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                                               Florida A & M University

  School of Architecture                                                                                 Fall 2003

  First SOA Alumni Reunion Scheduled
   All SOA graduates are cordially invited to attend the first-ever SOA Alumni Reunion scheduled
   during the 2003 FAMU Homecoming week.

  The reunion is the alumni’ 2003              hard work have culminated in a plan that
  Connecting event— the second activity in     should prove entertaining, nostalgic, and
  the School’ three-year plan.
             s                    (The         inspiring for all who participate. Our           Johanna Flores
  Alumni Exhibition during last year’s         sincere thanks to each person on the             B.S., 1998;
                                                                                                M.Arch., 2000
  Homecoming was the 2002 Pre-Connect          Committee who has moved the reunion
                                                                                                Staff Architect, Wolfberg
  event.)                                      from concept to reality. They are:               Alvarez & Partners
                                                                                                Miami, FL
  The first reunion activity will be an
  informal mixer on Thursday evening,
  Oct. 23, where alumni will have an
  opportunity to become reacquainted with
                                                                     Sam Andras, Chair          Nate Goldberger
  old friends and faculty. The mixer will
                                                                     B.Arch., 1993              B.Arch., 1993
  be followed by a full day of activities on                         Principal, 2WR/Andras      President, Nate
  Friday, Oct. 24. For a detailed listing of                         Architects                 Goldberger, Inc.
  all activities, see the Reunion Schedule                           Columbus, GA               St. Augustine, FL
  on p. 11.

  Initiated and spearheaded by Sam
                                                                                                Randy Lewis
  Andras [B.Arch. ‘88], a small group of                             Blakely Bruce              B.S., 1978;
  alumni volunteers formed the Alumni                                M.Arch., 1983              M.Arch., 1984
  Reunion Organizing Committee in 2002.                              Architect, Clemons         Principal, Manausa-
                                                                     Rutherford & Associates    Lewis Architects, Inc.
  The Committee has been meeting
                                                                     Tallahassee, FL            Tallahassee, FL
  periodically for over a year. One of the
  group’ goals was to make the entire
  Alumni Reunion as open, inclusive,                                                            Dean Perkins
  participatory, and fun as possible, and we                                                    B.S., 1979;
  think they’ve done an excellent job of                             Jeff Bush                  M.Arch., 1983
                                                                     B.S., 1995; M.Arch, 1998   ADA Coord./Rest Area
  creating a plan to reach that goal.
                                                                     Project Architect, HKS,    Program Mgr., FDOT
                                                                     Inc. Architects            Structures Design Off.
  Each Committee member has taken on                                 Orlando, FL                Tallahassee, FL
  specific responsibilities to make the
  reunion a success. Hours and hours of

         Pages 10-11: More                                           Elizabeth Chase
                                                                     Hollister, Co-Chair
                                                                                                Terry Peterson
                                                                                                B.S., 1978;
         reunion information.                                        B.S., 1983                 M.Arch., 1991
         Page 6: Piccola                                             Architect, Barnett
                                                                     Fronczak Architects
                                                                                                Principal, Tomlinson
                                                                                                Peterson Assoc., Inc.
         Randolph retires.                                           Tallahassee, FL            Tallahassee, FL
                       FROM THE DEAN                                                                                                          2

                       “SO A Alumni,           “Your fellow alumni representing                “As you glance through this
                       Where Are You?” I       the classes of 1978, 1983, 1988,                issue of our newsletter, I am
                       chose to borrow         1993, 1998 along with the faculty,              sure you will agree that these
                       from the popular TV     staff, and friends of the School                are exciting times in the School,
                       series title from the   have worked tirelessly to plan an               and we welcome your
                       early 1960s (Car 54,    exciting palette of activities for              participation.”
Where Are You?) to solicit help from each      you.”
of you to sign up for the first-ever SOA
Alumni Reunion during this year’ FAMU
Homecoming. Please also encourage each         over the summer to develop the program for      join Professor Richard Rome in our
of your classmates to attend with you.         a one-week project. It will be introduced to    efforts to build the Master of Landscape
                                               the student body on Monday, October 13          Architecture toward full accreditation.
Your fellow alumni from the classes of         and collected October 20. You have an
1978, 1983, 1988, 1993, and 1998 along         opportunity to serve on one of the three        Donald Gray, a 2001 FAMU SOA
with the faculty, staff, and friends of the    juries to select the award winners or to        graduate, is back in the School after
School have worked tire-lessly to plan an      participate in the jury discussion groups,      having completed his M.Arch. degree at
exciting palette of activities for you.        both held throughout the School on Friday       the University of Michigan; he will teach
However, all SOA graduates are invited to      afternoon. All alumni attending are invited     part-time as an adjunct faculty member
participate in the reunion. The true success   to vote on the “Alumni Choice Awards.”          in the area of computer applications.
of this important event in the School’s                                                        Returning to provide additional program
history can be measured only by your           I encourage you to go to the FAMU SOA           support is William Huston in structures,
presence and participation.                    Web site and register today for the reunion.    Jeff Caster in site design, and Jorge
                                               Because of Homecoming and a home                Mateo in the first-year design studio.
Among the planned activities are social        football game at FSU, hotels are filling up     Professors Peter Stone, George Dombek,
events on Thursday and Friday evenings,        fast. So, let us know WHERE YOU ARE.            and Ron Shaeffer will be on phased
October 23 and 24. The first will be a                                                         retirement this fall with the prospect of
mixer at the firm of Huffman/Tarmey            Several changes have occurred in the            each teaching during the spring semester.
Architecture, P.A. on Thursday, and the        School since our last newsletter. Professor     Both Professors Dombek and Shaeffer
second will be an Awards Reception at the      Arleen Pabón will serve as Interim              are entering their last year in this
historic Brokaw-McDougall House on             Associate Dean during the 2003-2004             program.
Friday. Both events will offer                 academic year.      Associate Professor
opportunities for you to reminisce about       Andrew Chin will serve as Interim Director      As you glance through this issue of our
the days gone by with your colleagues,         of the Graduate and Professional Programs       newsletter, I am sure you will agree that
SOA faculty and staff, and friends. We         in Architecture.                                these are exciting times in the School,
will also hold the first SOA Alumni                                                            and we welcome your participation.
Organization meeting at lunch on Friday,       We are also pleased to welcome Assistant        Enrollment is up at both the undergradu-
October 24.                                    Professor Elizabeth (Beth) Dobson to a          ate and graduate levels. What better way
                                               permanent position on the architecture          to heighten the energy level in the
For the featured daytime activity on           faculty. Beth holds a M.Arch. from              School than to have you present during
Friday, we enlisted the help of two area       Washington University and is licensed in        Homecoming?
architects (Brad Innes, Elliott Marshall       the State of Florida. Professor Dobson has
Innes, P.A. and Monty Stark, Hicks/            served in a visiting capacity off and on for    I hope to have an opportunity to greet
Nation Architects, Inc.); a landscape          the last eight years. Also new to our faculty   each of you and to have your share you
architect (Sheba West); and our own            is Matthew Powers, a landscape                  experience and, of course, wisdom with
sculptor (Deborah LaGrasse) to design a        architecture graduate and Ph.D. candidate       our current students.
School-wide sketch problem for an all-         from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and                             Rodner B. Wright, AIA
student competition. They worked hard          State University.    Professor Powers will                                              Dean
3 New Faculty
  The nationwide search for new faculty ended with the appointment of Elizabeth Dobson in the architecture
  program and Matthew Powers in the landscape architecture program, beginning fall 2003.

                        Elizabeth Dobson, R.A. has been                                             Matthew Powers, ASLA has been
                        teaching in the architecture program at                                     appointed as Assistant Professor in the
                        the SOA off and on since 1986. Since                                        Master of Landscape Architecture Program.
                        2000 she has been a regular part of the                                     Mr. Powers will complete his Ph.D. in
                        SOA teaching staff serving as a visiting                                    Environmental Design and Planning from
                        faculty member. She has taught first-,                                      Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State
                        second-, and third-year design studios,                                     University (VPI), College of Architecture
                        Introduction to the Technology of                                           and Urban Studies this winter. He holds his
                        Architecture, graphics, and The Building                                    MLA from VPI also and his BSLA from
                        Arts.                                                                       West Virginia University.

  A native of Tallahassee, FL, Professor Dobson earned her B.A.               His research focus has been on student performance and learning
  degree from Tulane University in New Orleans, LA in 1974                    strategies within design curricula. He has presented papers on his
  and her Master of Architecture from Washington University in                research at both Architecture Research Centers Consortium
  St. Louis, MO in 1982. While at Washington University, she                  (ARCC) and Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture
  worked for the campus architect and later when in New                       (CELA) conferences. He has won awards and commendations for
  Orleans again worked for the Nathaniel Curtis Firm. She                     his work including an American Society of Landscape Architects
  currently maintains her professional license in Florida, which              (ASLA) Merit Award and the Outstanding Graduate Teaching
  she has held since 1984.                                                    Assistant Award for the year 2000 from the VPI Department of
                                                                              Landscape Architecture.
  Beth’ favorite hobbies are travel, painting, and walking the
  beach. With four children (two in college), a stepdaughter, and             Professor Powers will teach a landscape architecture studio. He
  a new grandson, her spare time is rare. She is married to                   recently married Melissa Minton who is studying law. Powers
  Stephen Dobson, a criminal defense attorney.                                enjoys the outdoors and athletics, particularly fishing and running.

