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					              08 Annual
Table of Contents
              Office of the Dean..................................................................................2
                        College Recognition & Awards Ceremony
                        Student Awards and Recognition 2007-08
                        Development News
                        Research News

              School of Journalism and Telecommunications ...................................10
                       Meet the Director
                       School News
                       School Events

              School of Library and Information Science .........................................16
                       Meet the Director
                       School News
                       School Events

              Graduate Program in Communication .................................................18
                      Meet the Associate Dean
                      Program News
                      Program Events
                      We Need to Hear from YOU!

              Department of Communication............................................................22
                     Meet the Chair
                     Department News
                     Department Events
                     College History

              Cover photo: Clare Bilas is a 2008 graduate and ISC major.
              Clare and her photo were part of an award-winning
              ISC Competition Team presentation.
    Message from
           J. David Johnson, Dean
      This 2007-2008 academic                        College Ambassadors, work with over 600       annual college awards and recogni-
      year overview celebrates many                  students each year. Our unit advisors also    tion dinner to honor our students,
      of the accomplishments of our students,        play a major advising role with students.     faculty, alumni and friends.
      faculty and staff. It has been an exciting     We are widely perceived to be one of the      Information on recent award recipi-
      year for the College. Our undergraduate        most student-centered colleges at UK.         ents is included in this publication.
      students continue to receive acknowledg-       Our student ambassador program is             Much of what we have accomplished
      ment for their leadership roles on             another point of pride for the college.       would not be possible without the
      campus, their classroom and research           Each year, through a very competitive         continued support of our alumni and
      achievements, and their creative endeav-       process, we select three undergraduate        friends. I am pleased to announce
      ors. Our faculty continues to be recog-        students who serve as college ambassa-        that the college has reached our $1.6
      nized regionally, nationally and interna-      dors. This past year the ambassadors were     million dollar goal for the University’s
      tionally for their publications, scholarly     Julie Earnest, (JAT/ISC), Lexington; Sara     Capital Campaign. But we continue to
      research and community service. Our            Henderson, (JAT/JOU), West Liberty and        work hard to increase the number
      staff is actively involved in being the link   Sarah Roark, (COM), Franklin, Wis. The        and amount of scholarships available
      between our students, faculty and the          ambassadors participate in student advis-     to our students. Your gifts are vital to
      university through advising and service        ing and represent the college at preview      our success and we always want you
      on university committees. Our college          nights across the Commonwealth.               to know how much your continued
      endowments continue to grow both in            The ambassadors also lead COMMunity,          support means to all of us.
      number and size providing much needed          a service group that gives back to
      scholarships for our students.                                                               I hope that through this publication
                                                     Lexington. The group’s goal is to unite
                                                                                                   you will learn more about the college
      We have 1,297 undergraduate pre-majors         people from all of the majors within the
                                                                                                   and its programs and share in the
      and majors. The Graduate Program in            college and organize service activities.
                                                                                                   pride I feel for the college and what
      the School of Library and Information          At the graduate level we offer our master’s   we have accomplished. It was impos-
      Science now totals 187 students. Our           and doctoral student’s opportunities to       sible for us to list all of our accom-
      master’s and Ph.D. programs in                 undertake important research programs         plishments in this publication, so I
      Communication have 62 students. This           that contribute to the advancement of         invite you to visit our Web page.
      year, the college will graduate ten percent    the Commonwealth of Kentucky, the
      of all University of Kentucky undergradu-                                                    When I travel, I enjoy meeting with
                                                     United States and countries throughout
      ates. Our undergraduate student body has                                                     alumni and would love to expand
                                                     the world. The Graduate Program in
      nearly doubled in the last decade.                                                           these opportunities. If you can meet
                                                     Communication offers emphases in
                                                                                                   with me or host a function in your
      Undergraduate students in our four-            interpersonal, health, and mass
                                                                                                   area, please contact my office at
      degree programs (Communication,                communication and our graduate
                                                                                                   859-257-7805 or by e-mail at
      Integrated Strategic Communication             library program provides the only
      (formerly Advertising), Journalism,            accredited graduate program in
      and Telecommunications) acquire a              library and information science in            Again, we appreciate your support
      liberal arts education that extends            the Commonwealth. The Library                 and involvement in the College
      beyond preparing students for an               School graduates more than 80                 of Communications and
      information-centered, service-oriented         percent of all school, public,                Information Studies.
      society. Students take the opportunity to      academic and special librarians
                                                                                                   Best wishes,
      conduct research; to publish; to serve in      employed in the Commonwealth.
      internship programs locally, regionally        We continually seek new approaches for
      and nationally; and to develop skills in       involving alumni with our students as
      digital photography, broadcasting,             lecturers in the classroom and through        Dr. J. David Johnson
      podcasting and Web design.                     their participation in special programs.
                                                     Alumni provide our students with intern-      Dean
      CCIS is proud of our award-winning
      advising staff led by our Director of          ships and participate in the review of
      Undergraduate Services, Cathy Hunt.            student portfolios. Alumni are encour-
      Hunt, along with Ashley Clark and our          aged to attend and participate in any col-
                                                     lege events. Each fall we also hold our

Office of
           The Dean
                                                                — Excellence in Teaching         civic organizations that
                                                                Award – Excellence in            benefit the general public
                                                                Teaching is a multi-faceted      or institutions; or (2)
                                                                achievement. It requires not     Noteworthy dedication to
                                                                only mastery of the subject      the activities of faculty self-
                                                                matter, but also awareness       governance that mark the
                                                                of current developments,         individual as an exception-
                                                                and a vision of what’s to        al academic citizen.
                                                                come. It requires the ability                                          o
                                                                                                 Dr. Lois Mai Chan is a
                                                                to communicate that
                                                                                                 professor in the School of
                                                                knowledge to students in
                                                                                                 Library and Information
                                                                ways which foster under-
                                                                                                 Science. She has been on the
                                                                standing, intellectual
                                                                                                 faculty at UK since 1970 and
                                                                growth, and a broadening
                                                                                                 is the author of five books,
                                                                of perspectives. It requires a
                                                                                                 co-author of two books, and
                                                                never-ending quest to stay
                                                                                                 co-editor of two collections of
                                                                attuned to student needs,
                                                                                                 papers. Her service to the pro-
                                                                concerns and interests.
                                                                                                 fessional community is vast,
                                                                Dr. Kevin Real is a professor    spanning many years of
                                                                in the Department of             national and international
                                                                Communication. He received       leadership. Her contributions
                                                                his B.A. in communication        have been recognized by
 College                         — Outstanding Staff            from the
                                                                University of    o
 Recognition                     Award – This award recog-
                                 nizes outstanding service to   Akron, Ohio in
 and Awards                      the college by a staff mem-    1996. He
 Ceremony                        ber and has been presented     received his M.A.
                                 each year since 1995.          (’98) and Ph.D.
                                                                (’02) from Texas
The College held its first       Mageleen “Maggie”              A & M University
Recognition Ceremony and         Chapman is a staff associate   in College
Awards Dinner in September       in the Department of
                                                                Station, Texas.
2000. The awards program         Communication and has
                                                                He has been at
was designed to publicly rec-    been employed at UK for 17
                                                                UK since 2002.
ognize and honor the accom-      years. Chapman grew up in
                                                                Dr. Real is also a former        several national, prestigious
plishments of our faculty,       Pike County, Ky. and is an
                                                                recipient of the college’s       awards. She was a recipient
staff, students, distinguished   alumnus of Morehead State
                                                                Faculty Excellence in            of the UK Alumni Association
alumni and friends. The          University. She joined the
                                                                Research Award. He received      Great Teacher Award and the
2007 award recipients were:      department in 2006.
                                                                eight letters of nomination      College of Communications

                                                                from his current and             and Information Studies’
                                                                former students.                 Excellence in Teaching
                                                                                                 Award. Her university services
                                                                Faculty Community Service        include membership on
                                                                – This award recognizes          the Chancellor Search
                                                                service that goes beyond         Committee; the President’s
                                                                work ordinarily recognized       Commission on Diversity;
                                                                through the faculty mem-         and the NCAA Self-Study
                                                                bers Distribution of Effort      Subcommittee on Academic
                                                                (DOE). Recognition can be        Integrity, and she has served
                                                                for activities in either or      as the University Marshall
                                                                both of two areas: (1)           since 1989. She also has
                                                                Voluntary participation as       served on the Herald-Leader
                                                                a citizen in the work of         Fellowship Committee.

                                      Interactive Advertising,         Howard News. He moved to          contributions to the college
                                      Korean Journal of                the Scripps-Howard national       and to our community.
                                      Communication &                  desk in 1973 as part of a two-
                                      Journalism Studies and           member investigative team.        Dr. Lee B. Becker has had
                                      more. His area of research       In 1978, he was assigned to       an outstanding career. He
                                      focus is how consumers           cover the Pentagon. He            received his B.A. degree in
                                      process Web advertising. Dr.     returned to Frankfort in          journalism from UK in 1969
                                      Yoo’s most recent journal        1979 as editor of The State       and his M.A. degree in
                                      article, “Implicit Memory        Journal. He is the founder of     communication from UK in
                                      Measures for Web Advertising     the Kentucky Book Fair. In        1971. After graduating from
                                      Effectiveness,” published in     2003 he was inducted into         UK, he worked as a journalist
                                      Journalism and Mass              the Kentucky Journalism Hall      in this region and in Kansas
                                      Communication Quarterly,         of Fame. West has helped the      before returning to school to
    Research Award – The              received attention in both the   School of Journalism and          earn a doctorate in mass
    Faculty Excellence in             New York Times and MIT           Telecommunications by             communications from the
    Research Award recognizes         Tech Review.                     partnering with them in an        University of Wisconsin. He
    faculty achievement in                                             on-going senior-level jour-       has been a faculty member at             Dean J. David Johnson
    research that is important to     Friend of the College Award                                        the University of Georgia               welcomes guests at the
                                                                       nalism course, “Covering
    the college or to the faculty     – This award is presented                                          since 1997 and has been
                                                                                                                                           College’s annual recognition
                                      to a person that has             the Capitol.” This course is                                              and Awards Ceremony.
    member’s area of expertise.                                        offered in the spring semester    recognized for outstanding
                                      demonstrated support to                                            graduate teaching there. As
    Dr. Chan Yun Yoo is a             the college or one of its        to coincide with the Kentucky
                                                                       State Legislative session. This   part of his responsibilities in
    professor in the School           units by volunteering, or
                                                                       partnership has resulted in       Georgia’s James M. Cox Jr.
    of Journalism and                 by providing internships or
                                                                       numerous publications for         Center, he conducts the
    Telecommunications. He            by their involvement in
                                                                       the school’s students, most of    Annual Surveys of Journalism
    joined the faculty in 2005.       programs or events
                                                                       them on the front page of         & Mass Communication,
    He has a Ph.D. and M.A.           supported by the college.
                                                                       The State Journal. He also        essential tools for JMC
    degree in advertising from
                                                                       helps mentor the students         administrators because the
    the University of Texas at
                                                                       and has partnered with the        data provides salary bench-
    Austin, and a B.A. degree
    in journalism and mass
    communications from                                                                                                                    Dr. Chan Yun Yoo
    Hanyang University, Korea.                                                                                                             (JAT), Carl West
                                                                                                                                           (JOU/’66) and Dr.
    His research interests include                                                                                                         Lee Becker (JOU/’69
    consumer behavior and mar-                                                                                                             & GPC/’71) were
    keting communications, new                                                                                                             honored at the 2007
    media advertising, advertis-                                                                                                           College Recognition
                                                                                                                                           and Awards Ceremony
    ing media planning, and                                                                                                                and Dinner.
    economic impact of advertis-
    ing. His doctoral dissertation,
    “Preattentive Processing of
    Web Advertising,” won the
    2004 American Academy of
    Advertising Doctoral
                                      Carl West graduated from         school twice to host the          marks for faculty and place-
    Dissertation Competition,
                                      the UK School of Journalism      print journalists in the          ment information for JMC
    and the revised dissertation
                                      in 1966. He started his          Edward R. Murrow                  graduates. He is a prolific
    was published by Cambria
                                      newspaper career with The        Journalism Fellows group.         researcher and has received
    Press in 2007. His research
                                      Kentucky Post as a general                                         recognition including the
    appears in Journalism and
                                      assignment reporter in 1966.     Outstanding Alumnus               Krieghbaum Under-40 Award
    Mass Communication
                                      He moved to the Frankfort        Award – This award is             from AEJMC and the Harold
    Quarterly, Journal of
                                      bureau of the Post in 1969.       presented to an outstand-        L. Nelson Award from UW-
    Interactive Marketing,
                                      He went to Washington, D.C.      ing alumnus of the college        Madison. He has been a
    International Journal of
                                      in 1971 as a regional            and recognizes their              Fulbright Research Scholar
    Advertising, Journal of
                                      correspondent for Scripps-       achievements and many             twice. He is one of the

