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									Vol. IV, No. 13                                                                                                         September 18, 2001

                   Educational Technology Initiative provides
                   classrooms with state-of-the-art equipment
Four brand-new, high-end                     class information, and             funding for faculty/staff       endowment will continue to
Proxima projectors are                       create and view                    technology achievements on      provide funding in perpetu-
available for classroom use                  PowerPoint demonstra-              campus. With the addition       ity, with annual grants of at
thanks to funds provided by                  tions, as well as many             of the new Proxima projec-      least $2,000 available for
the Education Technology                     other classroom applica-           tors, at a cost of more than    technology needs. The
Initiative. They will be used                tions.                             $25,000, the ETI commit-        College Technology Council
for classroom environment                        The Educational                tee, since inception, has       will oversee funding re-
technology.                                  Technology Initiative              awarded more than               quests. For more informa-
   These projectors will                     (ETI) was begun in 1993            $155,000 in technology          tion, contact Dave
enable students and faculty to               as part of the faculty/staff       funding.                        Strasenburgh, IT Systems
view the Internet, display                   portion of the College’s              An endowed fund of           and networking, at x5152
                                             first capital campaign. The        $40,000 was established         or by e-mail to
                                             initiative raised some             with 25 percent of the          itssec@brockport.edu for
SPOTLIGHT ON:                                $200,000 to provide                initial monies raised. This     presentation to the CTC.
The new VSW
page 9.
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 Editor: Karla Linn Merrifield
 Photographer: Jim Dusen

 Visit www.brockport.edu for a               Welcome to SUNY Brockport! New freshman and transfer students were officially welcomed into
 color version of Statements, etc.           the College at Academic Convocation, the night before classes began. Here, students take part in
                                             the candle-lighting ceremony, which symbolizes the sharing of knowledge.

                                         State University of New York • College at Brockport
                                                                                Wireless laptops at
                                                                                 Drake Library
Drake Memorial Library            in the Aerie Café, or in any         CD drive. All the laptops        agreement form. A valid
went wireless a few months        of the study areas! Print jobs       are equipped with Windows        SUNY Brockport
ago, and now it is taking the     can be sent without the              98, MS Office 2000, Dream-       SUNYCard must be shown.
next step — circulating           need for a physical connec-          weaver and Web browsers.            Since this is a new service
wireless laptops for use in       tion to a printer.                      At this time the library      available to the SUNY
the building. Now students,          There are six Gateways            must limit use to two hours      Brockport community, the
faculty and staff can borrow      and two iBooks for loan.             with no renewals. Laptops        library is very interested in
a laptop from the circula-        The Gateways have 128MB              cannot leave the building or     getting feedback. Users will
tion desk for up to two           of RAM, a 700MHz                     be reserved in advance.          be asked to fill out a brief
hours, and go anywhere in         processor, and a floppy disk         First-time users will be given   five-question evaluation
the building they want.           drive; the iBooks have               a handout of policies,           when returning the laptop.
Users can surf theWeb or          128MB of RAM, a                      including rules of conduct,                     k
write a paper in the stacks,      500MHz processor, and a              and will have to sign an

                                        Middle States update
Co-chairs Rich Fenton,            brought the disparate work-          which you have some              Armenti, will visit the
business administration and       group reports into a consis-         expertise or that have           campus. This will be the
economics, and Jenny              tent format and Diane                touched your life at SUNY        first opportunity for him to
Lloyd, history, again thank       Elliott, graduate studies,           Brockport. There will be a       get to know us and for us to
the more than 100 people          edited them for repetitions          number of opportunities for      get to know him.
involved in the Middle            and stylistic consistency.           campus-wide discussion.              This next phase of the
States working groups for         Both did an outstanding job          Please be involved so that       self-study — moving from
their enthusiasm, hard            and have brought us very             we can react to your com-        the first to the final draft of
work, and timeliness. Few         close to completing the first        ments before we complete         the report — is extremely
self-studies have had the         draft.                               the final draft by the end of    important and we need as
broad participation that we          We hope to have the first         Jan.                             much input as we can get.
have enjoyed at SUNY              draft of the report in                  The Middle States             As President Paul Yu said in
Brockport.                        everyone’s mail box by the           Steering Committee will          his address at Faculty/Staff
   Over the summer work           end of Sept. We urge                 meet in mid-Sept.to react to     Convocation, the self-study
has proceeded on the first        everyone to read as much of          the draft. On Sept. 28 the       will provide much of the
draft of the self-study.          the report as possible, taking       chair of the Middle States       basis for our next round of
Colleen Powderly, English,        special care with areas in           self-study team, Dr. Angelo      strategic planning. k

                          Faculty — Log on and participate
The Office of Special             cal delivery system” for any         Ocansey) and Public              www.sln.suny.edu/sln and
Services and Programs is          SUNY college or university           Administration (Ann              talk to any of the professors
calling all faculty to step up    wishing to offer courses             Altmeyer, Edward Downey          teaching courses this fall.
to the computer and join          online using the Internet.           and James Fatula), as well as    Then discuss the idea with
your cutting-edge colleagues      This semester, SUNY                  the Honors Program (Mark         your department chair and
who are already teaching          Brockport is offering SLN            Anderson).                       call Karen Schuhle-Will-
online. If you are a full-time    graduate and undergraduate              Selected faculty receive      iams, special services and
faculty member who is             courses in the Departments           the opportunity to partici-      programs, at x5724 to find
interested in teaching a          of Business Administration           pate in intensive faculty        out more about the SLN
spring ’02 online (asynchro-      and Economics (Susan                 development sessions to          program and process.
nous) course via the SUNY         Stites-Doe), Computational           learn about online teaching,        Meanwhile, veteran SLN
Learning Network (SLN),           Science (Osman Yasar),               and how to further integrate     instructors should verify
now is the time.                  Health Science (Douglas              technology into their classes.   their SLN spring ’02 course
   The SLN is a Web site,         Scheidt), Physical Educa-               First, check out the SLN      offerings with their depart-
not a college. It is a “techni-   tion and Sport (Reginald             Web site at                      ment chair. k
                       Faculty complete teaching porfolios
                             during CELT workshop
Braving the mid-August             day workshop, the partici-             promotion and tenure.                 Madden and Alice Crume,
heat in Cooper Hall, 23            pating faculty worked                     Both goals seem to have            communication; Richard
SUNY Brockport faculty             through several drafts with            been accomplished for the             Lumb, criminal justice; Gail
spent four days working            feedback from their men-               faculty in attendance. An             Argetsinger, theatre; Wendy
intensively with Peter Seldin      tors, and completed teach-             additional goal for CELT              Wright and Faith Prather,
and his associates to create       ing portfolios. Each received          and the mentors was to                public administration;
teaching portfolios. Seldin is     a CELT Certificate of                  begin the process of training         LouAnn Wurst, anthropol-
currently a distinguished          Recognition, signed by                 faculty at Brockport to               ogy; Sue Novinger and
professor of management at         President Paul Yu and                  mentor other local faculty in         Conrad Van Voorst, educa-
Pace University, an interna-       Timothy J. Flanagan,                   the preparation of their own          tion; Christian Itin and
tional consultant, and             academic affairs, for their            teaching portfolios.                  Dick Daniell, social work;
author of several books,           efforts.                                  P. Michael Fox, academic           Markus Hoffmann, chemis-
including The Teaching                The teaching portfolio              affairs/undergraduate                 try; Wallie Wolfgruber,
Portfolio, 2ed, published by       process has several purposes.          education/CELT, said, “By             dance; Catherine McKeen,
Ankor Press. Accompanying          From the viewpoint of                  the end of the workshop,              philosophy; Dan Rogers,
Seldin as mentors for the          SUNY Brockport’s Center                faculty were already asking           computer science; Steve
faculty were Linda Farrell,        for Excellence in Learning             about how we can extend               Chan, biological sciences;
professor emeritus of              and Teaching (CELT), a                 the process to other faculty          Mohammed Z. Tahar,
educational psychology at          major goal for the workshop            at the College. Also, partici-        physics; Mark Noll, James
Ball State University; John        was to provide faculty with            pating faculty were volun-            Zollweg and Jose Maliekal,
Zubizarretta, professor of         an opportunity to reflect on           teering to help in informing          the earth sciences; and
English and director of            their teaching and, with               others about portfolio                Miriam Burstein, English.
honors at Columbia College         feedback from experienced              preparation based on what                The workshop was
in Columbia, SC; and               mentors, to find ways to               they had learned during the           supported through operat-
Monica DeVanas, associate          improve. For the faculty this          workshop.”                            ing funds allocated to CELT
director of the Center for         goal is supplemented by the               The faculty who partici-           for the 2001-2002 academic
Teaching Excellence at             desire to document their               pated in the workshop                 year. It is anticipated that
Rutgers University.                teaching excellence for                included Lori Mills and               Seldin may return for a
   In the course of the four-      personnel actions such as              Debra Fisher, art; Kate               mentor training session later
                                                                                                                this fall.