  SOA Facility Broadly Used

  Other units on campus have now discovered that the newly expanded facility has flexible and functional
  spaces that fit many of their needs.

  Gone are the days when SOA students and                                                             Administrative Suite (the old computer
  faculty rarely saw anyone from across the                                                           lab) is also soughtafter. President
  campus in their building. Other units on                                                            Gainous chose it for his first President’s
  campus have now discovered that the                                                                 Brown Bag Luncheon, a forum for the
  newly expanded facility has flexible and                                                            expression and discussion of faculty
  functional spaces that fit many of their                                                            concerns. So many people attended,
  needs, and the SOA welcomes their                                                                   however, that the room was not large
  presence and use of the building.                                                                   enough. Fortunately, the new, large
                                                                                                      classroom (Room 121) was available, and
  The North Atrium is especially popular                                                              the group simply moved downstairs into
  because it is both large and adaptable to                                                           that space.
  multiple uses. Since April 2003 alone, the
  space has been used by the Delta Sigma                                                              Other groups to use the conference rooms
  Theta Sorority for its Information Seminar                                                          and/or classrooms include the National
  on Economic Development, the Black                                                                  Alumni Association for its Annual
  Male College Explorers Program for a                                                                Conference/General Membership Drive,
  banquet, the Student Government                                                                     the Sociology/Criminal Justice Dept. for a
  Association for its Annual Sports Awards,     Banquet in the North Atrium
                                                                                                      Criminal Justice Final Forum, the
  the Department of Psychology and              Student Orientation Program for its Fall              Environmental Science Department for an
  Interdisciplinary Planning Committee for      Orientation Reception.                                Environmental Science Conference, and
  an Awards Banquet during the Student                                                                several University-wide committees for
  Research Conference, and the New              The large conference room in the                      their meetings.
Interim Administrators Appointed by Dean                                                                                                  4
Two interim administrative appointments for the 2003-2004 academic year have been made.

                                            and as State Historic Preservation Officer.     B.Arch. Program. Associate Professor
                                            Dr. Pabón is a trustee of the Conservation      Andrew Chin will serve in the position
                                            Trust of Puerto Rico and was President of       during the 2003-2004 national search.
                                            the Institute of Puerto Rican Culture. She
                                            has been on the board of the National Trust     Professor Chin earned both a Bachelor of
                                            for Historic Preservation and on the Puerto     Science and a Master of Architecture
                                            Rico Architects and the Landscape               degree from the University of Florida. He
                                            Architects Examining Boards.                    is currently working toward a Ph.D. at the
                                                                                            Georgia Institute of Technology College of
                                            Dr. Pabón’ books include: Una promesa           Architecture in Atlanta. Chin joined the
                                            inconclusa: Apuntes socio-arquitectónicos       faculty at the SOA in 1992 as the
Arleen Pabón, Ph.D. and Andrew Chin         sobre el Hospital de Nuestra Señora de la       Coordinator of the SOA Student Retention
                                            Concepción el Grande (1999); Guánica: El        Program. In 2000, he was appointed as
Professor Arleen Pabón, Ph.D. will          origen de su memoria (1997, co-authored);       Coordinator of the professional Bachelor
assume the position of Interim Associate    Arquitectura, Historia y Patrimonio (1994,      of Architecture program.
Dean, and Associate Professor Andrew        co-authored); and “Els colaboradors d’en
Chin will serve as Interim Director of      Gaudí,” published in Gaudí i el seu temps       Professor Chin has taught first-, second-,
Professional and Graduate Architecture      (1990), in addition to numerous academic        and fifth-year design studios and various
Programs. During the year, a national       articles. She has received several              urban design electives. For six years
search will be conducted for both           professional distinctions, including the        during the summer, he has coordinated the
positions.                                  National Park Service Historic Preservation     summer program for high school students
                                            Award (1995), the Special Year Dissertation     interested in architecture commonly
Dr. Pabón joined the faculty in 1999. She   Fellowship (Northwestern University, 1978-      referred to as “CoFA— Connecting to
has taught History of Architecture,         1979 and 1977-1978), the AIA Medal to the       Florida Architecture.”
Historic Preservation, and Architectural    Highest Graduating Average (1974), and
Theory and Philosophy. Prior to joining     lifetime appointment as Corresponding           Chin is a member of the National
FAMU, she taught at the University of       Academician of the Sant Jordi Royal             Organization of Minority Architects
Puerto Rico where she also served as        Academy of Arts in Barcelona.                   (NOMA) where he has served as a board
Associate Dean. Dr. Pabón runs a                                                            member. He has also served on numerous
consultancy in the fields of historic       Dr. Pabón is a licensed attorney in Puerto      School and University committees as well
preservation, historical research, and      Rico. In her spare time, she travels, reads,    as worked with various community groups
cultural interpretation. A native of San    and writes, most recently delving into          in public service. His current practice
Juan, she studied architecture at the       historical fiction. She has one son, Frederic   includes urban design services for the
University of Puerto Rico before earning    Jorge.                                          cities of Dunnellon and Panacea, FL. His
her Ph.D. at Northwestern University.                                                       research focuses on issues of race,
                                            The Director of Professional and Graduate       segregation, and the American city.
In addition to her academic and             Architecture Programs is a new position at
consulting work, Dr. Pabón has engaged      the School that combines the responsibili-      Chin and his wife Sandra recently
in public service, notably as Advisor to    ties of the previous Coordinator of Graduate    celebrated their tenth wedding anniversary.
Governor Pedro Rosseló of Puerto Rico       Programs and the Coordinator of the             He enjoys travel, golf, and quiet time.

Master’ Symposium                                                                                          s
                                                                                            Visiting Master’ Lecture
Each year, the graduate program             research and practice interests and to          Visiting Professor Karl Thorne, FAIA
organizes and implements a series of        lead the discussions after their                                 s
                                                                                            gave this year’ Visiting Master’ s
symposia that are open to all students      presentations. The faculty presenters           Lecture. His topic was “ The Graduate
and faculty. Guest speakers are             and their topics were:                          Experience and Practice.” The
invited to present ideas relevant to                                                        presentation and lecture defined the
architecture and to discuss these                Professor Peter Stone                      core architectural values that
                                                 Design and Context
ideas in a roundtable setting with                                                          Professor Thorne developed in
graduate students and faculty.                   Professor Laverne Wells-Bowie              graduate school that have evolved
                                                 Tropical Paradigms                         into a set of seminal concepts that
This year, three of our own faculty                                                         still inform the making of his
members were invited to make                     Professor Andrew Chin                      architecture today, decades after his
                                                 Urban Design Strategies
presentations about their ongoing                                                           graduation.

5 Integral 2003: Summer Session in Cuba
  On May 17, FAMU architecture students embarked on a four-week summer session in Cuba.

  On May 17, FAMU architecture students                                                                  unique opportunity of working with six
  Kirsten Dahlquist, Daisy-O’   lice                                                                     Cuban architecture students (CUJAE) in
  Williams, and Karen Williams, along                                                                    doing collaborative fieldwork
  with Cassi Pittman of University of                                                                    investigations. The group worked under
  Pennsylvania, embarked on a four-week                                                                  the additional guidance of CUJAE
  summer session in Cuba under the                                                                       architect, sculptor, and professor, Emilio
  leadership of Prof. LaVerne Wells-Bowie.                                                                                                  s
                                                                                                         Escobar. Sites chosen in Havana’ Vedado
  They were joined by University of                                                                      neighborhood were analyzed to reveal
  Kentucky (UK) professor, Michaele Pride-                                                               how reflections of history, politics,
  Wells and UK students Brad Correa,                                                                     ideology, economy, identity, and culture
  Shannon Hensly, Portia Shields, Adam                                                                   were manifested in the built
  Phillips, and Stephen Lannen. Other            Cuba program students relaxing. (l-r) Cuban friend                    s
                                                                                                         environment’ past and present, as well as
  affiliated Kentucky professionals were         and student at CUJAE, Shannon Hensly, Cassi             thoughts on the future.
                                                 Pittman, Brad Correa, Stephen Lannen, Daisy-O’   lice
  Frank Walker, Andrea Tapia, and Doreen
                                                 Williams, Adam Phillips, Karen Williams, and Kirsten
  Maloney.                                                                                               Collective efforts of the groups were
                                                                                                         celebrated at the end of the four weeks
  The two-course session focused on                                                                      with digital and two-dimensional graphic
  architecture, urbanism, and visual art in      During the second week, the group departed              presentations in both English and Spanish
  Cuban and Afro-Cuban culture. Selected         Havana for a cross-country tour that                    to CUJAE students and faculty and local
  writing, visual media, history, contempo-      stopped in various cities including                     professionals. However, the culminating
  rary politics, urban theory, and personal      Cienfuegos, Trinidad, Camaguey, and                     project of the expedition that synthesized
  experience became sources for                  Santiago. The tour afforded students the                readings, field analysis, and experiences
  interpreting and documenting the               chance to visualize and understand the                  in Cuba was completed after returning to
  architectural and cultural landscape           character, scale, and culture of Cuba in                the U.S. Each student submitted an in-
  through photographs, drawing, watercolor,      broader terms. This provided a physical and             depth report that illuminated a specific
  and writing.                                   social context for later interpreting La                topic of interest documented in the
                                                 Habana. The remaining two weeks were                    physical or cultural landscape.
  The students began their studies with          used for exploring and documenting the
  intensive day-long workshops in Spanish        urban and cultural qualities of the capital             Overall, the four-week summer session
  speaking as well as weekly dinner              city at a more involved academic level.                 allowed students to gain an advanced
  discussions with renowned environmental                                                                understanding of the cultural context of
  professionals, scholars, and artists. These    Over the course of the trip, each student               Cuba and Afro-Cuban traditions. In
  included Mario Coryula, architect and          maintained a sketchbook diary that included             addition, students acquired an enhanced
  author; Manuel Mendive. Artist of the          a collection of notes, thoughts, sketches,              appreciation of cultural differences and
  State; Salvador Gonzalez, resident artist of   images, and found objects as a record                   similarities expressed in the shape and
  colorful Callejon de Hamel; Choco              documenting activities, observations,                   content of the built environment.
  Eduardo Salazar, renown visual artist; and     experiences, and questions. During weeks
  Gloria Rolando, film director.                 three and four, students were granted the

