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Twitter presentation


Tools for Adding Value to Your Twitter Strategy

                Barbara Safani
“Twawesome” Tools for adding Value To Your TwiTTer sTraTegY

                             Twitter can help job seekers “hear” multiple messages about
                             job search and job leads, but it can sometimes be quite difficult
                             to process so much information and figure out what to pay at-
                             tention to and what to block out. Unfortunately, many abandon
                             Twitter quickly if they can’t get the hang of it and end up not
                             taking advantage of what could be an excellent tool for com-
                             plementing their job search. Below are some tools to help you
                             better manage your Twitter account and remove some of the
                             frustration that can come with using it.

                            General reSearch
Twitter search: It’s like Google for Twitter. Put in any search
term and see what’s being discussed on Twitter.

Tweetscan: Works like Google alerts and searches tweets based
on keywords.

Trendistic: allows you to view popular trends discussed on Twitter
or show most recent tweets on a particular topic.

Twubble: lets you search who your friends are following and
pick out others you may want to follow.

Twemes: Follows tweets that have embedded tags that start with a #
character. This is particularly useful for keeping up with real-time activities associated with
a live event such as a conference.

Twitterholic: lists the top
100 Twitterers based on number of followers.

monitter: follow tweets with
a set of keywords and watch what people are say-

These tools can help you locate and connect with
companies, recruiters, and people in your industry
who are discussing industry trends and job leads.
They can also help you come up with content for your own tweets and find more people to
follow and build community with.
“Twawesome” Tools for adding Value To Your TwiTTer sTraTegY

                         JoB SPecIFIc reSearch
TwitterJobsearch: Find tweets about jobs posted on Twitter.

Twitter Job finder:
republishes tweets about job openings and tags
them by job category and location.

Searches tweets by geography and helps you see
who is hiring in your area.

TweetmyJobs!: re-
ceive instant notification of a new job that is specific to the geographic location and job type
you are looking for.

TweetBeep: Set up alerts to find out about jobs that are tweeted.

These tools help streamline the process of sourcing job leads and report real time information
on openings.

                orGanIzaTIon/TIme manaGemenT
Tweetdeck: Personal browser for staying on top of your tweets and
peeps and connecting you with your contacts across Facebook and Twitter. allows you to
track tweets and create groups that can be displayed across multiple columns.

Tweetake: allows you to backup your Twitter followers, favorites, di-
rect messages, friends, and tweets.

my Tweeple: lets you alpha-
betize and manage all your followers. You can easily
locate and follow others and block followers.

Twittersnooze: lets you
temporarily block tweets on your “verbose” Twitter

social oomph: lets you
schedule tweets for future release, automatically follow new users, and send automated thank
you notes to your new followers.
 “Twawesome” Tools for adding Value To Your TwiTTer sTraTegY

Twitsay: lets you leave a voice message that is converted into a tweet.

Twitter can get very crowded and very noisy very quickly. These tools are great for creating
efficiencies and ensuring that you are using Twitter to optimize its value rather than rob you of
critical job search time.

                                   Pr & BrandInG

Twitzu: lets you publicize events or contests and blast the message out to
your followers.

TweetmyBlog: Twitter plug in for Wordpress that automatically
posts to Twitter when you update your blog.

TwitterCard: a Twitter widget that acts as your Twitter business
card on your website.

TwitThis: makes it easy for people to send Twitter messages about your
blog post or website by converting the Url to a shorter Url using Tiny Url.

These tools help you build your professional brand, 140 characters at a time.

Twitter tools come and go, so be on the lookout for ones that have recurring problems, as
well as the new tools that seem to be popping up daily. With a little bit of research and practice,
you will be able to determine the blend of Twitter tools that are right for your job search and
professional goals.
about the author: Barbara safani

Barbara safani, owner of Career Solvers,
( has 15 years of experience in career
management, recruiting, and executive coaching.

Barbara partners with both Fortune 100 companies and individuals
to deliver targeted programs focusing on resume development,
job search strategies, networking, interviewing, salary negotiation
skills, and online identity management.

She is a six-time winner in the TORI (Toast of the Resume Industry) awards competition
sponsored by Career Directors International and author of Happy About My Resume:

              50 Tips for Building a Better Document to Secure a Brighter Future

                                          Contact info:
                                 You can contact Barbara on
                         Twitter at
                                          read her blog at
                        email her at

                                   C Barbara Safani 2009

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