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									   The             December 2008

   American Indian Program

Happy Holidays!
Scholarships/Internships/Job Opportunities
Scholarships/Internships                                  Leadership Institute at Cornell. This year’s institute
                                                          will take place on Sunday, February 8 in Willard
Native American Congressional Internship                  Straight Hall.
Program                                                   Details about the institute, including the on-line
Contact: Colin R. Ben, Program Manager, Native            application form and schedule of events, can be found
American Congressional Internship Program, Morris         on-line at: http://www.activities.cornell.edu/slic. We
K. Udall Foundation, 130 South Scott Ave., Tucson,        hope you’ll consider taking part in this outstanding
AZ 85701-1922                                             leadership opportunity!
Email: ben@udall.gov
Phone: (520) 901-8568                                     NIDDK/OMHRC Summer Internship Program (SIP)
Fax: (520) 901-8570                                       Undergraduate Summer Research Training Program
Website: www.udall.gov                                    for Underrepresented Minorities
As a reminder, the Morris K. Udall Foundation is          Applications may be submitted electronically or via
pleased to announce our 2009 Internship Program!          fax to: Ms. Winnie Martinez, Program Analyst, Office
The Native American Congressional Internship              of Minority Health Research Coordination, National
Program is a ten-week summer internship in                Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney
Washington, DC, for Native American and Alaska            Diseases, NIH, II Democracy Plaza, 6707 Democracy
Native undergraduate, graduate and law students.          Boulevard, Room 648, Bethesda, MD 20892, Tel:
Students are placed in Congressional offices,             Phone: (301) 435-2988
committees, or select agencies to experience an           Fax: (301) 594-9358,
insider’s view of the federal government and              Email: MartinezW@mail.nih.gov
learn more about the federal government’s trust           Deadline: February 15
relationship with tribes. The Foundation provides         The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive
round-trip airfare, housing, per diem, and a $1,200       and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK) through the Office
educational stipend. Applications must be received at     of Minority Health Research Coordination invite
the Foundation by January 30, 2009.                       students to submit their application for the Summer
NEW! If you have questions about the Internship           Research Training Program. This program is specific
Program, please feel free to contact our Alumni           to those that are underrepresented minorities: African
Mentors.                                                  American, Hispanic American, Native American,
                                                          Alaska Native, Native Hawaiians, and other Pacific
Also, you are welcome to watch our recruiting video,      Islanders. Successful applicants will join one of
which features the Udall Class of 2006.                   NIDDK’s research laboratories in Bethesda, Maryland
Interested students may contact me at the information     or Phoenix, Arizona for ten weeks beginning in June
below. I look forward to hearing from you and             through first week of August.
receiving your application!                               At the end of the summer, students participate in the
                                                          NIH Summer Research Program Poster Day. This
                                                          provides an opportunity for students to present their
8th Annual Student Leadership Institute at Cornell        work before the NIH scientific community. Students
Contact: Student Activities Office, Cornell University,   are also expected to participate in meetings and
5th floor Willard Straight Hall, Ithaca, NY 14853         seminars in their individual laboratories. In addition,
Phone: (607) 255-4169                                     with permission from their preceptors, students may
Fax: (607) 255-1116 (fax)                                 also attend formal lectures and symposia, which are
Web: http://sao.cornell.edu                               listed in the weekly “NIH Calendar of Events.” The
                                                          NIH Calendar of Events is only available for students
The Student Activities Office is pleased to open          working at the NIH campus in Bethesda, Maryland.
the application process for the 8th Annual Student

2                                                                                              December 2008
Research performed by the laboratories and branches       • Students will be paired with post baccalaureates or
of the NIDDK covers an extraordinarily diverse              postdoctoral fellows for informal guidance.
area but is unified by a commitment to excellence
                                                          • Bi-weekly informal meetings with OMHRC staff.
in both basic and clinical investigation. The basic
science laboratories include outstanding groups in        Eligibility:
many facets of modern molecular biology, structural       • Undergraduate students who have completed at
biology, including x-ray crystallography and NMR,           least 1 year at an accredited institution
cell biology, and pharmacology. Systems under
study include viruses, prokaryotes and eukaryotes,        • U.S. Citizen or permanent resident status
including yeast and mammalian cells. Developmental        • Minimum of 3.0 GPA
biology is represented by studies ranging from those
on cellular slime molds to those on mouse oocyte          Provisions:
development. Several laboratories use the most up-        • Student Participation Allowance ($2,500)
to-date techniques in receptor pharmacology, natural
                                                          • Housing
products chemistry, and organic chemistry to study a
wide variety of compounds, particularly neuroactive       (This is a residential program. Students will share a
agents. Not only biochemical but also mathematical        fully furnished apartment a short distance from the
and physical chemical methods are applied to a            NIH campus. Four students will be housed in a two-
variety of fundamental problems.                          bedroom apartment and two students will be housed
                                                          in a one-bedroom apartment)
The clinical branches of NIDDK combine basic science
and clinical investigation with patient care. Several     • Travel expenses to Bethesda, Maryland or Phoenix,
branches study endocrine diseases and general               Arizona (up to $500)
aspects of signal transduction, including growth
                                                          Location and Duration:
factor and hormone action. Molecular biologic and
molecular genetic techniques have been used to            • 10 weeks, starting in June through mid-August.
elucidate specific gene mutations representing the        • Bethesda, Maryland or Phoenix, Arizona
underlying defect in a variety of diseases, including
thyroid hormone resistance, certain forms of diabetes,    Application Procedure:
and other disorders of signal transduction. Several       • Complete the on-line application at http://SIP.
NIDDK scientists have created transgenic and                niddk.nih.gov or print and complete a paper copy.
knockout mice models of human diseases.                     Please type or print neatly in blue/black ink only
The Institute’s Epidemiology and Clinical Research          and fax or email to Ms. Winnie Martinez, contact
Branch (PECRB) in Phoenix, Arizona, conducts                information below. Be sure to keep your contact
studies on the Pima Indians, a population with an           information updated at all times.
extraordinarily high incidence of diabetes and obesity.   • Include a copy of your curriculum vitae.
The scientific mission of the PECRB is to determine
the etiology of type 2 diabetes mellitus as it occurs     • Submit two letters of recommendation from
among Pima Indians of Arizona.                              faculty members/advisors who can address
                                                            your intellectual and personal suitability for the
Program Highlights:                                         Program.
• Independent research in a NIH laboratory;               • Personal Statement - Describe your research
• Weekly research and career development                    interest, career goals, and reasons for applying to
  seminars;                                                 this program. Do not exceed two pages; double-
• Summer seminar series where senior NIH
  investigators discuss the latest developments in        • Official Transcript - The official college transcript
  biomedical research.                                      mailed directly from your school.

• Poster presentation                                     • Application Submission

• Will be required to attend courses in Ethics in         Submission of completed applications before the
  Research and Lab Safety.                                deadline is strongly encouraged.

December 2008                                                                                                       3
National Indian Health Board¢S Public Health               The program¢s focus includes:
Summer Fellows Program
                                                           • Principles of Epidemiology
Contact: Morehouse School of Medicine, Public
Health Summer Fellows Program, 720 Westview                • Disease Surveillance/Investigation
Drive, SW, NCPC Building, Room 336, Atlanta, GA            • Community Based Public Health Research
                                                           The program commences with a one-week course to
Phone: (404) 752-1924
                                                           provide students with a foundation in the principles
Fax: (404) 752-1160
                                                           of epidemiology. The program then combines this
Deadline: February 27, 2009.
                                                           academic knowledge with direct hands-on field
The National Indian Health Board¢s public health           experience. Using the combined resources of program
summer fellows program - created to attract                sponsors and collaborators, students are placed
American Indian and Alaska Native college students         into community based public health internships.
to public health careers - is receiving applications for   During this nine-week fellowship, participants work
its 2009 session.                                          with professional mentors who are at the forefront
The National Indian Health Board is pleased to             of researching the nation¢s priority public health
announce its second annual NIHB Public Health              issues. Students will participate in weekly seminars
Summer Fellows Program, in partnership with the            and learn how to analyze important health policy,
CDC and the Morehouse School of Medicine.                  programming and research issues. During the
                                                           final week of the program Fellows participate in a
NIHB would like to reach a large number of                 symposium and provide oral presentations on their
interested American Indian and Alaska Native               internship experiences.
candidates and we need your help. Please encourage
promising young college students or recent college         Selection Criteria:
graduates to apply to this summer¢s fellowship!            Applicants must be U.S. citizens and enrolled as
2009 NIHB Public Health Summer Fellowship                  rising junior or senior undergraduate students or
                                                           have received an undergraduate degree within six
The National Indian Health Board (NIHB) believes           months prior to the application deadline. Applicants
in the importance of building the public health            must be American Indian or Alaska Native and be
workforce, where American Indians and Alaska               able to provide supporting documentation as we
Natives have the capacity to address the health needs      move forward with the award process.
of their own communities.
                                                           Student selection is based on criteria of:
Committed to this goal, NIHB has partnered with
the Morehouse School of Medicine, the Center for           • GPA
Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Emory                • Statement of Interest (student essay)
University Rollins School of Public Health and
                                                           • Recommendations
the Minority Health Professions Foundation to
implement the second annual NIHB Public Health             • Leadership ability and skill
Summer Fellowship Program for American Indian              Stipend:
and Alaska Native students. The program is designed
to introduce and expose American Indians and Alaska        Participants will receive a $ 2,000 stipend upon
Natives students to public health careers.                 completion of the program. Housing, meals, local
                                                           public transportation cost, and travel to and from
Program Outline:                                           Atlanta are provided.
Based in Atlanta, Georgia, the NIHB Public Health          Application and Admissions:
Summer Fellows program is an academically rigorous
and intensive nine (9) week summer program.                Applications for the NIHB Public Health Summer
Students will experience firsthand the excitement,         Fellowship are available online:
relevance and promise of careers in Public Health.         http://web.msm.edu/Public_Health/PHSF/PHSF_app.

