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									              After Canton
                                                                                                                            Fall 2006

                                                        A Publication of the SUNY Canton Alumni Association /

                                                             Everyone is Laughing at Joey Gay
                                                           More than ever,               around the nation. You may have also spotted him
                                                        people are laugh-                on Showtime’s The Bad Boys of Comedy.
                                                         ing at SUNY                        Gay is no stranger to screens big and small
                                                          Canton alumnus                 either, having appeared on Law & Order, Law
                                                          Joey Gay ’89.                  & Order: Special Victims Unit, Deadline, and
                                                          While in most                  in films Close Strangers, Exit 8A, Times Mod-
                                                         professions that                ern, The Vibe, and The Play. He’s also making a
                                                         wouldn’t be a                   documentary about the historic comedy clubs in
                                                        good thing, it’s                 New York City, which will feature interviews with
                                                       perfect for the                   Richard Lewis, Bret Butler, and Woody Allen.
                                                      comedian and actor                    Gay regularly appears at Caroline’s on Broad-
                                                    from Brooklyn whose                  way, Comedy Village, Laugh Factory, and Catch a
                                                  career has exploded                    Rising Star, all in New York.
                                               with his recent network                      Last year, Gay partnered with two friends to
                                            appearance as a finalist on                   buy the legendary Pips Comedy Club in Brook-
                      Joey Gay          NBC’s Last Comic Standing 4.                     lyn. Pips is known for jump-starting the careers
  Fellow alumni may remember Gay’s on-campus WATC radio show.                            of Rodney Dangerfield, Andrew Dice Clay, David
Now, he’s behind the microphone at the most prestigious comedy clubs                     Brenner, and many others.

$18 Million
Facility On
the Way
   Planning for the new
$18 million, on-campus
Athletic and Convoca-
tion Center is underway.
Construction is expected
to begin in the fall of 2007
with an anticipated opening
as early as the fall of 2008.
Funding for the facility was
made possible when the
New York State Senate and        Smashing Success – Bill Yount ’78 and Scott Clements ’83 ceremoniously smash one of three six-foot tall pieces
the Assembly issued over-        of ice in celebration of the new ice rink slated to be built adjacent to the Edson A. Martin Athletic Fields.
rides to the governor’s SUNY budget              will play a major role in our transition              summer with an “ice breaking” event.
vetoes.                                          from a two-year to four-year athletic                     The new facility will likely house
   “The Athletic and Convocation Cen-            program.”                                             SUNY Canton’s fitness center and pro-
ter will change the atmosphere of our               President Kennedy, college offi-                     vide increased space for activities such as
campus,” said SUNY Canton President              cials, faculty, staff, State Senator James             concerts, graduation ceremonies, trade
Joseph L. Kennedy. “The facility will            Wright, State Assemblyman Darrel                      shows, and other events. Additionally,
bring significant benefits to the college,         Aubertine, Canton Mayor Robert Wells                  it will provide local communities with
the community, and the North Country             and numerous members of the college’s                 further options to host events for enter-
economy. It will be a wonderful addi-            hockey alumni celebrated the start of the             tainment, state high school playoffs, and
tion to our campus, and its completion           planning stages of the project this past              local sports tournaments.
                                      Alumni & Development News

                        SUNY Canton’s Centennial Man Turns 100
    Shortly                                                                                                                      though he still
after his college                                                                                                                suspects the
graduation, Ray                                                                                                                  alcohol smug-
Leonard recalls                                                                                                                  glers exacted
looking out the                                                                                                                  retribution for
window from his                                                                                                                  allowing FBI
father-in-law’s                                                                                                                  agents to view
dinner table as a                                                                                                                their opera-
circle of flames                                                                                                                  tions. Leonard
erupted around                                                                                                                   survived a few
the barn. It was                                                                                                                 tough years sur-
during prohibi-                                                                                                                  rounding the
tion and just                                                                                                                    Great Depres-
three days earlier                                                                                                               sion, working
they had allowed                                                                                                                 various jobs
FBI agents to                                                                                                                    like cutting
climb into the                                                                                                                   wood for $1 a
hay mow to get                                                                                                                   day and serving
a bird’s eye view                                                                                                                as a clerk for
of the alcohol                                                                                                                   Montgomery
being smuggled           SUNY Canton President Joseph L. Kennedy and Vice President for Advancement David M. Ger-                Ward’s for
across the St.           lach ’83 traveled to Dexter in July to celebrate alumnus Ray Leonard’s 100th birthday. Pictured (l      $0.39 per hour.
Lawrence River.          to r) Director of Public Relations Randy B. Sieminski, Kennedy, Director of Development Julia R.           In 1940,
    A 1928               Rose ’89, Leonard, Associate Director for Advancement Julie A. Parkman, and Gerlach.                    Leonard be-
graduate, Leon-                                                                                                                  came the Post-
ard seems to remember events from 70,              did wonders for me. No one could ever              master General for the town of Dexter.
80, even 90 years ago better than most             do for me, educate me, as much as Dr.              He held the position for almost 30 years
people remember 2005.                              Payson.”                                           until retiring in 1969.
    Amazingly, SUNY Canton’s oldest                    He also holds English Professor Lottie             Leonard currently lives in Dexter with
known alumnus turned 100 this year,                Southworth in high regard. Leonard says            his daughter. He was honored as Dexter’s
just like his alma mater. He celebrated            she was very strict, yet he still refers to        Citizen of the Year in 1989 at the age of
his own personal centennial on July 12.            her as “Aunt Lottie.”                              83. His wife passed away in 1995 at the
    “I owe so much of what I’ve accom-                 Crippled at eight-years-old with               age of 93.
plished to SUNY Canton,” Leonard says              polio, Leonard arrived at college with a               Over the years, he has demonstrated
with a smile. “The lessons I learned there         limp. He recalled a fraternity brother of          remarkable resiliency. Last fall following
have lasted a lifetime. Learning how to            Zeta Alpha Phi (ZAP) gave up the lower             a stroke, a heart attack, and a bout with
work with people and getting along with            bed of a three-tiered bunk so Leonard              pneumonia, Leonard was told by four
the public were the biggest benefits, even          wouldn’t have to climb to the top. “They           doctors that he had just four days to live.
more than the classroom learning.”                 made me feel so at home right away,” he            Yet somehow, he managed to persevere.
    The Natural Bridge native says he was          said.                                                  As he celebrated his one-hundredth
remarkably shy prior to his three years at             Leonard eventually pledged and                 birthday, Leonard demonstrated almost
SUNY Canton, then known as the State               became a ZAP brother. Leonard said the             no signs of his health problems from last
School of Agriculture (SOA).                       ZAP house had a strict set of rules. Al-           fall and has regained much of the weight
    “My father drove me to Canton in               cohol was forbidden due to the prohibi-            he lost.
our Model T,” states Leonard. “Director            tion, and there was also a $1 fine if your              SUNY Canton salutes its Centen-
Van Whittemore greeted us personally,              bed was not made by 1 p.m.                         nial Man. He is truly one of the most
introduced me to some students, and                    Leonard was married on his twenty-             remarkable alumni in the history of the
helped set me up with housing.”                    fifth birthday in 1931 to a school teacher college. Just three years ago at the age of
    He particularly credits Whittemore             in nearby Pillar Point. He and his wife,           97, Leonard drove his car from Dexter
and Dr. James Payson for their guid-               Marian, gave birth to their only child,            to Canton for Alumni Weekend. This
ance. Leonard took several classes from            Eleanor, in 1935.                                  year, SUNY Canton and Ray Leonard
Payson. More than 70 years later, he                   They never arrested anyone for the             celebrate their 100th birthdays together.
still speaks fondly of his mentor, “He             burning of his father-in-law’s barn, al-
2                                                                                                                              After Canton
 It’s Out of Here...
    This past summer, alumni gath-
 ered in Buffalo to watch the Triple–A
 Bisons play against the Rochester Red
 Wings. The event was hosted by Tom
 Woodside ’66 and his wife, Claire.

