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As the word says “Website content” means anything that contributes towards website designing. In other words, the term includes visual content, sound, images and most important of all the textual content that contribute towards user experience on a website. Today, when we refer to the term website content, the meaning is slightly different. In today’s era, when someone refers to the term website content, he/she is referring to the textual content only. There is a saying “Content is King”, which means that you can attract users to your website only if your website has excellent content. Website content may differ for different types of websites. For an ecommerce website, the website content includes both textual and image content, for search engines, the website content is the html content that is shown as a part of user’s query and for discussion boards, forums and blogs content means textual content only. Anyone can build a website full of content but what if the website is unable to attract enough users or users come and leave the website spending only a minute or less than that. Such problems are common for most of the websites being built today. Website designers can’t be held responsible for this; it is the duty of the promoters to make sure that website content is what it should be. Following certain guidelines will help promoters to visualize the importance of true website content that can catch the attention of and retain viewers better than anything else. 1. When you create website content you should have a sharp vision and should focus only on the websites that are close to your business or service. In other words, you should only direct resources and other websites that are close to your website’s subject rather than pointing to every other website. 2. Updating a website is the most important and a tedious task that many website owners ignore. Website updating is very important if you really want to succeed in your business. Users try to ignore sites where they find the same content again even after a month. Adding new content weekly will attract more users and also draw the attention of the previous users. 3. The foremost part of website content is how you write the content and what all you include in it. You should always write content that is informative, subject related and has something for the user. Try to add creativity to the content rather than just refreshing another’s content. 4. Allow other writers or authors to publish their content on your website and in turn you could offer them something in cash or something similar in kind like free membership to your website(if you have any), or pay them a share to promote your websites. Such methods usually contribute more than you do for the success of your website. 5. Website content may also include reviews about various products. People love to read reviews about several new products because that helps them to decide and make an opinion about a product. Share anything that will be of benefit and interest to the user(s).

6. Feedback is an important part of website content. Feedback is important because it lets you know what readers feel about your website content and thereby provides suggestions that will have your website grow, increasing the visibility of your site to millions of users rather than just a few thousand. How you turn the feedback into content solely depends on your level of creativity.

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