4                                                                                                December 2008
Please be sure to write within your application that      consult the directory of active REU Sites on the Web
you are applying for the NIHB Public Health Summer        at http://www.nsf.gov/crssprgm/reu/reu_search.cfm.
Fellowship. The completed application packet
must include the following items: an application,         NASA Undergraduate Student Research Program
resume, letters of recommendation and a statement         Location: Glenn Research Center (GRC), Cleveland,
of interest and career objectives. Official transcripts   Ohio; Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), Pasadena,
must be mailed directly from academic institutions.       California; Johnson Space Center (JSC), Houston,
Completed packages and transcripts must be received       Texas; Langley Research Center (LaRC) Hampton,
by the application deadline.                              Virginia
Please be sure mail all applications directly to the      Program Dates: Spring 2009; Summer 2009 (USRP
Morehouse School of Medicine.                             experiential opportunities are offered year round in
                                                          the fall, summer and spring)
Description of the General Program: http://web.msm.       Deadline: Spring 2009 October 17, 2008; Summer 2009
edu/mph/publichealth.htm                                  January 12, 2009
                                                          Pay: $6,000 summer; $9,000 fall and spring + round
NSF REU Program Grants for College and                    trip transportation costs
University Application                                    Subjects: engineering, science, and mathematics
Location: All over the US and in other countries
                                                          Description: Students work on practical problems
Deadline: June 5, 2009
                                                          that will see real applications in aerospace or on
Subjects: Any research topic funded by NSF
                                                          future NASA missions.
Web: http://www.nsf.gov/funding/pgm_summ.
jsp?pims_id=5517&org=NSF                                  Web: http://www.epo.usra.edu/usrp/
Description: The Research Experiences for
                                                          REU Program in Earth Sciences and Astrophysics
Undergraduates (REU) program supports active
                                                          at the American Museium of Natural History
research participation by undergraduate students in
any of the areas of research funded by the National       Location: American Museum of Natural History, New
Science Foundation. REU projects involve students         York, NY
in meaningful ways in ongoing research programs           Subjects: evolutionary biology and physical sciences
or in research projects specifically designed for         Description: Included in the program are a general
the REU program. This solicitation features two           orientation to the Museum and a series of weekly
mechanisms for support of student research: (1)           meetings at which students discuss their research,
REU Sites are based on independent proposals to           present informal progress reports, and participate in
initiate and conduct projects that engage a number        discussions and seminars regarding systematics and
of students in research. REU Sites may be based           phylogeny as well as graduate and research career
in a single discipline or academic department, or         opportunities. At the conclusion of the internships,
on interdisciplinary or multi-department research         students deliver oral presentations of their work and
opportunities with a coherent intellectual theme.         prepare publication quality research papers.
Proposals with an international dimension are             Web: http://rggs.amnh.org/pages/academics_and_
welcome. A partnership with the Department of             research/fellowship_opportunities#REU
Defense supports REU Sites in DoD-relevant research
areas. (2) REU Supplements may be requested for           Keck Northeast Astronomy Consortium
ongoing NSF-funded research projects or may be            Location: Colgate University, Middlebury College,
included as a component of proposals for new or           Vassar College, Wesleyan University, Haverford
renewal NSF grants or cooperative agreements.             College, Swarthmore College, Wellesley College,
Undergraduate student participants in either Sites or     Williams College
Supplements must be citizens or permanent residents       Program Dates: 10 weeks summer 2009
of the United States or its possessions. Students may     Deadline: February 2009
not apply to NSF to participate in REU activities.        Pay: $4,000
Students apply directly to REU Sites and should           Subjects: astronomy
                                                          Web: http://astro.swarthmore.edu/knac/

December 2008                                                                                                     5
Description: The REU program runs for 10 weeks,           Web: http://solar.physics.montana.edu/REU/
with the start date determined by each individual
                                                          Description: Most projects involve analysis of data
faculty member. Students participating in the REU
                                                          from space missions such as Yohkoh, SOHO, TRACE,
program are required to present their work at the
                                                          RHESSI and Hinode and ground-based observatories.
Fall Student Research Symposium. Because the
                                                          Experience has shown that data analysis projects are
symposium facilitates interactions between students
                                                          suitable for most undergraduates at the sophomore
and faculty from the various schools, faculty advisors
                                                          or junior level. Additionally, each year there are a few
of applicants from non-consortium schools are
                                                          opportunities in the solar-stellar connection (dynamo
encouraged to contact Prof. Kim McLeod at Wellesley
                                                          theory, data analysis), solar magneto-hydrodynamics,
College (kmcleod -at- wellesley.edu) for information
                                                          and space hardware development. The summer
about the summer exchange program.
                                                          months in Montana offer outstanding opportunities
                                                          for outdoor recreation and other activities associated
Research Experience for Undergraduates in
                                                          with the university and the community. Surrounded
Astronomy and Engineering
                                                          by spectacular mountains and rivers, Bozeman is
Location: McDonald Observatory in the Davis               within easy driving distance of Yellowstone and
Mountains, Texas                                          Glacier National Parks.
Program Dates: June 8 – August 16, 2009
Deadline: February 10, 2009                               National Astronomy and Ionospheric Center
Pay: $2,200 + all housing and meals                       Research Experience for Undergraduates
Subjects: astronomy, engineering
                                                          Location: Cornell University, Ithaca, NY
Web: http://www.as.utexas.edu/reu/
                                                          Deadline: February 2, 2009
Description: The students will have the opportunity       Subjects: radar, radio astronomy and atmospheric
to spend a few nights working with the public groups      science
at the McDonald Observatory Visitor Center. This          Web: http://www.naic.edu/science/summer_set.htm
world class hands on astronomy museum will put
                                                          Description: Each summer, Arecibo Observatory
into perspective the roll of astronomical research and
                                                          hosts at least six students and one Puerto Rican
major research facilities in public education. One of
                                                          teacher for 10 weeks. The students work with staff
the last weekends in the program will be spent in a
                                                          scientists on projects related to ongoing research or
trip to other nearby observatories in New Mexico.
                                                          instrumentation development programs. Research
Weekend trips to Big Bend National Park, Carlsbad
                                                          may be conducted in atmospheric science, radio
Caverns, Monahans Sandhills, Roswell N.M., Natural
                                                          astronomy, or planetary radar astronomy. The
Springs and Guadalupe National Park are possible.
                                                          students are exposed to the interdisciplinary character
The local town of Fort Davis offers an authentic small
                                                          of this unique research facility through lectures by the
town Americana experience including a fourth of
                                                          staff and visiting scientists, tours of the Observatory
July parade where the observatory staff rides on the
                                                          facilities, hands-on labs, and frequent informal
observatory fire truck. Because the observatory is a
                                                          discussions with graduate students and scientists.
dynamic place with changing engineering priorities
                                                          A seminar series provides the students with a
the exact projects will be chosen and documented
                                                          background in the major areas of research conducted
after the deadline for applications are due.
                                                          at the Observatory and introduces them to the
                                                          exciting science currently being done here. Students
Program: MSU Physics Department Solar Physics
                                                          usually have the opportunity to conduct their own
/Astronomy & Space Physics REU Program
                                                          independent group observing experiment with the
Location: Montana State University                        telescope. A bonus of our program is the opportunity
Program Dates: Deadline: February 1, 2009                 to explore the beautiful island of Puerto Rico and its
Pay: $4,630 plus a $330 food allowance + travel costs +   culture.
Subjects: unix/linux/Solaris computing, numerical
modeling, data analysis Undergraduate Student
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6                                                                                              December 2008
University of Michigan Biosphere-Atmosphere              the results of their research. Student research will
Studies in a Changing Global Environment                 be supplemented by tours, field trips, and lectures
Location: University of Michigan Biological Station      to produce a well-rounded experience that will give
Program Dates: June 20-August 15, 2009                   students the opportunity to judge whether a career
Deadline: February 2, 2009                               in research is for them. Housing, travel allowance,
Pay: $4,400 + travel and research supply allowance       and a stipend are provided. Students participate in a
Subjects: biosphere, atmosphere studies, global          10-week research program during the summer under
environment                                              the supervision of mentors from the National Weather
Web: http://www.lsa.umich.edu/umbs/                      Center: Application will be posted by Christmas 2008.