  Joint Course Developed
  The course spans the period from prehistory through the Medieval Period.

  Professor Arleen Pabón and Associate           The course is designed to initiate student              they are being designed to foster a high
  Professor Richard Rome have developed          interest and scholarship in the ideas,                  level of engagement between the students
  a joint course for graduate students in the    individuals, and designed objects that                  and the subject matter.
  SOA’s first professional degree programs       collectively influenced the determination of
  in architecture and landscape architecture.    the built environment as we know it today.              Additional linked courses are planned
  The course links the early histories and                                                               that address the areas of urban design,
  the generative theories of the two             The course is one of several under                      research methods, computer applications
  disciplines within the Western tradition. It   development that are designed to link the               in design, and professional practice. All
  is a survey course that spans the period       graduate programs within the SOA by                     of these courses came out of recommen-
  from prehistory through the Medieval           encouraging interdisciplinary scholarship at            dations made by the Curriculum
  Period, and it concentrates on seminal,        the graduate level. The courses will be                 Committee under the leadership of
  architectural monuments of selected great      offered exclusively to students enrolled at             Professor Larry Peterson, Chair.
  civilizations and their defining epochs.       the graduate level within the university, and
FACULTY AND STAFF                                                                                                                                 6

Piccola Randolph Retires
The unthinkable has happened. Piccola               “Mrs. Randolph was one of the five
Randolph has retired after 43 years at              people who opened the doors of the
FAMU; 28 of those years were at the
                                                    School in 1975, and she has been an
School of Architecture. Mrs. Randolph
                                                    integral part of its operations ever since.”
was one of the five people (four faculty
members) who opened the doors of the
School in 1975, and she has been an                 the job, and expressed gratitude for her
integral part of its operations ever since.         loyal service. Her husband and long-time
                                                    friend of the School, Willie Randolph, was
On June 30, her last day in the office, the         also recognized at the affair.
faculty and staff honored Mrs. Randolph
with a luncheon held at the School. On              A larger retirement event is being planned
behalf of the faculty, staff, and students,         by a faculty group and will be held some
Dean Rodner Wright expressed                        time during the fall semester. An exact
appreciation for the many contributions             date has not been set as we go to press.
Mrs. Randolph has made to the School                For more information, please check our
over the years. Others present reminisced           Web site ( or call the
about the early years, noted special                School’s receptionist at 850.599.3244.
attributes that Mrs. Randolph brought to

White Spends Summer in Europe
                                                                                                   “White taught two courses through the
                                                                                                   FSU Summer Abroad Study Center in
                                                                                                                        Sketching the
                                                                                                   Leysin, Switzerland— ‘
                                                                                                   Environment’and ‘ Studio Art

                                                                                                   Professor Tim White and his wife, painter
                                                                                                   Barbara Lester, spent two months in
                                                                                                   Europe over the summer. Tim taught two
                                                                                                   courses through the FSU Summer Abroad
                                                                                                   Study Center in Leysin, Switzerland—
                                                                                                   “Sketching the Environment” and “Studio
                                                                                                   Art Practices.” Leysin is a small village
                                                                                                   located at 4,000 ft. Before this summer,
                                                                                                   the Study Center had been the sole
                                                                                                   province of FSU’ hospitality program.
                                                                                                   “It was a joy to be with these hospitality
                                                                                                   people because our field trips were to five-
                                                                                                   star restaurants and world-class hotels,”
                                                                                                   Tim said. “They were amazing hosts.”

                                                                                                   While there, Tim and Barbara traveled to
                                                                                                   Stockholm, Sweden; Helsinki, Finland; St.
                                                                                                   Petersburg, Russia; and Tallin, Estonia.
                                                                                                   All the while, both were capturing the
                                                                                                   environment through art. Tim produced
                                                                                                   50 new pen-and-ink sketches (that will
                                                                                                   eventually be in a new book), and Barbara
                                                                                                   focused on oil paintings.

Steetscape in Montreaux, Switzerland by Tim White
  Faculty and Staff Activities
                                                 scheduled to appear in an upcoming issue        Robles was also an invited panelist at the
                                                 of Surface Design Magazine. Prof. Good-         “Identities and Chilean Cities”
  Two new faculty (Elizabeth Dobson and               s
                                                 win’ work was also recognized in the            conference. Held in June 2003, the
  Matthew Powers) have been appointed            online magazine Art-Is-Life.Com where the       conference was organized by the
  to the architecture and landscape archi-       quilts Mach I and City Grid I were noted in     Corporación de Desarrollo de Arica y
  tecture programs respectively. See p. 3.       an article titled, “Architects and Professors   Parinacota (a governmental Development
                                                 Make Quilts.”                                   Corporation for Arica and Parinacota),
  Two interim administrative appointments                                                        the Colegio de Arquitectos de Chile sede
  have also been made: Prof. Arleen              Upcoming for Goodwin is coverage in             Arica (the equivalent of the AIA, Arica
  Pabón, Ph.D. will assume the position of       Fiber Arts Magazine of her original quilt       chapter), and the Centro de Estudios y
  Interim Assoc. Dean, and Assoc. Prof.          Riverside Settlement that was exhibited at      Desarrollo Regional de la Universidad de
  Andrew Chin will serve as Interim              Quilt National ‘03, an international juried     Tarapacá (the Center for Study and
  Director of Professional Graduate and          competition dedicated to promoting the          Development of the University of
  Architecture Programs. See p. 4.               contemporary quilt as an art form. This         Tarapacá). The conference was attended
                                                 exhibition in Athens, OH is considered to       by most of the local architects,
                                                 be one of the premier art quilt exhibits held   anthropologists, archeologists, and
     Promotions                                  in the U.S. The quilt was one of 81 out of      directors of development institutions as
  Huimin (Pat) Ding was promoted from            1,452 selected for exhibit.                     well as representatives from universities
  Computer Research Specialist to Research                                                       and museums. Prof. Robles spoke about
  Associate. Mr. Ding is responsible for the                                                     the identities in Latin America, the
  development and maintenance of the                                                             architectural and urban inheritance from
  School’ computer hardware and software
          s                                      Prof. Tom Martineau presented a paper at        Spain, and later influences from other
  as well as the establishment of a local area   the 36 th International Making Cities Livable   European countries. Included were cities
  network in the new facility.                   Conference in Santa Fe, New Mexico, April       in Chile, particularly port cities, and
                                                 13-17, 2003. His paper was titled, The          Arica because of its geographical and
                                                 Metamorphoses of Munich’ Marienplatz:           historical positions.
     Awards                                      Exemplary Adaptability in the Face of
  Asst. Prof. Valerie Goodwin was one of         Changing Times. The paper traced the
                                                                                                    Work Abroad
  eight FAMU faculty to receive a “Teacher       historic uses of Marienplatz (Munich’  s
  of the Year” award for 2002-2003. The          public square) over a period of approxi-        Prof. LaVerne Wells-Bowie accompa-
  $2,000 cash award recognizes outstanding       mately 800 years. Remarkable adaptive           nied students from the SOA and taught in
  contributions in teaching, her teaching        growth and change took place as the             a six-weeks program in Havana, Cuba.
  philosophy, and support of students.           community grew from a few hundred to            See p. 5.
                                                 over 2.3 million people and survived the
  Admin. Asst. Piccola Randolph received         impacts of wars, occupations, pestilence,       Over the summer, Prof. Tim White
  an award for life-long service from the        and social and technological revolutions.       taught two courses through the FSU
  Society of Design Administration.                                                              Summer Abroad Study Center in Leysin,
                                                 The paper was also presented at the 37 th       Switzerland— “Sketching the
  Assoc. Prof. Eduardo (Lalo) Robles             Conference in Siena, Italy, July 15-19,         Environment” and “Studio Art Practices.”
  received a Faculty Service Award from the      2003. While there, Prof. Martineau              See p. 6.
  University for his role as Curator of the      translated into English from the original
  2002 Alumni Exhibition.                        German a poetic/prosaic observation by the
                                                                                                    Creative Activities
                                                 Austrian poet Christof Wilhelm Aigner
                                                 titled, “By Their Place-Making We Shall                                        s
                                                                                                 Asst. Prof. Valerie Goodwin’ original
     Publications                                Know Them.” He and Aigner gave the              art quilt, Organic Grid II, was one of 33
  Recognition of the work of Asst. Prof.         results in a bilingual reading during the       pieces of art selected from 500 entries for
  Valerie Goodwin has been noted in              opening day of the conference.                  display in the 12 th Annual All-Florida
  several recent periodicals. Her original                                                       Juried Exhibition. The show was at The
  quilt Ground Zero was featured in              Assoc. Prof. Eduardo (Lalo) Robles              Arts Center in St. Petersburg, FL May 9 -
  American Craft magazine (Aug./Sept.            presented a paper at the “2003 Cities,          June 28, 2003.
  2003), Niche magazine (Summer 2003),           Citizenship, and Urban Growth” Program
  and the Studio Art Quilt Association           sponsored by the Latin American Studies         Ground Zero, another original quilt by
  journal (Vol. 13, No. 2). Its entry in the     Association (LASA) in Dallas, TX. The           Goodwin, was one of 47 selected from
  “Art Quilts at the Sedgwick” exhibit at the    paper was part of the panel on “Negotiating     over 600 entries worldwide for exhibit in
  Sedgwick Cultural Center in Philadelphia       Urban Spaces: (Trans)national Politics in       the juried “Art Quilts at the Sedgwick
  brought Prof. Goodwin the Surface              the Chilean City” and was titled “Punta         2003” in Philadelphia. While the quilt
  Design Award conferred by the Fabric           Arenas: The Identity of a City at the End of
                                                                                                                          Please see page 8.
  Workshop and Museum. The work is also          the World.”
FACULTY AND STAFF                                STUDENTS                                                                                                         8
ACTIVITIES, continued from page 7.               Jacksonville Studio 2003
was on exhibit, it received the “Surface
Design Award” sponsored by the Fabric
Workshop and Museum (FWM) in
Philadelphia. The FWM is the only non-
profit arts organization in the United States
devoted to creating new work in fabric and
other materials in collaboration with
emerging nationally and internationally
recognized artists.

