heidtman Gault,        Butts Bardsley.
Williamsburg, VA 23185
Phone: 757.258.4509

Class Correspondent Robert
Tompkins wants his classmates to
know he welcomes any news, either
by snail mail or phone.

Claire Wilcox writes: “As the classes
began to think about gathering at
Alfred for the 2009 Reunion
weekend there was a group of
alumnae nurses that preceded this
date for their very own special 51st
reunion. The 13 members of the AU
nursing class of 1957 gathered at the
home of David ’58 and Claire
Wilcox ’57 in Sun Lakes, AZ, for
four days in late April. It was a
dedicated group that arrived from
10 different states and landed all
within a few hours of each other in
the Phoenix airport. The activities
included a visit to the Botanical
Gardens and a Chihuly Glass
Exhibit, a lunch in Tortilla Flats
along the Apache Trail (known for
prickly pear ice cream), a steamboat
ride on the reservoir, a dinner at a
country club, and lots of time for
talking, renewing, planning, and
picture taking.
  “This class is especially close and
has tried to reunite every two-three
years for the past 30 years so this
was an outstanding event to have all
of the surviving 1957 nursing class
together. The dinner was the
culmination of our weekend. There
were 18 who graduated and the five             In April 2009, 13 members of the AU nursing class of 1957 gathered at the
                                               home of David ’58 and Claire Wilcox ’57 in Sun Lakes, AZ.

C L A S S                        N o t e s
Phil Baker ’58, Sue Schmedes ’58,            This summer through fall, Jeanne           at the Penland School of Crafts as
and Wally Lowden ’57, got together        was selected to join juried shows at          well as at Arrowmont, Haystack,
for a mini-reunion in July 2009 at        Stony Brook Art Museum, and Fire              and numerous other venues. Norm
Wally’s place in Columbia County,         Island Lighthouse, where she                  held teaching positions in Toledo,
NY.                                       donated proceeds from sales of her            OH, and Providence, RI, before
                                          watercolors to the Fire Island                moving to Penland in the mid-’70s,
Wally Lowden reports: “I am still         Preservation of the National                  where he still resides and maintains
enjoying life in rural Columbia           Seashore. She also contributed                a studio.
County in upstate New York. I had         paintings to Caumsett State Park for            Both Cynthia and Norm have
a wonderful visit in July from Phil       their fund-raising.                           work in many private and public
Baker ’58 and Sue Schmedes Dando             On Oct. 25, Jeanne received an             collections throughout the country.
’58. Phil was on a driving trip from      award from the East Islip Arts
his home in Washington, D.C.
visiting friends and relatives in the
Northeast. Susan drove over from
                                          Council juried show held at historic
                                          Bayard Cutting Arboretum for her
                                          large acrylic painting “Grand
                                                                                        1959 AU
                                                                                        Elissa Finelli Cerone
                                                                                                               G O L D E N S A XO N S
                                                                                                               REUNION YEAR!

her home in Providence, RI. We had        Canyon.” Jeanne's bio and samples             15003 Valleyheart Drive
two great days together sharing           of paintings may be located at:               Sherman Oaks, CA 91403
many laughs and memories from                      E-mail:
Alfred in the ’50s.                       (then click member gallery, artist, &
 “I still hear from Bob Haver, who        scroll down to Jeanne Rogers)                 From your Class Correspondent Lisa
is retired and has homes in Georgia                                                     Finelli-Cerone:
and Alabama. Bob and I were               The Old Timers Athletic Association              “And a great 50th Reunion it was!
roommates in the (long-gone) Klan         of Greenwich, CT honored Erford               The schedule was so full and the
barn. He is doing fine and continues      Porter II at its 49th annual dinner           events so well planned and the
to renew his pilot’s license every        Nov. 24, 2009. Honorees are                   University presented us with so
year. He still loves to take to the air   selected and honored for their                many surprises and souvenirs, we
as often as possible. Bob and I have      athletic accomplishments as well as           felt extra special. Of course the
great memories of our other               their contributions to their                  highlights were the people, and I
roommates upstairs in the barn            community. The purpose of this                must say we had a wonderful class.
including Mack Hill, Phil Enzie, Joe      group is to raise funds that are used            “Don’t get me started about those
Finlayson, Bill Warren, and others        to make donations to local youth              Nurses-10 of the 33 classmates in
through the three years we were           sports programs and to award                  attendance were Nurses (great
living there. All fine Klan Alpine        college scholarships to local scholar         recruitment job, Brenda). Viola
brothers.”                                athletes.                                     Rigby Albert, Karen Dennis Barney,
                                                                                        Mary Wilson Drotar, Jackie Morse
Jeanne Fields Rogers of East Islip,
Long Island, NY was elected
president of the National League of
                                          1958 AU
                                          Elliott Lasky
                                                               G O L D E N S A XO N S
                                                               REUNION YEAR!
                                                                                        Gilson, Chris Clausen Hakewessell,
                                                                                        Brenda Kaufman Monene, Hattie
                                                                                        Fowler O’Toole, Marcie Dulinawka
American Pen Women (NLAPW),               6 Mele Ave.                                   Rietz, Flo Gerhardt Simmons, and
Suffolk Count Branch. This                Colmar, PA 18915                              yours truly to be specific. Only two
prestigious organization, which           Phone: 215.,822.0918                          of the remaining Nursing Class were
dates back to the 1800’s, encourages      Fax: 215.822.3332                             unable to return and were sorely
creative works of art professional        E-mail:             missed (and you too, Jackie
standards in visual, literary, and                                                      Monahan Rhodes). And oh the
music arts. During a recent               Norm Schulman and Cynthia                     ‘remember when’ stories we had to
NLAPW art exhibit at the BAFFA            Bringle ’64 were honored by the               tell. What work and what fun, and
(Bay Area Friends of the Fine Arts)       State of North Carolina as 2009 NC            what a journey we had through all
Gallery, Jeanne presented an              Living Treasures. Both potters, they          those affiliations. I’m certain it’s why
NLAPW state-funded check to               were cited for their lifetime                 we’ve remained so close after 50
BAFFA for their programs with             commitment to their craft. Cynthia            years — like old Army buddies in
youth in keeping with the goals of        maintains a studio in Penfield, NC.           the trenches.
NLAPW.                                    She conducts workshops and classes               “Now don't misunderstand, there

C L A S S                       N o t e s
were many other oldies but goodies        Bud and Chuck Stirling, and Marty               nicely. I am active in Kiwanis
that made the party a blast. Linda        Stenzler (who I may never forgive               International doing various
Treiling DeMoss and her Fred (with        for not showing up) called me, of               volunteer projects. I am the Kiwanis
homemade cordial, wine, and               course, to find out what he missed.             coordinator for our local Head Start
famous cookies in tow); Chuck             There’s only one Marty.                         Program, a government program for
Bradt; the Chororos, Sam and                 “I heard from Cy Berlowitz who               pre-school children. I am also a
Linda; Al Butner; Jay Henis; Paul         is a new proud grandfather of a                 second grade tutor at a local public
Holway; Sam Iorio; the Schummans,         baby boy. Judy Weber Chase writes               school. I was elected to the Board of
Paula and Stan; Pat Gorman Maier;         that she is living in Woodstock and             the Garland County Community
and Ron Theis were there. To drop         is busy with her weaving. She would             Organization which oversees the
a few more names: Stuart Wunsh,           love to touch base with classmates              distribution of monies to the needy
Karen VonSauers, Don Ulmer, Art           and can be reached at 845.679.2551              i.e. weatherization of homes, the
Waugh (he did say ‘hi’, Jackie M.),          “It was fun reading the Memory               Head Start program, adult
(to be congratulated for receiving        Book to which many contributed                  education, transportation programs,
the Award for Distinguished               and I just want to say to Meryl                 and helps to pay part of the utility
Achievement), Dick Shankle (bless         Herrmann Tattelbaum, Alfred IS                  bills. Katie was very active before
his heart, he said the only news he       STILL the ‘Mother of Men’ and if                her stroke, playing tennis,
gets is what I write!), Lorraine          you don't believe me you should                 volunteering at the Clinton
Brenner Nachtrieb, Vad Sterrett           hear the Class of ’59 belt out the              Presidential Library, and on the
Moskowitz, Judith Vaughan Hawk,           Alma Mater. (We never even                      recreation committee. Recently Katie
James Kornish, Bob Linn, and              considered changing the words.) I               was elected to the Village P.O.A.
Barbara Cohrssen Powell (our              really loved seeing all of you again            Board (City Council). Katie and I
famous engineer). Warren Smith,           —Stay well and God Bless.”                      are blessed with five children and
Trustee and Class Coordinator, you                                                        nine grandchildren living in
did a fine job of bringing this group     Barbara Korman held an exhibition               Sacramento, CA, St. Louis area,
together for one of the most fun          of her new wood sculptures from                 Dallas, and Hot Springs Village.
reunions I remember. For those who        May to August 2009 in White                     This is a wonderful place to live
didn’t make it, I hope you enjoy the      Plains, NY. The sculptures were                 with all the amenities anyone could
experience when we get together           created from storm-felled trees                 want.”
again as ‘Golden Saxons,’ our latest      gathered in the Bronx and
title. Might I just add Joe Fasano, he    Westchester County.                             Joel Philip Myers ’60, ’68,
wasn’t in our class, but it wouldn’t                                                      Distinguished Professor of Art
be a trip back to AU without a drink      Grace Bentley-Scheck has received               Emeritus at Illinois State University,
with Joe.                                 the Stella Drabkin Memorial Award               has been awarded the 2009 Millville
   “Now the fun was still to come         for a print exhibited in the American           Rose Society Award given by The
when we got home, what with the           Color Print Society 70th Members                Creative Glass Center of America,
shared pictures coming through the        Exhibition at the Plastic Club in               Millville, NJ. This award is given to
mail. Karen and I went back to the        Philadelphia. The exhibition ran                individuals for their valuable
Jersey Shore to recover and spent a       through Nov. 29, 2009.                          contribution toward the
day with Judy Seligman Roland ’60                                                         understanding and appreciation of
in Atlantic City.
   “Brenda and Jack Monene and I
had a conference call with Paul
                                          1960 AU                G O L D E N S A XO N S
                                                                 REUNION YEAR!
                                          Ms. Hilda Frischman Schulkind
                                                                                          Contemporary Art Glass and their
                                                                                          support of individual artists.

