How to Tell a Woman You Are in Love

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					How to Tell a Woman You Are in Love
You could be one of those people who get really scared of telling a woman
that you love her. Especially if that woman is your friend. You are
afraid of telling her thinking that if you told her you love her, she
might never talk to you again and maybe end a very wonderful relationship
that you had. Bad news is, you might never get to know what the woman
feels for you if you never get the guts to voice out your feeling. Be
confident, tell her exactly what you feel. That is the only sure way of
knowing what the woman feels for you. Here are a few tips you can use to
tell a woman that you love her. I can almost tell you even if they do not
love you back the way you want them to love you, you wont be risking your
friendship with her.
Never rush a woman to give you an answer immediately after you drop the
'i love you' line. Give her a chance to think about it and to think about
you too. In doing so, the woman will not make a mistake in terms of her
true feelings. If she truly loves you, the woman will always come back to
you. The woman could have never thought of you as a romantic partner and
it could be important that you give her time to ponder about this and
determine wether she can like you romantically or what she feels for you
is pure friendship and nothing else. After she gives you her answer,
accept it. Even if you are disappointed with it, accept it in a nice way.
That way, you will still remain friends long after you told her you loved
her. And who knows, perhaps the way you took the answer could make her
fall in love with you.
Be confident when you ask her out and when asking her to be your
girlfriend. Women do not like men who are not confident. When telling her
you love her, do not complicate by making it sound like a puzzle she
needs to solve. That to her will only mean you did not want to tell her
in the first place and you were secretly hoping she will not get what you
are talking about. Be straight forward and say what you want and mean
what you say.
When telling a woman you like her, do not dwell on her outward
appearance. That will only show you love her for what she looks like and
not as a person. We would all like to be liked as we are. Though looks
matter a lot, women want to be love for being beautiful on the inside and
then the outside. When telling a woman you like her, go straight ahead
and tell her that you love her because of so many things, you can include
the looks but trust me, if it came last, she would not really mind. Just
don't forget to mention it all together or you will have a disaster on
your hands.
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