Assoc. in Arch. Deborah LaGrasse
participated in the exhibition, “Artist in our
Economy: An Exhibition of Tallahassee
Talent” for a retreat of 350 members of the
Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce in
Panama City, July 10-14, 2003.

                                                 Jurors and Students. 1st row (l-r): Martin Wander, Ricardo Quinones, William Bishop, Karl Wilson, Alan Wilson.
  Service                                        2nd row (l-r): Rossina Alva, Scott Parker, Bao Kim Pham, Shani Chambers, Shane Moniz, Mark Hatcher, Chinh Cao.
Jeff Caster, Adjunct Asst. Prof. in the
MLA Program, was voted President-elect           Led by Assoc. Prof. Eduardo (Lalo)                        city, its architecture, and its relationship to
of the Florida Chapter of the American           Robles and continuing a long tradition of                 the river. The projects included a
Society of Landscape Architects. Caster          the SOA, the first-year graduate students                 botanical garden by the river that
previously served as Tallahassee Section         once again had the opportunity to explore                 connected to a park inland, a library, a
Chair and Member-at-large on the Florida         architecture and urban design issues in the               multi-purpose community/government
Chapter ASLA Executive Committee.                city of Jacksonville, FL. Jacksonville is                 complex, a museum and apartment
                                                 split by the St. John’ River, and, like                   complex, an apartment tower and
Assoc. Prof. Eduardo (Lalo) Robles               many others in the country, the city has                  entertainment/cultural center, a floating
served as a panelist for the 2003                come to understand the importance of the                  manatee aquarium, an environmental
International Cultural Exchange Panel of         river front. This asset is slowly becoming                research center in Exchange Island, and a
the Division of Cultural Affairs of the          a strong visual reference and an element of               satellite design center.
Florida Department of State.                     identity. It provided the basis for the
                                                 students’ first project: a floating stage                 Because of the unique nature of each site,
Assoc. Prof. and Director of the Landscape       with the size limitations of a barge— 60'                 the studio developed a constant and active
Architecture Program Richard Rome was            long by 30' wide.                                         dialogue between the different sites and
an invited juror for the Hillsborough                                                                      their particular conditions. The specific
County Planning Commission Design                This exercise was to develop only a                       requirements of each project were
Awards Program that awarded 23 awards            conceptual design for a flexible stage that               developed in conjunction with its
from 40 entries. Five submissions received       could be used for a variety of perfor-                    implications on the city as a whole and on
Awards of Excellence, six received Awards        mances— a self-contained, collapsible                     the other selected sites. The dialogue
of Merit, and 12 received Awards of              platform. It had to contain all the                       developed from this allowed each student
Recognition. An added benefit to the SOA         necessary support for the performers and                  to observe the city from many different
from Rome’ participation is that copies of       the performances including storage for                    perspectives.
all the submissions that received awards are     props, equipment, lights, sounds systems,
being donated to the SOA Library.                changing rooms, bathrooms, and                            The mid-term review and the final review
                                                 connections to outside electricity, water,                at the new St. Joe Company Building
Prof. Ron Shaeffer is participating in the       and sewer. The results of the barge                       included members of the AIA Jacksonville
Lightweight Structures Association               investigations were expressed in model                    and representatives from The St. Joe
Conference on Fabric Structures in Las           form and were displayed last April at the                 Company and the City of Jacksonville.
Vegas, September 30-October 1, 2003. As          Brooklyn Art and Design Center in                         The students were: Rossina Alva, Chinh
a member of the Steering Committee of the        Jacksonville.                                             Cao, Shani Chambers, Mark Hatcher,
organization and the Technical Committee                                                                   Shane Moniz, Scott Parker, Bao Kim
of the conference, he will introduce the         The floating barge stage served as a warm-                Pham, and Karen Williams. Jurors
keynote speaker, Prof. Kazuo Ishii of            up exercise for the final project: a                      were: Ray Evans (ALS Architects), Alfred
Japan, and moderate the session on               proposed comprehensive plan for the                       G. Battle, Jr. (Jacksonville Economic
“Materials.”                                     development of the river front. Within the                Development Commission), Melody
                                                 area of study, the students selected
                                                 individual sites for their ideas about the                                            Please see page 15.
  AIA/AAF Confers Scholarship to Greenaway                                                    Grad Student Receives Award

  The American                                                                                Khyati Dutt
  Institute of                                “The $500.00 scholarship is awarded to          experienced an
  Architects (AIA)                            students who have ‘demonstrated                 unusual and dramatic
  and the American                            academic excellence and professional            introduction to the
  Architectural                                        .”
                                              potential’                                      United States in late
  Foundation (AAF)                                                                            summer 2002. She
  selected Vanessa                                                                            traveled from her
  Greenaway [B.S.         Vanessa Greenaway   has a long list of extracurricular activities   home in Gujarat,        Khyati Dutt
  ‘03] as a recipient                         and awards. While at the SOA, she has           India to enroll in
  of an AIA/AAF Scholarship for First         received the Lower Division Technology          graduate studies at the FAMU SOA. Two
  Professional Degree Candidates. The         Award; participated in the                      friends who are students at the University
  $500.00 scholarship is awarded to           CANSTRUCTION fundraiser; is a                   of Florida in Gainesville met her at the
  students who have “demonstrated             member of the Virtuous Women                    airport. On their drive back, they came
  academic excellence and professional        Intellectual Committee, the Golden Key          upon an automobile accident on the
  potential” and is to be used for tuition    International Honor Society, and Tau            highway, and a car was in flames.
  expenses during 2003-2004. Vanessa          Sigma Delta Honor Society; was a founder        Risking their own lives, the three friends
  entered the graduate program in             of the AIAS Store; and was President of         worked together to pull the driver to
  architecture this fall.                     AIAS.                                           safety. “This was totally unexpected,”
                                                                                              Khyati said. “It was pretty shocking to
  Originally from Antiqua and formerly a      Our congratulations to Vanessa on all her       have this accident there.”
  business administration major, Vanessa      accomplishments!
                                                                                              “On their drive back, they came upon
                                                                                              an automobile accident on the
                                                                                              highway, and a car was in flames.
                                                                                              Risking their own lives, the three
                                                                                              friends worked together to pull the
                                                                                              driver to safety.”