                  Peter Seldin of Pace Unversity was on hand in Aug. for a creative four-day workshop on teaching portfolios.
                                 A quick last-minute checklist
                                  for Work-Study supervisors
                                                  By Rick Kincaid, career services
• Recruiting: Want to check       make sure students come to            documentation for the raise       switching payrolls (such as
that all of your jobs are be-     us prepared and ready to be           when sending the student to       Work-Study to Temporary
ing advertised correctly?         put on the correct payroll,           us. Guidelines for wage in-       Service).
Visit JobShop at http://          give Referral Forms to all            creases/documentation are               students you are hiring.              in the Supervisor’s Manual,       • A comprehensive printed
stulogin.htm. Use 007 42                                                on the Web at www.brock-          calendar of payroll dates,
7077 as your ID, and look         • Albany’s payroll system             port.edu/career01/. You also      other deadlines, and sug-
at “jobs by category” to see      does not deliver the first stu-       may print additional Refer-       gestions/reminders to man-
all WS and non-WS jobs            dent paycheck quickly. To             ral Forms and see other           age your student employees
currently listed as “open.”       minimize delay, notify Pay-           valuable information here.        is available from Student
Call x2468 with changes.          roll of each student’s starting                                         Employment. Please call us
• Want to find out if an ap-      date by the first Friday of           • Supervising: The Super-         at x2468 if you would like a
plicant really has Work-          the first pay period in which         visor’s Manual has been re-       copy.
Study? Just check the Eagle       the student starts work, or           designed and updated. It’s
EMPINQ screen. Enter the          there will be a delay in the          available to you on the Web       • A simple calendar of pay
student’s SS# and the fiscal      first paycheck. This may be           at www.brockport.edu/ca-          periods also is available on
year (it’s 01). WS award          done via a Web form at                reer01/.                          the Web at www.brockport
amounts will appear at the        www.brockport.edu/career01/                                             .edu/career01/calendar.htm.
top of the screen.                payroll.htm. You may send             • Payroll has redesigned the      Print one for each student,
                                  this sooner if you know               WS and TS timesheets to           and use this to enter hours
• Call x2468 as your WS or        what the starting date will           make them easier to use.          worked and amount paid as
TS jobs are filled. We will       be. Remember: The student             Copies are available at Pay-      each pay period happens.
stop referring applicants,        must still do an Authoriza-           roll or on the new Super-         This will allow you and
and the job description will      tion. A full calendar of the          visor’s Manual Web site.          your student employees to
be inactivated in JobShop         steps necessary to generate           Please use the new time-          easily monitor WS awards,
                                  that first and subsequent             sheets effective immediately.     and TS/WS earnings
• Many students have cre-         paychecks is on the Web at                                              throughout the year.
ated a Web résumé in              www.brockport.edu/career01/           • Want your student em-
JobShop. This means that          calendar.htm.                         ployees to have step-by-step      • Are you subscribed to the
you no longer have to wait                                              training of the basics they       Student Employment list-
and hope that the right stu-      • Want to know if the stu-            need to know? Student Em-         serv? All supervisors should
dent contacts you. Search         dent has done the Authori-            ployment Basic Training           subscribe. This e-mail distri-
the database of student Web       zation before you send in             covers completing Authori-        bution list will keep you in-
résumés to find students          the first timesheet? Check            zations and timesheets,           formed with updates from
who meet your qualifica-          the EMPINQ Eagle screen               monitoring a WS award, us-        Student Employment and
tions, and contact those stu-     with SS# and fiscal year 01,          ing our phone systems and         Payroll. Information on sub-
dents directly. Please call me    and see that the Authoriza-           behaving professionally.          scribing (and unsubscribing)
at x5447 for a user ID and        tion is complete and correct.         Check the self-guided train-      is at the Supervisor’s Manual
PIN, and instructions on          If complete, the “complete            ing at www.brockport.edu/         at www.brockport.edu/ca-
how to use this feature to re-    date” on the bottom line of           training/start.htm.               reer01/listserv.htm. Not sure
cruit student employees.          the screen will have the                                                if you are subscribed? Call
                                  date. Remember that stu-              • Direct deposit forms are        me at x5447.
• Hiring: We began doing          dents may have more than              available at Student Em-
Fall Authorizations on Aug.       one job — and more than               ployment and on the Web           • Biweekly reports showing
20. All students must do an       one Authorization. Use F7             at www.brockport.edu/~hr/         each WS student’s award,
Authorization at Student          and F8 to page forward and            AC2772.DOT. For students          the amount paid and the re-
Employment prior to start-        back between all Authoriza-           using direct deposit, the first   maining balance will be sent
ing work to be paid. Simply       tions.                                paycheck will be sent to the      to each supervisor via the
send them to us to complete                                             department or deposited,          Student Employment
a W-4 (for tax withholding)       • The base wage for all stu-          depending on timing.              listserv beginning later this
and an I-9 (to prove legal        dent employees is now $6              Check stubs will be sent to       fall. Remember: you must
eligibility to work). We will     per hour. Returning WS                the department. Students          be subscribed to receive this.
complete the Authorization        students may be paid above            using direct deposit must
form on Eagle. In order to        the $6 base wage if you send          notify payroll if they are                     (continued on page 5)

A quick last-minute checklist for Work-study supervisors (continued from page 4)

• We have cut off making             higher, so we probably will             the student to start work,         • If a student has not
additional Work-Study                be unable to help students              you must hire him or her on        claimed his or her WS Au-
awards for fall 2001. If you         on the waiting list as in               Temporary Service.                 thorization by Oct. 1, we
have an experienced WS               prior years. E-mail me at                                                  will assume he or she is not
student employee who ap-             rkincaid@brockport.edu with             • WS allocations to depart-        interested and withdraw the
plied late, we are maintain-         the student’s name, Social              ments were announced in            award offer.
ing a waiting list. However,         Security number, and a re-              Aug. and should have been
we have made more offers,            quest to place the student on           used as a guide to fall hiring     We look forward to working
and awards/wages are                 the waiting list. If you want           levels.                            with you again this year. k

                                 President Yu participates in
                                national symposium on civility
President Paul Yu, who had           priorities and making                       successful in changing            Among the 26 who
been invited by the national         recommendations essential                   attitudes and behavior of      joined Yu were Mary
Foundation for Civility to           to fulfilling the mission of                our nation’s youth?            Katherine Bradshaw,
attend its inaugural sympo-          the Foundation for Civility,            •   What strategies can be         Disney Teacher of the Year;
sium, has just returned from         which is “dedicated to                      developed to underscore        Randy Daniels, New York
the all-expenses-paid                creating and promoting                      the role of civility in our    Secretary of State; Susan
thinktank held Sept. 15-17           programs and activities                     society?                       Griffin, executive director of
at the renowned Aspen                related to the values and               •   How can parents and            the National Council for
Institute Wye River Planta-          civility of our youth.”                     teachers be included           Social Studies; Marie
tion on the Eastern Shore of         Discussion items included:                  most effectively in this       Hardenbrook, faculty
Maryland.                            • What does research offer                  process?                       member in the Department
   The symposium was                    related to existing values           •   What local programs            of Leadership and Organiza-
limited to 26 leaders                   among young people?                      deserve national atten-        tions at Vanderbilt Univer-
selected nationwide in areas         • What specific values                      tion as potential models?      sity; Chris Kwak, program
related to values leading to            should the Foundation                •   In what way can technol-       director of the Kellogg
civility of young people. Yu            promote?                                 ogy contribute to the          Foundation; SUNY Chan-
and his colleagues were              • What methods and                          success of the Founda-         cellor Emeritus John Ryan;
asked to assist in identifying          techniques have proven                   tion?                          and Toby Walker, public
                                                                                                                policy officer with the Pew
                                                                                                                Trusts. k

