How to Include References in a Resume

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					How to Include References in a Resume
I review a lot of resumes each month for my company. And I can tell you
the biggest mistake a lot of job seekers make is including references in
their resume. You don't put your references on your resume, unless
requested by the job employer.
Don't get me wrong, references are really important. They're a vital part
of the hiring process and there is many different reasons why a potential
employer will request them. For the most part, references are used to
confirm the information on your resume is correct.
Instead of directly including your references, include a section which
says that references are available on request. For this you'll need to
create a resume reference page. Just one sheet of paper listing your
references. Make sure you list at least 3 references. As an employer I
like to see around 6 references though. 3 professional references and 3
Each professional reference should be listed as follows:
Job Title
Phone Number
Email Address
When including personal references just take the job title part out.
You should also inform your references of your situation. Tell them
you're looking for a job and inform them they may get contacted by a
company regarding a reference. It's a good idea to send a copy of your
resume to each reference, so they can take a look and prepare for any
questions an employer might ask them.
This is the correct way of including references into your resume. If you
to this this standard there is no reason you shouldn't be able to impress
employers with your references.
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