                                                                                              On February 18, 2003 Khyati and her
                                                                                              friends (Nishant Muley, Mechanical
                                                                                              Engineering and Umesh Tol, Computer
                                                                                              Science) were honored at a special
                                                                                              ceremony in Alachua County where the
                                                                                              accident occurred. County Sheriff
                                                                                              Stephen Oelrich presented each of them a
                                                                                              “Meritorious Service Award,” citing their
                                                                                              “acts of bravery while protecting the
                                                                                              citizens of Alachua County and in
                                                                                              recognition of your efforts to rescue an
                                                                                              occupant of a burning vehicle.”

                                                                                              Khyati has now completed her first year
                                                                                              as a graduate student in architecture. She
                                                                                              holds an undergraduate degree in
                                                                                              architecture from India. “This is the right
                                                                                              school for me,” she said. “My design
   First-year class visits the                talked with them about its origin and           philosophy has definitely developed with
   community of Seaside.                      history. He has built numerous houses           Professors Tim White and Arleen
                                              and other buildings at Seaside and at           Pabón.” After completing her master’    s
   Led by Professors Valerie Goodwin          the nearby community of Watercolor.             degree here, Khyati plans to earn a Ph.D.
   and Beth Dobson, the first-year class      Professor Craig Huffman was a                   in architecture but is undecided about
   visited the community of Seaside, FL.      visiting faculty member who has                 where she will study.
   Peter Horn, a contractor with Artisan      designed several projects at
   Construction and past member of the        Watercolor, including his own home,             Our congratulations to Khyati and her
   Town Council of Seaside, gave the          and shared his knowledge and                    friends for this recognition of their
   students a tour of the community and       experience with the students.                   bravery and service.
ALUMNI                                                                                                                         10
2003 Alumni Reunion: Student Design Competition                                                New Alumni
     A       L       U      M       N      I         her or his choice of “Best in Show”

                 2002Pre-Connect                     at different program levels.              Twenty-four students were
                 2003Connecting                                                                awarded degrees during the
                                                2.   Jury Discussion Group— If your
                 2004Connected                       interest is piqued and a more active
                                                                                               2002-2003 academic year. SOA
                                                                                               congratulates and welcomes
A significant activity of the 2003 Alumni            involvement is your yearning, then
                                                                                               each of these students to the
Reunion is a student design competition.             again, all alumni have the
All SOA students— first-year through                 opportunity to join in the lively Jury
                                                                                               ranks of the alumni.
graduate— w ill participate in a one-week            Discussion Group and town hall
design problem just prior to the reunion.            debates in the afternoon of Fri., Oct.    Fall 2002
The competition will provide an excellent            24, the second day of the reunion.
opportunity for alumni to meet and interact                                                    Bachelor of Science in
with each other, faculty, and students and      3.   Jury Facilitator Team— Up for a           Architectural Studies
to have a lot of fun.                                greater challenge? Then the Jury             Clancy S. Dunnigan
                                                     Facilitator Team is your calling.
                                                                                                  Melinda A. Mynch
The unique and interesting design problem            These are the hardened few assigned
                                                                                                  Tennyson R. Wells
(can’t tell what it is!) was created by a            to guide a roomful of successful
volunteer Design Sketch Committee made               FAMU-graduate architects (the Jury
up of local professionals. Coming up with            Discussion Group) in offering             Bachelor of Architecture
a project that could be assigned across all          concise, articulate, and meaningful          Clancy S. Dunigan
student levels was quite a task, but this            comments to our future colleagues            Tennyson R. Wells
group stepped up to the challenge. Our               (the student presenters). This group
sincere thanks to the members of that                will come in early to review the          Spring 2003
committee:                                           projects on Thursday afternoon and
                                                     select those to be presented on
                                                                                               Bachelor of Science in
         Brad Innes, Principal                       Friday.
         Elliott Marshall Innes, PA
                                                                                               Architectural Studies
         Deborah LaGrasse, Sculptor             Awards will be presented at a reception on        Azizi J. Arrington-Bey
         School of Architecture                 Friday evening at the Brokaw-McDougall            Kevin M. Foster, Jr.
         Monty Stark, Architect                 House and Gardens.                                Jabari W. Garland
         Hicks/Nation Architects, Inc.                                                            Vanessa P. Greenaway
         Sheba West, Landscape Architect        We expect the competition be an                   Sonya P. Hinds
                                                entertaining and enlightening event, full of      Dean E. Larremore
Every alumnus/a is invited to participate in    fun, challenges, and lots of surprises.           Adam K. Pelkey
jury duty in whatever capacity suits his/her    Reunion Committee Co-Chair Beth                   Natasha S. Richardson
style. There are three options:                 Hollister has taken on the arduous task of        Ray D. Shuler
                                                coordinating the jury activities, so help
                                                                                                  Traci J. Watley
1.       Alumni Choice Awards— These will       her out and join in the fun! You know
                                                you’ve always wanted to be on “the other
                                                                                                  Tiffany D. Willis
         involve everybody. All alumni will
                                                side” of the jury process and here’ your
                                                                                    s             Dean W. Yate
         have the opportunity to review and
         critique student design submissions    chance. So, please contact Beth today at
         and contribute an anonymous vote for                          Bachelor of Architecture
                                                                                                  Abinis F. Correa
Alumnus Teams with Faculty for Design Juries                                                      Dean E. Larremore
                                                                                                  Bradley M. McCullough
Rick Navarro [B.S. ‘00’; M.Arch. ‘02] is        enriched the students of both schools and         Darlene R. Patton
now an Asst. Prof. at the School of             increased their understanding of the              Bernard E. Suber
Interior Design at Florida State University.    respective professions. In addition to
During the spring semester, he and Assoc.       broadening the educational experiences of
Prof. Mike Alfano held the jury for             the students, these activities also provided   Master of Architecture
Alfano’ third-year design studio at the
        s                                       a forum for informing the interior design         Gloria D. Cauble
FSU School of Interior Design. In turn,         students about graduate opportunities in          Ismael Hernandez
Navarro used the atrium at the SOA as the       architecture and landscape architecture at        Calvin Pemberton
location for his interior design studio’s       FAMU,” said Alfano. Assoc. Prof.                  William Santiago
review.                                         Richard Rome also participated in the             Javier O. Torres
                                                reviews and represented the landscape
“The differences and similarities that          architecture program on these occasions.
where exposed in these experiences
   2003 Alumni Reunion: Schedule of Activities
   Below is the schedule of activities for the SOA’ 2003                     12:00 noon               First meeting of the SOA
   “Connecting” Alumni Reunion. To register, simply                                                   Alumni Organization. Box
   complete the online “ ll Be There” form. For detailed
                        I’                                                                            lunch. Conference Room,
   information on any of the activities, visit our Web site at                                              s
                                                                                                      Dean’ Suite.
                                                                             2:00-4:00 p.m.           Student presentations of
                                                                                                      projects to Jury Discussion
   Thursday, October 23, 2003                                                                         Group and Jury Facilitator
       Variable                  Participants arrive and settle into
                                 their rooms.                                4:00 p.m.                Deadline for submission of all
                                                                                                      alumni ballots for “Alumni
       4:00-6:00 p.m.            Review of work by Jury                                               Choice Awards.”
                                 Facilitator Team.
                                                                             4:00-4:30 p.m.           Photo session with Bob Knight
       6:00-9:00 p.m.            Mixer at Huffman/Tarmey                                              Photo, professional photogra-
                                 Architecture, P.A., 450 St.                                          pher.
                                 Francis Street.
                                                                             4:30 p.m.                Third tour of the School facility
  Friday, October 24, 2003                                                                            begins.

       8:30 a.m.                 Registration begins, SOA lobby.             4:30-6:00 p.m.           Free time.

       9:00 a.m.                 Jury Facilitator Team meets and             6:00 p.m.                Reception at Brokaw-
                                 names presenters. Presenters                                         McDougall House and
                                 are notified.                                                        Gardens, 329 N. Meridian
       9:30 a.m.                 First tour of the School facility
                                 begins.                                     8:30 p.m.                SOA Reunion activities officially
       10:00 a.m.                Alumni review of student design
                                 competition projects begins.            Saturday, October 25, 2003
                                 Each alumnus/na votes on
                                 projects.                                   8:00 a.m.                FAMU Homecoming Parade.

       11:00 a.m.                Second tour of the School                   3:00 p.m.                Homecoming football game
                                 facility begins.                                                     (FAMU vs. Norfolk State).

