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Today Google Adsence is the most popular online money maker for website and blog owner.
But many blog owners do not know how to create Adsense account. Actually create an
Adsense account is very easy, you just require a website or blog with language content that
supported by Google Adsense and the website has indexed by Google (suggestion: the website
contain minimal 10 pages to get Adsense accepted).

Some important aspects to success creating Google Adsense account you must have a website
with self hosting (now Google not accept free domain such as BlogSpot, multiply, and other
free domain) and your website not contain content that violates Adsense content guidelines
such as Pornography content, hacking or cracking, Gambling, Illicit drugs and other.

On the next page you must completed the Adsense registration form. There three form
sections must be completed on this page, here:Website information; enter you website
URL, website language (Now Adsense support 32 language)

Contact Information; Select your account type and Enter the valid information on the form
(payee name, address, phone). This data be used to received when you received your

         1. After all data complete click “Submit Information” button
         2. After submit the form Google will review your website and your registration.
             Usually it needs 1 to 5 days to get your Adsense registration approved or
             rejected. Google will send an email to your inbox if your Adsense approved or

i have tried to create one google adsense account using my blogspot blog.but google adsense
has refused for my account approval.and it requires .COM domain sites
i can’t clear with their requirements.
plese guide me to create new google adsense account

i am being offered revenue sharing for 8 of my videos.
what website do i enter in the box?it keeps prompting me with “false”
secondly, i live in Canada, and when i choose my country from the menu,
it prompts me “no such state or province exists”
thirdly, when i enter my area code, it gets rejected “prompting me: ZIP
codes have 5 to 7 numbers.
this is very frustrating….any help would be appreciated.

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