                                                   Among the SUNY Canton spectators were (l to r) Greg Snyder ’94, Henry Ryan ’53, Tina
                                                   Watson, Jeremy Watson ’99, Scott Ventura ’93, Mary (Reynolds) Ventura ’93, Joe Ventura, Tom
                                                   Occhino ’94, Vinny Occhino, Tom Woodside ’66, Rusty Hewitt ’77, Tom Ortner ’75, David
                                                   Dengler ’80, Director of Development Julia Rose ’89, Claire Woodside, Joe Desotelle ’82, Mi-
                                                   chelle Desotelle, Brian Moag ’78, Director of Alumni Affairs Peggy Levato, Chuck Hermann,
  Scott and Mary (Reynolds) Ventura ’93 en-        Bill Putney ’43, and Nancy Putney. Others who attended but missed the photo were: Rebecca
  joy the game with their 3-year old son, Joe.     (Hens) Formwalt ’80, Mike Formwalt, Kathy Ryan, and Chris Rose.

         The Development Office would like to hold more family-friendly alumni events. If you have a
           suggestion, please forward it to Julia Rose ’89 at or 1-800-811-6727.

    Alumni Visit the Bronx and Watch the Bombers
                                                    An alumni gathering at Yankee
                                                 Stadium this summer was a home
                                                 run success. A group of about 20,
                                                             including President
                                                                 and Dine Kennedy,
                                                                  enjoyed the game,
                                                                   food, and bever-
                                                                     ages from a suite
                                                                         down the
                                                                            third base
  Stephanie Wolchok ’94,                                                     line.
  Jay Thomas ’96 and Tom
  Walsh ’96 enjoy the suite
  at Yankee Stadium.

   Mike Rydberg ’94 and
  Evaristo Cedeno ’97
      reminisce while                                                                       Julie Marciano ’98, Ann Marie Sferra, and Jen
  watching the game.                                                                        (D’Ambrosio) Walsh ’97 overlooking the game.

After Canton                                                                                                                                      3
                                                              Alumni & Development News

                                        Bagley Family Continues Leon’s Legacy
                               While            North Country for August fishing on             arship in 1997. At the time, it was the
                            growing up          the Grasse River and October deer hunt-        largest in the history of the college.
                            on a farm in        ing in Edwards. He retired after 35 years         He and his wife established the Leon
                            the North           of service.                                    and Rachael Bagley Endowed Scholar-
                            Country, Leon          After returning to SUNY Canton for          ship in 2002 to provide scholarships for
                            E. Bagley ’48       his thirty-fifth reunion in 1983, Bagley        graduates of Edwards-Knox and Madrid
                            wrote a paper       began to reconnect with his alma mater.        Waddington Central Schools. With
                            in high school      His son, Timothy, enrolled that fall and       GE matching funds, it was in excess of
     Leon Bagley ’48
                            about one           graduated in 1985.                             $220,000.
                            day going to           Leon was instrumental in the creation          His grandson, Alexander, enrolled in
college and getting a $10,000-a-year            of his sister-in-law Alice Bagley’s schol-     the automotive curriculum in the fall of
job. His teacher told him both were                                                                2003 and graduated in 2005.
impossible.                                                                                            Leon Bagley passed away this May
   He and his family were tenant                                                                   at the age of 84. He is survived by
farmers and never owned their own                                                                  his wife, five children and five grand-
home. As a youngster, he fantasized                                                                children. An additional $150,000
about a job using his mind instead                                                                 was given to the Bagley Scholarship
of his hands and one day owning his                                                                at the time of his death.
own home.                                                                                              Always giving back to the com-
   Following high school, Bagley                                                                   munity, he coached and served on
enlisted in the U.S. Navy 40th Con-                                                                the board of directors for youth
struction Battalion during World                                                                   basketball and baseball for many
War II and spent a tour of duty in                                                                 years. He also served on the board of
the South Pacific. Upon returning                                                                   trustees at his church.
home, he enrolled at Canton Agri-                                                                      After three generations of suc-
cultural and Technical Institute un-                                                               cessful graduates and a history of
der the GI Bill and graduated with                                                                 wonderful generosity, the Bagleys
an engineering technology degree.                                                                  are a perfect example of the lifelong
   Shortly thereafter, he proved his                                                               relationships that can form between
high school teacher wrong when he                                                                  alumni and their alma mater.
began work for General Electric as                                                                     Leon Bagley lived out his dreams
a facilities engineer. He also fell in                                                             of a successful career, owning his
love and married Rachael McFerran                                                                  own home, and raising a loving fam-
from Edwards. Bagley was trans-              Rachael Bagley and her son Tim recently honored       ily. Through his generosity and that
ferred several times, spending time          the memory of Leon by attending the SUNY Canton       of his family, he now enables others
mostly in Pennsylvania and Missis-           Scholarship Luncheon and meeting with this year’s     to attend SUNY Canton and pursue
sippi, but he always returned to the         recipients of the Bagley Scholarship.                 their dreams.

                                                       A Day at the Races
                                                      Alumni, family, and friends got
                                                   together in August to watch the
                                                   horse races at the beautiful Saratoga
                                                   Racetrack. President Joseph L. Ken-
                                                   nedy was among the group of more
                                                   than 25 race fans.

                                                Darren Tracy ’79 and                         Robert Hand ’74 and his wife, Dede, were
                                                his wife, Lisa, enjoyed                      among those betting on a good time at the
    a day at the races with SUNY Canton Alumni and Development staff.                         races.

4                                                                                                                        After Canton
Alum’s Goal – A Deep Breath
   What’s the next great medi-     and produce a variety of
cal invention? It might be a       medical equipment. Amaz-
device developed by a SUNY         ingly, he currently holds more
Canton alumnus for emphy-          than 20 U.S. patents.
sema sufferers.                        “Looking back I can hon-
   Watertown native Robert L.      estly say that Canton did a
Barry ’83 founded Uptake           superb job of equipping me
Medical Corp. in Seattle in        with the practical education
December 2004. The company         and skill set that has allowed
is working to perfect a device     me to achieve my professional
to treat lungs damaged by the      goals and dreams,” said Barry.
chronic and potentially fatal      “To this day, I can remem-
lung disease associated with       ber Professor LaBella taking
smoking.                           double-off for ridiculous
   The product appears to have     answers. It seemed like cruel
a promising future. Uptake         and unusual punishment at
Medical recently received $9       the time, but in retrospect
million from investors hoping      it was a life lesson about the
to accelerate its research and     importance of doing it right
development.                       and critical thinking.”
   Although Barry is not a            Uptake Medical is a ten-
medical doctor, the engineer-      person company and Barry
ing knowledge he acquired at       currently serves as the CEO.
SUNY Canton and Rochester          He has previously held various
Institute of Technology enables    technical and managerial posi-
him to expertly develop, design,   tions at Pfizer, Boston Scien-
                                   tific Corp., and Spiration, Inc.

