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					BLUEFIELD STATE                           A Message from the President
                                                                                        across the stage, receive their diplomas
   COLLEGE                                                                              and move forward into the next chapter
                                                                                        of their lives.
                                                                                             At the same time, the College pro-
BOARD OF GOVERNORS                                                                      ceeded with work to complete its institu-
                                                                                        tional accreditation self-study and a 2011
James J. Palmer, III, Esq.
     Chair                                                                              visit from a Higher Learning
Mr. Larry Ratliff                                                                       Commission/North Central Association
     Vice Chair                                                                         team. Bluefield State College has met
Dr. Lyn Guy                                         Dr. Albert L. Walker                the rigorous standards to earn and main-
Norris Kantor, Esq.                                      President                      tain institutional accreditation since the
Larry Morhous, Esq.                                                                     early 1950s, and we are committed to the
Mr. Sylvester Myers                                                                     task of excellence required to sustain
Gloria Stephens, Esq.                          Summer is a wonderful time for           accreditation in the future.
Ms. Anne L. Taylor
                                          reflection and advancement in higher               Additionally, we recently received
Ms. Angela Lambert
     Faculty Representative               education. As this issue of the Blue &        the outstanding news that the Bachelor
Ms. Lisa Neel                             Gold goes to press, we are able to look       of Science in Nursing Program has
     Classified Staff Representative      back fondly upon the College’s mid-May        earned a ten-year continuing accredita-
Mr. Craig Caldwell                        commencement exercises. It was a joy-         tion from the Commission on Collegiate
     Student Representative               ous time as 375 graduates, along with         Nursing Education.
                                          their families and friends, celebrated this        Certainly, recent economic develop-
                                          milestone in their lives. Our returning       ments on a national, state, and local level
ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF                      alumni rekindled fond memories of their       have impacted Bluefield State College.
                                          years as undergraduates, as well.             Importantly, the same spirit of resiliency
Dr. Albert Walker
     President                                 As May gave way to mid-summer,           that has served the “College on the
Dr. Don Smith                             BSC welcomed the first of two groups of       Terraced Hills” so well through its 114
     Vice President for Academic          new students during a one-day orienta-        year history has, throughout this chal-
      Affairs and Provost                 tion session. It was my pleasure to wel-      lenging period, proven invaluable once
Ms. Shelia Johnson                        come these bright, ambitious students         again.
     Vice President for Financial and     and their families to campus and look              As a result, with your help and
     Administrative Affairs               forward to a time in the not-to-distant       insight, we are “Making Education
Mr. John Cardwell                         future when these students would walk         Possible” for this and future generations.
     Vice President for Student Affairs
Dr. Thomas E. Blevins
     Dean of the Virtual College and
     Information Technology and the
     School of Teacher Education;
     Professor, English/Education         Board of Governors’ News
Dr. Tracey Anderson
     Director of Institutional
                                          by James J. Palmer, III, Esq., Chair
     Research and Effectiveness                                                         BSC faculty and staff, I saw faces beam-
Dr. Sapphire Cureg                                                                      ing with pride. Our most recent gradu-
     Director of Multicultural Affairs                                                  ates walked across the stage, exchanged
Ms. Karen Harvey                                                                        firm handshakes with platform guests,
     Director of Institutional                                                          and returned to their seats with a diploma
     Advancement & Planning                                                             in hand and opportunity there for the tak-
Mr. Jim Nelson
     Assistant to the President/
     Director, Institutional/Media
                                                                                             Bluefield State College has made
     Relations                                                                          education possible for students from this
                                                  James J. Palmer, III, Esq.            region for nearly 120 years and our grad-
                                                           Chair                        uates have made a difference--in the
                                                                                        region, the state, the nation, and the
      BLUE AND GOLD                            Each spring during the College’s         world. It’s not an overstatement to say
                                                                                        that many of our students would not have
A publication for alumni and friends of   commencement, I am reminded of
                                          Bluefield State College's very worthwhile     had the chance to pursue their college
        Bluefield State College.
                                          purpose. This year was no different. As       degrees if not for Bluefield State College.
                                          I scanned the capacity audience of stu-            That’s the reason that the members
  This project is underwritten by the     dents, their families and friends, and                              (continued on page 4)
   Federal Title III/BRACE Program.
375 Degrees Awarded During BSC's 2009 Commencement
     Three hundred seventy-five                                                                  Gregory Michaelson were selected
(375) degrees were conferred during                                                              to receive “Brian Delp Service
Bluefield State College’s 112th com-                                                             Leadership Awards.”
mencement exercises at the                                                                          Nine members of the BSC Class
Brushfork Armory, May 16.                                                                        of 1959 returned to their alma mater
Approximately 3000 people attended                                                               to participate in the program on the
the program.                                                                                     golden anniversary of their gradua-
     Mr. Sylvester Myers, a BSC                                                                  tion. BSC Alumni Association
alumnus, delivered the commence-                                                                 President Dr. Joseph Lewis also
ment address. His autobiography,                                                                 administered the alumni oath to all
From Coal Fields, to Oil Fields and                                                              members of the graduating class of
                                          Dr. Bernadette Dragich and Dr. Albert Walker present
Beyond: A Life in Pursuit of All I           BSC Foundation Outstanding Faculty Awards to
Could Be, is an inspirational tale of         Professors Roger Owensby and Carol Cofer.
his rags to riches journey from a
childhood in a McDowell County coal             dents also received greetings from
camp to the presidency of his internation-      Bluefield State College President Dr.
                             ally known         Albert Walker, BSC Board of Governors’
                             construction       chair Norris Kantor, BSC Alumni
                             cost-estimat-      Association President Dr. Joseph F.
                             ing manage-        Lewis, BSC Student Government
                             ment firm with President Jonathan Murray, Faculty
                             offices at four    Senate Chair Dr. Bernadette Dragich, and
                             locations in       Staff Council Chair Lisa Neel.
                             the United              Three students with perfect 4.0 grade
                             States.            point averages shared the distinction of                Jody Burton
                                                class valedictorian. They included                   Brian Delp Service
     Sylvester Myers                            Miranda Linkous (B.A. in Humanities)             Leadership Award Recipient
                             the grim news
Commencement Speaker about unem-                from Bluefield, West Virginia, Gregory
                             ployment and       Michaelson (B.S. in Civil Engineering
                             layoffs, there     Technology) from Bluefield, West
are jobs to be found in today’s economy,”       Virginia, and Kimberly Reed (B.S. in
Myers told the BSC Class of ’09. He             Computer Science) from Peterstown, West
cited the federal government, health care,      Virginia.
and education as areas where employment              Carol Cofer, Professor of Nursing,
opportunities were good. “Every field           and Roger Owensby, Assistant Professor
will present opportunities to those individ- and Department Head/Mining
uals who have skills, personality, passion,     Engineering Technology, were named the
and perseverance,” he added.                    “Bluefield State College Foundation                 Gregory Michaelson
     The audience of family members and         Outstanding Faculty Award” recipients for            Brian Delp Service
friends of graduates and community resi-        2009, and BSC seniors Jodie Burton and           Leadership Award Recipient