                                 best-known scholars in jour-                                                                           Julia Meador, JAT/ISC,
                                 nalism and mass communi-                                                                                  Shelbyville
                                 cation. His career success                                                                             Elizabeth Joy Nicolet, COM,
                                 speaks directly to the mission                                                                            Owensboro
                                 of the college, the graduate                                                                           Sharon Santo, COM/GPC,
                                 program, and the School                                                                                   Louisville
                                 of Journalism and                                                                                      Thomas (Chad) Thompson,
                                 Telecommunications                                                                                        COM/pre-COM, Bowling
                                 For a list of past award
                                 recipients, information on                                                                             Lt. Col. Charles Richardson

                                 attending the awards dinner or         Sam Abell and Dick               Williena Burdine               DeSpain Journalism Award
                                 nomination information go to:                                                                          James D. Davidson, Jr.,
                                                                        Ware Photojournalism             Broyles Scholarship
                                                                           Charlotte Fleming, SLIS,          JAT/ISC, Missouri City,
                                 Studies/awards.html                    Kendra Suchy, JAT/JOU,             Berea                           Texas
                                                                          Lexington                                                     Chris DeLotell, JAT/JOU,
                                                                                                         John D. Chaplin                   Mason, Ohio
                                                                        Adam Altman                      Scholarship                    Krista Hayes, JAT/JOU,
                                                                        Innovation Award                 Kelly Berger, JAT/pre-JOU,        Lexington
                                                                        Tony Rico Fisher, JAT/TEL,          Crestwood
                                                                                                         CIS Endowed Scholarship
                                                                        AT&T Kentucky Scholarship        Katie Bosworth, JAT/pre-ISC,
                                                                        Evan Storck, JAT/TEL,               Lexington
                                                                          Lexington                      Joanna Clark, JAT/pre-ISC,
                                                                     oBill Billiter Memorial                Louisville
                                                                                                         Emilee Dover, JAT/pre-ISC,
                                                                        Scholarship                         Louisville
                                                                        Ryan Alves, JAT/pre-JOU,         Lauren Frame, JAT/pre-JOU,
                                                                          Lawrenceburg                      Ashland                     Department of
                                                                        Laura Pepper, JAT/pre-JOU,       Kara Harp, COM,                Communication
                                                                          Stow, Ohio                        Nicholasville               Outstanding Junior Award
                                                                        Gregory Robinson, JAT/pre-                                      Renee Smith, COM,
                                                                          JOU, London                                                     Covington
                                  Student                               Hallie Day
                                  Awards and                            Blackburn Scholarship
                                  Recognition                           Charlotte Fleming, SLIS,
                                  2007-08                                 Berea
        COM – Department of                                             James C. Bowling
               Communication     We are pleased to be able to           Scholarship
GPC – Graduate Program in                                                                            o
               Communication     recognize our student scholar-         Lori Reifert, JAT/ISC,
        JAT – Journalism and     ship recipients. The support             Louisville
          Telecommunications     we receive from our alumnus,           Maria Braden Endowed
             JOU – Journalism    friends and faculty help to
    ISC – Integrated Strategic                                          Scholarship Fund
               Communication     make these scholarships, fel-          Chris DeLotell, JAT/JOU,
  TEL – Telecommunications       lowships and awards possible.             Mason, Ohio
 SLIS – School of Library and    All cities listed are in Kentucky      Krista Hayes, JAT/JOU,
           Information Science   unless otherwise noted.                   Lexington
                                                                        Sarah E. Livesay, JAT/JOU,

                                    JAT General Excellence         L. Niel Plummer                 Theodore E. Schulte
                                    Scholarship                    Scholarship                     Memorial Scholarship
                                    Ashleon Butler, JAT/pre-JOU,   Hannah Alley, JAT/TEL,          Megan K. Tolley, JAT/JOU,   o
                                       Stone Mountain, Ga.            Edmonton                       Louisville
                                    Laura Pepper, JAT/pre-JOU,     Rachel Vojtsek, JAT/ISC,
                                       Stow, Ohio                     Algonquin, Ill.              Jeremy Michael Streck

                                    Gregory Robinson, JAT/pre-                                     Memorial Scholarship
    Department of                                                  Joe W. Quinn Prize              William A. Price II,
    Communication                      JOU, London
                                    Ashley Seiter, JAT/ISC,        in Journalism                      JAT/ISC, Kokomo, Ind.
    Outstanding Senior Award                                       Clayton Hunter Bell, JAT/JOU,
    Regan Werdna Sale, COM,            Lexington                                                   Carol Sutton Scholarship
                                    Megan K. Tolley, JAT/ISC,         Lexington
      Chicago, Ill.                                                                                Kelly Berger, JAT/pre-JOU,
                                       Louisville                  Sy Ramsey Reporting                Crestwood
    Dickerson Trust Scholarship     Sherrell Watson, JAT/ISC,      and Writing Award               James D. Davidson, Jr.,
    Kelly Berger, JAT/pre-JOU,         Frankfort                   Jessica Marie Mitchell,            JAT/ISC, Missouri City,
       Crestwood                    Jasmine Whitlow, JAT/pre-         JAT/ISC, Louisville             Texas
                                       JOU, Louisville

                                                                                                                                   Students Kelly Berger (JOU/Chaplin/
                                                                                                   Naitore Kiogora, JAT/ISC,
    Alexandria Cicerchi, JAT/JOU,                                  Dan Rather Broadcast                                            Dickerson /Sutton), Jenny Maginnis
                                    J.A. McCauley Award                                              Richmond
       Westerville, Ohio                                                                                                           (GPC/Donohew) and Rigo Mejia
                                    (Received funding for travel   Journalism Scholarship          Rodrigo Mejia, JAT/JOU,         (JOU/Sutton) were recognized at
    Jon Hale, JAT/JOU, Langley         to SPJ Conference)          Mallory Bonbright, JAT/JOU,       Waldorf, Md.                  the 2007 College Recognition and
    Eric Lindsey, JAT/JOU,          Rebecca Sweeney, JAT/JOU,        Lexington                                                     Awards Ceremony and Dinner.
       Louisville                      May’s Lick                                                  Sypher Memorial
    Rebecca Sweeney, JAT/JOU,                                      Shirley Rose Scholarship        Scholarship
                                    Elizabeth Brown, JAT/JOU,      Nena Chima, JAT/ISC,
       May’s Lick                      Lexington                                                   Nicole Dobransky, GPC,
                                                                     Lexington                        Mentor, Ohio
                                    J.D. Williams, JAT/JOU,
    R. Lewis Donohew
                                       Louisville                  Rick Roth Memorial
    Graduate Fellowship                                                                            Melody Trosper Award
    Jennifer Maginnis, GPC,         Kenny Colston, JAT/JOU,        Scholarship
                                       Louisville                  Julia Meador, JAT/ISC,          Jennifer Link, SLIS, Mount
       Petroskey, Mich.                                                                               Orab, Ohio

                                                                                                     planned giving opportuni-
                                                                                                     ties contact the UK Office of
                                                                                                     Development at 859-257-
                                                                                                     3911 or 800-875-6272.

                                                                                                     • Phonathon a success—
                                                                                                     thanks to you! The
                                                                                                     Phonathon broke past
                                                                                                     records for number of pledges
                                                                                                     made and gifts received. We
                                                                                                     received 934 pledges and
                                                                                                     $41,865.27. This is a 7.15
                                                                                                     percent increase over last
                                                                                                     year and is the largest
                                                                                                     amount in the college’s 16-
                                                                                                     year phoning history. Again,
                                                                                                     we thank you for your con-
     Graduate faculty members Alan                                                                   tinued support of our stu-
                                      Bernie Vonderheide              McConnell Center for Youth
       Desantis, Tom Lindlof, Nancy                                                                  dents and programs. We hope
      G. Harrington and Jim Hertog.   Scholarship in Public           Literature, the Scripps
                                                                                                     that you will continue to say
                                      Relations                       Howard First Amendment
                                                                                                     “yes” to the student callers
                                      Julia Meador, JAT/ISC,          Center and the Institute for
                                                                                                     and help us to continue to
                                         Shelbyville                  Rural Journalism and
                                                                                                     expand our scholarship
                                                                      Community Issues. This
                                      Bruce Westley Memorial                                         opportunities and activities.
                                                                      past year we had several
                                      Graduate Scholarship            new scholarships and endow-    • The Clabes Family First
                                      Laura Beth Daws, GPC,           ments created as well as       Amendment Center Fund
                                        Athens, Ala.                  upgrades to several existing   was established in the
                                                                      ones and conducted our         School of Journalism and
                                       Development                    annual Phonathon and           Telecommunications in
                                       News                           Bids for Brains scholarship
                                                                      fund raiser.
                                                                                                     2007. In 2008, the Scripps
                                                                                                     Howard Foundation made a
Doug Boyd, former dean of the
College, presents Judy Clabes                                                                        $50,000 gift to endow the
(’67) with a Fellows plaque in
                                      The college has received a      To learn more about our
                                                                      programs or how to fund a      Judith G. Clabes Scholarship
recognition of her support of         great deal of support from
                                                                      scholarship, endowment or      in honor of her service to the
the College and JAT.                  our alumni and friends.
                                                                      professorship contact Janice   Scripps Howard Foundation.
                                      Your gifts support student
                                                                      Birdwhistell at 859-257-       The scholarship will be
                                      scholarships and fellowships,
                                                                      4241, or by e-mail at          awarded to declared upper-
                                      professorships, and our three
                                                             For       division majors, preferably
                                      Centers of Excellence: The      additional information on      print who have demonstrated
                                                                                                     through class work, intern-
                                                                                                     ships, part-time work, or
                                                                                                     extra-curricular activities an
                                                                                                     exceptional understanding of
                                                                                                     and commitment to the
                                                                                                     importance of First
                                                                                                     Amendment advocacy and
                                                                                                     principles in the professional
                                                                                                     and civic life of a working
                                                                                                     journalist and/or of the vital
                                                                                                     relationship of these princi-
                                                                                                     ples to the preservation of
                                                                                                     democracy. For additional
                                                                                                     information on the Scripps
                                                                                                     Howard First Amendment