                                                          Welcome new employees
                                      The Office of Human Resources has announced that the following individuals have joined the
                                      SUNY Brockport community (through Aug. 21):

José Alvarez, adjunct                 Howard Eagle, adjunct                  Erikka Mendez, adjunct             Jeffrey Spinelli, student
lecturer, foreign languages           lecturer, African and Afro-            lecturer, mathematics              activities assistant, athletics
and literatures                       American studies                       Michael Miller, adjunct            Larry Torcello, adjunct
Nancy Aumann, adjunct                 Amy Gennosa, teaching                  lecturer, social work              lecturer, philosophy
lecturer, history                     assistant, mathematics                 Ronald Miller, residence           Debra Waye, adjunct
Elise Banfield, communica-            Walter Kempka, teaching                hall director, residential life/   lecturer, education and
tion and psychology                   assistant, physical education          learning communities               human development
Wendy Beardsley, procure-             and sport                              Lucille Moriarty, staff               In the last issue, the “s”
ment and payment services             Thomas Lamme, adjunct                  assistant, student health          was omitted from the listing
Kara Burdick, student                 lecturer, education and                center                             for Derek Nikitas and
activities assistant, athletics       human development                      Reyentoni Sia, assistant           Alexander Yaknis (no “x ) is
Jolynne Corsi, student                Jill Lassiter, graduate                professor, biological sciences     the correct spelling for his
activities assistant, athletics       assistant, health science              Steven Slawinski, residence        name.
                                                                             hall director, residential life/                   k
                                                                             learning communities
                               Earth Sciences discovers gem
The reopening of Lennon Hall this semester generated so
much hoopla that folks may have missed the fact that the
                                                                    Also on the move:
Department of the Earth Sciences is once again or newly             Environmental Science — also in Lennon, its first
located in Lennon Hall, the newest architectural (and               home as a new major
scientific and technological) gem on campus. Here’s who’s           Web:www.brockport.edu/envsci
where and how to phone them:                                        E-mail: jmakarew@brockport.edu
                                                                    Phone: x5746
The Earth Sciences                                                  Fax: x5969
Web: www.esc.brockport.edu                                          Faculty/Staff             Room            Phone
E-mail: earthsci@brockport.edu                                      Joseph Makarewicz         125             x5747
Phone: x2636                                                         (interim director)
Fax: x2416
Faculty/Staff            Room       Phone       Box*                Computational Science
Whitney Autin          225         x5738                            Web: www.cps.brockport.edu
Jutta Dudley           219         x5715        x2049               E-mail: cps@brockport.edu
Eugene Gartland        219         x5715        x2053               Phone: x2021
William Glynn          219         x5715        x2055               Fax: x2172
Eli Katz               223         x2655                            Faculty/Staff             Room            Phone
Carol Kuenzig          317         x2636                            Osman Yasar (chair)       128             x2595
Jose Maliekal (chair)  221         x2582                            Robert Tuzun              132             x5368
Sandy Marks            B3          x2245                            Leigh Little              131             x5283
Judy Massare           325         x2417
Thomas McDermott       305         x5718                            Women’s Studies — in locations as noted below
Mark Noll              327         x5717                            Web: www.brockport.edu/catalogs/undergraduate
Scott Rochette         321         x2603                            E-mail: khunter@brockport.eud
Nancy Washer           219         x5715        x2056               Phone: x5700
Robert Weinbeck (on leave of absence)                               Fax: x2620
James Zollweg          323         x2352                            Faculty/Staff             Room            Phone
                                                                    Kathleen Hunter           16A             x2764
                                                                     (director)               Hartwell
*To leave a message for someone with a box number, dial             Sharon Jacobson           118 Smith       x5700
395 and the box number; do not leave messages at x5715.             Barbara Mitrano           C7 Cooper       x5232

                                                                    Please note that Deborah Dilker, 129 Smith, is the secretary
                                                                    for the above three programs at x2021; fax x5805; e-mail

           SUNY Brockport joins civic leadership effort
The Divisions of Enroll-         ment and leadership in             argues that the only author-     teach students about civic
ment Management and              Rochester and other home           ity deserving one’s allegiance   issues using the servant-
Student Affairs are proud to     communities. The Office of         is that which is freely and      leadership model. Students
announce a new partnership       Career Services, which is          knowingly granted by             are also encouraged to try
with Leadership Rochester,       overseeing the campus              individuals to those exhibit-    out and learn specific and
called the Collegiate Civic      initiative, hopes that with        ing a servant stature as the     very concrete leadership
Engagement Leadership            this program it will be able       leader. Leadership in this       skills such as teamwork and
Program (CCELP). The             to interest some of these          model is relational and          coalition building.
program is designed for          students in the appeal and         emerges in and from a               For additional informa-
students from area colleges      challenge of living, working       community. It is an empow-       tion, please call Karen
and universities with            and assuming leadership in         erment model that assumes        Podsiadly, leadership and
demonstrated interest in         the greater Rochester              that those being led or          community development,
civic and community              community.                         “served” become more             at x5245; Kimberley
service. The purpose of this        CCELP is based on               autonomous in the process.       Roberts, campus life, at
program is to prepare young      Robert Greenleaf ’s servant-       The CCELP workshops are          x5646; or Rob DiCarlo,
people for greater involve-      leadership model. His view         experiential and designed to     career services, at x5422. k
                                           Who ya gonna call?
Okay, you need to find out        Office of Human Resources           remember that the secretar-     question about a human-
about switching your              is there to help — and help         ies in HR know quite a bit,     resources issue. If they can’t
health-care provider. Or you      will be a lot quicker coming        so you might want to turn       help, they’ll get you to the
need to start a search. Or,       if you know whom to turn            to them first — just dial       right person.
heavens to Betsy, you need        to in HR. The following             x2126. This is especially
to file a grievance. The          chart spells it out. And            true if you have a general

 Human Resources Policy                                               Recruitment of Professional Staff
 Terry Hooper                                                         Terry Hooper
 Deborah Roe                                                          Ruby Mangan
 • Policies regarding terms and conditions of employment              • Recruitment for professional, academic and non-union
 • Information and problem solving                                      positions
 • Prior Service requests                                             • Administration of search process
                                                                      • Information regarding current vacancies
 Benefits Administration                                                (academic/professional)
 Deborah Roe
 Cyndi Jeffords                                                       Labor Relations/Grievances
 • Benefit enrollment for health, dental, vision and disability       Terry Hooper
 • New employee orientation                                           Deborah Roe
 • Retirement plan enrollment                                         • Problem solving
 • Benefit counseling                                                 • UUP/CSEA/NYSCOPBA/Council 82/PEF/GSEU
 • Tuition reimbursement program                                        contract interpretation
 • Voter registration                                                 • Administration of grievance procedure
 • Freedom of Information requests                                    • Discipline
 • Financial disclosures                                              • Labor management meetings
 • Omnibus Transportation Act
 • Drug/alcohol testing                                               Position Management
                                                                      Victoria Phipps
 Workers Compensation                                                 Becky Gagné
 Cyndi Jeffords                                                       Lucinda Dumaw
 • How to process claims                                              • Interpret policy regarding professional appointment
 • Status of claim                                                    • Process appointments into HRMS
 • General questions; how it works, eligibility, necessary            • Send letters of appointment
   paperwork                                                          • Maintain and monitor personnel lines for existing, vacant
 • Return-to-work process                                               and new positions
   • NOTE: Must call (888) 800-0029 to file claim                     • Maintain personnel files
   • State insurance fund is the carrier                              • Administer extra-service compensation
                                                                      • Process prior-service credit
 Additional Employee Benefits
 Pat Lang                                                             Performance Programs, Evaluations (entry, technical)
 Matt Vanderwerf                                                      Lucinda Dumaw
 • Discount tickets                                                   • Entry of evaluations and performance programs into the
 • Dunn Tire discount                                                   HRMS system
 • Cell phone discount                                                • How to complete forms
 • Use of the College gym
 • Brockport Day Care Center                                          Performance Programs, Evaluations
 • New employee orientation sign-up                                   (administrators, employee relations)
 • Pre-retirement seminar sign-up                                     Terry Hooper
                                                                      Deborah Roe
 Recruitment of Civil Service Employees                               • Advice and counsel on performance plan and evaluations
 Cyndi Jeffords                                                       • Review of evaluation
 Deborah Roe
 • Recruitment for Civil Service positions from Civil
   Service lists
 • Advertisement of opening
 • Administration of union posting process
                                                                                                                    (continued on page 8)
Who ya gonna call? (continued from page 7)