Description: The REU Program at the University           George Washington University REU in Molecular
of Michigan Biological Station (UMBS) is a truly         Biology
interdisciplinary experience in scientific research
                                                         Location: Washington, DC
in “biosphere-atmosphere studies in the changing
                                                         Program Dates: 10 weeks summer 2009 - May 26 -
global environment.” The program provides hands-
                                                         July 31
on experience and training in field biology and
                                                         Deadline: March 2, 2009
atmospheric students with all phases of research,
                                                         Pay: $4,000 + additional related costs and housing if
from hypothesis formulation and data gathering
to analysis, interpretation, and communication of
                                                         Subjects: Molecular biology, life sciences,
scientific findings. During this eight-week program,
students will: Work closely with a selected mentor/
                                                         Web: http://www.gwu.edu/~hhmi/reu/
professor as part of an on-going research project;
Design, conduct, analyze, and report on a research       Description: The REU Program provides classes for
project of their own; Participate in special workshops   undergraduate students at GW to take in the fields of
and group discussions designed to provide the            computational molecular biology and bioinformatics,
philosophical bases and technical tools needed to        as well as a summer undergraduate research
carry out scientific research. REU runs for eight        experience. Students begin their summer research
weeks. The 2009 REU Application will be available        experience by attending an intense, one-week
in January, 2009. Underrepresented minorities are        molecular biology and bioinformatics workshop.
encouraged to apply.                                     After the workshop each student goes to a DC-area
                                                         laboratory to conduct research for 9 weeks. These
Real-World Research Experiences for                      include labs in GW’s Biology, Physics, Computer
Undergraduates at the National Weather Center            Science Departments, the Medical School, the
Location: Norman, OK                                     Institute for Genomic Research (TIGR), the National
Program Dates: 10 weeks summer 2009                      Institutes of Health (NIH), and the Children’s
Deadline: February 2009                                  National Medical Center. Each student works on a
Subjects: weather, storm prediction, analysis            discrete project. Many students involved in the REU
Web: http://www.caps.ou.edu/reu/                         program continue laboratory research through their
                                                         undergraduate careers, which can lead to their post-
Description: The National Weather Center (NWC) in        undergraduate lives.
Norman, Oklahoma invites motivated undergraduate
students from any major who are interested in a          Four Directions Summer Research Program
career in scientific research to apply for a 10-week
                                                         Location: Harvard University, Harvard Medical
summer research program. The Research Experiences
                                                         School, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boston
for Undergraduates at the Oklahoma Weather Center
                                                         Program Dates: June 14 – August 8, 2009
is funded by a grant from the National Science
                                                         Deadline: February 20, 2009
Foundation to the Center for Analysis and Prediction
                                                         Pay: Transportation to and from Boston, single room,
of Storms. Students will conduct research on such
                                                         stipend for food and other basic necessities
topics as: severe weather, tornadoes, numerical
                                                         Subjects: Basic science, Native American health
weather prediction models, atmospheric radiation,
                                                         Web: http://www.fdsrp.org/program/index.
climatological studies, dryline studies, and more.
Students will prepare and present papers reporting

December 2008                                                                                                    7
Description: The focus of activity during the summer     research program primarily for college students
is participation in a basic science research project.    belonging to minority groups that are under-
Students are assigned a medical school faculty mentor    represented in the sciences. SHURP presently has
who will work closely with the student to ensure         390 alumni from colleges across the country, over
completion of a project over the 8-week summer           90% of whom are continuing or planning to continue
period. Additional program goals include:                training and careers in the sciences. SHURP is one of
                                                         the summer research programs participating in the
• Experience cutting edge research at a leading
                                                         Summer Research Early Identification Program of the
  medical school
                                                         Leadership Alliance, a consortium of 33 colleges and
• Understand the medical school application process      universities dedicated to improving the participation
• Exposure to Native American health care issues         of historically underrepresented students in
                                                         graduate education programs. The Program is
• Integrate Native traditions including talking          offered for currently-enrolled undergraduates who
  circles                                                are considering careers in biological or biomedical
• Networking with Native American students and           research sciences, who have already had at least one
  faculty                                                summer (or equivalent term-time) of experience in a
                                                         research laboratory, and who have taken at least one
We are looking for students with a demonstrated          upper-level biology course that includes molecular
commitment to the health of Native American              biology. U.S. citizenship or permanent residency is
communities, and evidence of motivation to achieve       required.
the highest goals possible. This does not require the
highest grades (we do not request transcripts) or        Summer Research Program in Ecology
the most extensive research background (previous
                                                         Location: Harvard University, Boston, MA
research experience is not required).
                                                         Program Dates: May 26-August 13, 2009
Program: Summer Honors Undergraduate                     Deadline: February 2, 2009
Research Program                                         Pay: $5,400 + room, food, and travel reimbursement of
                                                         up to $350 for one round trip to the Forest
Location: Harvard University                             Subjects: Population Ecology, Community
Program Dates: May 31-August 8, 2009                     Ecology, Paleoecology, Land Use History, Aquatic
Deadline: February 2, 2009                               Ecology, Biochemistry, Soil Science, Ecophysiology,
Pay: $4,000 ($400/week x 10 weeks) + all research-       Atmosphere-biosphere Exchanges
and course-related expenses, housing at the medical      Web: http://harvardforest.fas.harvard.edu/index.html
school dormitory, travel to and from the program, and
health insurance if it is needed                         Description: The Harvard Forest Summer Research
Subjects: Biology, Biomedical Research Sciences,         Program in Ecology is an opportunity for students
Cellular and Developmental Biology, Cell Cycle           to participate in on-going research at the Harvard
Regulation, Cardiac and Cardio-pulmonary Functions       Forest. Harvard Forest research focuses on the
and Pathology, Studies of Blood Cells, Cancer Biology,   effects of natural and human disturbances on forest
Endocrinology, Immunology, Microbiology, Molecular       ecosystems, including global warming, hurricanes,
Biology and Genetics, Receptor Structure and             forest harvesting, and invasive organisms. Students
Functions, Transmembrane Signaling Mechanisms,           participate in ongoing research projects with
Study of Clotting Mechanisms, and Virology               researchers from Harvard University, University
Web: http://www.hms.harvard.edu/dms/diversity/           of New Hampshire, Marine Biological Laboratory,
shurpintro.html                                          Ecosystem Center and other collaborators.
                                                         Responsibilities may include field sampling,
Description: The Division of Medical Sciences            laboratory studies, data analysis and scientific
administers four research training programs for          writing. In addition, students attend weekly seminars
PhD students in the biomedical sciences at Harvard       given by nationally known scientists and workshops
Medical School. In 2009, the Division will offer for     on career and graduate school preparation. The
the nineteenth consecutive year a ten-week summer        program is 12 weeks long.