                                                                                   Bids for
    Center contact: Dr. Mike           or major in the School
    Farrell at 859-257-4848 or by      of Journalism and
    e-mail at         Telecommunications.
    • The Institute for Rural          • The 2007 Bids for Brains
    Journalism and Community           dinner and live and silent
    Issues holds national              auction was held in October.
    conferences and partners           Thanks to the support of our
    with numerous institutions         alumnus - by attending the
    to develop its programs, to        event and by donating items
    expand its outreach activities     - we were able to raise
    and to develop a clearing-         $20,000 to support existing
    house for curricula related to     scholarships and to create a
    rural journalism. The insti-       JAT Programming
    tute has received a $1.5           Endowment. This endow-
    million match from the             ment covers any and all
    Commonwealth’s Research            expenses associated with
    Challenge Trust Fund to            guest speakers, including
    match a $1.5 million pledge        speakers in regularly sched-
    it received from The Friends       uled classes, at recognized
    of Rural Journalism to estab-      student organization meet-
    lish the Institute. To date, the   ing, public lectures,
    institute has raised $500,000      and for panelist for presenta-
    of the amount pledged. The         tions made to students.
    Tall Grass Farm Foundation         For information or to donate
    Graduate Fellowship was            an item for the event, contact
    established by Lois Mateus as      Dr. Beth Barnes at 859-257-
    part of the endowment. The         4275 or by e-mail at
    donor has requested, that if
    possible, the fellowship be
    awarded to a rural female
    graduate student in the
    college. For additional
    information on the institute        News
    contact: Professor Al Cross at
    859-257-3744 or by e-mail
    at               Success with
                                       extramural funding
    • The Jesse R. and Virginia        We currently have several
    K. Grisham Scholarship             active grants across the
    Fund was established by            College. Beth Barnes and
    Judy Clabes in honor of her        several of her colleagues
    parents and their abiding          in Journalism and
    love for the University of         Telecommunications received
    Kentucky, their insatiable         funding from the American
    interest in the news and                                                their work funded by the       substance abuse prevention
                                       International Health Alliance        National Institute of Mental   conducted through UK’s
    public affairs, and apprecia-      for a project to develop part-
    tion of the value of educa-                                             Health on Targeting Mass       interdisciplinary Center
                                       nerships to strengthen               Media Campaigns for HIV,       for Drug Abuse Research
    tion. The scholarship will be      Zambian organizational
    awarded to a student who is a                                           STD and Pregnancy              Translation. Pam Cupp
                                       capacity in HIV/AIDS                 Prevention (this project is    and colleagues in
    resident of Henderson County,      communication. Rick
    Ky.; shows an interest in                                               being conducted in the         Communication continue
                                       Zimmerman and                        United States and India) and   their work on a project fund-
    public affairs reporting; can      several colleagues in
    demonstrate financial need;                                             work funded by the National    ed by the National Institute
                                       Communication continue               Institute on Drug Abuse on     on Nursing Research,
    and is a declared pre-major

                                                                 preparing grant applications       Content Analysis. The goal of
                                                                 and internal forms in com-         this research was to complete
                                                                 pliance with both sponsor          reviews of the oral health
                                                                 and university policies, assist-   communication literature to
                                                                 ing with account ledger            provide the foundation for a
                                                                 review and resolution of           grant application to NIH.
                                                                 account issues that may arise
                                                                 during the project, and coor-      International Travel
                                                                 dinating with all departments      Several faculty members
                                                                 on campus that are vital to a      received travel support to
                                                                 grant’s success, including         attend the 58th Annual
                                                                 but not limited to the Office      Conference of the
                                                                 of Sponsored Projects              International Communication
                                                                 Administration, Sponsored          Association in Montreal,
                                                                 Projects Accounting, and           Quebec, Canada.
                                                                 the Office of Research
                                                                 Integrity. Prior to joining the    Deborah Chung (JAT)
                                                                 University of Kentucky, Gina       presented a paper she co-
                                                                 wrote and managed grant            authored with doctoral stu-

Improving School Learning       cation in college student        programs for community             dent Jennifer Robinette, Fast
Environments in HIV             dating relationships. Three of   non-profit organizations and       Forward into the Future:
Prevention. Seth Noar           our faculty members will         was a project manager for a        Trends in the Interactivity
(COM) received funding from     receive support for summer       large national association,        of Online News.
the National Institute of       2008. Zixue Tai (JAT) will       allowing her the benefit of
Mental Health for his study,    complete his book on the         seeing all aspects of grants       Elisia Cohen (COM) present-
Enhancing Message Design        changing landscape of            and project implementation         ed her paper, Naming and
in Tailored, Computerized       Chinese media in the new         from beginning to end. This        Claiming Cancer, Fears,
HIV/STI Interventions. Tim      millennium. Deborah              experience gives her a unique      and Fatalism Among
Sellnow (COM) has funding       Chung (JAT) is planning to       perspective as she helps           African-American Women:
from the Department of          study how differing forms of     faculty and staff navigate         An Application of
Homeland Security for his       news delivery affect the cog-    the requirements for obtain-       Problematic Integration
project, Robust Case Study      nitive and affective process-    ing and managing grants at         (PI) Theory. She also partici-
of Food-borne Crisis Events.    ing and perception of news       the university.                    pated in a session on
Tim Sineath (SLIS) contin-      content. Lisa O’Connor                                              Remapping Public Media:
ues his work with the           (SLIS) will expand her                                              Imagining Public Media in
Kentucky Department for         research on the information
                                                                  College                           an Open, Digital
Libraries and Archives. Lisa    seeking behavior of female        research                          Environment, and chaired a
O’Connor (SLIS) received        amateur investors.                activities                        panel on Risk Perceptions
an American Library                                               awards                            and Fatalism in Health.
Association Emerald Award       Our College
for her research on informa-                                                                        Seth Noar (COM) presented
                                Grants Officer                   Each year, the College             three papers, which he co-
tion seeking behaviors of                                        receives 5% of the indirect
                                When it comes to obtaining                                          authored with several faculty,
non-professional investors.                                      costs that it generates from
                                extramural funding, an inte-                                        graduate student, and
                                gral member of our team is       its extramurally funded            practitioner colleagues:
Success with                    our College Grants Officer,      research. We use the majority      Understanding Partner
internal funding                Gina Vessels. As CGO, Gina       of that money to fund faculty      Characteristics and
We have had great success       assists faculty and staff with   research projects and inter-       Personality Factors as
securing internal funding to    pre-award and post-award         national travel.                   Predictors of HIV:
support our faculty and their   grant activities. Services                                          Implications for Message
                                                                 Research Project
research. Caroline Rankin       include helping researchers                                         Design; Applying the Attitude-
                                                                 Elisia Cohen (COM),
(COM) received summer           find appropriate funding                                            Social Influence-Efficacy
                                                                 Campaigns for Smoking
support for 2007 to investi-    opportunities for their proj-                                       Model to Condom Use Among
                                                                 Cessation and Oral Health:
gate risky sexual communi-      ects, drafting budgets and                                          African-American STD Clinic
                                                                 Literature Review and

    Patients: Implications
    for Tailored Health
    Communication; and A
    10-Year Systematic Review
    of HIV/AIDS Mass
    Communication Campaigns:
    Have We Made Progress? He
    also chaired a panel on Media
    Influences on Health.

    Jim Hertog (JAT) participat-
    ed in a Scholar to Scholar:
    Political Communication
    Interactive Paper Poster
    Session, presenting work he
    co-authored with doctoral
    student J Human, Candidate
    Campaign Experience and
    Willingness to Run Again.
                                                                                                      Lisa O’Connor (SLIS), The
    Tim Sellnow (COM) served
    as a respondent to the panel
                                     Research                            Research                     Information Seeking

    Public Relations,                Workshops                           Seminars                     Behaviors of Female
                                                                                                      Amateur Investors
    Organizational Learning         We sponsor topical workshops        The CIS Office of Research
    and Renewal: Emerging           in the fall and spring semes-       continued its Research        Alan DeSantis (COM),
    Perspectives in Risk            ters each academic year. In         Seminar Series with           Inside Adderal U
    Communication.                  the fall, Communication             monthly presentations by
                                    Professors Phil Palmgreen           faculty members:              Chan Yoo (JAT), The
                                    and Rick Zimmerman pre-                                           Effect of Keyword Search
                                                                        Seth Noar (COM), Does
                                    sented a workshop on how                                          Advertising: An
                                                                        Tailoring Matter? Meta-
                                    to more effectively pursue                                        Experimental Examination
                                                                        analytic Review of Tailored
                                    extramural funding. In the                                        of Factors Affecting
                                                                        Print Health Behavior
                                    spring, UK’s Vice President                                       Click-Through
                                                                        Change Interventions
                                    for Research, James W. Tracy,
                                    visited the College to discuss                                    For additional information,
                                                                        Mark Stuhlfaut (JAT), The
                                    research issues at UK and                                         contact Dr. Nancy Grant
                                                                        Dimensions of Creativity
                                    the role of his office in                                         Harrington at 859-257-3622
                                    promoting research.                                               or by e-mail at
                                                                        Kwan Yi and Lois Chan
                                                                        (SLIS), A Feasibility Study

                                                                        for Linking User-tags in
    Mina Tsay (COM) presented                                           Folksonomy to Library
    a paper she co-authored with                                        Congress of Subject
    her former dissertation advi-                                       Headings

                                                                     o Michael Arrington (COM),
    sor from The Pennsylvania
    State University, Mary Beth
    Oliver: Is Watching Others                                          Communicating Social
    Self-Disclose Enjoyable? An                                         Support for Prostate
    Examination of the Effects                                          Cancer Survivors
    of Depth and Mode of
    Information Delivery in
    Entertainment Media.

