Selmer Reference 54 Tenor Saxophone is a Must by primusboy


									Selmer Reference 54 Tenor Saxophone is a Must!
I had been thinking about changing my tenor sax for a while. I had bought
my bronze Yanagasawa T992 about five years ago after trying all the
professional level tenors on the market at the time. My Yanagasawa served
me really well. It went with me all through my music degree and numerous
band performances spanning all the genres from jazz to an on tour rock
and roll show. I now play (mainly tenor, but also baritone sax and flute)
in one of the North East’s top function bands. Working with such a great
band of musicians I wanted to check the market again to make absolutely
sure that my instrument was making the best possible sound.
When I need to research saxophones I visit the Sax Emporium, Newcastle
upon Tyne. The proprietor, John Silvester has excellent specialist
knowledge and there is always a good range of new and used instruments to
try. I played all the professional level tenor saxophones new and used,
including the latest Yanagasawa and Selmer models. Although the Mk6 and
Reference 36 Selmer models and the Yanagasawa were good, the Selmer
Reference 54 really stood out from the rest and far exceeded my
expectations. I had no hesitation in going ahead with a trade-in
Coincidentally, I had seen this exact sax being played on stage at the
Sage, Gateshead only days before in the ‘Back to Basie’ big band. When I
saw it close to and played it myself I immediately fell in love with it.
The beautiful yet unusual antique finish is so cleverly done, but most
importantly the Reference 54 delivers a full strong fat sound at the
lower end, it has fantastic key action and allows me to play sub-tones
with a quality I had never been able to achieve before. The precision of
the sax’s action also decreases the likelihood of tuning issues at a gig.
The band I work in (Grooveline) has an extremely broad repertoire and
requires me to play a range of timbres and harmonics to create different
moods. From deep creamy textures to rasping tones and gravely sounds this
sax has it all and it is just great to play on. Oh, and there’s a bonus –
a great case which even has a business card holder on the front!
If you can afford to make the investment, this tenor sax is a must to try
for any professional.
Written by Charlotte Jones principle saxophone player for a North East
function band

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