 Data Management                                                    Payroll Issues
 Becky Gagné                                                        Deb Toms
 • Special reports                                                  Karen Brown
 • Labels                                                           Patti Spry
 • Human Resources Web site                                         Deb Thompson
                                                                    Information on:
 Secretarial                                                        • Taxes
 Pat Lang                                                           • Deductions
 Matt Vanderwerf                                                    • Garnishes
 • Address change; other changes for directory purposes             • Payroll deadlines
 • Employee service                                                 • Verification of employment
                                                                    • Tax forms
 Affirmative Action, complaints of                                  • Direct deposit
 discrimination/harassment                                          • Time bank accruals
 Terry Hooper
 Ruby Mangan                                                        Payroll (specifics)
 • Coordinate and monitor professional searches to encour-          Karen Brown
    age minority and female inclusion in the applicant pool         • Temporary services payroll
 • Receive and resolve any complaints regarding racial or           • Extra-service payment
    other prohibited discrimination as well as sexual harass-       • Overtime payment
                                                                    Payroll (specifics)
 Payroll Director                                                   Patti Spry
 Deb Toms                                                           • Work-Study payroll
 • Payroll policy                                                   • Student authorization
 • Processing
                                                                    Payroll (specifics)
                                                                    Deb Thompson
                                                                    • Time accruals policy and maintenance
                                                                    • Time and attendance policy
                                                                    • Sick Leave Exchange accrual adjustment
                                                                    • Leave Donation Program
                                                                    • Holiday waivers

  Student Learning Center
     Academic Success                                                      Helpful Bookmarks
   Seminars fall schedule                                                   for Supervisors:
Please tell your students about all the academic support that         • Job Listing Form —
is available to them from the SLC!                                       www.brockport.edu/career/jobs.htm
                                                                      • E-mail Payroll with Start Dates —
Textbook Reading                                                         www.brockport.edu/career01/payroll.htm
Tuesday, Sept. 18      5-6 pm                B-8R Cooper Hall         • Web Employer —
Tuesday, Sept. 25      6-7 pm                B-8R Cooper Hall  
Tuesday, Oct. 2        5-6 pm                B-8R Cooper Hall         • Supervisor’s Manual —
Time Management                                                          www.brockport.edu/career01/
Wednesday, Sept. 19    Noon-1 pm             C-10 Cooper Hall         • Student Employee Basic Training —
Friday, Sept. 28       Noon-1 pm             C-10 Cooper Hall            www.brockport.edu/training/start.htm
Wednesday, Oct. 3      Noon-1 pm             C-10 Cooper Hall         • Payroll Calendar —
Lecture on Note Taking                                                   www.brockport.edu/career01/calendar.htm
Thursday, Sept. 20     5-6 pm                B-8R Cooper Hall
Thursday, Sept. 27     6-7 pm                B-8R Cooper Hall
Thursday, Oct. 4       5-6 pm                B-8R Cooper Hall
                Information Technology Support Services
                    computing workshops this month
Please join Information Technology Support Services at free software training for faculty and staff. Seating is limited, so
register early by calling x2368 or send e-mail to tloscomb@brockport.edu. You can also register online at www.acs.brockport.edu/
workshop_reg.htm. All classes are held in Dailey Hall, 2nd floor, Room #202.
Wednesday, Sept. 19 (G. Levine)                                     Tuesday, Sept. 25 (D. White)
Web Sami - 10 am-noon pm                                            Beginning Excel 2000 (spreadsheets)- 9 am-noon
(SUNY Budget System)                                                Beginning Access 2000 (databases)- 1-4 pm
 Minitab (stats)– 1- 2 pm (M. Orzech)
   SAS (stats) – 2-3 pm                                             Wednesday, Sept. 26 (D. White)
                                                                    Intermediate Excel 2000 (spreadsheets)- 9 am-noon
Thursday, Sept. 20 (G. Levine)                                      Intermediate Word 2000 (word processing)- 1-4 pm
Web Sami - 1-3 pm
(SUNY Budget System)                                                Thursday, Sept. 27 (D. White)
                                                                    Beginning Project 2000 (project mgmt.)- 9 am-noon
Monday, Sept. 24 (J. Whitley)                                       Intermediate Access 2000 (databases)- 1-4 pm
Using Lyris to manage a listserv – 9-10 am
(for faculty who use lists for e-mailing to classes)                Friday, Sept. 28 (D. White)
                                                                    PowerPoint 2000 (presentation) -**9:30 am-12:30 pm
                                                                    Intermediate Dreamweaver 4 (Web pages)- 1-4 pm
                                                                    **Note: Workshop does not begin until 9:30.

BSG President Brian Brady
(r) and BSG Treasurer Rob
Williams work hard to assist
with SUNY Brockport
campus beautification early
this semester in the BSG
garden between Seymour
College Union and Smith

                                                                              New Visual Studies
                                                                               Workshop chief
                                                                                takes the helm
Missouri artist Christopher     disciplinary strengths and           summer classes in interac-        University of New Mexico.
Burnett has taken the helm      commitment to new                    tive multimedia. “But I’ve        He has a long-standing
as new director of the Visual   technologies. Chris has              never been an intimate part       interest in virtual reality and
Studies Workshop. Burnett,      those qualities, which are           of the team until now,” said      in interactive computer
a Kansas City Art Institute     critical to our educational          Burnett. “What I felt from        programs that lets users
professor with a passion for    programs.”                           that first party was a sense      make innovative links
new media and computer              Burnett’s links to the           of camaraderie and commu-         between images and texts.
art, stepped into his new       workshop date back to                nity.”                               As the new director of
post August 20. And no one      1974, when he first met                 It was an inspiring high       VSW, Burnett’s priorities
could be more pleased than      Lyons at a local student             school teacher who honed          will include forging partner-
retiring Director Nathan        party. During the past 15            the East Liverpool, OH,           ships with other arts and
Lyons.                          years he has written for the         native’s interest in photogra-    new media centers, and
   “We’re very delighted        Workshop’s publication,              phy, and Burnett went on to       strengthening ties to SUNY
Chris said ‘yes,’ said Lyons.   Afterimage, participated in          earn degrees in photography       Brockport.
“We were looking for            its 1997 Landscape/Land              and art at the Rhode Island
someone with cross-             Use project, and taught              School of Design and the                        k

          Alcoholism/substance abuse program renewed
Gary Metz, health science,      Provider Certification               Workforce Development             Metz, coordinator of the
was delighted to pass on the    Program has received a               Training Unit. Accompany-         Brockport program, and the
news that SUNY                  three-year renewal from the          ing the official certificate of   program itself for “your
Brockport’s Alcoholism/         NYS Office of Alcoholism             renewal came a letter from        dedication to the goal of a
Substance Abuse Studies         and Substance Abuse                  the Bureau’s Director             well-informed New York
Education and Training          Services/Bureau of                   William Lachanski, praising       state addictions workforce.