   Alumni Notes
   Anna Barbour [B.S. ‘02] and John Nolan [B.Arch. ‘02] met              had the pleasure of working in the Office of the Sect. for the
   when they were both third-year students at the SOA and became         Office of Bldg. Mgt., Office of Real Estate and Major Programs,
   engaged after their fourth year. A year after their graduations, on                                         s
                                                                         and the Office of Security. Stephen’ career has directed him into
   May 16, 2003, Anna and John were married in Destin, FL.               the field of program analysis. On March 9 th of this year, he
   Anna is currently a graduate student at VPI working toward an         transferred to the newly created U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security,
   M.Arch. degree, and John is working at James Brown and                Transportation Security Admin., Office of Internal Affairs and
   Associates Architects in Alexandria, VA. Our congratulations to       Program Review. His work includes the analysis of our nation’    s
   both of them!                                                         transportation security systems. Stephen believes he has the
                                                                         opportunity to contribute in part to the overall “design” of the
   After graduation, Stephen Brown [B.Arch.’88] returned to his                                            s
                                                                         security programs of our nation’ modes of transportation.
   hometown of Ft. Lauderdale and began working for the firm of          Stephen and Christine are eagerly waiting for the arrival of their
   E.H. Saar and Associates. On Oct. 6, 1990 he married Christine        first child. They are adopting an infant girl from China and
   Rippy. In 1991 he accepted an Architectural and Facilities            expect to be bringing their daughter, Grace, to their home in
   Specialist position within the U.S. Dept. of Commerce in              Stafford, Virginia by Thanksgiving Day. Feel free to contact
   Washington, DC. For more than 11 years he enjoyed working in          Stephen at He’d love to hear from you.
   the magnificent Department of Commerce headquarters
   building, the Herbert Clark Hoover Building. The building was         Another “lost alum” has been found! Gregg Ellis [B.Arch. ‘92]
   completed in 1932 with the distinction of being the world’   s        works with Peter Synoyannis [B.Arch. ‘89] in Coral Springs,
   largest building with over two million sq. ft. of office space,       FL. They are both Project Architects for WCI Communities, Inc.,
   connected by miles of corridors. During those years Stephen
                                                                                                                        Please see page 12.
ALUMNI                                                                                                                                      12
Alumnus Works Toward Developing Downtown Orlando
                                              wanted him to join the Downtown                 Inc. (R + B) in joint venture with Helman,
                                              Development Board as the staff architect        Hurley, Charvat, and Peacock Architects
                                              (official title is Architect/Project Manager    (HHCP). These two Orlando firms have
                                              II). In the end, he decided to take the         an established relationship and include
                                              position.                                       four SOA alumni: Ruffin Rhodes [B.S.
                                                                                              ‘82, M.Arch. ‘89] and Max Brito [B.S.
                                              The Downtown Development Board                  ‘85, B.Arch. ‘89], principals at R + B, and
                                              (DDB) is connected to the City of               Larry Ziebarth [B.S. ‘79, M.Arch. ‘83]
                                              Orlando and focuses on developing               and Vince Mastroeni [B.Arch. ‘90],
                                              downtown. It serves as the staff of the         President/Sr. Partner and Senior Associate
                                              City’ Community Redevelopment                   respectively at HHCP. The DDB is
                                              Agency. Tim’ role is to develop design          contributing $1 million to the project for
                                              guidelines, review the new developments,        landscaping and streetscaping.
                                              facilitate the development review
                                              committee, review new permits in the            In addition to working with the hardscape
                                              downtown area, and report to the                (buildings), Tim is responsible for
                                              Executive Director and the Board. His           managing the maintenance staff of
                                              scope of services covers a 1,620-acre area      downtown, including a supervisor, crew
                                              with five lakes, two major parks, and all       leaders, casual labor, and community
                                              of the buildings within that area. He is        service workers. In short, his hands are
                                              truly an “architect in government and           full, but he is enjoying the new job. “I am
                                              industry,” one of the graduate programs         still adjusting to government, but things
Tim Johnson                                   offered by the SOA in the ‘70s and early        are beginning to come together,” he said.
While some of his work with Rhodes +                                                          He and his wife, Kai, and Timothy II (10),
Brito Architects, Inc. was being viewed at    Ironically, one of the most important           Taj (9), and Trinity (18 mo.) have lived in
the Alumni Exhibition in November 2002,       projects Tim is currently reviewing is the      Orlando since 1988. We wish Tim all the
Tim Johnson [B.S. ‘86, B.Arch. ‘89] was       FAMU College of Law designed by the             best with his new responsibilities and look
being wooed by the City of Orlando. They      alumni firm of Rhodes + Brito Architects,       forward to an ever-improving Orlando.

Alumni Notes, continued from page 11.
a large Florida-based developer specializing in high-end, amenity-   a “booster parent,” she is active in several school-related
rich, residential communities.. Gregg has been with the company      organizations. She also enjoys reading, sewing, and watercolors.
for three years. Before that, he owned his own firm designing
custom residences. He has been married to Pam Avata Ellis for 11     In 1997 Suzanne Fields [B.S. ‘81, M.Arch. ‘90] relocated her
years, and they have two children: Gavin, 6 and Mackenzie, 4.        practice in Tallahassee to Opelika, AL and is registered in Florida,
                                                                     Georgia, Alabama, and Nova Scotia. She is currently enjoying a
Since graduating from the SOA 25 years ago, Debora                   productive practice with a diverse client base and attributes much
(Lipschultz) Fields [B.S. ’78] has had a diversity of work           of her success to the discipline learned at the SOA. Married to
experience in both the public and private sectors but has            Bob Poole since 1997, Suzanne spends most of August each year
concentrated primarily on school design and airports. She has        in Nova Scotia where Bob owns and operates an adventure
worked on every level of a project, from programming and             tourism business.
schematics through the typical design phases, and has consider-
able specification and construction experience. Licensed in NC,      Diedra Gary [B.S. ‘02] is working as a Field Engineer with
Debora is a member of NFPA, SBCCI, ICCO, and FEFPA. She is           Turner Construction in Orlando. Her primary responsibilities are
certified as a CSI CDT (Construction Specification Institute         to manage the super-structure (i.e., concrete subcontractor, metal
Certified Documents Technician) and a UBCI (Uniform Building         studs, and rolling completion list— a list of deviations in the work
Code Inspector) for Florida schools. She currently serves on the     from the contract documents that need to be fixed) and write Daily
board of CSI as a Miami past president. Currently working as a       Construction Reports. Currently, she is working on a $130
Senior Project Manager at Zyscovich, Inc. Architects in Miami        million sports entertainment arena for Jacksonville, FL. Seating, Debora recently finished the design on two        up to 16,000 people, the arena will be used for hockey, basketball,
high schools, both for the Broward County School Board. Now          concerts, rodeos, and other entertainment. Turner Construction is
she is the PM for the $37 million Miami Beach High School            the Construction Manager joint venturing with Perry McCall and
phased replacement project. Debora has been married to civil and     Northside Partners, both of Jacksonville. The architect is HOK
structural engineer Ronald Fields for almost 25 years, and they      Sports Group. The completion date for the project is 11/17/03.
have three children: Sarah, 20; Cassandra, 18; and James, 16. As     For more information, please see
                                                                                                                    Please see page 13.
   Alumni Database: Complete Your Database Information Online
   Staying in touch with our
                                                                          “ every issue of SOA News, we have encouraged alumni to
   graduates is very important
   to us. Consequently, the                                               get in touch with us to update their contact information in
   School maintains a                                                     our database. Thanks to the Web wizardry of Associate
   database of information on                                             Professor Tom Pugh, this task can now be accomplished
   its alumni. In every issue                                             online at your convenience.”
   of SOA News, we have
   encouraged alumni to get
   in touch with us to update                                             Several alumni have requested that we make some of this contact
   their contact information in                                           information available on our Web site. Clearly, it could be
   our database. Thanks to                                                invaluable for both professional networking and collaboration
   the Web wizardry of                                                    opportunities and as a way to get in touch with old friends.
   Associate Professor Tom                                                However, your privacy concerns are paramount, so we have
   Pugh, this task can now be accomplished online at your                 provided a way for you to tell us if you do not want us to publish
   convenience. Simply go to our Web site at and          the information you give us. We will certainly abide by your
   click on People/Alumni/Alumni Database. The form is called             wishes. However, we would very much appreciate your
   “Communicate with Us.”                                                 completing all the information for our internal, unpublished
                                                                          alumni database.
   We encourage each you to take a few minutes to fill in the form.
   Even those of you who may have recently given your information         You will see that we have provided an opportunity for you to give
   to someone for the School’ database are asked to complete this         us your personal and/or business Web address for a page of links
   form so that your information can become a part of the online          on our site. Likewise, we would appreciate your linking to our site
   database. Contact information is dynamic and requires continual        from yours. The more places we are linked, the better our position
   updating as people move, change jobs, etc., and we must rely on        in search engine results.
   each person to provide updated information. Of necessity, it is
   up to each individual to ensure that his/her information is current    We hope the database will be helpful to you and that you will
   and accurate. Once you’ve entered your information, all you’ll         encourage other graduates to visit the site and complete the form.
   need to do to stay current is make the appropriate changes.
                                                                          Thank you!

   Alumni Notes, continued from page 12.

