Okay by primusboy


									Okay, Where Are My Old Friends? They Were Here a Second Ago!
Okay, already, where are my old friends? No seriously.
Seems like just a minute or two ago, I was playing tennis with that old
wooden racket with Emil from Brooklyn.
And it doesn't seem life a lifetime ago that I was playing piano recitals
with that girl from Harrison, NY. (The one that always beat me. Grrr.)
And whoa, it REALLY doesn't seem that long ago that Scott from Milwaukee
taught me how to row in the practice boats so that I could (and did) make
the crew team in college.
These are some of the amazing people that came into my life and who now
have me asking myself "where are my old friends? And meaning it.
Well, I just happened to be feeling a little on the less than robust side
a few weeks back (prior to writing this) and I happened upon an amazing
new search engine that is 100% dedicated to finding people ONLY!
That means that instead of being a full service search engine, this
particular one specializes in finding people, their addresses and their
phone numbers.
Fact is, a full one third of all searches on the web are for people only.
So why bother with an engine that's busy finding out when Flight 121 from
O'Hare is due to land at LAX?
There's no need.
This engine is also 100% FREE. All you need to go out and find the people
you used to play tennis with (with those ugly wooden rackets) is to find
it and bring with you the name of the person and the state that you think
they might be living in.
That is it.
This powerful machine then goes out into the web and finds these people
with alarming precision. (Honestly, even if you want to simply dip your
toe into answering your own "where are my old friends" question, you
simply will not believe what this sucker can do.)
Right now, I want you get YOUR answers to "Where Are My Old Friends?"
(Like this article? Need some of your own?)

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