  School of              Journalism and
                                                                   Two ISC majors, junior              Hearst Photojournalism
UK’s School of Journalism and Telecomunications                    Leah Harms and sophomore            Competition. Sixty-seven
is a professionally-oriented undergraduate program.                Megan Pulskamp (both                students from 41 universities
Working closely with media firms and the local communi-            women’s swimming),                  competed. Elliott Hess tied
ty, the School strives to maintain the high academic               were named to the 2008              for sixteenth place (1st round)
standards of its accrediting body, the Accrediting Council         Southeastern Conference             and tenth place (2nd round);
on Education in Journalism and Mass Communications,
                                                                   Academic Honor Roll for             Ed Matthews, fourteenth
while providing students with professional skills. Three
undergraduate majors are offered: Integrated Strategic             winter sports.                      place (2nd round) and
Communication, Journalism and Telecommunications.                                                      Britney McIntosh tied
                                                                   The UK Ad Club held its             for 18th place (1st round).
Students in Journalism have the opportunity to report and
                                                                   first senior showcase and
write for a wealth of campus media; students in Integrated
Strategic Communication and Telecommunications                     awarded ISCar trophies to           Six student photographers
are required to complete a for-credit internship before            top winners selected by             from the Kentucky
graduation.                                                        judges from the Lexington           Kernel were recognized
                                                                   Advertising Club. Taking            in the Kentucky News
                                                                   the gold ISCar was Naitore          Photographers Association’s
                                   Eckman through the              Kiogora for her Philips             2007 awards. Awards present-
  School News                      Cooperative Center for          ad execution. Ryan Love
                                                                   received the silver ISCar
                                                                                                       ed were: Picture Story: 3rd
                                                                                                       place, Britney McIntosh;
                                   Study Abroad, a multi-uni-
  Students                                                         award for his work with the         General News: 3rd place, Ed
                                   versity consortium of which
  The school’s Dow Jones                                           Frazier International History       Matthews; Honorable men-
                                   UK is a member.
  Summer High School                                               Museum in Louisville and            tion, Ed Matthews and Keith
  Journalism Workshop gave         ISC senior Megan Tolley,        Sarah Myers earned a bronze         Smiley; Picture Package: 3rd
  students the opportunity to      Louisville, Ky., was one of     ISCar for her “snow white”          place and Honorable
  learn the basics of sports and   two student recipients of the   Clorox execution.                   mention, Elliott Hess;
  news writing while enjoying      Algernon Sydney Sullivan
  local attractions and sporting   Medallion recognizing out-      Sean Rose, journalism senior    o
  events. The Workshop lasted      standing public service con-    from Crestwood, Ky., won the
  ten days and was attended by     tributions. The Sullivan        Roy W. Howard Reporting
  13 high school students.         Medallion is awarded at         Award. He received a one
  Several of those who attended    graduation, and is one of the   week study trip to Asia.
  the workshop are now             university’s highest honors.    Rose also won best four-year
  pre-majors in the school.                                        reporter for 2007 and second
                                                                   place for news story of the         Sean Rose (JOU) interviewed

                                                                   year from the Associated            former UK basketball coach
                                                                                                       Tubby Smith in Minnesota after
                                                                   Collegiate Press.                   Smith was named their new
                                                                   The 48th annual William
                                                                   Randolph Hearst
                                                                   Foundation’s Journalism             Feature Picture: 3rd place,
                                                                   Awards Program National             Elliott Hess; Honorable
                                                                   Writing Competition award-          mention, Brad Luttrell;
                                                                   ed third place to Megan G.          Sports Action: 1st and 2nd
                                                                   Boehnke, journalism senior          place, Keith Smiley; Sports
                                                                   from Crestwood, Ky.                 Feature: 2nd place, Elliott
  Nineteen University of           The Advertising Women of                                            Hess; Honorable mention,
  Kentucky students, most          New York awarded scholar-       Journalism major Jill Laster        Ed Matthews; Portrait/
  of them ISC majors,              ships worth $750 each to ISC    placed sixth in the Hearst          Personality: 3rd place,
  participated in “Advertising     students Devon Dufresne-        news writing spot news writ-        Britney McIntosh; Pictorial:
  and Public Relations in          Durand, Lexington, Ky.;         ing competition; journalism         Honorable mention, Arkasha
  London,” a course taught in      Ryan Hilliard, Carterville,     major Juliann Vachon tied           Stevenson and Keith Smiley.
  London, England during the       Ill.; Jessica McQuiston,        for fourteenth place in spot
  winter intersession. The         Dayton, Ohio; and Brooke        news. UK was ranked
  course was co-taught by Dr.      Stutler, Alexandria, Ky.        8th nationally in photo
  Beth Barnes and Dr. Alyssa                                       journalism at the

                                                                                                                                Eighteen ISC students spent the spring
                                                                                                                                semester developing an integrated
                                                                                                                                campaign to promote AOL social media
                                                                                                                                     services. Here students created
     The Integrated Strategic                                                                                                        this photo to illustrate their
     Communication                                                                                                                        “Have You Heard” message
     Competition Team                   o                                                                                                about Aim services.
     won 3rd place honors at
     the district level in the
     American Advertising
     Federation’s National Student
     Advertising Competition.
     The Kentucky Kernel was
     named the best college and         A 2007 Women Leading              Dr. Beth Barnes served as       press, “Interactive Features
     university newspaper in            Kentucky Scholarship for          a judge for the Scripps         of Online Newspapers:
     Kentucky for the fourth            $1,000 was awarded to             Howard National Journalism      Identifying Patterns and
     year in a row, winning the         Danielle Rose, an ISC             Awards. Barnes chaired the      Predicting Use of Engaged
     2007 General Excellence            major from Alexandria, Ky.        accreditation visit teams for   Readers,” Journal of
     Award in the Kentucky Press                                          Buffalo State University        Computer-Mediated
                                        Students from ISC,                and Hofstra University and      Communication; and
     Association annual competi-        Journalism and
     tion. Kernel staff members                                           serves as co-chair of UK’s      Chung, D.S. and C.Y. Yoo,
                                        Telecommunications                Internationalization Task       “Audience Motivations for
     received first place honors in     participated in a Flash
     15 of 26 categories, 10 second                                       Force. She was elected to       Using Interactive Features:
                                        workshop conducted by             the board of the Lexington      Distinguishing Use
     place awards, eight third          Bill Pitzer, news graphics
     place awards, and one certifi-                                       Humane Society, and also        of Different Types of
                                        editor at the Charlotte           serves on the advisory board    Interactivity in an
     cate of merit. The Kernel          Observer. The Flash work-
     swept the Best Spot News                                             for the Hearst Journalism       Inline Newspaper,” Mass
                                        shop, and a session on effec-     Awards program. She is a        Communication and
     Coverage category.                 tive multimedia conducted by      member of the College’s         Society. She is an associate
     The Lexington Advertising          Kentucky Journalism Hall of       graduate faculty.               member of the College’s
     Club (LAC) awarded $1,000          Fame inductee Al Tompkins                                         graduate faculty.
     scholarships to ISC students       of the Poynter Institute, was     Dr. Deborah S. Chung was
     Sierra Fowler, Alexandria,         part of the school’s on-going     selected to receive a Summer
     Ky.; Naitore Kiogora,              effort to help prepare students   Faculty Research Fellowship
     Richmond, Ky.; Jessica             for careers in multimedia.        from the University of
     McQuiston, Dayton, Ohio;                                             Kentucky. Chung has in
     Danielle Rose, Alexandria,         Faculty
     Ky.; and Brooke Stutler,           Professor Dennis Altman
     Alexandria, Ky. To be eligible,    continues to teach creative
     students must be majors in         PATH courses along with              Meet the Director
     advertising or related fields at   the ISC ethics course. He            Dr. Beth E. Barnes
     any four-year, accredited          was on leave during the              Director and Professor
     college or university in           spring semester.
     Kentucky that has a student                                             “2007-08 was a terrific year for alumni            Education: B.A., The College of William
                                        Dr. Chike Anyaegbunam                involvement. We had a number of alumni             and Mary; M.A., Northwestern University-
     chapter of the American
                                        co-authored “Dialogue to             return to campus to speak with students,           Medill School of Journalism; Ph.D.,
     Advertising Federation (AAF).
                                        Deliberation: Expanding the          and students took full advantage of hear-          Northwestern University- School of
     Naitore Kiogora, an ISC            Empowerment Education                ing their perspectives and talking with            Speech. She joined the School in July
     senior from Richmond, Ky.,         Model.” The paper was                them one-on-one to get career advice.              2003. She previously was the assistant
                                        published in the American            We’re also grateful for the increasing             dean at Syracuse University’s S.I.
     was honored as the College’s
                                                                             number of internship opportunities for             Newhouse School of Public
     Representative for the 2007        Journal of Health Behavior
                                                                             students that are coming through alumni.           Communications.
     Lyman T. Johnson Torch             and in World Bank. He is a           The Kentucky connection runs deep, and             Specialties: Advertising, media, research
     Bearer Award.                      member of the College’s              it’s marvelous to see how much students            and campaigns

                                        graduate faculty.                    are benefitting.”                                  Outside Interests: Cooking, reading, travel
                                                                                                                                and photography
                                                                             Phone: 859-257-4275
                                                                             Department Number: 859-257-2786
                                                                             Address: 107 Grehan Building, 40506-0042
                                                                             Fax: 859-323-3168
                                                                             Web Page:
                                 Professor John Clark                                                                                 Professor Buck Ryan spent
                                 was appointed internship                                                                             the spring semester on
                                 director and sequence                                                                                sabbatical, updating and
                                 coordinator for the                                                                                  expanding his book, The
                                 Telecommunications major.                                                                            Editor’s Toolbox: A

                                 He serves as faculty advisor                                                                         Reference Guide for
                                 for WRFL, UK’s student-run       Dr. Mike Farrell                  Dr. Philip Hutchison will         Beginners and
                                 radio station, the Society of    moderated a panel of First        have his article, “Journalism     Professionals. The planned
                                 Telecommunications Scholars      Amendment scholars dis-           and the Perfect Heat Wave:        revision will split the book
                                 (STS) and the Grehan             cussing their latest research     Assessing the Reportage of        into three texts, one focused
                                 Recording Group (GRG).           projects at the Association for   North America’s Worst Heat        on grammar and usage,
                                                                  Education in Journalism and       Wave, July-August 1936,”          one on editing, and a
                                 Professor Al Cross was                                                                               third updating the Maestro
                                 re-elected a director of the     Mass Communication                appear in the winter edition
                                                                  national convention. He           (Volume 25(1) 31-54) of           Concept to apply
                                 Sigma Delta Chi Foundation                                                                           to multimedia.
                                 of the Society of Professional   was named to the ethics           American Journalism. He is
                                 Journalists and remains sec-     committee of the Society of       an associate member of the        Professor Scoobie Ryan is
                                 retary and intern supervisor     Professional Journalists. He      College’s graduate faculty.       the sequence coordinator for
                                 of the Kentucky Judicial         also served as a judge for the                                      the journalism major and
                                                                  Scripps Howard National           Dr. Richard Labunski’s
                                 Campaign Conduct                                                   book, James Madison and           the school’s graduate teach-
                                 Committee, a private group       Journalism Awards.                                                  ing assistant supervisor.
                                                                                                    the Struggle for the Bill of
                                 that monitors campaigns          Dr. Jim Hertog presented          Rights was published in
                                 for judgeships.                  his co-authored paper             paperback by Oxford               Dr. Mark Stuhlfaut led the
                                                                  “Candidate Campaign               University Press in June 2008.    UK National Student
                                 Dr. Alyssa Eckman serves as                                                                          Advertising Competition
                                 the sequence coordinator for     Experience and Willingness        The hardcover and audio
                                                                  to Run Again,” in the             versions have been available      Team in the development of
                                 ISC. She was the newspaper                                                                           a campaign for ADL, as part
                                 designer for UK’s Dow Jones      Political Division at             since 2006. Labunski has
                                                                  the International                 begun writing his sixth book.     of this year’s national pro-
                                 Summer High School                                                                                   gram. Stuhlfaut chairs the
                                 Journalism Workshop.             Communication Association         Labunski is a member of the
                                                                  conference. The paper was         College’s graduate faculty.       school’s Diversity Committee
                                 Eckman wrote two special                                                                             and coordinated the program
                                 sections which focus on the      co-authored by doctoral
                                                                  student J Human. Hertog           Dr. Tom Lindlof will have         for an April event. He is an
                                 energy industry for the                                            his book, Hollywood Under         associate member of the
                                 Lexington Herald-Leader’s        is a member of the College’s
                                                                  graduate faculty.                 Siege: Martin Scorsese, the       College’s graduate faculty.
                                 Newspapers in Education                                            Religious Right, and the
                                 program for use in                                                 Culture Wars, published by
                                 elementary and secondary                                           the University Press of
                                 school classrooms.                                                 Kentucky, August 2008. This
                                                                                                    year marks the 20th anniver-
                                                                                                    sary of the original release of
                                                                                                    the Scorsese film The Last
                                                                                                    Temptation of Christ, which
                                                                                                    is the focus of Lindlof’s book.
                                                                                                    Lindlof is a member of the
                                                                                                    College’s graduate faculty.
   Dr. Beth Barnes presents a
certificate recognizing James                                                                       John McGary spent 2007-08
D. Davidson, Jr. as a 2006-07
                                                                                                    with the school as a visiting