8                                                                                           December 2008
Research Institute for Undergraduates                     will supervise the student projects. Students are
Location: Cary Institute of Ecosystems, Millbrook,        involved daily in their selected research. At the end
New York                                                  of the summer students present the results of their
Program Dates: May 26-August 14, 2009                     research at both a department-wide poster session
Deadline: February 1, 2009                                and symposium. In addition, students attend weekly
Pay: $5,100 + housing, $600 food allowance                journal clubs, a workshop on ethical issues in research
Subjects: Forest Health, Freshwater Ecology, Invasive     and medicine, as well as sessions on career options
Species, Environmental Chemistry, Disease Ecology,        and post-graduate education. The program provides
Aquatic Food Webs, Native Animal Populations,             informal social and recreational events.
Nitrogen Pollution, Acid Rain
Web: http://www.ecostudies.org/reu.html                   Astrobiology Summer Program
                                                          Location: Pennsylvania State University, University
Description: The REU program, supported by the
                                                          Park, PA
National Science Foundation, gives students what for
                                                          Web: http://evo.bio.psu.edu/asp/
most is their first opportunity to conduct independent
research as part of a research community. The             • Chemistry - http://www.nsf.gov/crssprgm/reu/
program aims to help students understand research           list_result.cfm?unitid=5048
so they can make good career decisions. Students          • Computer and Information Sciences –http://www.
choosing to pursue a research career receive                nsf.gov/crssprgm/reu/list_result.cfm?unitid=5049
exceptional training while all participants gain skills
and experiences that will serve them in any path they     • Cyberinfrastructure - http://www.nsf.gov/
choose. The program emphasizes the community                crssprgm/reu/list_result.cfm?unitid=10526
nature of the scientific enterprise. As participants      • Department of Defense - http://www.nsf.gov/
design and complete their own research projects, they       crssprgm/reu/list_result.cfm?unitid=10023
consult with other scientists, present their plans for
critique, and then speak in our annual Undergraduate      • Earth Sciences - http://www.nsf.gov/crssprgm/reu/
Research Symposium, and write a paper for an                list_result.cfm?unitid=5050
online Undergraduate Ecology Research Reports             • Education and Human Resources – http://www.
publication. Seminars and informal meetings provide         nsf.gov/crssprgm/reu/list_result.cfm?unitid=10021
training in and reflection on the research process.
                                                          • Engineering - http://www.nsf.gov/crssprgm/reu/
Summer Research Program in Biology                          list_result.cfm?unitid=10006
Location: Marquette University, Milwaukee, WI             • Ethics and Values Studies - http://www.nsf.gov/
Program Dates: June 1-August 7, 2009                        crssprgm/reu/list_result.cfm?unitid=10024
Deadline: January 31, 2009                                • International Science and Engineering - http://
Pay: $3,750                                                 www.nsf.gov/crssprgm/reu/list_result.
Subjects: Biology, Cellular and Molecular Biology           cfm?unitid=10003
Web: http://biology.marquette.edu/biosummer/index.
htm                                                       • Materials Research - http://www.nsf.gov/crssprgm/
Description: SRP Biological Sciences - This program
is open to students from all universities and colleges.   • Mathematical Sciences - http://www.nsf.gov/
NSF-REU Site: Undergraduate Research in Cellular            crssprgm/reu/list_result.cfm?unitid=5044
and Molecular Biology - This program is restricted        • Ocean Sciences - http://www.nsf.gov/crssprgm/
to students who plan to attend graduate school              reu/list_result.cfm?unitid=5053
and pursue research careers. Preference will be
given to students who are members of minorities           • Physics - http://www.nsf.gov/crssprgm/reu/list_
underrepresented in the sciences and to students            result.cfm?unitid=69
from colleges or universities with limited research
opportunities in the Biological Sciences. The program
pairs each student with a faculty mentor who

December 2008                                                                                                       9
 • Polar Programs - http://www.nsf.gov/crssprgm/           in meaningful ways in ongoing research programs
   reu/list_result.cfm?unitid=72                           or in research projects specifically designed for
                                                           the REU program. This solicitation features two
 • Social, Behavioral and Economic Sciences –
                                                           mechanisms for support of student research: (1)
                                                           REU Sites are based on independent proposals to
                                                           initiate and conduct projects that engage a number
 Duke University - Organization for Tropical               of students in research. REU Sites may be based
 Studies REU Program in Costa Rica                         in a single discipline or academic department, or
                                                           on interdisciplinary or multi-department research
 Location: La Selva Biological Station, Costa Rica         opportunities with a coherent intellectual theme.
 Program Dates: Summer 2009 June 14 – August 21            Proposals with an international dimension are
 Deadline: January 31, 2009                                welcome. A partnership with the Department of
 Pay: $4,000 + room, board, transportation to and from     Defense supports REU Sites in DoD-relevant research
 Costa Rica                                                areas. (2) REU Supplements may be requested for
 Subjects: Advanced biology, tropical ecology              ongoing NSF-funded research projects or may be
 Web: http://www.ots.ac.cr/index.php?option=com_co         included as a component of roposals for new or
 ntent&task=view&id=317&Itemid=449                         renewal NSF grants or cooperative agreements.
 Description: The OTS Research Experiences for             Undergraduate student participants in either Sites or
 Undergraduates (REU) was designed for advanced            Supplements must be citizens or permanent residents
 biology students interested in conducting field           of the United States or its possessions.
 research under the supervision of an experienced
 tropical ecologist. OTS will support twelve               The following is a listing of Grant Resource
 undergraduates, selected through a competitive            Opportunities for Oklahoma Higher Education
 application process, for a ten-week research              Undergraduate Student Research
 program at the world-renowned La Selva Biological         Contact: Linda Mason, Ed.D., Coordinator for Grants
 Station in the Caribbean lowlands of Costa Rica. In       and External Funding Assistance, Oklahoma State
 collaboration with a research mentor, students will       Regents for Higher Education, 655 Research Parkway,
 design, conduct, and present field research projects at   Site 200, Oklahoma City, OK 73104
 La Selva. Students will participate in a rich academic    Phone: (405) 225-9486, (800) 858-1840
 field environment, including research presentations,      Fax: (405) 225-9230
 discussions, an ethics component focusing on issues       E-mail: lmason@osrhe.edu
 in tropical biology and conservation. In addition,
                                                           This is a special announcement provided by the
 participants will have access to the social, cultural,
                                                           Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education, Grant
 and recreational activities of the rural communities
                                                           Writing and External Funding Assistance listing
 surrounding La Selva.
                                                           opportunities to support undergraduate student
 The Research Experiences for Undergraduates               research programs and projects. Add your email
 (REU)                                                     address to the listserve at http://lists.onenet.net/
                                                           mailman/listinfo/okhigheredgrants if you wish to be
 Location: All over the United States and in other         added to the direct mailing list announcements like
 countries                                                 this and regular weekly announcements. Check out
 Deadline: June 5, 2009                                    the Grant Opportunities for Oklahoma Colleges and
 Subjects: Any research topic funded by NSF                Universities web site at http://www.okhighered.org/
 Web: www.nsf.gov/funding/pgm_summ.jsp?ims_                grant-opps/.
 Description: The Research Experiences for                 Grant Resource: California Academy of Sciences
 Undergraduates (REU) program supports active              Size of Grant: No stipend
 research participation by undergraduate students in       Cost Sharing or Match: No
 any of the areas of research funded by the National       Deadline Date: Open
 Science Foundation. REU projects involve students         Web: http://www.calacademy.org/research/

10                                                                                            December 2008
Description: Student Internships in Folklore and          Description: This scholarship is made possible
Anthropology - These internships are designed as          through the generosity of the many ENA members
an extension of academic training and do not carry a      and corporations who gave contributions to the
stipend. Hours are flexible and usually run between       Foundation. The scholarships are intended for a nurse
20 and 30 hours per week. Internships run for any         (R.N., L.P.N., or L.V.N.) pursuing a baccalaureate
eight-week period at any time of the year. Some           degree in nursing.
students prefer to take an internship during the
academic year, while others prefer summer vacation        Grant Resource: US Department of Energy
months. The academy is flexible. The Traditional Arts     Cost Sharing or Match: No
Program (TAP) offers internships to undergraduate         Web: http://www.atmos.anl.gov/GCEP/SURE/index.
and graduate students interested in supplementing         html
their study of folklore or anthropology with              Deadline: February 5, 2007
ethnographic experience in Bay Area communities.
The purpose of the internship is to provide students      Description: Summer Undergraduate Research
with practical experience in museum anthropology,         Experience (SURE) - The approximately ten-week
and to give them the opportunity to apply academic        SURE 2007 program will run from mid-June to mid-
theories and methodologies to real-life work              August. The program will begin with a one-week
situations.                                               orientation and focus session on global change
                                                          research areas. The 2007 GCEP Orientation will take
Grant Resource: Hawk Mountain Sanctuary                   place June 3-9, 2007 at the University of Arkansas
Association                                               at Little Rock. The orientation will involve a series
                                                          of lectures aimed at giving undergraduate students
Size of Grant: Interns receive free housing at the
                                                          a detailed overview of all research areas within
sanctuary and a modest stipend.
                                                          the BER global change activities. The students will
Cost Sharing or Match: No
                                                          receive more focused information on the specific area
Web: http://www.hawkmountain.org/default/
                                                          in which they expect to conduct research. Another
                                                          important aspect of the SURE program will be a
Deadline Date: Open
                                                          scientific writing course that will focus on developing
Grant Resource: Hawk Mountain Sanctuary
                                                          the organizational and writing skills needed for the
                                                          communication of scientific findings in the literature
The Hawk Mountain Sanctuary offers internships            and in short research proposals. After the orientation
in science education, ecological research, and            and focus sessions are completed, the students will
biological survey and monitoring. Interns work            travel to their nine-week research assignments at
together with professionals in the field and gain         national laboratories or universities conducting
hands-on experience in their chosen areas of              BER-supported global change research. Each student
conservation. Research interns help the sanctuary         will have a mentor who will direct and monitor the
study raptors and Appalachian mountain fauna              student’s summer research experience.
and flora. Responsibilities include capturing and
banding birds, studying hawk migration, conducting        Grant Resource: Department of Health and Human
library research, and managing sanctuary databases.       Services (DHHS) National Institutes of Health
Research interns also participate in some interpretive    (NIH)
activities for sanctuary visitors. Each research intern   Size of Grant: $22,200 the first year and $23,600 the
works with sanctuary staff on sanctuary research          second year
projects.                                                 Cost Sharing or Match: No
                                                          Web: http://www.training.nih.gov/student/Pre-IRTA/
Grant Resource: Emergency Nurses Association              previewpostbac.asp?AppType=Postbac
Size of Grant: $5,000                                     Deadline Date: Open
Cost Sharing or Match: No
                                                          Description: The Postbaccalaureate IRTA program
Web: http://www.ena.org/foundation/grants/
                                                          is designed to provide an opportunity to spend a
Deadline: TBA
                                                          year doing biomedical research in the resource-rich