                     Class Valedictorians                           Class of 1959 -- (Left-to-right) Gloria Williams Stewart,
    (Left-to-right) Kimberly Reed, Gregory Michaelson            Selba Meadows Boyd and Gaynell Hairston Gunn, (standing,
                    and Miranda Linkous                            l-to-r) Warner Baxter, Sidney Lewis, Rev. Alvin Clay, Sr.,
                                                                   John H. Neal, Dr. Raleigh Hairston and Thomas W. Lee.
BSC Student Team Finishes Third                                                              Board of
Overall, During 2009 Intelligent Ground                                                      Governors’ News
Vehicle Vehicle Competition                                                                  continued from page 2
     “Anassa V,” an autonomous ground          race.” It was extremely encouraging,          of your Board of Governors have commit-
vehicle developed, designed, pro-              Riggins noted, to see the BSC robot do so     ted themselves to serve. The dedication
grammed, and created by Bluefield State        well against vehicles developed by teams      of the BSC Board, a commitment to
College students, contended for another        of students representing major universities   strengthening the College and community,
world championship and finished third,         and graduate programs. “We placed third       are central to our purpose. As we entered
overall, during the recent “2009               in Autonomous, fourth in Land                 a new fiscal year in July, we saw the
Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition         Navigation, and third overall (Lesko          departure of several wonderful Board
(IGVC) Autonomous Challenge” at                Award).”                                      members whose terms here had expired.
Oakland University, Michigan. The four-             “We encountered some challenges,         We owe each a significant debt of grati-
day competition attracted 52 entries from      like a thunderstorm at the wrong time,        tude.
institutions of higher education in the U.S.   interruptions in electrical power, and the         At the same time, we welcomed to
and abroad.                                    constant threat of rain, but our students     the Board several new members, each
     The BSC student team included             worked through them,” Riggins contin-         with a perspective and skill set that will
Justin Milam, Matthew Duncan, Chris            ued. “Anassa held first place for about       complement our ability to govern the
Thompson, Saleh Alobaishi, Justin              three hours during the final day of the       institution. We look forward to the new
Pennington, Louis McAllister, and Toni         competition. I’m extremely proud of this      year.
Villanueva. “Our students did an outstand-     year's BSC team. Our students performed            Throughout the process, we encour-
ing job,” observed Dr. Robert Riggins,         very well in a pressure-filled situation.”    age the involvement of the College’s
BSC Professor of Electrical Engineering             “The fact that Bluefield State College   alumni and friends. Your support and
Technology. “They came really close to         was the smallest school in the competition    input are essential to the growth and focus
winning championships in both the              and was one of only a very few colleges       of the school. Thanks for your help in
autonomous and the navigation chal-            or universities there without an engineer-    times past. We will need your wisdom
lenges. Out of 52 robots from around the       ing graduate school makes our perform-        and assistance even more as Bluefield
world, ours was one of three that compet-      ance even more meaningful,” Riggins           State College moves forward into a prom-
ed 'neck and neck’ in the autonomous           concluded.                                    ising, but challenging, future.

                                                                           BSC's Model United
BSC’s “Anassa V” in Action
                                                                           Nations Program Sponsors
                                                                           Worldwide Travel
                                                                                Join us for a Christmas holiday trip to Cairo,
                                                                           Egypt (three nights) and cruise the Nile (four nights),
                                                                           December 28, 2009-January 6, 2010 for $2,800.
                                                                                We’re also planning a May 30, 2010-June 6,
                                                                           2010 student-led trip, Washington, DC to Amsterdam
                                                                           for $1,790.
                                                                                Other trips include a June 17, 2010 trip to
                                                                           London, Budapest (four nights) and Prague (four
                                                                           nights) for $2,990 and a July 15, 2010 trip from Los
    Bluefield State College students (left-to-right) Justin                Angeles to Australia (18 days) for $4,890.
 Pennington, Matthew Duncan, Chris Thompson, and Salah                          Additional information can be obtained by con-
  Alobaishi watch their autonomous vehicle, "Anassa V,"                    tacting John White, Assistant Professor/Social
  as it negotiates the "Autonomous Challenge" qualifying                   Science and BSC Model UN Program Advisor, at
    course during the 2009 IGVC championships while
              an IGVC official (right) observes.                  or call 304-327-4157.

BSC Baccalaureate Nursing Program Receives
Maximum Continuing Accreditation from Commission
on Collegiate Nursing Education
     Bluefield State College’s                “Our program meets the needs of working        and Dean/School of Nursing & Allied
Baccalaureate Nursing (BSN) program           RNs with a design that utilizes ‘blended       Health). The program was first accredited
has been granted continuing national          learning,’ combining face-to-face instruc-     by the National League for Nursing in
accreditation by the Commission on            tion and online courses.”                      1992 and has attained and maintained
Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE), a                                                       continuing national accreditation by the
national accrediting agency recognized by          ABOUT THE BSC BSN PROGRAM                 Commission on Collegiate Nursing
the U.S. Department of Education. The                                                        Education since 1999. The BSC BSN
BSC program received continuing accred-            For nearly 20 years, the BSC              program is offered in both Bluefield and
itation for the maximum ten-year period,      Baccalaureate Nursing Program has pro-         Beckley.
through the year 2019. CCNE, as the           vided learning opportunities for acquiring
only national accrediting agency to focus     the knowledge base and skills to practice        BSC BSN PROGRAM TO BE OFFERED
exclusively on baccalaureate, masters, and    nursing at the professional level. A broad               ONLINE IN THE FUTURE
doctoral education programs in nursing        perspective of nursing practices is pre-
education, ensures the quality and integri-   sented in relation to management, leader-           “Because of its success on a regional
ty of higher-education degree programs        ship, values and ethics, critical analysis,    level, the BSC Baccalaureate Nursing
preparing effective nursing professionals.    research, and the application of the nurs-     Program is preparing to seek Higher
     “CCNE accreditation means the BSC        ing process to families and other groups in    Learning Commission approval to provide
BSN program meets the highest standards       the communities.                               the entire degree program online,” Dr.
and meets the needs of students, equip-            Program faculty include Beth              Rader stated. “Once approval is obtained,
ping our graduates to provide high quality    Pritchett (Associate Professor & Program       this program will be available throughout
nursing care to the people of this region,”   Director), Betty Nash (Associate               the United States.”
noted program director Beth Pritchett.        Professor), and Dr. Betty Rader (Professor

BSC Nursing Students Discover "E-Fish-ent" Way
to Provide Pet Therapy for Residents at the Maples
     Residents at The Maples in                                                                   then implement change to address that
Bluefield have a new “big                                                                         need. The process requires students
screen” entertainment system--a                                                                   to utilize all of the knowledge and
55-gallon aquarium--courtesy of                                                                   skills they’ve acquired throughout
two energetic and innovative stu-                                                                 their BSN program experience.”
dents in Bluefield State College’s                                                                Bailey and Clay, who purchased the
Bachelor of Science in Nursing                                                                    aquarium, expressed appreciation to
(BSN) program. To fulfill a                                                                       Personal Touch Fish Store, the
course requirement, senior BSN                                                                    Healing Hands Club at BSC, local
students Erica Bailey and Billy                                                                   attorney Mark Wills, and anonymous
Clay conducted a needs assess-                                                                    donors for their support of the project.
ment for a “change project” that                                                                  Residents at The Maples attended a
could improve the quality of life          BSC Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN)               brief “unveiling ceremony” recently,
at The Maples, then decided upon                students Erica Bailey (left) and                  when they saw the aquarium for the
the aquarium as a unique type of                Billy Clay recently presented a                   first time. It is located adjacent to the
                                              55-gallon aquarium to The Maples.
“pet therapy.”                                                                                    central dining area, in a portion of the
     “We conducted quite a bit of                                                                 facility that's frequented by residents
research into pet therapy programs,” Clay, maintenance resource.”                            and guests throughout the day.
an Oceana High School graduate, said.             The BSC students are part of a senior           The aquarium has generated quite a
“Pet therapy helps increase residents’       BSN cohort involved in community proj-          bit of positive response, according to
receptivity to socializing, and it combats   ects, as a requirement in the program’s         Drema Keaton, The Maples’ activities
feelings of loneliness and depression.”      senior practicum course, according to pro-      director. “The residents love it,” she said.
     “The aquarium gives residents a col-    gram director Beth Pritchett. “Students         “Some have already given names to the
orful, uplifting point of focus,” added      are involved in a variety of projects, all of   goldfish. It’s a positive, fun activity and it
Bailey, a graduate of Iaeger High School.    which are designed to improve a targeted        gives them a feeling of 'being connect-
“It can help decrease their blood pressure, population’s quality of life,” she noted.        ed.’”
relieve stress, and it's a low risk, low     “They conduct an assessment of need,

