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									                            BENTENG KUTO BESAK

One of the tour that there is Fort Kuto dipalembang Besak or person dipalembang say
"BKB". His position is located alongside a river tour musi add to the atmosphere.

Kuto Besak is building a palace in the eighteenth century became the center of the
Sultanate of Palembang. Fortress Development Kuto Besak is his idea of Sultan
Mahmud Badaruddin I in 1724-1758 and its construction is completed by his successor
Sultan Mahmud Bahauddin in the year 1776-1803. Sultan Mahmud Bahauddin is
Palembang Darussalam Sultanate figure a realistic and practical in international trade,
as well as a religious teacher who makes Palembang as a center for religious literature
in the archipelago. Marking his role as sultan, he moved from palace to Kuto Besak
Kuto Lamo. The Dutch called the Nieuwe palace Kuto Besak aka new palace.

At that time, the city of Palembang is still surrounded by the children of the river that
divides the city into islands. Kuto Besak was as if standing on the island because it is
limited by Sekanak River in the west, Tengkuruk River in the east, and Kapuran River in
the north.
If berkunjunga to Palembang, please try to stop by the Fort Kuto Besak ... safely enjoy.


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