December 2008                                                                                                     11
 environment of the NIH to those who intend to              Grant Resource: National Science Foundation
 continue their studies in graduate or medical school.      Cost Sharing or Match: No
                                                            Web: http://www.nsf.gov/od/lpa/news/publicat/
 Grant Resource: Special Olympics                           nsf04009/ehr/due.htm http://www.nsf.gov/od/lpa/
 Size of Grant: $3,500                                      news/publicat/nsf04009/ehr/due.htm#3
 Cost Sharing or Match: No                                  Deadline Date: Ranging from January 2007 through
 Web: http://www.specialolympics.org/                       April 2007
                                                            Description: National Science Foundation Science
                                                            and Technology Center Undergraduate Research
 Deadline Date: Open
                                                            Experience - The National Science Foundation (NSF)
 Description: Special Olympics is pleased to offer a        Science and Technology Center (STC) Undergraduate
 grant opportunity for health professions students.         Research Experience is an opportunity to gain hands-
 The purpose of this program is to engage health            on research experience in a cutting edge field. Each
 professions students to work with persons with             center has a specific research focus, but as a whole,
 intellectual disabilities as a way of filling in a gap     the programs focus on such fields as the biological
 that exists in most health program curricula. The          sciences, computer and information sciences,
 program promotes short-term projects exploring             engineering, geosciences, and mathematical and
 issues that impact the health and well-being of all        physical sciences. The Division of Undergraduate
 persons with intellectual disabilities, including, but     Education (DUE) serves as the focal point for NSF’s
 not limited to, Special Olympics athletes. Projects        efforts in undergraduate education. DUE’s mission
 may include: data collection and analysis on issues        is to promote excellence in undergraduate science,
 impacting persons with intellectual disabilities;          technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM)
 measurement of attitudes, opinions and behaviors of        education for all students, including STEM majors,
 health professionals, coaches, family, caregivers and      prospective teachers of grades preK through 12 (preK-
 athletes; follow-up assessments of existing programs;      12), students preparing for the technical workplace,
 or health promotion projects. Projects that involve        and students in their role as citizens.
 collaborations with Special Olympics Programs or
                                                            1. Advanced Technological Education (ATE)
 other CDC grant recipients (e.g., state and local health
                                                               The program promotes improvement in
 departments) are encouraged.
                                                               the education of technicians in science- and
 Grant Resource: New America Foundation                        engineering-related fields at the undergraduate
                                                               and secondary school levels. It particularly targets
 Size of Grant: months salary                                  2-year colleges and encourages collaboration
 Cost Sharing or Match: No                                     among 2-year colleges, 4-year colleges,
 Web: http://www.newamerica.net/index.                         universities, secondary schools, business, industry,
 cfm?pg=app#InternSix                                          and government. The program funds projects,
 Deadline Date: Open                                           centers, and articulation partnerships.
 Description – The New America Foundation is                2. Computer Science, Engineering, and
 seeking full-time Research Associates who are                 Mathematics Scholarships (CSEMS)
 interested in pursuing careers in the fields of public        The CSEMS Program provides institutions with
 policy research, journalism, or other related areas.          funds to support scholarships for talented but
 Research Associates will support the work of New              financially disadvantaged students in computer
 America’s various Strategic Initiatives Programs as           science, computer technology, engineering,
 well as New America’s fellows. Responsibilities will          engineering technology, or mathematics degree
 include researching and reporting on a wide variety           programs. Through support from this program,
 of public policy issues, organizing events, drafting          grantee institutions establish scholarships that
 background memos, editing and proofreading,                   promote full-time enrollment and completion of
 tracking media clips, and performing various                  degrees in higher education.
 administrative duties.

12                                                                                              December 2008
3. Course, Curriculum, and Laboratory                        undergraduate, graduate, and lifelong learning,
   Improvement (which includes the Assessment of             in both individual and collaborative settings. The
   Student Achievement) (CCLI)                               program funds collections, services, and targeted
   The CCLI Program seeks to improve the quality of          research.
   science, technology, engineering, and mathematics
                                                          7. Robert Noyce Scholarship Program
   (STEM) education for all students, based on
                                                             The Robert Noyce Scholarship Program seeks
   research concerning the needs and opportunities
                                                             to increase the number of K-12 teachers with
   that exist and effective ways to address them. It
                                                             strong science, technology, engineering, and
   targets activities affecting learning environments,
                                                             mathematics (STEM) content knowledge by
   course content, curriculums, and educational
                                                             encouraging talented STEM undergraduates
   practices, with the aim of contributing to the
                                                             and STEM professionals to pursue teaching
   relevant research base. The program invites
                                                             careers in elementary and secondary schools. The
   proposals to improve undergraduate STEM
                                                             program provides funding to institutions of higher
   education in a broad spectrum of institutions,
                                                             education to provide scholarships, stipends, and
   including 2-year colleges, 4-year colleges, and
                                                             programmatic support for STEM majors and
   universities. The program funds materials
                                                             STEM professionals to enter and complete teacher
   development, national dissemination, adaptation
                                                             credentialing programs. Scholarship recipients
   and implementation, and student achievement
                                                             are required to complete two years of teaching
                                                             in a high need school district for each year of
4. Federal Cyber Service: Scholarship for Service            scholarship or stipend support.
                                                          8. Science, Technology, Engineering, and
   The SFS Program seeks to increase the number
                                                             Mathematics Talent Expansion Program (STEP)
   of qualified students entering the fields of
                                                             STEP seeks to increase the number of students
   information assurance and computer security
                                                             (U.S. citizens or permanent residents) pursuing
   and increase the capacity of higher education
                                                             and receiving associate or baccalaureate degrees
   enterprise in the United States in order to continue
                                                             in established or emerging fields within science,
   producing professionals in these fields. The
                                                             technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).
   program funds scholarships and capacity building.
                                                             The program funds projects of full implementation
5. NSF Director’s Award for Distinguished                    and research on degree completion.
   Teaching Scholars (DTS)
                                                          9. Teacher Professional Continuum (TPC)
   The purpose of the DTS Program is to recognize
                                                             TPC addresses the full continuum of teacher
   and reward individuals who have contributed
                                                             education (grades K–12) from recruitment and
   significantly to the scholarship of their discipline
                                                             preparation through enhancement, retention, and
   and to the education of students in science,
                                                             lifelong learning of SMT teachers. TPC supports
   technology, engineering, and mathematics
                                                             research studies that identify effective strategies
   (STEM), and who exemplify the ability to engage
                                                             for educating, developing, and impacting results
   productively in both research and education.
                                                             of teachers; development of educational models;
6. National Science, Technology, Engineering, and            professional resources development that are
   Mathematics Education Digital Library (NSDL)              grounded in recent advances in research on
   The goal of the NSDL Program is to support the            teaching and learning; and conferences that
   creation and development of a national digital            focus on planning and dissemination of research
   library for science, technology, engineering,             findings, issues, innovations, and action plans.
   and mathematics (STEM) education. The
   resulting virtual facility--learning environments
   and resources network for STEM education-
   -is intended to meet the needs of students
   and teachers at all levels, including K–12,

