The 3 Flirt Signals a Man Will Show a Woman He Adores Her by primusboy


									The 3 Flirt Signals a Man Will Show a Woman He Adores Her
Men display various flirt signals to show he is interested in the woman
he is flirting with, but women find it hard to read and do not realise
that the man is showing her flirt signals which usually means he wants to
be more than just friends with the woman. Some men are confident and
clearly display flirt signals towards women whereas some men have more
hidden, discrete flirt signals that they hide so it becomes difficult to
tell if he is flirting with you. So if you want to know if a man is
showing you different types of flirt signals then read below for the
three most obvious and notable flirt signals a man will show you.
1. Body language is one of the most obvious of all the flirt signals
there are as it is a great giveaway. This will be when the man is
clamping his hands together as he speaks to you because he is nervous and
keeps his hands held together throughout the conversation. Another sign
is when he also tries to lean towards you to show he is interested in you
and slowly moves closer and closer as he gets ready to try and make a
possible move.
2. When men speak to women they are interested in some men become so
nervous that they tend to stutter. They do this unknowingly as their
nerves tend to get the better of them because when they are in the
company of a beautiful woman they adore it becomes difficult for the man
to get his words out correctly.
3. One of the most sneaky of the flirt signals is when the man loves to
be alone with the woman he is interested in and wants to be on his own
with the woman to spend quality time with her. So the man will always
look for private moments on your own with you and grab every opportunity
he can so he can gradually become more intimate with you so you are
comfortable and relaxed when he is with you.
Men have strange ways of showing a woman flirt signals so follow the
steps above to note when a man is showing you flirt signals and be aware
of when he is spending a lot of time with you when you are on your own,
when his body language leans towards you and when he sometimes stutters
when he is nervous when you are with him. All these flirt signals will
show you this man adores you and wants more than just friendship with
To know if a man is showing you flirt signals visit and
you should be able to spot the flirt signals he shows you and know if he
is interested in you.

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