                 Sanford Miller awarded honorary degree
                       from Romanian university
                                Sanford Miller, mathemat-            collaboration with the            ential subordination,
                                ics, received an honorary            Romanian School of                published last year.
                                doctoral degree from the             Mathematics and for his              Babes-Bolyai University
                                Babes-Bolyai University in           special affinity for Romania.”    was founded in 1583 and is
                                Cluj, Romania during                    He began working with          named after the Romanian
                                commencement ceremonies              Romanian mathematician            biologist Victor Babes and
                                held in June.                        Petru Mocanu in the early         the Hungarian mathemati-
                                   Miller was recognized             1970s and together they           cian Janos Bolyai. It has
                                “for his important contribu-         have published more than          38,000 students and is one
                                tions to the field of complex        40 papers, including a 450-       of the largest universities in
                                analysis, for his fruitful           page monograph on differ-         Eastern Europe.

In other areas:
• Tonio Andrade, history,        Press for his book Kant’s            History of the Suffrage         The paper appeared in the
received Yale University’s       Theory of Knowledge: An              Movement, edited by Jean H.     Proceedings of the Interna-
Hans Gatzke Dissertation         Introduction.                        Baker (New York: Oxford         tional Conference on Internet
Prize in May 2001. Andrade                                            University Press, forthcom-     Computing (IC 2001), pages
left for Columbus, OH, on        • Owen Ireland, history,             ing).                           14-20, which was held in
Sept. 7 to take up his           delivered a paper “Class,                                            Las Vegas, NV, in June. His
postdoctoral fellowship at       Culture, and Politics,”              • In June, Anthony Scime,       “Information Systems and
the Mershon Center, where        which argued that, in 1776,          computer science, received      Computer Science Model
he’ll be working on a book       cultural conflicts rooted in         the Achievement Award           Curricula: A Comparative
called How Taiwan Became         religious differences                from the 2001 International     Look” was published in the
Chinese: Taiwan in the           trumped class consider-              MultiConference on              Proceedings of the Informa-
Seventeenth Century.             ations in shaping America’s          Internet Computing in           tion Resource Management
                                 new democracy, at the                recognition of and apprecia-    Conference, pages 496-501,
• Arden Bucholz, history,        annual meeting of The                tion for his contributions to   for the conference held in
has published a chapter,         Organization of American             the 2001 series of Interna-     Toronto, Canada in May.
“Hans Delbrueck (1848-           Historians in Los Angeles,           tional Conferences, specifi-    And his “WebSifter: An
1929)” in German in              in Apr.                              cally for organizing the 2001   Ontological Web Mining
Michael Froelich (ed.), Das                                           IC Web Mining Session           Agent for E-Business,” co-
Kaiserreich: Portrait einer      • Kathy Kutolowski,                  with a selection of journal-    authored with Larry
Epoche in Biographien,           history, presented “Patron-          quality papers. He received     Kerschberg, appeared in the
Darmstadt: Wissenschaftliche     age Appointments and the             the award as an Internation-    Proceedings of the IFIP 2.6
Buchgesellschaft, 2001.          Making of a Local Elite” at          ally Registered Technology      Working Conference on Data
Bucholz also has reviews in      the Conference on New                Specialist in the field of      Semantics (DS-9), pages
German History, Central          York History held at Wells           information systems (IR7).      200-214, for the conference
European History and The         College in June. The                 Scime also edited the           held in Hong Kong, China,
Journal of Modern History.       research for the paper               recently published “Teach-      in Apr.
                                 originated with                      ing with Technology,” which
• John Daly, history, co-        Kutolowski’s Larry J.                is Chapter 2 in Sound           • Bill Stier, physical educa-
authored and directed            Hackman Research Resi-               Instruction: Ready to Use       tion and sport, was ap-
“Incorporating the History       dency at the New York State          Classroom Practice, Linda       pointed in Aug. an editorial
of Science into the Science      Archives.                            Serra Hagedorn, Ed., from       board member (one of 11)
Curriculum,” an NSF/LSIP                                              the Rapid Intellect Group of    of the International Council
grant institute ($25,000) in     • Alison Parker, history, saw        New York, pages 47-85. He       of Sport Science and
July at Louisiana Tech           acceptance for publication           also published “WebSifter       Physical Education
University.                      of her essay “The Case for           II: A Personalizable Meta-      (ICSSPE), headquartered in
                                 Reform Antecedents to the            Search Agent Based on           Berlin, Germany.
• Georges Dicker, philoso-       Woman Suffrage Move-                 Semantic Weighted Tax-
phy, has signed a contract       ment;” it will appear in             onomy Tree” with Larry
with Oxford University           Votes for Women: A Concise           Kerschberg and Wooju Kim.

                       Admissions open houses scheduled
                 Calling all faculty. Undergraduate Admissions is holding three open houses this fall for
                 perspective students. So those of you who support this effort at the Academic Exchange
                 portion of the open house should mark your calendars for

                                                        Saturday, Oct. 20
                                                        Saturday, Nov. 10
                                                        Saturday, Nov. 17

                 You will be be receiving a letter with more details soon.

                                                                    Academic plagiarism —
                                                                      it’s serious business
                                                                                    By Lynn Parsons, history

                                                                 Editor’s note: Lynn Parsons asked Statements, etc. to publish
                                                                 the following Department of History Academic Plagiarism
                                                                 statement so that faculty, especially those new to the SUNY
                                                                 Brockport community, might be aware of how his department
                                                                 deals with plagiarism — taking an even firmer stance than the
                                                                 College-wide policy.

Academic plagiarism is a        defined as, but not limited      In the event that a Depart-      School of Letters and
form of dishonesty that         to, the following:               ment of History instructor       Sciences, and other appro-
undermines the very             1. Presenting the words,         finds incontrovertible           priate persons.
foundations of learning. It     ideas, or products of            evidence of plagiarism or        5. The department will urge
shows contempt for both         another, without proper          other forms of academic          that a confidential list be
the subject matter and the      documentation in the form        dishonesty, the following        kept by the College of all
instructor. It will not be      of quotation marks, foot-        will occur:                      students guilty of such a
tolerated in Department of      notes, endnotes, or other                                         practice.
History courses.                forms of citation.               1. The instructor will notify    6. In the event of incontro-
 Unfortunately, the advent      2. Fabricating facts, statis-    the student.                     vertible evidence of a second
of the Internet and the         tics, or other forms of          2. The student will be given     offense, the instructor may
World Wide Web has              evidence.                        a failing grade for the entire   initiate action leading to the
increased the temptations       3. Presenting another’s work     course.                          student’s dismissal from the
and opportunities for           as one’s own.                    3. The instructor will notify    College.
plagiarism and cheating in      4. Presenting work for           the student’s academic           7. Nothing in the above
general. But it has also        which credit has been            advisor, and enclose the         shall be construed as
increased the opportunities     received in another course,      evidence.                        violating any student’s rights
for faculty to detect them.     without the consent of the       4. The instructor will notify    of appeal, as defined in Your
 Academic plagiarism is         instructors involved.            the chair of the Department      Right to Know & Academic
                                                                 of History, the dean of the      Policies Handbook.