Sheldon ’58 and had a great chat          6 Barnett Place                                 Benjamin Schneider was recently
after 50 years. Paul is well and          East Northport, NY 11731                        presented the $50,000 Michael R.
sailing and recently married. He is                                 Losey Human Resource Award by
also a part-time orthodontist. He’s in                                                    SHRM. Benjamin is a senior
the process of relocating to Rhode        Alan Feather writes, “I am in my                researcher at the Valtera Corp., La
Island, the real estate market willing.   seventh year of retirement, living in           Jolla, CA. He is also professor of
Of course, I talked with Mary             Hot Springs Village, AR. My wife                psychology at the University of
Cavanaugh Graves, who got the             (of 47 years), Katie, had a stroke in           Maryland.
reunion gossip and lowdown from           late February and is recovering

C L A S S                       N o t e s
                                         Ruth Reeve Gau
Dr. Richard H. Gross
                                         29 Fair Way
                                         Poughkeepsie, NY 12603-5033
612 Oak Marsh Drive
Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464-2830
                                         John L. Turner, president and chief
                                         operating officer, retired from Allied
                                         Mineral Products, Inc. in March
Your Class Correspondent Dr.
                                         2009. He served as a consultant to
Richard Gross writes he has a
                                         Allied until October 2009 in order
fascinating career as an orthopedic
                                         to complete projects and facilitate
surgeon and has worked in places
                                         the transition of top management
like the West Bank, Pakistan,
Afghanistan, and Vietnam. He will
be going to China this year.
                                         Richard Stern sends greetings from
                                         the French part of Switzerland
Tadias Magazine featured Mamo                                                     Harry Skinner ’65 and spouse
                                         where he has lived for the past 10
Tessema in an article. Along with
                                         years. He is a member of the             two years ago, I remarried and my
being a well-known ceramist, Mamo
                                         Department of Orthopedic Surgery         wife and I reside in Corona Del Mar,
is the founder and curator of the
                                         at the University Hospitals of           CA, not far from Joel Moskowitz
National Museum of Ethiopia.
                                         Geneva. He and his wife Florence, a      ’61. We have been busy renovating

Mrs. Maxine Neustadt Lurie
                                         Swiss anesthesiologist, have a five-
                                         year-old son named Romain.
                                         Richard also has two older children
                                                                                  our house and are nearing
                                                                                  completion of that project. We hope
                                                                                  to decrease our workload to half-
6 Rye St.                                who live in New York City. Mariel,       time so that we have more time to
Piscataway,l NJ 08854                    his daughter, is a social worker at      work on a start-up company I have
E-Mail:                 Mount Sinai Hospital, and his son,       founded and to travel and enjoy our
                                         Remy, is a writer.                       ‘golden years.’ ”

Richard Palmer Widdicombe
                                         Bart Bloom lives in Clayton, NC,
                                         and is a full-time labor arbitrator
                                                                                  Diana Boggs Stern, director of the
                                                                                  Woodstock Public Library District,
1711 Sherman Drive                       with offices in New York, North          was awarded the 2009 NYLA (New
Utica, NY 13501-5839                     Carolina, and Colorado.                  York Library Association)
Home: 315.749.8528                                                                Outstanding Service to Libraries
Office: 201.216.5421
E-mail:           1965 AU               REUNION YEAR!      Award.

Katherine Williams retired from the
                                         Janet Seamon Pitt
                                         4164 Capistrano Ave.
                                         Las Cruces, NM 88001
                                                                                  Joan Diamond Silver
U.S. Environmental Protection                     905 C-1 Palmer Ave.
Agency in February 2009 with 35                                                   Mamaroneck, NY 10543
years of service. She is enjoying        Harry Skinner reports, “About two        Phone: 914.381.5831
classes at the local senior center and   years ago, I resigned as chair of
trying to catch up on all the yard       orthopedics at University of
work she didn’t have time for.           California Irvine. About a year and      Robert H. Benmosche has been
                                         a half ago, I retired from the           elected to serve as president and

Mrs. Elaine Jermansen
                                         university and went into full-time
                                         private practice in orthopedic
                                         surgery. I am now in Fullerton, CA
                                                                                  chief executive officer for American
                                                                                  International Group Inc., and was
                                                                                  also elected a member of the board
25 Pheasant Hill Drive                   at St. Jude Medical Center and am        of directors. Robert is a former CEO
Far Hills, NJ 07931                      happy doing hip and knee joint           of MetLife and a former member of
Phone: (908) 766-7618                    replacement surgery. Also, almost        the AU Board of Trustees.

C L A S S                      N o t e s
                                                                                 James Grillo has been selected to
Gary Shapiro
                                        Mrs. Cathy Clarke Baumgarten
                                                                                 serve on the State University of New
                                                                                 York’s (SUNY) University-wide
                                                                                 Advisory Council on Distinguished
6 Livengood Court                       114 W. Kathleen Drive
                                                                                 Teaching Professorships. His two-
Woodbury, NY 11797                      Syosset, NY 11791
                                                                                 year term runs from 2009-11.                  E-mail:

Peter L. Williams
                                        Last February, Diane Golebiewski of
                                        Florida hosted a week-long reunion
                                                                                 Mrs. Audrey Camann Pfol
                                        of Alfred/ Sigma Xi Nu friends:
24 Woborn Abbey Drive                                                            10070 S. Kingston Court
                                        Carol Barber ’72 of California; Judy
Bedford, NH 03110                                                                Highlands Ranch, CO 80130
                                        Keller of New York; Jean                                                               E-mail:
                                        Lauderdale ’67, ’69 of Georgia;
                                        Sharon Mastro of Florida, and Anne       Enid Borden, former AU alumni-
Les Kozerowitz is the library           Funicello of Rhode Island. Anne          elected trustee, is president and CEO
director at the Norwalk Public          says, “It is great to still be friends   of the Meals on Wheels Association
Library in Connecticut. Les currently   with these women after meeting at        of America. In June, she was a
resides in Easton, CT.                  AU over 40 years ago! It was a           keynote speaker for food and
                                        wonderful week!”
James L. Higerd
                                        Stanley Schneider was elected
                                                                                 nutrition providers from
                                                                                 Chautauqua County and Western
                                                                                 New York at the “Imagine There’s
                                        president of the Texas Criminal          No Hunger in Chautauqua County”
30529 Cobb Road
                                        Defense Lawyers Association. This is     summit.
Evergreen, CO 80439-7108
                                        a statewide organization of
                                        approximately 2,800 lawyers whose
Bill Snowden
7120 Laketree Drive
                                        mission, through education and
                                        other means, is to provide assistance
                                                                                 Steve Reichman
                                        to lawyers in the defense of those       35 Jays Corner
Fairfax Station, VA 22039
                                        accused of criminal offenses in          Somerset, NJ 08873
Phone: 703.440-0317
                                        Texas.                                   E-mail:

Wayne Lee will retire after teaching
for 40 years at the Watchung Hills
Regional School. Wayne has taught
a number of courses, including
American literature, freshman
English, sophomore English, and
journalism. He was also president of
the Watchung Hills Teachers
Association for several years and
chairman of its Grievance

1970 AU
Peter L. Immordino
                     REUNION YEAR!

2040 S. Fitch Mountain Road
Healdsburg, CA 95448                    Sigma Xi Nu friends (from left) Carol (Parkton ’72) Barber, Diane (Goldberg
Phone: 707.433.9380                     ’71) Golebiewski, Ann Funicello ’71, Judy (Ivers, ’71) Keller, and Jean
Studio Phone & Fax: 707.433.4471        (Kreuger, attended’67-’69) Lauderdale were among the group which
E-mail:                    gathered for a weeklong reunion last February.

C L A S S                       N o t e s
Your Class Correspondent Steven                                                   developmental
Reichman, has been named to the
Raritan Valley Community College
                                         1975          AU
                                         Janice Brewer Smith
                                                              REUNION YEAR!       disabilities.
                                                                                  Sara was
Foundation Board of Directors.                                                    recently
                                         778 Klem Road
Steven is vice president of Business                                              presented with
                                         Webster, NY 14580
Development at ADP Statewide                                                      the EP
Insurance Agencies in Cedar Knolls                                                Maxwell J.
and resides in Somerset, NJ.                                                      Schleifer
                                         Casey (John H.) Crandall and
                                                                                  Distinguished Sara Wall-
                                         Jahaira Elena Vilaverde Audelo were
Mrs. Nancy Ballert Heilstedt
                                         married on Feb. 28, 2009 in
                                         Ensenada, BC, Mexico. The couple
                                                                                  Service Award Bollinger ’76
                                                                                  Exceptional Parent magazine. She
10228 119th Ave. N.E.                    met in Ensenada, where Casey has
                                                                                  was also featured on the cover of the
Kirkland, WA 98033-5159                  resided for eight years. The bride is
                                                                                  Spring/Summer 2009 edition of
E-mail:               currently in graduate studies in
                                                                                  Cazenovia College Magazine, where
                                         psychology at Universidad
                                                                                  she is a 1974 alumna, and in an
Jeff Zamek has been appointed to         Xochicalco in Ensenada.
                                                                                  inside feature article, “Committed
the advisory board of Alchemy                                                     to Justice for All.” You can read the
Ventures, Ltd. which has been            Harris E. Kershnar has been selected
                                                                                  piece at:
developing kaolin deposits in Idaho.     for inclusion in the 2010 edition of
Jeff's new book, “The Potter's           “The Best Lawyers in America in the
Studio Clay and Glaze Handbook,”         Specialty of Labor and Employment
will be published by Quarry Press.       Law.”
                                           In December 2009, Harris and his
                                                                                  Dr. Deborah
Rob Young recently got NELSAP            son Michael (a wildlife artist)
(New England Lost Ski Area               trekked to see the Mountain Gorillas
                                                                                  assumed the
Program) and his friend and              in Rwanda and Uganda. (These are
                                                                                  position of
founder, Jeremy Davis, to list Happy     the gorillas studied by Dian Fossey.
                                                                                  provost and
Valley on their Web site. It is a site   Harris and Michael also made a
                                                                                  vice president
devoted to finding and publishing        special hike to visit Dian’s grave).
                                                                                  for academic
information about abandoned ski                                                   affairs at Lock
areas in the general New England         Mike O’Grady just came out with a
                                                                                  Haven             Dr. Deborah
area, for the memories of those who      new research study about cost
                                                                                  University in     Erickson ’76
once skied them, and in some cases       savings from preventive care services
                                                                                  June 2009.
to reopen them. People are welcome       for the chronically ill. The study was
to visit the site and write their        reported by The Washington Post,
                                                                                  Deborah Skovron and her husband,
memories and hopefully send photos       Reuters, Bloomberg News, and The
                                                                                  Jeffrey, are happily residing in
of the ski area. The link to the Web     New York Times blog.
                                                                                  Boulder, CO. Their daughter is off
site is
                                         Sara Wall Bollinger
                                                                                  to Ithaca College (Class of 2012).
                                                                                  Deborah is the executive director of
                                                                                  the Society for Creative Aging in
Barclay Potter was one of six people                                              Boulder.
                                         4745 Troop K Road
inducted into the Hamilton Central
                                         Manlius, NY 13104
School (HSC) Hall of Fame. Barclay                                                Doug Kulmacz just completed 23
                                         E-mail: swall-
has been a coach at HCS since 1990                                                years with the Connecticut
and was named Hamilton Sports                                                     Department of Correction, serving
Booster of the Year in 2005. He                                                   as a department head for Volunteers,
                                         Sara Wall-Bollinger has been
resides in Hamilton, NY.                                                          Interns, and Professional Partners
                                         executive director of Enable since
                                         1991. Enable is an organization          (VIP’s). He also coordinated inmate
                                         which enhances the quality of life       recreation services in Connecticut’s
                                         for people with physical and             18 correctional institutions and