Meet BSC SGA President Montoya Kemp
                                              and in the community.”                           Dr. Howard Wade, and I decided to major
                                                   After spending much of his childhood        in sociology,” the BSC SGA President
                                              in the Bahamas and Miami, Kemp gradu-            stated. “I was also encouraged by (BSC
                                              ated from high school in 1995. “I                Model United Nations advisor) John
                                              enrolled in an internship program to             White to join the MUN program. That’s
                                              become a firefighter in Miami-Dade               when I grew more interested in SGA.”
                                              County,” he recounted. “However, I                    His schedule is extremely active and
                                              injured my back in a motorcycle accident         combines his career goals with his aca-
                                              and couldn’t complete my training.”              demic interests. “I work with Rescare, a
                                                   He moved to Atlanta and worked in           program to help supportive living for indi-
            Montoya Kemp                      the public relations office for a popular        viduals with developmental or other dis-
            SGA President                     record company. “Later, I received a call        abilities,” he said. Currently, he assists
                                              from my sister, who had retired from the         two adults in their home environment,
     Like most Bluefield State College        Air Force and then had enlisted in the           regularly pulling eight-hour shifts. “I’m
students, Montoya Kemp is a commuter          Army,” he explained. “She was stationed          able to put my education to work in the
student. However, his trip to BSC has         with the 304th in Bluefield, West Virginia       real world.”
been a little longer than most. It began in   and was getting ready for deployment to               At the same time, he’s at the point of
the Bahamas and South Florida and             Iraq. She asked me to take care of her           an active SGA with an ambitious, service-
included stops in several major cities,       son while she left for Fort Hood for train-      oriented mission. “SGA at Bluefield State
including Atlanta. His wealth of life         ing, then shipped out to Iraq, and that’s        is basically a group of students who care
experiences has provided the preparation      how I came to Bluefield.”                        about what happens to their fellow stu-
for his responsibilities as the College's          Once in Nature’s Air Conditioned            dents,” he noted. “We seek to give stu-
new Student Government Association            City, Kemp began to make the adjustment          dents a ‘voice’ and we want to work with
president.                                    to a smaller community lifestyle. “After         others to bring about positive change on
     “My life story is a lot like an adven-   living in several large cities, it was quite a   campus and in the community.”
ture,” he noted while preparing for an        change,” he said. “I heard about Bluefield            Kemp expressed appreciation to out-
afternoon meeting on the BSC campus.          State College, visited the campus, and           going SGA President Jonathan Murray
“When I arrived in Bluefield, I didn’t see    liked it.”                                       and the SGA senators who served in
myself being involved with SGA, but the            After enrolling in a communications-        2008-09. “They set the bar very high.
more I learned about student government,      based program, he changed his career             We want to continue their quest for excel-
the more I realized that SGA can be a         plans and academic major. “I met some            lence.”
facilitator and a cohesive force on campus    great faculty like Dr. Anthony Woart and

                            A “Banner” Year at BSC
                                 Banners like these, which flank the Easley and Dr. Martin Luther King Bridges adjacent to the
                            Bluefield State College campus, are a visible, attractive reminder of the College's collaboration with
                            the community. They were mounted by the City of Bluefield following a series of activities involving
                            the City and BSC. BSC students and faculty painted the King Bridge, provided more than 500 hours’
                            of volunteer effort to assist area residents in completing their income tax returns, and conducted free
                            health education classes at the Wade Center and at Mercer Health Right.
                                 BSC student service and Greek organizations took part in numerous community-oriented activities
                            including “Adopt a Highway,” Red Cross blood drives, Read Aloud programs in public schools, and
                            ‘Toys for Tots.” Our students designed computer software for use by several organizations, including
                            the Mercer County Humane Society, Bluefield Union Mission, and Wade Center.
                                 A more detailed list of BSC’s community service activities can be viewed online at:

BSC School of Business Student Earns Elite Ranking in
International Business Simulation Competition
     A Bluefield State College student fin-                                                   learned in my pursuit of a degree in man-
ished among the upper 7% of all compet-                                                       agement and marketing. I was able to
ing teams during the recent “Capstone                                                         develop an expanded spread sheet that
Challenge,” a global online business sim-                                                     helped in the tracking processes of the
ulation competition undertaken this year                                                      business simulation. As a result, I could
by more than 940 graduate and undergrad-                                                      expedite some decisions and make projec-
uate student teams worldwide.                                                                 tions that really helped throughout the
     Competing as an individual against                                                       competition.”
multiple student teams from throughout                                                             “Bob’s success came against a field
the world, BSC student Bob Brown fin-                                                         that included teams comprised of graduate
ished 57th overall. His finishing position                                                    students as well as undergraduate students
ranked ahead of all 36 teams from West           BSC student Bob Brown received               from large universities,” noted Dr. Steve
Virginia University, and he placed higher         elite status recognition in the             Bourne, BSC Professor of Business. “His
than any other entering team from the             Capstone Challenge business                 score surpassed that of teams from the
                                                      simulation competition.
entire state.                                                                                 University of Indiana, Vanderbilt
     Brown, who is also the Assistant         the competition…measuring myself                University, the University of Notre Dame,
Director of Human Resources at Flowers        against others,” he said. “The Capstone         and the University of Wisconsin, to name
Bakery, enjoyed the experience. “I liked      Challenge drew upon everything I’ve             a few.”

Nearly 400 Attend Bluefield State College's First
New Student Orientation Program of the Summer
     A record number of students and fam-     feedback received
ily members attended the first of this sum-   from this session,”
mer's two new and transfer student orien-     noted John
tation programs at Bluefield State College    Cardwell, BSC Vice
in June. The event is designed to help        President for Student
students complete the enrollment process,     Affairs. “By taking
work with advisors to complete their fall     part in orientation,
semester class schedules, and gain greater    students have signif-
comfort and familiarity with the campus.      icantly increased the
Additional programming was presented          likelihood that they
for students’ family members.                 will succeed in col-
     Approximately 170 students and           lege and achieve
more than 200 family members participat-      their academic and
ed in the first orientation session.          career goals.”
     “We are extremely encouraged by the           Students met              A capacity audience participated in the College's
                                                                                June 19 new student orientation program.