December 2008                                                                                                      13
 Grant Resource: Smithsonian Institution                   Grant Resource: US Department of Commerce
 Size of Grant: $400/week for 10 weeks in summer           Size of Grant: $1,000,000 for program administration
 Cost Sharing or Match: No                                 ($4,000 to $70,000 for scholarships)
 Web: http://www.si.edu/ofg/intern.htm#iofg                Cost Sharing or Match: No
 Deadline Date: February 1, 2006 and October 1, 2007       Web: http://www.grants.gov/search/announce.do
 Description: Appointments are offered to Native           Deadline Date – November 1, 2006
 American students to pursue internship projects           Category: Summer Undergraduate Student Research -
 related to Native American topics and using               Program Administration Collaborative Agreement
 Native American resources at the Smithsonian              Description: National Oceanic and Atmospheric
 Institution. Appointments are spent in residence at       Administration’s Office of Education (OEd),
 the institution’s facilities under the supervision of     Educational Partnership Program is announcing
 Smithsonian research and professional staff members.      the availability of Federal assistance for a not- for-
                                                           profit organization to administer its Undergraduate
 Grant Resource: Smithsonian Institution (SI),             Scholarship Program. The goal of the Undergraduate
 Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute (STRI)            Scholarship Program is to increase the number of
 Deadline Date: February 1, 2007, April 1, 2007, and       students who undertake course work and graduate
 October 1, 2007                                           with degrees in the targeted areas integral to NOAA’s
 Size of Grant: $400/wk for 10 wks; other stipend          mission. This program targets students who have
 amounts                                                   completed their sophomore year; attend Minority
 Cost Sharing or Match: No                                 Serving Institutions; major in mathematics, science,
 Web: http://www.si.edu/ofg/intern.htm                     or engineering; and have recently declared, or
                                                           about to declare a major in atmospheric, oceanic,
 Description: The objective of this program is to
                                                           remote sensing technology, or environmental
 enable selected interns to develop working skills that
                                                           science disciplines. The Undergraduate Scholarship
 are pertinent to future careers in a variety of topics.
                                                           participants must be U.S. citizens and attend an
 The program is aimed at undergraduate or early-stage
                                                           MSI including Hispanic Serving Institutions,
 graduate students who have demonstrated potential
                                                           Historically Black Colleges and Universities, Tribal
 for careers in these topics.
                                                           College and Universities, Alaska-Native Serving
 Grant Resource: The Aspen Institute                       Institutions, and Native Hawaiian Serving Institutions
                                                           full-time, be pursuing studies in atmospheric
 Size of Grant: $5,000                                     science, biology, cartography, chemistry, computer
 Cost Sharing or Match: No                                 science, engineering, environmental science,
 Web: http://www.nonprofitresearch.org/                    geodesy, geography, marine science, mathematics,
 newsletter1530/newsletter_show.htm?doc_id=16318           meteorology, physical science, oceanography, marine
 Deadline Date: December 15, 2006, March 15, 2007          biology, photogrammetry, or physics. Participants
 and July 15, 2007                                         must have, and maintain, a 3.0 grade point average.
 Description: The Nonprofit Sector Research Fund
 (NSRF), a grantmaking program of the Aspen                Grant Resource: US Department of Health and
 Institute in Washington, District of Columbia, offers     Human Services
 the William Randolph Hearst Endowed Fellowship            Size of Grant: $20,000/student
 for Minority Students three times annually. Through       Cost Sharing or Match: No
 this program, the NSRF seeks to introduce a diverse       Web: http://www.ugsp.nih.gov/application_center/
 group of students to issues relating to philanthropy,     application_center.asp
 volunteerism, and nonprofit organizations. The            Deadline Date: February 28, 2007
 fellowship, which is based on academic excellence
                                                           Description: The National Institutes of Health (NIH)
 and need, is open to both undergraduate and
                                                           Undergraduate Scholarship Program (UGSP) offers
 graduate students who are members of minority
                                                           scholarship awards to students from disadvantaged
                                                           backgrounds that are committed to careers in

14                                                                                             December 2008
biomedical research. Students commit to a 10-week      Grant Resource: Geological Society of America
summer service program and one year research           Size of Grant: $500
employment in an NIH laboratory after graduation.      Cost Sharing or Match: No
                                                       Web: http://www.geosociety.org/sectdiv/southc/
Grant Resource: American Society of                    rgrant.htm
Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics             Deadline Date: March 15, 2007 and October 15, 2007
                                                       Description: The South-Central Section of the
Size of Grant: $2,500
                                                       Geological Society of America sponsors a program
Cost Sharing or Match: No
                                                       to offer grants to support individual research by
Web: http://www.aspet.org/public/surf/surf.htm
                                                       undergraduate students attending universities
Deadline Date: March 1, 2007
                                                       and colleges within the section (Arkansas, Kansas,
Description: The American Society for Pharmacology     Oklahoma, Texas and Louisiana). Each university or
and Experimental Therapeutics (ASPET) offers           college may submit any number of proposals.
the Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships
                                                       Grant Resource: National Archives and Records
(SURF) to introduce undergraduate students
to pharmacology research in order to heighten
interest in science as a career, with an emphasis on   Size of Grant: $2,000
pharmacology graduate training. As part of SURF,       Cost Sharing or Match: No
Individual Fellowships provide funds for qualified     Web: http://www.ford.utexas.edu/library/hpgrants.
undergraduate students to work in the laboratory       htm
of a Regular member of ASPET. It is anticipated        Deadline Date: March 15, 2007 and September 15,
that the student will work on a research project       2007
with some degree of independence for a minimum
                                                       Description: Grants defray travel, living, and
of 10 weeks. Program Directors are expected to
                                                       photocopy expenses for research trips to the Ford
sponsor SURF Fellows for Student Membership in
                                                       Library. Foreign applicants are responsible for the
ASPET at the beginning of their summer experience.
                                                       costs of travel between their home country and North
Undergraduate students pay no dues.
                                                       America, since the grants only cover travel within
                                                       North America.
Grant Resource: American Society of
Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics
                                                       Grant Resource: Bermuda Biological Station for
                                                       Research, Inc.
Size of Grant: 5 student stipends + $7,500 program
                                                       Size of Grant: $3,240
                                                       Cost Sharing or Match: No
Cost Sharing or Match: $5,000
                                                       Web: http://www.bbsr.edu/Education/reu/reu.html
Web: http://www.aspet.org/public/surf/surf.
                                                       Deadline Date: May 16, 2007 (Applications will be
                                                       accepted until the program is full. Initial selection of
Deadline Date: October 1, 2006
                                                       participants will begin May 30, 2007.)
Category: Institutional Awards
                                                       Description: The Bermuda Biological Station for
Description: A group of at least five ASPET Regular
                                                       Research (BBSR) has received National Science
members from one institution may wish to apply
                                                       Foundation Research Experiences for Undergraduates
for support for an undergraduate fellowship
                                                       (REU) funding to support fellowships for
program, to include up to five students stipends
                                                       undergraduate student research at BBSR during
for a minimum of ten weeks participation. Program
                                                       the fall semester. Students will design and conduct
Directors are expected to sponsor SURF Fellows for
                                                       independent projects under faculty supervision
student membership in ASPET at the onset of their
                                                       within several research areas, including: 1. Biology,
summer research experience. Undergraduate student
                                                       chemistry and physics of the open ocean 2. Biology,
membership in ASPET is free.
                                                       physiology and biochemistry of reef building corals
                                                       and reef ecosystems 3. Aspects of the molecular
                                                       biology of marine organisms 4. Environmental