C L A S S                      N o t e s
centers. Doug and his longtime                                                Frank Morbillo invites you to visit
partner Sharon Marcantonio live in
Haddam Neck, CT and enjoy
                                       Mrs. Kate Hamlin Wehrle
                                                                              his Web site at
                                                                     and then
frequent visits to Block Island, RI                                           to click on DNTV Videos. One
                                       152 Ward St.
and Miami. Dough also holds a                                                 video shows the making and
                                       Watertown, NY 13601
M.A.L.S. from Wesleyan University                                             installation of a 22-foot-tall,
in Connecticut.                                                               stainless steel fountain entitled
                                                                              “Partners,” which was installed in
                                       Robert Shorb is the new executive
Gerard Nealon
                                       director and chief executive officer
                                       of The Tuition Exchange, Inc., a
                                                                              Great Barrington, MA, last August
                                                                              at a private residence. The other
                                                                              video is an interview that took place
1762 Rosemont Drive                    non-profit association serving
                                                                              in Frank’s studio in Santa Fe, NM.
Baton Rouge, LA 70808-1351             institutions of higher education as
                                                                              Frank reports that the “Laughing                     the nation’s largest scholarship
                                                                              Ladies” were recently installed in
                                       exchange program.
                                                                              September at the Escena Golf
Christopher Gustin was featured in                                            Clubhouse in Palm Springs, CA, and
an article published on the Utah       Bruce Kaminstein, president of
                                                                              will be part of a grand opening
State Today Web site. Chris is a       Casabella Holdings LLC, Congers,
                                                                              planned this fall. The three, 7-foot
studio artist and emeritus professor   NY, was elected vice
                                                                              bronze columns rising from the
at the University of Massachusetts-    chairman/chairman-elect of the
                                                                              reflecting pool alongside the
Dartmouth.                             board of directors of the
                                                                              Clubhouse restaurant have a playful
                                       International Housewares
                                                                              interaction with each other as well
Constance                              Association.
                                                                              as the sweeping palm trees in the
Pennisi,                                                                      distance.
instructor in                          The New England Section of the
the digital and                        American Ceramic Society honored
                                                                              Faith Trotta lives in Edgewater, FL,
animation                              Dr. Mark Parish as the recipient of
                                                                              which is located south of Daytona.
program at                             the 2009 F.H. Norton Award. This
                                                                              She teaches exercises at the local
Alfred State                           award recognizes exceptional
                                                                              YMCA and resides in a community
College, had                           achievement and contributions to
                                                                              where there is lots to do. Faith is
an exhibition, Constance Pennisi       the advancement of ceramic science
                                                                              president of the Garden Club and
“Snippets,” in ’77                     and technology. Mark founded the
                                                                              president of the NY Club. Her son,
the Wellsville                         company CeraNova, which
                                                                              Vincent, lives nearby with his three
Creative Arts Center from May          specializes in superconductor and
through June 2009.                     piezoelectric fiber materials
                                       development. His products have
                                                                              Maureen Van Cura received a
Mrs. Mary Liebel Shaddock
                                       been specified and installed in NASA
                                       satellites. He also founded Specific
                                       Surface Corp., which produces
                                                                              doctorate in education from St. John
                                                                              Fisher College, Rochester, NY, in
                                                                              November 2009. Her research is on
34 Golf Ave.                           ceramic particulate filters and won
                                                                              the relationship between school-
Pittsford, NY 14534                    the Filtration and Separation
                                                                              based health centers that provide
E-mail:             Society’s Product of the Year in
                                                                              comprehensive primary care within
                                                                              schools and their impact on
Lynn Sullivan has been selected as a
finalist for the second annual
Financial Executives of the Year
Awards. Lynn works for the
                                       1980 AU
                                       Mark Brostoff
                                                              REUNION YEAR!
                                                                              educational outcomes. She received
                                                                              her MS degree and certification as a
                                                                              Family Nurse Practitioner from the
                                       515 W. 16th St.                        University of Rochester in 1980. She
Association for the Blind and
                                       Bloomington, IN 47404                  now works part time as an FNP and
Visually Impaired.
                                       E-mail:           is a fulltime Nursing Instructor for
                                                                              St. John Fisher College in Rochester,

C L A S S                      N o t e s
   The St. John Fisher Nursing          Paul West and wife, Bonnie, are          Steven Perkins and Andy Rosen ’97
program was originally part of the      proud grandparents of their first        were chosen for inclusion in the
Alfred University Nursing program.      grandson, Elijah Emmanuel, who           2009 Portland (Maine) Museum of
Maureen writes, “I have fond            was born July 8, 2009. The couple        Art Biennial Exhibition. Seventeen
memories of the AU nursing              now has four granddaughters and          contemporary artists with a
program and am proud to know and        one grandson. The mother (their          connection to Maine were chosen
work with many gradates in the          daughter) is doing well. She says five   from a pool of over 900 applicants.
Rochester area. I hope to make a        children are enough … Paul is            For more information go to
trip to AU this summer to see how       teaching Technology Education to
the school has archived the history     the sixth through 12th grade             ns-collections/biennial.shtml
of the nursing program. Does            students at South Kortright Central
anyone know of any efforts that         School in Schoharie County, NY.          Jim Martens is product marketing
have been made to preserve this         Bonnie works for ARC in Cobleskill,      manager of the Mentor Graphics
important piece of AU’s history? I      NY, taking care of people who            PADS products. He has over 20
would love to hear from you. Feel       cannot care for themselves.              years of EDA industry experience in
free to contact me at                                                            design, applications engineering,

Jim Murphy has been named
                                        William Leverence
                                                                                 sales and marketing.

                                                                                 Robert Houlihan,of Southbury, CT
publisher of The Troy Record, the       4 Secor Road                             has been appointed president of the
Journal Register Co. daily              Brookfield, CT 06804                     Board of Directors of the
newspaper in Troy, NY. Jim was          E-mail:              Housatonic Valley Association.
previously with Lee Enterprises,
where he was the director of
advertising and marketing of its
newspaper in Glens Falls, NY and
                                        Avi Kempinski lives in Hays, KS,
                                        where he is assistant professor of
                                        German at Fort Hays State
                                                                                 Jodi (Poggi) Hirsch
                                        University.                              624 Woodvalley Drive
previously Auburn, NY. In between
those positions he was sales                                                     Pittsburgh, PA 15222
development manager at the
corporate office in Davenport, IA. A
                                        Mrs. Linda Unrath Anderson

recipient of 30 advertising,                                                     Steve Allison was inducted into the
                                        35012 Lilac Loop
marketing and journalism awards in                                               Greensboro College Athletics Hall of
                                        Union City, CA 94587
his career, he was Suburban                                                      Fame in April 2009. Steve resides in
Newspaper of America’s 2007                                                      Austin with his wife, Mary Culkin
Advertising Director of the Year for                                             Allison, and has two grown sons,
daily newspapers.                                                                Shea and Cooper.

David Boyajian had work featured
in the summer 2009 Sculpture Barn
Invitational Exhibition called “Life:
Celebrating Renewal in Changing
Times.” David is the former director
of sculpture studies at Silvermine
School of Art in New Canaan, CT.
He has exhibited extensively at
museums and sculpture parks such
as Fordham University in NYC,
Albright Knox Museum in Buffalo,
NY and The National Academy in
                                        From left, John Jewell ’85, ’90; Rob Lattimer ’83, John "Skip" Hyde ’83,
                                        ’87; and Tim Scheberle all gathered on campus in October 2009 for
                                        Homecoming events.

C L A S S                      N o t e s
Robert M. Barton, current chief          Contemporary ceramic artist             (General
operating officer of Franchise           Virginia Scotchie was featured in a     Education
Services of North America Inc., has      solo exhibit in April 2009 at the       Assessment
assumed the role of president of the     Gertgrude Herbert Institure of Art,     Review)
company.                                 Augusta, SC. In what she calls          committee
                                         ceramic abstractions, Virginia takes    group, and the
Jeffrey Weinstein was recently           inspiration from everyday objects       Colleges of
featured on the cover of NJTC            and sculpts forms that are intended     Technology.
Magazine. Jeff has also been the         to be experienced on a visual rather                      Kathleen Ebert ’87
CEO of a Knowledge Management            than functional level. She works        Wendy
Software company in Clark, NJ for        with bold colors and textures and       Youmans is
the last seven years.                    has development custom glazes to        now a licensed clinical social worker
                                         create metallic finishes and unusual    living in Bethal, Maine. She
Robert Schafer ’89 has joined Jeff’s     surfaces.                               primarily does hospice work and has
team and currently works for the                                                 a small private practice. She also is a
same company. Here is a link to this is the online magazine:
                                         Catherine Riscili Staszewski
                                                                                 Kripalu Yoga, teaching several
                                                                                 classes a week.