      When Roger crosses the road with a few chickens
                                                 By Roger Weir, student affairs
Shortly after I informed the    for the future. In other         • Department of Criminal         • Dining Services: Actually,
College leadership that I       words, a perfect time to         Justice: Are you sure it was     until recently, most chickens
would retire in the summer      remind one another not to        a chicken? Last week police      on our roads weren’t
of 2002, it was suggested*      take ourselves quite so          thought they had appre-          crossing them; they were
that I begin writing a          seriously. In support of         hended a chicken crossing        nesting in the potholes.
regular column for State-       that, I thought I’d start by     the road and it turned out       Since the repaving they’ve
ments, etc. That was prob-      giving wider circulation to      to be a duck. That’s the kind    been pretty scarce, which is
ably with the hope that my      my impressions of how            of thing that happens when       a bummer, because we saved
departure date might be         various people and depart-       you develop the profiling        a bundle around here on
accelerated with the assis-     ments might answer the           mentality.                       eggs, and the students loved
tance of a mob of angry         question “Why did the                                             our chicken pothole pie.
readers. We’ll see.             chicken cross the road?”         • Democrat & Chronicle:
  So here we are at the start                                    Too bad it didn’t cross the      • Department of English:
of another academic year,       • Department of Biology:         road at the U of R or RIT –      How did you arrive at the
and it’s been a very long       Our department can’t reach       we could do a front-page         conclusion that its act was
time since we’ve looked this    any agreement on that            spread on it. Why don’t you      really one of crossing? What
good or felt such optimism      question. Either.                give your local Pennysaver a     does it mean, “to cross,”
                                                                 call, in case they’re having a
                                                                 slow week?                                    (continued on page 13)

When Roger crosses the road with a few chickens (continued from page 12)

anyway? You’ve simply                • SUNY: No one seems to                • Marci Esler (student            • Marcel Marceau:
bought that narrow con-              be clear about that, but we’ll         retention): I have no idea,
struction of reality that has        know when we administer                but if it was crossing the        • And last of all: Chicken
been foisted upon everyone           the next SUNY Chicken                  road on its way out of the        Little: That would be me. I
for centuries by a bunch of          Opinion Survey (COS). If               College, I wish it had            was free-ranging in front of
dead white chicken watch-            your chickens rate Brock-              spoken with me first. We          Allen last week, when a
ers.                                 port roads in the top third            might have done something.        breeze sprung up and I was
                                     of all SUNY college roads,                                               outa there! That colossal
• Geneseo: Birds cross our           you’re going to win a whole            • Tim Flanagan (academic          copper collectable is coming
roads frequently, but at             lot of eggs.                           affairs): It was probably         down one of these days, and
Geneseo they aren’t chick-                                                  looking for something to          I don’t plan to be under it.
ens, they’re peacocks.               • Department of Theatre:               eat. All our chicken feed         You guys may call it
                                     That was no chicken; that              goes to pay adjuncts.             Prometheus, but we chick-
• Office of Intercollegiate          was Dick St George. And                                                  ens call it the Statue of
Athletics: Well, the ones            you were impressed with                • Mary Ann Giglio (student        Limitations. You should tell
with the little Nikes on their       how much he looked like                learning center): What            the President to work at
feet are trying out for track.       Teddy Roosevelt! He’s so               could you expect? It was          home when it’s windy. I
Crossing the road is a good          believable that we haven’t             probably lost. Many of the        mean, this College is on a
screening device – either            the heart to tell him that             chickens who come here            roll right now (an expression
they make it or they don’t,          nobody has written a play              just don’t have the basic         we chickens don’t use
and we don’t have to waste a         starring a chicken yet.                skills for reading signs, and     much), and the last thing
lot of time on the ones who                                                 we don’t have enough staff        we need is Grassy Knoll II.
don’t. We don’t know why             • Women’s Studies Pro-                 to help.                          Can you see his epitaph
people say that nobody likes         gram: Hens cross the road                                                now. “Here lies our leader,
a loser. They’re delicious, if       for logical, valid reasons.            • Marion Schrank (student         an excellent man, called by a
you get them the same day.           Roosters cross the road                affairs): If that chicken was     higher strategic plan.”
                                     because they are ruled by              doing anything worth
• Department of Philoso-             their sex drive. It’s as simple        doing, it was probably one        Coming next issue: A closet
phy: Why not?                        as that.                               of ours. You can always tell      proof-reader tells all. Or is it
                                                                            our chickens, because they        proofreader? Proof reader?
• Department of Psychol-             • Lin Case (intercollegiate            wear a little tag on their left
ogy: We can easily explain           athletics): It wasn’t a                wing that says “Division of       *Editor’s note: Suggested, that
why that chicken crossed             chicken, it was an eagle, for          Student Affairs.”                 is, by one vice president for
the road. And if it hadn’t,          god’s sake! We just don’t                                                enrollment management
we could explain that, too.          have the resources to buy              • Bill Stier (physical            under whose leadership
In fact, we can explain              good uniforms for them.                education and sport):             Statements, etc. is published
anything, once it’s hap-                                                    That’s a good question, and       and who will go unnamed!
pened.                               • Ray Di Pasquale (enroll-             there’s probably a journal        Many members of the campus
                                     ment management): I’m                  article in it if I can just       community have personal files
• Department of Sociology:           not sure, but I don’t think            interview that chicken.           in which they’ve collected
Well, actually we deal pretty        it’s good for the College to           Where did you last see it?        “Roger memos” over the years.
much in group phenomena,             have chickens crossing the                                               The new “Look Who’s
and there are almost no              road if it isn’t part of our           • Ed Van Duzer (business          Talking” column continues an
instances of groups of               overall mission. I’ll ask the          administration and econom-        unofficial College tradition in
chickens crossing roads, so          President to put all chickens          ics emeritus): All I can tell     a similar vein of the treasured
we have very little data.            under Enrollment Manage-               you is, if that chicken is a      memos.
Now, if you want to know             ment. It all goes back to              member of UUP, then it            P.S. It’s proofreader. No
why lemmings cross the               retention, you know.                   didn’t have to cross that         hyphen. But more on that in
road. . .                                                                   road unless it wanted to. We      Oct.
                                                                            have a contract, you know.
                                                                            If the administration wants
                                                                            that road crossed, let them
                                                                            negotiate it the next time
                                                                            the contract comes up.

                   FIRbie Dispatch — Making life simple
                                  By Matthew Althouse, communication and faculty-in-residence

I want my life to be simple,         The use of a single word            bilities in the hall is to       having a “helpful mentor”
though it frequently is not.      to define my role in the               communicate successfully         live in the hall is more
For instance, after working       residence hall is helpful for a        my role to the residents. At     appealing to students than
all summer to write and           number of reasons. First, it           first, they do not know what     having some “old professor”
prepare a research essay for      eases my mind. When I take             to think of me. When I           like me, aged an ancient 32
submission to a prestigious       the job description out of             introduce myself as the          years, live there.
academic journal, I hit a         the “FIRbie file” in my                faculty-in-residence to              I am quite pleased to be
snag. I wrote my essay in         desk, I could be intimi-               already-overwhelmed              the “mentor-in-residence”
APA style, but the new            dated. The document claims             freshmen on move-in day,         for Thompson Hall. Of
editor of this particular         that FIRbies will “share               many of them smile uncer-        course, the term “mentor” is
journal now wants manu-           their interests, expertise, and        tainly while nodding their       a helpful title for me
scripts in Chicago format.        experience with students in            heads politely. I don’t blame    because it summarizes
For those of you unfamiliar       helping them become more               students for these replies, as   straightforwardly the
with academic writing             comfortable with their                 so many things are new to        essence of my duties.
styles, here is an analogy:       intellectual and personal              them. Of course, their           However, most importantly,
Imagine you are working as        development.”                          parents seem quite excited       it’s a helpful term about
an architect who carefully           In addition to this                 by my presence. After            which my residents should
crafts an elaborate set of        general description, the               hearing that a faculty           know. I recently read that
house plans. In scale,            document elaborates a list of          member is living in a hall       mentoring is crucial for
everything on the blueprints      “specific duties.” I’m                 with their beloved sons and      college students. In his book
is drawn perfectly in inches,     supposed to eat meals with             daughters, they must be          titled Making the Most of
feet, and yards. Then, your       students, to get to know               thinking, “Wonderful! This       College: Students Speak Their
clients tell you, “Oh, we         resident assistants, to                FIRbie fellow might be           Minds, Harvard professor
decided to build this house       involve faculty in hall                some kind parental figure in     Richard Light surveyed
in Europe. Would you mind         activities, to act as a liaison        this building!” At the same      undergraduates who suggest
converting all of the home’s      between the Residential                time, I imagine that some of     strongly they want to
specifications to the metric      Life/Learning Communities              their sons and daughters are     “connect” with faculty
system?”                          staff and Brockport’s                  thinking those same words        members. Gleaning facts
    As the new school year        academic community, to                 but are ascribing a vastly       from classes is not enough.
begins, I still crave simplic-    meet with students to                  different set of connotations    Students need advice, they
ity, especially in my role as a   provide informal academic              to them.                         need encouragement, and
second-year faculty-in-           advising, to work with the                 Nevertheless, when I         they need personal engage-
residence (“FIRbie”) in           resident director, to assist           explain to students that a       ment. Consequently, I think
Thompson Hall. Without            residence-hall staff with              FIRbie is a “mentor,” the        the faculty-in-residence
question, I enjoy this job.       emergencies, and to serve as           proverbial light bulb clicks     program speaks volumes
However, I also acknowl-          a role model for students.             on in their heads. The word      about the commitment
edge the fact that my life is     There are more items on                mentoring has a wonderful        SUNY Brockport has to
busy. In addition to serving      this list; however, I’ll stop          set of connotations associ-      ensuring student success.
as a FIRbie, I must manage        here; I’m sure you get the             ated with it. At Thompson’s          So, I look forward to
my roles as a teacher in the      gist of what I’m trying to             first hall meeting, I asked      another year in Thompson
Department of Communi-            say.                                   the residents, “When you         Hall. A few of the details of
cation, as a researcher, as the      Of course, I intend to              hear the word ‘faculty,’ or      my work might get mis-
director of a General             fulfill my given duties the            the word ‘professor,’ what       placed in a shuffle of
Education course, and as a        best I can, but those duties           other words pop into your        activity. However, if I can
husband. Obviously, I do          are almost too many to                 minds?” They replied with        say I mentored a number of
not mind being active, but        remember. Yet the word                 terms like “smart,” “hard,”      students by the end of two
finding simplicity in chaos       “mentoring” provides a                 “challenging,” and — on          semesters, I will be happy.
makes me happy. To                convenient box into which I            more than one occasion —         Now, if I could only
enhance my opportunities          can put and organize all of            “old.” However, when I           convince the editors of
for happiness as a FIRbie, I      the little details associated          asked them to describe the       prestigious communication
intend to use a single word       with my job.                           word “mentor,” they replied      journals to stick with APA
to guide my thoughts and             The second reason I need            with words like “leader,”        style, I will be remarkably
actions about the job. This       a single word to encapsulate           “role model,” and “helper.”      happy.
magic word is “mentoring.”        the essence of my responsi-            Apparently, the thought of                        k