                                                                                              Service,” and online class opportunities.
                                                                      with academic advi-          A second orientation session was pre-
                                                                      sors, as well as rep-   sented in July. “Bluefield State is the
                                                                      resentatives from       most affordable public baccalaureate col-
                                                                      Student Support         lege or university in West Virginia, our
                                                                      Services, financial     graduates enjoy successful careers, and
                                                                      aid, student affairs,   our recently established border-county
                                                                      and health services.    tuition provides many out-of-state stu-
                                                                      They also received      dents with substantial tuition savings,”
                                                                      training in college     Cardwell added. Interested individuals
                                                                      services, including     are encouraged to contact the BSC
                                                                      “Smart Thinking,”       Admissions Office by phone at 304-327-
                                                                      career planning and     4065 or e-mail bscadmit@bluefield
           These students were among the 170 who
                                                                      placement, “Degree
        attended summer orientation activities at BSC.
                                                                      Works,” “Web Self-

Spotlight on the Bluefield State College
School of Arts & Sciences
by Dr. Tamara Ferguson, DeanOver the summer, many of the                                     “Imagine That.”
                                               school’s faculty met with Dr. Tracy                Director, Dr. Sharon Carr, is now
                                               Anderson and me to map the school’s cur- planning the shows for fall semester.
                                               ricula. This process resulted in clearly      The school is also exploring articulation
                                               stated programmatic learning outcomes         agreements with the Greenbrier campus of
                                               and identified assessments which will         New River Community and Technical
                                               result in stronger data for program           College and with Southern West Virginia
                                               improvement.                                  Community and Technical College to ease
                                                    The school also began offering class-    the transfer process and encourage com-
                                               es at Stevens Correctional Facility to        munity college students to pursue a four
         Dr. Tamara Ferguson                   inmates interested in earning college cred- year degree.
    Dean, School of Arts & Sciences            it. We are happy to assist the prison in
                                               preparing its inmates to
     2008-2009 was a productive year for       re-enter society as pro-
the School of Arts and Science. The fol-       ductive citizens, and
lowing minors were added to the curricu-       we support their efforts
lum: Communication Arts, African               to rehabilitate those
American Studies, Environmental                who are incarcerated.
Science, and International Studies. The        Hopefully, many of
International Studies minor will be offered    these individuals will
in collaboration with Concord University.      see that they can be
In addition, the Pre-Pharmacy, Pre-            successful and will
Dentistry, Pre-Physical Therapy, and Pre-      continue working
Medicine programs were added to the            towards a degree.
school's program offerings. The curricu-            During the fall and
lum was also updated with an expanded          spring semesters, the
two semester sequence for Anatomy and          school's Blue Chicory
Physiology and Environmental Science           Players presented two
                                                                            The cast (above) of "To Be Young, Gifted, and Black"
classes to meet the science general educa-     plays, “To Be Young,              presented three performances during the
tion requirements.                             Gifted, and Black” and                     2008-09 academic year.

Twenty-Seven Students Welcomed into
BSC's Emerging Scholars Program
     The highly successful “Emerging           older),” Cardwell added, “and we’re           semester. Program participants can also
Scholars Program” at Bluefield State           extremely impressed by their commitment       take a computer class and an orientation
College entered its tenth year of operation    and desire to learn.” The Emerging            course for college credit. Additionally, the
recently. Twenty-seven students are            Scholars program (ESP) focuses upon           BSC Student Support Services staff con-
enrolled in the six-week program which is      assisting individuals with either a GED or    duct workshops to enhance the life man-
designed to increase students’ awareness       a high school diploma and a desire to pur-    agement skills instruction received by the
that a college education is possible for       sue a college education.                      students. “During the approaching aca-
them and that they can succeed in college,          ESP coordinator Carolyn Kirby calls      demic year, Student Support Services staff
according to John Cardwell, BSC’s Vice         the BSC program “one of the most              will serve as advisors for students in the
President for Student Affairs. The tuition-    rewarding of my professional career. I        Emerging Scholars program, providing
free program concentrates upon stimulat-       look forward to continually improving the     academic, career, and personal counsel-
ing the interest of prospective college stu-   services that we provide to our students,”    ing,” Cardwell observed.
dents, providing information about college     she added.                                         “A key to the program's success has
life and helping those students achieve             Emerging Scholars participants           been the commitment of the faculty and
their educational goals.                       receive individualized instruction in math,   staff, who have given up a summer to
     “We work with a variety of students-      English, and reading, designed to prepare     work with those in the program,” he
some traditional (18-24 years of age) and      them to successfully complete college-        added. Students in the program meet four
some nontraditional (25 years of age and       level math and English in the Fall 2009       times each week, through the end of July.

BSC Launches Inaugural “Study Abroad” Program
     Their classrooms included a rain for-      enced a visual feast of tropical flowers     things in nature. There was a certain
est, a pineapple plantation, and a tropical     and butterflies during a butterfly garden    amount of effort, time, and expense
wildlife sanctuary. The experience was          visit. Tours of pineapple, banana, and cof- involved in preparing for our study abroad
unforgettable. Bluefield State College          fee plantations familiarized the students    trip, but the experience was certainly
students Crystal Richardson and Pamela          with the agriculture of Costa Rica.          worth the effort.”
Parsons recently joined faculty                                                                                 “Dr. Eborall’s enthusi-
member Dr. Martha Eborall for                                                                            asm and persistence were keys
a ten-day tour of Costa Rica—                                                                            to creating this study abroad
BSC’s first ever Study Abroad                                                                            milestone at Bluefield State
program, and they’ve become                                                                              College,” noted Dr. Sudhakar
enthusiastic advocates for future                                                                        Jamkhandi, Director/Office of
study abroad initiatives at the                                                                          International Initiatives at BSC.
College.                                                                                                 “She and Lee Donnell, an
     “As an undergraduate, I                                                                             adjunct faculty member who
took part in an international                                                                            teaches Spanish at BSC, col-
internship to Zambia and                                                                                 laborated to arrange this study
Zimbabwe, and I wanted our                                                                               abroad initiative.”
students to have the same type                                                                                  Since their return, the
of opportunity,” Dr. Eborall                                                                             BSC contingent has conducted
related. “When I designed the                                                                            meetings for other BSC stu-
course, “Ecology of Costa            Bluefield State College’s first Study Abroad program provided dents and faculty, explaining
Rica,” students were given the           students an opportunity to experience the culture and           the details and exploring the
option of a study abroad experi-       ecology of Costa Rica. Pictured (left-to-right) in the midst      opportunities created through
ence.”                                       of a forest in Costa Rica are Dr. Martha Eborall            study abroad experiences.
                                                   (BSC Professor of Biology) and BSC
     During their trip, students                                                                         Several of Dr. Eborall’s col-
                                          students Pamela Parsons and Crystal Richardson.
hiked the Escalonia Cloud                                                                                leagues are now beginning to
Forest Trail to the Poás Volcano. They               “This trip gave deeper meaning to       consider offering study abroad programs,
explored the upper rainforest canopy via        everything we studied,” Richardson           according to Dr. Jamkhandi.
aerial tram, suspension bridges, and            observed. “I am an environmental sci-              “Several goals have emerged,” he
canopy zip lines. Cruising the rivers and       ences major, and because of the trip I       continued. “We want to encourage more
canals of Tortuguero National Park and          have been able to establish contacts with    faculty to design and implement study
the Caño Negro wildlife refuge, the stu-        representatives at Tortuguero Park. I hope abroad programs, and we hope more stu-
dents observed wildlife such as caimans,        to return there to volunteer with sea turtle dents will participate in these programs.
howler monkeys, toucans, and water-             rescue efforts in the future.”               Additionally, we want to augment our
walking lizards. The students visited the            For Parsons, a Social Science major,    knowledge of other cultures through trav-
Green Turtle Research Station and walked the trip encouraged her to take time to             el and language study and, just as impor-
along the Atlantic turtle nesting beaches,      observe, learn from, and appreciate things tant, learn to accept and appreciate other
where they learned about sea turtle con-        around her. “We were able to live ‘it,’      cultures.”
servation efforts. They travelled from the      instead of read about ‘it,’” she said. “I          Additional information about BSC’s
Atlantic coast to the Pacific coast, wit-       witnessed the colors of the country, I felt  study abroad activities can be obtained by
nessing Costa Rica’s incredible biodiver-       the heat, and I met the people of Costa      contacting Dr. Jamkhandi (304-327-4036,
sity in a variety of ecozones. They experi- Rica. As a result, I now pay attention to