recipient of the Carol Sutton
 Scholarship. This is the sec-                                                                      instructor, teaching broadcast    Dr. Zixue Tai has been
       ond time Davidson has                                                                        journalism and other              selected to receive a Summer
          received the award.                                                                       journalism courses.               Faculty Research Fellowship
                                                                                                                                      from the University of
                                                                                                                                      Kentucky. The fellowship will
                                                                                                                                      provide support to complete

     work on a book-length proj-     consulting. Ivanov received
     ect examining the develop-      his doctorate in communica-       School Events
     ment and evolution of mass      tion from the University of       The Institute for Rural
     media in China. He is an        Oklahoma. He is originally        Journalism and Community
     associate member of the         from Macedonia.                   Issues received national
     College’s graduate faculty.                                       recognition at the First
                                     Yung Soo Kim will also join
     Dr. Scott Whitlow is the        the school in fall 2008, teach-   National Rural Assembly
     adviser for UK’s chapter of     ing courses in photojournal-      in Washington, D.C. Al
     the Public Relations Student    ism and visual communica-         Smith (also the recipient
     Society of America and is       tion. He will complete his doc-   of the 2006 Friend of the
     the internship director for     torate at Southern Illinois       College Award), chair of the
     ISC majors.                     University-Carbondale in sum-     institute’s steering commit-
                                     mer 2008. Kim has worked as       tee, was recognized as one
     Dr. Chan Yoo published          a photojournalist in Korea and    of six “National Rural
     “Exploring a New Version        the United States.                Assembly Heroes.”
     of Need for Orientation in
     Agenda Setting Theory,”
     Korean Journal of
     Journalism &
     Communication Studies,
     51(6), 411-438. He is an
     associate member of the
     College’s graduate faculty.

     New Faculty
     Mel Coffee will join the

     school in fall 2008, teaching                                     Christine Amerman, the liaison
     courses in broadcast journal-                                     to the College at the James W.
                                     Staff                             Stuckert Career Center on cam-
     ism and supervising the JAT
                                     Christine Amerman is the          pus, shares a moment with her
     News student newscast. Coffee   UK Career Center liaison to       Egyptian Arabian horses, Zara
     previously taught at Southern   the school.                       (left) and Graley (right).
     Methodist University and at
     Syracuse University. He has     Lisa A. Brown recently
                                                                       English and journalism
     worked as a reporter, writer,   completed her fifth year of
                                                                       students from Mason
     managing editor, news direc-    service to the university.
                                                                       County High in Maysville,
     tor, producer and executive
                                     Debbie Danaher has joined         Ky. visited the school and sat
     producer in markets includ-
                                     the office of student affairs.    in on journalism classes,
     ing Dallas/Ft. Worth, Denver,
                                                                       including news writing,
     Kansas City, Nashville,         Amy Jarvis is the                 editing and Web design.
     Philadelphia and San            assistant to the director
     Francisco. He holds a           of the school.
     master’s degree from
     Northwestern University.        Nathan Stevens recently
                                     completed his fifth year of
     Bobi Ivanov will join the       service to the university.
     school’s Integrated Strategic
     Communication faculty,          Janet Whitaker is a staff
     teaching courses in account     assistant for the Institute for
     management and consumer         Rural Journalism and
     behavior. He previously         Community Issues.
     taught in the marketing
     department at Central
     Oklahoma University and
     has worked in marketing

The “State of the First              The 6th annual Richard G.
Amendment” address was               Wilson Alumni Symposium
presented by David Giles,            for Journalism focused on
counsel for E.W. Scripps Co.         sports writing. The panelists
Jon Fleischaker was present-         were Sally Jenkins
ed the James Madison Award           (Washington Post); Todd
from the Scripps Howard First        Jones (JOU/’88), Columbus
Amendment Center. The                Dispatch (Ohio); Jennifer
Center also sponsored a panel        Smith (JOU), Lexington

discussion, “The Next                Herald-Leader; and Brian                                        Christine Amerman talked with
                                     Bennett (JOU/’95), Louisville                                   students during a recent Grehan
                                     Courier-Journal. The mod-                                       event. Every November, the
                                                                                                     School offers a communica-
                                     erator was Chip Cosby                                           tions-related Internship and
                                     (JOU/’96), Lexington                                            Career Fair.
                                 o The 2007 Bids for Brains
                                                                                                     Lexington Herald-Leader,
                                                                     The 2007 Excellence in          the Baltimore Sun and the
                                     Scholarship Fundraiser          Public Relations Award was      Los Angeles Times. Carroll
                                     earned $20,000 for endow-       presented to Jay Rayburn.       spoke on “The Future (We
                                     ments and scholarships in       Rayburn began his academic      Hope) of Journalism.”
                                     the school. The emcee for the   career at UK in 1975. He is
                                     event was Nick Clooney. Over    the author or co-author of      Seven outstanding Kentucky
                                     100 people attended this        more than a dozen publica-      journalists joined the
                                                                                                     Kentucky Journalism Hall
Frontier: Libel Invades the          annual event.                   tions and is the head of the
                                                                     Florida State University        of Fame, housed in the
Internet.” Panelists were Jon        The Scripps Howard First
                                                                     Division of Public Relations    school. The 2008 inductees
Fleischaker; Monica Dias;            Amendment Center hosted a
                                                                     and Advertising.                were Jack Crowner, senior
Richard Labunski; and David          forum on open records for                                       farm director, Kentucky
Giles. The moderator was             Kentucky Attorney General       The School of Journalism        AGNET and WHAS Radio;
Judy Clabes.                         candidates Jack Conway (D)      and Telecommunications and      Don Edwards, a retired
                                     and Stan Lee (R). The           the UK Career Center jointly    columnist for the Lexington
The Scripps Howard First
                                     moderator was Judy Clabes.      sponsored an Internship &       Herald-Leader; Virginia
Amendment Center co-
sponsored a high school                                              Career Fair. Over 50            Edwards (JOU/`78), editor
                                     The James C. Bowling
essay contest on the First                                           companies participated.         and publisher of Education
Amendment and voting. The            Lecture Series featured                                         Week magazine and presi-
contest is run through the                                           The 31st annual Joe Creason     dent of Editorial Projects in
                                     Kenneth Sternad, Vice
Kentucky Secretary of State’s                                        Lecture featured John S.        Education; T George Harris,
                                     President of Public Relations
office. Members of the Scripps                                       Carroll, former editor of the   founding editor of
                                     for United Parcel Service.
Howard First Amendment

Center steering committee
served as judges, selecting
one winner each from 9th ,
10th, 11th, and 12th grade
entries from Kentucky
high schools.

  Lauren Castle (JOU) and Sean
 Rose (JOU) introduced Creason
         lecturer John S. Carroll.

     Psychology Today and a              Diversity.” Panelists were      The 6th annual Richard G.        Several school students
     reporter for Time, Look and         Nanci J. Davidson               Wilson Alumni Symposium          and faculty members are
     other publications; Kent            (JOU/`82), publisher for        for ISC featured careers in      participating in UK’s entry in
     Hollingsworth (JOU/`50),            Cooking Pleasures maga-         media sales. The panelists       the Department of Energy’s
     editor of The Blood-Horse           zine; T George Harris, found-   were: Steve Mann (TEL/`84);      Solar Decathlon. Twenty
     from 1963 to 1987 (posthu-          ing editor of Psychology        Sherise Davis Hurst              universities compete in this
     mous induction); William            Today and a reporter for        (ISC/`04); Saundra Lemaster      event to develop, design and
     Ray Mofield, broadcast jour-        Time, Look and other publi-     (JOU/`78); and Erik Schmidt      build a solar-powered house.
     nalist and former head of the       cations; Shaunice Hawkins,      (ISC/`99). The panel was         The houses will be displayed
     journalism department at            vice president, Diversity and   moderated by ISC student         on the Mall in Washington,
                                                                         Ashlie Berling.                  DC in fall 2009. The school
                                                                                                          is helping develop the
                                                                         Alumni Patrick D. Mutchler       communications plan for
                                                                         (ADV/’76) and Chuck Brymer       the UK entry.
                                                                         (COM/’81) provided ISC
                                                                         majors with insights into        The school and the Kentucky
                                                                         major corporate and agency       Press Association are collabo-
                                                                         advertising and marketing        rating on a Twinning project
                                                                         communication during an
                                                                                                          with the Zambia Institute
                                                                         April visit. Brymer, President
                                                                                                          of Mass Communication
                                                                         and CEO of DDB Worldwide,
                                                                                                          (ZAMCOM). The school
                                                                         spoke on his agency’s            and KPA will assist ZAMCOM
                                                                         approach to developing           in strengthening the training
                                                                         effective advertising. Brymer    it provides to journalists
                                                                         oversees DDB’s 206 offices       across southern Africa on
                                                                         in 96 countries. Mutchler is     how to cover HIV/AIDS
                                                                         Company Group Chairman           stories. The partnership
                                                                         with Johnson & Johnson,          involves exchange trips
                                                                         where he manages the             and development of
     The 2008 inductees to the           Multicultural Initiatives,      Johnson’s Baby business.         training materials.
     Kentucky Journalism Hall
                                         Magazine Publishers of          He and Joe McCarthy, Johnson
     of Fame.                                                            & Johnson Global Consumer
                                         America; and Kennethe
                                         Vaughn, staffing and            Group’s Vice President,
     Murray State University             diversity director for Emmis    Worldwide Advertising and
     (posthumous induction);             Communications, owner of        Marketing Communications,
     and Al Tompkins,                    eight regional magazines in     spoke on Johnson &
     Broadcast/Online                    six states. Hawkins served as   Johnson’s approach to
     Group Leader at the                 the panel moderator.            marketing communication.
     Poynter Institute.