Welcome to new Senate Executive Committee, committee chairs and University Senators.

                Executive Committee
                President                          Jenny Lloyd                History
                Vice President                     Kathy Groves               Academic Outreach and Access
                Secretary                          Rob Blair                  Student Life
                Parliamentarian                    Anne Parsons               Academic Computing

                Committee Chairs
                Budget                             Colleen Donaldson          Academic Affairs
                Environment                        Virginia Campbell          Marketing Communications
                Enrollment Policies                Dick Frey                  Criminal Justice
                General Education                  Melissa Brown              Psychology
                Graduate Curriculum                Osman Yasar                Computational Science
                Personnel                          Gail Hagenah               Nursing
                Student Policies                   Danny Too                  Physical Education and Sport
                Undergraduate Curriculum           Greg Garvey                English

                University Faculty Senators
                Melissa Brown
                Gail Hagenah

                REOC representative
                Laurie Adams-Weinman

On Sept. 10 Michael Fox, academic affairs, updated the Senate on progress in the competency exams.
On the Faculty Senate to-do list this fall will be revisions to our transfer and articulation policy; a new MFA in creative writing;
revisions to the MFA in dance and the MALS degree.
We are looking at the policy on bringing children to campus, and maybe this year we will have a new withdrawal policy.

                                    In memoriam
                                    Wilma Boddie-Beaman, former EOP counselor (1989-
                                    1994, retired) and more recently on the staff of the
                                    Brockport Child Care Center, died July 26. A memorial
                                    service was held on Aug. 18 at the Mt. Olivent Church
                                    in Brockport. Friends and colleagues who wish to express
                                    condolences may contact her husband, Charles Nesby,
                                    8 Brighton Street, Rochester, NY 14607.

                                                                           Whimsical art 30 years
                                                                              in the making

As contemporary artists go,     mance; Jennifer Hecker,                message from Congressman        now a part of the permanent
Bill Stewart stands out in a    art; many patrons; several             John LaFalce congratulating     collection at Shanghai
crowd. Admirers, patrons,       admirers and a number of               Stewart on his successful       University, Shanghai, and
colleagues and art enthusi-     former students attended               career in art and for his       Sanbao Art and Cultural
asts alike describe his work    the Patron’s Reception and             dedicated service to the        Institute, Jingdezhen,
as “childlike,” “funny,”        Exhibition Opening on                  hundreds of students he has     China.
“inventive,” “mysterious,”      Aug. 24, where Yu,                     taught throughout the years.       The Bill Stewart Recent
and more often than not,        Vasquez and others paid                   Nationally known for his     Sculpture exhibition also will
“whimsical.” And now, as        tribute to Stewart’s art and           ceramic sculptures, not to      be on tour at the Ben Shahn
much as ever, as evidenced      lifetime contributions to              mention his more than 30        Galleries, William Paterson
in his Bill Stewart Recent      the College.                           years of teaching other         University, Wayne, NJ, Oct.
Ceramic Sculptures exhibi-          “I’m delighted to                  aspiring artists as professor   22 through November 30,
tion, which opened August       support SUNY Brockport’s               of art at SUNY Brockport,       and the Roland Gibson
24 in the Tower Fine Arts       Department of Art in this              Stewart is busier than ever     Gallery, SUNY College at
Gallery, Stewart continues      wonderful effort to honor              in his retirement and status    Potsdam, Feb. 1 through
to be seriously focused on      Bill’s legacy as an artist and         change to that of professor     Mar. 6, 2002, and is
whimsy.                         as a teacher with this                 emeritus. His interest and      generously sponsored by
   To celebrate Stewart’s       wonderful and lively                   enthusiasm in all things        Rochester’s premier art
stellar career, the College     celebration. I’ve come to              unique and just plain           gallery, the Oxford Gallery,
and the School of Arts and      know Bill as both an artist            “different” have taken him      which represents Stewart’s
Performance is proudly          and as a friend of the                 and his work into museums,      work.
hosting Stewart’s exhibition    College and am thrilled                art galleries and educational      The art galleries are open
and The Bill Stewart Selects:   that his recent work will be           institutions across the         Tuesday through Saturday,
Alumni Invitational, which      seen here and in the                   country, and now around         noon to 5 pm, and Tuesday
continue through Sept. 22.      traveling exhibition,” said            the world. His most recent      and Thursday, 6-9 pm.
President Paul Yu; Sharon       Vasquez. Karen Kutzer,                 expedition took him to
Vasquez, arts and perfor-       advancement, read a                    China, where his work is                     k

