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Classroom Decorations


									Classroom Decorations
Classroom decorations come in great varieties – there are different
classroom decorations for practically every holiday and season – but the
absolute best classroom decorations are the ones that students make
Classroom decorations made by students can be displayed on any wall, on
the door, hanging from the ceiling, or on the bulletin board. Having
students make the classroom decorations as opposed to simply buying them
from the store has multiple benefits. For one, making classroom
decorations can be a fun project for students. Also, students will love
to see their work proudly displayed throughout the classroom. Also, it is
cheaper than buying other expensive classroom decorations.
Students are always given different art projects for different holidays
and every day. Students are always making scary ghosts and masks for
Halloween, turkeys and pilgrims for Thanksgiving, snowflakes for winter,
and so on. These are the sorts of things that can easily be displayed as
classroom decorations.
Of course, you may want to decorate an area to prepare it for the other
classroom decorations. For instance, if students have been making ghosts,
you can decorate your bulletin board as a graveyard for the ghosts to
hang around in. Or, if your students have been making snowflakes, you may
want to put a big fat snowman on your bulletin board for the snowflakes
to fall down onto.
Of course, even with projects like these, the students can help. You can
ask the students to help you cut out that snowman or gravestones for the
graveyard even. With older students, you can even have groups take turns
coming up with ways to decorate your door or your bulletin board. Give
them some helpful ideas, but let them come up with the classroom
decorations themselves. You may be surprised at just how creative your
students can be.
If you want to add a lot of character to your room, you can take things
like snowflakes and hang them from your classroom ceiling with string or
fishing line. There is no reason that decorations should only be on the
walls. Witches on broomsticks, stars, snowflakes, and more can look
perfectly at home hanging from the ceiling. Be careful when putting up
these classroom decorations, though – do not let your students stand on
desks to hang them up. Hang up these classroom decorations yourself.
Here are a few final words of advice: be creative with your classroom
decorations and most of all, involve your students with your classroom
Anne Clarke writes numerous articles for websites on gardening,
parenting, fashion, and home decor. Her background includes teaching and
gardening. For more of her articles on classroom decorations, please
visit Homeroom Teacher.

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