     The school’s annual
     Diversity Event was
     “Spotlight on Magazine
     Publishing: America’s Most
     Diverse Medium Looks at

  School of              Library and
                             Information Science
                                                                     Award was established by the     Dr. Lois Chan has
UK’s School of Library and Information Science                       family and friends of Melody     published “Cataloging
has played an important role in supporting the mission of            Trosper as a memorial to her.    and Classification: An
the University of Kentucky. The school has been an inte-             Melody, a 1980 graduate of       Introduction. 3rd edition.”
gral part of the University by providing excellence in               SLIS, died in a car accident     Lanham, MD: Scarecrow
library and information science education, research and              soon after completing            Press, 2007. She spent a
service. The school offers the only master’s degree pro-
                                                                     the program.                     week at the University
gram in Kentucky and is one of only 56 programs in the
United States and Canada accredited by the American                                                   of Can Tho (Can Tho,
Library Association. The school offers both on-campus                                                 Vietnam), as a speaker at the
                                                                     Faculty                          Dewey Decimal Classification
and distance learning classes. This year the school will
welcome a new director, Dr. Jeffrey T. Huber. Dr. Huber is a
                                                                     Dr. Rebecca Miller Banner        Workshop, attended by more
Kentucky native and received his master’s degree from the            joined the faculty in the        than 70 librarians and
school in 1987. We are also pleased to report the school’s           information services position.   library educators from
new home is in recently renovated space on the third floor           After completing a BA in         various parts of Vietnam.
of the Lucille Little Fine Arts Library Building where you           French at the University of
will find our administrative and faculty offices, three state-       Nebraska-Lincoln, she earned     Professor Melissa Gardner,
of-the-art smart classrooms, and a comfortable student               a Maîtrise, Linguistics, at      (SLIS/`00) will join the
lounge area. We also occupy several areas on the fifth               the Université Stendahl          faculty in August, filling the
floor of the King Library Building which houses the                  (Grenoble III), Grenoble,        position vacated by Jackie
McConnell Center for the Study of Children’s Literature
                                                                     France. She subsequently         White. Melissa expects to
and the Center for Applied Information Technology (CAIT).
                                                                     earned an MLS at the School      complete UK’s Doctorate of
                                                                     of Library & Information         Education degree program in
                                                                     Management, Emporia State        December of this year. Her
                                     received a UK Graduate          University, where she is wrap-   doctoral focus is on instruc-
  School News                        School Multi-Year Fellowship.   ping up her PhD. Rebecca’s       tional systems design.
                                     The Multi-Year carries a        dissertation is titled “The
  Students                           stipend of $18,000, plus a      Diffusion of Professional        Dr. Sujin Kim has published
  In fall 2008, the SLIS will        tuition scholarship and stu-    Knowledge in International       “Cluster analysis of Cancer
  welcome approximately 100          dent health insurance.          Partnerships: A Case Study of    blog user.” Journal of the
  new students. In 2007, the                                         the American Bulgarian           Medical Library Association,
  school graduated 96 students.      Mary Landrum received the                                        94 (4):445-450; Kim, S.
                                     LISSO Leadership Award and      Library Exchange.”
  Sixteen students were induct-                                                                       and Gilbertson J. (2007).
  ed in Beta Phi Mu at the           the 2008 Melody Trosper         Dr. Donald Case was elected      “Information requirements
  school’s annual alumni din-        Award. The LISSO                ASIST president-elect. His       of cancer center researchers
  ner. Beta Phi Mu is the inter-     Leadership Award is given to    term begins in November          focusing on human biologi-
  national honorary society in       a student who demonstrates      2009. A 2008 report by the       cal samples and associated
  the school. Membership in          leadership in the classroom     publisher Wiley-Blackwell        data.” Information
  the honorary requires faculty      and contributes to the educa-   identifies an article by         Processing & Management,
  nomination, and each spring        tion of others. The Melody      authors affiliated with UK-      43 (5): 1383-1401; Chung,
  the faculty select students        Trosper Award is given          SLIS as among the top 20         DS and Kim, S. (2008).
  whom they wish to nominate         annually to a student for       highest-cited papers for the     “Blogging Activity Among
  for membership.                    excellence in scholarship,      journal JASIST during the        Cancer Patients and Their
                                     leadership, and service. The    period of 1999-2007. Ranked      Companions: Uses,
  Sara Abdmishani, from                                              12th in the list is an article   Gratifications and Predictors
  Richmond, Ky., received the    o                                   written by Professor Case and    of Outcomes,” Journal of
  2007 American Libraries                                            Georgeanne M. Higgins            American Society for
  Association Spectrum                                               (SLIS/`99): Case, D. &           Information Science
  Scholarship. She was also                                          Higgins, G. (2000). “How         and Technology. 59(2)1-11,
  the recipient of the                                               can we investigate citation      In Press.
  Graduate School Lyman                                              behavior? A study of reasons
  T. Johnson Fellowship.                                             for citing literature in         Professor Joe Miller has a
                                                                     Communication.” Journal          book contract with Libraries
  Katherine McCardwell, an                                                                            Unlimited for the text
  Oberlin College graduate and                                       of the American Society for
                                                                     Information Science, 51          Internet Technologies and
  Shelbyville, Ky. native,                                                                            Information Services.
                                                                     (7), 635-645.

     Professor Stephanie
     Reynolds presented
     “Bibliocognition and                                                                            Online Computer Library
     Collection Development” to                                                                      Center (OCLC), delivered the
     the Northern Kentucky                                                                           2008 Lazerow Lecture.
     Children’s and Young Adult                                                                      Dillon’s lecture, “The
     Services Librarians at their                                                                    Evolving Web and the
     KDLA regional meeting. She                                                                      Changing Role of
     also presided over the 2008                                                                     Information Providers,” was
     McConnell Conference for                                                                        free and open to the public.
     the school.
                                                                                                     The 40th annual McConnell
     Becky Ryder, part-time                                                                          Conference on Children’s
     faculty member and head of                                                                      Literature was a great
     the Preservation Services at     Trends, Issues, and            school’s Outstanding            success with about 350
     the University of Kentucky       Challenges,” Journal of        Alumna/us Award for 2008        participants. The Conference
     Libraries, has been named        International Cataloguing      and to deliver the Karen Cobb   opened with the traditional
     the winner of the inaugural      and Bibliographic Control,     Memorial Lecture. The award     Friday night banquet. The
     LBI (Library Binding             36(4), October-December        was presented at the annual     event speakers were author
     Institute) George Cunha          2007. His paper, “Hyperlink    alumni banquet. Cindy           Pam Munoz Ryan,
     and Susan Swartzburg             Analysis for the Visibility    Miller and four others found-   author/illustrator Denise
     Preservation Award in            of Canadian LIS School         ed the Endeavor Information     Fleming, and author George
     recognition of her service       Websites” is to be             Systems in 1994 and imple-      Ella Lyon. This year’s event
     to the field of preservation.    published in Online            mented the Voyager system       was coordinated by Lousetta
     The Preservation and             Information Review.            at the Library of Congress.     Carlson (administrative
     Reformatting Section (PARS)                                     She retired in 2001 following   assistant), Mary Landrum
     of the Association for Library   Staff                          the sale of Endeavor to         (graduate assistant) and
     Collections and Technical        Student affairs officer Will   Elsevier Science.               Professor Stephanie
     Services (ALCTS) will recog-     Buntin attended graduate                                       Reynolds. Professors Jackie
                                                                     Martin Dillon, independent
     nize Ryder at an awards cere-    school fairs at Northern                                       White and Sandy Ireland
                                                                     technology consultant and
     mony at the 2008 American        Kentucky University, Berea                                     also contributed to the center
                                                                     former senior official at
     Library Association (ALA)        College and Kentucky                                           and conference.
     Annual Conference.               State University to recruit
                                      prospective students.
     Dr. Timothy Sineath is
     stepping down from the
     directorship of the school and                                     Meet the Director
     will spend next year teaching,                                     Dr. Jeffrey T. Huber
     overseeing renovations and                                         Director and Professor
     serving as a consultant to the
     new director.                                                       “I am looking forward to working with             Education: MSLS, University of Kentucky;
                                                                        the faculty to move the school forward             Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh. He was a
     Professor Jackie White has                                         during this period when the university is          faculty member in the School of Library
     received the Carol J. Parris                                       experiencing unprecedented growth and              and Information Studies at Texas Women’s
     Mentoring Award from the                                           development. It is an exciting time to be          University, where he held the rank of
     Kentucky Library Association                                       joining UK. And as a native Kentuckian, it         Professor. He coordinated their MLS
                                                                        is essentially like coming home.”                  program. He had a concurrent appoint-
     in recognition of her work
                                                                                                                           ment as Associate Director for Research,

     with school media specialists                                                                                         Houston Academy of Medicine-Texas
     across the state. She also                                         Director Phone: 859-257-2334                       Medical Center (HAM-TMC) Library. He
     retired from the school.
                                      School Events                     Admissions Number: 859-257-3317
                                                                        Address: 320 Lucille C. Little Library
                                                                                                                           was also appointed Adjunct Associate
                                                                                                                           Professor in the School of Health
     Professor Kwan Yi has            The school is also pleased                                                           Information Sciences, Health Science
                                                                        Fax: 859-257-4205
     published “Automated Text        to announce Cindy                 Web Page:                    Center at Houston, University of Texas.
     Classification Using Library     Edgington Miller (SLIS/`82)                                                          Specialties: Medical informatics
     Classification Schemes:          was chosen to receive the