                                        Renzi Atrium                                   Alumnus and
                                         Dedicated                                     Honorary Alumna
                                                   Earlier this year,                   Awarded
                                                 SUNY Canton                                     Frederick Liebi ’66 of
                                                  named the atrium                              Baldwinsville received the
                                                   outside of Ser-       2006 Distinguished Alumnus Award at SUNY
                                                    endipity Cafe        Canton’s 2006 Commencement Ceremony.
                                                     in honor of the     Liebi owns and operates FCL Management, Inc.
                                                     Renzi Bros., Inc.   He and his wife, Karen, set up the Liebi En-
                                                     The Watertown-      dowed Scholarship to benefit current and future
                                                     based wholesale     students. During the same ceremony, Blanche
                                                     food distribu-      K. Woodcock received an Honorary Alumna
  tors have made their company name synonymous with service,             Award for outstanding service and loyalty to the
  dedication, and commitment. The Renzis have also continually           college. She, and her husband, Ron-
  supported SUNY Canton and made a generous commitment to                ald L. Woodcock ’59, co-chair the
  educating the next generation of SUNY Canton scholars. Mi-             SUNY Canton Centennial Cam-
  chael and Roy Renzi established Renzi Bros., Inc. in 1977, selling     paign, which has raised nearly $8
  fresh meats and frozen seafood. Following Roy Renzi’s retirement       million to date. “Blanche possesses

  in 1999, Michael’s two sons, John and Jude, assumed the role of        all of the attributes we strive

  managing the daily business. Their sister, Mary Luisa Renzi ’89,       to instill in our students and
  also works at the company. Pictured are Michael Renzi and SUNY         graduates,” noted SUNY
  Canton President Joseph L. Kennedy.                                    Canton President Joseph L. Kennedy.

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                                                                                 Alumni & Development News

                                                       Bullet Can’t Keep Alum Down
                                              The next time Police Officer Robert             daughters Madelyn and Caitlin, and
                                          Fumiatti ’91 takes a family vacation,             son, Vincent “Vinny.” Major, his canine
                                          there may be a problem. Regardless of             partner, resides with them.
                                          how empty his pockets are, he’s not                   “I’ve lost so much time with my fam-
                                          likely to make it through the airport’s           ily,” Fumiatti said. “I really don’t want to
                                          metal detector. Fumiatti will set off the          lose any more.”
                                          alarms because he has a bullet lodged in              When Fumiatti returns to work, he
                                          his neck.                                         will be working with the New Haven
                                              Fumiatti was a part of a covert drug          Firearms Unit.
                                          task force with                                                                  Fumiatti has
                                          the goal of                                                                  received numer-
                                          cleaning up                                                                  ous awards and
                                          high-crime areas                                                             commenda-
                                          in Fair Haven,                                                               tions since his
                                          Conn. During                                                                 injury, includ-
                                          a drug raid in                                                               ing the Police
                                          2002, he was                                                                 Cross, a Medal
                                          shot in the face.                                                            of Honor, a
                                          Fumiatti and his                                                             Medal of Valor,
                                          fellow officers                                                                an Honorary
                                          were exiting                                                                 Purple Heart,
                                          a van to raid                                                                and the New
                                          a supposedly                                                                 Haven Rotary
    Flying High                           vacant home.                                                                 Club’s Police
       The campus entrance is brighter    Moments later,                                                               Officer of the
    and more vibrant thanks to United     he was being                                                                 Year Award. He
    States Army Veteran Bernard “Ber-     resuscitated by                                                              has also been
    nie” Creighton Regan ’65 and his      paramedics in                                                                nominated for
    wife, Jane M. Regan. The Regan        an ambulance                                                                 The Presidential
    Flag Station honors North Country     on his way to                                                                Medal of Valor.
    men and women who gave their          the hospital. “I                                                                 Fumiatti
    lives defending American freedoms.    still have a bullet                                                          fondly recalls his
    On Aug. 30, the campus dedicated      in my neck and                                                               time at SUNY
    the Regan Flag Station, which sits    a pacemaker                                                                  Canton and said
    at the entrance to the campus and     as a constant           The New Haven Register was among the                 he always knew
    proudly displays the United States,   reminder of that        numerous local and national media outlets to         he wanted to
    the New York State, and the SUNY      day,” Fumiatti          follow the story of Rob Fumiatti.                    become a police
    Canton flags.                          said.                                                                        officer. He noted
       “I have always wanted to give          He has battled back from his near-            the profound impact Head Coach Terry
    something back to the North           death experience and overcome partial             Martin had on his life. “When I first
    Country and the college,” Bernie      paralysis, muscle atrophy, and nerve              went away to college, I was very home-
    said. “This donation also gave me     damage. After more than a year of in-             sick,” he said. “Coach Martin showed
    the chance to honor the men and       tense physical therapy and what Fumi-             me what courage, responsibility, and
    women of the U.S. Armed Forces.”      atti described as a painfully-slow recov-         integrity were when I played for him.
       The Regans are long-time bene-     ery, he rejoined the New Haven Police             He’s a true gentleman.”
    factors of SUNY Canton. In the        force with the assistance of a police dog             Fumiatti has been the subject of innu-
    past, they established the Bernard    named Major. He has regained almost all merable newspaper and television stories
    C. Regan Family Endowed Scholar-      of his mobility.                                  throughout Connecticut. His resiliency
    ship to support students in the Air       However, being shot leaves physical           and fortitude have inspired many and
    Conditioning Engineering Tech-        and emotional scars that take a long time has earned the respect of everyone that
    nology and Electrical Engineering     to heal. Fumiatti has left the police force       has heard of his ordeal. Now it seems
    Technology curriculums.               for a hiatus. He’s been taking time-off            there is only one thing that can slow him
                                          and spending time with his wife, Stacey,          down, a metal detector.

6                                                                                                                      After Canton
SUNY Canton Grads Packaging Success
   Hiring SUNY Canton graduates for                of the high-tech
the past ten years has really paid off for          knowledge in
a national award-winning company in                use at Schneider,
Brewerton.                                         but new systems
   Schneider Packaging Equipment                   are always being
Company, located just north of Syra-               developed.
cuse, creates case packing and robotic                Sylvester
palletizing solutions for manufacturing            joined Schneider
companies around the world. Schneider              in 1990 and re-
Packaging recently received Packing                turned to SUNY
Machinery Magazine’s “Packaging Line               Canton to recruit
of the Year” for its work with Green               in 1996. His two
Mountain Coffee. When looking for                   most recent hires
future employees, Schneider Packag-                joined Sch-
ing commonly looks to the Mechanical               neider Packag-
and Electrical Engineering programs at             ing in May. Tim
SUNY Canton.                                       Agnew ’06 and
   “Some of the best technicians I have            Chris Hoover
hired have come from SUNY Canton,”                 ’06 seamlessly
said John Sylvester ’83 Schneider’s ser-           transitioned from
vice manager.                                      the classroom to
   Additionally, successful SUNY Can-              re-engineering a
ton hires have an entrepreneurial streak           client’s packag-
                                                                              Mike Wright ’03 works with a robotic bottle packing system.
and an ability to connect and communi-             ing equipment.
cate with customers. “Being able to com-              Schneider Packaging’s growing pool        Hiring Qualified Employees?
municate is a big requirement in this              of customers and the increasing demand
                                                   for high-tech packaging solutions will           For more about on-campus recruit-
industry,” emphasized Rick Schneider,
                                                   bring John Sylvester happily back to his     ing and interviewing, contact Director
President of Schneider Packaging.
                                                   alma mater for quality-trained graduates     of Career Services David Norenberg at
   Twenty-foot, computer-controlled ro-
                                                   for years to come.                           315-386-7119.
botic arms are the most visible evidence

                                                                                     Healthy Business (left) - Numerous alumni have found
                                                                                     their post-college careers at Canton-Potsdam Hospital.
                                                                                     From left, back row, Sheldon Hall ’80, Nancy (Martin)
                                                                                     Rutledge ’76, Robin (Weems) Hilyard ’95, Judy Bouvier
                                                                                     Tubolino ’82, Robert Carr ’98, Nancy Orologio-Besaw
                                                                                     ’78, and Carlos Alberto ’86. Front row, Fran Hall ’78,
                                                                                     Tracy Jarvis ’93, Laraine Robinson ’72 and ’85, Bobbi
                                                                                     (Baillargeon) Smith ’99, Cristy Moore ’92, Rebecca Du-
                                                                                     four ’76, Pat Matthews ’78, and Elaine DeRitis ’92.