                                         350 Buchannan Drive
                                         West Lafayette, IN 47906
                                                                                 Kara Mackey Dopman
Mrs. Judi Brayer                                                                 11 Briar Lane
1249 W. Clinton St.                      Patricia Moynihan has accepted a        Saratoga Springs, NY 12866
Elmira, NY 14905                         one-year position at Fairport High      E-mail:                    School in Fairport, NY teaching
                                         physics. She earned her NYS             The Columbus Council on World
In March of 2009, Elizabeth Garry        teaching certification in physics and   Affairs (CCWA) recently recognized
was appointed by NYS Gov.                general science from SUNY               Lee Link as the 2009 State of Ohio
Paterson to serve on the Appellate       Brockport in 2004 and has been          International Educator of the Year.
Division, third Department, in NYS       teaching science at various districts   This yearly award honors a unique
Courts. She hears the appeals from       in the Rochester area for five years.   K-12 educator whose commitment
all of the State Courts in a region      She is also currently pursuing her      to international education and
encompassing twenty-eight counties       earth science certification and has     awareness serves as a stellar example
in upstate New York.                     recently moved to Brighton.             to their students, their colleagues
                                         Classmates can reach her at             and their local community. Lee

1985           AU
Margot Ferrari Fry
                      REUNION YEAR!      patricia_moynihan@fairport.monroe.
                                                                                 teaches international business and
                                                                                 Japanese at the International
                                                                                 Business Program housed at
413 Grenham Road
Greensboro, NC 27455
                                         Mrs. Susan McDonald Gould
                                                                                 Gahanna Lincoln High School in
                                                                                 Columbus, Ohio. She also works as
                                                                                 a teacher educator with the
                                         35 Carriage Court                       alternative licensure program for
Jeff Becker recently received national   Pittsford, NY 14534-4031                teachers of Chinese, Japanese and
recognition for his contributions to     E-mail:       Spanish at Ohio State University.
the theater arts community by New
Orleans Center for Creative Arts         Kathleen Casey Ebert, professor of      The Association of California Nurse
(NOCCA). To read more about the          mathematics and statistics at Alfred    Leaders named California State
award, go to:                            State College, was invited to serve     University, Bakersfield (CSUB)     on the Provost’s Advisory Group for     professor Amy Zlomek Hedden as
ease.cfm?ID=5682.                        the SUNY (State University of New       Kern County Nurse Educator of the
                                         York) Assessment Initiative as a        Year. Amy, who is also a registered
                                         representative of faculty, the GEAR     nurse, was nominated for the award

C L A S S                       N o t e s
by the CSUB department of nursing
for her outstanding classroom and
technical teaching abilities. She also
                                                                                  1990 AU
                                                                                  Andrew Weller
                                                                                                        REUNION YEAR!

received the Gupta Education
                                                                                  149 Orchard Court
Award. The event program noted
                                                                                  Blue Bell, PA 19422
that Hedden has been recognized by
the Board of Registered Nursing as a
“content expert in pediatrics. Amy
has a heart for the children of Kern
County. Topics dearest to her
include childhood obesity, local
                                                                                  Karen Schrader Greabell
access to critical care for children,
                                                                                  10 Elm Road
                        and the
                                                                                  Kings Park, NY 11754
                        of air quality
                        with a
                                         Tracie Goodman ’89                       Karen Greabell, Class
                                                                                  Correspondent, has a new e-mail
                        emphasis on
                                         Championships held in New York           address:
                        asthma.” Amy
                         is active in    City in June 2009. This was Tracie’s
                                         third season competing and her sixth     On a recent trip to Paris, members
Amy Zlomek               Sigma Theta
                                         show. She now plans to compete and       of the class of ’91 came together for
Hedden ’88               Tau, the
                                         win as a figure-pro with INBF (the       a reunion of their own. Gathering
                         nursing honor
                                         INBF’s pro-organization). Tracie is      were Brandi (Brooks) Carter, Nataly
society, and lends her time and
                                         also a figure model and has been         (Sich) Wright, Cassandra (Chororos)
talent to numerous health-related
                                         featured on the cover of Parrillo        Halligan, and Lorraine (Kraft) Liste.
                                         Performance Press Magazine, in

Geoffrey Byrne
                                         numerous news articles, body
                                         building websites and was named
                                         Ms. World Physique in February
                                                                                  Michelle Peck
1239 Wylie Street NE                     2009. In August, she was featured in     12001 South Anna Drive
Washington, DC 20002                     Natural BB and Fitness Magazine          Rockville, VA 23146
Phone (Home) 202.338.1170                and this fall in World Physique          E-mail:
(Cell) 202.379.5643                      Magazine. Tracie writes, “Keep an        Michelle_Peck,
E-Mail:                   eye out for me… Age is all but a
                                         number. I am very happy to be living     Your Class Correspondent Michelle
Gregory Zeorlin was featured in          my dreams and creating a body of         Peck’s e-mail address was listed
“Arts in Harmony,” a concert             art!” To contact Tracie, e-mail her at   incorrectly in the last Alfred
celebrating the visual, musical, or add her on           publication. The correct e-mail is
written and spoken arts. Gregory         Facebook as Tracie Lynn.                 shown above.
works with a variety of materials
and techniques as a sculptor,            Lynn Koble will hold an exhibition,      Barbara Selvek of Canandaigua, NY
photographer, painter, potter and        titled “Capacity,” at the Venetia        was promoted from assistant
poet.                                    Kapernekas Gallery in New York           professor to associate professor of
                                         City throughout fall 2009. For more      nursing at Finger Lakes Community
Tracie Goldbaum-Euker just turned        about Lynn and her exhibit, go to:       College. She joined the college in
WNBF Pro (World Wide Natural              1994 and previously worked as a
Body Building Federation) earning                                                 staff nurse at Rochester General
not one but two pro-cards after                                                   Hospital.
placing first over all in both Open
and Masters Figure categories at the
IART INBF Hercules

C L A S S                       N o t e s
                                          in galleries and museums throughout     Samantha Henneke and Bruce
Tracy Lazarony Rudd
                                          New York State and maintains a
                                          studio in Utica, NY, where she
                                                                                  Gholson ’97 were included in
                                                                                  “Ceramics: Southeast, ” a group
                                          teaches Sculpture and 3-Dimensional     exhibition at the University of South
3634 Skipjack Court
                                          Design.                                 Carolina in Columbia. The
Abingdon, MD 21009-1030
                                                                                  exhibition was on display in the

Daniel Goodwin of Norfolk, VA
                                          1995 AU              REUNION YEAR!

                                          Randi (Jermansen) Albiston
                                                                                  McMaster Gallery in October and
                                                                                  November 2009. There is an online
                                                                                  exhibition catalog at
went to Japan for Empty Bowls as a        16 Winding Way                
guest artist in June 2009. Empty          Morristown, NJ 07960-6956               /McMaster_Gallery/Ceramics_South
Bowls is a charity event in which         Phone: 973.998.5915                     east.html. Keep in touch with
artists donate ceramic bowls which        E-mail:             Samantha and Bruce at their blog
are sold to the public. The proceeds
                                                                                  “Around and About with Bulldog
go to various charities and causes,       Elizabeth Ginter is working as a K-8    Pottery” at
such as feeding the hungry. Daniel        art teacher at an independent school
had his empty bowls celebration this      in Maryland.
past March in Norfolk, in which a
small Japanese contingent came to
participate. Daniel’s phone number
                                          Christopher Adam and Amber
                                          Adam welcomed a new addition to
                                                                                  Suzanne Alesso
is 757.235.1334 and the best e-mail       the Alfred/Burlington family. Sophia    229 Barnes Court
to reach him at is                        Grace was                               Rochester, MI 48307                    born on July                            Phone: 248.608.9650
                                          22, 2009, at                            E-mail:
Katherine Abbitt was promoted to          2:53 p.m. She
vice president of sales and marketing     came into the                           Ayumi Horie was featured in an
for North and South America at            world                                   American Craft Magazine interview.
Park Electrochemical Corp.                weighing 6                              Ayumi works as a studio potter in
                                          lbs. 9 oz. and                          the Hudson Valley of New York.

Ellen (De Biasa) Kolonoski
                                          18.5 inches.
                                                           Sophia Grace
                                                                                  She is also on the Board of Directors
                                                                                  of the Archie Bray Foundation, the
                                                                                  oldest residency in the country
18 Crestview Lane                         Sara Birk has accepted a position as    devoted exclusively to ceramics.
Hamburg, NJ 07419                         assistant professor of theater with
E-mail:           the University of Louisiana-Lafayette   Sam Morgan and John Arndt ’97
                                          Department of Performing Arts.          were featured in an exhibition called
Denise Pelletier juried the                                                       “Call + Response,” which was held
“Revealing Interiors” exhibition in       Erin Walsh ’94 and Gregory George       in the Museum of Contemporary
April 2009. Denise is an assistant        moved from Israel back to Oregon        Craft in Portland, Oregon from June
professor of art at Connecticut           in June 2009.                           18 to Oct. 31. Sam is an instructor
College in New London.                                                            of ceramics at Portland Community
                                          Aysha Peltz is currently a studio       College. John is an associate
Work by Dorene Quinn of Utica,            potter and on the ceramic faculty at    professor of product design at the
NY was included this summer in the        Bennington College in Vermont.          University of Oregon.
62nd Rochester-Finger Lakes (NY)          Aysha’s work will be featured in the
Exhibition, a juried show that is         Walter Gropius Masters Workshop         Theresa Gunn of Canisteo has
Rochester's oldest and most               Series at the Huntington Museum of      joined the Alfred University College
prestigious. Dorene is a multi-media      Art in West Virginia. For more          of Business as an assistant professor
artist and professor of art at Pratt at   information on the upcoming             of accounting for the 2009-10
Munson Williams Proctor, Utica. She       exhibit, please visit                   academic year.
has an active studio practice,  
exhibiting in solo and group shows        html.

C L A S S                       N o t e s
                                                                                   festivities as well as our ‘nice’
Kari (Jermansen) Martin
                                         Natalie Krauser McCarthy
                                                                                   picture of us and the various
                                                                                   Alfredians in attendance. I’m also in
                                                                                   the process of buying a new home.
2 Central Ave.                           1211 Prospect Ave.
                                                                                   It’s very daunting and scary, but I’m
Port Monmouth, NJ 07758                  Plainfield, NJ 07060
                                                                                   excited to have a place to call my
732.787.8529                             E-mail:
                                                                                   own. It’s been a crazy year so far,
                                                                                   but one of the most exciting I’ve
                                         Zachary Hampton writes: “Dear
                                                                                   ever had!”
Kari (Jermansen) Martin and her          Classmates, I hope that you are all
husband, Joe, are enjoying all the       well. The years are flying by, but life
                                                                                   Steven Zelin, AKA “The Singing
fun of parenthood with their first       is extremely enjoyable. My wife,
                                                                                   CPA,” is featured on the front cover
child, Astri Lynn Martin, born on        Wendy, and two daughters, Breton
                                                                                   and in a six-page article of the
March 12, 2009. Astri (pronounced        (3) and Zoe (1) are living in Ophir,
                                                                                   June/July 2009 issue of CPA
“ahh-stree) is growing fast and          CO. Ophir is a small town south of
                                                                                   Magazine. Steven, whose picture
learning new                             Telluride, and is where we designed
                                                                                   appears on the cover strumming his
skills (and                              and built our home. I am working as
                                                                                   guitar, is quoted throughout the
tricks) each                             an architect and loving being a
                                                                                   magazine from a recent interview.
day. At the                              father. If any of you Alfred folks
                                                                                   When talking about his background,
time of                                  make it to the Telluride area, please
                                                                                   he said, “I graduated from Alfred
publication,                             look us up. It is a small town, so
                                                                                   University with a B.S. in Accounting.
Astri was                                you should not have any problems.”
                                                                                   Of about 15 job offers, I narrowed
sitting up on      Astri Lynn Martin
                                                                                   them down to two—Arthur
her own! It’s                            Tadd Barnes got married on June
                                                                                   Andersen and Pricewaterhouse. I
no surprise that she loves the ocean     21, 2009 to FannYu Liao at the
                                                                                   chose Pricewaterhouse.”
(her mother wouldn’t have it any         Codman Estate in Lincoln MA.
                                                                                   Samples of Steven’s music are
other way) and is awed by trees and      Tadd writes, “It was a beautiful
                                                                                   available on his website
flowers (her father wouldn’t have it     ceremony and there was a fantastic
                                                                         , or at
any other way). The Martins live in      Alfredian turnout as well. Attached
                                                                          and iTunes.
the Port Monmouth section of             is a very ‘Alfred’ picture of the
Middletown Township in New
Jersey. Kari is staying home with her
daughter and enjoying life as a full-
time mom. Joe is an
associate/project manager at Birdsall
Services Group, an engineering firm.