Feel the beat with the RPO Marimba Band on Sept. 26
The Rochester Philhar-          Tickets are available at the           Dawson, violinist with the      throughout the semester at
monic Orchestra Marimba         Tower Fine Arts Center Box             RPO and instructor of the       7:30 pm in 120 Tower Fine
Band, led by Jim Tiller, will   Office, (716) 395-ARTS.                Music Appreciation class, is    Arts Center. The presenta-
shake it up with a mix of          SUNY Brockport’s                    scheduling a series of the      tions offer a casual evening
great ragtime, steel drum,      continuing affiliation with            lecture/ demonstrations         of fun and information.
and Broadway music              the RPO offers ongoing                 offering the public opportu-    Reservations are not re-
Wednesday, Sept.26. The         opportunities for the                  nities throughout the           quired. For more informa-
fun begins at 7:30 pm in        community to enjoy great               academic year to experience     tion, contact the Depart-
the Tower Fine Arts Center,     concerts at reasonable ticket          music up close and personal     ment of Theatre x2478, or
Holley Street. Tickets are      prices, and includes an                with gifted guest artists       check the School of Arts
$10 general, $7 SUNY            added bonus—an exciting                from the RPO.                   and Performance Web site at
Brockport faculty and           series of free, public lecture/           Lecture/demonstrations       www.brockport.edu/~finearts/
seniors, and $5 students.       demonstrations. Andrea                 are offered several Mondays     Finearts.htm. k
The Bud DeTar Big Band to jazz things up on Sept. 21
The School of Arts and          band more than two                   the jazz world—Coleman         musicians.
Performance is pleased to       decades ago as a rehearsal           Hawkins, Urbie Green,             Although a diverse group,
welcome The Bud DeTar           band for Rochester jazz              Wild Bill Davison, Roy         there is one common thread
Big Band to the Tower Fine      musicians. It quickly                Eldridge, Gene Krupa, Art      that binds them alto-
Arts Center, Holley Street,     developed into a true jazz           Tatum, Louis Prima, and        gether—their love of jazz.
7:30 pm, Friday, Sept. 21.      band with its own hallmark           many others. All local         This fact is obvious when
This big band concert, now      sound. For years the band            musicians, the band mem-       they take up their instru-
an annual tradition, will       has played at “Doc’s” on             bers come from diverse         ments and play their (and
feature everyone’s jazz         Lake Avenue, at Guiseppi’s,          walks of life. They are (or    your) favorite tunes.
favorites, including a          and at Red Fedele’s Brook            were) teachers, postal            Tickets, available at the
number of jazz classics as      House.                               workers, college professors,   Tower Fine Arts Box Office,
well as a Bud DeTar original       Many of the band’s 16             opticians, utility workers     xARTS, are $7 general/$5
or two.                         top-notch, veteran perform-          and real estate brokers. A     seniors and students.
   DeTar, a familiar face on    ers, ranging in age from 40          number of the band mem-
the Rochester music             to 79, have played with              bers also have made their
landscape, formed his big       several of the great stars of        living as professional jazz

                                                   Let’s dance
One more reminder: Don’t        choreographers from New              filled with mesmerizing        21 in the Hartwell Dance
miss Wolfgruber &               York City, as they share an          images and dramatic            Theater. Tickets are $12/$7
Goldhuber, dancers/             evening of solos and duets           surprises on Sept. 20 and      seniors and students.

                                On the Mainstage horizon
 Opening the criminally         desensitize and find amuse-          riveting picture of a          through Saturday at 7:30
 good theatre season is Bang    ment in bloodshed, opens             troubled youth and the         pm, and Sunday at 2 pm.
 Bang You’re Dead, William      Oct.4 and continues                  consequences of emotional      Admission is free, but
 Mastrosimone’s hard-           through Oct. 7 in the Tower          and social alienation.         tickets are required as
 edged indictment of            Fine Arts Lab Theatre. In            Richard St George directs      seating is limited. Contact
 violent television, movies     this spellbinding drama,             an ensemble cast in four       the Tower Fine Arts Box
 and video games that           Mastrosimone paints a                performances, Thursday         Office at xARTS for tickets.

       First Philosophical Exchange lecture on Sept. 20
The first public lecture in     be on Sept. 20 at 4:30 pm            psychologists and philoso-     positive suggestions are
the fall Philosophic Ex-        in the Seymour Union,                phers alike have had           provided.
change lecture series will be   room 220-221.                        virtually nothing to say          Lycan will also hold an
given by Professor William         This lecture argues that          about the most vexing          informal seminar on
Lycan, the William Rand         philosophers and psycholo-           philosophical problems that    “Moore Against the New
Kenan, Jr. Professor of         gists who have worked on             come under the heading of      Skeptics” on Sept. 21 at 10
Philosophy, University of       the allegedly single topic of        “consciousness.” The latter    am in Seymour, room 220-
North Carolina at Chapel        “consciousness” have                 are themselves also pretty     221.
Hill, whose talk will be        actually been working on             disparate. To solve those
“The Plurality of Con-          wildly disparate problems.           various problems, one must
sciousness.” The lecture will   Moreover, many of those              divide and conquer. Some
          Mornings with the Professors series continues
The next two presentations         The Power of GIS.” He                 What You Don’t Know,          Both sessions are in the
in the longstanding Morn-          will demonstrate how                  But Should Know.” He         New York Room, Cooper
ings with the Professors           Geographic Informa-                   will focus on the            Hall, beginning at 9:30 am.
series continues this fall         tion Systems (GIS) has                designer drug scene and      Cost at the door for each
with the as-ever fascinating       transformed police                    the new synthetic drugs      presentation is $10 and
topics and profs.                  analysis of crime and                 hitting the streets and      includes continental
• On Sept. 25, Richard             disorder.                             our families. He’ll also     breakfast.
     C. Lumb, criminal         •   On Oct. 2, Gary J.                    give a brief demonstra-
     justice, will present         Metz, health science,                 tion of some of the new
     “Using 21st-century           will present “The                     types of drug parapher-
     Technology to Analyze         Global Realities of the               nalia available to
     and Reduce Crime:             Current Drug Culture:                 students.

Make that www as in wow,          • Faster searches: The             yellow bars on pages that        generally hard to do), then
wow, wow. Lots of things       new Web server now has a              never end.                       you will be prompted to
have been afoot on the         copy of the information all               Say you were looking for     enter more information.
College Web site these past    to itself. Rather than                the College Web Manager,         This helps prevent any
few months. The most           waiting for some other                and didn’t know how to           “spider” from crawling our
important news is…             machine to come up with               spell his name. Is it Steven     directory and harvesting e-
                               the information, the Web              Louis or Stephen Lewis?          mail addresses for a
   • There’s a new Web-        server does it all, and that          Who knows? In the new            spammer.
based New Faculty/Staff        makes searching faster. Also,         Faculty/Staff Directory,             The new directory was
Directory. It’s more up-to-    results only come 10 to a             typing in “Stephen Lewis”        demonstrated over the
date…has faster searches…      page, so your Web browser             produces his listing in the      summer, and met with only
and more meaningful search     doesn’t take forever to               top 10. Typing “Steven           rave reviews. It’s now
results…and it has a great     display the first set of              Louis” produces a result in      available for the rest of the
new look. These are just       information.                          the top 20, as would             College community to use.
four of the extraordinary                                            “Stephen Louis” even                 Is there something wrong
improvements that have             • More meaningful                 though neither the first nor     with your information?
accompanied the new            search results: Another               the last name was correct!       Then make sure to tell HR.
Faculty/Staff Directory.       thing that speeds up                      However, initials are        If it’s wrong in the online
                               searches for faculty and staff        quick to type in and are         directory, it’s wrong in HR’s
   • More up-to-date: The      is that the searches are              usually easy to guess. Typing    information as well. There-
new directory is updated       better. In the old system,            in his initials “S L” (includ-   fore, no more than two
every two weeks with data      one typo could mean you               ing the space) gives it to you   weeks after you update your
from the College’s central     got no results. The new               right on top, with everyone      information in HR, it will
HR system. That’s every        search is more forgiving,             else sharing those initials      be available in the online
time the College gets an       and also tends to produce             below. If you’re looking for a   directory automatically.
updated copy of this           the answer you want right             name that’s either hard to           Check out the new
information from the           on or near the top.                   spell or ambiguous in            Faculty/Staff Directory at:
central system in Albany.                                            pronunciation, typing a          www.brockport.edu/
Before the new directory, it      • Great new look: Now,             correct initial instead of a
was sporadic, only once a      the search tool matches the           name won’t hurt you.                • In late summer the
semester if we were lucky,     look-and-feel of the                      The new search will give     President’s Staff requested a
since the process was so       College’s new Web site.               you lots of results, but the     revision to the popular
cumbersome. Now, it’s a        Gone are the days of vast             best ones are usually on top.    Rumor Graveyard. The site
piece of cake, and everyone    expanses of a bland black             If your search is ambiguous      has since been transformed
at the College reaps the       text on white background              enough to generate more
benefits.                      interrupted by hideous                than 250 results (this is                    (continued on page 19)

www.news (continued from page 18)

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                                                                          • Take a look at all the     • MetroCenter
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and is now called The               similar. In addition to the        networking services!            • Homecoming & Family
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submission form is quite            tions may no longer be               and Human Development

                                                                       Flashes from the past — The pace picked up a little in mid-
                                                                       August when a classic car tour passed through the SUNY
                                                                       Brockport bringing back chrome, fins and memories.

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