The Graduate Program in
                                                                  Dobransky, Debra Faith           DOCTORAL DISSERTA-
UK’s Graduate Program in Comunication is the                      Nickell, Kelly Elizabeth         TIONS COMPLETED
 only doctoral communication program currently                    Dixon, Christine Benac,          DURING 2007-2008
 available in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. The                   Purnima Mehrotra, Sarah          Instructional
  M.A. program was approved in the fall of 1966 and               Elizabeth Riley, Jennifer        Communication Matters:
  the first degree was conferred in 1967. To date, 310            Lynn Robinette, Erin Elysia      A Test of Knowledge
   Master of Arts degrees in communication have
                                                                  Gilles, Laura Beth Daws,         Acquisition Theory (KAT)
   been awarded. The Ph.D. program (in the restruc-
    tured College of Communications) was approved                 and Elizabeth                    from a Message-Oriented
     in December 1977 but it wasn’t until 1980 that the           Martina Webb.                    Receiver Perspective
      first students were admitted and 1983 before the                                             Robert Joseph Trader, Ph.D.
                                                                  Morgan Poor, Lisa Lynn           Director: Dr. Derek R. Lane
       first degree was awarded. To date, 141 doctoral
        degrees in communication have been awarded!               Beeler, and Cassandra            Committee: Dr. Donald Case,
        The graduate program approaches the study of              Selena Stevens defended             Dr. Beth E. Barnes, Dr.
        communication as a social science with an                 their master’s thesis and           Gary Anglin, Dr. James S.
         emphasis on both theory construction and                 eight additional students suc-      Rinehart (outside
         empirical research methods in order to gener-            cessfully completed compre-         examiner)
         ate new knowledge about communication as a               hensive exams during the
          core process. As such, our strategic planning                                            Accepted by the Graduate
                                                                  last year: Taylor Marie             School: 7/10/2007
          efforts include several important features              Papania, Amanda M.
          involving faculty recruitment, curriculum
                                                                  Harsin, Anna Goodman             Mentoring Matters: The
          renovation, and increased interaction with
          our alumni.                                             Hoover, John Andrew              Influence of Social Support
                                                                  Gillispie, Christine Noel        and Relational Maintenance
                                                                  Tigas, Laura Christine           Strategies On Critical
                                                                  Coleman, Timothy Reed            Outcomes In Doctoral
                                 The GPC had four doctoral
         Program                 students successfully defend
                                                                  Wiseman, and Bradley             Education
         News                    their dissertations. They were
                                                                  Michael Arterburn.               Sarah Elizabeth Cavendish, Ph.D.
                                                                                                   Director: Dr. Derek R. Lane
                                 in order of completion: Sarah    The Graduate Student
         Students                                                                                  Committee: Dr. Nancy G.
                                 Elizabeth Cavendish, Robert      Association officers for            Harrington, Dr. Michael I.
          In fall 2008, the                                       2007-08 were: co-chairs-
                                 Joseph Trader, Florence                                              Arrington, Dr. Jeffrey
          GPC will welcome                                        Laura Beth Daws (doctoral
                                 Maria Witte, and Zhiwen                                              Bieber, Dr. Larry J. Grabau
          seven new doctoral                                      student) and John Gillespie
                                 Xiao. The new doctoral can-                                          (outside examiner)
          students (Anna                                          (master’s student), secretary-
                                 didates who successfully                                          Accepted by the Graduate
          Hoover, Kathleen                                        Rosalie Shemanski, and
                                 defended their qualifying                                            School: 5/14/2007
          Vidoloff, Alyssa                                        treasurer-Elizabeth Webb.
                                 exams were: Nicole Denise
          Millner, Denise                                         They did a spectacular job!
          Damron, Stephanie                                                                                 o
          VanStee, Rachel
         Price, and Gerald
         Dean Abbott) and
        five new master’s stu-
        dents (Zachary
       Calhoun, Aubrey
       Krekeler, Kathryn
      Anthony, Elizabeth
     Petrun, and Mitchael
    Schwartz). There are cur-
   rently 49 students enrolled
  in the program. Twenty-one
 students are doctoral candi-
dates, twelve Ph.D. and four-
teen M.A. students are taking
coursework, and two students
are enrolled in the University
Scholars Program.

     The Fear Factor: Toward A                                                                                                             Graduate students gather after a
     Modification of Witte’s                                                                                                               recent conference.
     Extended Parallel Process
     Model for Application To
     Screening Mammography
     Florence Maria Witte, Ph.D.
     Director: Dr. Nancy G.
     Committee: Dr. Philip                 MASTER’S THESES                 Organizational Safety and       recently promoted (Dr.
        Palmgreen, Dr. Derek R.            COMPLETED DURING                Climate: A Study of             Michael I. Arrington and
        Lane, Dr. John F. Wilson,          2007-2008                       Communication Campaign,         Dr. Seth Noar) and 10 are
        Dr. Sharon E. Lock                 The Sweet Life of Zach &        Safety Climate and Safety       associate primary graduate
        (outside examiner)                 Cody: A Content Analysis        Performance                     faculty members including
     Accepted by the Graduate              of the Food Related             Cassandra Selena Stevens, MA    five recently added associate
        School: 11/29/2007                 Messages in Disney              Director: Dr. Kevin J. Real     primary graduate faculty that
                                           Television Program              Committee: Dr. J. David         include Dr. Elisia Cohen,
                                                                              Johnson, Dr. William         Dr. Philip Hutchison, Dr.
                                                                              F. Maloney                   Mark Stuhlfaut, Dr. Zixue
                                                                           Accepted by the Graduate        Tai, and Dr. Mina Tsay.
                                                                              School: 4/11/2008            Congratulations to Dr.
                                                                                                           Nancy G. Harrington and
                                                                           Faculty                         Dr. Richard Labunski for
                                                                           There are currently 28 mem-     their recent promotions from
                                                                           bers of the college graduate    Associate to Full Professor.
                                                                           faculty. Of those 18 are full
                                                                           primary graduate faculty
                                                                           members including two
                                                                           recently added full primary
                                                                           graduate faculty (Dr.
                                                                           Deanna Sellnow and Dr.
                                                                           Tim Sellnow), two that were
     Al Cross, director of the Institute
     for Rural Journalism and              Morgan A. Poor, MA
     Community Issues works with           Director: Dr. Beth E. Barnes
     doctoral student Chas Hartman.        Committee: Dr. Philip
                                              Palmgreen, Dr. Seth Noar,       Meet the Associate Dean
     Adapting and Applying a                  Dr. Mary Roseman                Dr. Derek R. Lane
     Multiple Domain Model of                 (Nutrition and Food             Associate Dean and Associate Professor
     Condom Use to Chinese                    Science)
     College Students                      Accepted by the Graduate           “Never forget that work always expands            Web page:
     Zhiwen Xiao, Ph.D.                       School: 7/13/2007               to time available. We care about the    
                                                                              success of our graduate students and
     Director: Dr. Philip                  Look behind you! Look              really want to hear from our alums.               Education: A.A. 1983, Eastern Wyoming
        Palmgreen                          behind you!: The Horror            What is happening in your career? What            College; B.S. Ed. 1986, Chadron State
     Committee: Dr. Rick                   Genre and a New Scheme             have you been doing since you left the            College; M.A. 1992, University of
        Zimmerman, Dr. Seth                for Cultivation Analysis           University of Kentucky? Where are you             Nebraska-Kearney; Ph.D. 1996, University
        Noar, Dr. Chike M.                 Lisa Lynn Beeler, MA               now? If you are planning to attend the            of Oklahoma.
        Anyaegbunam, Dr.                   Director: Dr. James K. Hertog      National Communication Association                Specialties: Message reception; instruc-
        Richard Clayton, Dr. Glyn                                             conference in San Diego, please plan to           tional communication, interpersonal com-
                                           Committee: Dr. Philip
        Gordon Caldwell                                                       attend the University of Kentucky social          munication, group communication.
                                              Palmgreen, Dr. Derek
        (outside examiner)                                                    event (always held on Friday evening).            Outside Interests: Vacation cruises,
                                              R. Lane                         Take time to reconnect with your                  movies, music, and new digital technology
     Accepted by the Graduate              Accepted by the Graduate           alma mater.”
        School: 12/03/2007                    School: 2/07/2008
                                                                              Phone: 859-257-7805
                                                                              Address: 133 Grehan Building, 40506-0042
                                                                              Fax: 859-323-9879
                                                                   Elizabeth Webb, recently
                                                                   defended her qualifying
                                                                   exams. Jennifer Gray
                                                                   successfully defended her
                                                                   dissertation and graduated.
                                                                   Jason Martin is beginning
                                                                   his second year in the
                                                                   doctoral program.

                                         Staff                     was “Communication in
                                      Louise Menifee is the        Context” and the keynote
                                   program’s staff assistant.      address was delivered by Dr.
                                 She has been with the pro-        Laura Stafford (The Ohio
                                 gram for fifteen years.           State University). We are also
                                                                   pleased to announce that Dr.
                                                                   Stafford will be joining our
                        In       Program Events                    faculty in the fall as a full
                      addition   The fall semester began with      professor with tenure!
                   to the col-   a new student orientation
                                                                   We celebrated the end of
                 lege graduate   and the annual Graduate
                                                                   another successful year with a
              faculty, there     Student Association picnic.
                                                                   lovely Saturday afternoon pic-
            are six additional   In place of a retreat, graduate
                                                                   nic hosted by Caitlin Dixon
          graduate faculty       students met in October to
                                                                   who is a master’s student in
        who have a secondary     discuss strategies for improv-
                                                                   our program and is chair of
      appointment in our col-    ing the process of graduate
                                                                   the social committee.
   lege. Four of the six are     comprehensive and qualify-
 Full Secondary Graduate         ing exams.
Faculty members and the          The Graduate
remaining two are Associate      Student
Secondary Graduate Faculty       Colloquium was
Members. We also have six        held in November.
emeriti graduate faculty         Dr. Joe Walther
members (Dr. Applegate, Dr.      from Michigan
Baseheart, Dr. Bostrom, Dr.      State University
Donohew, Dr. Moore, and          presented a pro-
Dr. Rush) that together          gram titled, “The
helped to create the graduate    Past, Present, and
program we enjoy today.          Future of
                                 The 12th annual
                                 Graduate Student                                                   Kelly Cowden and Laura Coleman
                                 Association Symposium was                                          both master’s students are at work
                                 held at the Crowne Plaza/                                          in the Graduate Seminar Room.
                                 Campbell House in Lexington
                                 on Saturday, March 1, 2008.
                                 The theme of the symposium

     We Need to Hear From YOU!

             In order to improve        lum. The plan includes      but also will help us to       graduate program. Your
             information access         the addition of new         recruit new graduate           contributions make it
             we created a new grad-     faculty who will teach      students that will be          possible for graduate
             uate program Webpage       existing and new gradu-     successful in our              students to attend con-
             that is available at       ate seminars. The new       graduate program.              ferences, present their
          curriculum will contin-
             Studies/GRAD. We are       ue to instill in students          endowments
             currently in the process   the importance of posi-
             of updating the technol-   tively contributing to      It is also important for       research, and obtain
             ogy for the                            the disci-      us to work together to         valuable feedback that
             Website so   website                   pline during    build a solid endow-           increases the likelihood
             that a data-                           and after       ment, a key indicator of       that their research will
             base can be used to        completion of their         financial health, and to       be published. For
             populate and update        graduate degree. We         boldly ask for the             information on making
             the site using SQL and     are also developing a       resources we need to           a gift, visit:
             PhP. We are also plan-     marketing plan that         accomplish our vision.
             ning a page where all      attempts to tell the UK     I would like to person-        Studies/alumni.html
             our past dissertations     Communication gradu-        ally thank all of you for
             and theses can be          ate story more confi-       your continued finan-
             accessed. We               dently. We need to hear     cial support for the
             created new recruit-       from you so please,
             ment materials to          drop us an email, send                                         Dr. Derek R. Lane
             increase our visibility    us a digital photograph,                      Associate Dean and Associate Professor
             at regional, national,     or simply complete
             and international con-     the online form at
                                        alumni/. I am convinced
       strategic plan                   that more frequent
                                        interactions with our
             We are currently devel-
                                        alumni will not only
             oping a strategic plan
                                        help us improve our
             to renovate the curricu-
                                        #6 national ranking

                                                                    Dr. Derek Lane consults with
                                                                    Dr. Nancy G. Harrington