        Hot & Cold Alums (right) - Woodcock and Armani
      Mechanical Contractors is the premier commercial heat-
     ing, ventilation, air conditioning and plumbing contrac-
       tor in Central New York and is home to several alumni.
       From left, President Denys Thompson, Project Manager
      James Gallagher ’80, CEO Robert McKenty ’69, Project
      Manager Paul Kenny ’75, and Vice President of Precon-
                         struction Services Daniel Bruyere ’85.

After Canton                                                                                                                                  7
                                                                                                                Hockey Reunion

                                                            Hockey Reunion 2006
                                                                            More than 200 alumni players returned to campus in July to
                                                                         celebrate 45 years of outstanding hockey, including 15 national
                                                                         NJCAA Ice Hockey Championships. Many former players vowed
                                            Dan Reasoner ’75             to return again when SUNY Canton plays its first game on
                                            goes for the birdie          campus once the new Athletic and Convocation Center is con-
                                            with his hockey              structed. The new facility is expected to be ready for the 2008-09
                                            putter at Partridge          season.
                                            Run Golf Course.
                                                                                   Dick Layo ’76 addresses
                                                                                the guests and spectators at
                                                                                   the college’s Athletic and
                                                                                  Convocation Center Ice-
                                                                                       Breaking Ceremony.

       Jon Shellington ’76
    and Bill Yount ’78.

                                                                                                                Teammates and coaches were happy to
                                                                                                                Mother Emma Rose, a huge fan of SU
                                                                                                                are back row (l to r) Mike O’Brien ’66
                                                                                                                Coach Ronald “Obie” O’Brien, Don C
                                                                                                                Nicholson ’70, front row, Richard Ger
     Jason Larry ’92, Dave Myers ’93, and Kyle Wessells ’93, rest between periods during one of                 and Bill Hall ’67.
     three alumni games.

8                                                                                                                          After Canton
                                                                                         ida add
                                                                                            Pa res
                                                                                                sed ers G

                                                                                                    ret ener
                                                                                                       ur n al M                                       in
                                                                                                           ing ana                                  art
                                                                                                                     ger an                    ues M
                                                                                                                 key a     d Head Coach Jacq et.
                                                                                                                      lumni a                 qu
                                                                                                                              t the hockey ban

                 Men’s Hockey Coach Pat Martin knows how to celebrate a big
                 win. He dumps the Gatorade bucket on his teammates after an
                 alumni match, reversing roles on the players who have drenched
                 him in the past.

                                                                Bill Yount ’78 and
                                                                Fred Ellers ’76
                                                                compare pictures of
                                                                games past.

o see Hockey House                                                                               John Bourbonnais ’84, Mike Jones ’84, Bob
UNY Canton. Pictured                                                                             Flaro ’84, Dean McIntosh ’84, Mike Albano
 6, Former Head                     Dan Harder ’78 and former                                    ’83, Scott Clements ’84, Ted Dancy ’83, and
Clarke ’67, and Grant            Head Coach Terry Martin share                                   Terry Gray ’84 celebrate with their 1983
 row ’70, Emma Rose,              photographs and memories at a                                  NJCAA championship trophy.
                                     gathering at the Hoot Owl.

        After Canton                                                                                                                                        9
                                                                          A                                     lumni Weekend 2006
                                                                                                                Celebrating ourCentennial
                                                                                                              SUNY Canton held its tremendously successful Cen-
                                                                                               tennial Gala during the college’s Alumni Weekend in June. More

                                                                                   e Gala.
                                                                                               than 400 people attended the event that raised $43,000 to establish
                                                                                               an unrestricted scholarship endowment for the college. Marti King
                                                                                               MacArthur, who is a two-time graduate of SUNY Canton, class of

                                                                                help th
                                                                                               ’74 and class of ’78, was the chair of the Committee and the driving
                                                                                               force behind the Gala. Among the wonderful items donated was a
                                                                                e s to
                                                                          r v ic               seven-night Royal Caribbean cruise donated by College Foundation
                                                                                               Chair Joel M. Canino ’59 auctioned for $5,000.
                                                                       i r se

                                                            d   on
     Auc                                        if   e,S
         tion                               is w                                                 Art Everywhere –
              eer Ki
                    p Blanchard ’92, a nd h                                                   Mary Anne Healey of
                                                                                              Canton browses some
                                                                                               of the artwork up for
                                                                                              bid at the Centennial

                                                                                     Centennial Shopping –
                                                                                     William Face ’66 peruses
                                                                                     items at the Centennial
                                                                                     Gala Auction.

                                                                                                        Good Times – Anthony Bouchard ’63 and his wife, Jean,
                                                                                                        swap stories with Joel
                                                                                                        Canino ’59 (shown
                                                                                                        center) at the clam-
                                                                                                        bake. Beverages were
                                                                                                        provided by Matt
                                                                                                             Brewing Com-
                                                                                                                pany, the
                                                                                                                 makers of

          Catching Up – Jay King ’51 enjoys a conversation with Professor Emeritus
          Richard W. Miller.

10                                                                                                                                                 After Canton
         Alumni Weekend

                                                                      A Grand Occasion - Alumni, community members, and the on-
                                                                      campus population enjoyed wonderful food, auctions, and festivities
                                                                        at the Centennial Gala.

                                                                                                 Over the Grasse -
                                                                                                Natalie Towne ’81,
                                                                                             glides across the Grasse
   Big Smiles - Lynne (Hargraves) ’83 and her husband, Kevin Kapell                           River on the zip line.
   ’83, enjoy dinner and conversation at the Centennial Gala.

Learning to Fly – Alums enjoyed a
fly-fishing rod casting demonstration     Reunion Kings – The King family stands out as one of the most
with Ray Rapczynski ’93, of Damon       dedicated and involved families in SUNY Canton history. Pictured with
Rodworks, Potsdam. Pictured are         Vice President for Advancement David M. Gerlach ’83 are Marti King
Director of Development Julia Rose      MacArthur, ’74 and ’78; Willie King and her husband, Professor Emeri-
’89, Frank White ’38, and Rapczyn-      tus Harry King ’40; and Director of Alumni Affairs Peggy Sue Levato.
ski enjoying a few practice casts.

