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									Saying "I Love You"
"I love you." Such simple yet powerful words. It gives you a pleasant
shiver when you hear it from your beloved for the first time. It's one of
the most romantic things to say, at least when it's said with feeling and
without expectations.
Some men (and women too) make the mistake of not saying "I love you"
enough. They don't realize that this is something a woman needs to hear.
It's reassuring. Although you might assume that your loving actions speak
loudly enough, saying "I love you" reinforces them.
Some boyfriends and husbands have a problem saying "I love you," because
it makes them vulnerable. They're afraid it shows weakness, dependency,
everything that goes against what it means to be a man and a strong
provider. However, it is one of the essential ingredients for a happy
relationship. She will not think less of you for making her feel special
and loved!
But, strange as it may sound, it's possible to say "I love you" too much.
There was once a man who saw what a profound effec t those three words had
on his wife--she was so touched--and he vowed to bring her happiness
every day by telling her often than he loved her. But after a while,
those words seemed to have the opposite effect. She didn't enjoy hearing
them any more.
Telling your wife or girlfriend that you love her gets old if you don't
say it with sincerity. If it becomes nothing more than a perfunctory
habit, it loses its impact. If you say it without backing it up with
loving actions, they become meaningless words. If you say it only when
you want sex, or only when you want to placate her when she's upset with
you, it's going to work against you. If you say it too many times every
day, you'll drive her up the wall.
"I love you" is a phrase that everyone needs to hear. A s long as you
truly mean it, show love with actions, and don't overuse the phrase until
it loses its magic--it doesn't get old. It remains one of the most
romantic things to say to your loved one.
Dana Rhinehart is a freelance writer who specializes in relationship and
marriage advice. You can read more of her tips at Questions Before

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