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					                                    LOBSTER AIR TAWAR
The types of lobsters in the waters in the world is not everything can be cultivated. lobster species can
reach tens and even hundreds of types of lobsters in the world.

Different freshwater crayfish with lobster sea water. Lobster sea water comes from a family Palinuridae,
Penaeidae, and Scyllaridae. While the freshwater crayfish of the family and Parastacidae Cambaridae. In
terms of cultivation, all types of lobsters in sea water and marine life can not be cultivated outside their
natural habitat, while crayfish live in freshwater and part is can be cultivated outside their natural

The types of commercial freshwater crayfish :

Cherax quadricarinatus

Most lots in ternakin by breeders and most widely preferred by consumers. The main characteristic of
this lobster is at both ends of the red claws (male). For that, the lobster is also known as Red Claw. Her
body is dominated by the blue sea and a little reddish spots. Inter-segment color white petals. In place
of the original, Red Claw adult body length can reach 50 cm with a weight of about 800-1000 grams per
fish. Red Claw can live outside its natural habitat with the conditions of water temperature in the range
of 20-28'c, pH 7-8, and hardness of 10-20 dH.
Cherax destructor

Characteristics of the most easily visible on the type of freshwater crayfish are large claws. For that, the
lobster is known destuctor or "the destroyer". His body was dominated by red-brown color. Body length
ranges from 20-25 cm with a weight of about 200-300 grams per fish. Cherax destructor have lower
productivity compared to the Red Claw because his body is smaller. Within a year only to mate twice. In
a single mating the number of chicks hatched range 30-150 tail. Type lobsters also have a high level of
cannibalism, especially during moulting. In fact, the female lobster can prey on male lobsters. That is
why not many breeders bred.

Procambarus clarkia

Whole body is red brick for males, while females reddish orange. Smaller body size compared with
Cherax sp. Body length is only around 12 cm with a weight of 75-100 grams per fish.

Cherax sp

This kind of lobster from Indonesia in Papua. Cherax sp widely spread in the valley Baliem, Jayawijaya
district. There are more than 12 types of lobsters in the area. However, almost all species yet to be
identified. Generally, lobsters papua orange.
How to produce a quality parent for LOBSTER AIR TAWAR :

Criteria for quality breeders have the appearance of healthy, large and bright. and have a complete body
organs. Basically the more dominant female lobster lobster Males choose which will be cultivated, not
all can be accepted by the male lobster female lobster especially if incomplete male lobster claws. if not
match even though they often meet each other they do not fertilize. the size of lobsters that will be
made in the broodstock should measure at large lobsters from a generation that grew up not more than
6 months from the seed. sengan weight of about 55-75 gram.

Good breeders are not the result of inbreeding (inbreeding) because of the result of inbreeding will
result in pairs lobster Doubles (intersex) means that freshwater crayfish have 2 pieces of flesh bulge
penis and have 1 or 2 holes. and vice versa, lobster like it could be said not to fertilize, because multiple
pairs of lobsters larger GEN Males him to the lobsters.

By holding a quality it will produce eggs (seed) and also a lot of quality.

                                              Gambar: Burayak

Tips on choosing a quality broodstock Candidate
1. It is most breeders Breeders Buy A certified
2. Select sires are growing faster among lobster - lobster of others in a generation.
3. Know the Origin - he suggested Lobster.
4. Do not Choose The doubles pairs.
5. We recommend a minimum size of 5 mated Lobster "or think - about the age of 6 months. Because of
the smaller lobsters are mated very influential in puppies that will be
produce, its growth will be slower and, on the number of eggs were very small.

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Description: share information about the types of freshwater crayfish and lobster holding elections so that the seed quality lobster