 In Memoriam                                                               Cover Story
 Former BSC Employee                                                       BSC Night at the Orioles
                                                                           Montoya Kemp (standing/center), Bluefield State College
                                The Bluefield State College com-
                                                                           Student Government President, and Betsy Plumley (kneel-
                           munity was saddened by news of the
                                                                           ing) BSC SGA Vice President, are flanked by the Baby Bird
                           death of Ms. Marion L. Hawthorne,
                                                                           (the Bluefield Orioles’ mascot) and Big Blue (the BSC mas-
                           an employee at BSC for 12 years.
                                                                           cot) during “BSC Night at the Ballpark,” July 13. The event
                           Ms. Hawthorne, who accepted a posi-
                                                                           at Bowen Field in Bluefield attracted nearly 3,000 fans and
                           tion in the College’s maintenance
                           department on October 1, 1972,
                           served the institution through
  Marion L. Hawthorne      October, 1984.

BSC Faculty Land Research Grants
                                 Dr. Tesfaye   grant funding from WV-INBRE to pro-           Minority
                             Belay             mote basic biomedical research and            Health
                             (Associate        strengthen the infrastructure for biomed-     Institute),
                             Professor of      ical research within the BSC School of        noted, “I am
                             Biology,          Arts and Sciences.                            pleased that
                             Bluefield State        Dr. Belay has also been selected to      BSC will be
                             College) has      receive a $20,000 research grant from the     able to offer
                             received a        NASA West Virginia Experimental               these services
                             $99,000 grant     Program under the collaborative research      to our students
    Dr. Tesfaye Belay        subaward from     program between Marshall University and       and the college     Dr. Anthony Woart
                             the West          Bluefield State College. This collaborative   community as
                             Virginia-Idea     research work will be performed in the        a whole. The
Network for Biomedical Excellence (WV-         labs of Dr. Belay at BSC and Dr. Hongwei      BSC Suicide Prevention Program is
INBRE) to sustain and expand biomedical        Yu at Marshall University.                    designed to accomplish several vitally
research at BSC.                                    A grant to support the Bluefield State   important goals. These include develop-
     Bluefield State College is among the      College campus suicide prevention pro-        ing and implementing a sustainable stu-
selected institutions of higher education in   gram has been awarded to the College.         dent support network for a campus-based
the State of West Virginia who have part-      The grant, totaling $10,000, was presented    suicide prevention, awareness, and train-
nership with WV-INBRE to enhance their         to BSC by the Morehouse School of             ing program, as well as an increase in stu-
capacity for educating and training their      Medicine Psychiatry/ Cork Institute           dents' awareness and utilization of cam-
faculty and students in biomedical             HBCU Center of Excellence. As author          pus-based suicide preventive services.”
research. During the past three years, Dr.     of the grant, Dr. Anthony Woart (BSC
Belay has received more than $160,000 in       Professor of Sociology and Director,

CART at Bluefield State College and Fenner Dunlop Receive
"Innovation Award" at SWVTC's Annual Awards Banquet
     By developing a “smart sys-                                                                   technology permits belt operators
tem” that anticipates failures and                                                                 to plan repairs rather than just react
pinpoints problem locations with-                                                                  to failures, saving business owners
in a conveyor belt system, Fenner                                                                  a substantial amount of money by
Dunlop and the Center for                                                                          preventing unscheduled down-time
Applied Research & Technology                                                                      due to unanticipated belt breakage.
(CART) at Bluefield State                                                                          “Conveyor belt systems are prima-
College were named recipients of                                                                   rily utilized in this region by the
the “Innovation Award” at the                                                                      coal industry,” explained Bruce
recent Southwestern Virginia                                                                       Mutter, CART CEO. “A single
Technology Council’s (SWVTC)                                                                       broken belt can result in a produc-
10th annual gala, tech expo and                                                                    tion loss of more than $250,000 per
awards ceremony. Lyn                                                                               day.”
McDermid, Senior VP and Chief                                                                         At the Bluestone Business and
Information Officer for Dominion         CART and Fenner Dunlop recently received an               Technology Park, Fenner Dunlop
Resources, was the featured            "Innovation Award" for their collaborative success          and CART are working together on
                                         in developing a "smart" conveyor belt system.
speaker at this year’s program                                                                     the product manufacturing process
                                       Pictured at their facility in the Bluestone Business
hosted by Virginia Highlands          and Technology Park are (left-to-right) Mick Twigger,
                                                                                                   and they anticipate the start of pro-
Community College.                      Senior Electrical Engineer, Fenner Dunlop, John            duction later this summer. Fenner
     CART and Fenner Dunlop            Browning, CART, Inc., Bruce V. Mutter, CART, Inc.,          Dunlop has received approximately
have collaborated for several         James Craig, Fenner Dunlop, Brett Butler, CART, INC.         50 orders prior to product comple-
months at their location in the          Applied Research Assistant(ARA), Mark Myers,              tion, and a full scale belt is in place
Bluestone Business and                  Electrical Engineer, Fenner Dunlop, and Heather            at their facility, while the technolo-
Technology Park to develop the                         Williams, CART, Inc.                        gy continues to be refined and aug-
smart conveyor belt system. The                                                                    mented on a daily basis.