   Congratulations to Tiombe (Jenkins) Garmon [B.S. ‘93,                  After graduation, Kent Johnson [B.S. ‘97, B.Arch. ‘99] chose to
   M.Arch. ‘96] who married Demone Garmon on April 19, 2003 at            stay in his home town of Tallahassee and worked for several years
   the home of her parents in Upper Marlboro, MD. Alumna Elise            in local firms (Ken Sweeney, Johnson Peterson Architects, and
   Edwards [B.S. ‘97, M.Arch. ‘99] who lives in Tacoma, MD                Elliott Marshall Innes, P.A.). In 2001, he opened his own design
   attended the wedding. Tiombe and Garmon now live near                  business (M.K.J. Design Services) where he does residential
   Universal Orlando. They also have a duplex property that they          design and remodeling, Web site design, and other graphic design
   renovated and rent and are considering other properties in the         and printing projects. Kent has also traveled considerably while
   Baltimore/Washington area. Tiombe continues to work as a               volunteering his time to teams from his church who construct new
   project architect with Jacobs Engineering (formerly Sverdrup           church buildings and missionary training facilities overseas. He
   Corp.) in Orlando. She is an accredited design professional with       has been to Haiti four times and went to Peru this past July. Kent
   LEED, the high-performance sustainable building standard               has been married to Kanani Karen (Winans) for eight years, and
   developed by the USGBC. Tiombe is also the Vice Chair of the           they have two children, ages one and seven.
   Jacobs Eastern Region Sustainable Design Committee. The goal
   of the committee is to educate their designers and managers in         Ever upbeat Keith Martin [B.Arch., ‘86] is still having a good
   sustainable practices, principles, and technology and to prepare       time. After leaving Tallahassee in 1986, he did stints with two
   the firm for selling and delivering sustainable design as a standard   architecture firms in Ft. Lauderdale (seven and five years) and
   service.                                                               then joined the firm of Beam Architectural Partnership (formally
                                                                          Belluschi Beam Architects, P.A.) in Coral Gables, FL. Currently
   After graduation, Mike Hunnicutt [B.Arch. ‘95] went back to his        an Associate with the firm, he has practiced there nine years doing
   home town of Panama City, FL and opened James M. Hunnicutt             a variety of building types: hospitality, retail, entertainment,
   Architect. He specializes in custom residential designs, office        office, airport, and commercial facilities and multi-family
   buildings, and religious facilities. In 1998 Mike married Ashby        housing. Another alumnus working as an Associate at the same
   Scott and became stepfather to her two children. In 2001 Mike          firm is Ivo Fernandez [B.Arch. ‘96].
   and Ashby had a baby girl. The family plans to remain in Panama
   City for the foreseeable future.
                                                                                                                          Please see page 14.
Alumni Notes, continued from page 13.                                                                                                       14
 Major Thomas L. Mitchell, Jr., CFM [B.S. ’87] was selected          She has a big brother, Ryan, who is now three. Sandie returned
 for promotion to the grade of Lieutenant Colonel, United States     to work at the S/L/A/M Collaborative in Glastonbury, CT on
 Air Force, and was recently conferred a Master’ Level               April 28.
 Certificate in Facility Management from Michigan State
 University. Lt. Col. (select) Mitchell currently serves as          After graduation Joellen Thiel [B.Arch. ‘92] moved to
 commander of the 96 th Civil Engineer Squadron, Eglin Air           Yellowstone National Park. Eventually she relocated to Summit
 Force Base, FL. The 313-member organization is responsible          County, CO (where Breckenridge and Keystone are located) and
 for providing civil emergency services (fire protection,            spent two years there as a “ski bum.” In 1995 she moved to
 explosive ordnance disposal, disaster preparedness, and             Colorado Springs where she began her career in architecture.
 installation readiness management) to the US Air Force’ largest     Since 1996 she has worked exclusively on schools, first with
 base— 11.6 million square feet physical plant spanning 724          LKA Partners and more recently with RTA Architects. Several
 square miles and 3,450 facilities. The 96 th Civil Engineer         buildings she has worked on have won both AIA and CEFPI
 Squadron was selected as the 96 th Air Base Wing’ (Eglin) 2002
                                                     s               (Council of Educational Facility Planners International) awards.
 Squadron of the Year.                                               Joellen has her CDT (Construction Document Technologist)
                                                                     from the Construction Specifications Institute and is a registered
 Lt. Col. (select) Mitchell is a member of the Society of            architect in Colorado. In her free time, she pursues her real estate
 American Military Engineers, the International Facility             hobby. She is a registered appraiser and enjoys renovating older
 Management Association, Florida A&M University National             homes. She is currently living in and remodeling her third home
 Alumni Association (life membership), Veterans of Foreign           in four years.
 Wars of the United States (life membership), Alpha Phi Alpha
 Fraternity, and Toastmasters International. He and his wife,        Barry Vaudrin (B.S. ‘78) has been a Project Manager with
 Michele, have four children and live in Fort Walton Beach, FL.      Callison Architecture in Seattle, Washington for four years and
                                                                     was promoted to Associate Principal in 2001. Callison is the
 After receiving his graduate degree, Ed Rankin [B.S. ‘84,           largest “single office” architectural firm in the U.S. and
 M.Arch. ‘98] went to work for The Evans Group in Orlando.           specializes in mixed-use developments, corporate offices,
 After a year, he decided that the work was not what he had in       campus planning, retail, hotels, and health care. Callison’s
 mind. He moved his family to Mims, FL and in Feb. 2000                                                                   s,
                                                                     clients include Microsoft Corporation, Nordstrom’ The Boeing
 began working for Architects in Association in Cocoa. There he      Company, Washington Mutual Bank, GAP, Nike, W Hotels, and
 is involved in design, construction documents, and construction     Westin. Prior to joining Callison, Barry was Vice President with
 administration as a project manager. He is in the process of        Hellmuth, Obata and Kassabaum (HOK) for 20 years and
 taking the exam for registration. Since spring 2000, he and         worked in several of their domestic and international office
 Missy, his wife of 18 years, have been involved in purchasing       locations. In 1994 he moved to the Seattle area from Washing-
 10 acres of old-growth hardwood hammock and getting it ready        ton, DC to open a project office in Redmond, Washington. Barry
 to build a house. Ed and Missy have three children ages 15, 12,     and his partner, J.R., live in Kirkland, WA and have been
 and 10.                                                             remodeling their home for seven years. “We’re getting ready to
                                                                     remodel our remodeled spaces— I think it’ time to move!” Barry
 Mary Rios [B.Arch. ‘87] is currently working at Gibraltar           says.
 Design in St. Augustine. She has recently completed the design
 of a new 6-12 school in Flagler County and is now working on        Within six months of his graduation, Walter Wernecke [B.S.
 the construction documents. “The $28 million, 211,000 sq. ft.       ‘87] found himself back in Washington, D.C. where he had spent
 school is unique in several ways, which made it very interesting    his fourth year at the Washington/Alexandria Architecture
 and a lot of fun to work on,” Mary said. The design is referred     Center. After two years there, he decided to move to London,
 to as an “academy design.” Each grade has its own classrooms        England where he lived and worked for a year. “The experience
 in its own “area.” After the 9th grade, each student selects a      I gained there was both invaluable and unforgettable,” he said.
 subject area and enters a specialized academy (e.g., environmen-    His first visit to Germany in 1991 was cut short by the death of
 tal science, business, etc.). Students then learn all of the        his father, and he returned to south Florida. Two years later, he
 traditional subjects as they relate to their selected subject.      decided to move to Berlin, Germany where he lived and worked
 Though a large school with 1,602 student stations, the design       as an architect for seven years (1993-2000). It was during that
 allows the teachers to get to know the students in their own        period that he became licensed in the District of Columbia. Now
 grade level. The school is wireless, and each student is issued a   back in South Florida working for Spillis Candela DMJM in
 laptop computer to use both at school and at home. Mary also        Coral Gables and going to school part-time, Walter received a
 has personal news: she is engaged to Rick Fail, but the wedding     B.Arch. degree from Florida Atlantic University in spring 2003.
 date has not yet been set. Congratulations, Mary!                           s
                                                                     Walter’ long-term goal is to teach and “give something back to
                                                                     the institution of learning,” so he will pursue a graduate degree
 William Santiago [B.S. ‘00, M.Arch.03] got double the               either in the US or in Europe.
 pleasure last May. In addition to receiving his M.Arch. degree
 on May 3, he and his wife, Suzanne, welcomed their first                               s
                                                                     One of the School’ early graduates, Alan Wolfe [M.Arch. ‘80]
 daughter, Isabella Sophia, just two days before. They are now       is currently working for Forum Architecture and Interior Design
 living in Tampa with the new baby and her brother, William          in Orlando where he is the Director of the Commercial Studio.
 Manuel, who is three.                                               The firm has 35 employees and specializes in affordable
                                                                     multifamily housing and private commercial projects. One of his
 In the last issue of this newsletter, a photo from the Alumni       most recognizable recent projects is the Orlando Harley
 Exhibition opening showed a pregnant exhibitor, Sandie Shea-        Davidson dealership that is visible from I-4 just west of
 Crabb [B.Arch. ‘89]. Raechel Amber Crabb was born on St.
 Patrick’ Day (March 17, 2003), and weighed in at 8 lb, 13 oz.
         s                                                                                                          Please see page 15.
15 Alumni Notes, continued from page 14.                                    Lost Alumni: Where Are You?
     downtown Orlando. Alan is also involved with multifamily               Once again, we are publishing