Sam Castner was one among several
sculptors taking part in the “Artistry
of Sculpture” exhibit hosted by the
Phelps Arts Center. The exhibit ran
through fall 2009.

Jeremy Lepisto’s work is included in
the latest exhibit at Morgan
Contemporary Glass Gallery,
“Vision Realized.” Jeremy co-
founded Studio Ramp in Portland,
OR with his wife and partner, Mel
George, in 2001.                         Tadd Barnes ’08 married FannYu Liao on June 21, 2009 at the Codman
                                         Estate in Lincoln, MA. Tadd writes, “It was a beautiful ceremony and there
                                         was a fantastic Alfredian turnout as well.”

C L A S S                       N o t e s
Christa (Latacz) Jones and Adrian                                               alumna and is absolutely amazing;
Jones welcomed their second child, a
boy, on Feb. 10, 2009. His name is
                                         2000             AU
                                         Katie Isaac Franklin
                                                                REUNION YEAR!   she encourages everyone to check it
                                                                                out! Being on campus again after
Daniel Stephen and he was 8 lbs., 8                                             many years made Katie excited for
                                         993 John Leo Drive
oz. and 20.5 inches when he was                                                 the upcoming 10th class reunion
                                         Webster, NY 14580-2365
born. He joined his big brother, AJ                                             next June and she hopes that many
                                         Phone: 585.654.7694
(Adrian Jr.) who turned two in June.                                            fellow alums will plan to attend!
Christa and Adrian are still living in
Columbus, Ohio where Christa                                                    Melissa Them and Myles Peterson
                                         Chandra K. Leister
works part-time as a sign language                                              ’01 welcomed their son, Noah Myles
                                         93 Mountford Road
interpreter and stays at home with                                              Peterson, on Jan. 20, 2009. They
                                         North Yarmouth, ME 04097
the boys the rest of the time.                                                  have enjoyed the last several months
                                                                                immensely and cannot believe how

Andrew P. Alesso
                                         Jasmine “Jacy” Lellock
                                         23 The Horseshoe
                                                                                much Noah has changed in such a
                                                                                short time.
                                                                                Melissa had
2916 Willowood Drive                     Newark, DE 19711
                                                                                July and
Erie, PA 16506                           E-mail:
                                                                                August off,
E-mail:                                                    which gave
                                         Jasmine Lellock and Joshua Hertz
                                                                                her the
Michael N. Christakis                    ’99 welcome their daughter, Cora
                                                                                opportunity to
E-mail:                                  Lily Hertz, who was born on July
                                                                                spend a lot of            11, 2009. She weighed in at a
                                                                                quality time       Noah Myles
                                         healthy 7 lbs.,
                                                                                with Noah          Peterson
Mike Fuller received his master’s in     7.5 oz., and
                                                                                and to visit
business administration from Bentley     20 inches
                                                                                family and friends. Myles is still
University in Waltham, MA after          long. Cora has
                                                                                working for General Electric’s
almost five years of part-time study.    already
                                                                                Global Research Center and
Mike is currently employed as an         attended two
                                                                                celebrated his fifth anniversary in
Alliance Relations Manager with the      concerts;
                                                                                August. Melissa returned to Union
Healthcare division of Nuance            Jasmine was in
                                                                                College in September for her third
Communications in Burlington, MA,        labor at a       Cora Lily Hertz       year as a clinical psychologist there.
and lives in North Andover, MA           Wilco concert
                                                                                Myles and Melissa celebrated their
with his wife, Helen. Also, Mike         the night
                                                                                own fifth wedding anniversary in
would like any Alpha Chi Rho             before Cora was born, and at three
Alumni to know that there is a           days old, Cora was dancing to
Facebook group for Tau Phi               bluegrass at a concert in the park.
                                                                                Tane Robinson
brothers. Please join up to get in                                              and his wife,
touch with brothers and to let           Katie Franklin and her husband
everyone know how you are doing.         celebrated their son Jackson’s first
                                         birthday with a party for family and
                                                                                returned from
On June 19, 2009 Owens Corning           friends in July. Katie was in Alfred
                                                                                Seoul with
(OC) in Granville, Ohio participated     over the summer for reunion and
                                                                                their son,
in a United Way Day of Caring. AU        along with her Delta Zeta sorority
                                                                                Mitchell. He
representatives on hand: Michelle        sisters Chrissy Snyder Watkins,                         Mitchell Robinson
                                                                                was born in
Korwin-Edson ’99, ’04; Becky             Kelley Piccone, Lindsay Olson, and
                                                                                June 2008 in
Cochran ‘03; and Krista Kalac, a         Pam Markel, attended the
                                                                                Incheon City, Korea. They live in
current AU senior who is a materials     dedication ceremony for the stained
                                                                                Canandaigua, NY.
science and engineering major. She       glass window donated to Herrick
was a summer intern at OC.               Memorial Library by the Delta Zeta
                                         Omicron Phi chapter alumnae. The
                                         window was made by an AU

C L A S S                       N o t e s
                                                                                  Corey and Penny Dunn welcomed a
                                                                                  new addition, Ruby, to their family
                                                                                  on Aug. 6, 2009. Everyone is doing
                                                                                  well and big sister Molly, in fact, is
                                                                                  loving being a big sister.

                                                                                  The Cazenovia College Art Gallery
                                                                                  presented Claire Hedden’s work in
                                                                                  the group exhibition titled
                                                                                  “WONDERLAND.” After AU, she
                                                                                  earned a post-baccalaureate degree
                                                                                  from the University of
                                                                                  Massachusetts at Dartmouth. She is
                                                                                  an adjunct instructor of art in the
                                                                                  Ceramics and Fundamentals
                                                                                  Programs of the College of Fine Arts
                                                                                  at Illinois State University. Her work
                                                                                  has been exhibited across the United
Sarah Scott and several fellow AU alumni from the class of 2000 in Corolla, NC.
                                                                                  States and is included in several
Sarah Scott and several fellow AU        summer a teaching position opened        private collections. She recently
alumni got together in July for a        up in Amy’s field and she was lucky      received a sculpture fellowship from
week in Corolla, NC. The Outer           enough to be hired as the K-6 art        the New York Foundation for the
Banks was a great place to catch up      teacher at Alfred-Almond Central         Arts.
and to enjoy their children playing      School. The couple has since then
together.                                expanded their family with the birth
                                         of a daughter, Rona Lue Powers,          2001
                                                                                  Christa Christakis
In the picture above from left to        born Feb. 11, 2009. Amy, Angus,
right: Tom and Kimmy McHugh              and Rona live in a great old house in    E-mail:
Kilcoyne with their daughter, Maeve;     Alfred Station, complete with apple
Graham and Jessica Clark Wyllie;         trees and their own flock of             Kizzy M. Parks
Charlie and Sarah Scavone Scott          chickens! Amy writes, “We are so         4805 Lake Waterford Way West,
with their daughter, Hannah; Christy     pleased to be a part of the Alfred       Apt. 2
Coonradt Verbosky and Bradley            community again after having had         Melbourne, FL 32901
Verbosky ’01, with their sons, Ethan     such a positive experience here as       E-mail:
and Sean; Leah Eastman Besaw and         students. You just never know where
Jason Besaw ’99 and their children,      your life will lead you!”                Lauren Pidcoe
Christian and Anna.                                                               8 First St. SW
                                         Lauren Selig’s article, “The             Leesburg, VA 20175-3821
Amy Britt Powers and Angus               Aesthetics of Style in an Urban High     Phone: 703.998.6297
Powers are both BFA graduates from       School Art Class” was published in       E-mail:
AU’s art school and went on to           the March edition of Art Education,
pursue graduate school at Tyler          which is The Journal of the National     Andrea
School of Art and Rhode Island           Art Education Association. The           Goetschius
School of Design. They were              article is based on the research         was selected as
married in 2003 while they were          Lauren did with her students while       a Roy H. Park
teaching and living in Philadelphia.     she was a graduate student at            Fellow at the
In 2005, they were given the             MICA. The study focused on her           University of
opportunity to move back to Alfred       students’ aesthetic responses to their   North
when Angus was offered the               everyday visual culture.                 Carolina at
position of assistant professor of                                                Chapel Hill’s   Andrea Goetschius
glassblowing. Amazingly, that                                                     School of       ’01

C L A S S                       N o t e s
and Mass Communication. Andrea           ’09 had their work presented at the       Jillian Kule ’01 and Joseph “Benny”
has worked as a graphic designer at      Burchfield Penny Art Center at            Benedict Jr. ’02 tied the knot on
Ipas and UNC Design Services.            Buffalo State College last fall and       June 27, 2009 at the Peek ‘n Peak
                                         early winter. Kate is a resident artist   Resort and Spa in Clymer, NY.
 G. Douglas Clark travelled to           of The Clay Studio in Philadelphia        Several Theta Theta Chi sisters and
Huntsville, AL in June 2009 for the      and currently works in her art studio     Klan Alpine brothers were in
annual conference of the Baptist         in Alfred. Alicia, a resident of Alfred   attendance, along with a handful of
History and Heritage Society. While      Station, is currently completing her      other Alfred alumni. The couple
there, he presented his paper, “A        masters of fine arts degree in            then honeymooned in St. Lucia
Familiar Story: Contribution of the      sculpture/dimensional studies at AU.      before heading home to Buffalo. See
First Seventh Day Baptist Church in      Andrea, of Marblehead, MA, is a           photo on following page.
Alfred, NY, to Social Justice.” See      ceramic artist and is currently a self-           employed yarn manufacturer’s