     After Canton                                                                                                                           11
Class Notes:                                                                        Hilda (Wimmer) Putnam
                                                                                    ’55, Alexandria Bay,
   Thank you to all of the                                                          remains working in ladies
                                                                                    wear retail after 49 years.
alumni who updated us on
their lives for this edition of                                                     Arthur W. Rankin ’55,
                                                                                    Chateaugay, has retired
Class Notes. Please be sure to                                                      from the New York State
be included in our next After                                                       Department of Agriculture
Canton by e-mailing us at                                                           and Markets and from the                                                                  position of Malone Fair di-
                                                                                    rector. He is working with
Erma (Porteous) Carkners ’46 and                                                    the 4-H Club and Knights
her husband, Henry, Madrid, celebrat-                                               of Columbus.
ed their 60th wedding anniversary on
March 15, 2006.                              Bill Putney ’43 watches a Buf-         Charles Wm. Ferguson
                                                                                    ’56, Holland, MI, has a           These Pi Nu Epsilon sisters recently met
                                             falo Bisons game with fellow
George C. Ranous ’47, Oswego,                                                       B.S. from SUNY Oswego             for an afternoon of reminiscing. Among
retired as superintendent of Oswego          alum while enjoying a snack.           and an M.S. from Western          those attending were: Madeline Martin
Steam Station after 10 years of service.     Putney turned 80 years old this        Michigan University. He
He has five children, 13 grandchil-
                                                                                                                      ’61, Phyllis Snyder Shimmel ’61, Patricia
                                             past April.                            is a retired engineering
dren, two great-grandchildren and                                                   consultant from Western           Mooney Johnson ’61, DeAnne Hogue
enjoys traveling and spending time in      John A. Maybee ’50, Dunedin, FL,         Michigan Education                Jungkind ’61. Barb Wilkin Howland ’61
Florida during the winter months.          was employed by the State to work in     Services.                         had hoped to join in but was unable to
                                           the examination program. After 30
James Deering ’49, Rutland, VT, has        years, he retired and now spends the     Richard G. Young, Sr.             attend.
been recovering from major surgery,        summer at Canada Lake and returns        ’56, Crownsville, MD,
but is doing well. He and four of his      to Florida in October. He plays golf,    is working full-time at the National       sister, Mary Lou (Nesbitt) Flenner
friends have formed a Dixie Land           bridge, travels and enjoys reading.      Security Agency. His wife, Wendy,          ’61.
combo called the Tailgaters. They play                                              is working full-time for a doctor
                                           Donald A. Frenia ’53, Portsmouth,                                                   Patricia (Mooney) Johnson ’61,
at nursing homes each week and will                                                 in Annapolis, MD. His daughter,
                                           VA, is enjoying his retirement from                                                 and her husband, retired dentist Dr.
soon be playing other venues.                                                       who is a marine captain, son-in-law,
                                                        General Motors by                                                      Robert Johnson, enjoy traveling and
                                                                                    and granddaughters are stationed at        spending time with their five children
                                                        spending time with his      Bangor Naval Base in Washington. He
                                                        grand- and great-grand-                                                and eight grandchildren.
                                                                                    also has a son in Florida.
                                                        children, golfing twice a                                               DeAnne (Hogue) Jungkind ’61 and
                                                        week, volunteering, and     Nancy (Fulton) Tuttle ’58, in Oc-          her husband Arnie ’60, enjoy travel-
                                                        woodworking.                tober 2005, moved back to Canton           ing, playing in local bands and spend-
                                                                                    from Mesa, AZ. A small group of            ing time with their two daughters and
                                                        Patricia “Pat” (Mc-         ’58 graduates from Canton ATI who
                                                        Mahon) Regan ’54,                                                      four grandchildren.
                                                                                    live in the area get together once in a
                                                        recently moved to Cape      while to reminisce. She said she loved     Janice (David) Scott ’61 and hus-
                                                        Vincent. After she and      Arizona, but is glad to be back in         band, Bob, have four children and
                                                        her husband lost their      Northern New York again.                   nine grandchildren. Jan volunteers in
                                                        home and furnishings to                                                the various classrooms of her grand-
                                                        Hurricane Wilma, Pat        John R. Quackenbush ’58, Sunset            children.
                                                        has decided that “Snow      Beach, NC, is a retired consultant.
                                                        Melts” and the North        He serves on four national safety code     Jacqueline “Jaydee” (Robinson)
                                                        Country looks “mighty       committees, two of which he chairs.        MacDonald ’62, has left Mexico,
                                                        good.” She would love                                                  NY, after 52 years, and moved to
                                                                                    Leon E. Kirby ’60, Binghamton,             Nashua, NH. She has a grandson who
                                                        to hear from friends.       founded STCR Business Systems, Inc.
                                                        Her e-mail address is                                                  will be three years old in October
                                                                                    in 1966 and operated the business un-      and a new grandson, born in March
                                                           til retirement in Oct. 2005. Leon and      2006. MacDonald is looking into
                                                        Clark P. and Vivian         his wife, Ann, now spend the winter        going back to school. She attended
                                                        (Fulton) Trerise ’54,       months in Florida.                         a mini-reunion last fall with Linda
   Energizing Research: Richard F. Barlow               Colton, celebrated their    Laurel L. Finley ’61, and wife, Lorna,     Munson, Fran Newsom, and Carol
   ’06, of Norfolk, spent this past summer              50th wedding anniver-       Spragueville, celebrated their 50th        Kingsbury. Jacqueline has connected
   researching better ways to convert vegetable         sary on July 23, 2005.      wedding anniversary on July 23, 2005.      with AXO sisters on the website and
                                                                                                                               enjoys entertaining them with the way
   oil into fuel. The mix of used vegetable             Paul T. ’55 and Roberta     Phyllis (Snyder) Shimmel ’61, Han-         things were in “the good old days.”
   oil and diesel fuel will eventually be used          (Hogan) Evans ’56,          nawa Falls, is a member and officer of
                                                        Potsdam, celebrated their                                              She would love to hear from former
   by the college to help power its lawn care                                       the board of directors for St. Lawrence    classmates.
                                                        50th wedding anniver-       County NYSARC. She and her
   and snow removal equipment. The College              sary on Sept. 3, 2005.      husband, Gordon, have two daughters        Gary E. Simmons ’62, Dryden, is a
   Foundation funded Barlow’s research from             Catheryn M. (Bow-           and two grandchildren.                     retired supervisor of technical opera-
   an unrestricted scholarship donated by               man) Hamilton ’55,                                                     tions for New York State Electric and
                                                                                    Madeline Martin ’61, Florida, is           Gas. He has two daughters who both
   Alfred R. Place, who graduated in 1949               Gouverneur, retired from    retired from teaching and now works
                                                        the Office for the Aging                                                 graduated from SUNY Oneonta, a
   and dedicated the endowment on behalf of                                         two part-time jobs while enjoying her      son who served in the Air Force, a son
                                                        in Canton. She has          long-time interest in genealogy. While
   his wife, the late Mary Beswick.                     four children and seven                                                who served in the Navy, and a son at
                                                                                    in Georgia recently, she visited Pi Nu     SUNY Alfred.

12                                                                                                                                               After Canton
                                                                Class Notes

