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									New Years Eve Party Favors

If you are planning a New Years Eve party, you might be considering
offering party favors to your guests. This is an excellent idea and can
offer your guests a lovely memento of the party. Hosts of a New Years Eve
party have a lot of options for favors. If the New Years Eve party has a
theme, the host might consider offering a favor which goes with the theme
of the party. If the New Years Eve party does not have a theme, the favor
may be related to traditional symbols of the New Year or may be
completely unrelated to the holiday season. This article will offer some
advice for providing favors at a New Years Eve party including a few
ideas for favors.

When hosting a New Years Eve party, it is important to decide whether or
not your will give favors to your guests while you are still in the
planning stages of the party. This is especially important if you are
setting a strict budget for the New Years Eve party. Considering favors
early in the planning process will help to ensure you budget properly and
include enough money in the budget to purchase favors for all of your

One idea for giving favors is to offer items which are traditionally
associated with New Years Eve. Champagne glasses are popular choices for
favors for a New Years Eve party. It is a nice touch to have the date of
the party engraved on the glasses to make the favors more personal and to
ensure the guests will always remember the party. Other favors which are
considered appropriate for a New Years Eve party include clocks and top

If you host a themed New Years Eve party, it is a good idea to give your
guests a favor which is closely associated to the theme of the party. For
example if you threw a New Years Eve party with a western theme you might
consider giving the guests beer mugs instead of champagne glasses. For a
New Years Eve party with a theme related to the ocean you could give
guests seashells or sand sculptures as favors.

Another popular option for party favors at any party is candy. You can
purchase candy in a variety of different shapes. You may opt for a shape
which is appropriate for New Years Eve or a fun shape which is completely
unrelated to the occasion.

A truly unique and fun idea for providing favors for a New Years Eve
party is to ask each guest to bring a party favor to the New Years Eve
party. The guests can either purchase a favor for the purpose of the
party or they can bring a favor they received at another party. The
favors can either be practically, whimsical, nostalgic or even silly. As
the guests arrive you can collect the favors and place them at each place
setting under an opaque cloth. Then as the guests are seated they can
take turns unveiling their favor. The guest who provided the favor can
either tell the true story of how they acquired the favor or they can
make up the story about the favor. This way the favors also provide
entertainment for the guests.

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