Chris Lansdown and Beth
Skwarecki ’02 live in Ithaca, NY.
                                         representative. Kala, of Springwater,
                                         NY, works at the NYS College of
                                         Ceramics at Alfred University as a
                                                                                   Judy Tsang
They knit; spin wool; breed beta         visiting faculty in ceramics, where       2165 East 23 Street
fish; make/fly kites, and sundry. Beth   she teaches sophomore hand                Brooklyn, NY 11229
also plays roller derby and Chris        building and sophomore wheel              718.743.3820
referees. More information about         classes.                        
Chris is available at He may            On July 17, 2008, on Ka’anapali           Jennifer Baltrush
also be reached at                       Beach on the island of Maui, Allison      19B Louis Ave.                      (Lipani) Feenaughty ’01, ’06 and          Albany, NY 12204
                                         John Feenaughty ’06 were married.         E-mail:
Kate Doody, Alicia Eggert ’09,           The couple exchanged leis and rings
Andrea Marquis ’09, and Kala Stein       at sunset on the beach. The bride         Alexis Piekarsky
                                                     wore a white Grecian          7413 Coventry Court
                                                     dress with a gray sash        Riverdale, NJ 07457
                                                     that matched the              E-mail:
                                                     groom’s suit. Both were
                                                     barefoot. They                Samantha Johnston is living in
                                                     vacationed on Maui for        Boston teaching middle and high
                                                     a week after ceremony.        school art. Samantha completed her
                                                     Two receptions were           MFA from the Art Institute of
                                                     held: one in Almond,          Boston at Lesley University in June.
                                                     NY and the other in
                                                     High Bridge, NJ. The          Shawn Allen was featured in an
                                                     Almond reception had          article by The Business Review
                                                     over 20 Alfred                (Albany, NY) called, “40 Under
                                                     University alumni in          Forty.” Shawn is a senior materials
                                                     attendance.                   engineer at Ceralink in Troy, NY.

                                                     Matt Rossi ’01 and            Jennifer Verbit participated in a craft
                                                     Jessica Sick ’02 were         fair in New Milford, CT in June.
                                                     married at Belhurst           Jennifer sold handmade blank
                                                     Castle in Geneva, NY on       journals, letterpress printed items
                                                     Aug. 16, 2008. Over 35        and some other miscellaneous. The
                                                     AU friends and family         fair consisted of crafts vendors, food
                                                     attended the wedding.         vendors and children’s activities.
Allison (Lipani) Feenaughty ’01, ’06 and John        See photo on following
Feenaughty ’06 were married on July 17, 2008.        page.

C L A S S                    N o t e s
                                                                              position she will work on editorial
                                                                              strategy, content development and
                                                                              overall direction of the site.

                                                                              The Cazenovia (NY) College Art
                                                                              Gallery hosted Thea Eck and her
                                                                              exhibition “Ulluq: Encountering the
                                                                              North” in September and October

                                                                              Jill Culeton
                                                                              431 Cline Road
                                                                              Victor, NY 14564
                                                                              Phone: 585.924.8289
2001 Matt Rossi ’01 and Jessica Sick ’02 were married on Aug. 16, 2008.       E-mail:

                                      Chad Curtis is an assistant professor   Danielle Johnson-Kutch
                                      of ceramics at the Tyler School of      9713 51st Place
                                      Art at Temple University. Chad          College Park, MD 20740
                                      specializes in mixed-media sculpture
                                      and installation, mold making, slip
                                      casting, and digital fabrication.       Sebastian White
                                                                              262 W. 24th St., Apt. 5D
                                      Laura Schreffler is moving to           New York, NY 10011
                                      Hollywood to serve as the West
                                      Coast Bureau Chief for the soon-to-
                                      be re-launched women’s celebrity        Alecia Geno currently resides in
                                      and style Web site. She will leave      Brooklyn, NY where she is a
2001Jillian Kule ’01 and Joseph       her former position as the              practicing artist and designer. She is
“Benny” Benedict Jr. ’02 married on   ‘Gatecrasher’ columnist at the New      interested in the intersections of
June 27, 2009.                        York Daily News. In her new             visual art practices, built space, and
                                                                              design. Alecia’s diverse experience as
                                                                              a maker, craftsman, and artist
                                                                              directly inform the way she
                                                                              approaches design and architecture.

                                                                              Jason Hendricks and Eileen Arteaga
                                                                              Escalante were married on July 17,
                                                                              2009. They are currently expecting a
                                                                              baby boy. Paul Brogan and Roxan
                                                                              Brogan ’02, Matthew Washington
                                                                              ’05, and Sheree Johnson ’04 were
                                                                              some of the AU alums that attended
                                                                              the wedding.

                                                                              Jenna Gassman Hendricks married
                                                                              Cory Hendricks on Oct. 4, 2008.
                                                                              They live in Delhi, NY and work for
Jason Hendricks ’03 and Eileen Arteaga Escalante were married on July 17,     a division of FrieslandCampina
2009.                                                                         DOMO, the second largest Dairy

C L A S S                     N o t e s
Cooperative in Europe. Jenna is the                                            Khristina Sly reports: “Benjamin
Quality Control Laboratory
Manager where she uses her degree
in chemistry from AU.
                                       Kerry White
                                                                               Alexander Sly was born Tuesday,
                                                                               July 28, 2009. He weighed 4 lbs, 4
                                                                               oz. and was
                                       154 Sierra Vista Lane                   18 inches
Sarah Strong of Westvale, NY was       Valley Cottage, NY 10989                long. He was
promoted to Director of Auctions at    E-mail:       only two and
WCNY in Syracuse, NY. Sarah has                                                a half weeks
been with WCNY for nine years.         LaDona Lanphere                         early but grew
                                       61 Reithel St., Apt. 1                  small.
Michael Green, a Navy veteran, was     Auburn, MA 01501                        Mommy and
featured in a newsmagazine                       Daddy waited Benjamin
published by the U.S. Small Business                                           anxiously for     Alexander Sly
Administration. Green, who earned      Renee Prisble Una posted a blog in      10 days while
a degree from the College of           April 2008 called “Mindfulness &        Ben got bigger and stronger in the
Business, was recognized for           Making: Mindfulness Practice and        NICU before coming home weighing
“realizing his dream” of opening a     Creative Strategies for the             a mere 4 lbs, 6.5 oz.! As of Sept. 30,
business with the assistance of an     Connected Worlds of Art and Life.”      Ben weighs 8 pounds and gets cuter
SBA program specifically to help       Renee is a sculptor and installation    every day. His favorite things to do
veterans become entrepreneurs.         artist working in Chicago, IL.          are eat, sleep and pretend to be
Green opened the Hott Spot, a                                                  Houdini- wiggling out of his blanket
tanning salon, in Alfred.                                                      “burrito” every chance he gets.

                                                                               “Reincorporation Jamboree,”
                                                                               curated by Steven Frost, features
                                                                               artwork from artists around the
                                                                               country. It is currently on exhibition
                                                                               at Honfleur Gallery in Washington
                                                                               DC, and features the installation-
                                                                               based media artwork of Theo Knox
                                                                               and Ben Fino-Radin ’07. Honfleur’s
                                                                               Creative Director, Briony Evans
                                                                               Hynson ’02, worked with Frost to
                                                                               facilitate the show, which explores
                                                                               contemporary coming-of-age
                                                                               experiences touched on by emerging

                                                                               Gerit Grimm created an exposition
Tracey Young ’03 married Kurt Kochey ’99 on Aug. 29, 2009, in Colebrook,
                                                                               of the United States which was
CT. A number of Alfred University alumni and friends attended the
                                                                               gained solely through viewing
wedding. Some of those who gathered for the special occasion included
                                                                               American cinema. Check out the
(front row, from left, kneeling) Penny (Schader) Dunn ’00 and Molly Dunn;
                                                                               video of Gerit talking about and
(seated) the groom and his bride; (kneeling) Kerry Gerrity ’03 and Theresa
                                                                               demonstrating her artistry at
(Haass) Rowland ’03; (middle row, from left) Mario Bochiechio ’00, Corey
Dunn ’00, Jim Hart ’01, Brian Luisi ’01, Jen (Burke) Hart ’02, Margaret
(Honti) Quinn ’03, Danielle Johnson-Kutch ’03, Jennifer (Stiglmeier) King
’02, and Keith Phelan ’04; and (back row, from left) Justin Randall ’00, Jen
                                                                               Rachel Olin- Levy of Coral Gables,
Peek ’07, Ben Aitken ’01, Nathan Southwick ’00, Steve Rondeau, John Hera
                                                                               FL is working hard balancing three
’99, Adam Ritscher ’98, Liz Kieronski ’00, Desiree (Lombardo) Caruso ’01,
                                                                               jobs. During the school year, she
Kevin Rowland ’01, Patrick Shannon ’97, and Andrew Posner ’00. Not
                                                                               works part-time at an elementary
pictured, but attending the wedding, were Robert Bernstein ’97 and Jennie
                                                                               school library. During the summer,
(Lynch) Bernstein ’98.

C L A S S                      N o t e s
she works at a summer camp              is on shore duty at Naval Base            architecture firm, as a Project
mentoring and teaching high             Kitsap in Bremerton, WA.                  Manager Assistant.
functioning autistic children and she
sells her work at an exclusive South    J’Dale “J.D.” Berner (Fisher) and         Eve Katz and Michael Geoffrey Katz
Florida art show. Rachel has also       Ryan Berner are proud to announce         were married on Nov. 2, 2008, at a
published a book review for the         the birth of their son Aaron Michael      ceremony in West Orange, NJ.
American Booksellers Association.       Berner on Nov. 30, 2008. Aaron            Several AU alumni were in
You can read her review at              was born in Canandaigua, NY.              attendance including J’Dale (Fisher)                                                 Berner, Lila (Balliett) Rodrigues,
6501.html.                              Lacy L.E. Clifford and Kevin G.           Stephanie Sterling, and Abbey
                                        Martin are engaged and plan a May         Thomas. Eve and Michael now live
Beth Greenwood Boisvert was             15, 2010                                  in Durham, NC with their dog, Otis.
nominated to be the associate pastor    wedding in Oil                            Eve is a psychiatric social worker
of The First Church of Christ in        City, PA. Lacy                            after completing her M.S.W. at
Longmeadow, MA.                         works at the                              SUNY Buffalo in 2007 and Michael
                                        Bronx Zoo.                                is a resident physician at Duke
Bryan Sick and Bonnie Ye ’07 were       Kevin works                               University Hospital. They were
married on Aug. 29, 2009 in Avon,       for AlG                                   recently delighted to learn that
NY. They currently live in San          Technology in                             Michael was accepted into the
Diego. Bryan is deployed to Guam        Princeton, NJ. Aaron Michael              Cardiology fellowship program at
for his sea duty. Bonnie left AVX at    They currently Berner                     the University of Rochester
the end of July and is currently        reside in their                           (Michael’s alma mater). They are
looking for a new job.                  home in Woodbridge, NJ.                   expecting to move back to Western
                                                                                  NY in the summer of 2010 and can’t
Jessica Dunster of Birdsall, NY has     Megan Bisbee-Durlam is one of             wait to visit Alfred and see old
joined Alfred State College as a        three chaperones who will                 friends!
professional staff member.              accompany Japanese students from
                                        Anan-Cho, who will stay with 13           Ashley Ross and Johnny Ninos ’06