                                                                 - 10 -
BSC’s Faculty & Staff Accomplishments
     Dr. Tom Blevins (1971) Dean of the       Iowa Asian Alliance, Iowa Asian Alliance     Teachers Seminar at North Bend State
Virtual College & Technology and the          Board, and Governor’s Asian and Pacific      Park from June 22-25, 2009.
School of Education at Bluefield State        Islander Advisory Council. She continues          Dr. Tamara Ferguson, Dean of
College and Director of Instructional         to provide her voice and energy on issues    School of Arts and Sciences/Associate
Technology Planning & Coordination with       surrounding the Asian-American experi-       Professor of English, was granted faculty
the WV Higher Education Policy                ence, particularly the assimilation of new   tenure status.
Commission, has been appointed to the         immigrants and refugees in Iowa.                  Melissa Hayes, Director/Assistant
National Council for Accreditation of              BSC faculty members collaborated on     Professor of Radiologic Technology, was
Teacher Education (NCATE) Board of            two scholarly papers that were presented     appointed to the Glenwood Park Board of
Program Reviewers (BOPR). Dr. Blevins         at the 2009 American Society of              Directors by the Mercer County
was also recently named to the Higher         Engineering Education Annual                 Commission. She was also elected
Learning Commission’s Accreditation           Conference and Exposition in Austin,         Secretary to the West Virginia Medical
Review Council. As a member of the            Texas. Frank Hart (Dean/School of            Imaging and Radiation Therapy Board of
Accreditation Review Council, Blevins         Engineering Technology & Computer            Examiners for the 2009-10 year and will
will be part of the Commission’s decision-    Science) and Bruce Mutter (1986)             serve on the ethics committee (and as the
making processes, and will serve on           (CEO/Chair, Center for Applied Research      educator on the board).
Readers Panels and Review Committees.         & Technology-CART) presented a paper              Carolyn Jamkhandi (2000),
Dr. Blevins was also elected to a four-year   describing collaboration opportunities       Administrative Associate/School of Arts
term as a member of the Bluefield (WV)        with local industry arising from CART’s      & Sciences, has earned five professional
City Board of Directors.                      operations at BSC. Roger Owensby             training certificates through online classes
     Dr. Warren Burch was promoted            (1979) (Associate Professor and              offered by Hewlett Packard and has com-
from Associate Professor of Mathematics       Department Head/Mining Engineering           pleted three additional non-certificate
to Professor of Mathematics.                  Technology) and Mike Plumley (1986)          training programs.
     Dr. Sapphire Cureg, Director of          (Adjunct Professor/Mining Engineering             Carolyn Kirby, Student Services
Multicultural Affairs, was recently hon-      Technology) worked in collaboration with     Specialist, received the “Flame Award”
ored during the first annual Commission       Hart and Mutter to produce and present       from the Student Government Association
on the Status of Iowans of Asian and          the paper, “Development of a Web-Based       this spring.
Pacific Islander (CAPI) Heritage ceremo-      Course in Miner Safety Training.”                 Michelle Noe, Accounting Assistant
ny at the Iowa State Capitol Building.             Dr. Pat Hilton (Professor of            I, received an Associate of Science degree
Dr. Cureg received the 2009 “Leadership       Education) and Dr. Elisabeth Steenken        in General Business from New River
Award,” along with other former members       (Director of Teacher Education and           Community & Technical College on
of the Asian American Council Board,          Associate Professor) attended the Great                           (continued on page 12)

BSC “Employee Appreciation Program” Recognizes College
Faculty and Staff for Performance and Service
     The Bluefield State College                                                                Lori Dials, Bryan Edwards, Vanessa
Foundation’s “Outstanding                                                                       Godfrey, Ray Guy, Larry Hamlin,
Classified Employee” awards for                                                                 Ronald Patterson, and Elisabeth
2009 were presented to Lisa Neel                                                                Steenken; Ten Years: Fred Hardee,
(Purchasing Assistant III, Staff                                                                Lisa Neel, Tony Papa, and Suzanne
Council chair) and Kathy Kessinger                                                              Soucier; Fifteen Years: Shelia
(Accountant) during the annual                                                                  Hallman-Warner, Kathy Kessinger,
“BSC Employees Appreciation Day”                                                                Susan Shrader, and Danny Thomas;
program at the College. Both hon-                                                               Twenty Years: Lydia Milam, Betty
orees received a plaque and BSC       The Bluefield State College Foundation's “Outstanding     Nash, Bruce Mutter, and John Snead;
Foundation monetary award of $500      Classified Employee” awards for 2009 were presented      Twenty-five Years: Anita Davis,
at the ceremony. BSC President Dr.      to Lisa Neel (Purchasing Assistant III, Staff Council   Deborah Halsey-Hunter, Frances
Albert Walker made the presenta-             chair) and Kathy Kessinger (Accountant)            Jones, and Andrew Kulchar; Thirty
tions.                                during the annual “BSC Employees Appreciation Day”        Years: William Aldridge and James
     During the ceremony, Faculty                     program at the College.                   Harrison; and Thirty-five Years:
Emeritus status was awarded posthu-                                                             Bob Vicars.
mously to the late Professor William        upon the completion of five, 10, 15, 20,
Goodman, and Classified Emeritus status     25, 30, and 35 years of service to BSC.
was awarded to Ms. Remona Finney.                  BSC Employee Years of Service
Additionally, employees were recognized     Awards, 2009: Five Years: Wally Adkins,

                                                                - 11 -
BSC’s Faculty & Staff Accomplishments
                                                                                               BSC To Offer
continued from page 11
     May 15, 2009. She is pursuing a           English and Associate Dean/School of            Yellow Ribbon
degree in business administration at BSC.      Arts & Sciences, was among the fisher-
     Roger Owensby (1979) (Associate           men featured in the article, “Smallmouth        G.I. Benefits to
Professor & Department Head/Mining
Engineering Technology) has been induct-
                                               Heaven,” published in the July 2009 edi-
                                               tion of Virginia Wildlife magazine.
                                                                                               Military Veterans
ed into the West Virginia Bowling Hall of           Dr. Howard Wade, Associate
Fame.                                          Professor of History, was the BSC Student
     Ms. Susan Nunley was promoted             Student Government Association’s
from Nursing Instructor to Assistant           “Faculty Member of the Year, 2008-
Professor of Nursing.                          2009.”
     Vickie Jane Richardson,                        Gene A. Wyatt, Jr. (1979), an
Programmer II in the library, received an      adjunct instructor in mathematics, has
Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Science      been selected for inclusion in “Who’s
from Bluefield State College on May 16,        Who Among America’s Teachers.” He
2009.                                          has also been invited to join the
     Dr. Michael Smith, Professor of           Mathematical Association of America.
                                                                                                    Bluefield State College recently
                                                                                               received approval from the
BSC Students & Faculty Member Take                                                             Department of Veteran Affairs and
Part in American Society for                                                                   West Virginia's Governor Joe
                                                                                               Manchin to participate in the Yellow
Microbiology General Meeting                                                                   Ribbon Program, a provision of the
                                                                                               Post 9/11 Veterans Education
     Bluefield State College students Amanda Cochran, Elisha Martin, Kayla Fazio,
Tanise Montgomery and BSC faculty member Dr. Tesfaye Belay represented the                     Assistance Act of 2008. Bluefield
College at the annual General Meeting of American Society for Microbiology in                  State is among hundreds of colleges
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, May 17-21. The American Society for Microbiology is the            and universities across the country
oldest and largest single life science organization in the United States, with more            that are taking part in this enhanced
43,000 members from all around the world.                                                      education program.
                                                                  “This is the first student        The Yellow Ribbon Program
                                                             group from BSC to partici-        allows for institutions of higher
                                                             pate in this prestigious scien-   learning to provide tuition assistance
                                                             tific society of individuals      for expenses that exceed the highest
                                                             interested in the microbio-       public "IN STATE" undergraduate
                                                             logical sciences,” noted Dr.      tuition rate. "This is great news for
                                                             Belay, BSC Associate              out of state post 9/11 veterans who
                                                             Professor of Biology. “At         wish to attend Bluefield State
                                                             the general meeting, the stu-     College and take full advantage of
                                                             dents exchanged information       the many programs offered. “We
                                                             with other microbiologists        look forward to meeting and work-
                                                             and gained insight across a       ing with military veterans who can
                                                             variety of scientific disci-      benefit from this program,” noted
                                                             plines. The students also         Megan Mohn, BSC’s Associate
      A BSC delegation including (left-to-right) Dr.         visited several exhibit booths    Registrar. “We are proud to be a
         Tesfaye Belay and BSC students Tanise               and learned more about            part of this historical initiative.”
      Montgomery, Kayla Fazio, Elisha Martin, and                                              Mohn noted that funds are also
                                                             cutting-edge technology and
       Amanda Cochran participated in the recent                                               available to dependents and spouses
        annual General Meeting of the American
                                                             laboratory supplies for their
                                                             research.”                        of veterans and other federal tuition
                 Society for Microbiology.                                                     assistance programs.
                                                                  The research works are
being supported by grants awarded to Dr. Belay by the West Virginia IdeA Network of                 For more information about the
Biomedical Research Excellence (WV-INBRE) and NASA WV EPSCoR.                                  new GI Bill, contact Mohn at (304)
     “The students and the School of Arts and Sciences at Bluefield State College are          327-4064 or mmohn@blue
most appreciative for the support of the Office of the Vice President/Student Affairs and or visit
Enrollment Management, the School of Arts and Sciences, NASA WV EPSCoR, Ms.          
Erica Martin, Mr. Doug Cochran, and Dr. Amin for financial support and making it pos-
sible to attend the conference,” Dr. Belay said.