David P. Irish, Sr. ’66, Colton, is re-    Melanie A. (Stump) Piechowicz ’70,
tired and recently moved back to New       Marcy, had the opportunity to travel
York after working in Connecticut for      to Anchorage, Alaska, in July to visit
35 years.                                  Paula Uilham ’70. The pair traveled
                                           to Denali for white water rafting and
Douglas N. Crocker ’67, Lewiston,
                                           talks of “old times.”
retired from his job as the chief opera-
tor for the Niagara Falls Water Board      John A. Trubee ’71, Scottsville,
in 2005 and has two children, Scott        sold the John A. Trubee Co., Inc., to
and Elizabeth.                             Pittsburgh, PA-based McQuay Service
                                           Corp., and retired. John founded
Joseph A. Synowski ’68, Webster,
                                           the company in 1981 to service              The college salutes Barrett Paving Materials, Inc., and the alumni who
retired from Xerox Corporation in
                                           large commercial and industrial air         work there. Pictured are (l to r) back row: Russ James ’76 and ’05,
July 2006 after 33 years of service. In
                                           conditioning systems. John plans on
1971, he married Barbara Jerzak. They
                                           spending time with his family, travel-
                                                                                       Matt Kielmeier ’02, Duane Rayburn ’89, Kevin Friedel ’97, front
have three sons and five grandchil-                                                     row, Brian MacCue ’00, Pat Dewey ’82, Kim Kielmeier ’99, Danny
                                           ing, hunting, and fishing.
                                           Jay N. Cuddy ’75, Ormond Beach,
                                                                                       Verschneider ’86, Steve Riley ’88. Not pictured is Travis Sullivan ’03,
Rosella (Todd) Valentine ’68, Lees-                                                    who works for Barrett Paving Materials, Inc. at the Utica office.
                                           FL, is the police division chief for the
burg, FL, is already thinking ahead to
                                           city of Ormond Beach, FL, and is
the year 2008. The class of ’68 was the                                               Richard B. Gummer ’78, Thousand          She is currently working for a private
                                           married with two children.
first class to graduate from the new                                                   Oaks, CA, earned a B.S. in Industrial    company named Continuing Care as
campus. Rosella would love to hear         Cynthia A. (Ziemba) Meyers ’76,            Engineering from Southern Illinois       a home health nurse and supervisor.
from any of her classmates from any        formerly of Knightdale, NC, recently       University in 1982 and is the engi-      She received a B.S. in Nursing from
of those years and encourages them         moved to 504 Lemon Pepper Place,           neering manager at Baxter Bioscience.    SUNYIT, Utica, in 1990.
to set aside the second weekend in         Wendell, NC 27591.
June 2008 for their 50th Reunion.                                                     Linda (Fleischer) Houck ’78, New         Diane P. (Todd) Wood ’80, Gouver-
                                           Timothy R. Cameron ’77, Massena,           Hyde Park, is working as an RN at        neur, is a Library Media Specialist at
She said, “It’s never too early to plan
                                           is newly married as of April 4, 2006.      Northshore University Hospital in        Indian River Central School District.
for this kind of get-together.” E-mail
                                           He is the director and founder of          Manhasset. She and her husband,          Diane and her husband, David, have
                                           the HOPE line of St. Lawrence and          Jerry, have two children, Noah and       two sons.
Richard D. Smith ’69, Carbondale,          Hamilton counties. The HOPE line           Nina, ages 17 and 13. Houck fondly
IL, is the President of Penn Alumi-        is a non-crisis telephone support line                                              Diane (Wrate) D’Ambrosio ’81,
                                                                                      remembers her college years in the
num.                                       for people dealing with mental health                                               Queensbury, opened a Dollar Store
                                                                                      North Country.
                                           issues and concerns and for people                                                  in the Queensbury and Glens Falls
                                           needing reassurance and encourage-         Laurie J. (Perko) McKinny ’78,           area a few years ago which has kept
                                           ment in their daily struggles in life.     Scottsdale, AZ, graduated from           her and her husband, John, very busy.
                                           The HOPE line number is toll-free          Arizona State University in Political    Their oldest child starts her first year
                                           1-888-853-9995.                            Science and Religious Studies in May     at Marist College this year studying
                                                                                      2005.                                    Psychology and Education. They
                                           Patricia M. (Stuhlmuller) Dooley                                                    also have two sons and a daughter at
                                           ’77, Penfield, recently accepted a          Dave Bano ’79, Dublin, OH, is the
                                                                                                                               home. D’Ambrosio would love to hear
                                           position with Siemens Medical Solu-        Vice President of Claims for Nation-
                                                                                                                               from old “Convent” friends as well as
                                           tions. Dooley works as a clinical sales    wide Insurance. He and his wife,
                                                                                                                               others, especially “Yogi” who she has
                                           specialist. She will cover most of New     Margaret, have three children, Megan,
                                                                                                                               lost touch with.
                                           York State and a small portion of          Joe and Mike.
                                           Pennsylvania. She is also pursuing a                                                Neil A. Dorr ’81, Greensboro, NC,
                                                                                      Jeffrey J. Demo ’79, Potsdam, and his
                                           master’s degree online in nursing.                                                  recently graduated from Pfeiffer
                                                                                      wife celebrated their 25th wedding an-
                                                                                                                               University in Misenhemer, NC, with
                                           George D. Niforos ’77, Ballston            niversary on August 13, 2005.
                                                                                                                               an M.S. of Health Administration
                                           Spa, has been happily retired for 18       William E. Donovan ’80, Fuquay Va-       on August 5, 2006. He is presently
  Found: 37-Year-Old Ring                  months after 31 years with General         rina, NC, earned a B.S. in Mechanical    employed as a senior financial analyst
  This class of 1969 ring was              Dynamics Corporation Electric Boat         Engineering from the University of       with Moses Cone Health System and
  found behind Bronco Football             Division. Niforos and wife, Kim, have      North Carolina at Charlotte and is       Eagle Physicians.
  Stadium in Kalamazoo,                    been enjoying retirement by traveling,     employed through BCP Caterpil-
                                           gardening, bicycling, and completing                                                Paul G. Grundtisch ’81, East Aurora,
  Michigan. For more infor-                                                           lar, Inc. Donovan spent 14 years in
                                           house projects.                                                                     is the owner and manager of Leisure
                                                                                      Oswego as an owner and operator of
  mation, contact the SUNY                                                            an auto repair shop and raced on the
                                                                                                                               Rinks. He has been married to his
                                           Thomas W. Singleton ’77, has been                                                   wife, Ann, for 21 years and has two
  Canton Alumni Office at                    living in Tampa, FL, for 26 years with     DIRT tracks of Central New York in
  315-386-7669 or e-mail                   his wife and their four children. His      the Sportsman division. He moved                       son is a sergeant in the Army, current-    to North Carolina with his wife and      Rock Nadeau ’81, Freeport, ME, and
                                           ly a recruiter in Tampa after serving      two daughters to pursue a professional   wife, Monica, recently opened White
                                           in Iraq. His oldest daughter graduated     motorsports career.                      Cedar Inn, a bed and breakfast.
Jane (Ruddy) Bogart ’70, Wadding-          from Florida State in 2005. Their two      Colonel Fergal I. Foley ’80,             Thomas L. Wolf ’81, is the managing
ton, recently retired after working for    teenagers keep them young and busy.        Hopewell Junction, graduated from        partner of Mengel, Metzger, Barr &
35 years as a court reporter for the       They enjoy the Florida beaches, the        the Army War College in July.            Co., a regional CPA firm, with offices
Unified Court System. She is married        Buccaneers, and the Tampa Bay Light-                                                in Rochester, Elmira, and Hornell.
to Ron Bogart, and they have three         ning games. He has fond memories of        Vickie (Ferjet) Moore ’80, Middle-
                                                                                                                               Tom will soon be celebrating his 17th
grown children and one grandchild.         his days at Canton including the old       town, VA, was named the 2006 Home
                                                                                                                               wedding anniversary with his wife,
Jane plans on traveling and working        ZAP house, his fraternity brothers,        Care Employee of the Year by the
                                                                                                                               Dawn. Tom and Dawn have two
part-time doing free-lance work as a       and the AXO sisters.                       Virginia Association for Home Care
                                                                                                                               children, ages 14 and 11, and reside
court reporter.                                                                       at their April meeting in Richmond.