December 2008                                                                                                     15
 chemistry of Bermuda’s atmosphere and inshore              Description: The UPS Scholarship for Female
 waters 5. Effects and consequences of global               Students is available to undergraduate students
 environmental change                                       enrolled in any school in the United States and its
                                                            territories, Canada, and Mexico, provided the school’s
 Grant Resource: Biomedical Engineering Society             engineering program or equivalent is accredited
 Size of Grant: $1,000                                      by an accrediting agency recognized by IIE and the
 Cost Sharing or Match: No                                  student is pursuing a course of study in industrial
 Web: http://www.bmes.org/awards_student.asp                engineering.
 Deadline: June 1, 2007
                                                            Grant Resource: Institute of Industrial Engineers
 Description: Up to five undergraduate student
                                                            Cost Sharing or Match: No
 awards will be given, consisting of a certificate, a
                                                            Web: http://www.iienet.org/public/articles/index.
 stipend of $400, registration for the BMES Annual
 Fall Meeting, and travel expenses up to $400; if there
                                                            Deadline Date: November 15, 2007
 is more than one author or winner, the award is to be
 shared among the winners.                                  Description: The UPS Scholarship for Minority
                                                            Students is available to undergraduate students
 Grant Resource: American Chemical Society                  enrolled in any school in the United States and its
 (ACS), Division of Biochemical Technology (BIOT)           territories, Canada, and Mexico, provided the school’s
 Size of Grant: $1,000 + $250 materials ordering credit     engineering program or equivalent is accredited
 Cost Sharing or Match: No                                  by an accrediting agency recognized by IIE and the
 Web: http://membership.acs.org/b/biochem/peterson_         student is pursuing a course of study in industrial
 announcement.html                                          engineering.
 Deadline: August 28, 2007
                                                            Grant Resource: National Science Foundation
 Description: The W. H. Peterson Awards for Best
                                                            Size of Grant: $6,000/student/yr + 25% for
 Student Presentations are annually awarded to
 students who present outstanding research work in
                                                            Cost Sharing or Match: No
 sessions sponsored by the Division of Biochemical
                                                            Web: http://www.nsf.gov/pubs/2006/nsf06003/
 Technology (BIOT) at American Chemical Society
 (ACS) national meetings.
                                                            Deadline Date: As Soon as Possible
 Grant Resource: Institute of Industrial Engineers          Category: Student Research Fellowships

 Cost Sharing or Match: No                                  Description: The Small Business Innovation Research
 Web: http://www.iienet.org/public/articles/index.          (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer
 cfm?cat=525                                                (STTR) programs seek to fund supplements to current
 Deadline Date: November 15, 2007                           SBIR/STTR Phase II awards that: 1) foster interest in
                                                            pursuing studies in science, technology, engineering
 Description: The Dwight D. Gardner Scholarship is          and mathematics (STEM) disciplines; and 2) broaden
 available to undergraduate students enrolled in any        participation of high school students, particularly
 school in the United States and its territories, Canada,   those who are women, underrepresented minorities,
 and Mexico, provided the school’s engineering              and persons with disabilities. The Principal
 program or equivalent is accredited by an accrediting      Investigator must be the PI of an active SBIR/STTR
 agency recognized by IIE and the student is pursuing       Phase II award.
 a course of study in industrial engineering.
                                                            Grant Resource: Environmental Protection
 Grant Resource: Institute of Industrial Engineers          Agency
 Cost Sharing or Match: No                                  Size of Grant: 2 awards totaling $5 million - $450-
 Web: http://www.iienet.org/public/articles/index.          $750/wk/intern
 cfm?cat=525                                                Cost Sharing or Match: No
 Deadline Date: November 15, 2007                           Web: http://es.epa.gov/ncer/

16                                                                                              December 2008
rfa/2007/2007_star_gro_undergrad.html                     workforce will be drawn; and (3) to enhance the
Deadline Date: November 29, 2006                          research capacity, infrastructure, and culture of
Category: Research and Training Internships               participating institutions. Collectively, these outcomes
                                                          will substantially strengthen the nation’s research
Description: Funds are available to provide-on-
                                                          enterprise. For this program, research should be in
the-job training for graduate and undergraduate
                                                          the chemical sciences or in interdisciplinary areas
students from accredited universities and colleges
                                                          supported by the chemical sciences. Projects should
interested in careers in the environmental area. The
                                                          allow students to create new knowledge that is
programmatic objective of the Intern Programs is to
                                                          potentially publishable by providing exposure to
provide unique opportunities for cooperative study,
                                                          research of contemporary scientific interest that is
research, and development that would increase the
                                                          addressed with modern research tools and methods.
number and diversity of skilled engineers, scientists,
policymakers, legal professionals, and managers in
                                                          Grant Resource: National Science Foundation
the environmental area.
                                                          Size of Grant: ISE Project Grants - 1-5 yr projects,
Grant Resource: US Department of Commerce                 $100,000-$3 million; Planning Grants - $75,000 for
                                                          2 yr; Conference, Symposia, and Workshop Grants
Size of Grant: $500,000 for 2 year project
                                                          - $50,000 to $250,000 for 2 yr; Grant Supplements -
Cost Sharing or Match: No
                                                          $200,000 or 20% of the original award.
Web: http://a257.g.akamaitech.
                                                          Cost Sharing or Match: No
                                                          Web: http://www.nsf.gov/pubs/2006/nsf06520/
Deadline Date: February 13, 2006
                                                          Deadline Date: March 21, 2006
Category: Undergraduate Scholarship Program
                                                          Category: Informal Science Education
                                                          Description: The ISE program invests in projects that
Description: The Commerce Department is soliciting
                                                          develop and implement informal learning experiences
proposals from nonprofit organizations to administer
                                                          designed to increase interest, engagement, and
its Undergraduate Scholarship Program. This
                                                          understanding of science, technology, engineering,
program targets students who have completed their
                                                          and mathematics (STEM) by individuals of all
sophomore year, attend Minority Serving Institutions,
                                                          ages and backgrounds, as well as projects that
and have recently declared, or about to declare
                                                          advance knowledge and practice of informal science
a major in atmospheric, oceanic, remote sensing
                                                          education. Projects may target either public audiences
technology, or environmental science disciplines.
                                                          or professionals whose work directly affects
Grant Resource: National Science Foundation               informal STEM learning. ISE projects are expected
                                                          to demonstrate strategic impact, innovation, and
Size of Grant: 5 years at up to $500,000 per year         collaboration. The ISE program invests in projects
plus up to an additional $200,000 in the first year for   that directly target public audiences for self-directed
equipment                                                 STEM learning through such means as permanent
Cost Sharing or Match: No                                 and traveling exhibitions; films; television and
Web: http://www.nsf.gov/pubs/2006/nsf06521/               radio series; web-based projects; citizen science
nsf06521.htm                                              programs; and youth and community programs. In
Deadline Date: March 21, 2006                             addition, the program supports projects that target
Category: Undergraduate Research in Chemistry             ISE professionals to further knowledge and the
Description: The Undergraduate Research                   implementation of practice, such as through research
Collaboratives (URC) Program seeks new models             studies, conferences, formation of networks, and
and partnerships with the potential (1) to expand         professional development; these projects should
the reach of undergraduate research to include first-     strengthen the infrastructure for informal science
and second-year college students; (2) to broaden          learning by the public. (Note that this program does
participation and increase diversity in the student       not fund operational or capital expenses, vehicles,
talent pool from which the nation’s future technical      major or office equipment, tuition, school field trips,
                                                          camps, science fairs or other competitions, or projects