2005 AU
Emma Buckthal
                        REUNION YEAR!   families in Alfred for a six-day visit.
                                        Megan is a current assistant
                                        language teacher.
                                                                                  both teach at Midland School in Los
                                                                                  Olivos, CA. Recently the school
                                                                                  received a 2009 Governor’s
21 Drybrook Road                                                                  Environmental and Economic
Barton, NY 13734                        Casey Lumbra, Kyle Wengren, and           Leadership Award (GEELA).
E-mail:        Jeremy Stephens ’06 released an           Ashley is an instructor of
                                        online comic series known as              Fundamentals of Visual Art, Honors
Tim Inthirakoth                         “Backspace,” which has been               Art and Representational Drawing.
23 Union Park, 1                        published in AU’s Fiat Lux. To check      She also coaches the girls’ JV soccer
Boston, MA 02118                        out the Web site, go to                   team. She enjoys exploring the West
617.279.3703                              Coast and living in the Midland                                                                   community.
                                        Cassandra                                    Johnny is the metals instructor. He
John Belisle and Melissa Berman ’06     Ostrander has                             is an avid fixer-upper, and heads the
were married on Oct. 25, 2008 in        joined Clark                              Heroes program at the school,
Port Jefferson, NY. They met at         Nexsen, an                                which helps maintain the school
Alfred in fall 2004. Melissa has        award-winning                             grounds by training students the
worked as an artificial intelligence    architecture,                             proper techniques and tools for
patent examiner for the U.S. Patent     engineering,                              reconstruction. Johnny coaches the
Trademark Office since 2006. John       interior design,                          JV boys’ soccer team.
has been a Navy Supply Corps            planning, and Cassandra
Officer since 2005 and they have        landscape        Ostrander ’05
relocated to Seattle, WA while John

C L A S S                      N o t e s
                                         New York City throughout July           two months this summer, Jodi
Mrs. Andreina Simet
                                         2009.                                   volunteered abroad to teach free
                                                                                 English lessons to the youth of rural
                                         Kyle Burns continues to build his       San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua. The
353 South 3rd Street, Apt 12
                                         freelance experience and joint Web      Barrio Planta Project (more
Brooklyn, NY 11211
                                         Site        information here:
                                         with wife, Devin Burns ’06. Devin is a
                                         began teaching at a preschool in        community development initiative,
Julie Tharrett reports: “I completed
                                         January. She also visited Nicaragua     assisting in the growth of the low-
school at the National Massage
                                         in April as part of an alumni service   income neighborhood “La Planta”
Therapy Institute at the end of
                                         trip with her sister and the Bucknell   in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua.
January and will soon take the
                                         Brigade at Bucknell University.         Through education, job-training,
national certification exam so that I
                                                                                 and community development,
can then officially practice
therapeutic massage. I am about to
begin Arabic language classes and
                                         Abby Tripp
                                                                                 volunteers are able to help children
                                                                                 who have all odds stacked against
                                                                                 them. English is valuable to learn in
currently work in the International      178 Gazette Ave., Apt. 5                Nicaragua, because it can improve
Affairs Office for ICE, performing a     Lexington, KY 40508                     their chances of getting a better job
variety of administrative duties.                 immensely.
  “I have been pursuing dance on
                                                                                    Jodi did fund-raising for the trip,
two fronts, as a member of the Silk      Bonnie Ye                               since she was not paid for her
Road Dance Company and as a              1671 Sandy Shore St.                    volunteer time abroad. She said,
Raqs Sharqi (classical Egyptian          San Diego, CA 92139                     “The program is fledgling, it has a
bellydance) soloist AKA Asala. In                     non-profit backer, but not a lot of
the soloist realm, I regularly perform
                                                                                 funding yet — therefore, it is a
with live music which has been the       Elisabeth Nickles was featured in an    strictly volunteer position, with no
most exciting and challenging            article published by the Delaware       stipend or payment except the
experience in dance for me yet. I        Online News Journal. Elisabeth has      knowledge that we are doing
dance weekly at a Moroccan               been welcomed by the Delaware           something to better a community
restaurant in Silver Spring called       Center as the current artist-in-        less fortunate than our own.”
Taste of Morocco and recently was        residence in the museum’s Art &            Jodi started a Web site to
the headlining act for a hafla (a        Community Visual Arts Residency         chronicle her adventures in
party) at Mosaic Cafe that featured      Program.                                Nicaragua as well as what she did to
other dancers in the DC area.
  “I joined the Silk Road Dance          Minako Shirakura
Company, under the direction of Dr.      was featured in an
Laurel Victoria Gray, last fall which    article published by
has been an amazing experience in        the Provincetown
expanding my movement vocabulary         Banner. She is
with Persian, Turkic, and Arabic         participating in the
traditional dance and beyond. This       Fine Arts Work
has been a great opportunity to          Center program in
dance alongside a fantastic group of     Provincetown,
ladies and so far I have had the         Massachusetts.
honor of performing at such places
as the Kennedy Center and the            Jodi Andersen has
Philadelphia Museum of Art.“             been accepted to the
                                         University at
Erica Harney is completing her MFA       Buffalo this fall to
at Penn State. Erica, along with Penn    pursue her master’s
State’s other MFA candidates, held a     in Higher Education Jodi Andersen ’07, left, taught English lessons to rural
group exhibition, “Prequel,” of new      Administration. For youth in Nicaraugua.
works at the Sara Meltzer Gallery in

C L A S S                       N o t e s
get ready for this ambitious venture     at many times, uplifting. The           installation during the night.
at       seminar, just like Cato Institute, is   “Flutter Tunnel” was created from
                                         devoted to the study and                900 pounds of “sucker rod,” which
Yasmin Green writes: “This summer        advancement liberty via individual      was returned to a distributor in its
I was fortunate enough to have been      rights and free markets.                original condition after the project
awarded a Cato University Bastiat           “While I was there I met tons of     was removed for a small restock fee.
Scholarship to attend the Cato           wonderful people, including my            The solar powered flashlights
Institute’s annual political and         roommate who is from Romania,           replace kerosene lanterns, wood fires
philosophical seminar.                   and a couple of smart and absolutely    and traditional flashlights, and will
  “Cato University is a weeklong         hilarious students from Peru.           create over $460,000 in savings for
seminar held at the luxurious            Overall, this experience was without    Sierra Leoneans by eliminating the
Rancho Bernardo Inn in San Diego,        a doubt one of the most rewarding       need to purchase disposable batteries
California. The seminar boasts           and intellectually challenging          (not to mention saving roughly
numerous quality lectures by             experiences of my life. I owe my        200,000 single use batteries). The
scholars such as Tom G. Palmer,          preparedness to the quality academic    shipment of lights was coordinated
David Boaz, and Robert McDonald,         instruction I received from Alfred,     with Schools for Salone and Books
for examples. The theme of this          especially from Dr. Westacott, whose    for Africa, which provided a spot on
year’s seminar was Economic Crisis,      ‘on point’ teaching of Kant helped      a shipping container full of 22,000
War, and the Rise of the State. All of   me out a lot this past week. Some of    books headed to new schools being
the lectures and daily casual            the philosophical discussions were      built in Sierra Leone. The flashlights
discussions among participants were      very intense, but I felt prepared       will help students read at night in a
absolutely intelligent, riveting, and    nevertheless. So thanks to the Cato     sustainable manner. For more
                                                Institute and thanks to AU! I    information and images, visit
                                                couldn’t have felt more proud
                                                to be at Cato University as an
                                                Alfred University alumna.”       Stephanie Troiano and Joshua Rafte
                                                                                 ’09 are happy to announce their
                                               Kyle Doda resides in              engagement! A summer 2010
                                               Richmond, VA, where he has        wedding is planned.
                                               a studio in an old barbershop
                                               and is developing a sculpture-
                                               based restoration program
                                               and residency workspace
                                                                                 Ms. Jessy Santana
                                               there.                            6289 Bold Regatta Court
                                                                                 Las Vegas, NV 89139
                                               In September 2009, Bland          Email:
                                               Hoke completed a
                                               collaborative effort titled       Conrado Bowen-De La Rosa made
                                               “Flutter Tunnel,” a sculptural    his Off-Broadways debut May 28,
                                               installation for Burning Man      2009 performing in “In The Silence
                                               2009 which sent 200 solar-        Of The Heart,” a new family drama
                                               powered flashlights to Sierra     set in the United States, dealing with
                                               Leone. Bland received support     racial biases, the concept of family,
                                               from Burning Man to install       and the nature of forgiveness. The
                                               the sculpture, and raised         play was created for the inmates in
                                               $4,000 through Fractured          Sing Sing Correctional Facility and
                                               Atlas (a non-profit arts          was first produced there by
                                               service organization) to          Rehabilitation Through The Arts in
                                               purchase the flashlights. The     November 2008. The work ran
                                               lights were used for seven        through June 14 at Theater for the
Bryan Sick ’04 and Bonnie Ye ’07 were                                            New City, Manhattan, directed by
                                               nights to illuminate the 900-
married on Aug. 29, 2009.                                                        the author. The play was performed
                                               foot-long, slinky-like