                                                                   - 12 -
From the Office of Institutional Advancement
by Karen Harvey, Director of Institutional Advancement
                                                   Foundation Secretary Connie
                                              Saunders noted posthumous recognition
                                              of estate gifts from Othello Maria Harris-
                                              Jefferson, Billy G. Moore, Daniel S.
                                              Stevens, Katharine Tierney, and Bertha
                                              Underwood at The Pillars inauguration
                                              ceremony. It is a sad fact that recipient
                                              organizations cannot personally thank
                                              donors for estate gifts unless they are noti-
               Karen Harvey                   fied prior to the donor’s passing.
          Director of Institutional                Happily, some BSC alumni and
         Advancement & Planning               employees have made their estate inten-
                                              tions known. At The Pillars ceremony,               Mrs. Grace Toler and Mr. Thomas
                                              Foundation Treasurer Elizabeth Pruett               Mack participated in "The Pillars"
     The Bluefield State College              gave charter member pins to Carl and               ceremony, in which their aunt, the
Foundation was established 40 years ago       Selba B. Boyd and Deborrah Pittman, the            late Mrs. Lola Mack, was honored.
to “foster and promote the growth,            Computer Science department head.
progress and general welfare of Bluefield     Unable to attend were alumni Thomas G.
State College” (Articles of Incorporation,    and Nancy Blevins Bodnar and BSC
February 6, 1969). A testamentary gift of     employee Ralph Patsel.
$15,000 from the estate of Lola Lavender           Estate gifts, most of which are made

           Lola Mack was Valedictorian of the Class of 1929
           at Bluefield State Teachers College. The College
            immediately hired her, and she served as presi-
            dent of the Women’s Grand Worthy Counselors
              of Calanthe of West Virginia for 33 years. An
            entrepreneur, Mrs. Mack owned real estate and
              other properties in Bluefield and Charleston,
                                                                                               Mrs. Selba Boyd and her husband, Mr.
              West Virginia, and established the Excelsior                                       Carl Boyd were also recognized as
            Cosmetic Company. She passed away in 1965.                                          charter members of "The Pillars" for
                                                                                                their commitment of an estate gift to
                                                                                                        the BSC Foundation.
Mack provided the initial funding of the      through wills such as Mrs. Mack’s, often
Foundation. Mrs. Mack’s gift and her          are the gifts of a lifetime: the greatest gift
years of service to Bluefield State College   an individual ever makes. They also typi-
- both as an alumna and faculty member -      cally provide the largest contributions that
were recognized in a ceremony on May          nonprofit organizations receive. When
15, 2009 inaugurating the Foundation’s        these gifts are used to create an endow-
planned giving society, The Pillars.          ment, they establish a firm financial base
     I am indebted to her nephew, Thomas      that assures the organization’s ability to
Mack, for making me aware of a publica-       endure and fulfill its mission.
tion, Lola Mack’s Philanthropy, which              We are grateful to the donors men-
details the achievements of her life and      tioned here and hope that others who have
the origins of the BSC Foundation. The        included the Bluefield State College
document had not survived several moves       Foundation in their estate plans will let us
of the Office of Institutional Advancement    know so that we can personally express
and Planning, but copies are now on file.     our thanks to them.                                Deborrah Pittman was honored as
Mr. Mack and his sister, Grace Toler,              Karen Harvey can be reached at 304-           a charter member of "The Pillars"
spoke briefly about their aunt at the cere-   327-4031 or              for her commitment of an estate
mony and accepted a charter member pin                                                               gift to the BSC Foundation.
on her behalf.

                                                                  - 13 -
From the Office of Alumni Affairs
by Deirdre Guyton, Director of Alumni Affairs
                                               and his wife who are both alumni. As          was to rain. Her mother was Miss BSC in
                                               always, I meet people from another sec-       1942 and graduated from the institution in
                                               tion of the business world.                                1944. Needless to say I had
                                               On Saturday, I was to meet                                 an enjoyable evening repre-
                                               another person Dr. Carolyn                                 senting the institution and
                                               W. Meyers, President of                                    talking with Dr. Meyers.
                                               Norfolk State University who                                     The third weekend was
                                               was in town to speak at the                                even better! I was so excited
                                               Mountain State Bar                                         about seeing and meeting
            Deirdre Guyton                     Association's Banquet. She                                 some of the 50 year graduates
           Director of Alumni                  spoke of her grandfather,                                  for the first time. It is always
                 Affairs                       Julius Tonsler and her moth-                               exciting to put a name with
                                               er Eva Tonsler Winstead,                                   the face. But it even more
     May is always an exciting month for       graduates of Bluefield State                               exciting seeing students that I
me. Winding down from a successful             College. Now mind you, Mr.                                 come in contact with, on
school year and meeting so many intrigu-       Tonsler is a graduate of the                               occasion, march in and later
ing people from the 50 year class. And no      30’s but as a child watching                               become members of an presti-
matter where you are or what you are           my brother play football at      Dr. Carolyn W. Meyers gious club---ALUMNI!
doing, there is always someone you meet        Bluefield High School, I                                   Congratulations to each of
                                                                               Norfolk State University
who has a “tie” to Bluefield State College.    would always see him in his                                you. I hope that each of you
We are so rich with history.                   baseball cap attending the games. I           will become involved with the institution-
     The first weekend in the month I had      chuckled when I went to escort Dr.            giving back to the institution-whether it is
the opportunity to attend an informal          Meyers to the event and saw that she was      monetary or volunteering take pride in the
social at the home of a prominent attorney     carrying her baseball cap-just in case it     institution you attended.

     John Lewis Washington was honored         for Desert Inn Restaurant. From 1962-64        Reunion in Columbus, at each event,
in April as “Person of the Month” at St.       he worked as a Parole Officer. In 1966, he     Bluefieldians were greeted by “Big
Phillip’s Church for his many years of         became Chief of the After Care Section in      John’s” smiling face. In years past, he has
active participation. “Big                                    the central office of Ohio      served as National Fund Raiser Chairman
John:”or the “Big Un” as                                      Department of Youth             and Mid-West Regional Director, and co-
he is affectionately known                                    Services. He later became       Chair of the National Reunion. Locally he
was born August 21 in                                         Chief of Institutions for       has served as President, Vice President
Roanoke, Virginia where                                       Ohio. He retired in 1988.       and Treasurer of the Columbus Chapter.
he grew up and completed                                          After retiring, John
his elementary and second-                                    could and did devote more              Special thanks to Mrs. Lillian Holly
ary education. He began                                       of his time and talent to St.                 and Justine Jackson for their
his formal education at                                       Philips serving on Vestry as       assistance in this section of the journal.
Bluefield State College,                                      a Junior Warden as well as
majoring in secondary edu-                                    the Stewardship
cation, played football for    John Lewis     Washington Committee. He chaired the
the Big Blues and joined                                      Capital Campaign Fund              Alumni Weekend
Omega Phi Psi Fraternity, Inc. He contin-      and has faithfully served on BBQ’s, Fish
ued his educational pursuit at Howard          Fry’s, and Easter Breakfast and Food
                                                                                                   September 25-27, 2009
University, earning a Master’s Degree in       Pantry projects for years.                      Tentative plans are being made
1966. John was passionate about ending              John and his wife Mildred, also an         for a good time. If you are inter-
segregation so while in D.C. he took part      active alumnus, reside in Pickerington          ested in assisting, please email
in the “March on Capital Hill” in support      where he served on the City Council. As         me dguyton@blue
of the Civil Rights “March” in Selma,          involved as they have been, raising their or call 304-327-
Alabama.”                                      families, the Alumni Association has            4569. Also, the website is up
     John has had some interesting experi-     always been a part of their lives. Last         and running. I would enjoy your
ences! In 1961 he worked as a meat cutter      summer as we celebrated our 18th                comments.

