California Community Colleges

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					California Community Colleges
Founded in 1967 through legislation concerning State Higher Education,
California Community Colleges today have the distinction of being the
largest in the world. California Community Colleges are under the
umbrella of a system providing 2-year public-institutions. There are 109
Campuses spread throughout 72 districts.
Its course offerings focus on vocational, remedial, associate and
certificate degrees. Units earned Community Colleges may be later
credited should the student prefer to continue his education in the state
college of in the University of California. Campus Sites are very scenic
and conducive to academic learning. Students often get employed with the
institutions themselves after graduating, where they help the community
achieve its advocacy. This is actually the purpose of California
Community Colleges. One advantage of these Colleges is its very local
orientation. Another one is the wide-choice of programs to choose from.
There are many reasons why a student may want to enter a Community
College. For one thing, it provides the perfect conditions for students
who are not emotionally, academically and economically prepared for
University education. 80% of students in Community Colleges are employed
in part-time jobs.
Adult Education classes are taught at night in Community Colleges or at
the Local High School. California Community Colleges also offer education
in transition for Veterans of Military Service. In recent times,
“Distance Learning Courses” are also offered, perfect for those who have
commitments at home. The education is also very cheap. Community Colleges
only charge 18 Dollars per unit and offer free use of facilities
including Gyms and Libraries.
Campus Life in Community Colleges rarely has any diff erence with any
other college, although these Community colleges normally don’t provide
dormitories for their students. Annual Athletic events are also held for
students. You may find that students in Community Colleges tend to have
more colorful personalities and lives.
The California Community College System, although begun only in 1967 is
similar to the education given beyond high school (but not collegiate) in
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