C L A S S                     N o t e s
in English and Spanish with Chinese   State College as a professional staff    Buttafaro, an accounting and
subtitles. See the show poster with   member.                                  business advisory firm in Olean, NY.
Conrado’s name at: www.yangtze-                      Ceramist Jane Orr was a visiting         Nicholas Vandervoort was hired by
                                      artist at Stone Quarry Hill Art Park,    Ceralink Inc., as a materials engineer
Your Class Correspondent writes:      Cazenovia, NY, this summer where         on the company’s research and
Vanessa Davis, John Hawes, Seward     she created ceramic sculptural forms     development team.
Landaverde, Jesse Santana, and        for the Park. She currently lives in
Andrea Sarro graduated from the       Detroit, where she is working at a       Andrea Marquis is an artist-in-
AU MBA program in May 2009.           studio/gallery. Jane’s visit was         residence and adjunct instructor of
Trevor Kent of Spencerport creates    reported by Amber Blanding ’02,          ceramics at Tyler School of Art and
comic books that are written for an   who is the office manager at Stone       currently lives in Philadelphia.
older audience, using flat colors,    Quarry Hill Art Park.
thick lines. and a combination of
American and Japanese comic styles.                                            ENGAGEMENTS
Laura Findlay earned a master of
science degree in numeracy.
                                      Jenna Efrein is Hudson Beach Glass
                                                                               Lacy L.E. Clifford ’05 and Kevin
                                                                                 G. Martin ‘05
                                                                               Cashelle Crowley ’06 and John
                                      Philadelphia’s new teacher and             Rose
Angelina Accary, Christine Birtel,    manager. Jenna holds a degree in         Stephanie Troiano ’08 and Joshua
Colleen Bland, and Joshua Gibson      sculpture/dimensional studies with a       Rafte ’09
each obtained a master of science     focus in glass.
degree in education.
                                      Ruth Hill is a glass artist who enjoys   MARRIAGES
Maya Johnson is a second-year         working with different materials,        Casey (John H.) Crandall ’75 and
graduate assistant at the City        drawing, and photography, but glass        Jahaira Elena Vilaverde Audelo,
University of New York Athletic       tends to be her medium of choice.          Feb. 28, 2009
Conference for the 2009-10            Check out her Web site at                Christopher Meany ’96 and Sarah
academic year.                        www.thewaywardflame.                       McNeill, May 2, 2009
                                                        Miguel Sturla ’99 and Pauline de
Emily Hall-LochmannVanBennekom                                                   Trabuc, April 26, 2009
of Dansville, NY has joined Alfred    Jamie Mix was named a staff              Tadd Barnes ’99 and FannYu
                                      accountant at Buffamante Whipple           Liao, June 21, 2009
                                                                               Kelly Stutzman ’00 and James
                                                                                 Grim, June 26, 2009
                                                                               Allison Lipani ’01, ’06 and John
                                                                                 Feenaughty ’06, July 17, 2008
                                                                               Jillian Kule ’01 and Joseph
                                                                                 “Benny” Benedict Jr. ’02, June
                                                                                 27, 2009
                                                                               Aaron M. Miller ’01 and Emily
                                                                                 Schreiner, Aug. 8, 2009
                                                                               Emily Rotundo ’01 and John
                                                                                 Schaefer, Aug. 15, 2009
                                                                               Matt Rossi ’01 and Jessica Sick
                                                                                 ’02, Aug. 16, 2009
                                                                               Nicole Wodka ’02 and Michael
                                                                                 Cook, Sept. 26, 2009
                                                                               Jessica Palmer ’02 and Christopher
Conrado Bowen-De La Rosa ’08 (front row, far left) made his Off-Broadway       Jenna Gassman ’03 and Cory
debut May 28, 2009 performing in “In The Silence Of The Heart.”                  Hendricks, Oct. 4, 2008

C L A S S                    N o t e s
Jason Hendricks ’03 and Eileen       Jasmine Lellock ’00 and Joshua        George M. Colucci ’40, April 27,
  Arteaga Escalante, July 17, 2009     Hertz ’99, a daughter, Cora Lily      2009
Corey Martin ’03 and Jessica           Hertz, July 11, 2009                Malcolm P. Hill ’40, June 27,
  Martin, Aug. 22, 2009              Corey Dunn ’00 and Penny Dunn           2009
Bryan Sick ’04 and Bonnie Ye ’07,      ’00, a daughter, Ruby Dunn,         Sanford Davidow ’41, Jan. 31,
  Aug. 29, 2009                        Aug. 6, 2009                          2009
John Belisle ’05 and Melissa         Cindy Lewis-Black ’00 and Chris       Frances Vars Gorton ’41, Sept. 3,
  Berman ’06, Oct. 25, 2008            Black, a son, Colin Kennedy           2009
Eve Katz ’05 and Michael               Black, Oct. 2, 2009                 Frederick Loughridge ’42, Sept. 1,
  Geoffrey Katz, Nov. 2, 2008        Sheila Callahan Quick ’01 and           2009
Andrea Crandall ’05 and Sean           David Quick, a son, Wilson          Margaret Aylor Harris ’43, Oct.
  DeRubba, July 4, 2009                David Quick, Jan. 10, 2009            18, 2008
Joseph Kovac ’08 and Andrea          Danielle Foote ’04 and Wes            Artiste Jamesson ’43, May 19,
  Sarrge ’08, Jan. 10, 2009            Landrum, a daughter, Anne             2009
                                       Landrum, Jan. 9, 2009               Helen N. Dygert ’43, June 3, 2009
BIRTHS                               Khristina Sly ’04 and Samuel Sly, a
                                       son, Benjamin Alexander Sly,
                                                                           Vivian M. Suttle ’43, Aug. 17,
Christopher Adam ’95 and Amber         July 28, 2009                       Lucille Clark Rowland ’44, July 1,
 Adams, a daughter, Sophia           J.D. Berner (Fisher) ’05 and Ryan       2009
 Grace, July 22, 2009                  Berner, a son, Aaron Michael        Genevieve Polan Scheffer ’46, Oct.
Kari (Jermansen) Martin ’97 and        Berner, Nov. 30, 2008                 28, 2009
 Joseph Martin, a daughter, Astri                                          Edith M. Roberts ’47, Aug. 18,
 Lynn Martin, March 12, 2009                                                 2009
Devin Dressman ’97 and Heather
 Dressman, a daughter, Elise Ann
                                     DEATHS                                John K. Koskie ’48, April 1, 2009
                                                                           Jean Willey Rohan Krebs ’48, May
 Dressman, June 10, 2009             ALUMNI                                  21, 2009
Maggie Campolong Roberts ’98         Peter T. Smith ’24, June 20, 2009     M. John Rice Jr. ’48, July 10,
 and James Roberts, a daughter,      Ralph Smith ’24, June 20, 2009          2009
 Naomi James, Jan. 1, 2009           Cecile Brigham Mathern ’28            John G. Sweeney ’48, Aug. 4,
Christa (Latacz) Jones ’98 and       Irene Wells Fisk ’29, Oct. 29, 2009     2009
 Adrian Jones, a son, Daniel         Bernadine F. Smith ’32, March 1,      W. Clayton Ormsby ’48, Oct. 27,
 Steven, Feb. 10, 2009                 2009                                  2009
Kevin David ’99 and Rebecca          Phlabia Sheheen Shoemaker ’33,        Edward F. Dick Sr. ’49, March 29,
 (Francy) David ’01, a son, Tyler      May 26, 2009                          2009
 Joseph David, Oct. 28, 2008         Charles Gainor ’36, May 19, 2009      James D. Secrest ’49, May 29,
Michael Christakis ’99 and           Leon Clements, ’37, Aug. 3, 1994        2009
 Christa Nyman Christakis ’01, a     Marion Jacox Smith ’37, Nov. 12,      Marjorie Van Duzer Campbell ’49,
 daughter, Katerina Florence           2008                                  July 26, 2009
 Christakis, May 6, 2009             Alice Matson DiBlasi ’37, Aug. 7,     Phillip A. Meissner ’49, Aug. 17,
Tane Robinson ’00 and Kristin          2009                                  2009
 Robinson adopted a son,             Carmen Hackett Booth ’38, June        Robert Longfritz ’50, Feb. 3, 2009
 Mitchell Robinson, who was            20, 2009                            William C. O’Connor ’50, April
 born in June 2008                   Dorothy Elve Tombaugh ’38, July         27, 2009
Melissa Them ’00 and Myles             3, 2009                             Richard H. Stephens ’50, May 26,
 Peterson ’01, a son, Noah Myles     John Huber ’39, May 2008                2009
 Peterson, Jan. 20, 2009             Betty Jacox Crafts ’39, Nov. 23,      Harvey Siebert ’50, June 19, 2009
Amy Britt Powers ’00 and Angus         2008                                William Schmidt ’50, Aug. 20,
 Powers ’00, a daughter, Rona        Raymond Turck ’39, June 30,             2009
 Lue Powers, Feb. 11, 2009             2009                                Bacia Edelman ’50, Sept. 19, 2009
Heather Eckert Jordan ’00 and        Rosemary Hallenbeck Mossien           Melvin Nida ’50, Sept. 21, 2009
 Shannon Jordan, a daughter,           ’39, July 24, 2009                  Richard Carlson ’50, Oct. 22,
 Clare Rose Jordan, April 13,                                                2009

C L A S S                     N o t e s
Norman C. Skillman ’50, Nov. 1,        Peter Hoagland ’60, July 27, 2009    Nancy Cushing-Daniels ’81, June
  2009                                 James L. Knapp III ’61, July 15,       17, 2009
Walter A. Snyder ’51, April 21,          2009                               Michael Leitten ’86, April 2009
  2009                                 Alfred Gross Jr. ’62, March 2009     Jeffrey Hollier ’88, Aug. 13, 2009
Thomas J. Myers ’51, May 1,            James E. Young ’62, June 2009        Donna Anderson Funk ’93, Aug.
  2009                                 Geraldine Dolger Danzig ’63, June      1, 2009
Ronald Tostevin ’52, March 13,           14, 2009                           Lisa Friedman Suratt ’94, Aug. 28,
  2008                                 Carl Spoerer ’63, Sept. 5, 2009        2009
Edward L. Decker ’52, Feb. 4,          David G. Gregory ’66, June 10,       Lorna J. Koegel ’99, Dec. 2, 2008
  2009                                   2008                               Amy Beth MacMichael ’00, Aug.
Marvin C. Reichle ’52, Nov. 6,         Barbara A. Fletcher ’71, April 29,     3, 2009
  2009                                   2009                               Mark L.F. Nicholson ’01, June 11,
Robert Wertz ’54, May 5, 2009          Mark J. Lawrence ’73, Aug. 23,         2009
Hubert R. Thornton ’54, May 9,           2009                               Diane M. Richardson ’03, July 6,
  2009                                 Iris Molinari ’74, April 18, 2009      2009
Beverly F. Shorts ’55, April 23,       John Fernbach ’75, April 3, 2009
  2009                                 James F. Connell IV ’75, May 7,      FACULTY/STAFF
Elizabeth Sibley Parry ’58, April 2,     2009                               June Brown, December 28, 2009
  2009                                 George Capuano ’77, July 30,
Betty Syracuse Hedgeman ’58,             2009                               FRIENDS
  May 3, 2009                          Donna L. Taylor ’78, June 22,        Jean A. MacMurray, May 2008
John R. LeBlanc ’58, May 28,             2009                               Jane Orwig Le Mon, Aug. 28,
  2009                                 Barbara Engram ’80, March 25,          2009
Peter B. Lauck ’58, Aug. 1, 2009         2009
Rhoda Davis ’58, Oct. 22, 2009         Arlene Hodge Plummer ’80,
Richard Scutt ’59, March 12,             March 29, 2009
  2009                                 Walter Dziekonski ’80, Sept. 4,

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