After Canton                                                                                                                                                       13
                                                     Robert J. Schattner ’86,         sion from Syracuse University. He and       ’91, Bronx, earned a B.A. in sociology
                                                     Alpharetta, GA, is employed      his family will be relocating to York,      from CUNY City College and is a
                                                     by Cisco, and is married         PA, this fall. He recently took on a        translation coordinator for the NYC
                                                     with two sons.                   position as the York Center director        Board of Education.
                                                                                      of student services at Harrisburg Area
                                                     Kathleen M. (Dyer) Mixon                                                     Taija L. (Harris) McClure, ’91,
                                                                                      Community College.
                                                     ’87, is working in Albu-                                                     is working in the Highline School
                                                     querque, NM, as a partner        Todd D. Plouffe ’89, and his wife            District in Kent, Washington, as a
                                                     in the law firm of Simone,        Stacie, Webster, had a son, Nicholas        veterinary careers instructor and also
                                                     Roberts & Weiss, P.C. She        Todd, on April 4, 2006.                     works a few Saturdays a month as a
                                                     is also the owner of Desert                                                  veterinary technician.
                                                                                      Michael J. Larson ’90, Manhattan,
                                                     Family Services which
                                                                                      is an associate attorney at Nicoletti,
                                                     provides services to “at risk”
                                                                                      Hornig, Campise, and Sweeney. From
                                                     youth and the disabled
                                                                                      2000 to 2003, he was in the Army
                                                     community. Kathleen is the
 Cymbal of Good Times - Lindalee                                                      JAG Corps stationed at Fort Bragg,
                                                     mother of a 6 year-old boy.
                                                                                      NC. He is currently in the Individual
 Sawyer ’83 enjoyed the tunes of Fred and             Corey Jon Englert ’88,          Readiness Reserves. He is enjoying life
 the EDs at SUNY Canton’s Centennial                  Brockport, recently             and plays softball, dodgeball, fishing
 Alumni Weekend.                                      purchased a 2006 Harley         and snowboarding.
                                                      Davidson Road King
                                                                                      Charles P. Washburn ’90, Raleigh,
                                                      Classic and went to South
in Penfield. Tom says he would love to                                                 NC, has recently changed jobs,
                                           Dakota’s Sturgis Bike Week. He
hear from old classmates. He can be                                                   leaving the highway construction
                                           traveled through Custer State Park,
reached via e-mail at twolf@rochester.                                                business to join the ranks of the office
                                           Mt. Rushmore, Spearfish Canyon,                                                                               workforce as a project estimator. He
                                           Crazy Horse Memorial, Peter Norbeck
                                                                                      currently works for Gerdau Ameristeel
David M. Bates ’82, Buffalo Grove,          Scenic Highway Bypass, Lead, Dead-
                                                                                      as a rebar estimator. He is returning
IL, is the Director of Operations at       wood, Bighorn Canyon, Grand Teton,
                                                                                      to Campbell University to obtain a
Crescent Cardboard Company in              and Yellowstone National Park. He
                                                                                      B.S. degree in Applied Science with a
Wheeling, IL. He and his wife, Vicky,      says “hi” to all Theta Gamma Broth-
                                                                                      minor in Business and Accounting.
have a son, David, Jr., and a daughter,    ers, Pi Nu Sisters, Weeksie, Goldie,
Savannah.                                  Steve Sagar, and Don Kalec. Corey          Cheryl A. Ashline ’91, Chateaugay,
                                           said it was good seeing Kim Marie          is a supervising calculations clerk II at
William T. “Bill” Cifaratta ’82, Syra-     Tyler at Oswego’s Harborfest last July.    the Chateaugay Correctional Facility.
cuse, received an M.S. from LeMoyne
College in May 2006.                       Peter B. Oscsodal ’89, Cortland, in        David H. Brown III, ’91, Charlotte,          Jason Larry ’92, and Greg Wells
                                           December 2005, he received his Ph.D.       NC, is working in sales for Alliance         ’92, cross their commemorative
Edward G. “Ted” Coffey, Jr. ’83,
LaGrange Park, IL, married Eliza-
                                           in Counselor Education and Supervi-        Wholesale.                                   hockey sticks after the ice break-
beth Healy in Sept. 2004, and they                                                                              Amy M.             ing ceremony.
had their first child, Matthew, in                                                                               (Derouchie)
Dec. 2005. Ted works for Edwards                                               Friends                          LaDue ’91,
                                                                                                                                  John P. Catalano ’92, Norco, CA, is
and Kelcey as the vice president and
manager of the rail and transit systems
                                                                               Reunite in                       Oswego, is
                                                                                                                a Business        a Sales Manager at Puente Hill GMC
in Chicago.                                                                        Florida                      Teacher for       in Southern CA. John and his wife,
                                                                                                                                  Tamara, have a daughter and a son.
                                                                                                                Pulaski High
Edward Giunco ’83, Raleigh, NC,                                                    After                        School. She
began working for Benjamin Moore                                                                                                  Richard E. Tyler ’92, Geneseo, is
                                                                                 graduation,                    has a B.S. in     celebrating the birth of his daughter.
Paint Company of Montvale, NJ, in                                                                               Vocational
March as the retail development spe-                                             Debra                                            Chelsie Jane Tyler was born July 3,
                                                                                                                Technical         2006.
cialist within their hardware division.                                           (Caputo)                      Education
He works with hardware store retailers                                             Boser ’84                    from SUNY         Tanya L. (Yuker) Hasseler ’93, Port
up and down the East Coast, promot-                                                                                               Gibson, and her husband Steven an-
ing and installing the Benjamin
                                              and Mark J. Tremblay ’85 headed south                             Oswego and
                                              to begin their careers and continue their                         an M.S. in        nounced the birth of their daughter
Moore Paint program into their retail                                                                           Instructional     Sophia Kathryn on May 16, 2007, at
operations.                                   education in Florida. Susan (Wasielewski)                         Technology        Strong Memorial Hospital.
James B. Ward ’83, Niantic, CT, is            Foley ’85 also joined them in the Sunshine                        and Media
                                                                                                                                  Marvin D. Merrill, ’93, Blooming-
the head coach of men’s ice hockey at         State.                                                            Management
                                                                                                                                  dale, is working for the U.S. Postal
Connecticut College.                             Eventually, Foley moved to Texas, and                          from SUNY
David P. Cordone ’84, Fulton, is cur-         Boser moved to Iowa. But when Boser and                           Amy resides       Thomas J. Occhino, ’94, Glen Allen,
rently an Administrator in the North          her husband, Chris, returned to the Or-                           in Oswego         VA, led the University of Richmond
Syracuse Central School District. He                                                                            with her          Spiders Men’s Ice Hockey Team to its
is also serving as Vice President to the
                                              lando area, she and Tremblay connected
                                                                                                                husband,          3rd straight Blue Ridge Hockey Con-
Fulton CSD’s Board of Education and           once again. Both friends have experienced                         Clark, and        ference Championship in Feb. 2006.
is completing his second, three-year          great success in their respective careers.                        daughters,        He achieved USA Hockey’s highest
term as an elected official to the board.       Boser is the Director of Claims for Infinity                       McKenzie, 5,      coaching certification level, Level
Candy J. (McCollum) Schaffer ’86,              Insurance, and Tremblay is the President of                       and Taylor, 6.    5/Masters in April 2006. He gradu-
Delanson, is the Senior Business Sys-                                                                                             ated from the University of Richmond
                                              Mark-Michaels Interior Design, Inc.                               Alfred R.
                                                                                                                                  with an M.S. in May 2006. Oc-
tems Analyst at ValueOptions.                                                                                   Maisonet
                                                                                                                                  chino was named 200mm diffusion

14                                                                                                                                                   After Canton
                                                                                                                       Class Notes