                                                                  - 14 -
Alumni Updates
                                                                                              Kim Long Barnes (2002) and her
       Alumni Updates                                          1990s                     husband, Steve, announce the birth of
         Requested                                                   Todd Day (1996)
                                                                                         their second son, Asher Easton, born
 If you have received awards, pro-                                                       May 3, 2009. Kim is employed as a
                                                                is the Vice Chairman     Contract Manager for the Concessions &
 motions, accomplishments, recog-                               of Corte & Fort
 nition, have married or recently                                                        Property Development Department with
                                                                Chiswell Construction    the Metropolitan Washington Airports
 welcomed an addition to your fam-                              Company, Inc. He
 ily, please let us know. Mail your                                                      Authority (Dulles International Airport)
                                                                was formerly the town         Julie Mandeville Fleming (2002) is
 news to:                                                       manager for the Town
     Karen Gordon
                                                  Todd Day                               a Case Manager for the Harris Law
                                                                of Bluefield             Firm-Nevada Injury Lawyers in Las
     Bluefield State College                  (Virginia).
     219 Rock Street                                                                     Vegas, Nevada.
                                                   Jennifer Douglas (1998) is the             Kevin M. Gordon (2000) received
     Bluefield, WV 24701                      Director of the West Virginia Courtesy
 or FAX to 304-327-4581or e-mail                                                         the Customer Allegiance Star Award and
                                              Patrol.                                    is an Applications Engineer for Thermo                        Roy Scott Lester (1993) was           Fisher Scientific of San Diego,
                                              recently promoted to assistant engineer-   California.
                                              ing manager at SUMITOMO.                        Jared Shrewsbury (2006) is Field
                  1960s                            Kevin Long (1999) is a Tech
                                              Service Specialist II for Ricoh Business
                                                                                         Service Representative for Joy Mining
                                                                                         Machinery, Duffield, Virginia.
                                              Solutions in Winston-Salem, North
     Betty Crews Graves (1960) will be        Carolina.
participating in the Senior Olympics in            Kyle Lovern (1993) recently had
Reno, Nevada and San Francisco,               his first book pub-
California in the summer of 2009. She is      lished, Appalachian
a retired Fairfax County Virginia teacher.    Case Study: UFO
                                              Sightings, Alien
                                              Encounters and
                  1980s                       Unexplained
                                              Phenomena. His sec-         Kyle Lovern
                                              ond book, a sequel,
     Rachel J. King-Rozzel, RN (1988)                                                           In Memoriam
                                              will come out later this
employed by Fresenius Medical Care of
                   North America
                                              year. He is a former radio and newspaper     BSC Students and Alumni
                                              journalist and currently is a free lance
                   (Dialysis), is the Acute                                                  Nancy Louise Payne Anderson
                   Care Coordinator of                                                             Oma Marie Barnett
                                                   Mike Watson (1993) was promoted           Clarence Oliver Baumgardner
                   six Acute Dialysis
                                              from assistant town manager to town                Jason Dwight Bowling
                   Units (Bluefield
                                              manager for the Town of Bluefield                    Thomas Joe Catron
                   Regional Medical
                                              (Virginia).                                            Roger Childers
                   Center, Princeton
    Rachel J.      Community Hospital,                                                          Dorcus Hess Claytor, Jr.
                   Princeton Health                            2000s                          Deborah Jade “Dee” Cooke
                                                                                                  Joyce Pickett Havens
South Rehabilitation, Beckley
                                                                                             William Howard “Willie” Jarvis
Appalachian Regional Hospital, Beckley             Amy Hall Cowan (2001) received a                 Roy Jennings, Jr.
Veterans Administration Hospital and          master’s degree in special education                   Conwell Jones
Greenbrier Medical Center (opening            from North Carolina Central University              John Ambrose Jones
August 2009).                                 in May 2008 with Magna Cum Laude                       Betty Lou Mabe
     Carolyn Stuart (1988 & 1990)             honors. She is a special education             Desdemona Henderson Martin
holds a Master of Arts in Counseling          teacher at C. W. Stafford Middle School                 Levi Moorman
from Marshall University and received a       in Hillsborough, North Carolina.                   Alice Hubbard Pannell
Ph.D. in Counselor Education from                  Melissa Leedy Cumbo (2002) and                Thurman Whitt Perdue
Virginia Tech in September, 2008. She         her husband, Kenneth, announce the                 Mary Ann Green Smith
serves as the Director of Counseling at       birth of twin sons, Colton Gunnar and          Lyle Landon “Lannie” Stike, Jr.
Halifax Community College in Weldon,          Caleb Bear, born May 7, 2009. Melissa                    Judy Wells
North Carolina.                               is employed by CNX Gas.                           Ruby Childress Woosley

                                                               - 15 -
BSC Radiologic Technology Graduating Class of 2009
Achieves 100% Passage Rate on Certification Examination
by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists
     Bluefield State College’s 2009 Radiologic Technology grad-     Krystal Scott, Andrea Sears, Amanda Shupe, Amanda Stewart,
uates have achieved a 100% passage rate on the certification        Samantha Williams, and Gracie Wooldridge.
examination by the American Registry of Radiologic                       The students were honored at a pinning ceremony in May.
Technologists.                                                      The outstanding clinical award went to Rebecca Bradley and the
     The BSC Radiologic Technology program is accredited by         outstanding academic award was presented to Caroline Blevins.
the Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic               The JRCERT Certificates of Excellence determined by the facul-
Technology (JRCERT). JRCERT is recognized by the U.S.               ty to be the students who most closely fit the description of the
Department of Education as the national agency for the accredi-     professional and ethical technologist were awarded to PrezLee
tation of educational programs for the radiographer and radiation   Dalton and Caroline Blevins. All students received their radio-
therapist, and is responsible for all accreditation actions.        logic technology pin at this ceremony.
     BSC’s 2009 RadTech graduates who passed the certification           Faculty include: Melissa Haye (program director), Angela
examination include: Trista Bailey, Caroline Blevins, Rebecca       Lambert (clinical coordinator), Vanessa Godfrey (didactic
Bradley, Rachelle Coburn, PrezLee Dalton, Ashley Duncan,            instructor), Robin Gibson (PCH Clinical Instructor), Richard
Adam Finley, Lloyd Fitzgerald, Ashleigh Freeman, Kendra             Gibson (BRMC Clinical Instructor), Amy Bennett (BARH
Harman, Evan Harris, Jamie Haynes, Heather Kincaid, Cassie          Clinical Instructor), and Jennifer Shelton (VA Clinical
Manning, Stephanie McGlothlin, Michele Merrill, Laura Peery,        Instructor).

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