December 2008                                                                                                    17
 whose primary focus is health or medicine.) Although      that provide hands-on research opportunities in DoE
 ISE encourages projects to support formal education,      national laboratories during the summer: Science
 the primary audience must be informal;                    Undergraduate Laboratory Internships (SULI),
                                                           Faculty and Student Teams (FaST), Community
 Grant Resource: National Science Foundation               College Institute of Science and Technology (CCI),
 Size of Grant: $4,500/student for SULI, CCI and PST;      and Pre-Service Teacher (PST) Internships. You are
 13 awards of up to $12,000 for FaST                       invited to encourage appropriate students and faculty
 Cost Sharing or Match: No                                 to apply for these opportunities and, if DoE approves
 Web: http://www.nsf.gov/pubs/2006/nsf06522/               their applications, to then request supplemental
 nsf06522.jsp                                              funding from NSF to support their participation.
 Deadline Date: Applications are reviewed by DoE            Science Undergraduate Laboratory Internships
 beginning February 1, 2007                                (SULI) target undergraduate students who have not
 Category: Cooperative Program - NSF and                   had an opportunity to work in an advanced scientific
 Department of Energy (faculty and students) to            research environment, especially students belonging
 Participate                                               to groups underrepresented in fields of science,
 Description: The Principal Investigators (PIs) of         mathematics, engineering, and technology. http://
 National Science Foundation (NSF) awards managed          www.scied.science.doe.gov/scied/erulf/about.html
 by one of the NSF programs serving STEM education         Faculty and Student Teams (FaST) provides
 that often has participation by faculty, undergraduate    opportunities for college professors and students
 students and/or pre-service teachers (see list below)     to participate in a 10-week highly interactive and
 are invited to consider participating in a cooperative    stimulating immersion experience in a research
 effort between NSF and the Department of Energy           environment in a DoE laboratory. http://www.scied.
 (DoE) Office of Science.                                  science.doe.gov/scied/sci_ed.htm
 Advanced Technological Education (ATE); Centers           Community College Institutes (CCI) places students
 for Learning and Teaching (CLT); Centers of Research      from community colleges in paid internships in
 Excellence in Science and Technology (CREST);             Science and Engineering and Technology. http://www.
 Computer Science, Engineering, and Mathematics            scied.science.doe.gov/scied/CCI/about.html
 Scholarships (CSEMS); Research on Gender in Science
 and Engineering (GSE); Historically Black Colleges        Pre-Service Teacher (PST) Internships target students
 and Universities Undergraduate Program (HBCU-             who are preparing to become teachers of science,
 UP); Louis Stokes Alliances for Minority Participation    mathematics, and technology at elementary and
 (LSAMP); Model Institutions for Excellence (MIE);         secondary schools. http://www.scied.science.doe.gov/
 Math and Science Partnership (MSP): Comprehensive         scied/PST/about.htm
 and Targeted Projects; Robert Noyce Scholarship
 Program; NSF Collaboratives for Excellence in             Call For Papers Opportunities
 Teacher Preparation (CETP); Research in Disabilities
 Education (RDE); Science, Technology, Engineering,        Indigenous Bodies: Reviewing, Relocating,
 and Mathematics Teacher Preparation (STEMTP);             Reclaiming
 Teacher Professional Continuum (TPC) Program;             Contact: Céline E. Swicegood, Program Assistant,
 Tribal Colleges and Universities Program (TCUP). To       D’Arcy McNickle Center for American Indian History,
 support the continued leadership of the United States     The Newberry Library, 60 W. Walton Street, Chicago,
 in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics      IL 60610, Phone: (312) 255-3564
 (STEM) and the continued development of a                 Email: swicegoodc@newberry.org
 competitive, diverse STEM workforce, NSF and DoE          Web: http://www.newberry.org/mcnickle/darcyhome.
 are implementing collaboration between the agencies’      html
 programs for the development of human resources in        Deadline: February 14th, 2009
 STEM. As an immediate result of this effort, during       An international conference hosted by the Native
 FY 2006 NSF will support students and faculty from        Studies Research Network, UK, University of East
 participating NSF projects (see list above) who are       Anglia, Norwich July 8-10, 2009
 accepted as participants in one of four DoE initiatives

18                                                                                            December 2008
The Native Studies Research Network, UK, invites         Travel Arrangements: The University of East Anglia
proposals for papers for its second international        is in Norwich, just 20 minutes from Norwich Airport
conference and would especially welcome                  with direct flights to Amsterdam, connecting to major
contributions from indigenous scholars. Established      world cities. Further details: http://www.nsrn-uk.org/
in April 2006, the NSRN currently has 87 members,
working at 37 UK institutions in 11 academic             American Society for Engineering Education
disciplines. Having organized regular annual             ASEE Spring 2009 Northeast Conference
colloquia in London every September since 2006,          Contact: Prof. Navarun Gupta, ASEE NE 2009 General
and an international conference in Geneva in July        Chair, University of Bridgeport, 221 University
2007, the NSRN will now host its first UK based          Avenue, Bridgeport, CT 06604
international conference.                                E-mail: info@asee2009online.org
This interdisciplinary conference will interrogate       Web: http://www.asee2009online.org
wide ranging presentations and representations           The Spring 2009 Northeast ASEE Conference will
of indigenous bodies by both Natives and non-            be held on April 3-4, 2009 at the University of
Natives, in historical and contemporary contexts.        Bridgeport, Bridgeport, Connecticut, U.S.A. This
The conference is particularly concerned with            year’s conference theme is: Engineering in the New
the native body as a site of persistent fascination,     Global Economy.
colonial oppression, and indigenous agency, and
the endurance of these legacies within native            In the coming years, our world will continue to
communities.                                             face economical, environmental and energy related
                                                         problems. How is Engineering and Engineering
Keynote Speakers: Carter Revard, Osage Poet, writer      Technology Education responding to the needs of
and scholar Mick Gidley, University of Leeds Debbie      our society and the world? This will be the theme
Reese, University of Illinois (One other keynote to be   for an exhilarating and thought provoking weekend
confirmed)                                               of professional workshops, presentations, and
We invite papers focusing on indigenous communities      discussions at the University of Bridgeport.
in the Americas and Australasia exploring a              The ASEE Northeast Section is soliciting faculty
wide range of topics including but not limited to:       papers, student papers and student posters which
Indigenous performance and body art Racialised           address the various challenges and paradigms
indigenous bodies (including African-Native)             in this technological world through research
Indigenous bodies in visual arts Commercialising         and instructional programs in Engineering and
and appropriating indigenous bodies Confining            Engineering Technology education. There are three
indigenous bodies (reservations, prisons, schools,       conference tracks:
forts, clothes) Indigenous bodies in material culture
Sexualised indigenous bodies locating and relocating     1. Regular/ faculty papers
indigenous bodies Indigenous bodies in museums           2. Student papers and
Indigenous political bodies (communities, councils,
                                                         3. Student posters
                                                         The deadline for abstract submission is February
Papers should be 20 minutes long. Please email a 250
                                                         27th, 2009. Prospective authors are invited to submit
word abstract, accompanied by a short curriculum
                                                         their abstracts online in Microsoft Word or Adobe
vita to both: Jacqueline Fear-Segal (j.fear-segal@uea.
                                                         PDF format through the conference website at: http://
ac.uk); and Rebecca Tillett (r.tillett@uea.ac.uk)
The deadline for these is February 14th, 2009.
                                                         Suggested conference topics are listed below. Other
It is planned to publish a book of selected papers,      innovations in course and laboratory experiences and
edited by Fear-Segal and Tillett [with support from      assessments are also most welcome for submission:
the British Academy].

December 2008                                                                                                    19
 • Chemical and Biological Engineering                    Caltech Undergraduate Research Journal
 • Civil & Environmental Engineering
                                                          Online journal accepting submissions from undergraduate
 • Electrical & Computer Engineering                      students at all institutions.
 • Engineering Technology/ Community Colleges             American Institute of Physics, Journal of
 • Industrial                                             Undergraduate Research in Physics
 • Automation and Manufacturing Engineering               htm
 • Engineering Technology and Community Colleges          Department of Energy, Journal of
 • Innovations In Engineering Education                   Undergraduate Research
 • First Year Experiences
                                                          Council on Undergraduate Research
 • K-12 Education (Engineering Curriculum                 http://www.cur.org/
                                                          23rd National Conference on Undergraduate
 • Mechanical Engineering                                 Research
 • Computer Science and Information Technology            http://www.uwlax.edu/ncur2009/
 • Women in Engineering and Computer Science              Journals for students at specific campuses
 • Robotics                                               MIT Undergraduate Research Journal
 • Service Learning                                       http://web.mit.edu/murj/www/index6.html
                                                          Publishes articles by MIT students with the intent of
 • Sustainability                                         educating a general MIT undergraduate audience about
 • Design Projects                                        their peers’ work.
 • Engineering and Technology in the Liberal Arts         North Carolina State University, Office of
                                                          Undergraduate Research
 • Systems Engineering                                    http://www.ncsu.edu/undergrad-research/urj/
 • Globalization                                          Oklahoma City University, Learning Enhancement
 • Ethics                                                 Center: Student Journal: Stellar c/o The Learning
                                                          Enhancement Center, 2501 N. Blackwelder,
 • Diversity In Engineering
                                                          Oklahoma City, OK 73106
 • Multidisciplinary Research                             http://www.okcu.edu/multimedia/pdf/stellar07.pdf
 Paper Submission:                                        University of Arkansas, College of Agriculture,
 Prospective authors are invited to submit their          DISCOVERY Undergraduate Research Journal
 abstracts online in Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF          http://www.uark.edu/depts/agripub/Publications/
 format through the website of the conference at:         Discovery/
 http://www.asee2009online.org                            University of Kentucky, Kaliedoscope: Journal of
 Important Dates:                                         Undergraduate Scholarship
 Abstracts due: February 27, 2009
 Acceptance notification: March 6, 2009                   University of Rochester, Journal of Undergraduate
 Final manuscript & Registration due: March 20, 2009      Research
 Journals accepting student research submissions          University of Utah, Undergraduate Research
 from all campuses:                                       Abstracts
 Journal of Young Investigators                           http://www.lib.utah.edu/epubs/undergrad/
 Online peer-reviewed national journal of undergraduate

20                                                                                             December 2008

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