                                                                                             Team at the 2006 World           tion from Alfred University in 2006.
                                                                                             Lacrosse Championships.
                                                          Alum Aces                                                           Bradley A. Decker ’05, Bombay,
                                                                                             Somer D. (Mayer) Soper           is currently working on his B.S. at
                                                          Alaska Academy                     ’00, is a production manager     SUNYIT, Utica.
                                               Stacy Basham ’02,                             at IBM in Fishkill. She was      Robin A. (Schreibweiss) Curtis ’05,
                                                                                             married in July. She and her
                                            recently completed Law                                                            Canton, is employed locally as an RN
                                                                                             husband just built a new         supervisor for United Helpers Nursing
                                            Enforcement Academy                              home.                            Home.
                                            in Fairbanks, Alaska.
                                                                                             Aldo Bonacchi, Jr. ’01,
                                            She said the skills she                          Oswego, is a Police Officer
                                            learned from her SUNY                            for the Oswego City Police       Marriages
                                            Canton Criminal Inves-                           Dept. and has been trained
                                                                                             for SWAT by the FBI.             Donna J. (Spicer) Boscoe ’86 &
                                            tigation degree assisted                                                          Joseph Boscoe, June 11, 2006
                                            her immensely. “I was                            Douglas L. Randall, Jr. ’01,
                                                                                             St. Petersburg, FL, is work-     Samantha (Powers) Burke ’04 &
                                            able to help my class-                           ing as a supervisor at Cross     Joseph Burke ’03, September 2, 2006
   mates out in Forensic Photography, Crime Scene Investigation,                             Environmental in charge          Benjamin C. Gratto ’01 & Julie A.
   Vehicle Accident Reconstruction, Homicide Investigation, and                              of HVAC Cleaning, Mold           Duvall, February 19, 2006
   Interview and Interrogation techniques,” Basham said.                                     Remediation, and Asbestos
                                                                                             Removal.                         Sean P. O’Brien ’02 & Jill C. Mor-
     Basham is shown standing in front of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline.                                                          row, August 20, 2005
                                                                                              Donald Reynolds, Jr. ’01,
                                                                                              Chazy, and his wife, Audrey,    Leslie (Taylor) Quesnel ’02, & Jer-
                                                                                              announced the birth of their    emy Quesnel ’01, June 18, 2005
engineering technical supervisor at       Michael R. Weber ’96, Cleveland,          daughter, Hailey Nicole, on July 7,
Qimonda in July 2006.                     TN, is working for ZLB Plasma                                                       Rosanna (St. Louis) Vincent ’03 &
                                                                                    2006. His mother, Lynda (Shaw)            Arion Vincent ’00,’02, June 3, 2006
                                          Services as a biomedical specialist.      Kinney ’87, is a proud grandmother.
Jessica J. (Clifford) Berkman ’95,         Mike spent three years after college in
Potsdam, is an Account Executive at                                                                                           Shaun S. Macaulay ’00 & Jan M.
                                          Japan while serving in the Air Force      Aaron W. Lauzon ’03, Fort Coving-         (Hardter) Macaulay, June 24, 2006
Time Warner Cable. Jessica and her        and graduated with his B.S. in Biology    ton, is employed by the Akwesasne
husband, Rick, had their first child,      in May.                                   Boys and Girls Club as a technology       Paul Brownell ’01 & Sumer (Clark)
Tyler Richard, on Nov. 1, 2005.                                                     director.                                 Brownell, June 17, 2006
                                          Ganean G. Gordon ’97, Brooklyn,
Ann Lamb-Chestnut ’95, Massena,           is a senior accountant for New York       Scott M. Bouvia ’04, Plattsburgh,
earned a B.A. and an M.S. in Educa-                                                 will be graduating from RIT and
tion from SUNY Potsdam. She is
                                          Mercantile Exchange.
                                                                                    continuing his education to receive his
                                                                                                                              In Memory
currently teaching at St. Mary’s School   Peter D. Hochsprung ’97, Rich-            M.S. in Structural Engineering.           John L. O’Brien ’33
in Canton.                                mond, VA, is working as an instruc-                                                 William J. Jarvis ’37
                                          tional technology integrator. His son,    Heather A. Brenno ’04, Ogdensburg,        Clisson E. Brown, Jr. ’40
Leo James Hickey ’95, Keene,              Gavin Joseph, was born January 2,         had a son, Mician Basil-Patrick Cross,    Argie S. Decker ’40
received the Daimler-Chrysler ASE         2005.                                     on August 4, 2004.                        Michael J. Bronchetti ’42
Auto Tech of the Year Award.
                                                                                    Steve E.T. Micheaux ’04, Caledonia,       Helen M. Langford ’43
                                          Arlene A. Larrier ’00, Brooklyn, has a
Raeleen M. (White) Willard ’95,                                                     earned a B.S. in Business Administra-     Marie H. Gildden Holland ’47
                                          1 year-old daughter, Aurorra.
Hermon, married Andrew Willard on                                                                                             Leon E. Bagley ’48
June 7, 1997. She has two sons, Gar-      Jason J.                                                                            Alexander A. Smith ’50
rett Austin, born March 30, 2001, and     Reiner ’00,                                                                         Ellen Marie Jones O’Neill ’51
Ryan Daniel born April 20, 2004. She      Brookhaven,                                                                         Douglas R. McNairn ’57
also received a B.S. in Biology from      PA, earned                                                                          Charles F. Nuffer ’57
SUNY Potsdam in 1997. Raeleen is          a B.S. in                                                                           Robert C. Crosbie ’58
currently employed at SUNY Canton         Mechanical                                                                          Donald L. Woolf ’59
in the Veterinary Science Technology      Engineering                                                                         Michael J. Murphy ’70
department as an instructional sup-       Technol-                                                                            James M. Kennedy ’72
port technician.                          ogy from                                                                            Kathryn L. Hanno Mellnitz ’73
                                          RIT and is                                                                          Duane W. Dively ’82
Jonathan Dayton ’96, Lexing-              working for                                                                         James S. Mundy ’94
ton Park, MD, is employed as an           Sunoco, Inc.                                                                        Caroline A. Lambert Bregg ’96
Aerospace Engineer for the Navy and                                                                                           Alan J. Savage ’97
married Lena Dayton in 2001.              Mike Sergi
                                                                                                                              Richard W. Lalonde, Jr. ’04
Timothy J. Maxson ’96, is living in
                                          ’00, Canton,       A large contingent of alumni gathered for the wedding
                                          just complet-      of Arion Vincent ’00 and ’02 and Roseanna St. Louis
Ithaca. After earning his B.S. in Me-     ed his first
chanical Engineering from Clarkson        year as head       ’03 on June 3. Pictured are (l to r) back row Lauren              Can you help?
in 1999, he went on to get his M.S.       coach of           Purington, Michelle Bates, Amanda Streeter, Amanda
from Syracuse in 2002. He is cur-                                                                                                 The Alumni and Devel-
rently working as a product engineer
                                          the Canton         Peck, Andie Peck, Roxanne McDonald ’06, St. Louis                 opment Offices are search-
                                          Northstars         ’03, Vincent ’00 and ’02, Wade Holtz ’00, Jon White
for Borg Warner Morse TEC. Tim            Lacrosse                                                                             ing for old yearbooks from
married Becky Zehr in October 2002.       team, and          ’01, Eric “Tex” Miner ’03, Kevin Symomnds, Jr. ’04,               the following years: 1916,
Jill A. (Quesnel) Mance ’96, is living    played for         front row, Lynxzie Mickell, Justin Blinn, and Nate                1928, 1936, 1937, 1942,
in Queensbury, New York.                  the Italian        Edson ’02.
                                                                                                                               and 1954.

After Canton                                                                                                                                                        15
                                          Alumni and
                   C e brating 100 years
                      le                    Centennial
     REMINGTON UNIOR VENT    J         E  –   Events
     November 11
     Young children of SUNY           STEEL BRIDGE JUNIOR
     Canton grads and their           EVENT–
     parents are invited to come      Coming in February
     to this awe-inspiring event at   The children of SUNY
     Remington Art Museum.            Canton grads are invited
                                      to come to this Steel Bridge   UNITED STATES MILITARY ACADEMY BAND,
     FLORIDA (EAST COAST)             Team themed gathering.                     WEST POINT–
     Coming in December
                                                                         November 16 / 8:00 pm / Dana Hall
                                      WASHINGTON D.C.
                                      GATHERING–                             Free to the public and campus community
     VERMONT GATHERING–               Coming in April
     Coming in December
     A visit to the Echo Aquarium     COMMENCEMENT 2007–
                                                                                    Win a Hybrid Car!
     in Burlington                    May 19                         Tickets are still available for the Nov. 17 Toyota Prius raffle.
                                                                     The Prius was donated by TJ Toyota of Potsdam and the
                                                                     Cloce family to benefit the Canton College Foundation and
     OTTAWA SENATORS GAME–            ALUMNI WEEKEND 2007–           the SUNY Canton Auto Club. Tickets are available for a $10
     Coming in December               June 8-10                      donation by contacting SUNY Canton College Advance-
                                                                                                              ment staff at 800-811-
     FLORIDA (WEST COAST)             ALL GREEK REUNION–                                                      6727, or by emailing
     REUNION–                         Coming in June                                                          foundation@canton.
     Coming in January                                                                                        edu. Pictured are Auto
                                                                                                              Club members with the
            For more information on upcoming alumni events,                                                   Prius, at the TJ Toyota
           call 800-811-6727 or email                                                      dealership in Potsdam.

                                                                                                                              U.S. Postage
Alumni Affairs Office                                                                                                            Canton, NY
Canton College Foundation                                                                                                     Permit No. 9
34 Cornell Drive
Canton, New York 13617

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