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									Being In Love - The 10 Signs
Love is a thing which cannot be learned but rather must be experienced by
a person in life. It is a manifestation of feelings & emotions which is
the ultimate essence of human life.
Many of us celebrate Valentines Day on every 14th of February as a common
day to rekindle existing love in a relationship or a chance to create new
feelings between two people. Although it seems that people who are in
love celebrate their love for each other everyday. Being in love is a
beautiful experience.
Some people question the happiness felt when with one another as a
probable sign of being in love. We may not be sure whether what we feel
is a normal bond of friendship or it may be more than it.
Below are 10 tips to help you put your feelings towards another person
into perspective:
The person makes you forget about your “ex”
Memories with a previous romantic partner can be difficult to forget. The
new person in your life makes you forget about your good or bad moments
you had with your “ex”.
Always remembering the person
You do not remember about anything else significantly when you focus on
your work. Other times when you are not busy you remember the person &
the good moments you shared when being together.
Always showing concern
The person shows interest in you. The person appreciates your opinions,
thoughts, what you do etc without being intrusive in your live. The
person knows what you like to do & what makes you happy.
A characteristic about the person that attracts you
You are attracted to the person regarding table manners, how the person
treats other people, well cultured, politeness etc. There is something
about the person that you like and your feelings build on it. The
cheerfulness & charisma of the person impresses you.
Go well together
Both of you have a lot of things in common. You have similar taste &
enjoy the same activities like hobbies & interests with the person. You
communicate well with each other & you can talk about anything with the
person. It makes more chances of finding the special moment of wanting to
express your love to the person. It is not to be expected as it will come
to you as natural as possible. Or else when you seem to be the opposite
character of the other person then try to avoid major disputes or
Loyal to only each other
Love means that you love the person & only the person. It is not at all
good to play with another person’s feelings. While sharing the same
feeling towards more than one person at the same instance then it is not
love that you have found but it is merely a game.
Sharing special moments
Beautiful moments are made & shared while being together. The person
makes an effort to be with you instead of being with friends. It is a
good chance to get to know each other better, talk and feel good while
being close to each other.
Learning to compromise
You may have many things in common with the person but there are sure to
be moments that you can not seem to agree with each other. The person is
able to reach a compromise with your needs & it is a good platform for
being together as a couple in the future.
Prioritizing Importance
Naturally, you give the person special treatment and you make way in your
hectic schedule to be with the person. The person simultaneously does the
same to put you ahead over many things happening in life. Moral support
and helping you is done dutifully.
Together thinking about the future
You discuss about things you can do together in the near future with the
person. You feel excited & happy about having trips, going to a party or
attending a wedding together.
Your relation with the person may only be starting and there is a long
way to go. The above tips will help you decide & evaluate what you have
with a person in the early stages to avoid making mistakes which you may
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