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									                                         Jembatan Ampera

The history of bridge Ampera construction

Seeing the condition of "Seberang Seberang Ulu and Ilir" separated by a river musi an idea to unite the
two land in the city of Palembang by the bridge, this idea of actually being there since the days
Gemeente Kilkenny, 1906. When the office of Mayor of Kilkenny held Le Cocq de Ville.

In 1924, this idea re-emerged and made a lot of effort to make it happen. However, until the term of
office ends Le Cocq, even when Dutch leave Indonesia, the project was never realized.

At the time of independence, the idea of sticking it back. Transitional Parliament Big City Kilkenny again
suggested the construction of the bridge and called the Bridge to see the name of the river Musi musi be
crossed by the bridge.

In 1957, formed the construction committee, consisting of Lord of War Command Military Region IV /
Sriwijaya, Harun Sohar, and the Governor of South Sumatra, HA Bastari. Mate, Mayor of Kilkenny, M. Ali
Amin, and Indra Caya. This team approach Bung Karno to support the plan. The efforts of Provincial
Government and the city of Palembang in South Sumatra, which is fully supported by Kodam IV /
Sriwijaya was later to fruition. Bung Karno was then approved the proposed development. Because the
bridge is planned to be built with each of the seven legs in the region and 16 Ilir Ulu, which means that
its position in the city center, Bung Karno and then submit the query. That is, the placement boulevard
or park is open at both ends of the bridge.

Ampera Bridge structure :

Length: 1117 m (the center of the 71.90 m)

Width: 22 m

Height: 11.5 m from surface water

Tower Height: 63 m from ground level

The distance between towers: 75 m

Weight: 944 tons
Privileges Privileges bridge :

In the beginning, the middle body of this bridge can lift up the mast for passing underneath the bridge
body does not get caught. The middle of the bridge can be removed with mechanical equipment, two
each pendulum weights about 500 tons in two towers. The speed of his appointment about 10 meters
per minute with a total time required to fully lift the bridge for 30 minutes.

At the center of the bridge is removed, the vessel with a width of 60 meters and 44.50 meters with a
maximum height, can pass the River Musi. When the center of the bridge is not raised, the maximum
height the ship could pass under the bridge only nine meters from the surface of the river water.

Since 1970, the activity of ascending and descending the middle of this bridge is not done anymore. The
reason, the time used to lift the bridge is considered to disrupt the flow of traffic on it.

In 1990, the second pendulum ballast on the bridge tower is lowered to avoid the collapse of both the
burden of this ballast.

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