Department of
UK’s Department of Communication offers                                                               Dr. Alan DeSantis was
                                                                  Dr. Michael Arrington had           named UK Best Professor in               o
Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees for              his article “Prostate cancer
undergraduate communication majors and teaches                                                        the latest Kentucky Kernel
                                                                  and the social construction of      poll. This makes seven out of
most of the graduate courses leading to a Master’s or
                                                                  masculine sexual identity”          the past nine years. Way to
Doctoral degree in communication through the College’s
Graduate Program in Communication. We have experi-                accepted for publication in         go, Alan!
enced considerable growth over the past year. Last fall,          the International Journal of
we obtained four new faculty lines and this year, we              Men’s Health.                       Professor Regina Francies
obtained one new faculty line. Including replacements                                                 participated in UK’s Dance
for faculty who have retired, that translates into eight          Dr. Douglas Boyd continues          Blue fundraiser and attended
new people on our faculty in two years. The number of             to serve as the chief of staff to   the National Communication
undergraduate pre-majors and majors continues to                  UK President Lee T. Todd, Jr.       Association convention
increase, as well. We now serve nearly 500 students in                                                in Chicago.
our program. Although funding through the National                Dr. Elisia L. Cohen was
Institutes of Health and other agencies has been severe-          competitively selected among
ly curtained in recent years, we continue to bring in a           a group of early career inves-
significant amount of grant dollars to the University. Our        tigators by the National
portfolio now includes funding from not only the                  Cancer Institute’s Division
National Institutes of Health, but the Department of              of Cancer Control and
Homeland Security. Almost all of this research is                 Population Sciences and the
focused on the health communication area, an area in              Office of Behavioral and
which we ranked 6th in the nation in a recent poll by the
                                                                  Sciences Research of the
National Communication Association.
                                                                  National Institutes of Health
                                                                  to attend the 4th Annual
                                 Nicolet was accepted into the    Advanced Training Institute

                                 MA program at the University     on Health Behavior
 Department                      of Cincinnati with a full        Theory at the University                    Dr. Nancy G. Harrington,
 News                            teaching assistantship award.    of Wisconsin-Madison in              Scott Johnson and Linda Mudge
                                                                                                            welcome KCHC conference
                                                                   July, 2008. She also                                    registrants.
Students                         Senior Collin Cowgill was        attended the International
Senior Ashley Collette was       named the 2008 “Scholar          Communication Association
accepted into MA programs        Athlete of the Year.” This is                                        Dr. Nancy Harrington
                                                                  Conference in May to present        finished her two-year term as
in communication at              one of the highest honors        her original research entitled
Marquette University and         the University of Kentucky                                           chair of the Coalition for
                                                                  “Naming and claiming                Health Communication and
Wake Forest University and       Athletic Association awards to   cancer, fears, and fatalism
received full teaching assist-   a student athlete.                                                   was appointed to the Cardinal
                                                                  among African-American              Hill Research Committee.
antship offers from both pro-                                     women: An application of
grams. Senior Elizabeth                                           Problematic Integration             Dr. Donald Helme joined

                                                                  (PI) theory.”                       the faculty at the rank of
                                                                                                      assistant professor; he comes
                                                                  Dr. Pam Cupp had her                to us from Wake Forest
                                                                  article “Combining and              University. Dr. Helme’s
                                                                  Adapting American School-           research focuses on substance
                                                                  based Alcohol and HIV               abuse prevention, most
                                                                  Prevention Programs in              recently in relation to inter-
                                                                  South Africa: The HAPS              cultural issues. Recent proj-
                                                                  Project” accepted for               ects include a study of envi-
                                                                  publication in the special          ronmental tobacco smoke
                                                                  AIDS Care edition “Youth            prevention among Native
                                                                  and Vulnerable Children.”           Americans and a study of
                                                                                                      smokers in Hungary.
                                                                                                      Welcome, Don!

                                                                                                     Faculty members from the
                                                                                                     Department participated in
                                                                                                     Dance Blue, a twenty-four hour
                                                                                                     dance marathon. This student-
                                                                                                     led fundraiser for the Pediatric
                                                                                                     Oncology Unit at UK Children's
                                                                                                     Hospital raised $424,855.

     Professor Traci Letcher was      Journal of Public Health,
     appointed to the faculty-        and his chapter “Mass media
     based advisory board for         campaigns as a tool for HIV
     the Central Advising and         prevention” appeared in
     Transfer Center.                 Communication
                                      Perspectives on HIV/AIDS for
     Professor Don Lowe taught        the 21st Century.
     through the Cooperative
     Center for Study Abroad          Dr. Caroline Rankin
     this past summer in              continued as faculty
     London, England.                 advisor to the undergraduate
                                      Honors Society.
     Professor Cyndy Miller was
     promoted to senior lecturer.     Dr. Kevin Real had his
     Congratulations, Cyndy!          article “The symbolic and        China Office; Public Health   Dr. Laura Stafford joined
                                      material nature of physician     Agency of Canada; the         the faculty at the rank of
                                      identity: Implications for       European Centre for Disease   full professor with tenure;
                                      physician-patient communi-       Prevention and Control;       she comes to us from The
                                      cation” accepted for publica-    and the Ministry of           Ohio State University. Dr.
                                      tion in the Health               Health, Singapore.            Stafford’s research focuses on
                                      Communication.                                                 interpersonal relationships,

                                      Dr. Deanna Sellnow was
                                    o appointed to three major
                                      university committees:
                                      the General Education
                                                                          Meet the Chair
     Dr. Seth Noar received           Steering Committee,                 Dr. Nancy Grant Harrington
     tenure and promotion to          the Undergraduate Council,          Professor and Chair; Associate Dean,
     associate professor, and the     and the Institutional               Office for Research
     book he co-edited with           Effectiveness Group.
                                                                          “Our faculty has undergone tremendous              Phone: 859-257-3622
     Timothy Edgar and Vicki S.                                           change over the past few years. Several            Department Number: 859-257-3621
     Freimuth, Communication          Dr. Tim Sellnow was one of
                                                                          retirements have led to the loss of some           Address: 227 Grehan Building, 40506-0042
     Perspectives on HIV/AIDS         five crisis and emergency risk
                                                                          of our most ‘tried and true,’ people in            Fax: 859-257-4103
     for the 21st Century, was        communication scholars
                                                                          large part responsible for building the            E-mail:
     published by Lawrence            invited to participate in the       enviable reputation the department cur-            Web Page:
     Erlbaum Associates.              Centers for Disease Control         rently enjoys. At the same time, new fac-
                                      and Prevention’s 2008 Risk          ulty positions allocated to us by our              Education: B.A., M.A., University of
     Dr. Phil Palmgreen had his       Communications Evaluation           Provost have swelled our ranks. Between            Cincinnati; Ph.D., University of Kentucky
     article “Effects of the Office   Summit in Atlanta. In addi-         ‘replacing’ retirees and hiring for new            Specialties: Health communication and
     of National Drug Control         tion to the U.S. delegation,        lines, we are supremely fortunate to have          interpersonal communication
     Policy’s Marijuana Initiative    Dr. Sellnow presented his           attracted some of the most talented                Outside Interests: Kenpo Karate (third
                                                                          Communication scholars in the nation.              degree black belt) and her three dogs
     campaign on high-sensation- evaluation and recommenda-
                                                                          With our wonderful ‘new’ people added to           (English Setters) and one husband.
     seeking adolescents” pub-        tions to representatives from
                                                                          our outstanding ‘ongoing’ people, I am
     lished in the American           such agencies as the CDC            confident that the Department of
                                                                          Communication will continue its tradition
                                                                          of excellence for many years to come!”
                             in particular the effect of     Staff                            researchers Seth Noar, Phil
                             long distance on relational     Mageleen “Maggie”                Palmgreen and Rick
                             maintenance. Welcome,           Chapman received the             Zimmerman. The conference
                             Laura!                          College’s 2007 Outstanding       featured competitive papers,
                                                             Staff Award.                     posters, and panels that
                                                                                              focused on major issues fac-
                                                                                              ing health communication
                                                              Department                      research and practice as we
                                                              Events                          head toward the second
                                                                                              decade of the 21st century.
                                                             The Department of                The Robert Lewis Donohew
                                                             Communication held its 10th      Outstanding Health
                                                             biennial Kentucky                Communication Scholar
                                                             Conference on Health             Award was presented to
                                                             Communication in April.          Richard L. Street, Jr., Texas
                                                             The conference theme was         A&M University. The Top
                                                             The Future of Health             Young Scholar award went
                                                             Communication: Where Are         to Elaine Hsieh, University
                                                             We Going and How Do We           of Oklahoma. The Top
Dean Johnson meets with a    Dr. Mina Tsay was               Get There? The featured
                             appointed to the University                                      Student Paper award was
    student at a recent UK                                   speakers included Lynn
            Preview Night.   Commencement Committee.                                          given to Leora Elli, University
                                                             Miller, University of Southern   of Memphis. By all accounts,
                             Dr. Jeffrey VanCleave pre-      California—Annenberg             the conference was a
                             sented his paper “A Nation      School; Brian Flynn,             huge success. The next
                             within a Nation: A Rhetorical   University of Vermont; Robert    conference will be held
                             Analysis of the Quebecois and   Hornik, Pennsylvania State       April 22-24, 2010.
                             Movement” at the National
                             Communication Association’s
                             annual convention.
                             Dr. Norm Van Tubergen
                             retired from the University
                             of Kentucky after more than
                             three decades of service.
                             Congratulations, Norm!
                             Dr. Rick Zimmerman
                             resigned his tenured faculty
                             position to become a research
                             professor, allowing him
                             greater flexibility to pursue
                             extramural funding through
                             the University of Kentucky as
                             well as the Pacific Institute
                             for Research and Evaluation,
                             Louisville, Kentucky, where
                             he serves as director.                                            o
                                                             University—Annenberg             Dr. Phil Palmgreen presented at
                                                             School; Marian Huhman,           the 10th biennial Kentucky
                                                             Centers for Disease Control      Conference on Health
                                                             and Prevention; Stella
                                                             Babalola, Johns Hopkins
                                                             University; and UK

      In 1993, the UK Board of Trustees approved
      the merger of the College of Communications
      with the College of Library and Information
      Science to form the new College of
      Communications and Information Studies.
      The new college included the Department of
      Communication, the School of Journalism and
      Telecommunications, the School of Library
      and Information Science and the Graduate
      Program in Communication.

      We offer bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral
      degrees designed to provide our students with
      the knowledge and skills to become communi-
      cation professionals in the 21st century.

 Our mission is to teach
 students how to create,
 produce and disseminate
 effective communication
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 environment in which teaching
 and learning complement discov-                      Photo Credits: Chike Anyaegbunam, Beth Barnes, Janice
                                                      Birdwhistell, Tim Collins, ADF Competition Team, Dow Jones
                                                      Summer Workshop Students, Nicholas Dumont, Alyssa
 ery and research.                                    Eckman, Kentucky Kernel, Derek Lane, Don Lowe, Ann
                                                      Stroth, Lee Thomas, Odyssey magazine, Mina Tsay, UKPR
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