     projects and works within the firm’ developing concept of the          the list of alumni for whom we
     “suburban edge.” The concept includes the recognition of the           have no contact information.
     need for a transition from the suburban environment to the urban       Please help us out by reviewing
     environment. “The firm is doing some interesting things with the
                                                                            the list to see if there’ anyone
     form, massing, color, siting, and scale of what would otherwise
     be just another ‘garden’ apartment,” Alan said. Alan is also proud     you know. If so, please pass on
     of the “seamless administrative process” they have developed           any information you may have
     which “gets a multitude of projects done on time, within budget,       to Judye McCalman at
     creatively designed, and with a system of communication among          850.599.3746 or
     all the project participants. It creates a true sense of partnership
     including the architect, engineers, owner, municipality, and
     contractors alike.” Alan’ hobby is restoring classic cars; he is       Thank you!
     currently working on a 1949 Cadillac Fleetwood. He and his
     wife Susan, a marriage and family counselor, have been married         Abegunde, Dayo                     Jamshidimehr, Mohammad
     30 years and have three children— Rachel, 21; Alexander, 17; and       Aguilar, David                     Johnson, Nicholas
     Christopher, 15.                                                       Ahmandnejad, Saed                  Johnson, Scott
                                                                            Ajose-Adeogun, Oluremi             Jordan-Cason, Joy
     After finishing his graduate work, David Wood [B.S. ‘96,
     M.Arch. ‘99], moved to the Atlanta area where he now works as a        Akinisola, Akintunde               Lane, John
     Project Coordinator for Phillips Partnership. The firm specializes     Al-Abdullah, Bader                 Mazraehrarahani, Abbas
     in retail architecture, working for both developers and retail         Al-Essa, Abdulaziz                 Mehrafshan, Menran
     tenants. David has focused on projects with Gap, Inc. designing        Al-Moukeid, Walid                  Memari, Hamid
     new Old Navy stores, new outlets (all brands— Gap, Gap Kids,                                              Mobley, Russell
     Baby Gap, Gap Body, Old Navy, and Banana Republic), and                Al-Mufti, Ghazal
     remodels (all brands.) He is also busy serving as Chairman of the      Armstrong, Karla                   Mortensen, David
     Building Committee of the Buford First United Church that is           Balmer, Nancy                      Mowlavi, Mohammad
     tackling a multi-phase master plan that includes a multi-million-      Berkaert, Denise                   Mullis, Richard
     dollar building program. David has been married to Chris (Scott)       Berry, John                        Nassab, Mohammad-Saltani
     for 11 years, and they have one child, Morgan, aged 3.                                                    Nkonjera, Attlee
                                                                            Bilodeau-Wray, Nancy
     Alumnus Michael Young, AIA [B.Arch. ‘96] currently works for           Blaney, Kevin                      Opayemi, Owodunni
     Culpepper, McAuliffe, and Meaders, Inc. (CMMI) in Atlanta,             Boden, Elieen                      Oton, Imoh
     GA. He started the position there in Sept. 2001 as a Project           Cain, Lee                          Padron, George
     Architect for the Omni Hotel at CNN Center. The $100 million,          Carroll, Richard                   Parsons, Ray
     600-room, free-standing addition to the existing facility will make                                       Poonphool, Chaovalit
     Omni the third-largest hotel in the city. Its 20,000 SF Grand          Carter, John
     Ballroom will be the city’ second largest. As a Project Architect,
                                s                                           Chamley, Peter                     Rassouli, Hossein
     Michael was responsible for the design and detailing of the            Concepcion, Carlos                 Rodriguez, Henry
     exterior skin and structure as well as being the primary               Cothron, Michael                   Rodriquez, Oscar
     Construction Administration Architect. CMMI is an architecture         Coto, C. Vivian                    Romero, Humberto
     and interior design firm, founded in 1987, that focuses on the                                            Roura, Aldo
     hospitality industry. Several clients of note include Hyatt,           Cuervo, Jose
     Intercontinental Hotels, Omni Hotels, and the Georgia State Parks      Cushing, Darin                     Russell, Roger
     Dept. Michael is NCARB-certified and licensed to practice              Denmark, James                     Saldarriaga, Mariluz
     architecture in GA and FL. He currently resides in Stone               Desvallons, Beatrice               Sanieenia, Hossein
     Mountain, GA with this wife Rachael (Robinson) [B. Arch. ‘95]          Dlamini, Mandla                    Sewer, Jerome
     and their two children, Marcus, 5 and Aliyah, 1.                                                          Shali-Amini, Majid
                                                                            Enguerra, Cesear
                                                                            Evans, Patrick                     Smith, Edward
    JACKSONVILLE, continuted from page 8.                                                                      Smith, Stephen
                                                                            Fairley, Stephen
                                                                            Fentress, Marvalette               Stoll, Chris
    Bishop (AIA Jacksonville), William Bishop (AIA Jacksonville),                                              Strachan, Wendell
                                                                            Francis, Michael
    Ricardo Quinones (PQH Architects), Mark Rinaman (Brooklyn                                                  Taeb, Ali
    Art and Design Center), Mike Sherburne (The St. Joe
                                                                            Fung, Sai
                                                                            Gabb, Rupert                       Thompson, Vernon
    Company), Martin Wander (Reynolds, Smith, and Hills, Inc.)
                                                                            Goudarzi, Soheila                  Tomane, Andrew
    Karl G. Wilson [B.Arch. ‘91] (The Haskell Co.), and Alan
    Wilson (The Haskell Co.).                                               Green, Jeffrey                     Trujillo, Angel
                                                                            Guevara, Jesus                     Walker, Debra
    The jurors presented three awards:                                      Hernandez, Rhina                   West, Fredia
         Shani Chambers, research facility, $250.00                         Hoch, Arthur                       Williams, Roy
         Rossina Alva, mixed use/housing, $150.00                           Hockman, Sean                      Williamson, Louis
         Scott Parker, aquarium, $100.00                                    Hodge, Allen                       Wronski, David
                                                                            Hussain, Saleh
Florida A&M University
                                                                                                                                     NONPROFIT ORG
                                                                                                                                      U.S. POSTAGE
School of Architecture
                                                                                                                                     TALLAHASSEE FL
1936 Martin Luther King Blvd.                                                                                                         PERMIT NO. 119
Tallahassee, Florida 32307-4200

                             SOA Student Awards, 2002-2003
 Students who excelled during the academic year will be honored at a special School-wide
                           program early in the fall semester.
                                                                                                           Pella Fifth-Year Jurist Award
 Students who excelled during the
                                                                                                           Scott Leuthold
 academic year will be honored at a special
 School-wide program early in the fall
                                                                                                           Pella Fifth-Year Jurist Award
 semester. In addition to medals,
                                                                                                           Keith Dixon
 certificates, and books contributed by the
 organizations indicated, sponsors of cash                                                                 Pella Fifth-Year Jurist Award— Most
 awards were alumni firm Rhodes + Brito                                                                    Outstanding
 Architects, Inc. in Orlando ($1,000);                                                                     David Benninghoff
 Pella Windows and Doors ($1,000); and
 the Jacksonville Chapter of the AIA                                                                       AIA/FL Bronze Medal
 ($2,000). The School thanks all the award                                                                 Azizi Arrington-Bey
 donors and congratulates the honorees
 who were selected by the faculty.                                Alpha Rho Chi Medal                      AIA Henry Adams Medal— B.Arch..
                                                                                                           Rebecca Irving

 DeGraff Memorial Award— First Year               History/Theory Award— Upper Division                     AIA Certificate of Merit— B.Arch.
 Trevor Walker                                    Michael Kruger                                           Neil Campbell

 First-Year Design Award                          Third-Year Design Award                                  AIA Henry Adams Medal— M.Arch.
 Jeremy Portillo                                  Valerie Strom                                            Calvin Pemberton

 DeGraff Memorial Award— Second Year              Most Promising Student Award— Third Year                 AIA Certificate of Medal— M.Arch.
 Kirsten Dahlquist                                Valerie Strom                                            William Santiago

 Second-Year Design Award                         Fourth-Year Design Award                                 MLA/ASLA Award
 Michael Kruger                                   Jordache Avery                                           Anne Beavers

 Rhodes + Brito Award                             Most Outstanding Fourth-Year Student                     MLA/ASLA Award
 Bryan Lee                                        Vanessa Greenaway                                        Sine Murray

 Technology Award— Lower Division                 Graduating Senior with Highest GPA                       MLA Award— First Year
 April Plummer                                    Venicha (Nicole) Fore                                    Susan Lee

 Technology Award— Upper Division                 ARCC King Medal                                          MLA Award— Second Year
 Venicha (Nicole) Fore                            William Santiago                                         Honey Shah

 History/Theory Award— Lower Division             Alpha Rho Chi Medal                                      Jacksonville Studio Award— M.Arch.
 Trevor Walker                                    Rebecca Irving                                           Shani Chambers

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